Thomas Carr  , breeder of Charles H Mason' ch Salisbury , grandson to Miss Aglionby' Lufra

Ch Salisbury (late 'Leo') b ’77 was bred by Thomas Carr b ’21 , of 24 Hanover Street Keighley.  Mr Hugh Dalziel in his ‘British Dogs’ thurified him as   –  ‘a young dog, made his mark at Northern shows, taking the place of that grand dog The Colonel, after the death of that dog.’ -   according to the Census ’81 a ‘reed & heald maker’ employing 6 hands ; reed & heald making is part  of weaving , ie the Reed is like a comb and its purpose was to control the separation of the warp threads , the heald being the part of the loom which moves the thread up & down .  Thomas Carr' father b 1791 was gunsmith and there's a Keighley research source which mentions a William Carr , Reed & Heald maker , native of Scorton nr Preston . In an attempt to make his fortune as a mechanic he moved to Keighley taking a house (later known as the Golden Fleece Inn) in 1790 where he had his mechanics shop & smithy .  So , perhaps this William might have been Thomas adventurous grandad !

The KCSB boasts ch Salisbury' extensive pedigree - 'out of Victor’ Duchess sired by Monarch ; paternal granddam Lufra was sis to ch’s Briton & Hector bred by Miss Aglionby , maternal grandam Beldam was sis to ch Turk , his paternal grandsire Lion  was sired by ch King & grandsired by Lukey’ Governor’ son Harold , his maternal grandsire Victor was sired by Hanbury’ Prince & grandsired by Lukey Governor .' Ch Salisbury was owned by Charles H Mason b ’44 Hull Yorks son of James M- fishmonger , Charles profession ‘whitesmith (tin)  & bellhanger’ of 50 Ashley Street Horton Bradford in ‘81 . Later on CH Mason emigrated to the States taking with him  a number of prize dogs , a/o Pointers & his Mastiff ch Salisbury. Robert Watson' The Dog Book mentions a/o - 'In 1881 at New York Jack’ son Grim won from Gurth [The Shah ex Big Ben’ Mab] , a big coarse dog , straight behind , and in third place came Salisbury , born end ‘77, Mr CH Mason’ big English winner. Salisbury was worth more than all the rest of the Mastiffs at the show . It was generally understood that the judge explained his decision by saying he had never seen such a dog before . Creole , even more pronounced in type , took the bitch prize , showing that the judge was an apt pupil . ' Note - Ch Creole b May '74 was bred by Rev WJ Mellor out of Big Ben' Duchess sired by ch Wolsey' brother Prince .

Mr Martorell & Miss Aglionby ch Empress

Miss Aglionby’ fawn Ch Empress b ’67 – Crystal Palace 1st ’70  & , Nottingham 1st prize ’72 , Manchester Belle Vue 2nd prize ’69 & ’72 , Crystal Palace ’73 champion class . Her sis Marguerite became Octavius Green’ ch Monarch’ maternal grandam .

Breeder was Mr Martorell - out of his Duchess (Nichols Quaker x Martorell’ Countess – Bill George Tiger x Andell Leo’ Juno) sired by Martorell’ Lyme Hall Sultan ; his Countess being closely related to Hanbury ch Duchess – Bill George’ Tiger x Ansdell Leo’ Empress . Most probably it goes here about Charles Ramon Martorell b ‘33 London and according to Census ’61 Confectioner & shop keeper at 31 Upper Seymour Street off Portman Square Marylebone – London , married to Amina b ‘33 Liverpool whereas the  Census ’71 lists him as ‘restaurant proprietor’ at 15 Castle-street  (see illustration here below) , hundred yards away from Liverpool Town Hall . His son Ramon Mariano M- died in ‘70 at Marylebone  , Charles himself at Pancras in ’83 & his wife Amina in ‘52 at Salisbury .

Mr Martorell also bred Grand Duchess b ’70 out of his Lyme Hall Sultan’ daughter Duchess sired by ch Turk ; Grand Duchess was owned by James Waddell b ’48 Madeira who married the daughter of a London produce broker Ellen Grace Dart ; their residence in the early 1870s was Lark Hill lane West Derby Liverpool , ie Lisburn Farmer 52 acres , 3 labourers & 1 boy .

Another ch Empress

Mr Frederick Kay’ fawn ch Empress b ’69 was bred by Mr F Waller out of Duchess sired by ch Turk ; Duchess by Harold by Lukey’ Governor . This Empress is listed in the KCSB as – ‘winner of prizes at over thirty shows’ ! Frederick Kay , b ’37 calico printer , was the son of Robert Kay ’09-’73 , head ‘calico printers , dyers & finishers’  employing 76 people at Trows lane Blue Pitts aka Castleton nr Manchester . Frederick Kay died justly  before his father’ decease and Frederick’ wife Alice Rostron Kay being the inheritor of ‘Robert Kay & Sons printworks’ .