First KCSB No

The first Kennel Club Stud Book Number for the Mastiff class

Rev Ralph Owen Yearsley bred & owned Anlaf KCSB 2280 , the first numbering the class of Mastiffs within the first Kennel Club Stud Book published in 1874 . Anlaf got 2nd at Birmingham ’72 beaten by Hanbury ch Rajah and 1st at Nottingham ’72 beating AS De Fivas’ Granby & Miss G Russell’ Langsyne , the former sired by ch Turk and the latter by ch Turk’ brother Wolf . Anlaf was going back to THV Lukey’ old strain , his great-grandam Lukey’ Nell was sired to Bill George’ Tiger resulting in Di who mated to ch Turk gave his Chloe with whom he he bred Anlaf sired by a ck King’ son  MB Wynn’ Monarch (see here below at right) .

He was born in London 1842 , MA Trinity College Cambridge & Rector of St Michael' Sutton Bonnington 1866-1913 . He was the eldest son of James Yearsley (see below at right) , an aural surgeon residing at 15 Savile Row - see below in the middle – presently the place of the worls-wide renowned ‘Poole & co Tailors - London. Ralph Owen Yearsley’ family was wealthy , and kept a carriage & pair and several servants , including a gardener who lived in a cottage near the Rectory. Mr Yearsley was a Manager and Correspondent of the National School for many years , and also took an interest in the history of Sutton Bonnington . Dec 1880  , he travelled to New York in the steamship Arizona from Liverpool .

Ralph Owen Yearsley (see at left) privately published in 1902 a little booklet on the history of Sutton Bonnington entitled Our Church and Parish , which he dedicated to the parishioners of the village 'whose constant kindness for many years has won my lasting regard .'

An article by him on St Michael' church was also published in the Thoroton Society Transactions of 1910 .In the window on the south side of the chancel in St Michael' the face of Mary Magdalene is a portrait of the rector's first wife . A brass altar cross commemorates his daughter who died in 1885 aged 14 , and a window was put in the north wall of the chancel in Mr Yearsley' memory after his death in 1917 at Brighton.

In the 1890s , Sunday School treats took place in the Rectory grounds and one such event is described in The Deanery Magazine for August 1891 . One hundred scholars and teachers attended a short service in St Michael' and then marched with flags and banners to the Rectory , where amusements were provided and a 'sumptuous tea' at 4 pm . Each child received a generous gift such as a workbox , fancy basket , inkstand , football , cricket ball , bat , stumps , e&c . The Sutton Brass Band played and the day ended at 9 pm with the National Anthem and cheers for the rector and his wife .

In 1838 his father James Yearsley founded the Metropolitan Ear Institution in London , which developed into the Metropolitan Ear , Nose , & Throat Hospital . It was the first hospital of its kind in the world . Yearsley was the first to practice as an ear , nose , & throat specialist . He showed how the ear had an influence on the nose and throat . He performed many tonsillectomies by removing the tonsil with a small curved surgical knife after seizing it with a sharp hook-like instrument . In 1850 , he wrote that he had operated on 1400 patients . Yearsley came very close to the discovery of adenoids , which was made by Wilhelm Meyer of Copenhagen years later . Yearsley introduced the ‘artificial ear drum’, a small pellet of moistened cotton-wool which assisted the conduction of sound in dry perforations of the tympanic membran. He recommended the use of Eustachian catheterization in the diagnosis and treatment of deafness .

He was the originator & proprietor of the ‘Medical Circular’ from 1852 until it was consolidated with the ‘Dublin Medical Press’ in  1866 . Jointly with two other members of his profession , Dr Tyler Smith and Dr Forbes Benignus Winslow [the father of Dr Forbes Winslow , ch Crown Prince’ owner] he founded that most useful work the ‘Medical Directory’ , becoming its sole proprietor upon the retirement of his two partners

St Michael’ church Sutton Bonnington & ‘Imperator potato crop’ 1890 in the Rectory garden – photograph taken by Reverend Ralph Yearsley , Ernest Beswick kneeling and his father George . Sutton Bonnington being twenty miles west of Scalford where MB Wynn & family resided . Here below Scalford’ St Egelwin the Martyr parish church & Reverend Malcolm Bush  Wynn sitting in the wheelbarrow next to Allington’ Saltwell Chalybeate Spring .