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My research on the Mastiff breed started in 1984 and has never stopped since then. The marvel thereto has been only on the increase. Visiting regularly its home country Great Britain has helped me in many ways. In 1984 there was no www. Present-day almost everyone has the opportunity to share information on a world-wide scale and, taken personally, it's a privilege to work out this site and hopefully it may be of some interest in each one' own quest after the genuinity of the Mastiff breed.


In order to structure information a book form became an obvious option. Presently 'The Mastiff Revisited' counts more than 2100 pages, illustrated with relevant images of all kinds; it treats the early breed history until WW-II and the menu provides a short onlook into it .


More recent, mainly British, Mastiff history is to be found in the pages - the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties and the XXI century. The following Miscellanea pages, a potpourri of breed related backgrounds in an attempt to sketch an in-depth context, are still under construction. - For any inquiries marcel.wynants@pandora.be


Below - Photogaphs of Beaufort' great-grandson, the iconic PETER PIPER b 1893 at 6+ years old and as youngster

Of course, not perfect but based upon a substantial lot of written documents & illustrations, imo,


His 4 generations pedigree representing a 0.4% COI

nearest common ancestor being ch Crown Prince’ son ch Montgomery.

Miscellanea Three from No 130

Miscellanea Four, Five & Six.

Disclaimer – This website does not claim any level of veracity regarding pedigreed information as it only 'provides' data recorded by the Kennel Club , old pre-KC charts , &c ; it thereby must be stressed that historical references are presumably often of mere anecdotal evidence and secondly, that ' opinion' is always subjective. And therefore, not bothered by any sceptical criticism re the contents of this website. - Copyright © All Rights Reserved .

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