No 01) The 1st OEMC exhibition took place at the Crystal Palace in August 1890 and one of the reasons was to show up the best of British Mastiffs on the occasion of the visit of Dr Richard Henry Derby , the President of the Mastiff Club of America founded ca 1887 (but unfortunately expired around 1900) . Dr Derby purchased from the OEMC President Dr JS Turner The Lady Temple (ch Beaufort ex ch Orlando’ or ch Hotspur’ daughter Lady Margery) and bred in September 1890 a litter from her sired by his American bred Pharaoh (Homer ex Queen II) . He exported their son Sylvester to England ; the new owner was Mr Martyn Cecil Gurney (1861-1930) , then British Vice-consul , Spezia . Italy .

No 02) Below a pic of Pharaoh & Master Derby , the Dr' son who was not allowed to take photographs at that OEMC meeting . When the Crystal Palace was re-erected in Sydenham in 1854, Negretti and Zambra became the official photographers of the Crystal Palace Company, which allowed them to photograph the interior and grounds of the new building . So perhaps the official Crystal Palace photographer (OP) at the 1890 OEMC meeting may have been also a member of that renowned London' firm Zambra & Negretti . Pharaoh , b May 1884 , was bred by Mr WP Stevenson , Winlawn kennels - New Jersey . Charles C Marshall stated in his article dd May 1887 - 'It may well be doubted whether England can show a much more typical Mastiff head than that of Dr Derby' Pharaoh , who was bred in this country (note the US) . Charles H Mason ' book described him as an undersized dog , ie 27i at shoulder , 125 lbs .

No 03) A showreport anno '64 (four years after the Birmingham show where the 1st ever Mastiff classes were organised) with an interesting end regarding Mastiffs , ie 'a lithe , panther-like form' . The Cremorne show took place at Ashburnham Hall - Cremorne Gardens - Chelsea London . At right - drawing of Hanbury' ch Duchess b 1860 ( out of Birmingham '60' winner Empress sired by Bill George' Tiger) who got 2nd prize ; Hanbury' Prince , b '62 (out of this ch Duchess sired by Lukey' Governor) 1st prize . Tiger , b '57 (Venus ex Lion) owned by his breeder Rev CW Holbech Farnborough Hall Warwickshire , got 3rd prize . The Holbech family acquired the Farnborough estate in 1684 and the honey-coloured two-storey stone house was built soon after . In '56 Rev Charles William Holbech (1816-1901) Archdeacon of Coventry, inherited the estate , made improvements to the village and church , but few changes to the Hall or grounds

No 04) 'The Master of Game' ca 1410 (by Edward , Duke of York) is considered to be the oldest English-language book on hunting and mostly a translation of an earlier work by Gaston Phébus entitled Livre de Chasse . The Dutch cynologist Mr L Seegers claims in his work ‘Hondenrassen’ (Dog breeds) - publ 1912 - that in ‘The Master of Game’ the name ‘Mastiff’ appeared for the first time . Chapter XVIII - Of The Mastiff And Of His Nature – ‘A mastiff is a manner of hound. The mastiff's nature and his office is to keep his master's beasts and his master's house , and it is a good kind of hound, for they keep and defend with all their power all their master's goods. They be of a churlish nature and ugly shape. Nevertheless there are some that come to be berslettis* and also to bring well and fast and wanlace ** (range about) . Sometimes there be many good , especially for men who hunt for profit of the household to get flesh. Also of mastiffs and alaunts there be (bred) many good for the wild boar. Also from mastiffs and hounds for the hawk (there be bred) hounds that men should not make much mention of, therefore I will no more speak of them, for there is no great mastery nor great readiness in the hunting that they do, for their nature is not to be tenderly nosed .’- *Bercellettis or bercelettes , hounds , most likely shooting dogs, from berser, to shoot, bercel, an archer's butt. ** wanlace - wanlasour , one who drives game .

This chapter of ‘The Master of Game’ may indicate that in medieval times (even long before Caius’ well-known book on dogs) Mastiffs were mainly kept as guard dogs . It also mentions that sometimes there are some who perform hunting activities but without great mastery nor readiness . Nevertheless there are sources which definitely try to present the early Mastiffs in first instance as hunters of game .

- 'Sir Piers Legh II (died 16 June 1422), also known as Sir Piers de Legh and Peers Legh, was the second generation of the Leghs of Lyme . He was wounded in the Battle of Agincourt on 25 October 1415 . His Mastiff stood over him and protected him for many hours through the battle . The dog returned to Legh's home and was the foundation of the Lyme Hall Mastiffs. ' - This Wiki quote affirms 'the Mastiff' nature and his office' as protector , so not directly as hunter , in times when the Duke of York authored his 'The Master of Game' . - Below at right - a painting , perhaps presenting an Alaunt version .

'The Master of Game' mentions both Mastiffs AND Alaunts in respect to the wild boar game . Its Chapter about 'Alauntes And Their Nature' goes as following - 'An alaunte is of the manner and nature of hounds. And the good alauntes be those which men call alauntes gentle. Others there be that men call alauntes veutreres, others be alauntes of the butcheries.

1) They that be gentle should be made and shaped as a greyhound, even of all things save of the head, the which should be great and short. And though there be alauntes of all hues, the true hue of a good alaunte, and that which is most common should be white with black spots about the ears, small eyes and white standing ears and sharp above. Men should teach' alauntes better, and to be of better custom than any other beasts, for he is better shaped and stronger for to do harm than any other beast. And also commonly alauntes are stordy* (giddy) of their own nature and have not such good sense as many other hounds have, for if a man prick a horse the Alauntes will run gladly and bite the horse. Also they run at oxen and sheep, and swine, and at all other beasts, or at men or at other hounds. For men have seen alauntes slay their masters. In all manner of ways alauntes are treacherous and evil understanding, and more foolish and more harebrained than any other kind of hound.

And no one ever saw three well conditioned and good. For the good alaunte should run as fast as a greyhound, and any beast that he can catch he should hold with his seizers and not leave it. For an alaunte of his nature holds faster of his biting than can three greyhounds the best any man can find. And therefore it is the best hound to hold and to nyme (seize) all manner of beasts and hold them fast.

And when he is well conditioned and perfect, men hold that he is good among all other hounds. But men find few that be perfect. A good alaunte should love his master and follow him, and help him in all cases, and do what his master commands him. A good alaunte should go fast and be hardy to take all kinds of beasts without turning, and hold fast and not leave it, and be well conditioned, and well at his master's command, and when he is such men hold, as I have said, that he is the best hound that can be to take all manner of beasts.

2) That other kind of alaunte is called veutreres. They are almost shaped as a greyhound of full shape, they have a great head, great lips and great ears, and with such men help themselves at the baiting of the bull and at hunting of a wild boar, for it is their nature to hold fast, but they be (heavy) and foul (ugly) that if they be slain by the wild boar or by the bull, it is not very great loss. And when they can overtake a beast they bite it and hold it still, but by themselves they could never take a beast unless greyhounds were with them to make the beast tarry.

3) That other kind of alauntes of the butcheries is such as you may always see in good towns, that are called great butchers' hounds, the which the butchers keep to help them to bring their beasts that they buy in the country, for if an ox escapes from the butchers that lead him, his hounds would go and take him and hold him until his master has come, and should help him to bring him again to the town. They cost little to keep as they eat the foul things in the butcher's row. Also they keep their master's house, they be good for bull baiting and for hunting wild boar, whether it be with greyhounds at the tryst or with running hounds at bay within the covert. For when a wild boar is within a strong hatte of wood (thicket), perhaps all day the running hounds will not make him come out. And when men let such mastiffs run at the boar they take him in the thick spires (wood) so that any man can slay him, or they make him come out of his strength, so that he shall not remain long at bay. ' -

The above descriptions of their respective Nature make clear that in those times nomenclature (re Mastiff or Alaunt) may have been apt to personal interpretations , ie a large dog could be considered as a Mastiff by one man whereas another man titled the same dog an Alaunt (of the butcheries) , &c .

No 05) Extract taken from the Field Magazine Dec 1865 which mentions four Mastiffs , ie Governor , his son Rufus , ch Duchess & her son Prince (sired by Governor) . Mr Lukey bred his last KC reg litter three years later whereas Mr Hanbury continued breeding Mastiffs until the early 1880s .

The author , ‘A Breeder’ , laments about the popularity of the St Bernard , then epitomised by specimens as the rough Tell & smooth Monarque . See above at right their illustrations taken from "The Dogs Of Great Britain, America, And Other Countries. Their Breeding, Training, and Management in Health and Disease", by John Henry Walsh (Stonehenge) , NY - Orange Judd Publ Co 1st ed 1879 . Background aside , the very same illustration of Monarque was published by Chicago Engraving Co (1881) and entitled as ' THE MASTIFF ' !!! Samuel John Carter (1835-1892) painted Tell together with his breeder' son Master Egerton Milne Cumming Macdona (see at left) . It seems that it was the German zoologist Alfred Edmund Brehm (1829–‘84) who , in first instance , wrote that the St Bernard breed of the eponymous monastery died out ca 1820 due to a snow blizzard &/or some contagious disease .

According to the Dutch gentleman Mr L Seegers (1912) , Brehm’ source of information thereto were the German dog dealers Herr Otto Rieding (Cesar & Minca firm) and Herr Essig of Leonberg . It was in their advantage to let believe the public that the holy breed became extinct in Switserland but that they , luckily enough , had kept some good specimens.

Studying old pedigrees , the amount of unregistered ancestors is quite obvious . One of the reasons has been the low interest made by a number of breeders who , above all , preferred the breed-related ‘looks’ of the specific specimen in question rather than its (eventually long) pedigree , particularly in broods . Horn’ Jenny unr , dam to Rufus who sired the important stud ch King , may be an example thereto ; or Whynault unr , dam to Wolf who sired Phillis who produced three champions bred by Mr Hanbury , each sired by a different stud , ie Queen (by Lindoe’ Druid) , Rajah (by Hanburys Prince’ son Griffin) & Taurus (by ch King) .

In the Stock-Keeper April 1884 , ‘Aper’ writes – ‘ … My object in stating this is simply to show breeders it is not reliable to draw conclusions from the early pedigrees of our Mastiffs and the futility of searching too far back’ - & - ‘All beginners of most kinds of pedigree stock are for ever boring to get at the roots of a pedigree , whereas for all practical purpose four generations of known blood is quite sufficient ‘ . – May 1884 Mr Wm Wade of Pittsburgh USA replies a/o with – ‘Now , the fact is , that I bore after the roots of a pedigree , just for fun of the thing and because I have a love for such searches ‘ . – June 1884 Mr Wm Wade continues – ‘The kind of pedigrees I look on with contempt are the meaningless string of names .’ He further on supplies a list of names including some individual pecularities re size , color , &c , which bring some meaning to those respective names within such olden pedigrees .

PS - The 'Wm Wade' , not only a breeder/owner of Mastiffs , was a well-known philanthropist and benefactor to many deaf-blind children , a/o Miss Helen Keller ; quote from the book 'Helen Keller - A life' - 'He had originally contacted Helen when he read a letter she had written in a children' magazine in which she described her small dog . Wade felt that as a blind child , Helen needed a Mastiff , and sent her one , &c , &c .' -

No 06) At left – ch Crown Prince’ son ch Ilford Caution , b May ’83 out of ch Beau’ daughter Ilford Claudia ; he sired a/o ch Ilford Chancellor , ch Peter Piper' maternal great-grandsire . At right – an article dd January ’84 written by Dr Forbes Winslow ; the KCSB for show year ’84 indeed mentions ch Crown Prince , b Feb ’80 , getting the champion prize & challenge cup at Crystal Palace January ’84 , ch Pontiff , b May ’79 , got 2nd prize in champion class .

Comparing the doctor’ sentences – ‘Crown Prince was the sire of 26 prize-winners and receivers of commendatory cards including 5 first prize winners . I believe such a circumstance has never previously occurred in any breed of dogs .’ – with the KCSB data for ’83 give the following outcomes , ie 1) not two but only one Crystal Palace show is registered , 2) champion class ch Crown Prince’ litter brother ch Prince Regent got 1st prize , CP himself got 2nd prize . CP’ sons got following results there , ie ch Orlando 2nd Open class (1st for ch Beau' son Boatswain) , Prussian Prince & Rudolph , resp 1st & 2nd Puppy class ; CP’ daughters ch The Lady Gladys 1st Champion class , ch Rosalind 1st Open class , ch Crown Princess 3rd & Prussian Prince' sis Prussian Princess 1st Puppy class .

Re litters born between April ’81 and August ’83 , the KCSBs mention Mastiffs of not less than eighteen litters sired by Crown Prince ; 2nd in number being ch Beau b ’76 (sired 6 litters) , 3rd ch The Emperor b ’77 (sired 5 litters) which illustrates the enormous influence of Crown Prince upon the then Mastiff population ; the fact that this numerous CP offspring participated definitely in breeding practices made that after some generations it became almost impossible to find complete CP-free blood . Crown Prince carried the blood of Governor & his son Prince , of Whynault unr & her son Wolf and of that grand Hanburys brood Phillis (see above articles).

No 07) A Stock-keeper report about the Crystal Palace Show June 1874 when the show scene was not yet dominated by the Rajah strain . Judge of the day was Rev Thomas Pearce whose Champion class winner was Mr Octavius Green’ ch Monarch who , according to the KCSB , carried some Lyme blood along the dam side whereas his sire Hercules was son to the already mentioned Whynault unr . 1st prize Open class ch Turk’ son ch Granby was out of Dolly , granddaughter to the same Whynault unr .

The KCSB mentions for this particular 1874 show Miss Aglionby' ch Empress as the winner of the Champion class bitches , repeating her Champion class win at Crystal Palace 1872 . So the name ' Champion' in the above Stock-keeper report may be a simple devil' print . This Empress , b 1867 , was bred by by Mr Martorell was out of Duchess (Nichols’ Quaker x Countess by Bill George’ Tiger out of Ansdell Leo’ daughter Juno) and sired by Martorell' Lyme Hall dog dog Sultan , not to be confused with 'Sultan' (Turk ex Quaker' dau Venus) who sired ch Countess , b 1872 , dam to ch The Shah' son ch The Emperor . Miss Aglionby' ch Empress was grand-aunt to Mr Octavius Green' ch Monarch , ie her litter sis Marguerite being ch Monarch' maternal granddam .

An ILN article describes Miss Aglionby' ch Empress as a/o - 'a fawn with a black muzzle , and though unusually large , is remarkably symmetrical . She is very strong , active and high couraged and a great favourite with Miss Aglionby , from her intelligence and affectionate disposition . In 1872 she was 1st in the Open class at the Crystal Palace , beating twenty-three opponents .' Here below at left Miss Aglionby' ch Empress .

For the author of the CP '74 report the sensation of the show was Saxon , b April ’72 & bred by Fred Robinson out of ch King’ daughter Rose sired by ch Turk’ son ch Punch ; Rose being granddaughter to Juno, a lineal descent of the Devonshire Duke’ Bendigo & grand-niece to Miss Hales’ ch Lion . Nevertheless the compliments by the author of the Fanciers Gazette’ article here , Saxon never was made up , only winning 1st prize at Alexandra Palace ’75 & 4th prize at Crystal Palace ’76 . The only KCSB reg litter , a/o Esther , Katleen & Victoria , sired by Saxon was bred by Winchester Clowes dd March ’76 out of his Empress b July ’74 & bred by the breeder of ch Crown Prince dam Merlin , George Fitzherbert , ie Empress out of Fabius’ daughter Linda sired by ch Turk’ son Granby bred by LL Pemberton . Saxon’ owner Winchester Clowes was a member of the then famous Clowes printing firm founded by his grandad William . William Clowes Ltd is present-day one of the UK’ largest manufacturers of directories & reference books and operate out of its large printing factory at Ellough near Beccles .

The 2nd Stock-keeper clip (authored by ‘Subscriber') also dates from 1874 and is a lament about the precarious ‘brindle’ situation within the Mastiff show scene . Just for the record , Hanbury’ ch Quee n- see above in the centre , at right her paternal grandsire Mr THV Lukey' Wallace) got at the prominent Birmingham show – Dec 1874 - the champion prize and extra prize for best Mastiff of all classes whereas there’s no single KCSB spur of the other mentioned brindle , Scottish Chief , – paternal half brother to Clowes’ Saxon . Some time later on ch Queen’ brindle son ch Wolsey became one of the Victorian planets in Mastiffdom .

 No 08) Above - pics of the houndy breed type , ie Miss Hales’ ch Lion and at right - his maternal nephew ch Turk (out of ch Lion’ sis Hilda) , a Stock-keeper clip dd 1874 by H.E.F. who highlights the quality of Mr Winchester Clowes’ Saxon in the mean while ‘downsizing’ the value of Mr THV Lukey’ former kennel star Wallace ; the clip also exemplifies the early discussions about correct Mastiff type , in this case aiming at a/o a short broad muzzle whereas other contemporary fanciers preferred more houndy forms emphasising upon the noble upstanding breed aspects , and therefore rejecting any 'stain' which may refer to ‘bully vulgarity’ . At right of the article - a drawing presenting ch Briton’ litter brother ch Hector (out of Lindoes Druid’ daughter Una sired by ch Turk’ brother Wolf ) .

No 09) Source - The Illustrated London News (ILN) Nov 1874 . In the Kennel Gazette Feb 1935 Mr EG Oliver of Hellingly repute states that - 'Dissatisfaction burst into flames when Mr Wynne awarded the Championship at Birmingham in December 1873 *** to the short-faced Taurus 2340 , known as 'Bulldog Taurus , while such celebrities as Mr O Green' ch Monarch & Mr Dickinson' ch Briton were both put out of the money . Perhaps he was only anticipating the change in taste in favour of the short foreface which materialized a few years later .' -

Taking into account the resp length measurements skull 7 1/2 i vs muzzle 3 1/2 , the foreface (muzzle) is indeed a tad shorter than the OEMC standard prescribed , ie 2 to 1 , but looking at the drawing by Mr RH Moore , the artist who also performed the drawing of the correct OEMC head type , it seems rather difficult to justify that 'Bulldog Taurus' nickname . It rather may refer to his pedigree , ie it was suggested that his sire ch King' great-granddam Lord Darnley' Nell had some Bull cross in her blood and this rumour fueled Mr Henry de Spencer Kingdon in his attacks against the 'modern' Mastiff breeders insulting them of ruining that once so noble breed by foul crosses . The Mastiff breeder Mr Kingdon , known as 'Kingdom Come' , claimed that his foundation brood Alp came from the Lyme Hall kennels and was the one who (probably driven by commerciality) considered the Lyme breed as 'pure' as can be , that since the Battle at Agincourt 1415 where Sir Peers Legh was saved by his Mastiff bitch .

Note 1) - According to the KCSB , Mr EG Oliver recorded the Birmingham year *** faultily as it was Hanburys ch Rajah who got the Birmingham 1873 champion prize whereas Taurus then got 1st prize Open class under Mr MB Wynne and it yet was in 1874 that the same judge gave the Birmingham champion prize to Taurus , ch Turk' son Punch getting 1st prize in Open class , 2nd Mr T Hampton' Lion bred in Ireland but pedigree unknown & 3rd Mr ES Warrin' Lion b 1870 , pedigree - by Lord Middleton' Lion out of The Earl Caledon' Vesper by Lord Middleton' Charley out of Davey' Dia . Note - The Earl of Caledon was the President of the Mastiff Breeding Club , Secr MB Wynne ; Lord Middleton was a Master of Foxhounds who resided the most part of his life at Birdsall House nr Malton East Yorkshire.

Note 2) - Another example of Mr EG Oliver twisting years is more interesting because the date of the year wherein that Mastiff Club (Secr MB Wynne) was founded formed a cornerstone in the plea of the court case 'Mr EG Oliver against Mrs Norah Dickin' regarding infringement of the rights which the Copyright Act 1911 has conferred to Mr EG Oliver , author of an article published in the Kennel Gazettes Jan/Feb 1935 . Here an extract of the Judgment -'On page 18 of the Kennel Gazette reprint the Plaintiff (Mr Oliver) assigns the year 1873 as that in which the Mastiff Club was formed . On page 53 (of the booklet - ' St Bernard and English Mastiff and all about them') the Defendant (Mrs Dickin) assigns the year 1873 , but the year is wrong . The Club was formed in 1872 . Where did the Defendant get her date from ? The answer is , I doubt not , the Plaintiff' article .' - BUT ... the Northampton Mercury' daily newpaper dd July 12th 1873 , repeat 1873 , mentions under the heading - Home & General - 'A new club under the title of the Mastiff Club has just been started , the objects of which are to promote a general improvement of the Mastiff breed .'

Conclusion (based upon the article published in the Northampton newspaper dd July 12th 1873) - it was NOT Mrs Dickin who was wrong about the year wherein the Mastiff Club was founded but Mr Oliver himself , 'stating in court' that 1872 was the correct year of that Club founding . Or he was ill-informed or he deliberately created a bogus trap for Mrs Dickin , OEMC Secretary from 1932 until 1964 and well-known for her Goring kennels at Goring-on-Thames South Oxfordshire .

No 10) A report about the Oswestry Dog Show 1879 where MB Wynne judged the Mastiff classes . Prize winners were Mr Beaufoy’ ch Nero (ch Green’ ch Monarch ex Lukeys Baron’ Grace) & Dr GA Woods’ Raunee (ch Rajah ex Flora by Sir Thomas F Hesketh’ Nero) . The mentioned James (not Lamer!) Morris of Union Place Oswestry was the breeder of ch Countess who produced ch The Emperor , considered by a part of the fancy as ch Crown Prince’ real sire (instead of Young Prince , the one described by Hugh Dalziel in the Stock-Keeper as a ‘weedy wastrel’) . The winner of the female puppy class was Mr JA Bindley’ Ameer (ch Rajah ex MB Wynne Young King’ dau Bardon Queen) . This report mentions the Earl of Caledon , ie James Alexander 1846-1898 (see portrait above at left) , as ‘President of the Club’ referring to the Mastiff Breeding Club, Secretary MB Wynne who , btw , also judged Irish Wolfhounds . Note -At right  the Birmingham Queens Hotel where the Club held its yearly General Meeting in December , that on the occasion of the Birmingham Dog Show .

Quote - Captain Graham , 'saviour' of the IW , writes me (Hugh Dalziel) : ‘With regard to the Caledon breed of Irish Wolfhounds, the present lord tells me that his father (ed note - the 3rd Earl 1812-1855) kept them , and that he can just remember them in his extreme youth. He very kindly made strict inquiries when on his Irish estates last year, and from the older keepers and tenants he has gathered the following particulars," which he filled in on a form containing a series of questions which I sent him. The Irish wolfhounds kept by the late Earl of Caledon were as tall as the largest deerhound now seen - if not taller - of a stouter make throughout, broader and more massive; the ears were similar to a deerhound's; rough, but not long coated; fawn, grizzly and dim in color . Captain Graham did not himself use a Great Dane but he did acquire the progeny of such crosses , mainly from the Earl of Caledon who used a Harlequin Dane called Earl of Warwick , a renowned show dog who lived around 1890 '.

Quote by MB Wynne dd Oct 1884 in Forest & Stream – ‘While thanking ‘Scottish Lance’ for his left-handed compliment to my powers of writing on the Mastiff , I was only organ grinder , or secretary and treasurer, to the Mastiff club of which , from its commencement (ed note - founded July 1873) until its close last year (ed note – 1883)  , the Earl of Caledon, an Irishman, was the President ' . The KCSB 1884 mentions Brutus II (dead) No 14.250 owner - Mrs JM Ellis Gortmore House , Omagh (late the Earl of Caledon’ Monarch) , breeder The Earl of Caledon ; DOB Oct 1880 , colour light fawn , black mask & ears ; Strabane 2nd (variety class) .

No 11) An article taken from ‘The Nottinghamshire Guardian’ - Dec 1882 (about a year before the OEMC standard was approved) , authored under the nom de plume ‘Alva’ ; it’s perhaps possible that the source of information may have been the 20 years old MB Wynne who then lived in Nottinghamshire County , ie at Scalford village .

The fierce ‘Lyme’ controversies may refer to the Wynne versus  Kingdon’ strains of Mastiffs . Quite remarkable is the aim at a ‘clean’ throat without any loose flesh about it , perhaps referring to Kingdon’ renowned Barry so-called (by Wynne) ‘marred’ by a large dewlap .

In addition to (male) weights from 150 to 170 lbs , it also asks for a chest’ girth of ‘at least’ forty inches annex loins ‘wide and thick through’ . For the record , thé then frontrunning Mastiff , ch Crown Prince , was reported to have weighed 180 lbs and being of thickset forms , so , perhaps shouldering thirty inches or a bit less . And given the time line (1882) brindles , a/o ch Cardinal , were indeed rather rare . Ten guineas for a very young quality puppy may have been indeed a very high price for the then common Victorian people ! In the later 1880s , an offer of £400 was made for the renowned Beaufort , b 1884 , but refused . Hereabove at left - pictures presenting Mr Louis R Dobbelman’ ownbred Eldee’ Duke , b Rotterdam 1894 , paternally grandsired by ch Minting’ brother Charlie Wood & along the maternal line going back to f3 ch Beaufort .

No 12) The article mentions Mr Howel W Williams of Swansea as the owner of Nero , b ca 1864 . According to Gower Volume Fifty-Five (provided by The National Archive of Wales) , it here may go about Howell Walters Williams (1836-1892) of Swansea , printer & proprietor of the Cambrian , the first English-language newspaper (1804-1930) published in Wales .

Quote – ‘In 1852 John Williams made his eldest son, John Walters Williams, a partner in the business but the partnership ended in November 1853 when JW Williams left to work elsewhere . John Williams continued to manage the Cambrian until March 1857 when he passed control to his youngest son , Howell Walters Williams (1834-1892) who appeared to have assumed control somewhat precipitately . Not unexpectedly, with apparently little training or experience in the family firm , he preferred to leave management matters to others. Having wealthy relatives and being comfortably off himself, he spent much of his time travelling abroad or in London . A handsome and charming man he reputedly commented that he ‘had done nothing, and had done it well!’ According to the 1861 census he was a newspaper proprietor employing fifteen men and four boys . However, he was best remembered for his convivial nature and his frequent jaunts across Wind Street from the Cambrian office to the Mackworth Arms to socialise with the guests rather than for his business acumen . His love of entertaining also extended to his workforce as he enjoyed the annual day trips to Gower as much as they did , judging by reports in the Cambrian Perhaps his sociable nature made him well suited as Vice-President of the Provincial Newspaper . A wide variety of stationery items was still being sold from the premises, including maps, log books and even telescopes in response to the demands of a thriving sea port. However, financial problems soon began to beset HW Williams. His disinclination to become involved in the management of the business coupled with his extravagant lifestyle led to a slump in his personal finances. Following his father's death in 1870, he was forced to mortgage the Cambrian premises on several occasions for substantial sums of money, probably to settle debts accrued by his father. Reluctantly, HW Williams left the Wind Street premises where he had been born. He did not long survive the end of the family business as he died in 1892. His life was described in his obituary in the Cambrian on 4th March 1892 as one of ‘Masterly Inactivity’!’ –

Regarding 'Nero' , it’s , of course , impossible to presently trace his origin but still of interest may be the reference to Keeper b 1867 , bred & owned by Sir Edmund Buckley aka Mr Edmund Peck [1834-1910] , Esq of Manchester and Plas Dinas Mawddwy - Wales , the one who got in 1870 a 2nd prize at Manchester Belle Vue , beaten by Miss Hales’ champion Lion, 3rd David Sloane’ Nelson , 4rd Malcolm Bush Wynne’ Monarch by ch King . Sir Buckley' Keeper’ dam was Gipsy by Nichols’ Quaker out of Davey’ Di , by Bill George’ Tiger out of Lukey’ Nell, by Nelson out of Lukey’ Bounty , by Bruce II out of Duchess ; Keeper’ sire was Mr Rushton’ Nero , brother to Miss Aglionby’ Hilda , and therefore maternal uncle to ch Turk .

Given the corresponding name , timeline & location (Wales) , there’s a (tiny) chance that 'Nero' , owned by Sir Buckley' acquaintance, ie the Mancunian 'East India' merchant & commission agent George Henry Rushton (1830-1870) of Hollybank , Hale Bowdon , changed hands (perhaps due to Rushton' ill-health or death) to that printer & newpspaper proprietor Mr Howell Walters Williams and that the illustration hereabove could present ch Turk’ uncle . For the record , Sir Edmund Buckley married Sarah Rees , daughter to the printer and publisher William Rees of Tonn - Llandovery Wales.

Mr George Henry Rushton , son to Rev John Rushton - Archdeacon of Manchester , also bred Bloodhounds , a/o King Solomon I out of Rushton' Juno KCSB No 25 Vol I sired by CE Holford' Regent No 50 Vol I ; Rushton' Bloodhound brood Juno and his Mastiff brood Sybil* (ch Turk ex ch King' dau Countess) became purchased by John Leigh Becker who bred Ben , b 1872 - out of Rushton' Sybil* sired by Lord Nelson (winner of 30 prizes) owned by Mr David Sloane of Mason - & Swan street , Manchester ; Lord Nelson being out of T Smith’ Nell sired by Wilding’ dog - Lord Stamford’ Lion x Edwards’ Tigris - . Mr JL Leigh' Ben became renowned as the sire of Mr Alston' ch Colonel , b May '1876 , who's behind the finest strains of the 1880s.

No 13) Here below Mr Richard Alston' ch Colonel b May '75 Mr J Leigh Becker' ch Ben ex Exleys Victor' daughter Jeannette  , a newspaper article dd Aug 1879 , ditto advert May 1880 & old street view Deansgate (Manchester Cathedral to be seen afar) .

 Ch Colonel owner , Richard Alston (1841-1896) was 8th child of Christopher & Margery Alston ; his father being a farmer (25 acres of land) at Whittingham , Preston - Lancashire . The Census 1871 mentions Richard Alston as a Master Ironmonger employing 21 men , 4 boys and one woman ; in the 1880s the Alston family moved from Sale to Llanrhydd Hall, 'living on own means' in splendid isolation nearby Ruthin - Wales , some sixty mls SW of Manchester . Mr Alston remained active as dog fancier and won prizes at local shows with his Collies . After Mr Richard Alston' death , Llanrhydd Hall became occupied by the well-known author Stanley J Weyman , saying he was going 'to grow books and cows , the former for profit and the later for pleasure '.

No 14) Just some contemplation about attending the 2014 Mastiff Club shows at Belgium & The Netherlands in resp May & June . Thé revelation amongst the more than hundred Mastiffs in toto certainly was a 3y old apricot , Gordon de la Maison de l’Etoile , owned by Mr Laurent Herbots of Anderlues – Belgium , and bred by the Polish Mrs Beata Baran née Pawelec living at Éterpigny, France (some sixty mls from the Belgian border) . Gordon' (call name Garry) parents are Nobel Lwia Nobel & Kaja Lwia Dolina . At first sight his 3 generations pedigree contains mainly Polish bred ascents with a tiny dash of Slowakian & Ukranian ‘blood’ ; three 3rd G parents trace back to the English bred Chevelu Kings Ramson (see his pic below at right , Gordon himself at the left) , ie his son Diablo Hanibal Cerber , his daughter Corsa Hanibal Cerber & his granddaughter Gabora No To Co .

Gordon’ overall quality is unquestionably extraordinary . Calm & affectionate gentleman of medium height , long deep roomy body , (foldings aside) a square head of superb chiselling , and displaying a movement to dream of , ie a fluent really ground covering extension , oozing almost unbelievable easiness . Well done to all directly involved , and it certainly has influenced my idea about the East-European , in particular the Polish Mastiff breeding !

No 15) On top of the collage - two particles of a full-sized Illustrated London News page reporting about a dog show which took place in 1861 , the year THV Lukey’ famous Governor was born ; at left ‘Wallace’ & at right ‘Ben’ , further particulars unknown .

The Northampton report , dd 1874 , mentions a/o Granby b ’71 & bred by Mr Pemberton out of ch King’ daughter Dolly sired by ch Turk . At the Nottingham show ’75 Major Arbuthnot’ Vril - see  tableau below No 18 - (ch Turk’ son ch Punch ex ch Turk’ granddaughter Maud) got 1st Open class. Same prize in the bitch class was for Bowness b ’74 & bred by Mr John Hartley out of Lupa , sis to ch’s Hector & Briton .

Bowness’ brother Scawfell (see pic above at right) was reported by Mr Sam Crabtree (brother to the Mastiff breeder Mr Luke C-) as a then heavyweight , ie 211 lb . About his maternal half-brother British Lion b ‘73 (ch’ King son Lion ex Lupa) there’s a newspaper article which mentions – ‘ British Lion , possibly the largest Mastiff bred in this country , a very handsome fawn dog which , when weighed in public on February 7 , 1877 , scales 196 lb , nor had he been fed up in order to give him an abnormal size’ - . Mr TW Allen’ Prince was also born in ’73 & bred by Mr Emile Portier out of ch Turk’ daughter Nell sired by Mr Octavius Green’ ch Monarch ; Gurth , b '74 out of Lindoes Druid' daughter Undine sired by Miss Hales' ch Lion , was owned by William Charles Thomas Dobson , 1817-1898 , a well-known Royal Artist .

As already stated , Lupa was sis of ch’s Hector & Briton , b ’69 & bred by Miss Aglionby out of Lindoes Druid’ daughter Una sired by ch Turk’ brother Wolf . Lupa was purchased by Major Frederick Elms (1828-1892) , retired from the East India Army – Madras Engineers in 1873 and residing at Bowness-on-Windermere where he became a/o Hon Sec of the Windermere Fishing Association . After breeding a litter from Lupa (sired by Mr Dickenson’ Lion) , he transferred her to Mr John Hartley of Birthwaite House Windermere who also bred a litter from Lupa , this time sired by the Mastiff-of-the-day Mr O Green’ ch Monarch . Mr John Hartley , corn & flour dealer , was member of the Hartley family of local bakers & confectioners in the Kendal area , one of their shops being at 112 Stricklandgate.

No 16) During the 1870s , and as mentioned before , the uprise of the ch Rajah line began , in brindles along ch Wolsey & his grandson ch Cardinal and in solid colors it was ch The Shah . In 1871 William Henry Balliston (so not Balleston) , a Master Commander of steam store ships and residing at Palewell Villa , East Sheen – London , acquired from Rev Bulkeley Owen Jones a puppy called Ino sired by THV Lukey’ Baron , brother of that famous champion , ie THV Lukey' Beauty ; two years later he mated her to Mr Hanbury’ ch Rajah which resulted in a/o The Shah . At Crystal Palace 1874 The Shah , 1st prize Puppy Class (BOB for Mr O Green’ ch Monarch) , was claimed at his catalogue price by Mr Charles Thomas Harris , wholesale tea dealer at 15 Fenchurch Street , much to the chagrin of his owner , Mr Balleston .

In the ownership of Mr CT Harris , also Deputy-Chairman of the London Corn Exchange and founder of the Corn Exchange Benevolent Fund , got a 4th prize at Alexandra Palace ’75 beaten by A S De Fivas’ Granby by ch. Green’ Monarch & Reverend Mellor’ ch Turk by ch King [divided champion prize] & Emile Portier’ Modoc by ch. Green’ Monarch . In ’76 The Shah got 1st prizes at Maidstone [2nd his brother Caractacus] , Crystal Palace [ch Wolsey b. ’73 1st prize other than fawn ~ 2nd ch Colonel b. ‘75 ~ 3rd ch Nero b. ‘75] & Birmingham [ch Wolsey prize & cup] and champion prize at Brighton [2nd ch Nero] ; in ’77 he obtained extra prize in champion class at Alexandra Palace [Wolsey champion prize] , 1st prize at Bristol [ch Beau b. April ’76 extra prize and the prize presented by the Mastiff Club for the best Mastiff of all classes] and champion prize at Birmingham [Mark Beaufoy’ ch Nero 2nd & ch Beau 3rd prize] . In ’78 he got champion prize at Alexandra Palace and finally in ’79 he was awarded champion prizes at Alexandra Palace & Brighton .

The Shah was presumably the double grandsire of champion Crown Prince who dominated the show ring in the 1880ties and thereby the most prolific sire during the Victorian heyday of the breed , that notwithstanding some apparent standard minors … The Alexandra Palace show report 1881 may indicate the then estimated value of The Shah – ‘but the sensation of the show was Mr Woolmore’ Crown Prince , such a puppy has not been seen since The Shah made his first appearance (1874) on the show bench , &c ‘

Mr WH Balliston bred also a litter , dd winter '77 , from ch The Shah' sis 'Mona' sired by Mr Banbury' ch Wolsey which gave a/o the dark brindle Sepoy KCSB 9337 , purchased by MB Wynne. But notwithstanding such an outstanding pedigree , no single further spur of Sepoy in showing or breeding .

No 17) The paternity of Crown Prince , b 22th Feb 1880 , was one of the major Mastiff cases in the 1880s and abundantly discussed in Stock-Keeper issues of early 1885 . Hereabove at right , a (PS) part of the letter by the American WM Wade after the correspondence was closed . Thé protagonist thereto was Mr William Burnell , b 1814 and stated in 1873 as – ‘retired licensed victualler’ - residing at Shepherds Bush . He owned Young Prince and was caretaker of a/o ch’s Mrs Rawlinson’ The Emperor (see head study hereabove at left) & Mr CT Harris’ The Shah . The mateing which produced the litter containing Crown Prince took place at the stable opposite the home of Mr William Burnell off Wells road .

- 'Sporting Magazine 1845 – ‘William Burnell ( ed -  1814-1888), who has removed his stock of animals from Woburn Mews to more airy premises in Maiden lane nr Battle Bridge Kings Cross, has a few first-rate dogs. He is an honest man, an can be depended on – a rare merit in one of his vocation; but we have good grounds for stating that he will never deceive a customer, and it is therefore under this conviction that we shall confidently as well as conscientiously recommend our Cockney friends, who may have the time to scour the country in search of a quadruped, and who may want a good dog on a short notice, to visit Burnell’ establishment.

According to Mr Charles Ridout (Mr Burnell’ assistant and later on kennelman of Crown Prince’ owner Dr Forbes Winslow) the date of mateing was on (Sunday) 21 December 1879 . He mentioned that – ‘Merlin (Crown Prince’ dam) bit me whe she was about to be served by The Emperor , and then Mr Burnell put a muzzle on her . When they were tied he took the muzzle off and said to Mr Woolmore , ‘You will have a litter as grand a litter of puppies as ever you saw in your life. After it was over we went to the Railway Tavern. Mr Woolmore gave me 2s 6d .’

Mr Woolmore then resided at Chingford Green , some twenty miles North-East . He denied that he took Merlin on a Sunday to be served and was able to produce a memorandum from the railway company to say that no dog travelled from Chingford on that day . Note – The Alexandra Palace dd July 1882 mentions – ‘The Emperor (ed – 5y old) has ‘quantity without quality’ ; he is goggle-eyed , slack in loin and defective in hocks .' dixit Mr E Hanbury -

In case The Emperor sired the litter containing a/o ch's Crown Prince & Prince Regent , it is to be considered as his 1st KCSB recorded paternity . His KCSB registered litters were out of 1) Mrs Elizabeth Cunliffe Lee' Sybil (granddaughter of ch Cardinal' gigantesque sire Big Ben) resulting in a/o Bosco II (paternal grandsire of Mr Nichols' Victor Hugo) & Lt-Col Zaccheus Walker' Boadicea , 2) Mr Holmes' Rose which gave the prize winner John Bull & The Princess Royal , 3) Mr Evans' Linda (The Shah' daughter) resulting in the well-known Moses , 4 & 5) Mr Woolmore' Merlin (CP' dam) - progeny - ch Maximilian (Am ch Minting' sire) , Ilford Charity & Queen Liberty . The latter , mated to CP' nephew ch Prince of Wales , produced Duke of Fife , a dog wanting in size and bone , who became maternal grandsire to that magnificent ch Hazlemere Ronald , the one behind the foundation stock of Mrs Scheerboom & Miss Bell .

No 18) About Mrs Elizabeth Cunliffe Lee – Born in 1832 at Bradford Yorkshire , she married Henry Lee , b 1820 , and had three children born at Exeter Devon , ie Henry b ’56 , Elizabeth b ’58 & William b ’60 . In 1862 her husband , a colonel of the 15th Kings Hussars , died at Penshurst (see pic above at left) - Kent . The Census 1881 mentions her as occupant of Penshurst’ 17th C Newhouse , being widow , together with her daughter Elizabeth and three domestic female servants , ie a housekeeper , a cook and a housemaid .

Mrs Cunliffe Lee was keen on breeding & showing dairy livestock , breeds of cats (a/o Siamese) & large breeds of dogs as the St Bernard , Bloodhound , Mastiff & particularly the Newfoundland ; Dr JS Turner' The Kennel Encyclopaedia (1905) considers Mrs Cunliffe Lee as - ' a lady whose Newfoundlands will be remembered as being alwaysc full of true type . ' Hereabove at right an engraving by Mr Richard Hewitt Moore of Mr E Nichols' Lord Nelson (Nelson I' son - b '83) bred by Mrs Cunliffe Lee , - sic - a dog who , at 18m old , astonished the Newfoundland world as he combined great size with all the points of a good dog . Brought out at the Crystal Palace , he 'cleared the board' , won great honours for several years , but eventually he grew rather coarse , and had to make way for others .'

Quote from Rawdon Briggs Lee (see portrait at left) - A History And Description Of The Modern Dogs Of Great Britain And Ireland. – ‘It may not be out of place here to give a short description of some of the best Newfoundlands' kennels of the present day, but I cannot in justice do so without first travelling back a few years to bring in poor old Champion Nelson I , a dog that may well be said to have been the father of Newfoundlands in this country. In doing so I must not forget his breeder, Mrs Cunliffe Lee, a lady who has probably had little credit given her for the part she has played in producing several really first-class dogs.

Nelson I (ed - KC 10672 , b '78 by ch Nep ex Nancy) was not large in size, but quite large enough, and answered well the above description of a Newfoundland. From this grand old dog we may trace the present race of high-class Newfoundlands, many of which I shall hereafter mention. From Mrs Lee he went to the kennels of Mr E Nichols (ed – who also bred first-class Mastiffs) , and there he was mated with a bitch with pedigree unknown, named Jennie *. From this alliance was produced, in the year '81, a litter of six, all of which have left triumphant records in the exhibition world & Stud Book .’-

For the record , Mr Edwin Nichols bred two Mastiff litters out of ch Turk' granddaughter Jenny *, ie dd '72 sired by ch Turk' huge son Big Ben resulting in Hereward & dd '75 sired by ch Wolsey' fawn brother Prince which gave Mrs Cunliffe Lee' Venus who , mated to her maternal half-brother Hereward , produced Mrs C Lee' Sybil , dam to Bosco II .

Mr Edwin Nichols' Bosco II , b Nov '80 & bred by Mrs Cunliffe Lee , was described as following - at 14m , ' Bosco II has a very fine head but he is small' - at17m - ' Bosco II has the framing of a good Mastiff of much of the type of ch Pontiff , but at present wants filling up behind' - Aug '82 Mr Hanbury - 'Bosco II is a fair dog but his large saucer eyes condemn him ' - May '83 Rev WJ Mellor - 'Bosco II is a grand fronted dog with a most typical head , but he is light in his hindquarters and his feet might be better' - July '83 Mr Emile Portier - 'Bosco II is a beautiful headed dog and grand in chest and fore quarter but ver deficient behind ' - Crystal Palace '84 - 'Bosco II a well-made active looking dog with a nice square head , but badly twisted fore legs ' -

John Bull - b Aug '81 , bred by Mr George Holmes , chemist at Clough Bank Sheffield - 3rd Open class at Crystal Palace '85 , was described by the judge , Mr Mark Beaufoy as - 'John Bull is rather small and a little narrow at the end of the muzzle but has unusually good legs and feet' (note - 1st Open 12m old Beaufort , 2nd ch Prince Regent' 2 1/2 y old son Prince of Wales) .

No 19) Moses (see at right) , b Feb '82 , bred & owned by Mr Joseph Evans , got 4th Open class at Crystal Palace '84 and Rev WJ Mellor wrote - 'Moses is in many repects a first-class specimen ; his ears are a little too large and he is faulty in his hindquarters but still he is ahead of CP' son Prussian Prince & Mr Hutchings' Titus.' - Some months later Dr JS Turner reported - 'In the Open class for fawn dogs the contest lay between Maximilian (see head at extreme right) and Moses . Both are grand specimens of the breed . Maximilian (b Sept '82) , 1st , is a grand upstanding dog with good front , good skull but slightly peaked , good muzzle , eyes , ears , girth of chest , loin , coat , tail and great bone , is of great size and very symmetrical but is deficient in second thighs and has not the best of hocks.

Moses , 2nd , is also a very fine and level dog with a capital skull (also a little peaked) and good wrinkle , good body , eyes correctly hazel in colour , good mask and first-rate coat but his ears are rather too large and hang not quite straight ; he does not stand quite squarely on his hind legs and loses his 1st place by the carriage of ears and expression . Both were shown in perfect condition and reflect a credit on their keepers . - 'It is stated, he has been sold  and  sailed for America, the prize given being 200 guineas.’  Moses b  Feb ’82 - out of The Shah’ dau Linda ex ch The Emperor – Linda  being out of Io – ch Turk’ dau Juno ex ch Argus -  became owned by the son of reaper manufacturer Mr George Cook, ie Mr Charles C Cook b '58,  of Canton Ohio.

The KCSB for the show year '86 mentions Mr Joseph Evans as caretaker of Boatswain (see his head study at left - b March '82 by ch Beau ex CP' sis Princess Royal) , bred by Mr Mark Beaufoy and (ca end '83) purchased by a wealthy German , ie Mr Max Hartenstein of Plavia kennels at Plauen - Sachsen ; this KCSB provides Mr Joseph Evans' address , being '138 Salisbury Court London' , the then same location as the 'White Swan' pub managed by publican Mr Wm Arthur Smith ; according to the KCSB for '85 show results Mr Joseph Evans' address was '159 Aldersgate Street London' owning Bravo (brother of US export Orion) b June '84 & bred by Mr G Lang out of Young Victor' daughter Nelly sired by Boatswain and the KCSB for '84 mentions the death of Mr Evans' 7y old champion The Emperor including Mr Evans' address as 'Claremont - Swanley Kent' .

So three different addresses between '84-'86 whereas the KCSB for show '88 provides the abrupt end of Mr Evans' passion for showing Mastiffs not only in Great Britain but also abroad , ie mentioning his last three prize winners 1) his Belphegor (b Jan '86 & bred by Mr William Arthur James Bussey out of Taurus II' granddaughter Juno sired by ch Colonel' son Young Colonel) , 2) his Edda (ch Hotspur or ch Orlando ex Rev Van Doorne' Wunna) & 3) his Fleur-de-Lys (Nichols' Victor Hugo ex Bosco II' daughter Coquette) .

'The Emperor litter' aside , the other three KCSB reg litters bred by Mr Evans were - 1) b Jan '86 out of CPs brother Prince Charlie' daughter Dora sired by ch Crown Prince' son ch Montgomery resulting in Friar Tuck & Miss Jummy ; 2) b May '86 out of ch Beau' daughter Queen Ann* sired by ch Crown Prince' brother ch Prince Regent - progeny Miss Rogers' Queen of May ; 3) b April '87 out of his Miss Jummy sired by Nichols' Victor Hugo - progeny Fair Rosamond , whose grandson Caractacus sired the reputed Cleveland Leopold (31i/13 stone) . 'The Emperor litter' aside , the other litters bred in the 1880 by Mrs Cunliffe Lee were - 1) b June '81 out of Bosco II' dam Sybil sired by ch Crown Prince resulting in Cato , exported to the States where he sired a/o Am ch Homer owned by the Winlawn kennels ; 2) b Sept '83 out of Princess Maud (ch Crown Prince ex ch Beau' ch Ilford Baroness) sired by her grandsire ch Beau which produced Mr Joseph Evans' Queen Ann* .

No 20) Robert Leighton' The New Book of The Dog' contains a Mastiff chapter by Mr WK Taunton and he writes a/o the following - 'It was a misfortune to the breed that Minting (ed - see photo above at left) was allowed to leave this country for the United States , where he was easily able to hold his own on the show bench , Beaufort , his only equal , not arriving in America until Minting' death .' -

Minting , b May '85 , out of ch Cambrian Princess sired by ch Maximilian, (see head study next to Mr Evans' Moses) was bred by Mrs Geo Willins of Bradmore House Hammersmith - London but it's only fair to state that both parents were bred by Crown Prince breeder Mr HG Woolmore who sold his 3 1/2 y old ch Cambrian Princess to Mrs Willins who already had purchased ch Maximilian , formerly owned by respectively Mr Morrison of Linlithgow and Crown Prince' owner Dr Forbes Winslow . Mrs Willins' Minting got in '86 a 1st prize Puppy class at Warwick (Ilford Chancellor 2nd , Minting' brother Charlie Wood 3rd) , 2nd equal at Norwich (1st Nichols' Victor Hugo , 2nd equal Ilford Chancellor) and 2nd at Ryde (Boatswain' son Orion 1st) .

Minting was purchased by OEMC Secretary Richard Cook of Ilford kennels who exported him to Mr EH Moore of Melrose Boston US but he died less than three years later . The Pittsburgh Post dd June 17th 1889 mentions - 'Mr EH Moore , of Melrose , the well-known dog fancier , has within a few days lost three of his famous prize Mastiffs . The first to die was the noted champion Minting . This dog was whelped in 1885 in England , and was bought at a fabulous price and imported when a pup by Mr Moore . He had refused $8000 cash for him , and valued him at $20.000 (ed - in those days equal to ca £4000) . The cause of death was heart disease ' - Minting was reported as being 31 inches at shoulder for a weight of 192 lb dd April '87 (compared to ch Beaufort 29 1/2 inches at shoulder for 165 lb) . CH Mason considered Minting' gait as excellent , disposition charming ; a big , grand , long , low , heavy boned and very massive dog showing true character and exquisite quality .

The text in the centre of above illustrations is part of Mr Charles Court Rice' Kennel Gazette resumé about the show year '89 which a/o mentions the Belgian Rev Henry KE Van Doorne ch Jack Thyr , b July '86 out of Lady Canute (ch His Majesty King Canute x ch The Shah' granddaughter Dora II) sired by ch Beaufort' maternal uncle ch Orlando (see his head study above at right) . Dr JS Turner' The Kennel Encyclopaedia (1910) mentions the following figures for ch Jack Thyr - 28 1/2 inches at shoulder for a weight of 156 lb , girth of skull 27i , &c . Jack Thyr sired Mr Richard Cook' ch Ilford County Member but his most important progeny was County Member' 'blue masked' sis Lady Thyr , maternal granddam of Mr Leadbetter' ch Marksman who sired ch' Czar Peter & Hazlemere Archie , the latter known as having sired ch Hazlemere Ronald .

No 21) At left - Excerpt from Our Dogs' Mastiff Mems dd July 8 1932 - contributor Fred J Hawkings of Goldhawk repute ; at right - Kaiser Frederick' paternal half sis ch Coombe Baroness , b Aug '89 and bred by Mr Mark Beaufoy out of ch Hotspur' daughter Coombe Daphne sired by Mr TW Allen' ch Montgomery , b Feb '82 and bred by Mr J Davies out of ch Colonel' daughter Queen sired by ch Crown Prince ; she had a 'blue masked' brother Coombe Baron . Ch Montgomery was described as - 'of good size & colour , looks active , excellent type , little short in body and little pinched in muzzle' ; another report mentions about him - ' very undershot , almost too short in head but wonderfully square , good legs but not well ribbed up and disfigured by some old scars on his body' .-

His huge son Kaiser Frederick , b Sept '87 , was bred by Mr Thomas William Allen (1846-1912) of South Bank House Aylestone Hill - Hereford and purchased by Mr David Lloyd Buchanan , victualler at Sheffield , who got a number of 1st prizes with big Frederick , a/o at Birkenhead in '90 , at Cork , Llangollen , Stockport , Coventry , Dublin , Wigan and Chesterfield in '91 and two 3rd prizes in '92 , thereafter sold to the Liverpool man Mr Henry Clay , a goldbeater , and getting in '93 3rd prize at Liverpool , 1st at Manchester , challenge prize at Dublin and 1st winners at Bristol . 

Kaiser Frederick was reported by Dr JS Turner at Birmingham '89 as - 'excelling in head and size but legs so crooked and loosely put together ' . - Mr Mark Beaufoy reported at Manchester '89 - 'Kaiser Frederick is a big upstanding dog , inclined to be coarse and I fear his twisted pasterns will always prevent him from winning in good company ' - , the Liverpool '90 report says - 'Kaiser Frederick is a very large dog with very good head and small ears , carried well . He has immense bone but he is not so compact a dog as Stentor (ed- by Victor Hugo) , Captain JL Piddocke considered him at Manchester '93 as - ' I thought Kaiser Frederick the best of Open class (7 entries) , although he is a little faulty in the lower part of his limbs ; he is a well-grown dog with good skull and muzzle and was shown in the best of condition and coat ' . -

Kaiser Frederick sired five KCSB reg litters . His daughter Vistula II (out of Mr Albert Andrews' Dora) , mated to ch Peter Piper' paternal uncle Iron Duke , produced Mr CC Rice' Ethelred (ch Elgiva' sire) & Lyndhurst Boy , maternal grandsire to Mr Mr Lucas' ch Marchioness and to Leadbetter' ch's Czar Peter & Hazlemere Archie ; Vistula II , mated to Lord Hatton (ch Hotspur ex ch Griselda) , produced Lyndhurst Rotha , maternal granddam of the same two 'Leadbetter champions . Kaiser Frederick' paternal half brother Montgomery II, mated to ch Beaufort' daughter Lady Dudley, produced Maid of the Wye (aka Eldee' Maid) , dam of ch Holland' Black Boy and his brindle brother , the Am ch Black Peter.

No 22) On top a ‘seemingly’ painted version vs the photograph (at right) of ch Beaufort’ Black Prince , that in an imposing setting of old deciduous trees on ondulating grounds with a lake at the background, perhaps Eagle Lake , presently known as Old Marsh Pond situated nearby Fair Haven ; there’s a chance it was made by Black Prince’ owner Jenks Lawrence Winchell of Fair Haven who once secured the first premium at the State Fair ‘for the best original oil painting’. Below at left - Brampton lying next to his sire Black Prince , at right – first part of the Crufts ’96 report , judge of the day being Mr HG Woolmore , breeder of a/o ch Peter Piper .

Am ch Beaufort’ Black Prince , b Sep ’90 & bred by Mr Jenks Lawrence Winchell – Fair Haven Vermont - out of ch Frigga’ litter sis Gerda (ch Orlando ex Cedric The Saxon’ daughter Gytha II) sired by ch Beaufort . This Black Prince sired two KCSB reg litters , ie 1) dd May ’94 & bred by Mr William Norm Higgs out of ch Peter Piper’ aunt ch Brampton Beauty producing Brampton & Danger , both exported to the States ; 2) dd July ’96 & bred by Mrs Cunliffe Lee out of Orlando II’ granddaughter Coquette producing Cynesca owned by Mr Fred Mr Krill of Manchester who mated her to ch Marcella’ brother The Cadet resulting in the brindle ch Clarice , Aug '98 .

Mr JL Winchell writes dd ’91 – ‘ I have lost from inflammation of the bowels a Mastiff puppy that promised to be the greatest show dog ever whelped in America . Several judges who has seen him considered him equal to his sire ch Beaufort , in every respect . Of great size with the grandest short square head and smallest ears with the most dense black markings . He was out of Gerda , so well known in England on the show bench , also the winner of Mr Wm Wade’ special offered in England for the best moving Mastiff . Champion Beaufort’ reputation as the best stud ever known I am sure to be correct , I have seen litters sired by him out of inferior Mastiff bitches which are of great promise . He is always sure to get good heads and black markings .’ –

No 23) Hereabove at left a drawing presenting fr l to r Gerda’ sis Frigga and the latter' daughter ch Frigga Secunda by ch Beaufort’ son Sir Stafford . NB - Mr Wardle changed Frigga’ colour into brindle and Frigga’ sexe into male for artistic purpose . So , it’s clear that Am ch Beaufort’ Black Prince & ch Frigga Secunda were not only (maternal) cousins but also resp Beaufort’ son & - granddaughter . At right a photograph of ch Frigga Secunda’ brother Cardinal Beaufort , exported to Mr James Warham Whitney of Rochester NY - USA .

Am ch Beauforts Black Prince’ dam Gerda , b June ’86 , was formerly owned by Dr Charles A Lougest residing at Liverpool who campaigned her until 1889 ; her 1st prizes were in ’87 at Crystal Palace (Puppy class) under Mr Mark Beaufoy who wrote – ‘Gerda has a grand head and plenty of bone and showed herself to perfection’ - & at Birkenhead – and Mr MB Wynne gave her at Ranelagh the prize for best mover emphasising upon (sic) – ‘her grand hind quarters and muscular thighs pulled her through , for she walked and trotted as square as possible and it was very evident , both in her and her owner a lack of wind was all that was needed .’ whereas the allrounder Mr Harding Cox placed her 3rd at Birmingham mentioning – ‘Gerda scores in size but she is light of bone and over-topped .’ ; 1st prizes at Ranelagh in ’88 at Bangor & Birmingham and Dr JS Turner gave her 3rd prize considering her – ‘on too small a scale and is short in middle , good in skull & muzzle but too full and light in colour of eye .’ - and in ’89 at Manchester where Mr Mark Beaufoy remarked – ‘Gerda , a very pretty bitch whose only fault is lack of size , won easily ; her head is very good and with a little more substance she would be hard to beat .’ . At right – Gerda’ relative The Lady Dorothy , by ch Orlando or his brother ch Hotspur ex Gytha’ sis Wunna .

Dr CA Lougest mated Gerda to ch Prince of Wales’ son Napoleon which resulted in a litter dd April ’88 , a/o General Von Moltke , Ben My Chree , Alice & Mona’ Queen , the latter purchased by Mr William Makinson , of Railway Saw Mill Horwich , who bred two litters from her , ie 1) dd July ’89 sired by ch Ilford Chancellor resulting in Ilford Hugo , 2) dd July ’91 sired by ch Beaufort’ son Sir Stafford which gave Florence Stafford & Queen Stafford . Gerda’ other daughter Alice , mated to ch Ilford Chancellor , produced Bella owned Mr Fred McKrill’ who mated her to ch Beaufort son ch Lord Stafford and produced a litter dd July ’92 , a/o Stafford Belle , dam to ch Ogilie’ son ch Marc Antony .


Gerda’ son General Von Moltke got in ’89 1st prizes at Manchester & Congleton before he was purchased by Captain J Magnus of Hazeldene Timperley . The Belgian Rev HKE Van Doorne reported in 1890 – ‘I allowed a hc card to General Von Moltke whose head and muzzle I admire but whom I could place no higher on account of the dragging of one of his hind legs ; his abortive tail will always tell against him . ‘ – At Manchester ’91 Mr Beaufoy wrote – ‘General Von Moltke (vhc) is an old favourite of mine but he has lost the good condition in which I saw him last. He looked out of coat and has gone rather weak behind’.

So , after all , Gerda was transferred to Mr JL Winchell , USA , as a mature bitch around late ‘89/early ’90 , and about the same period the sire of Gerda' daughter Alice litter , ie Ch Ilford Chancellor (b May ’85 Am ch Ilford Caution ex ch Colonel’ granddaughter Brenda II) , went also to the States being purchased by Mr Eugene Moore of Melrose from a fish salesman , ie Mr Albert Muirhead of ‘Barnfield House’ Prestwich nr Manchester , son of Thomas Steven Muirhead , Commission Agent and Alderman , born at Edinburgh . Ch Ilford Chancellor changed hands once more and became owned by JW Whitney of Rochester – NY

No 24) The Leghs , who BTW refused to show their Mastiffs , insisted that their Lyme strain of Mastiffs were never cross-bred in the 19th century , a claim which , of course , was impossible to prove . It has been recorded that Thomas Legh (2nd Baron of Newton) bred his last Mastiff litter in 1914 and there exists no single KCSB reference about Lord Newton having used a Mastiff from outside his own kennels .

The hereabove parcel of Mr George Cook’ private stud papers mentions that his Cleveland Leopold did a stud service dd 4th August 1909 to Duchess owned by Lord Newton , address Newton-le –Willows . PS 1) - Newton Hall , Newton-le Willows , is a country house owned since 1660 by the Legh family ; in 1909 , the house was occupied by Mr Robert Hood-Wright of Selwood kennels renowned for many good specimens of Bull Terriers , Bloodhounds , Irish Wolfhounds , Great Danes , Borzois , &c ; 2) Cleveland Leopold , b April '04 out of Cleveland Duke' daughter Princess Marton sired by Coeur de Lion' son Caractacus , sired three ch's bred by Mr Cook - ie Brompton Duke , sis - Duchess and Lightning .

The Lord Newton' Duchess/C Leopold mateing did not result in offspring but this breeding attempt may suggest that the Lyme breed was not only the result of systematically pairing own stock but , on the sly , perhaps ‘enriched by input' from specimens bred by then first-class ‘show’ breeders as , a/o , Mr Cook of Cleveland kennels . The hereabove photograph dd ca 1905/'10 depicting Lady Newton of Lyme Hall , daughter Hilda b '92 & a Mastiff whose overall quality may invigorate that particular supposition , ie quite resembling p ex Cardinal Beaufort (see penultimate illustration at right) . In this respect may be mentioned that , on the occasion of visiting Lyme Hall in 1943 , diarist James Lees-Milne wrote - 'The butler meets me and conducts the way through the courtyard , up to some stone steps and into the main hall of the piano nobile . Lord Newton lives and eats in the great library with a huge fire burning and two equally huge dogs lying at his feet , &c .' - Given the ancient connection between the Legh family and the Mastiff breed , it may be plausible that , some thirty years after the last Lyme litter, Lord Newton owned Mastiffs (aka 'huge dogs' ) bred by some breeder(s) of the 1930s.

For the record – Mr Cook’ stud book parcel re Cleveland Leopold also mentions the sisters Minnehaha & Lady Patience , resp owned by Mr James Herbert Part , b ’75 Pennington Leigh - Lancs , who emigrated to Canada in 1901 & Mr William Shaw of Pennington Hall , Pennington Leigh – Lancs , being son of Mr George Shaw , head of brewery ‘Geo Shaw & Co Ltd’ . Minnehaha’ & Lady Patience’ brindle brother Beau Brocade got a cc at Birmingham ’10 under Bloodhound authority Mr Edwin Brough who awarded Cleveland Leopold there 3rd prize Open class .

Lady Patience , mated to Imperial Tim , produced Lady Protector , dam of Lidgett Conqueror who sired Miss G Heathcote' Brindled Monarch , winner of two reserve cc’s in ’16 , ie at Richmond under Mr Mark Beaufoy (cc for ch The Scarlet Pimpernel) & at the People’ Palace under Mr Wm Hunter Johnston (cc for Young John Bull) .

In those days there also was another Canadian link , ie Charles Wm Dickinson , of Wingfield kennels - Toronto , imported several quality specimens , a/o Brindled Monarch' dam Parkgate Duchess (b '12 - ch Brompton Duke' brother Broderick Defender ex ch Lidgett Viscount' sis Leoneha) and mated her to ch Lady Lieve' brother Wingfield Priam (b '15 & bred by Mr Benjamin Thos Stubbs , of Oakfield Boreham Wood - Elstree nr London , out of ch Brompton Duchess' daughter Eve sired by Prince Lie A Bed , a ch Hazlemere Ronald' F3 descent) resulting in Am ch Beowulf (owned by Mrs C E Ingle of Rochester NY) , an important stud for Mastiff breeding in the USA .

No 25) Research on Wingfield breeding practices is a quite tricky part in breed history . There's , p ex , a source which claims (without presenting any documented reference thereto) that Am ch Beowulf and Wingfield Boadicea (see pic above at right) were siblings but the pedigree of Mary of Knollwood (see above at left) mentions her as by Wingfield Priam out of Wingfield Duchess , the latter by Sam out of Nell Gwynn ; Sam , by Black Prince' son Adam out of Stapleford Agrippa' dam Pinxton Pride ; Nell Gwynn by ch British Monarch out of ch Brompton Duke' older sis Batchworth Beauty . In short , ch Beowulf & Wingfield Boadicea were , according to the above pedigrees , NOT siblings but out of different dams , ie Parkgate Duchess and Wingfield Duchess sired by a common sire , ie Wingfield Priam .

Note - Batchworth Beauty' litter sis Ben Ma Chree (in Manx 'Girl of My Heart') , mated to ch Young Mary Bull' brother Young John Bull , resulted in ch Miss Bull ; Ben Ma Chree , mated to ch British Monarch , produced Lady Gabriele , granddam of ch Boadicea , the latter dam of the champion twin Ashenhurst Cedric & Bernicea sired by Ashenhurst Duke (Adamite x ch Lightning' niece Tilly Dunn)

No 26) Betty (see pedigree above at right) was mated to Thor des Isles (b Dec ’26 and bred by Mrs Evans out of Jersey Queen sired by ch Prince) and produced two broods , ie Bayberry June & St Paul’ Maizie , both of them are ascents of British post – WW II stock a/o Weyacres Lincoln , b ’52 , who sired that important stud Copenore Jason . Another mistake made in Wingfield pedigrees is due to the confusion of Am ch Beowulf with his namesake born in '12 & bred by Miss Cecile Mavie Garland of Wallington nr London - out of ch Hazlemere Ronald' daughter Berenice sired by Adam' son Survivor . Miss Garland' Beowulf sired two ch's , ie the brindle Bricket Hood & the fawn Master Beowulf , the latter well-known as ch Havengore Bill' sire ; Miss Garland' Beowulf was also grand-uncle to Wingfield Priam (Am ch Beowulf' sire) .

Note - Miss Cecile Mavie Garland , b 1866 Broadclyst , Exeter - Devon , was the daughter of John Garland b '39 Sevenoaks - Kent , renowned head gardener to Sir Thomas Dyke Ackland of Killerton House - Broadclyst , Bart & MP . Quote dd '12 - 'Tavistock - This bundle asparagus won for John Garland , Broadclyst , first prize and silver gilt medal at the Royal International Horticultural Show ; there were 50 sticks in the bundle, which weighed 51lb. 12oz. Mr. Garland exhibited asparagus fifty years ago .'

No 27) A line up of generations - fr l to r - Pluto' daughter Lady Colunio , her grandson Sir Kenneth and his daughter ch Britain' Belle , bred & owned by Lt-Col Z Walker . Colunio , a typical brood presenting matronly forms , ie well-rounded roomy cast of considerable length , but unfortunately lacking strength in top line & soundness in hind quarters whereas her full goggle eyes are just the opposite to Belle' cunningly pinched eyelids ; Sir Kenneth' sire Kruger was bred by Hon WH Watts out of ch Marc Antony' daughter Aunt Chloe sired by Tom Bowling' son ch Peter Piper ; Belle' dam Dowager Duchess goes three times back to Tom Bowling' son Invicta * (b March '97 out of Sir Stafford' daughter Di Vernon) , ie as granddaughter , great-granddaughter & gr-great granddaughter .

At Birmingham '98 Mr Alfred John Thorpe (proprietor of Eccles' Sewing Machine Co & breeder of a/o Blondin) reported - 'Open Class - Invicta * reserve , a massive fawn dog with good skull but rather narrow in muzzle , he is better in body and slightly heavier in bone than Uncle Tom (ed - ch PP' son) but loses in movement . ' ; the Crystal Palace KC'98 report says - 'Open class - Invicta was third ; his skull is good , but he is not square enough behind and consequently does not show to advantage when he walks away from you ' . The next year Mr AJ Thorpe wrote - '2nd Limit Class - Invicta , a 2y old big fawn with heavy body and bone ; he has much improved in movement but can still stand awkwardly ; his skull is large and his muzzle is deep but taken altogether his head is plain and lacks finish .' At Crufts 1900 Dr JS Turner awarded the cc to Invicta and described him as following - 'A fine upstanding dog with good skull but only fair in muzzle ; his body is good and he is fairly square on his pins , his hind legs having improved since late ' .

Belle' dam Dowager Duchess produced all in all four litters , the last one (b June '11) being sired by ch Lord of the Manor was a niece/nephew mateing to Lady Superba & Duchess Superba , both out of Invicta' brindle daughter Paula sired by ch Marcella' paternal nephew Marcus Superba ; their litter contained the brindle ch Charming Duchess (five cc's) & Grand Duke , a quality fawn who got not less than four reserve cc's , 3x beaten by ch Brompton Duke , b July '10 , and 1x by ch Lidgett Viscount , b Aug '11 . Below fr l to r - ch Charming Duchess , Grand Duke & ch Brompton Duke .

No 28) At Crufts '14 their breeder Lt-Col Z Walker judged and placed the show Mastiff of the day ch Brompton Duke 3rd in Open class ; he a/o wrote - 'the above two dogs (ed - ch Lidgett Viscount & his son Lidgett Conqueror b Oct '12) were conspicious as being by far superior specimens of this grand old breed than anything else in this show ; and it did not take many minutes in place them as above . 3rd ch Brompton Duke , by far inferior to either of the above ; he possesses a big skull , short in muzzle and square stop but is plain in the face and lacks expression ; good middle-piece but too short , straight in stifles , bad tail ; as a whole he is sadly deficient in the correct type , quality and general dignity in appearance which are so characteristic of a true Mastiff .'

Notwithstanding this unflattering report , ch Brompton Duke was made up at the early age of nineteen months and collected a then record number of 14 cc's , a/o at the Crystal Palace KC show '11 under Mr WK Taunton (reserve cc ch British Monarch) , at Crufts '12 under Mr AW Lucas (reserve cc Lt-Col Z Walker' Lord of The British Isles) , at Crystal Palace KC show '12 under Mr Wm Hunter Johnston (reserve for ch Lidgett Viscount) , at Manchester '13 under Cleveland breeder Mr G Cook (reserve for his brother Broderick Defender) , &c .

Belle' fawn litter sis ch Britain' Queen , b June '08 , was an early maturer who got her 1st cc at the Crystal Palace KC show '09 under Dr JS Turner (reserve cc for sis Britain' Belle) and was made up at Crystal Palace '10 under Mr Mark Beaufoy who awarded the reserve cc to ch Hazlemere Ronald' daughter Berenice . Lt-Col Z Walker retired ch Britain' Queen from showing after winning her 5th cc at the LKA show June '11 , and at Manchester '12 his Britain' Belle got her 1st cc under Mr AJ Thorpe & made up at Crystal Palace KC show Nov '13 under Dr JS Turner who , btw , awarded a cc at her sire Sir Kenneth at Darlington '08 (reserve cc for Cleveland Leopold' brother - Monarch , 3rd prize Mr G Cook' ch Felix) . Crufts '12 judge Mr AW Lucas (who bred Belle' maternal granddam Duchess Superba) gave her 3rd prize Open class and wrote - 'Britain' Belle , a fine brindled bitch , good body , bone and movement , just loses to those above her (ed - ch Brompton Duchess & Same' Sweetheart) in width of the head . '

The clipping (at the left) is part of a Kennel Gazette report dd Jan '06 by Charles Aubrey Smith , owner of a/o ch Colonel Cromwell . 1) Marcus Superba , b Sept '02 out of ch Col Cromwell' sis Lady Claypole sired by ch Marcella' brother The Cadet ; 2) Paula , b Sept '00 out of Lyndhurst Jenny (Ethelred' brother Lyndhurst Boy ex Jonathan' sis Joan) sired by Tom Bowling' son Invicta , was purchased by Mr Forest John Martin , a lawyer of Bangor - Maine ; 3) Princess Superba , sis to Lady Superba , Duchess Superba & ch Countess Invicta ; 4) Nuneaton Wallace (b April '03 out of ch Hotspur' granddaughter Nuneaton Molly sired by Invicta' brother Mellnotte) , own brother to Nuneaton Lion who sired the brindle ch Felix , bred & owned by Cleveland breeder Mr George Cook of Middlesbrough

No 29) Photograph Black Antony and an article dd 1902 written by Mr Walter Kelsey Taunton . The KCSB mention only half a dozen of litters bred in 1901 , a/o the Hazlemere litter out of Lyndhurst Rose sired by ch Marksman resulting in a/o the brindle ch Czar Peter , and three bred by Mr AW Lucas - 1) out of Lyndhurst Jenny sired by Dalston Benedict which gave ch Marchioness , 2) out of Black Princess sired by Invicta , their son Black Prince fathered ch Helmsley Defender , 3) out of ch Colonel Cromwell' sis Lady Claypole also sired by Invicta . Note - the mentioned Invicta' son Invictus was brother to ch Countess Invicta' dam Paula (b Sept '00 out of Lyndhurst Jenny) and therefore being maternal half - brother & half -sis to ch Marchioness.

Black Antony , b July '97 & bred by the Dutch gentleman Mr A Koldewijn out of Eldees Selina (daughter to Eldees Duchess - Charlie Wood' grandson Rotterdam Max ex Maid of the Wye) sired by ch Marc Antony , was reported as being - ' of a ferocious disposition that he was specially guarded when on the bench , and we have seen him two men lead him into the ring , although he was muzzled at the time . He had enormous bone and probably weighed 200 lb . For a dog of his variety his disposition and temperament were all wrong , his character being apparent in his countenance and expression' .

At Birmingham Dec '01 the all-rounder Mr Fred Gresham awarded him the cc , reserve cc went to Invicta' son Wrestler , b May '00 & bred by Lt-Col Z Walker out of Stentor' dark fawn granddaughter Royal Princess ; at Crufts '02 Mr AJ Thorpe gave him his 2nd & last cc seconded by Invicta , b March '97 . Dalston Benedict , the one who went to Hong Kong , was born Sept '97 & bred by Wm N Higgs out of Queenie (unr) sired by ch Marcella' maternal uncle Hidalgo . Dalston Benedict got at Crufts 1900 for his owner , Mr Albert Barnes of Richmond rd Dalston - London , a 3rd prize under Dr JS Turner (1st & 2nd resp for Tom Bowling' sons Invicta & Chieftain) and the catalogue mentions him for sale at £26 5s .

Mr Barnes bred three KCSB reg litters between '95-'97 and quite a number of those puppies got the Bywater prefix , a/o Mr Luke Crabtree' Bywater Hector . Mr Rawdon Briggs Lee wrote in his Modern Dogs , publ 1899 - 'But perhaps we shall have to look to the Bywater Kennels , 82 Hatton Garden - London , which at present holds the leading Mastiffs in the kingdom for any improvement in the variety.' This particular address corresponds with the ancestral city address of Mr WK Taunton , so perhaps it was some kind of joint venture between the Mssrs Taunton & Barnes . But it didn't seem to have become a happy story because Bywater Smudger (bred by Mr Barnes) got in the KCSB for show year '99 a new name , ie 'Tarquinius' being owned by Mr WK Taunton . And later on , not one single mention of 'Bywater kennels' .

No 30) Fr l to r - Invictus' sis Paula (exported to the States) , Crufts '02 judge report by Blondin breeder Mr AJ Thorpe & Moston Black , b Sept '99 & bred by Mr Luke Crabtree out of Silverdale Lady Evelyn sired by ch Holland' Black Boy ; Moston Black got in '02 three 1st prizes Open class (without cc award) , ie at Dublin , Darlington & Birkenhead , two cc's in '03 as also a 1st prize Open class at Cork (without cc award) and therefore , pure technically , lacking a 3rd cc in order to consider him a KC champion .

Moston Black grandsired Lt-Col Z Walker ' grand ch Lord of the Manor (10 cc's) . 3rd Open class Bitches Lyndhurst , mated to ch Marksman , produced two ch's , ie Czar Peter b Jan '01 & Hazlemere Archie b Feb '02 . Lady Valentine , b Feb '00 & bred by Mr Wm Price out of Duke of Fife' daughter Cleveland Baroness sired by ch PP' son Uncle Tom . Victorino , bred by AW Lucas out of Di Vernon sired by Chieftain' brother Prince Zenda (b '97 & bred by AW Lucas - Tom Bowling ex Abbess , daughter to ch Peter Piper' maternal uncle Robin) ; Di Vernon out of Erna (daughter of ch Jack Thyr or ch Orlando' son Wodan) sired by Sir Stafford .

No 31) The Liverpool '02 judge report by the Dutch gentleman Mr Gerbrand Deetman of 'Brindle kennels' - Amsterdam ; at right - Black Antony owned by G Deetman , part of a tableau by the German artist Herr Wilhelm Arnold presenting prize winners at the International Rotterdam Dog show '99 and published in the 'Illustrierte Zeitung' . It was Mr G Deetman who sold Black Antony to Mr Robt Leadbetter of Hazlemere Park .

Mr Deetman awarded 3rd prize Open class to Lady Lulu , b May '99 & bred by Cleveland breeder Mr G Cook - out of Marton Princess (Alfgar' son Cleveland Duke (ed - I) ex Duke of Fife' daughter Marton Lady) sired by Blondin' fawn brother Prince Hampton (bred by AJ Thorpe - ch Marc Antony ex Dick Constable' daughter Silverdale Lady Evelyn) , owned by Mr James Hampton Lee , 'undertaker & cab proprietor' at 36 Victoria rd - Widnes nr Liverpool . Lady Lulu' brother Marton Fido (31i at shoulder) , mated to Floss unr , produced Marton Peggy , who , on her turn mated to Black Prince' son Adam , gave Shy Portia (2 cc's) , dam tf Galazora (2 cc's) , an important brood who produced two litters sired by ch Brompton Duke resulting in ch Woden' sire Poor Joe & ch Scarlet Pimpernel , b Sep '13 , and ch Young Mary Bull & Young John Bull (2 cc's) , Oct '14 .

3rd in Limit bitches Nuneaton Grey (b Aug '98 & bred by Mr John O'Connell - out of Hidalgo' daughter Queen Mary sired by ch Hotspur' son Coeur de Lion) was sis to Cleveland Leopold' sire Caractacus and to Nuneaton Molly who , mated to Invicta' brother Mellnotte , produced ch Felix' sire Nuneaton Lion and , mated to Lord Howe' Hector , resulted in Nuneaton Hector who sired Pinxton Pride , a brood who produced four litters , ie 1) sired by Adam - offspring Sam (by Adam) , 2) sired by Mellnotte' son Salisbury - offspring Stapleford Pedro (great-grandsire of ch's Woden , Bricket Hood & Master Beowulf) , 3) sired by Stapleford Pedro - offspring Stapleford Agrippa & 4) sired by Cleveland Leopold - offspring Cleveland Duke (ed - II) , recipient of a 1st prize Open class at Alexandra Palace '14 under Wm Hunter Johnston .

Reserve Limit class Bitches - Marksman' Daughter , b July '00 & bred by Mr AJ Thorpe out of Eudora (Blondin ex Princess Clive) sired by Mr Robt Leadbetter' ch Marksman . Novice class - Kruger , Sept '99 out of ch Marc Antony' daughter Aunt Chloe sired by ch Peter Piper; Wrestler being Wrangler' brother (Invicta ex Royal Princess) ; Princess Clive , b April '97 out of Iron Duke' grandaughter Naomi sired by ch Plutarch' brother Lord Clive (Don Juan II ex Beaufort' daughter Lady Dudley) .

Invicta' brother Mellnotte (b March '97 - Tom Bowling ex Sir Stafford' daughter Di Vernon) got only a 'Commended card' at Crufts '00 and Dr JS Turner considered him - ' small in body and too full in the eye' ; Mellnotte' only KCSB 'prize' was 3rd Open class at Richmond '01 and judge Mr CH Lane wrote - 'a dark fawn , rather long in muzzle and open in feet' (1st Invicta , 2nd ch Holland' Black Boy) .

But ... Mellnotte became by far the most prolific stud of the early XX century , ie he sired not less than 16 of the 57 KCSB reg litters between Oct '99 - May '06 ; used by his owner Mr RJ Burch , Mr Huson , Mr John O'Connell , Mr Hall of Nuneaton kennels & Mr Laquhae . Amongst Mellnotte' offspring were three specimens who each got two cc's , ie Prince Sonderburg (see his head study above at right) , Frivolity & Salisbury , the latter ch British Monarch' sire . Mellnotte' daughter Ap Dorothy , mated to ch Marksman' nephew Ap Thomas , produced ch Nuneaton Helga , granddam to Mr G Cook Cleveland ch Lightning whose brother Thunderbolt sired Tilly Dunn , granddam to Ashenhurst ch's Bernicea & Cedric . Mellnotte' grandson Brindled Prince sired ch Lidgett Lidgett & Leoneha .

And to round up his story , the Lukeys Governor stud line aka the very only 'recorded' stud line bridging the early days of dog showing towards present-day , passes through Mellnotte , his son Nuneation Lion & the latter' son ch (Cleveland) Felix out of Marton Peggy' brindle sis Marton Kitty (Prince Hampton' son Marton Fido ex the brindle Floss unr) . The latter' daughter Felica being starting point of thé par excellence interbellum brood line counting not less than 18 champions - ie f1 Brompton Duke & Brompton Duchess , f3 Lady Lieve & Miss Bull , f5 Wantley Joy , Cleveland Premier & Boadicea , f6 Hellingly Joy , Arolite , Hellingly Joseph , Ashenhurst Bernica & Ashenhurst Cedric , f7 Ileden Volo , Menai Yosemite & Beechwood Queen , f8 Lady Turk & Menai Juno , f9 Petronella .

No 32) Here at right - a photo depicting Mellnotte' grandson , the rather immature looking (17m old) ch Felix . Mr George Cook' stud book notes mentions his height being 28i for a mature weight of 160 lb , and thereby that he was - ' the only Mastiff that ever beat ch Hazlemere Ronald' , which is not correct as ch Helmsley Defender did it also .

Ch Felix got his cc's from Lt-Col Z Walker at Birkenhead '08 (reserve cc ch Hazlemere Ronald) , the all-rounder Mr M Marsden at Edingburgh '09 (reserve cc Prince Caractacus) and all-rounder Mr Fred Gresham at Crufts '10 (reserve cc Mellnotte' grandson Lauriston - by Adam out of Frivolity) .

Frivolity' sis Oscott Norah (out of Chieftain' daughter Queen Ernestine) was mated to Invicta' grandson Adam and produced Survivor who , mated to ch Hazlemere Ronald' daughter Berenice , produced Beowulf (ch Havengore Bill' grandsire) & Minerva (dam of Prince Lie A Bed & Collyhurst Squire , ch Woden' grandsire) ; Oscott Norah , mated to Invicta' grandson Murdered Monarch , gave Brindled Prince who sired ch Lidgett Viscount & Leoneha , granddam to Am ch Beowulf .

Note - Murdered Monarch (b June '04 & bred by Mr AW Lucas out of Princess unr sired by Invicta' son Black Prince) , formerly owned by the actor Charles Aubrey Smith who sold him to the breed legend Mr WK Taunton ; Monarch got two cc's , ie at Edinburgh '08 and at Darlington '09 beating resp Cleveland Leopold & his brother Cleveland Monarch . A Crystal Palace KC report dd Oct '06 mentions - 'Murdered Monarch won well , a brindle , good body , lots of wrinkle and power before the eyes , fair bone' ; 2nd Hertford Norman (ch Marksman' nephew Ap Thomas ex Mellnotte' daughter Hertford Mable) , 3rd Archduke (ch PP' son Kruger ex New York Belle - Nuneaton Zeb ex Hazlemere Ronald' dam Lady Winifred -) . The judge of the day , Mr Robert Leadbetter of Hazlemere Park , awarded the cc to a Hazlemere bred one , ie Pinner Beau owned by Mr Henry John Lloyd , MA Cambridge University , of Shirburn Villa South-Eastern rd Ramsgate - Kent .

No 33) Ch Felix' sire Nuneaton Lion (b April '03 & bred by Mr Nevill Walker Hall * - see his portrait above at left - out of ch Hotspur' granddaughter Queen Mary sired by Mellnotte) got in '04 three reserve cc's beaten by the Hazlemere ch brothers Czar Peter (2x) & Archie and under Mr Robt Leadbetter he got a 3rd prize at Birmingham beaten by Czar Peter' brother Pinner Beau & Mellnotte' son Salisbury ; at Crufts '05 under Mr John O'Connell 3rd Open class (1st ch Hazlemere Archie , 2nd Salisbury) and his last KCSB record is at Birkenhead July '06 under Mr Henry Clay - 3rd prize Limit class (1st ch Helmsley Defender 2nd ch Hazlemere Ronald) , after which Lion was sold to Mr Frederick A Rhodes (see advert published in the Illustrated Kennel News which later on became 'Dog World') . Note - Mr Nevill Walker Hall , b '75 , was the son of John Brearley Hall , tallow chandler & soap merchant ; in Aug 1900 he took over 'JB Hall & Son Co' - tallow chandlers , soap & general merchants at Nuneaton (some twenty mls E of Birmingham) .

 No 34) Crufts '06 judge report by Nuneaton breeder Mr Nevill Walker Hall . 2nd Open class ch Helmsley Defender (see photo hereabove) , b June '04 - Black Prince ex ch Colonel Cromwell' sis Lady Claypole . It was the only litter bred by Mr Edward Spalding of Brent House , Harlow Common - some twenty mls NE of London . Defender' brindle sis Helmsley Judith got a cc at Birmingham '05 under Mr AJ Thorpe (reserve cc Lt-Col Z Walker' Duchess Superba) , but unfortunately both Helmsleys left no progeny . 3rd Open Black Prince (Invicta ex Hidalgo' daughter Black Princess) got a cc at Crystal Palace KC '03 under Mr Robt Leadbetter (reserve cc ch Czar Peter' brindle Young Marksman) & a 1st Open class at Richmond '04 under all-rounder Mr Midgley Marsden , once associate to the 'Brantley' kennels of Mr Joseph Royle of Manchester , a/o containing ch Peter Piper .

Reserve King Edward , b June '02 & bred by Mr Robert John Burch out of Chieftain' daughter Niobe sired by Mellnotte , was owned by Mr William Prowse Jones , Music Publisher & chairman of 'Keith, Prowse & Co' , the well-known theatrical ticket agency . He bred a litter dd Aug '10 out of Astarte sired by his King Edward resulting in a/o George , purchased by Baron Oscar Ernst von Ernsthausen (1874-1922 of The Manor House Ditton Hill - some fifteen mls SW of London city) who was - quote - 'connected to the Stock Exchange but his spare time is given to music and some of his compositions have already been published' . Two of George' littermates , Woodhall Beta & Woodhall Teddy , were shown by Mr Prowse Jones at Crufts '12 . Unfortunately , due to heart failure , he died two years later at his country place Wood Hall , Pinner , some fifteen mls NW of London City 

Bitch cc winner the brindle ch Clarice , b Aug '98 & bred by Mr Fred McKrill out of Beauforts Black Prince' daughter Cynesca sired by ch Marcella' brother The Cadet , was owned by Mr Robert Leadbetter of Hazlemere Park but failed to produce KCSB offspring . 2nd Gipsy Girl , b June '99 & bred by Mr A Barnes (Bywater kennels) out of Black Princess sired by Dalston Benedict , was owned by Mr John O'Connell and she also never produced KCSB reg progeny . Marton Betty , b April '05 out of Marton Kitty sired by Nuneaton Lion , was ch Felix' older sis , another one w/out KCSB progeny .

Novice class 1st Prince Superbus , b Aug '04 & bred by Mr AW Lucas out of Paula sired by Marcus Superba , got the Crufts cc '07 under Mr Mark Beaufoy (reserve cc his fawn brother Victorious) ; Novice 2nd Hertford Lady , b May '04 & bred by Mr John Huson out of Mellnotte' daughter Ap Dorothy sired by ch Marksman' nephew Ap Thomas , was ch Nuneaton Helga' older sis .

Puppy class 2nd prize for Salisbury' younger brother Silver King , Nov '05 out of Rebel Queen unr sired by Mellnotte ; 3rd Protectionist , b March '05 out of Paula sired by Marcus Superba , was ch Countess Invicta' litter brother : reserve Selina (so not Selim) , b Nov '05 out of Daisy sired by Mellnotte , was priced there at £12 .

Mr Rhodes , the one who purchased Nuneaton  Lion b April '03 - ch Hotspur' grand-dau Nuneaton Molly ex Tom Bowling' son Mellnotte - from Mr N Walker Hall only shortly before Crufts '06 , placed him there for sale at £500at left - Our Dogs' advert dd Dec '05 which reports Nuneaton Lion' weight 'close on 200 lb', and standing 31 ins at shoulder. Mr Rhodes' bitch Kilmacolm Lucy was also for sale at £160 ... She was ch Hazlemere Ronald' fawn sis and got two cc's (at Birmingham '06 y & at Crufts '07 , both times under Mr Mark Beaufoy) before she was sold to Mr Wm Shearer Clark of Wishaw - Scotland - who had owned splendid Mastiffs as a/o ch PP' brother Leyton Jim & ch Marc Antony' son Blondin . Lucy got a 3rd cc , thus made up a champion at Edinburgh '09 under all-rounder Mr Fred Gresham , seconded by Murdered Monarch' brindle sis Eleanor owned by Mr WK Taunton (formerly owned by actor Charles Aubrey Smith) , 3rd prize for Mr G Cook' Felica , another quality brindle .

No 35) The American Fanciers Journal 1890 contains an interesting conversation between Messrs RF Mayhew & Wm Wade about early Mastiffs . The title of the former' article is - 'The craze for short heads as great as the breeding for bad hindquarters' . An excerpt - 'Notwithstanding being of lilliputian stature , Rajah , with his short square head in being mated with strong robust powerful bitches , should warrant the success which he undoubtedly obtained but , unfortunately , the good that was gained through him up to the beginning of the eighties has been entirely counterbalanced in the past few years by the heedless craving for the short heads they themselves possessed without any attempt to preserve activity , power and muscular development behind . '

The mentioned 'Nichols' Mab' was born '72 (out of ch Turk' granddaughter Jenny sired by ch Turk' son Big Ben) and owned by Rev Frederick Harrison Hichens 1839-1924 , MA of Speldhurst Kent . He bred a litter from her sired by ch The Shah resulting in Lord Hinton' Max , Mrs Geo Willins' Gurth & Mr HG Woolmore' Deva . The Reverend' son Robert Smythe Hichens was - Wikipedia quote – ‘a journalist , novelist , music lyricist , short story writer , music critic and collaborated on successful plays ; he is best remembered as a satirist of the ‘Naughty Nineties’ .

Mab' brother Wallace , mated to ch Wolseys brother Prince' daughter Lady , produced Cedric The Saxon , the 1st Mastiff shown by Dr JS Turner and commented as following - 'has a grand shaped head but he wants wrinkle and falls away in his quarters' & ''a grand dog but we would like him better if shorter and heavier in muzzle' .

Dr Turner' Cedric , mated to Mona * , gave Gytha II , dam of ch Frigga & ch Beauforts Black Prince' dam Gerda . Note re Mona * - it may be possible that she was sis of ch The Shah (ch Rajah ex Baron' daughter Ino) , cfr Mr MB Wynne' Sepoy b Winter '77 & bred by Mr WH Balleston out of Mona (ch Rajah ex Baron' daughter Ino) sired by ch Wolsey . Mab' other brother Hereward , mated to Lady' paternal half sis Venus (by Wolseys brother Prince) , resulted in Sybil who produced Bosco II , paternal grandsire of (ch) Victor Hugo .

The quotes by Mr Wm Wade (see above at extreme right) mention Mr Green' Nelly , dam to Mr Green' ch Monarch ; ch Jack Thyr' dam Lady Canute , b Feb '84 & bred by Mr Luke Crabtree out of Dora II (Mrs Geo Willins Gurth' son Nevison ex Queen) . Ch Lottie' dam Druidess was b '70 & bred by Mr MB Wynne out of his ch King' daughter Brenda sired by ch Turk' son Big Ben (ch Cardinal' sire & ch Beau' maternal grandsire) .

Ch Lottie , b '73 , was bred by Mr Edwin Nichols and owned by Miss Aglionby who mated her to ch Wolsey' fawn brother Nichols Prince which gave Ida , great-granddam of Dr Turner' six ch's sired by ch Crown Prince , ie Orlando , Hotspur , The Lady Isabel (Ch Beaufort' dam) , The Lady Gladys , Elaine & Rosalind . Note - The Stock Keeper Nov '80 contains an article about 'Size of Mastiffs' annex table by Suwarrow , a/o Ida' brother Magnus 30 1/2 i at shoulder - weight 155 lb , Ida' brother Rupert 31 1/2 i - weight 170 lb and for Mr Nichols' Mab 31 i for 133 lb . At right - a drawing presenting this Rupert at twelve months old & owned by Rev Frederick Harrison Hichens , of Speldhurst Kent  , whose eldest son , ie  Robert Smythe Hichens , was a/o a well-known novelist  .

It's also interesting to learn that there was a ch Beaufort' litter brother in America , namely 'Beaulincoln' . Lord Ronald' litter sis The Lady Clare got a 1st prize at Crystal Palace July '85 and the judge Mr M Beaufoy wrote - 'She is small but wonderfully massive and her head is nearly perfect , she looks as if she was meant to be nearly twice as big , and her owner tells me that something stunted her growth ; she is certainly short in body and rather straight in her hocks but decidedly the best in her class .' (2nd her dam The Lady Isabel ' a larger bitch but not so massive , she has a good type of head but moves very badly behind' ; 3rd Princess Ida , 'stands well on her legs and has a fair head , rather narrow in skull , she is also rather flat-sided' . At left - drawing presenting ch Beaufort .

The Lady Clare was exported to Messrs G & HB Cromwell - Garrison Ave , Staten Island NY and Mr Chas H Mason' Our Prize Dogs' dd '88 mentions about her - 'skull well formed , being deep , blunt a bulky . Stop well defined . Eyebrows heavy . Forehead well wrinkled . Eyes light in color . Ears too large and might be better carried . Lower incisors projecting . This is a good head , undoubtedly one of the best of the country . Neck thick and strong . Chest deep and wide .

Back hollowed out too much and not very strong . Loin better than average . Hindlegs down to hocks good and strong . Hocks should be more bent . Forelegs not quite straight . Feet should be deeper through the pads with toes closed and arched . Coat excellent . gait fair . A rather undersized but long and roomy bitch showing substance and much character . Height at shoulder 26i , weight in show condition 118 lb .'

At right - Ida' great-granddaughter Mr Nichols' Princess Ida , that along dam Abbot Belle & granddam Negress , the latter also granddam to Dr Turner' six ch's out of The Lady Rowena . Princess Ida got a VHC card at Crystal Palace July '84 under Dr Turner who reported - 'Princess Ida is a young bitch with most excellent body , legs & feet , stands squarely and is a capital mover . She has good depth of skull and muzzle but wants more width in both ; her eyes are nearly without pigment and show too much haw , ears rather large and she could do with more bone . She is , however , a very finely grown bitch for her age .'

No 36) Back to the show year 1906 . After Crufts judged by Mr Nevill Walker Hall (issued in a former fragment here) followed the Manchester show judged by Lt-Col Z Walker . His male cc was for Mr Chas Aubrey Smith' 6y old Colonel Cromwell (see photograph here below) , b Sept '99 & bred by Mr AW Luces out of Leda unr* sired by Tom Bowling' son Invicta . Cromwell got his 2nd cc at Crystal Palace '07 under Dr Turner (reserve cc Mr G Cook' (Cleveland) Felix) and was made up at Birmingham Dec '07 under Bloodhound breeder Mr Edwin Brough (reserve cc for Invicta' grandson Murdered Monarch) .

Note - Mr G Cook' Cleveland stud book notes mention Colonel Cromwell' dam Leda * as - out of Weleda sired by David Garrick ; Weleda by Orlando II ex Beaufort' granddaughter Etan , David Garrick b '87 & bred by Capt Piddocke out of ch Crown Prince' daughter ch Toozie sired by ch Beaufort .

Ch Marchioness (see photograph hereabove) , b March '01 & bred by Mr AW Lucas out of Lyndhurst Jenny sired by Dalston Benedict , collected not less than ten cc's , a/o under Messrs Leadbetter , Thorpe , Beaufoy & Turner . She was granddaughter of Paula & grand-niece of ch Marcella and produced for Helmsley breeder Mr Edward Spalding two litters both sired by Invicta' son Black Prince , cc recipient at Crystal Palace '03 under Mr Robt Leadbetter (reserve cc ch Czar Peter' brother Young Marksman , 3rd Colonel Cromwell) .

No 37) Two other judge reports dating from 1906 , - 1) Richmond under Mr Wm Hunter Johnston - 3rd Open class ch Countess Invicta' brother Reliance (Marcus Superba ex Paula) ; reserve With The Times (ch Hollands Black Boy' son Moston Black ex Invicta' daughter Waiting Maid) , ch Lord of The Manor' sire ; VHC King Edward (Invicta' brother Mellnotte ex Chieftain' daughter Niobe) ; Victorious , ch Countess Invicta' brother ; 1st Open class Bitches - Eleanor , sis of Murdered Monarch ; 2nd ch Countess Invicta' sis Duchess Superba , dam of Dowager Duchess who produced three ch's for Lt-Col Z Walker , ie Britain' Queen , Britain' Belle & Charming Duchess .

1st & cc Bridget , b Sept '02 & bred by Mr John O'Connell out of Dalston Benedict' daughter Black Betty sired by Mellnotte , was owned by Mr Taunton' nephew Mr Richard Taunton Francis (see oval photograph) , being the son of WK Taunton' older sis Isabella and Dr William Francis of The Manor House - Richmond , partner in the substantial 'Taylor & Francis' printing firm and owner of a/o the dark brindle Mastiff Kepler , b Oct '79 & bred by WK Taunton out of ch Wolseys brother Prince' daughter Vixen sired by ch Cardinal . 2) Crystal Palace under Mr Robt Leadbetter - 2nd Hertford Norman (ch Marksman' nephew Ap Thomas ex Mellnotte' Hertford Mable) ; 3rd Arch Duke (ch PP' son Kruger ex Lady Winifred' daughter New York Belle) ; reserve Zelda (Ap Thomas ex Mellnotte' daughter Ap Dorothy) ;

1st Limit class ch Czar Peter' brother Pinner Beau owned by Mr Henry John Lloyd (see cabinet photograph incl cane) , Assistant Master of the South Eastern College (presently St Lawrence College - see pic in the centre) - situated nearby his residence Shirburn Villa at Ramsgate ; 2nd ch Countess Invicta' older brother Prince Superbus ; 3rd ch Hazlemere Archie' son Archie Gander ; reserve ch Countess Invicta' brother Victorious ; 1st Limit Class Bitches ch Hazlemere Ronald' sis Kilmacolm Lucy (ch Hazlemere Archie ex Duke of Fife' daugher Lady Winifred) .

No 38) For those who fancy the brindle color in Mastiffs , it may be of interest to know that , based upon KCSB registrations , there were only two brindles within the nine post-WWII ‘originals’ in Great Britain , ie

1) Templecoombe Torus who sired only one ‘productive’ Mastiff , the fawn Frithend Nydia ; 2) Valiant Diadem who sired a number of ‘productive’ brindle Mastiffs , those behind the present-day brindle stock . Diadem can be traced back to the ‘black’ Pluto owned by the Marquis of Hertford . Note - In the list here below of brindle generations (starting from Pluto) , each Mastiff name is preceded by the name of the breeder thereto .

f1 Lukey’Yarrow }f02 Lukey’ Bruce }f03 Lukey’ Bruce II }f04 Lukey’ Wallace }f05 Elmsley’ Druid  }f06 Hanbury’ ch Queen  }f07 Hanbury’ ch Wolsey }f08 Banbury’ Princess }f09 Banbury’ ch Cardinal }f10 Taunton’ Stella }11Piddocke’ Zillah III }f12 Piddocke’ ch Ogilvie }f13 Piddocke’ Stella III }f14 Higgs’ Hidalgo }f15 Barnes’ Black Princess }f16 Lucas’ Black Prince }f17 Lucas’ Adam }f18 Cook’ (Cleveland) Willington Duchess }f19 Cook’ Cleveland Princess }f20 Cook’ (Cleveland) Adamas }f21 Cook’ Cleveland Chancellor }f22 Cook’ (Cleveland) Queen Bess }f23 Oliver’ Hellingly Marksman }f24 Reid’ Hellingly Maud }f25 Foster Clark’ Altnacraig Eric }f26 Leitch’ Knockrivoch Hector }f27 Burn’ Valiant Diadem .

Note – f14 Hidalgo , maternal uncle of ch Marcella (formerly Newlands Alice) .

Dog World May 15th 1931 contains an article ‘A plea for the brindle Mastiff ‘ wherein Mr Edmund Giffard Oliver mentions a similar brindle strain starting from The Marquis of Hertford up to }f03 Lukey’ Bruce II , then following a sidetrack via }f04 Thompson’ Venus }f05 Thompson’ Rose }f06 Thompson’ Bill Georges Tiger  }f07 Pemberton’ Wolf }08 Hanbury’ Phillis , and coming back to }f09 Hanbury’ ch Queen , the number }09 in the former list of brindle inheritance (via Bruce II’ Wallace) .

At left – f21 Marksman’ older sis Hellingly Antonia ; centre - the brindle f17 Cleveland Chancellor standing behind Mc Duff , his fawn maternal uncle ; at right Chancellor’ daughter Cleveland Yolanda , b July ’26 & bred by Mr George Cook’ son Herbert ,  out of ch Ashenhurst Cedric’ daughter Collierly Duchess .

Note - From the forty Mastiffs exported in the 1930s from Great Britain to the States , only three were brindles , ie Dagonturk (bred by Miss Ianthe Bell) , Lympne Samson (bred by Mrs Frances Samuelson) & Hellingly Maud (not bred by Mrs Jessie Wilson Oliver née Paton but by Miss SS Reid) . Presently having no notice of any progeny sired by the former two , and the common given of the then utmost scarcity of brindles in the States , one  may wonder what would have happened with the brindle color in Mastiffs if Hellingly  Maud was not exported to the Foster Clark family or Maud  should have remained w/out progeny ,  in the knowledge that even the American import of the 1970s , ch Wayside The Devil , got  his brindle coat  via his maternal ascents tracing back to that same Maud ...

No 39) Mrs Patricia B (Helen Bennett) Hoffman (of Carinthia kennels – Indiana US) mentions in ‘The History & Management of the Mastiff’ p 91 – ‘Another Hellingly dog , Monarch , littermate to Maud ‘ was listed as owned by Mrs Byron Rogers , but apparently he went to the Clarks afterwards’ . It probably goes here about Mrs Byron Hamilton Rogers (née Alice Lang) of Misty Isles kennels Bedford - NY . She was famed in the canine world , a/o for her Cairn Terriers and imported in 1937 Basenjis , a barkless dog breed  (native in Belgian Congo) , in the expectation they become popular appartment-house pets …

The fact that the Olivers of Hellingly were involved into quite a lot of breeds , a/o also in Scottish Terriers , Samoyeds , Chows , Cocker Spaniels , French Bulldogs , &c , may have been reason that Mrs Rogers and the Olivers (who then owned Maud & Monarch) came into contact with each other resulting in Mrs B Rogers’ purchase of the fawn male Hellingly Monarch bred by Miss Sarah S Reid , M A, Stenequoy kennels – ‘The Anchorage’ Station rd , Allendale Hexham – Northhumberland , who owned a/o also The Mhor (see pic above at right) , sic – ‘a winner of thirty prizes’ , &c , bred by Tiddicar breeder Mr Leonard Crook out of ch Ashenhurst Cedric’ daughter Selene sired by ch Hellingly Ajax .Miss Reid owned prize-winning Irish Wolfhounds & Cocker Spaniels.

No 40) At left -A parcel of Mr EG Oliver’ article ‘Plea for the brindle Mastiff’ publ May 15th ’31 ; centre – Hellingly Queen Bess , bred by Cleveland breeder Mr Herbert Cook who awarded her the cc at KC Crystal Palace ’33 , nevertheless Bess was reportedly – ‘a rather small bitch and a shy shower’ ; at right Queen Bess’ son ch Hellingly Marksman , a/o Crufts ’34 cc winner under Luke Crabtree’ brother Mr Sam Crabtree .

The article says that – the last cc won by a brindled dog was that awarded to Colonel Zaccheus Walker’ Storm Cloud (ed – b Aug ’14 out of Village Squire’ daughter Village Dame sired by ch Lord of The Manor’ son Grand Duke) at Birmingham January ’21 , but , just for the matter of recorded breed history , this is not correct as ch Master Beowulf’ brindle ch brother Bricket Hood , owned by Mrs E Ravenscroft of Lancaster Park Richmond – Surrey , got his three cc tickets afterwards , ie June ’21 , July ’21 & May ’22 , resp under Messrs Wm Hunter Johnston , TG Hutt & AW Lucas .

At right – Hellingly Maud’ dam Trelyon Girl (aged ca 14m) , bred by Captain James H Thomas of Erin Manor – Royal George rd  - Burgess Hill (ten mls N of Brighton) , out of ch Menai Yosemite’ granddaughter Hellingly Sylvia sired by ch Hellingly Joseph .

He bred two other litters from Sylvia , ie 1) dd Nov ’30 sired by Joseph producing Trelyon Dick (recipient of a cc under all-rounder Mr Arthur Croxton Smith) & Hellingly Flora (see pic at right centre) ; 2) dd Oct ’33 sired by Marksman’ brother ch Hellingly Cardinal resulting in Trelyon Karenza &  ch Hellingly Beta (see pic at extreme right) .

Unfortunately ,  the Captain died during the battle at Dieppe – August 1942 . May he RIP .

No 41) Back to the pre-WWI Crufts shows . The ’07 report by Mr Mark Beaufoy , MP -– Victorious (see pic at right) b Aug ’04 & bred by Mr AW Lucas out of Paula sired by ch Marcella’ nephew Marcus Superba ; Salisbury , b Oct ’03 & bred by Mr RJ Burch out of The Rebel Queen unr sired by Tom Bowling’ son Mellnotte ; Kilmacolm Lucy , sis of ch Hazlemere Ronald (Widmere) ; Synthia , b May ’06 & bred by Mr RJ Burch out of Mellnotte’ daughter Lady Ethel sired by Mellnotte .

No 42) Crufts ’08 – ch Hazlemere Ronald (Widmere) , b Sept ’04 & bred by Mr Robt Leadbetter out of Duke of Fife’ Lady Winifred sired by ch Marksman’ son ch Hazlemere Archie ; 3rd Reliance , Victorious’ younger brother ; reserve Archduke , b Oct ’05 & bred by Mr Edgar Allen of Bolton nr Manchester out of Lady Winifred’ daughter New York Belle sired by ch PP’ son Kruger ; Ronald’ sis ch Hazlemere Bess (Widmere) pictured above at right ; Frivolity , b Aug ’05 & bred by Mr RJ Burch out of Chieftain’ daughter Queen Ernestine sired by Mellnotte ; Black Prince’ sis Za Za , b Sept ‘01 out of Black Princess sired by Invicta .

Priscilla , b April ’06 & bred by Mr RJ Burch out of Mellnotte’ daughter Queen Alexandra sired by Mellnotte ; Hazlemere Winnie (Widmere) , b Sept ’06 & bred by Mr Robt Leadbetter out of Ganie unr sired by Mellnotte’ son Prince Sonderburg ;  Penelope & Evelen, b April ’06 & bred by Mrs Burch out of Grace Darling sired by Mellnotte ; Banana , b July ’05 & bred by Mr D Major out of Lady Earlsfield sired by Helmsley Marquis ; Night Watchman , b Sept ’07 out of Mellnotte’ Pride sired by Salisbury .

No 43) Crufts ’12 – ch Brompton Duke & Brompton Duchess , b July ’10 & bred by Cleveland breeder Mr George Cook out of Felica sired by Cleveland Leopold ; Lord of The British Isles , b Feb ’08 & bred by Lt-Col Z Walker out of Victorious’ sis Lady Superba sired by Moston Black’ son With The Times ; ch British Monarch , b Nov ’09 & bred by Mr RJ Burch out of Sonderburg Countess sired by Mellnotte’ son Salisbury ; Sam , b April ’08 & bred by Mr A Mott out of Nuneaton Hector’ daughter Pinxton Pride sired by Black Prince’ son Adam .

Ch Sam’ Sweetheart by Salisbury ; ch Britain Belle , b June ’06 & bred by Lt-Col Z Walker out of Dowager Duchess sired by Sir Kenneth ; reserve Coatham Bess , b July ’10 & bred by Mr George Cook out of ch Felix’ daughter Coatham Daisy sired by Adam ; Brindled Prince , b Sept ’09 & bred by Mr G Cook out of Frivolity’ sis Oscott Norah sired by Murdered Monarch ; Berenice’ sis Lady Widmere , b Dec ’07 & bred by Miss Cecile M Garland out of Buena Ventura unr sired by ch Hazlemere Ronald ; Belvoirs Prince , b Oct ’09 & bred by Mr RJ Burch out of ch Sam’ Sweetheart sired by Salisbury ; Bellegrove Beauty (sic pic above at right) , b April ’11 & bred by S Mitchell out of Lord Byron’ daughter Nottingham Queenie sired by Ap Thomas’ son Wolfram ; County Dame , b April ’10 & bred by Lt-Col E Walker out of Victorious’ sis Lady Superba sired by ch Britains Belle’ brother Britain’ Ruler .

No 44) Crufts ’14 – ch Lidgett Viscount (see pic at right) , b Aug ’11 & bred by Mr Archibald Brookes out of Lady Widmere sired by Brindled Prince ; Lidgett Conqueror , b Oct ’12 & bred by Mr Edgar Allen out of Lady Protector sired by ch Lidgett Viscount ; reserve Duke Leofric , b Aug ’12 & bred by Mr A Arthur out of Adam’ daughter Coatham Bess sired by ch Brompton Duke ; Baron of Dale , b April ’12 & bred by Mr G Cook out of Zillah sired by Brindled Prince ;  Holloway Rob , b June ’12 & bred by Mr Burch out of Lucy sired by ch British Monarch .

Tividale Lucy , b Nov ’11 & bred by Mr G Cook out of Adam’ daughter Eugenia sired by Cleveland Leopold ; Bellegrove Beauty’ sis Tividale Queen ; British Princess & Rex Britanicum , b July ’12 & bred by Mr John O’Connell out of Sam’ daughter Islington Queen sired by ch British Monarch ; Am ch Beowulf’ granddam Eve , b May ’12 & bred by Mr A Arthur out of ch Brompton Duchess sired by Brindled Prince  ; Prospector , b Feb ’13 & bred by Miss AS Pope out of Cleveland Leopold’ daughter Countess Friska sired by ch British Monarch ; Casey , b May ’13 & bred by Miss CM Garland out of Bertha sired by Adam’ son Sam .

No 45) A newspaper clip dd Sept 1892 annex a view of Exeter canal off Kings Arms Sluice . The gruesome article  goes about a poor old donkey attacked by Mr James Hutchings’ Exeter Mastiffs , quartered off Haven Banks near the city gas works along Exeter canal .

The Exeter Mastiff kennels were probably one of the largests , if not the largest , in England during the 1880s and early 1890s . Mr WK Taunton aside , he was one of the then very few breeders of brindles on a regular basis . Notwithstanding the size of the ‘Exeter breeding’ , there seems to be only one link between this stock and present-day Mastiffs , namely through ‘Duke of Fife’ who’s a 6th generation descent of one of Mr Hutchings’ foundation broods , ie Devonshire Cleopatra b ’76 , great-grandddaughter to a/o Mr Lukey’ Governor & Mr MB Wynne’ Old Norah .

Duke of Fife , b ’89 & bred by Mr Wm Shearer Clark of Wishaw – Scotland , became maternal grandsire to 1) ch Hazlemere Ronald (of Widmere) who’s behind the foundation stock of Mrs Scheerboom’ Havengore kennels & of Miss Bell’ (Withybush) kennels ; to 2) Marton Princess , 5th generation ascent to ch Weland (behind Valiant Diadem via early American stock) and 6th generation ascent to ch Woden & ch King Baldur .

No 46) A clip from Our Dogs’ Mems dd 29th Jan 1932  written by Mr EG Oliver of Hellingly kennels (widely influenced by specimens tracing back to the Cooks' Cleveland kennels) annex an extract  of The Edinburgh Gazette & the Bolckow residence at Marton-in-Cleveland nr Middlesbrough. Note -the mentioned  'Herbert Cook' was George Cook' son who continued the Cleveland strain from 1926 until 1931 .

Mr Cook mated Marton Lady to Cleveland Duke (out of Lady Constance – ch Ilford Chancellor ex ch CP’ dau ch Toozie – sired by Alfgar – ch Orlando or ch Hotspur ex Rev Van Doorne’ Wunna) which produced Marton Princess . After having bred three litters from Marton Princess , ie two sired by Mark Antony’ son Prince Hampton and the last one by ch Marksman’ brother Lord Stanley owned by Mr William Price b '52 Durham , she changed hands to Mr William Price who mated her to ch Hotspur’ grandson Caractacus which gave the quite controversial stud Cleveland Leopold .

In this respect it should be noticed 1) that Mr Wm Price then resided at Stockton on Tees , only some five mls away from the Bolckow’ estate , 2) that he owned Cleveland Baroness , b ‘95 , breeder not specified , out of Daisy unr sired by Duke of Fife ; Mr Price bred two KC reg litters from her , ie 1) dd Feb ’00 sired by ch PP’ son Uncle Tom & 2) dd April ’01 sired by his own Lord Stanley , brother to Mr Robt Leadbetter’ ch Marksman . To sheerly  round up some hypothesis – it may be possible that Cleveland Baroness was not only owned but also bred by Mr Price and that Marton Lady was simply her sis  also because it’s the only KC reg litter sired by Duke of Fife which timeline-wise corresponds with the date of birth of Marton Lady’ litter (sired by Cleveland Duke) .

The fact that Mr Cook of Middlesbrough (in the vicinity of Stockton-on-Tees) used Mr Price’ stud (Lord Stanley) , thereby that Mr Price was allowed by Mr Cook to breed a litter from the latter’ former brood (Marton Princess) and finally the given that William Price was stated by the Edinburgh Gazette Dec 4 1891 as 'a grocer , provision dealer & beer seller who traded at a number of places in South Stockton & Stockton-on-Tees' (so perhaps also supplier at the nearby Bolckow estate) , may underline the hypothesis above , ie Mr Price was eager to breed from offspring (Marton Princess) coming down from his own breeding  . Mr George Cook’ inquiries about her pedigree may also have been directed to Mr Price but he found that nothing was remembered than that her sire was Duke of Fife …

No 47) Three other extracts from Our Dogs’ Mems dd Oct ’33 regarding Mr Bolckow’ Marton Lady . 1) by Mr John Edgar Allen, of Bolton, who bred two KCSB reg litters , ie A) dd Oct ’05 out of New York Belle (Nuneaton Zeb ex ch Hazlemere Ronald’ dam Lady Winifred) sired by ch Peter Piper’ son Kruger resulting in the 'brindle & white' Archduke , owned by Mr William Rylands - publican of Rotherham' Falstaff Inn Yorks (see pic below at left)  , and the 'brindle & white' The Victress , owned by Mr Allen , B) dd Oct '12 out of Lady Protector sired by ch Lidgett Viscount - siblings - Lidgett Conqueror & Child' Friend  ; 2) by Our Dogs correspondent Mr Sam Crabtree , brother to the well known Mastiff breeder Mr Luke Crabtree ; 3) by Mr Ben Bennett of the famous Broomcourt kennels - Rotherham Yorks , active in the 1930s  , having bred a/o the brindle ch Broomcourt Marcon & the fawn ch B- Romeo .

Interesting points are 1) that Mr Crabtree states that Duke of Fife’ daughter Marton Lady was never the property of Mr Price (thus also not bred by him) , on the other hand Mr Bennett remarks that Marton Lady’ sire Duke of Fife , b ’89 , was purchased from his breeder Mr Shearer Clark by Mr Price who bred a litter dd ca ’95 from him out of Daisy unr which produced Mr Price’ brood Cleveland Baroness, this combined with Mr Crabtree’ statement that Marton Lady was 3 or 4 years old when purchased from Mr Bolckow and the date of birth (Nov ’98) of Marton Lady’ litter (containing Marton Princess) makes that timeline-wise the hypothesis , ie Marton Lady perhaps being Cleveland Baroness’ sis , may be still standing ; 2) that Mr Price bred Cleveland Duke (out of Lady Constance - bred by Captain Piddocke out of ch CP' daughter ch Toozie by ch Ilford Chancellor - sired by ch Orlando or ch Hotspur' son Alfgar) who sired the 1st litter bred by Mr George Cook out of Marton Lady , may once more make clear that Mr Price & Mr Cook were cooperating in Mastiff affairs .

Note - the only other KCSB reg litter sired by Duke of Fife , then owned by Mr Price , was born April ’02 & bred by Mr AJ Flower out of Lady Argyll unr , resulting in Lady Winifred (owned by Mr Wm Rylands)  , b April '02, dam of a/o Mr Leadbetter ch Hazlemere Ronald & Mr Allen’ New York Belle .

Note 2 – Mr John Edgar Allen mentions that ch Marchioness was an apricot and looking at her photograph (see miscellanea No 36) one even may consider the color as dark apricot , a feature which may be of interest in the perspective that her paternal grandsire , the dark brindle Hidalgo , was also paternal grandsire to Cleveland Leopold’ sire Caractacus .

In that way , it may explain the dark apricot/red color of Cleveland Leopold & his brother C- Monarch , that straight opposite to the assertion made by a part of the 1930s Mastiff fancy that their colors were coming down from a St Bernard  sire . On the other side ,  it may not be forgotten that Mr Price (who bred Cleveland Leopold & Monarch) also bred  St Bernards , so it presently remains all pure guess work thereto.  

The entry for the Post Office, professions & trades for Middlesbrough in Bulmer' Directory of 1890 mentions Mr George Cook as a ‘butcher (& pork) at 110 Marton road’ , - opposite the Borough Hotel & only two mls away from the Bolckow’ estate) - . Another source mentions that the Cook family resided at 228 Marton road and that those Cleveland  kennels were located at the nearby Cargo Fleet Lane . Here below at right the Bolckow’ statue in front of the railway station and nearby Marton Road .

No 48) At left - A  copy of a photograph kindly provided by the late Mr Graham Hicks during my visit at the Hicks family of Jilgrajon repute ; it presents the ‘red’ Cleveland Leopold bred by Mr Wm Price & owned by Mr G Cook . Do notice the double dewclaw off forefoot .

Mr Hicks was the OEMC archivist and once stated that – ‘in the early part of the XXth C there were Mastiffs of a decided deep colour , ranging from rust through to copper , sometimes nearing the colour of an Irish Setter’ . The correspondence in Our Dogs’ Mems (see a/o former fragments here) ended up with some consensus between the correpondents involved that the red came through the St Bernard rather than the Bull Mastiff and possibly introduced by a Mastiff carrying that Saint influence . And that many of them would still place a red if it was a quality breed specimen . In the early 1930s red puppies were very much in demand .

It may be known that the Stonehenge standard (since 1859) recognised red as an admissible Mastiff color but in the last edition dd 1887 red had been omitted , probably following the omission of red from the original OEMC standard dd 1883 , that under the impetus of Mr WK Taunton who was 'reportedly' keen on purity & correctness of colour .

Cleveland Leopold was , following Mr G Cook' kennel notes ,  30i at shoulder & weighing 13 stone ; he got a fair amount of 2nd prizes in Open Class , a/o in '09 at the prestigious Crystal Palace show under Dr JS Turner who awarded the cc to Lt-Col Z Walker ch Lord of The Manor and placed Mr Cook' brindle ch Felix in 3rd position . Leopold sired three champions , ie Brompton Duke , sis B- Duchess & Lightning – all three bred by Mr George Cook of Cleveland kennels – Middlesbrough ; he grandsired three champions , ie The Scarlet Pimpernel , Young Mary Bull & Miss Bull and double great-grandsired ch King Baldur who  sired five champions , that in times with , for the Mastiff breed , relatively low  numbers of CC shows pro year  .

No 49) Hereabove an attempt to situate the butchery of the Cook family at Middlesbrough 110 Marton road (red circle) , nearby Cargo Fleet lane (brown circle) where their kennels were located ,  the  church at Marton road , ie St John the Evangelist (blue circle) , the Borough Hotel (97 Marton road) opposite to the Cook’ butchery and off Corporation road (light green circle) & the Royal Exchange (dark green circle). Note - Cargo-Fleet aka Cleveland-port was a hamlet along the river Tees and on the Stockton & Darlington railway ;  Cargo Fleet lane once harbored  an abattoir but its erection date provisionally unknown .

Mr George Cook’ Cleveland Mastiffs were sought after throughout whole Great Britain ; a/o the Earl of Dysart 31 Norfolk Street - Strand London  purchased from him a light brindle bitch out of Adam' daughter Eugenia sired by Cleveland Leopold . But some others were also exported . Having won the cc at Birmingham ’10 under Mr Edwin Brough , his ownbred brindle Beau Brocade (b Dec ’08 out of Prince Hampton’ granddaughter Marton Peggy sired by ch Felix’ brother Marton Dick) was purchased by Mr Oswald Peyton Latham Hoskyns of 57 Bishopsgate London (ie, the address for The British , Foreign & Colonial Corporation Ltd) and was sent to Takata & Co - Japan . Mr Hoskyns , b ’83 , was the son of Rear-Admiral Peyton Hoskyns . Mr Cook himself sold ch Brompton Duke’ brindle sis to Mr NE Wijeyesekara of Turret road , Colombo – Ceylon . A fawn dog puppy (ch Lightning’ brother Thunderbolt ex Marton Fido’ daughter Marton Jessie) was sent to Mr Richard Dekens , Societé Horticole Flandria , Bruges – Belgium  , ch Lightning'  adult brother to Mr  van de Weg , Dordrecht - Holland whereas a young fawn dog   went to Mr J Whitaker  of Philadelphia US after the latter lost (from pneumonia) a very good young dog by ch Hazlemere Ronald' grandson Widmere Baron (owned by Mr G Cook) out Orchard Queen .

No 50) At left - An extract of 'The XXth Century Dog' Non-Sporting - edited by Mr Herbert Compton & publ 1904 . Mr Robt Leadbetter’ ch Marksman , b June ’96 & bred by Mr AJ Thorpe out of ch Jack Thyr' granddaughter Lady Constable sired by ch Ogilvie’ son Marc Antony, got some eight cc’s between ’98-’00 , a/o twice at Crystal Palace & twice at Birmingham . He sired two Hazlemere champions , ie the brindle Czar Peter & the fawn Archie , the latter renowned as having sired ch Hazlemere Ronald (of Widmere) & sis ch Bess (of Widmere) .

No 51) The perhaps most famous Mastiff bred by Mr George Cook may have been ch Brompton Duke (see pic at left) , b July ’10 out of Adam’ daughter Felica . He campaigned him in ’11 and got his 2nd cc  dd Oct 24th '11 under Mr WK Taunton (Mr RJ Burch' ch British Monarch 2nd) at Crystal Palace  where Duke & his ch sis Brompton Duchess were both sold for £50 each to Mr A Arthur of  Haute Couture house ‘Maison Arthur’ New Bond street – London .

Mr Arthur , on his turn , sold after ca one year Duke to Mrs D Berry & Duchess to Mr WH Shackleton . About early ’15 ch Brompton Duke became owned by the flamboyant Mr Horatio Bottomley , of The Dicker - Hailsham , who also owned ch Miss Bull, her dam Ben Ma Chree & the latter' sis Dicker Belle

Mrs D Berry , of Primrose Cottage - Rickmansworth , purchased the 15m old Tam O'Shanter & sis Galazora (ch Felix’ brother Marton Dick ex Adam’ daughter Shy Portia) from Mr George Cook for £52 each and bred two litters from Galazora , both sired by ch Brompton Duke resulting in two ch’s , ie The Scarlet Pimpernel (who sired ch Boadicea , dam to Ashenhurst ch’s Cedric & Bernicea) & Young Mary Bull , dam to ch King Baldur sired by her brother Young John Bull (2cc’s) , the latter ch Miss Bull’ sire .

At left – also parcel of Our Dogs’ Mems dd Jan 22th ’15 (ca half a year after WWI broke out) which mentions that Mr Cook’ Mastiff kennels harbored some sixty specimens !  The  Kennel Club Stud Books  makes mention of one of the - 'two bitches by ch Lidgett Viscount ex ch Lightning' , ie Enchantress , 2nd Open at Richmond July '15 under Mr WK Taunton beaten by her dam & 2nd Open at Crufts '16 under Wm Hunter Johnston (cc for ch Young Mary Bull) .

No 52) The paternal tail line starting from The Marquis of Hertford’ Pluto and running to one of ‘the nine originals’ , ie Heatherbelle Sterling Silver , progenitor of the prominent post-WW II male line , passes through ch Felix (bred by Mr G Cook) .

Ch Felix' f1 Heatherville Duke (bred by Mr JG Joice out of Mellnotte’ Oscott Shielah bred by Mr RJ Burch)) , f2 Count Willington (bred by Mr Longstaff out of Lusitania , daughter of Mauretania bred by Mr G Cook) , f3 Adamite (bred by Mr G Cook) , f4 Ashenhurst Duke (bred by Mr G Cook) , f5 ch Ashenhurst Cedric (bred by Mr Haigh out of ch Boadicea whose paternal grandparents ch Brompton Duke & Galazora were bred by Mr G Cook) , f6 Sadberge Duke (bred by Mrs Ward out of Pomona Baldurine , daughter of ch King Baldur whose four grandparents were bred by Mr G Cook) , f7 ch Arolite (bred by Mr JG Joice out of ch Cleveland Premier’ sis Sadberge Countess bred by Mr G Cook) , f8 Saxondale Brutus (bred by Mrs Taylor out of Hellingly Hilda whose parents ch Cleveland Premier & Hecuba were bred by Mr G Cook -Crufts ’34 report by Mr Sam Crabtree –Special Beginners Class Dogs & Bitches 3rd Saxondale Brutus - ‘26m old fawn , big skull and square foreface , just a little wrinkle would take away what appeared to be a little plainless in head , well off for bone , the best of legs & feet , good body & size , sound and active .’

  f9 Saxondale Buster (bred by ? out of Dorothy , granddaughter tof Hellingly Caractacus bred by Mr G Cook , thereby several times tracing back to ch Weland whose parents were bred by Mr G Cook) , f10 Alters Big Jumbo bred by Dr Wayne Alter out of Angeles Victoria tracing back to Sadberge Countess & Ashenhurst Duke both bred by Mr G Cook, f11 Parkhurst Emblem (bred by Mr Parker out of Manthorne Joy , granddaughter to Hellingly Caractacus bred by Mr G Cook but also tracing back to a/o Cleveland Chancellor also bred by Mr G Cook) , f12 Parkhurst Jumbo (bred by Mr Parker out of Emblem’ sis Parkhurst Joy) , f13 Heatherbelle Sterling Silver (bred by Mrs H Melluish out of Heatherbelle Hyacinth , also tracing back to several ascents bred by Mr G Cook) .

This , of course , is only based upon recorded pedigrees and it’s perfectly possible that those documents not always represent the true ancestry … Nevertheless it becomes clear that the Cleveland kennels of Mr George Cook may have played a major role in the development of the post-WW II Mastiff breeding . So it’s a pity that formerly recorded breed history seems to have underestimated the importance of the breeding by that ‘butcher from Middlesbrough’ .

Above at right - From the last KCSB reg litter bred by Mr G Cook , ie ch Cleveland Premier , b April '25  out of Adamite' daughter Vilna sired by Count Willington' son Adamas . Premier got the Crufts '29 cc und breed specialist Mr Wm Hunter Johnston (reserve for ch Hellingly Joseph) and was Cleveland Chancellor' brother , half-brother of ch Westcroft Blaise ( maternal grandsire to ch Hellingly Ajax & ch Cinque Ports Michael) and paternal uncle to ch Hellingly Joseph ; Premier sired ch Ileden Volo  bred by Mrs Lilian Woods . Mr George Cook passed away in the Autumn of 1925 at the age of 63 .

No 53) Reviewing Mr G Cook’ breedings , it’s obvious that Mr William Price’ stock formed the ‘connection’ between the strains of Mr Cook and Mr William Shearer Clark  , a 'wine & spirit merchant' of Wishaw nr Glasgow .

Ch Prince of Wales (formerly Guelph II - see pic in the centre) , b Feb ’83 & bred by Dr Renton out of Leah (out of Wolseys brother Prince’ daughter Heela sired by a Green’ ch Monarch’ son) sired by ch Crown Prince’ brother ch Prince Regent (see pic at left) owned by Mr Mark Beaufoy ; he only sired four other litters and died before 4y old . Queen Liberty , b Sept ’83 & bred by Mr HG Woolmore out of Merlin sired by ch The Emperor and therefore perhaps to be considered as ch Crown Prince’ younger sis .

Edinburgh Duke (late Balfe) , b ’84 & bred by Mr Grimshaw out of Rosendale Baroness (ch Salisbury ex ch Rajah’ daughter Albani) sired by Exeter Beaumanoir’ son Gelert ; Beaufort Duke , b Feb ’88 & bred by Dr Eadon out of Etoile (ch Crown Prince ex ch Ilford Chancellor’ maternal aunt Ilford Idalia) sired by ch Beaufort ; Captain Marryatt , b Sept ’87 & bred by the Wishaw’ fish merchant Mr T Scott out of ch Prince of Wales’ daughter Wallenah sired by Edinburgh Duke . Mr Wm S Clark also owned ch Peter Piper’ brother Leyton Jim (see pic at right) who remained without KCSB reg progeny .

Alfgar , b April ’86 & bred by the Belgian Rev Henry Van Doorne out of Wunna sired by ch Orlando or ch Hotspur ; Lady Constance , b March ’88 & bred by Captain Piddocke out of ch Crown Prince’ daughter ch Toozie sired by ch Ilford Chancellor ; Cleveland Duke being Cleveland Leopold’ maternal grandsire ; Uncle Tom , b Aug ’97 out of Marc Antony’ daughter Aunt Chloe sired by ch Peter Piper ; Lord Stanley , brother of Mr Leadbetter’ ch Marksman (see No 50) .

No 54) A ‘Mrs EM Ward’ purchased three Mastiffs bred by Mr George Cook , ie Ashenhurst Duke b July ’19 (see head study below) , Duke’ sis Pomona Countess  & Adamite’ son Pomona Squire b Aug ‘20 .

She bred three litters  ie 1) dd July ’22 out of P- Countess sired by ch King Baldur resulting in Pomona Baldurine &  Sally Countess Brunna , the latter purchased by Mr G Cook and recipient of one cc , ie under Mr JG Joice ; 2) dd Aug ’23 out of Pomona Duchess sired by ch Ashenhurst Cedric which gave Deirdre *** & Beachhol Lady .

Note - Pomona Duchess b May ’22 & bred by Mr S Taylor out of Poor Joe' daughter Royoak Beauty sired by Ashenhurst Duke ; 3) dd  July ’24 out of P- Baldurine sired by ch Ashenhurst Cedric resulting in Mr JG Joice’ Sadberge Duke & Mrs EE Moorby’ Stainton Sonia .

In those days there was a very well known ‘Mrs EM Ward’ , namely the widow of Mr Edward Matthew Ward , née Henrietta  Mary Ada Ward (no relation) - 1 June 1832 – 12 July 1924  . In her reminiscences (1911) she wrote a/o ‘But fond as I am of animals , and much as I uphold their cause , I am bound to confess that they have not always treated me well , and I have at times found them very troublesome .

As an instance , I will relate what happened when I was painting ‘The Siege of Lathom House’. In this picture Lady Derby and her two children are depicted seated at the dining-room table with a cannon-ball, that has just exploded, close at their feet . The children — like all Royalists — were so well trained to withstand the horrors of warfare , that they scarcely showed fear , but their dog , a huge Mastiff, unaccustomed to such strange phenomena , was starting in terror from under the table .

As I wanted a dog for my model I applied to a man called Bill George , who was very renowned for his large collection of dogs of all species . He happened to have the very one I wanted , and sent it over to me in the custody of his son , a youth with a face exactly like that of a ‘pug’. The dog was quite docile as long as its master was with it , but the moment the latter went , nothing would induce it to ‘sit’. Kind words had absolutely no effect —neither had delicacies, for after hastily consuming all my tit-bits , it eyed me with so much contempt and dislike , that I was glad to let it go .

The next day another dog arrived , and I was congratulating myself that I could get to work now , when , to my inconceivable chagrin , the animal suddenly turned tail and bolted , getting out of the house and out of sight almost before I had had time to open the door .

In the end I secured a tractable and in every respect satisfactory canine model , but not from Mr George ! ' -

Mr Bill George (1802–1881) was a dog dealer and well-known character in London . So what Mrs EM Ward (residing at Slough nr London)  described , happened before 1881 , and forty or more years before a certain ‘Mrs EM Ward’ not only owned & showed but also bred Mastiffs .

It rather seems unlikely that it was thé ‘Mrs EM Ward’, famous in the world of art , who may have been this very person, that at very old age ; but there’s , of course , the possibility that servant(s) &/or kennelmen did it in her place . One thing is sure , after her date of death (July ’24) there’s no further mention of a 'Mrs EM Ward'  in the Kennel Club Stud Books , neither in showing nor in breeding Mastiffs .

Note - Deirdre *** (bred by Mrs EM Ward) became great-granddam of The Mhor (see No 39) , Tiddicar Major , Leon Mc Lean (1 cc) & Kinder Monarch (2 cc's) , that along her daughter Brigewa (by ch Cleveland Premier' brother C- Defender) and her granddaughter Selene (by ch Ashenhurst Cedric) .

Note 2 - Her great-uncle George Morland (1763-1804) painted the well-known  'Mastiff and the Landseer Newfoundland'   (see insert) ... incl a 'sheep' head' .

No 55) Ashenhurst Duke , b July ’19 , was formerly owned by Ashenhurst breeder Mr Norman Haigh ,  share broker from Gledholt Bank  Huddersfield , and recipient of two cc’s (under Messrs Sam Crabtree & WJ Nichols) before being purchased by Mrs EM Ward . He sired seven KCSB reg litters , the first one producing two Ashenhurst ch’s , ie Cedric & Bernicea (see pics below at left & centre) ; then followed those - 2) out of Penkhull Lady’ daughter Clayton Betty producing Jersey Queen (dam of ch’s Prince & Duke) & Clayton Diana (dam of Brigewa) , 3) out of Mr S Taylor’ Royoak Beauty – progeny Pomona Duchess & Corps Peggy Garde (paternal granddam of Brigewa)  , 4) out of ch Weland’ daughter Portia – progeny – Cadwallader (see his pic at 13m old below at right) & Pinxton Lady , bred by Miss Margaret Penelope Allin b '03, of Welford House 51 Bristol road Keynsham - Somerset.

The three remaining ones were all out of Mr Thomas Terry’ Shirebrook Lady – progeny a/o Lord Byron (cc under Mr Wm Hunter Johnston) , Lady Byron (dam of Lady Hildur who produced Miss Bell’ The Druid) & Crescent Rowena (ch Havengore Bill’ dam) . Mr Thomas Terry , of Langwith rd  Shirebrook nr Mansfield – Derbyshire , bred also Mr Herbert Cook' Cleveland Julian , b Aug ’25 out of Langwith Boadicea (ch Ashenhurst Cedric ex Ashenhurst Duchess) sired by ch Yosemite Menai’ brother Wantley King Baldur (ch King Baldur ex ch Ashenhurst Bernicea) ; Julian sired two Hellingly ch’s , ie Cardinal & Marksman .

Mr Terry’ brood Shirebrook Lady (Clayton Betty’ sis) was bred by Mr H Beasley , of Penkhull nr Stoke-on-Trent , out of Penkhull Lady sired by the stud of the day ch King Baldur . Mr Beasley bred also her dam Penkhull Lady , dd Feb ’20 out of Helen sired by Stapleford Agrippa ; Helen unr was out of Connie , a Bull & Mastiff , sired by another Bull & Mastiff Answorth Lion ; Stapleford Agrippa (see pic) , b April ’11 , was bred  in the 'pre-recognition' days of the Bull-Mastiff breed by a Bull & Mastiff breeder Mr Jim Barrowcliff , watchmaker & clock shop manager at Stapleford , out of Nance , unr , sired by Stapleford Pedro , recorded as b Sept ’09 out of Nuneaton Hector’ daughter Pinxton Pride sired by Mellnotte’ son Salisbury (2cc’s) .

Notes – the ‘Illustrated Kennel News’ stud advert dd Sept ’10 may refer to Stapleford Pedro , bred by Mr Arthur Mott of Pinxton nr Nottingham , and owned by Mr Jim  Barrowcliff  ;  the report about the Nottinghamshire breeders was published in the IKN dd Nov '10  ; the old  postcard shows the junction of Brookhill street & Derby road , a neighborhood with many shops .

No 56) Walter E Crawshaw , born 1864 in Russia , ‘Agent for Boiler Furnaces’ residing in 1901 nearby the Levenshulme’ Post Office at 51 Albert Road , a fairly narrow but busy road where middle class families settled because of its easy access to Manchester , ca three mls away from Levenshulme’ North railway station in Albert Road . According to the Census Return 1901 he was married Agnes , born in Scotland , having two daughters , born in 1892 in Russia as British subjects , and a domestic servant .

He bred  champion Boadicea (see three pics hereabove) , b Feb ’17 out of Sunflower [Survivor’ Beowulf x ch British Monarch’ Lady Gabriele] sired by his own champion The Scarlet Pimpernel , born September 1913 and brother of ch Young Mary Bull , John Bull [2 cc’s] & Poor Joe [Miss Bell’ ch Woden’ sire] .

The Scarlet Pimpernel got only four entries in the KC Stud Books , namely in 1916 , the last year of championship shows for Mastiffs during WW I ; at Crufts he got under Wm Hunter Johnston a reserve cc beaten by his nephew ch Brompton Duke before winning three cc’s in a row ; at Ranelagh under Miss Cecile M Garland beating ch British Monarch’ son Prospector & his own brother Young John Bull , at Manchester under George Cook [of Cleveland kennels] beating Cleveland Leopold’ nephew Flabbergast and finally at Richmond under Mark Beaufoy beating Lidgett Conqueror’ Brindled Monarch & Young John Bull .  Here below fr l to r - Poor Joe , The Scarlet Pimpernel &  a  painting presenting his grandson ch Ashenhurst Cedric .

Ch Boadicea’ maternal granddam Lady Gabriele was inbred to Salisbury’ son ch British Monarch and maternal half sis tof Young John Bull’ daughter ch Miss Bull , ie both out of Ben Ma Chree (ch British Monarch ex ch Brompton Duke’ older sis Batchworth Beauty) .

Ch British Monarch , b Nov '09 & bred by Mr RJ Burch out of  Sonderburg Countess , got his tickets in '11 under all-rounder Mr Fred Gresham (reserve for Murdered Monarch bred by Mr AW Lucas) ,  Helmsley breeder Mr Edward Spalding (reserve for Sam bred by Mr Arthur Mott) & was made up (3rd cc) under Dr JS Turner (reserve for ch Hazlemere Ronald' son Widmere Duke bred by Allan W Goldie ) . At Crufts '12 Mr AW Lucas placed him 3rd in Open class mentioning - British Monarch - a big fawn dog , good skull , fair muzzle but spoilt by a very light staring eye , otherwise he would have been higher up' - (1st ch Brompton Duke , 2nd Lord of The British Isles) .

After the next show , ie at Manchester March '12 , ch British Monarch was purchased by the American fancier Mr Morris Kinney , of Kinnelon kennels - Butler NJ  . Mr Kinney was the son of of Francis Kinney , the tobacco manufacturer .

No 57) Here below three pics of ch Ashenhurst Cedric b July ’19  , fr l to r – at ca 18m old (just like in his pic presented in No 55) , as an adult and at an age of 6 ½ , together with a ch Prince son and a litter brother & sis sired by Cedric who , btw , was purchased  by Mr John Illingworth , Croft House  - Brighouse Yorks ca '25/26 and who showed the 7+y old Cedric at Edinburgh Oct ’26 , resulting in his last cc (his 8th) , that under Mr Tom Hooton ; 2nd & 3rd Open class were for Cedric’ sons Mr Bob Thomas' Menai Anglesea (b Sept ’24 out of ch Menai Yosemite) & Mrs E N Craig' Sir Thomas (b Oct ‘24 out of Shirebrook Lady’ sis Dermot Diana) .

No 55) mentioned that three litters sired by Ashenhurst Duke were out of Mr Thomas Terry’ Shirebrook Lady – progeny a/o Lord Byron (cc under Mr Wm Hunter Johnston) , Lady Byron (dam of  ch Westcroft Blaise' daughter Lady Hildur  - who produced Miss Bell’ The Druid) & Crescent Rowena (dam of ch Havengore Bill’ dam) . Here below at left a pic of Havengore breeder Mrs Lucy Scheerboom together with Sir Thomas’ litter brother King Agrippa and her foundation brood Crescent Rowena ; at right C- Rowena’ niece Lady Hildur owned by Miss Ianthe Bell .

The first Havengore litter , ie dd May '25 was out of Ashenhurst Duke' daughter Crescent Rowena sired by ch Bricket Hood' fawn brother ch Master Beowulf (Beowulf ex Stapleford Pedro' granddaughter Jessica)  , linebred to Adam' son Survivor (paternal grandsire/maternal great-grandsire)  whereas his paternal  granddam Berenice was sired by the grand ch Hazlemere Ronald , to be seen here below at left , followed by his daughter Berenice , the latter' son Beowulf (at ca one and a half y old) and , finally , the latter' son ch Master Beowulf  , b March '20 , who got his 1st cc at Birmingham Dec '22 under Mr Fred Cleminson (2nd Ashenhurst  Duke , 3rd ch Ashenhurst Cedric) , his 2nd at Crufts '23 under Mr AW Lucas , and was made up at the LKA Richmond under Miss Pope (2nd Mr RJ Burch' Poor Joe , 3rd  Mrs EM Ward' Pomona Squire . Note - Ch Master Beowulf sired no other KCSB reg litter whereas his older brindle ch brother Bricket Hood  even left no single progeny .

Here below at left ch Havengore Bill & at right his brother Fred (b May '25 - ch Master Beowulf ex Crescent Rowena) . Bill got his 1st cc  at Durham July '26 under breed specialist & old OEMC stalwart Mr Wm Hunter Johnston who preferred the 14m old one above  Mr G Cook' Cleveland Premier ;  2nd cc he got at the next show , ie under Mr JG Joice (a/o breeder of ch Arolite) who placed Mr Bob Thomas' Menai Anglesea & King Agrippa resp in 2nd & 3rd ,  whereas his brother Fred got a 3rd in Limit Class preceded by Bill & Anglesea . At Crufts '27 Bill got a 3rd under Mr Robt Leadbetter, cc went to Mr Thomas Rumney' ch Superbus & reserve to his brother  King Agrippa ; Fred got a 3rd  at Durham '27 under Mr Fred Cleminson , cc for ch Cleveland Premier , reserve for Superbus .

At Manchester March '28 Bill was made up under breed specialist Mr AJ Thorpe . 2nd row presents a group of Havengores , incl Rowena , Bill & Fred ,  at the Southend-on-Sea carnival '27 where they collected  the sum of  £21 for charity work .

Mr Wm N Higgs  considered Havengore Bill' head as the correct type (see Judges' opinions here at right)  but , seemingly , with the advent of the Olivers of Hellingly he became - dixit 'in hearty agreement with Mr Crabtree' remark when he says that if the modern breeders (dd Oct '32) think that they have improved the breed the standard should be revised and quickly'  , that in regard - 'to get back the level mouth , to which we must allow a little more latitude in length of muzzle' .

No 58) Another important breeder who started around that period of time was Miss Ianthe Bell (1899-1960) , daughter of Colonel Mark Sever Bell (1843-1906) , recipient of the Victoria Cross (British most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy) . She began her Mastiff involvement at her parental home , ie Earlywood Lodge Bagshot rd - Ascot , purchasing in 1922 Squire’ Daughter aka ‘Nan’ from Mrs Constance Kennett of West Croft , Lower Earley – Reading .

Miss Bell’ foundation brood Nan (see pic above at left) was born Aug ’19 & bred by a Mr D Taylor out of the unr ‘Rhyl Nellie’ (note – Rhyl – a Welsh seaside resort) , but it was rumoured that she was either a Great Dane or a Dane/Mastiff cross .

Miss Bell’ Nan was sired by Collyhurst Squire (see pic above at right)  , b Sept ’14 & bred by Mr JF Walters out of Beowulf’ sis Minerva sired by Mr Jim Barrowcliff’ Stapleford Pedro . Collyhurst Squire is only mentioned in the KCSB ’21 going for the show year ’20 , receiving two cc’s and two 2nd prizes in Open class ; his main opponents were Miss Mabel Dent Hitchings’ ch King Baldur , b June ’17 & bred by Mr RJ Burch and Mrs Constance Kennett’ ch Weland , b May ’19 & bred by Mr F Jackson out of Cleveland parentage . 

Note – Weland was exported (ca ’23) to the Wingfield breeder Mr Charles Wm Dickinson Toronto – Canada ; note 2 – Collyhurst Squire was owned by the wealthy American Mr RFW Conquest (Robert Folger Westcott Conquest , being grandson of Mr RF Westcott , President of the Westcott Express Co) who resided at Bannut Tree Castlemorton nr Malvern – Worcestershire .

Collyhurst Squire sired also Miss Mabel Dent Hitchtings’ Urbervilles Tess (see her pic at 16m old above at left) - recipient of two cc’s - , b Jan ’20 & bred by Miss Cecile M Garland out of Beeches Bunty , the latter bred by Mr George Daniel Penny (son of the Preston manufacturer Daniel Penny & Co) , residing at Brooklands Garstang nr Preston  . Quite interesting is that Beeches Bunty traces back (in the 4th gen) to Adam’ son Survivor (the one who also sired the brindle Beowulf -see pic under No 57- & Mr JF Walters’ Minerva) , that along Survivor’ brindle son Ruthless Defender (see pic above at right) , b March ’10 & bred by Mr AW Lucas out of Gyrlie unr ; Ruthless Defender’ brother King of North , mated to Stapleford Pedro’ daughter Marwood Pride , produced ch Master Beowulf’ dam Jessica , iow Ruthless Defender being maternal grand-uncle of ch Master Beowulf & maternal half-uncle of Collyhurst Squire .

Now about the stud who sired Miss Bell’ 1st litter (the one out of Nan) . The old breed stalwart Mr Robert J Burch of Sonderburg rd – Holloway London entered at LKA Richmond May ’23 , his almost 10 years old stud , called Poor Joe (litter brother to ch The Scarlet Pimpernel who grandsired the Ashenhurst ch’s Cedric & Bernicea) and got a 2nd in Open class (cc for ch Master Beowulf) ; some months later he got a 3rd prize Open class at Crystal Palace (cc for ch Master Beowulf , 2nd for Poor Joe’ son Poor Jerry , b July ’20 & bred by a Mr A Gerard out of Peggy unr) . But at the Birmingham show Nov ’23 , under the famous breed specialist Mr John O’Connell , the 10 years old Poor Joe (see pic above at left) was awarded the cc  (reserve for Mrs EM Ward’ 4y old Ashenhurst Duke) . Perhaps Miss Bell attended this show as only a month later she mated her Nan to Poor Joe , resulting in that well-known litter dd Jan ’24 containing a/o ch Woden , Thora & Sonderburg Princess .

Pic above at right – fr l to r – Mrs C Kennett’ ch Westcroft Cleopatra (ch Cleveland Premier’ sire Adamas ex Minerva’ daughter Princess Lie A Bed) , ch Woden’ daughter Helga (out of Miss Allins Cadwallader’ maternal niece Menai Victoria) , ch Woden and Lady Hildur (dam to Miss Bell’ The Druid) .

No 59) Beeches Bunty , mentioned in No 58) , was bred by Mr GD Penny of Garstang out of Ruthless Defender’ daughter Beeches Sally sired by Vereton Sir Titus , the latter bred by Mr William Henry Shackleton of 19 Malsis road – Keighley nr Bradford & the village built by Sir Titus Salt , called Saltaire . Vereton Sir Titus (see above at right his pic in puppyhood) , b ’14/'15 , was out of ch Brompton Duchess sired by ch Lidgett Viscount . Mr Shackleton purchased the 2y old champion Brompton Duchess , b July ’10 , from Mr A Arthur of the London’ Haute Couture house ‘Maison Arthur’ and at the Crystal Palace KC show Oct ’12 he bought  the 14m old Lidgett Viscount (entered 'for sale') at the considerable sum of £40 . He campaigned Viscount from ’13 on and the last Mastiff record of Mr Shackleton was at Birmingham Jan ’15 where Viscount (see above at left) got his 7th cc under Lt-Col Z Walker . After that Mr Shackleton disappeared from the canine radar .

There’s a London Gazette dd 1883 which mentions a ‘William Henry Shackleton’ regarding the liquidation by arrangement or composition with creditors , instituted by William Henry Shackleton carrying on business and residing at No. 71, Lever-street, in the city of Manchester, Manufacturer of Fancy Goods and Ladies and Children's Underclothing , formerly carrying on business at 16 Lever-street .

So , there might have been some (fashion) link between Mr A Arthur & Mr WH Shackleton concerning the purchase of ch Brompton Duchess . On the other side , there’s a quite apparent non-link between the expensive costs made in a/o purchasing both top-class Mastiffs and the address of Mr WH Shackleton as mentioned in then show catalogues , ie ‘19 Malsis road Keighley’ ,  being only a very modest row house .

Btw , there was also a ‘William Henry Shackleton’ , of Bradford , who authored ‘The Yorkshire Canary – Its breeding & Management’ - publ ’28 ; another source mentions that the booklet was authored by 'Lord' Shackleton . A then namesake of fame was Sir Ernest Shackleton 1874-1922 who had purchased some hundred-twenty Canadian Sledge Dogs for his Imperial  Antarctic Expedition which began in ’14 ; a number of them were entered at dog shows as some kind of curiosum .

Beeches Bunty’ sis Penwortham Fanny (bred by Mr GD Penny out of Ruthless Defender’ daughter Beeches Sally sired by Vereton Sir Titus) was purchased by Mr George Cook of Middlesbrough and , mated to ch Weland’ sire Adamite , she produced Vilna , dam of a/o ch Cleveland Premier & C- Chancellor  and maternal granddam of ch Hellingly Joseph & Arolite (see pic above at right) .

‘I don't want to look too orange’ - Miss V Clarke gives English Mastiff Buster a sun ray treatment before he takes part in the Crufts dog show in London, 21st April 1929. Both are wearing protective eyewear ; photo by Henry Miller - News Picture Service . This ‘Buster’ was (most probably) the winner of Beginners class , the then 2 ½ y old Arolite , bred & owned by Mr John George Joice ; for the record the Crufts ’29 show took not place at the 21st April but at the 6th & 7th Februar . Ch Arolite got his cc’s at Leeds Aug ’30 under Mrs Jessie Wilson Oliver of Hellingly (2nd Open Cleveland Comedian) , Edinburgh Oct ’30 under all-rounder Mr Chris Houlker (2nd Open – Cleveland Comedian) and at Edinburgh Oct ’31 under all-rounder Mr JJ Holgate (2nd Open – ch Cleveland Premier’ son Hellingly Victor) . The well-known champion Hellingly Ajax is stated by the KCSB as out of ch Westcroft Blaise’ daughter Lumbering Sheila sired by ch Arolite or ch Hellingly Joseph . Mr Oliver of Hellingly explains this in Our Dogs’ Mems Nov ’32 – ‘The facts are as follows – the bitch was sent to Mr Joice to be served by his dog , Arolite . I understand a service took place and the bitch was duly returned home . Unfortunately , although carefully kept from the other dogs , my dog , ch Hellingly Joseph broke down the door of her kennel and served her .  Ch Ajax was registered by me at the KC at about six weeks old , but later the KC insisted that both dogs’ names should be registered . I am convinced that the bitch whelped to the last service . I understand Ajax’ owner , Mr Leonard Crook , thinks the same . Yours , &c .’ -

No 60) Miss V Clarke had no idea that the subject of her sun ray treatment , ie Arolite , (may) have become progenitor of the only paternal line which survived the WW-II period … Arolite’ breeder was the then sixty years old Mr John George Joice (1868-1933) of County Durham , ie ‘Station House’ Fighting Cocks , Middleton St George (see pic below at left) ; and given the fact his father George was a Railway engine driver , it seems quite possible that also his son John George was professionally involved into Railway activities .

Mr JG Joice bred two litters from the brood Oscott Sheila (Salisbury ex Mellnotte’ daughter Queen Alexandra) , 1) b April ’09 sired by Cleveland Leopold resulting in Bayardo who fathered Am ch Beowulf’ grandsire Prince-Lie-A-Bed - see at right - owned by Captain Percy Rygate Borrett of The Whyte House Weeke -Winchester & Princess-Lie-A-Bed (dam of Westcroft ch’s Cleopatra & Chloe) ; note – above at left an Our Dogs’ Mems parcel , dd Jan ’32 , regarding some then backgrounds ; 2) b Aug ’10 sired by Mr Cook’ ch Felix which gave Heatherville Duke, which grandsired Mr G Cook’ Adamite . His 3rd litter was the one containing Arolite ,  Mr Herbert Cook’ Brenda (dam to Ileden Jolly Boy) and Miss Bell’ Retour Rational , dam to respectively ch Uther Penarvon’ sire Rufus & ch Lady Turk’ dam Nerica ; his 4th & last KCSB reg litter was b July ’28 out of ch Benvolio’ sis Mirander (ch Duke ex Bronygarth Bess) sired by Arolite – offspring – Satelite & Orsova .

Arolite sired further on a litter b July ’31 & bred by Mr JS Hume out of Menai Anglesea’ daughter Hellingly Babs producing Arovot & Lady Mary and a litter b Nov ’31 & bred by the Saxondale breeders Mr H & Mrs Flora Taylor out of ch Cleveland Premier’ daughter Hellingly Hilda – offspring  a/o Saxondale Brutus exported to Dr Wayne Alter - US .

Ch Arolite’ son ch Hellingly Ajax was a real show cracker , collecting not less than eleven cc’s between March ’31 & Sept ’34  but none at Crufts . Ajax’ 1st cc was awarded at Manchester under the judging of Mr EG Oliver of Hellingly who placed Arolite in 2nd & Mr Herbert Cook’ Cleveland Comedian in 3rd Open . Notwithstanding the value in regard to the show promotion of the Hellingly ‘label’ , Ajax sired only one KCSB reg Hellingly litter , ie out of Hellingly Joseph’ daughter ch H- Josephine – offspring b May ’33 – ch Hellingly Duchess & brother Duke , the latter exported to the Foster-Clark family of Altnacraig repute .

Ajax sired three Tiddicar litters out of ch Ashenhurst Cedric' daughter Selene which gave Kinder Monarch (2 cc's) , Leon McLean (1 cc) , The Mhor & Tiddicar Venus , the latter , mated to ch Hellingly Cardinal produced three champions , ie Tiddicar General , Tiddicar Diana & (Hellingly) Prudence) .

No 60 end) Mr JG Joice judged four championship shows , ie 1) at Darlington ’24 - cc’s for ch Ashenhurst Cedric & ch King Baldur’ daughter Sally Countess Brunna , 2) KC Alexandra Palace – cc’s for ch Havengore Bill & ch King Baldur’ daughter ch Beechwood Queen ; 3) at Leeds Aug ’29  - cc’s for Mr GP Greenwood’ ch Benvolio (2nd Open ch Cleveland Premier , 3rd ch Havengore Bill) & Mr Bob Thomas’ Menai Stella (by M- Anglesea) , followed by ch Woden’ daughter Hellingly Lady Here & Cleveland Chancellor’ fawn daughter Benton Joan .

And finally the OEMC show at Darlington July ’32 – cc’s for Cleveland Comedian’ son & daughter Mr Fred Bowles’ brindle Broomcourt Prince Boris & Mr Ben Bennett’ Cleveland Ponorogo , 2nd & 3rd Open went to resp ch Hellingly Cardinal & ch Arolite son Satelite and ch Lady Turk & Hellingly Queen Bess .

Quite apparent feature at this judging was that the 3 ½ y old ch Hellingly Ajax didn’t fell into the prizes , Mr Joice reporting as follows – ‘Ch Hellingly Ajax , a massive dog , great bone , fails in muzzle , expression did not appeal’ .

It was Broomcourt Prince Boris’ only cc award but he sired the grandly headed Broomcourt Jem - see at right - who , on his turn , sired double Crufts winner ch Broomcourt Romeo b Dec ‘34 & the brindle Broomcourt John , b Aug ’37 and recipient of two cc’s , just before the outbreak of World War - II