At left - photo Feb ’52 Mrs Mayne' Heatherbelle Priscilla’ Martha bred by Mrs Melluish - Parkhurst Rufus' dau Heatherbelle Priscilla ex Altnacraig Eric' son Knockrivoch Eric –. She was the Fanifold foundation brood and, mated to Heatherbelle Rajah, produced ch Fanifold Unity & F- Undine, the latter dam to Zimapan Krahina, Z- Queen of Sheba & Z - Silver Queen. Fanifold Mastiff puppies were KC registered being bred by Mrs Fanny C Mayne - Three Corner Park Calstock Cornwall. – Centre – photo dd Oct ’54. Ch Havengore Hotspot’ paternal grandsire ch Salyng Aethelwulf b Dec ’51 – bred by Mr Wilfred Herbert Harvey, arable & stock farmer of Blake House Farm Rayne nr Braintree Essex - Valiant Diadem' dau Rayne Valerie ex Heatherbelle Rajah –. Ch Salyng Aethelwulf – 33i 198 lb - was owned by Mrs Pamela A Korda née Taylor who married in '48 at Westminster Mr Peter Vincent Korda '21-88 of High Garth Nightingales lane Chalfont St Giles - ca 30 mls S of Winslow -. Their daughter Victoria M b ’54 married the American actor Brett Halsey b ’33 who divorced in '76 his third wife, the actress Heidi Brühl, known for her participation in the '63 Eurovision Song Contest with the lyric 'Marcel'.


Mr Peter Vincent Korda was the only child of Sir Alexander Korda born Sándor László Kellner ’93-56 film producer and director who first worked in Hollywood during the transition to talkies from ‘26 to ‘30. The change led to divorce from his first wife, the popular Hungarian actress María Corda, who could not make the transition because of her strong accent in English. On 22 September '42, Alexander Korda was knighted at Buckingham Palace by George VI for his contribution to the war effort, the first film director to receive the honour. – At right dd Dec '55 - the English actress Claire Bloom and producer Sir Alexander Korda are presented to Queen Elizabeth II after the premiere of the film 'Richard III', produced by Korda and Bloom starring as ''Lady Anne', the wife of Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales.

Article dd Aug ‘68 about the two-year old Mastiff Benny – ‘belonging to a Leicester man who had became so crippled with artritis that he could not look after him properly’ – It probably goes about Mansatta breeder Mr Fred Bowles, a builder and contractor residing at Hammercliffe Ulverscroft nr Leicester, only a short time before he died dd Q4 ’68 aged 80. He was OEMC President from '63 to '65 when ill health forced him to retire.

Before WWII he owned a/o the sisters Prunella & ch Petronella b '35 – Havengore Bill' dau Hermia ex ch Uther Penarvon -, and bred two litters, ie out of Prunella ex ch Havengore Christopher - resulting in Hammercliffe Gyn, and out of Goldhawk Imperator' grand-dau Deleval Rosamund ex ch Uther Penarvon’ son Herga Pluto which gave Hammercliffe Remus.


After WWII he became one of the driving forces behind the breed revival set up by the OEMC memberships 'cream'. Mr Bowles bred two litters out of the American import Mansatta Jana, 1) sired by Heatherbelle Sterling Silver, and 2) sired by Heatherbelle Rajah which produced a/o Mr Perrenoud’ Mansatta Jumbo, ch Moonsfield Baron’ sire Mansatta Benedict, Mrs Scheerboom’ Mansatta Petronella, and his own ch Mansatta Vilna which, mated to ch Salyng Aethelwulf, produced Mansatta Comedian & M- Comedienne.


Mansatta Petronella' dau Havengore Cathie, mated to Mansatta Comedian, produced Havengore Minty which - along maternal side - grandsired Havengore Hotspot - see at right.

Mr Frederick Bowles judged Mastiffs at cc level six times, the last one at Crufts'63 awarding cc's to Mrs Karen F Howard' Wythybush Oscar by W- Crispin – res ch Havengore Hotspot' son Milf Murias -, and Mr Bill Hanson' ch Blackroc Stormy Petrel – res Milf Murias’ sis Milf Mandora. - For more info re Mr Bowles see Miscellanea Four.

First row – Article dd Aug '56 mentioning 'a Mastiff dog– weighing 175 lbs - was sleeping in a barn a few yards away' -, refers to their ch Moonsfield Baron b Nov '54. - Insert below at right - Mrs Sarah Lloyd-Jones with her Jersey cow Scarlette Xmas Naomi which won the Blythwood Challenge Bowl for the Best Jersey cow or heifer in milk. - Second row - photographs dd April ’60 illustrating an article about ‘Mrs Sarah Lloyd Jones - ed ’14-92 - and her Ryderswell Jersey herd’. About end ’68 the Lloyd-Jones couple & Mrs Greenwell moved two-hundred miles West to Combe End Huish Champflower Somerset, accompanied by the champion Mastiff studs Weatherhill Thor b '62 and his son Buckhall Baron Spencer b '66.


Centre – ‘Good companions – Ryderswell Dreaming Baronet, an eight-year-old bull who has a number of daughters in the herd, and the champion Mastiff Moonsfield Baron, share the same loose-box and yard. Baron has an escape route but they have never been known to have an argument. They are examining pieces of cattle-cake.’ - Note re cattle-cake – ‘A concentrated cattle feed, like a biscuit or hard block, usually made up of various seeds and high in protein. Some common ingredients are linseed, cottonseed, rapeseed, canola, soy, and molassus to improve the taste, for one.’

Above at right - Mrs Greenwell, herdswoman, Mrs Lloyd-Jones and Miss Jennifer Foxon, assistant herdswoman. The present Ryderswell Jersey herd – forty head of stock - was founded in 1952 at Ryderswell Uckfield road Lewes Sussex. Their famous Polperro made history winning four times the London Dairy Show’ Buckhurst Trophy, for no cow of any breed has done this before. The Lephams Bridge farm was also known for its ‘Farm Maid' real Jersey cream ices.


Early '72 they purchased Baron Spencer' 2 1/2 year old daughter Hollesley M Sheba, made her up, and, mated to the then controversial Am import ch Wayside The Devil, she produced their only Mastiff litter, the one affixed Hollesley, containing three champions, ie their own brindled Devil' Advocate, Mrs Liz Degerdon' Dare Devil, and Mrs Pam Day' Devil Dancer which, mated to her cousin ch Copenore Rab - by Sheba' brother ch H- Dagda -, gave Mrs Pam Day' ch Hollesley Rowella, and their own ch Hollesley Medicine Man, the one which sired their last show Mastiff ch Falmorehall Frobisher b '85 out of Medicine Man' grand-dau Falmorehall Call Me Madam.

At right - snapshots of Frobisher taken at Pyleigh manor OEMC ch show Aug ’91 - at the background Frideswide breeder Dr Sheila Monostori -. During almost thirty years Mrs Lloyd-Jones' & Mrs Phil Greenwell' Mastiffs have won cc's. - After Mrs Lloyd-Jones died in '92, Mrs Greenwell '15-07 remained involved into the breed and, if memory is right, her last Mastiff was an unshown adult bitch given by Glynpedr breeder Mr Raymond Boatwright with who she had spent many hours discussing things Mastiff. Mr Boatwright attributed the success of his dogs to knowledge imparted from Mrs Greenwell & her long-term friend Mrs Day.

At left - Champions owned by Mrs Sarah Lloyd-Jones & Mrs Phil Greenwell. - At left dd ca'63 - the Bassett ch Bashful Bert, youngster Weatherhill Thor, Bloodhound ch Barnpark Dominic, and ch Moonsfield Baron. - At right dd ca ’74 – Their Thor' son ch Buckhall Baron Spencer which sired Hollesley ch’s M Sheba & M Dagda. – See for more about Mrs Sarah Lloyd-Jones & Mrs Phil Greenwell a/o Miscellanea Four.

Article by Mrs Phil Greenwell, published in the OEMC Newsletter dd June ’84. Later that year the ‘Mastiff Association’ was conceived under the supervision of a/o Mr Douglas Oliff. It held its 1st championship show in ’94, judged by Cedwalla breeder Mrs Pamela Chidwick – BOB ch Honeycroft Goldilocks b ’91 - ch Honeycroft Eliza’ dau H- Fiddlesticks ex ch Glynpedr Dom Perignon’ son Falmorehall Hudson -, dog cc ch Darkling Paddington Bear b ’91 – Damaria Powerful Magic’ dau Darkling Magic Mistress ex Farnaby Touch of Class’ son ch Trevabyn Mr Snowman -.


Mrs Phillis Joice Wetherell-Greenwell née Pepper b June ’15 at Maymyo nr Mandalay Birma – presently Myanmar - was the daughter of Mr Charles Dennis Wetherell-Pepper b '78 who lived in '01 at Cheriton Elham Kent - Royal Tank Corps Regiment. He went to India, and married in ‘10 at Bombay Miss Ethel Kathleen Kearsey b ‘90 †71 at Watford. Mrs Greenwell’ brother Neville Ernest Wetherell-Pepper, Wing Commander 139 sqdn, made dd 3th May 12 ‘40 a crashlanding with a Bristol Blenheim bomber nr Hoepertingen Belgium Blenheim. Attacking dd 03 June ’41 an ammunition ship he got caught in the blast as it exploded and died - Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC).

At left – photo dd Nov ’56 ch Meps Angus b Feb ’55 & bred by Mr Maurice Perrenoud – Valiant Diadem’ dau Wormhill Cora ex ch Mansatta Vilna' brother Mansatta Jumbo - Angus was ch Havengore Balint' & ch Kisumu Fatima’ maternal grandsire. - Centre – photo dd Nov ’57 ch Moonsfield Baron b Nov '54 & bred by Mrs Edna M Harrild - Valiant Diadem’ dau Moonsfield Duchess ex ch Mansatta Vilna' brother Mansatta Benedict – Baron was ch Havengore Drake’ maternal uncle and ch Havengore Dawn’ maternal great-uncle.

At right - photo Oct ’77 the famous Jilgrajon litter – 'As happy families go, this is one to beat ‘em all. Proud mother is a four-year old champion Mastiff, Jilgrajon Lady Victoria. And these are her sixteen little ones. There were seventeen - just six fewer than the American-held world record for a single litter - but one died. Father, owned by Graham Hicks, a Reading market gardener, is called King Edward and his nickname is Spud. All his offspring will be named after other potato varieties. But don’t be misled by the sixteen potential bundles of fun, below. Sooner or later, they’ll grow into 10 stone giants....'


Amongst them 1) ch Jilgrajon Sir Gladstone - here at left -, one of the few ones who has beaten ch Hollesley Medicine Man - namely a/o at Three Counties '80 under Moonsfield breeder Mrs Edna M Harrild & at the OEMC ch show '80 2nd Open Class under Mrs Marie A Moore who wrote - 'nice size, free mover, little lacking in topline.', 3rd Open Class ch Hollesley Medicine Man - 'lacking a little in size but very agile, a little too much wrinkle on body.' -, 2) British Queen which, mated to ch Hollesley Medicine Man, produced Jilgrajon Madame, unfortunately w/out any relevant record, 3) McIntosh which sired Crufts ’86 cc winner ch Luckhurst Goliath out of Luckhurst Millie bred from Celerity parentage, and 4) Lady Désirée purchased by Greenbrier breeder Mrs Belva Funk of Bonner Springs Kansas USA.

At left – article dd July ’30 sketching a platform for, reportedly, the largest one-day championship dog show outside London. The Harrogate Kennel Association became conceived in the mid-thirties and presided by Mr Edmund Giffard Oliver of Hellingly repute. In '34, the Harrogate Agricultural Society's four days' event ended up with a championship show organised by the Big Breed Canine Society under the generalship of the same Mr Oliver. Next year, there was a break between the Harrogate Agricultural Society and the Harrogate Kennel Association. - Centre dd Dec ‘37 – Arovot, 2nd prize winner in the Any Variety Non-Sporting Class at the Sanction show Belvedere Harrogate, judged by Mr George Wallwork of Leeds, and organised under the Harrogate Kennel Association' umbrella. Arovot b ’31 bred by Mrs I Formstone – Hellingly Babs – ch Dervot Dawn ex Menai Anglesea - ex Mr Geo Joice’ ch Arolite -, was owned by Mrs Renée Crampton b ‘10, the wife of Ernest Wm Crampton b '89, Agriculture Auctioneer Valuer of The Paddock Easingwold nr Alne York. Arovot sired Mrs D MacDougall' Jubilee Major 2nd in Mid-Limit at Crufts '37 under Major Harding Cox - cc ch Hellingly Ajax’ son Kinder Monarch owned by Mr Fred Webb, butcher of Lawnswood road Wordsley nr Stourbridge .


At right dd Sept '38 - The local Mayor hugging a Mastiff led by a lady at the Harrogate Kennel Association Show - Mastiffs judged by Mr Holland Buckley awarding cc’s to ch Broomcourt Romeo and ch Hellingly Prudence, the latter sis to Tiddicar ch’s General & Diana b ’33 bred by Mr Leonard Crook – T- Venus ex ch Hellingly Cardinal –. The then Major was the grandson of a French Army officer born during the reign of Napoleon I whose son Mr Joseph Boehrer Charles - born ‘60 in Alsace - came to England in the 1880s and began the hairdressing business carried on by his two sons, the eldest one being Joseph Boehrer Charles jun, of 24 Ripon road Harrogate - Master Hairdresser On Own Accounts.

Harrogate’ short-term breeder Mr Geoffrey Charles Pollock Gudgeon, b ’00 - † ‘69 at the Yorkshire seaside town Whitby - commercial traveller of Cold Bath road Harrogate - owned the Pinetrees kennels, and bred dd Sept ’27 a litter out of Pinetrees Nanette b ’26 bred by Mrs I Formstone – ch King Baldur’ dau Hardingham Lady Lydia ex ch Ashenhurst Cedric - sired by ch Prince bred by Mrs John Evans of St Helier Isle of Wight,, amongst them Pinetrees Bernardo exported to Mrs Joanna H Chapman née Highley b ’84, the wife of MCOA Treasurer Mr Paul Wadsworth Chapman - banker & businessman -, of North Street Greenwich Fairfield Connecticut; the same year the couple imported Goodbreed Mattesdon Tondelayo – Westcroft Flavia ex Mr Greenwood’ ch Duke -, too.


Nanette’ dam Hardingham Lady Lydia became grand-dam to the world-famous ch Hellingly Ajax & Crufts ’32 cc winner ch s Michael, owned by Mrs Frances Samuelson of Lympne, too. Mr Gudgeon sold his Nanette to Miss Liddell of Felixstowe, and re-named Benton Nanette, she produced dd ‘30 a large litter sired by ch Westcroft Blaise’ son Benton Adonis.

At right – 1) Mr GCP Gudgeon’ Pinetrees Diane (l) & Pinetrees Bernardo ®. – Dd ’39 he resided at 5 Milton Road Harrogate with his wife Dorothy, their daughter Maxine M b ‘27 and son John A b ‘32 . His wife Dorothy b '96 was the daughter of Mr Fred Foster of Trees Diary farm Pannal nr Harrogate; she became partner in the Dairy family business at Leeds Road Harrogate, 2) dd March ’33 about Mr Geoffrey C P Gudgeon’ brother Mr Stanley Mays Gudgeon b ’02 at Ecclesall Bierlow, son of Mr Charles Gudgeon b ’64, commercial traveller (gloves) m dd ’99 Miss Edith Mary Burdett b ’73; in ’01 they lived at 22 Eastgrove road Ecclesall Bierlow nr Sheffield. Mr Geoffrey Gudgeon’ mother Edith died in '22 at Harrogate, his father a year later in New Jersey US at Retreat road Burlington - ca 30 mls East of Philadelphia.

Articles dd Oct & Dec ’46, few months before the first post-WW II Mastiff litter was born, ie bred by Mrs L J Head - out of Coldblow Sally ex Templecoombe Torus -, producing Captain Keith F H Hulbert’ brood Fithend Nydia which, mated to the Am import Valiant Diadem, produced six litters containing 30+ puppies. Together with litters out of Miss Bell’ Heatherbelle Portia, and Mr Fred Bowles' Mansatta Jana, the future of Mastiff breeding in Britain became a lot rosier. Second row – Believed to be the only photograph of Valiant Diadem and Frithend Nydia. – At right - Fritham' Royal Oak, within short-walking distance from the Captain’ Fritham Grange, is one of the oldest pubs in the New Forest and meeting place of the 'New Forest Buckhounds’ hunters.

At left – Article dd Nov ’80; the then average weekly wage of the working class being £1 or even less. – Centre – Painting dd ’72 – ‘A St Bernard, a Gordon Setter, and a Mastiff on the lawn before a country house.' - by Mr Edwin Frederick Holt 1830-12, of 16 Wellington Terrace Redan Hill Aldershot Hants, who, four years earlier, was commissioned by the Wynnes to paint their ch King' son Monarch Monarch - see at right - as well.

Report dd Feb ’86 about the Crystal Palace Kennel Club Show judged by Dr John Sidney Turner. - At right - special prize winners Mr W K Taunton' ch Griselda and Mr Mark Beaufoy' ch His Majesty King Canute by ch Beau - drawn by Mr Richard H Moore. Ch Griselda, mated to ch Hotspur, produced Mr Taunton’ Lord Hatton b ’90 which sired three litters, ie 1) out of Mr W N Higgs’ ch Coombe Baroness a/o Mr Higgs’ Viscount, 2) out of Mr Beanland’ Vestala II a/o Lyndhurst Rotha – the latter maternal grand-dam to ch Hazlemere Archie’ & ch Czar Peter, and 3) out of Mr Guillan’ Gyp a/o Lady Doughty. – Ch His Majesty King Canute sired only one litter, ie out of Mr Luke Crabtree’ Dora II resulting in Lady Canute, dam of Rev Henry Van Doorne’ ch Jack Thyr.

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