This part of an article called ‘Notes by Terror’ was published 9 December 1897 in the Otago Witness , an illustrated weekly newspaper of New Zealand . It reveals Charles Court Rice’ date of emigration to Australia at the end of 1897 and the ship which transferred Ethelwolf , namely the SS Banffshire , a refrigerated cargo liner of Elderslie SS Co Ltd Glasgow  , built by Hawthorn , Leslie & Co Ltd , Newcastle and launched September 1, 1894  ; its  dimensions were 420 x 54 x 29 feet  with a tonnage - gross 5736 & net  3719 ; propulsion - triple expansion steam engine . CC Rice and his family settled down at Sidney , New South Wales . ‘Notes by Terror’ mentioned also that the KC Crystal Palace show of October 1897 counted only 21 Mastiff entries against 92 for St Bernards …

Jonathan , b Jan 1893 and bred by HG Woolmore out of Maggie May sired by Tom Bowling , was imported to the Netherlands where he sired a/o Robt Leadbetter’ ch Holland Black Boy & Dr Lougest Black Peter , b March ’95 and successively purchased by JH Connell of kennels Tirrita [ the Aboriginal word for ‘tame dog’ ]  . Jonathan was full cousin to CC Rice’ Ethelred [vide above at right] .

Ethelwolf’ dam Queen Stafford was bred by HW Makinson of Bolton out of General Von Moltke’ sis Mona’ Queen , granddaughter to ch Beaufort’ Black Prince’ dam Gerda and  to Dr Lougest’ cc winner Napoleon ,  a ch Prince of Wales’ son . Ethelwolf was half brother to ch Elgiva [vide above at right] .

One of JH Connell’ breedings was Tirrita Blue Peter sired by Jonathan and in that way half brother to Dr Lougest’ Black Peter & ch Holland’ Black Boy but also his dam ‘ Tirrita Miladi ‘ is quite of some interest being out of Lady Gerda [bred by Shearer Clark of Wishaw NB out of ch Prince of Wales’ daughter Queen of Scots sired by Sir Stafford , iow Lady Gerda was a half sis to CC Rice’ ch Frigga Secunda] .

Tirrita Miladi ‘ sire Tirrita Loris was out of Zoe II , a brood double grandsired by WK Taunton’ Surrey Taunton [who on his turn was double grandsired by ch Cardinal and having also as grandam ch Gwendolen , sis to Mark Beaufoy’ ch Nero] while Tirrita Loris’ sire Socrates was full brother to Zaccheus Walker’ foundation brood Desdemona .

The Sydney Mail , Sept 29 , 1900 contains an article headed ‘Court Rice’ Great Federal Dog Show’ , Exhibition Building , Sidney – 18th , 19th & 20th October – Liberal Classification . £400 in prizes . Send for schedule to C Court Rice , Secretary , 5 Moore Street , Sidney .

Notes by Nota Bene [maybe CC Rice’ pen name] – ‘The spring is upon us , and owners give their dogs a thorough examination . This warm weather , following closely after so much rain , is very conductive to heat sores and eczema . A dog’ glory is his coat , and no complaintso disfigures  a canine as red skin and bare patches . Doses of Epsom salts given every alternate day for a week , a liberal support of green vegetables , and very little meat will keep the unwelcome visitor at bay . Still they come . Mr Harold Gorman has received the word that a high-class Collie bitch will shortly leave England for Sidney . Mr H Moses junior has just received from the old country a young Fox Terrier dog sired by F Redmond’ All White – ch Daddy ex Danceaway . The combination of Vicary and Redmond blood should do well in the Glendon kennels. Mr Court Rice has bought , by cable , Marinel , a son of the English Bulldog Galtee More . The match between Snow King and Attunga Bobstay , which has been on the tapis for the last three month , has falen through . Mr JL Wiseman of the Leichhardt Rowing Club , offered a cup unconditionally for the event . Mr Court Rice considers , however , that in the present instance no good can accrue from a duel of this kind . Both dogs are elegible for the Open Class , consequently it is only accentuating the trouble to proceed further in the matter . In this section Mr LL Ramsay has accepted the onerous experience of judge . His experience as breeder and exhibitor will stand him in good stead , and , as owners of the above dogs are both sportsmen , it will be not necessary to have a cab waiting at the door . Mr W Hamilton of Linden kennels , has , I am informed , a red-hot red in pickle for the fox terrier menu at Court Rice’ forthcoming show . He is a rather heavily marked dog , and a beautiful shower. Wrathell of Victoria , however , will doubtless serve it up very warm with his sterling Terrier , Corio Workman , and a meeting between these two flyers , and other good ones  , will doubtless prove a treat for the Terrier fancy .’

Above at right - XIXc view on Moore Street , Sidney , is dominated by the two-hundred thirty foot tower of the Post Office Building and housed the grandest buildings of the city; the 'White Star' logo referring at the possibility that the Rice family managed its journey to Australia by the then greatest sea line company .

The Sydney Morning Herald. - Oct 19, 1936 , published the obituary of Charles Court Rice as following – ‘ Mr Charles Court Rice , whose death occurred on Tuesday at the age of 75 years , was one of the most prominent breeders and exhibitors of dogs in Australia . Born in London , he was the third son of Thomas Rice who was for many years Master of the Horse to the King of Spain . Mr Court Rice was educated at Dulwich College and afterwards in Germany , and he came to Australia in 1899. He specialised in the breeding of Mastiffs in England but was also a recognised authority on all other breeds . Until recently he was actively associated with canine affairs , and was a well-known judge at dog shows . He was the author of the ‘Dog Book for Australasia ‘.

If this date of emigration may be correct than it's possible that he & his family made the trip with one of the three White Star ‘Jubilee Class’ single-funnel liners which measured just under 12,000 tons and were configured to carry 320 steerage or third class passengers .

The SS Medic , the SS Afric and the SS Persic were launched in the last year of the 19th century, and therefore referred to as the ‘Jubilee Class’ specifically meant to service the Liverpool-Cape Town-Sydney route . The Medic started her maiden voyage from Liverpool - Sydney on  August 3 1899 , the Afric on November 16 1898 and the Persic on December  7  1899 .

The SS Medic , built by Harland & Wolff – Belfast , measured 550 x 63 x 40 feet ; 4 masts , 3 decks , was fitted with electric light , refrigerating machinery and water ballast ; twin screws and quadruple expansion engine of 641 nominal horsepower with 8 cylinders of 22, 31½ , 46 & 67 inches diameter each pair .

Some history on Sidney - The west and north coast of Australia had been visited quite frequently by Europeans in the XVIIth century . The east coast was first charted by Europeans in 1770 , by the well known Pacific explorer Captain James Cook . On April 29 , 1770 , on Possession Island , he claimed the whole east coast for King George III and called it New South Wales . The British did nothing about their new aquisition till after a number of years, when at the urgings of Joseph Banks , the botanist with the Cook expedition , decided to establish a colony in this far flung corner of the earth .

‘By the discoveries and enterprise of our officers many new countries which know no sovereign , and that hold out the most enticing allurements to European adventurers . None are more inviting than New South Wales ’- Joseph Banks . In no small measure this was due to the American War of Independence preventing Britain sending her convicts to the American colonies .

Some of the more unusual crimes that people were convicted of and sentenced to being sent to the colonies included setting fire to underwood and stealing children with their apparel . The history of Australia began when The First Fleet, commissioned by Thomas Townshend , Baron Sydney , set sail for Botany Bay on May 13 , 1787 . Led by Captain Arthur Phillip , the fleet comprised of the frigate HMS Sirius , four storeships , the armed tender Supply , the Golden Grove , Borrowdale, Fishburn and six transports . The fleet assembled at Mother Bank , the Isle of Wight , later arriving at Cape Town to take aboard plants , fruit trees and animals . The HMS Supply , along with the ships Scarborough , Friendship and Alexander sailed ahead of the fleet , first sighting the NSW coast on the 3rd of January , 1788 . They arrived at Botany Bay on the 18th of January , where upon anchoring , it was discovered there was no fresh water locally available . When the rest of the fleet arrived early on the 19th , much to Phillip’ surprise, it was decided to go further north , to Port Jackson , now known as Sydney Harbour .

There , they were to find a lush , pristine forest in a cove fed by a stream , now called the Tank Stream . This is where they decided to settle . A formal flag raising ceremony was held by Arthur Phillip on the shore to proclaim the Colony of New South Wales , in the name of the King of England on the 26th of January , 1788 . This day is now celebrated as Australia Day. Captain Arthur Phillip was later to name the cove they landed at Sydney Cove , in honor of Thomas Townshend , Baron Sydney [1733-1800] , the minister responsible for the Colony , with later usage dropping the word ’Cove’ .

1808 - The infamous Rum Rebellion overthrows the then Governor , William Bligh - 1840 - Due to pressure from the citizens of Sydney , England stops transport of prisoners - 1842 - Sydney becomes a City - 1852 - Gold discovered ! Massive influx of people from all over the world seeking their fortune . 1888 - Town Hall opened - 1901 - Australia becomes a Commonwealth - 1932 - Sydney Harbour Bridge opened , and perhaps the last great public event in the life of Charles Court Rice .

A steel arch bridge that carries rail , vehicular & pedestrian traffic between the Sydney central business district and the North Shore . The bridge is locally nicknamed ‘the Coathanger’ because of its arch-based design . It was designed and built by Dorman Long & Co Ltd - Middlesbrough Teesside and Cleveland Bridge , Darlington, County Durham .

According to Guinness World Records , it is the world's widest long-span bridge and it is tallest steel arch bridge , measuring 430 feet from top to water level and was with 1650 feet also the then second-longest spanning-arch bridge in the world after the Bayonne Bridge of New Jersey US built in 1931 [1654 ft] .