Charles Bamford of Impington Hall


Born in Hull on February 6th 1839 as the son of Charles Bamford Sr & Ann née Holmes . At the time of Charles' birth his father is described as a Hide Merchant (animal skins for leather) . Charles was educated first at the Grammar School in Keigate - Hull before going up to St John' College Cambridge University in ‘56 . On March 12th  ‘63 he married Henrietta Victoria Balls b ’38 , daughter of Charles Balls of Cambridge - JP, Deputy Lieutenant & Cashier at Savings Bank – while in ‘64 her sister Grace Emmeline b ‘43 married Mr Smith Howlett Rowley , county road surveyor residing at Abbey Farm – Histon . In ‘64 at the age of just twenty-five Cambridge University student , Charles Bamford [see cabinet photograph] purchased Impington Hall from the Pine-Coffin family .

While at Cambridge University Charles became a considerably wealthy gentleman inheriting both the fortunes of his father who died at the age of just 42 on January 24th  1857 and his grandfather Charles , a wine merchant , who died on May 15th  1860 aged 62 .

Having purchased Impington Hall , he had the Hall encased in red brick , a new wing added that included a brew house , and built a new lodge , Saunders' farm and a game keeper' cottage near King' Hedges . He fenced off the Park and stocked it with deer ,  pheasants , &c – which never prospered . He also had a carp lake built & stocked .

As a result of which he may have spent much of his fortune and so in 1870 put the Hall up for rent . Two years later he sold it in auction for £26, 500 to William Browne Caldwell . He then appeared to move about a bit before settling in St Cuthbert' Terrace – Bedford , was most extravagant and squandered the rest of his fortune .

He was to die at Springfield House , a private asylum in Kempston nr Bedford on August 24th  1882 from general paralysis . His death certificate describes him as a gentleman . He left a wife , Henrietta who died at the age of 73 in 1911 and four children - Fanny Hylda b ’64 , Charles Frederick b ‘65 , John Holmes b ‘66 & Ella Cecila b ‘69.

The first Kennel Club Stud Books , published early ’74 , mention Wolf was born ’59 & bred by Loftus Leigh Pemberton 1831-’07, firstly owned by MB Wynn before purchased by Chas Bamford whereas the fourth KCSB , related to the show year ’76 , mention the death of Wolf (back in the ownership of MB Wynn) which means Wolf should have lived up to an age of about seventeen years ! But also the KCSB prize wins in ’67 & ’71 and the litters b ’68 & ’69 sired by Wolf 2353 may give rise to have doubt  about the correctness of Wolf’ year of birth , ie ’59 . Note - the KCSB mention 2335 Rufus  (Wolf’ brother) as born in ’61  .

Wolf 2353 progeny – out of Governor’ Phoebe (owned by Henry Balls) resulting in Mr Layton' Phillis b ’68 and purchased by Edgar Hanbury who bred from her three ch’s - Queen, Rajah & Taurus ; Wolf  ex Bathurst Juno – Nancy b ’69 ; Wolf ex J Smith’ Nell – Nell II b ’69 .

Quite interesting to mention Hanbury’ Phillis was bred by a Mr Henry Balls* , perhaps a relative of Charles Bamford’ wife Henrietta Victoria née Balls* ; just for the record , the Edinburgh Gazette Jan ’69 mentions a ‘Henry Balls of Soham – Cambridge , market gardener , dairyman & cowkeeper ‘; this Henry Balls married Harriott Phoebe Etheridge in ’33 .