Dr Lougest

Dr Charles Albert Lougest b '38-07 , the one who brought Black Peter to the States

An article  published in the Dundee Courier and Argus , Monday 13th 1878 ,   mentions in short - Charles Albert Lougest , better known as ‘Dr’ Lougest , of 79 Park Lane Liverpool (note -1 mle away from Pembroke Place) charged with being the father of an illegimate childe of Eliza Thistlewood , aged 21 . Lougest was in business as a herbalist or botanist and styled himself as a doctor . He told her he was not living with his wife who was at Malta and had a child by another man while he (Lougest) was a doctor on board a ship . The magistrates made an order that he should pay five shillings a week towards the maintenance of the child and the defendant said – ‘Then I shall take the case to a higher court ‘.

It was this ‘Dr’  Lougest who became famous in Mastiff circles by specimens such as Imperial Chancellor , Albert Victor & Black Peter. He & his family emigrated to the States in the late 1890s . According to the Census Return 1881 a  'W Lougest' was registered at 11 Daulby street Liverpool [next to Pembroke Place] as born in Germany 1837 , married to Frederica  born in Germany 1848 and having five children Margaret , Ellen & Ellen  , Walter & Henry and as a visitor , Henry Wright born in Germany 1819 being a farmer ; W Lougest’ occupation was ‘medical specialist’ . Soon Dr Lougest took up residence at 42 Pembroke Place Liverpool nearby the Royal Infirmary Building . His first KCSB appearance dated from 1883 when he got 3rd prizes at Crystal Palace & Henley with Ceasar [Edwin Nichols’ Big Ben x Hespa] . His KCSB registered litters ran from August 1882 until 1891 . His first litter was out of Mentor’ Vera sired by ch Wolsey’ son Brindled Vulcan .

It resulted in a/o German Empress from whom he bred his 2nd litter sired by Ilford Caution’ brother Imperial Chancellor ; their daughter Billinge Belle became owned by H Southward of the Unicorn Inn at Billinge nr Wigan. Imperial Chancellor sired also his next litter out of Sailor’ Nina which produced a/o Pembroke Star .

At left  ~ A ‘del.” engraving by W A Donnelly showing a/o Dr CA Lougest heavyweight prize winner, champion Albert Victor [224 lbs] at the Glasgow Canine Club’ Show , April 1887 , under the patronage of the Scottish Kennel Club , founded in 1881 .

Dr Lougest also bred Polly [ ch Prince of Wales’ son Napoleon x Princess Victoria ] ,  Star [ ch Albert Victor x Caesar’ Cecilia ] , Countess [Napoleon x Idloes Countess], General von Moltke , Mona’s Queen , Alice & Ben My Chree [ Napoleon x Gerda bred by the Belgian Reverend Henry Van Doorne ] , Parbuckle [ Imperial Chancellor’ son Prince Albert Victor x Gerda  ] .

His last litter was out of Polly sired by King Dathi resulting in a/o Princess May whom became owned by The Right Honorable William Watts , Justice of Peace ,  who mated her to ch Mark Antony which gave a/o Aunt Chloe who on her turn became dam to Uncle Tom & Kruger [ sire of Lt Colonel Zaccheus Walker’ champions Britain’ Belle & Britain’ Queen ] , both sired by  ch Peter Piper .

Dr  C A Lougest owned also a/o The Lady Hullina [ bred by Edgar Hanbury out of Nina ~ch Wolsey’ brother Prince x ch Punch’ Josephine~  sired by ch Regent ] and Prince William II & Crown Princess [ bred by R H Walker out of ch Prince of Wales’ daughter Princess Scota sired by Imperial Chancellor bred by Richard Cook] .

His most successful prize winners were ch Albert Victor [challenges at Liverpool , Newcastle on Tyne , Bangor & Birkenhead  ‘87] and Napoleon [challenges at Liverpool & Birkenhead ‘88 ] .

Ch Albert Victor [late Lion] , a real Victorian heavyweight specimen [16 stones] , was bred by Mr Lewis Richards Morgan of Mordon House Rhyll - Wales out of Bess unr sired by Big Ben’ grandson Wallace’ Lion and was described  as ~ ‘ large dog , not coarse but rather of  St Bernard conformation , good body , plenty of bone , light eye , more squareness in muzzle , not perfect on his legs being slightly cowhocked , moves well .’

Later on Dr C A Lougest became also a patent medicine manufacturer who emigrated in the 1890ties to the States accompanied by a/o ch Holland’ Black Boy’ brother , the blind Black Peter , Maggie Murphy , a female bred by WN Higgs out of ch Beaufort’ daughter Coombe Biddy sired by ch Constable’ son Dick Constable who also grandsired Blondin [2 cc’s] bred by the agent of a Sewing Machinery Manufactury , A J Thorpe & some Bloodhounds . He and his family settled at  Boston , Massachusetts ; his city residence being 313 Columbus Avenue , his country place & kennels at Mount Vernon Farm , Union Street - Franklin, some twenty mls away from Boston city .

According to the standard work ‘ Social Medicine in the United States 1717-1917 ‘  , there’s a reference to Charles A Lougest , physician at 313 Columbus Avenue Boston, as the author of  a book – ‘ Read , mark and learn - Or guide to marriage , a medical treatise on consumption and nervous debility, embracing physiological admonitions to the married and single of both sexes , also indicating by which means human race may be made happy, healthy and vigorous ; by Lougest & Co - European Medical Depot [Boston c 1893] . ‘ Lougest & Co specialises in the treatment of the constitutional effects of masturbation , spermatorrhea and sexually tranmitted diseases . Patients are encouraged to apply in person to Dr Lougest at his Columbus Ave office , or to forward a description of their symptoms through the mail . Treatment relies on remedial agencies provided by Lougest & Co . Charles A Lougest appears in the first edition of Polk’ Medical & Surgical Directory of the United States [1886] and is last listed in the ninth edition [1906] , the year he passed away .’

Dr Lougest  exported Imperial Chancellor [to Charles C Marshall of New Jersey]  , German Princess [ to Mr Hays of New York City ] , the extraordinary English champion daughter of ch Beau , namely Cambrian Princess   [ to E H Moore of Melrose ~ Massachusetts ] & Gerda to J L Winchell of Fair Haven - Vermont  , who bred from her a litter sired by ch Beaufort containing a/o ch Beaufort’ Black PrinceJ . JL Winchell was also famous for his strain of Bloodhounds , a/o Brough , Judith & Victor [ source ~ Lesleys Weekly of January 25th , 1894] .

‘De Nederlandsche Jager’ (The Dutch Hunter) was a journal published by Aebele E Kluwer 1861-1933 ; his name still lives on till present-day in  the ‘Wolters Kluwer ‘ publishing house . The illustration is also to be found in the Crufts Catalogue of 1898 subtitled as – Mr L Dobbelmann’  Eldee’ Duke & Black Peter  ; the year before the Crufts Catalogue mentions Black Peter for sale at £200 .

Mrs Liesbeth Wezelaar-Dobbelmann  ,  b Apeldoorn 1917 - d A’dam 2003 -, medalist , sculptor & fine art drawer (pupil of Jan Bronner) , authored the biographical work dd ’97 about her grandfather Louis Dobbelmann and stated therein the painting was made by ‘Gerstenhauer’ !

Johan Georg Gerstenhauer Zimmermann was born at Amsterdam May 5th 1858 , lived at Rotterdam & The Hague and died in 1931 at Utrecht . Educated at the State Academy of Amsterdam and pupil of Jan Adam Kruseman 1804-‘62 . Gerstenhauer was a genre- & portrait painter , drawer & lithographer and his works are to be found in the Boymans-van Beuningen Museum at Rotterdam but there are also many picture postcards drawn by him which present mostly rural scenes including people & domestic animals , a/o dogs .

At right a photograph taken from Count Henry de Bylandt' Races  des Chiens published in 1904 ; it may indicate the level of realism in the hereabove painting  by the artist JG Gerstenhauer.