Edgar Hanbury

Edgar Hanbury 1834 - 1917

Mr Hanbury was a respected show judge from the early days of dog shows , influential member of the Mastiff Breeding Club having MB Wynn as its Honorary Secretary & Tresaurer and in 1883 an attendant at the OEMC inauguration meeting  at the Crystal Palace and his succesfull bloodlines were eagerly sought after in the golden  1880ties .

It could be possible that in his earlier years Edgar Hanbury lived in London as his father was involved in , except Whitbread , the then largest brewery of Britain called ‘Black Eagle’ , situated in Whitechapel’ Brick Lane ‘Spitalfields’ at the junction of Hanbury street where one of the Jack the Ripper’ victims was found at house No 29 just across from Spitalfields market , all the others [a/o Mary An ‘Polly’ Nichols] within a vicinity of seven hundred yards .

From 1874 his residence was given as ‘Eastrop Grange , Highworth ~ Wiltshire‘.  Highworth , being a small market town in the northern outskirts of Swindon , did not begin to grow rapidly until the mid-nineteenth century when the Great Western Railway came to Swindon and linked by rail to Highworth . This provided jobs and so did the coming of a carpet factory .

His first stud Leo , claimed to have been from Lyme Hall origin , was owned by the great painter Richard Ansdell who lived a long time at Kensington , nearby the well known Mastiff breeder , Edwin Nichols of Kensington ~ London . Edgar Hanbury’ second litter was by London’ first class specimen  Bill George’ Tiger resulting in the first breed champion  ‘Duchess‘ whom he mated to another London’ renowned stud ,  Lukey’ Governor resulting in a/o Prince & Phoebe as offspring .

Prize winners at the National Birmingham  Show from The Illustrated London News December 15th  1860 displaying a/o Empress KCSB 2370 [at the right side] bred by Hanbury out of Countess sired by Ansdell’ Leo [presumably figuring in his ‘Poacher’ painting] . Empress [2370] became the dam of the 1st breed champion ,  Duchess [see head study in the centre]  and at right  ch Duchess  f4 progeny ch Pontiff .

Phoebe was sold to Mr Balls who crossed her with Wolf , a son of  Bill George’ Tiger out of the unrecorded Pemberton’ Whynot . Their brindle  daughter Phillis became owned by Mr Edgar Hanbury.  In 1870 he mated Phillis twice , the one to Druid , owned by Mr FJD Lindoe , R E , of Bournemouth . The litter contained a/o the brindle champion Queen  and the other to Griffin , a son of Prince [Phoebe’ brother] out of Rowe’ Nell [ch King’ sis]  which gave champion Rajah - the latter according to a then advert a rich fallow weighing 140 lb or merely ca 63 kgs -.  A year later he mated Phillis to champion King , their son Taurus was made up by J. Elwell of Bromwich . This makes from Hanbury’ Phillis an absolute unique brood , producing three champions, each sired by a different stud within two years . In 1872 & 1873 he mated Queen to Rajah which gave firstly Prince , owned by Mr Edwin Nichols and secondly champion Wolsey , owned by Baron Banbury of Grosvenor Square , London. His last litter of notion was the one out of champion Cardinal’ dam , namely Wolsey’s Princess mated to her grandsire Rajah resulting in his sixth homebred champion  Mark H Beaufoy’ Pontiff  b  May 1879.

Young Prince , one of the great breed mysteries

Although the then general opinion amongst fanciers that ch Crown Prince was sired by the well known ch The Emperor , it’s an almost unknown stud called Young Prince [without KC No] who’s the KC registered sire of ch Crown Prince .

Young Prince sired only one other KC registered offspring , namely Lena III out of Lena II , a brood owned by T H Rawcliffe of Bootle , a Cumbrian village near the coast line . Lena III was purchased by  T Birch of Bow , East London and bred from her a litter sired by ch Orlando’ son Gelert , containing a/o Princess Alexandra Victoria who got 3rd prizes at Brighton & Chelmsford in 1890 .

Studying Young Prince’ pedigree , there’s a three quarter ‘Hanbury impact’ – his sire was ch Wolsey’ older brother Prince [who also sired Mark Beaufoy’ ch Beau] and his dam Venus was out of ch Rajah’ sis Juno sired by a Monarch without given parentage ; one only can guess here , as there were probably quite many unregistered Mastiffs called Monarch but the KC Stud Books mention the following ones - Rev MB Wynn’ Monarch , b 1867 – Octavius Green’ ch Monarch, b 1871 – W Taylor’ Monarch , b 1872 – G Harry Parke’ Monarch , b 1876 , the latter is quite of interest .

According to the KCSB ‘80 this ‘Monarch’ was bred by a Mr J Wilson out of Phillis [Old Wolf x Phoebe] sired by King , not ch King himself  , but a stud sired by ch Taurus [ch King ex Hanbury’ Phillis] ; fact is that Phillis [Wolf x Phoebe] was born in ‘68 and produced three litters for Edgar Hanbury in 1870/’71 . If Phillis was born at the end of 1868 and gave birth to this Monarch early 1876 , then she should have been seven years old !

And if it should have been this Monarch who grandsired Young Prince , than one could state that ‘wretched Young Prince’ was fully linebred along the Hanbury’ stock . Young Prince was owned by Mr W Burnell [ Wells Road in the Goldhawk Road area of Shepherds Bush , West of London City ] , a fancier without any substantial link to the Mastiff breed other  than the fact that he was the centre of doubtful interest regarding ch Crown Prince’ parentage .

EDGAR HANBURY  [ 1834 – 1917 ] His ancestry

The many branches of the Hanbury Family in England are all descended from Roger de Hanbury & Guy de Hanbury of Worcestershire, circa 1182 . Geoffrey de Hanbury held one-fourth of a Knight' fee in 1299 and was bailiff and executor of Bishop Gifford of Worcester in 1300/1305 .

The Manor of Hanbury lies 3 miles East of Droitwich [Forbes Winslow’ G7 ascent was Edward Winslow of Droitwich] and at the time of the Doomsday survey belonged to the Bishopric of Worcester , and so remained until the time of Queen Elizabeth when the Manor and Advowson passed to the Crown in 1562 , in exchange for certain tithes .

The original Hanbury’s held their lands in fief from the Bishop of Worcester . Henry de Hanbury, circa 1290/1361 , Knight of the Shire and Justice of the County .

Philip Hanbury [1582-1651] followed the example of a kinsman and in 1598 left Elmley Lovett for Pontypool , Monmouthshire , where he became interested in a foundry .  He gradually acquired property in Llanvihangel , Pontymoil and Panteg , finally settling at Panteg and founding the Hanburys of Panteg and Pontymoil.

Edgar’ G7 Richard Hanbury I 1610-1695 chose to dwell in Pontymoil , South Wales , and was one of the earliest members of the Society of Friends [Quakers] in England .

George Fox , who founded the Society about 1649, visited him twice - 1651 and 1657.  In Fox's diary for 1657 appears the entry -‘Rode to Pontamile to Richard Hanbury where there was a great meetinge and there came another Justice of Peace and several great people to it; and there understandings were opened by ye Lord's spirit and power.’ Richard' garden became the Quaker graveyard ; and the next four or five generations of Hanbury’ continued to be Quakers . George C Fox was one of a family of notable Quaker shippers ; Captain Cook served his apprenticeship on a ship owned by the Quaker , John Walker .

Edgar’ G6 Richard Hanbury II 1647-1714 had no children by his first wife , Katherine Ford .  His second wife , Mary, who is buried beside him in the Quaker cemetery in Pontymoil , gave his four sons – Charles, Capel , Joseph and Basil . 

Capel' line became the Hanburys of London and it was his descendant Sir Thomas Hanbury , a successful Shanghai merchant , who in the 1860ties acquired ‘La Mortola’ on a small headland of the Italian Riviera , making it a famous garden spot visited by many of Europe's Royalty .  Ultimately it was bequeathed to the Italian Government . 

Richard Hanbury II was buried beside the Friends' Meeting House there . Capel’daughter Elisabeth married in 1743 the Mastiff breeder Mark Hanbury Beaufoy’ great-grandfather Mark Beaufoy !

Edgar’ G5 Charles Hanbury [1677-1735] married in 1699 Grace Beadles [U 1710] ; they had two sons , John & Richard .

Edgar’ G4  John Hanbury 1700-'58 ‘of Llanvihangel and Tower Street London’ .  As a young man , he left Monmouthshire for London , established himself in Tower Street and in partnership with his cousin Capel Hanbury of Mark Lane , built up a business in Virginia tobacco , becoming known ere long throughout Europe as the greatest tobacco merchant of his day.

About 1730 , when 30 years of age, he married Anna Osgood, a Quaker like himself , daughter of Henry Osgood of Plough Court , London , and of Holfield Grange  Coggeshall [fifty miles north-east of London city] through whom the beautiful estate of Holfield Grange came into the Hanbury family .  They had one son , Osgood Hanbury, born 1731 , and two daughters, Elisabeth and Anna .

Besides his large operations in Virginia tobacco , John Hanbury played an important part in the development of that young colony , being instrumental in planning and undertaking the extension of British trade beyond the mountains and settlement of the countries upon the Ohio .  He obtained for himself and fellow petitioners a grant of 500,000 acres of land between Romanettos and Buffalo Creek on the South side of the River Alligam on which to settle 100 families who were also to build a fort for their protection . Many , possibly all , of these settlers appear to have been Quakers . Two of John Hanbury’ ships, the ‘Osgood’ and the ‘Fishburn’, were commandeered as transports and arrived at the mouth of the James River on March 2, 1755 , ‘after a most agreeable passage of six weeks and four days’ .  David Barclay , the son of the celebrated Apologist of the Quakers made a fortune from a/o Hanbury’ American trade .

Edgar’ great-grandfather Osgood Hanbury I 1731-1784 inherited Holfield Grange and continued his father's prosperous tobacco business .  Like both his parents he was a Quaker .  He married Mary [Molly] Lloyd of Birmingham [died 1770] and had five sons – John , Osgood II , Charles , Richard &  Sampson [of Hanbury Street] .  John died at 16 making Osgood II the heir to Holfield Grange . Charles founded the Hanburys of Halstead . Sampson [1769-1835] married Agatha , daughter of Richard Guerney of Keswick Hall , Norfolk , and in 1789 he became director of the ‘Black Eagle Truman’ Brewery. About the year 1800 he bought ‘Poles’ , a large estate with an imposing mansion and beautiful deer-park near Thundridge , Hertford-shire .  From 1799 to 1830 he was Master of the Puckeridge Hounds.  Having no children , he left ‘Poles’ to his widow Agatha .

Edgar’ grandfather ~ Osgood Hanbury II 1765-1852 inherited Holfield Grange in 1784 ; and in 1789 married Susannah Willett Barclay , daughter of John Barclay the London Quaker banker [David’ grandson] who was a descendant of King James II . Osgood was himself a London banker , a partner in Barnett , Hoare , Hanbury & Lloyd  founded at Birmingham in 1756 ; later on it became ‘Lloyd’s .  He was at one time the richest tobacco merchant in the world .  Osgood II and Susannah had six sons , Osgood III , Robert , Henry, Sampson , Philip and Arthur. Osgood III inherited Holfield Grange as did his son and grandson , both named Osgood , the last of whom died 6 days after his marriage in 1889 to his cousin Flora Tower ; and Holfield Grange passed out of the Hanbury family to her second husband , Reginald Duke Hill . Of his brothers , Robert follows next .

Edgar’ father ~ Robert Hanbury I [1798-1884] became the senior partner in Truman, Hanbury, Buxton & Co. managing the Black Eagle brewery at Whitechapel [from 1873 also brewed at Burton on Trent] .  On the death of his Aunt Agatha in 1847, he inherited his uncle Sampson' beautiful estate ‘Poles’ , where he died in 1884 . He was a JP of Hertfordshire & a Deputy Lieutenant ; also High Sheriff of the County . Together with Anthony Ashley Cooper , 7th Earl of Shaftsbury , Lord Ebury and others , Robert assisted in founding the Church of England Scripture Reading Association . 

Robert Hanbury I also built and endowed two churches . From all of which it seems that Robert had abandoned the Quaker beliefs of his forbears . He married in 1819 his cousin Emily Willett Hall [died 1847] and they had five sons ~

Edgar’ brother ~ Robert II 1823-1867 became a partner in his father' firm , Truman , Hanbury , Burton & Co. and lived at 10 Upper Grosvenor Street , London , where he died .  He was from 1857 to 1865 Member of Parliament for Middlesex . 

Edgar’ brother ~ Charles founded the Hanburys of Belmont , Herts , and Strathgarve , Dingwall , Ross-shire;  he had 4 sons , Harold , John Mackensie , Basil and David . 

Through Harold' early death, John became heir and had a beautiful place called Rylands at Chelmsford , Essex , the house containing a hundred rooms . 

Edgar’ brother ~ George founded the Hanburys of Blythewood , Maidenhead , Bucks ; he had 3 sons ~ Reginald , Lionel and Robert  ;

Edgar himself [ February 5th  1834 at Clapton 3 miles NE of London city - October 12th  1917 ] was educated at Brighton College [Brighton] & Trinity College [Cambridge] and became Justice of Peace . Edgar founded the Hanburys of Eastrop Grange , Highworth [see above at right] ;  he married to Caroline Kingscote [1841-1974] and they had eight children ~ Ethel , Bernard , Maud , Cecil , Sybil , Beatrice , Evelyn & Caryl ; his second wife Rose Octavia , daughter of Rev George Somerset [rector of St. Mabyn , Cornwall & grandson of the 5th Duke of Beaufort , Henry Somerset ] died in 1887.

Edgar’ brother Guerney was a Captain in the 8th Hussars [King's Royal Irish ~ of the twelve hussar regiments in the British Army, this is the only Irish one] who founded the Hanburys of Holmwood Lodge, Ascot ; he had one  son , Everard , of the Scots Greys .

At left ~ uniform of a sergeant of the 8th Hussars ~ in the middle ~ Evan Hanbury b. 1854 ~ at right a scene of big game hunting in India , colony of the British Empire .

Edgar’ nephew ~ Robert II’ son Evan Hanbury b. 1854 took over his father's brewery shares [when his father got the idea that breweries were immoral] and did very well out of them . As a young man , he moved to Braunston Manor House , Oakham , Rutlandshire , where he was a JP and for 26 years Master of the Cottesmore Foxhounds .  He married in ‘86 Mrs Finch [Gwendolin Smith] of Burley-on-the-hill and had one son and one daughter . Robert II’ grandson Evan Hanbury b. ‘87 was killed in WWI .  Robert II’ great- grandson James is now living at Burley-on-the-hill , Manton , Oakham .

Edgar’ nephew ~ Robert II’ 3rd son Anthony Ashley b. 1861 travelled in his bachelor days around the world and did a lot of big game hunting.  He was given the choice of going into the family brewery business – Truman , Hanbury & Buxton  or starting on his own . Unfortunately he chose the latter , going into partnership with Vesey Strong and putting up the capital for a London’ Company, Strong & Hanbury’ Paper merchants .