Albert Andrews

Albert Andrews 1845 - 1926

Albert Andrews , according to the Census 1871 , was born  at Street nr Taunton - Somerset and listed as lodger , shoemaker . Later on he moved north to Stafford becoming a 'leather merchant' . Maybe he had some remote connection(s) to Loring Andrews (1799-1875) of New York , one of the successful men of the day a/o involved into leather trade ; Loring' son Constant A Andrews , after spending some time in Europe , returned and engaged in banking as the President of the United States Savings Bank .

Albert Andrews' living place at Stafford was Marston road nearby Shire Hall Market Square built in 1798 as a court house & office of the Mayor & Clerk of Stafford. He  became Justice of the Peace , Mayor of Stafford in 1906-1907 , Alderman from 1906 until 1920 of Stafford Borough and also Lord of the Manor of Woolley in Huntingdon County . He married Myra Louisa Gregory [1871-1962] and died at Lichfield House , Stafford , 11 Sept 1926 .

Dr John Sidney Turner wrote in his Birmingham Show report , December 1891 ~ ‘ Mr Andrews’ Schoolmaster is woefully deficient in his quarters and hocks ; his hind-lege too awfully straight in hocks . His skull is grand and ears perfect , wrinkle perhaps too exaggerated . In fore-face he is too upturned , which gives a sour expression that a Mastiff is better without .’ Note - Drawing by Mr R H Moore .

Mr Albert Andrews bred two champions , ie Lady Florida (later on owned by WN Higgs) & Lord Stafford but perhaps his most notable breeding was Sir Stafford  mentioned by judge reports at hand  as following , a/o -  'big muscular dog , short in body , light in bone , extreme short muzzle , head appears to be round , wanting in mask & wrinkle , hind quarters not well standing' . Nevertheless , he sired a/o CC Rice' ch Frigga Secunda , CC Rice Dynevor (sired WN Higgs' HaHa) , Mann' Lady Lena (ch Elgiva' dam) , Woolmore' Selina (ch Peter Piper' dam) & Di Vernon , the latter dam to Mellnotte who's behind a male line who survived till present-day , ie

f1 Nuneaton Lion - f2 ch Felix - f3 Heatherville Duke - f4 Count Willington - f5 Adamite - f6 Ashenhurst Cedric - f7 Sadberge Duke - f8 ch Arolite , f9 Saxondale Brutus f10 f10 Saxondale Buster - f11 Alters Big Jumbo - f12 Parkhurst Emblem - f13 Parkhurst Rufus , f14 Heatherbelle Sterling Silver , f15 Wythybush Magnus , f16 Weyacres Lincoln , f17 Copenore Jason b 1957 , the latter a prolific stud behind a present number of quality male lines .

A pity till present-day no illustration is found of Sir Stafford but there's indeed a pic of his litter sis Lady Coleus (see above at right) exported to the States while there's also a drawing of Andrews' Schoolmaster , Sir Stafford'  nephew (by ch Hotspur) illustrating an article on the occasion of the 1st OEMC outside meeting , namely at Crystal Palace Augst 1890  . His last brood he purchased from JS Cockerton , ie Amalaswintha , b 1890 & bred by Rev Van Doorne out of ch Beau' granddaughter sired by his home stud ch Jack Thyr . Interesting to know is the given JS Cockerton lived some while at West Lulworth , only some miles miles away from Lulworth castle , the residence of Joseph Weld , reported as a friendly host for the Belgian Rev Van Doorne and maybe also for his Mastiff Jack Thyr . Later on Amalaswintha came back in possession of JS Cockerton and mated her to Andrews' ch Lord Stafford , amongst the siblings was Ingestre who won 1st prizes at Leeds & Darlington in '94 , owned by Dr JH Oates of Dewsbury Halifax .