HG Woolmore

Henry George Woolmore 1842 -1904

HG Woolmore [ ’cashier steam shipping Co ‘, vide census 1891 ] resided around 1880 at Chingford Green , three houses away the newly built Railway station visited by Queen Victoria in 1882 on her way to High Beach for the formal ‘opening’ of Epping Forest to the public and also only 200 yards away from Queen Elisabeth I’ hunting lodge . In 1883 he moved to Wrentham villa , Church Road , Leyton , only five miles north east of London city , but also situated in Waltham Forest nearby the banks of the River Lea .

At left ~ Sir John Woolmore [Whitechapel 1756–1838] . It is  possible that Henry G. Woolmore was a  descendant of this Captain in the East India Company’ Marine service ? In 1803 , John Woolmore was elected as Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Constructing the East India docks . 

In 1806 , he  took another step onto the national political arena when he stood for Parliament and he and William Jacob purchased the seat of Westbury from their trustees of the Earl of Abingdon , who needed funds to satisfy his creditors . In his obituary he was described as ‘ an intimate friend and companion of his late Majesty ‘ (William IV ) .

HG Woolmore was one of the most successful Mastiff fanciers of the Victorian era , having bred five [much discussed] champion specimens , ie Crown Prince , Prince Regent , His Majesty Canute, Cambrian Princess & last but not least Peter Piper .

There was some questioning about Crown Prince’ KCSB siring [ Young Prince ]’  . It should be mentioned that Young Prince , ch The Shah (see below at left) and ch The Emperor , although the property of different owners , were at the time under the charge of the kennelman Mr Burnell . Hugh Dalziel has made public  the fact that Mr Evans [ The Emperor’ owner ] & Mr Hull both declare that Burnell distinctly admitted to them that The Emperor was the sire , and it matters little whether Mr Rideout’ statement is correct that he saw Merlin served by The Emperor . In that case Woolmore’ most renowned Mastiff champion Crown Prince was linebred to The Shah having sired both parents [The Emperor & Merlin].

Henry G Woolmore resided from 1883 at Wrentham Villa , Church Road Leyton [probably off the blue point at the ordnance map of 1894] . His first three KCSB registered litters a/o containing four champions , Crown Prince , Prince Regent , His Majesty King Canute & Cambrian Princess were bred at Chingford Green [six mls North] while the ten others were bred here . At Leyton his first litter was a repetition of the Crown Prince combination and his second was a sire/daughter inbreeding ch Beau ex ch Cambrian Princess , the latter later on sold to Mrs Geo Willins of Bradmore House , Hammersmith .

The overview at left may indicate the importance of the sixth litter , namely ch Ilford Chancellor ex Hereward’ daughter Sybil  which gave Chocolate Girl & Jubilee , both broods behind almost all Woolmore' next  litters . While ch Ilford Chancellor' qualities are well described , those of the the litter' dam Sybil do remain only a riddle , ie there's no single show report about her whereas the KCSB mentions her parents as Hereward unr & Venus unr but it didn't withold her to become maternal great-granddam  of that supreme brindle ch Peter Piper . Chocolate Girl gave two litters , one by ch Hotspur [a/o Leyton Dan] and another by Sir Stafford [a/o Maggie May & Selina] .

Her sis Jubilee produced one litter by ch Beaufort , a/o Ellora presented by HG Woolmore at that memorable OEMC show August  1890 . Maggie May gave two litters , one by Carshalton Prince [ch Hotspur x ch Orlando’ Lady Doughty] which contained a/o Lady Sybil while the second was sired by Tom Bowling producing a/o Jonathan [Jan '93 - June '03 - who sired ch Holland’ Black Boy & Black Peter] and Joan [dam to Lyndhurst Jenny who produced ch Marchioness , and to Bywater Black Princess who gave Black Prince 2cc’s , sire to ch Helmsley Defender , Murdered Monarch 2 cc’s & Adam who grandsired champions Brompton Duke , Brompton Duchess , The Scarlet Pimpernel , Young Mary Bull & probably also ch Sam’ Sweetheart].

Another litter a/o Sir Hugo was out of Sir Stafford’ sis Lady Pamela sired by his home stud Tom Bowling who sired also Woolmore’ last KCSB litter out of Maggie May’ sis Selina producing Leyton Jim & ch Peter Piper . Tom Bowling had no KCSB No being only mentioned as sire , by ch Ogilvie 29.233 out of ch Jubilee Beauty 24.940 . Besides his owner , only AW Lucas bred KCSB reg litters sired by Tom Bowling a/o producing the bros Mellnotte [Salisbury 2cc’ sire]  & Invicta [Aubrey Smith’ ch Colonel Cromwell’ sire] and Chieftain who respectively sired twelve , five and one KCSB registered litters .

The Kennel Club Stud Books mentioned fourteen females owned by HG Woolmore from whom nine broods  became broods . First of all Merlin , b ’77 bred by GH Fitzherbert (see former article) of Otford House Sevenoaks  out of Canon F Hichens’ Rupert’ daughter Rhoda sired by ch The Shah . Her brother Saracen got 1st Puppy Class at Alexandra Palace ’77  while a younger brother Saladin got 2nd prize Puppy Class at Alexandra Palace ’78 . Merlin should become dam to champions Crown Prince & Prince Regent .

Deva , b March ’78 [1st at Brighton] , bred by Reverend Canon Frederick G Hichens out of Big Ben’ Mab sired by ch The Shah . This Reverend , residing at Speldhurst , Tunbridge  Wells , was a a priest serving also in Rochester cathedral , vice President of the Canterbury St Stephens cricket club . besides Mab he also owned the famous Rupert , brother to Miss Aglionby Ida who produced a/o Dr Winslow’ Negress . Deva’ brother Gurth got 1st prize Puppy Class at Alexandra Palace ’78 and became later on owned by Mrs Geo Willins of Bradmore house Hammersmith who acquired  also champions Maximilian & Cambrian Princess , both bred by HG Woolmore . there’s no KCSB recorded progeny from Deva , as also not from Woolmore’ Jenny , ch Crown Prince’ sis b ’80 .

His fourth female Modesty b ’80 , bred by Smith out of Countess sired by ch Punch’ grandson Lion , was bought from Messrs Towsley & Carr after Margate 1st prize Puppy Class at Maidstone & 3rd prize puppy Class at Margate ’81 . She produced two champions , His Majesty King Canute owned by Oswald Knott and his own Cambrian Princess .

A next one was Hereward’ Sybil b ’87  mated to ch Ilford Chancellor she gave two worthful broods , Jubilee & Chocolate Girl . Further on he owned Lord Stafford’ sis Lady Pamela b 88 ; Ellora , b 89 Portsmouth  Chelmsford ’90 1st open ’93 2nd open ; Patience , b ‘90 and 1st Puppy Class at Maldon ’91 ; Maggie , b May ‘90 and her daughter Lady Sybil , b ’92 Crufts ’93 1st puppy ; and finally ch Peter Piper’ dam Selina b ’90 who at Crufts’95 complemented Peter Piper’ first Crufts victory with her 3rd prize in Limit Class which was also HG Woolmore’ last KCSB entry .

About Peter Piper’ name there’s some interesting Leyton link . Only some fifty yards away from HG Woolmore’ then Wrentham Villa lies the ‘ Oliver Twist ‘ pub . Oliver Twist was a character of Charles Dickens and so was also Peter Piper in his ‘’The Mystery of Edwin Drood‘ ‘As in the governing precedence of Peter Piper, alleged to have picked the peck of pickled pepper, it was held physically desirable to have evidence of the existence of the peck of pickled pepper which Peter Piper was alleged to have picked .’ which became a nursery rhyme – ‘Peter Piper  picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled peppers  Peter Piper  picked . If Peter Piper  picked a peck of pickled peppers , How many pickled peppers  did Peter Piper pick ? So maybe he got his inspiration after some beers  here in this very pub ... The KCSB mention eight males in HG Woolmore’ possession , none of them sired a single ‘Woolmore‘ litter . Crown Prince’ brother Prince Charlie , maybe sold to James Hutchings of Exeter who bred three litters sired by Charlie ; Black Prince & Prince Rupert bred by himself out of Merlin sired by Beau ; Llewellin bred by himself out of ch Cambrian Princess sired by ch Beau . Champion Crown Prince was auctioned in 1884 within Dr Forbes Winslow’ kennel and knocked down to its breeder for 180 guineas our about £200 for a dog sold by HG Woolmore after winning the Puppy Class -  Alexandra Palace 1880. 

At the momentum of auction Crown Prince had already sired eighteen KCSB registered litters and two of his offspring were already made up – Rosalind owned by Dr Winslow himself and Crown Princess owned by Joseph Royle of Manchester . Back in the ownership of HG Woolmore Crown Prince , besides winning another five championship prizes under whom three at Crystal Palace , sired only two outside litters , one bred by Dr Slatter out of Ilford Idalia , a/o May Queen owned by Miss Rogers of Birch Hall Stockport and one bred by Dr JS Turner , a/o the famous ch Hotspur owned by WK Taunton .

Other own bred owned males were Leyton Dan , 1st prize at Olympia Puppy Class , 3rd prize Crystal Palace  ’89 ; Robin,  2nd Puppy at Maldon ; Sir Hugo , 1st open at Portsmouth ‘93  and finally Peter Piper owned until end ’94 winning the challenge at Crystal Palace but beaten by capt Piddocke’ Lord Overton at Birmingham under Lt Col Zaccheus Walker .

Henry Geo Woolmore vs artist Alfred J Woolmer  ?

The Mastiff breeder Henry George Woolmore is mentioned in following Census Returns -

1861 Mary head W (widow ?) 53y born Guildford Surrey - supported by her son ,  Henry G 19y - Clerk Wharf  born St George in the East - Stepney , address 3 Grove Street Stepney  - 8 mls S of Hornsey ;

1871 Henry Geo 29y 37 Clerk Steam Ship Co , b St George in the East Stepney , wife Emma Jane 27y  , George Alfred son 4y , b Spitalfiels , address Charles Street Mile End Old Town South ;

1881 Henry Geo Woolmore  38y Clerk Cashier Shipping Co , Emma Jane 38y wife , George Alfred 19y son coppersmith, Victoria 8y dau – all born Stepney – address The Green Chingford nr Railway Station & Maddox Court– 10 mls N of Stepney ;

1891 Henry G head 49y cashier Steamship Co born Stepney , Emma Jane 48y born London St Luke , Victoria dau 18y born Stepney – address Wrentham Villa  Church Rd  Leyton - 5 mls S of Chingford ;

1901 Henry Geo Woolmore 59y head Retired living on own means born Middlesex , Emma Jane 57y wife born Middlesex , Emma Jane grandaughter 16y bookfolder binder born Middlesex – address 41 Lea Hall Rd All Churches Leyton  - ½ mile of Wrentham Villa  ;

1911 His son George Alfred Woolmore  coppersmith (copper pans for stewing) b ’63 Spitalfields London married in 1885 Emily b ’66 Stepney , Machinist Waterproof , son George H b ’87 Leyton - coppersmith , daughter Emma Jane Maude Louisa b 12 Oct 1884 Leyton – address George Alfred 46 Pasquier Rd Walthamstow .  Henry George Woolmore died in the 3rd  quarter 1904 , registration district West Ham .

Alfred Joseph Woolmer , b 20th Dec 1805– d 19 April 1892 , was a painter born in Exeter who later on lived in Maida Vale & Hornsey and died in London .  He studied in Italy and painted genre subjects in the manner of Watteau . He was a member of the Society of British artists and exhibited three hundred & fifty five paintings at Suffolk Street . He also exhibited at the British Institution & the Royal Academy between 1827-1850 .

Census Return 1851 Alfred Woolmer Artist poetical & historical – Landscape painter  born Chelsea , Mary wife 35y  born London & Henry son 9y scholar at home born Middlessex Kentish town - address 75 Fortis Green Hornsey ; 1861 Alfred Woolmer poetical & landscape painter Member of the Soc of British Artists born Middlesex Paddington , Mary Ann wife 42 born Paddington & Alfred 5y son born Finchley - address Fortis GreenHornsey ; 1881 Alfred J Woolmer painter artist born Chelsea , Jane A Herdkin 48y niece born London , Henry J Herdkin 56y nephew clerk Bank of England born Surrey Newington , Sarah Marks 27 domestic servant born Bucks Wycombe , address The Limes Dartmouth Avenue Brookfield St Anne Maryle bone London ; 1891 Alfred J Woolmer   Artist Painter RSBA  born ?? Pimlico London .


There are to be found individuals alternately named Woolmore or Woolmer in the successive Census Returns , so it’s possible Henry George Woolmore was related (nephew ?) to the artist Alfred Joseph Woolmer ; the latter had a son called 'Henry' of about the same age as Henry George Woolmore whose own son was called 'George Alfred' ; in 1861 Henry George Woolmore  resided at Stepney  , only 8 mls away from the artist’ then residence .

Below - Interior of the British Institution - Old Master Exhibition, Summer 1832 - , 1833 , oil on canvas by Alfred Joseph Woolmer 1805-1892 – and two other works by him .