John Kingsford Field - breeder of Cautley Quaker' grandson ch King

JK Field aka John Kingsford Field , the breeder of the well known ch King [owned by Edward Field] , was  a member of the firm of JC & J Field of Upper Marsh - Lambeth , wax bleachers . He purchased his brood ‘Nell’ from Edwin Nichols who bred her out of Garrett’ Nell , daughter to Lord Darnley’ Nell supposed to be of partly Bull origin, sired by the Mastiff of the day Cautley Quaker .

In 1865 he mated his Nell to Lukey’ Governor’ son Rufus which produced the important stud & favorite of MB Wynne – ch King ;  JK Field’ Nell produced Rev Rowe’ Donna – ch King’ half sis - sired by her nephew Nichols’ Quaker . Rev Rowe mated Donna to her half brother Leo which gave ch Stella whose pedigree shows do-called ‘bully’ Lord Darnley’ Nell not less than three times F 4-5-5 .

Hereabove at left - part of a painting by the famous animalier artist Harrison Wm Weir depicting  Field' ch King  ; at right - part of a tableau drawn by Samuel John Carter depicting prize winners at Crystal Palace July 1870 at which show Field'  ch King got the champion breed prize ; yet the Mastiff pictured therein is his son Baron 1st Open Class bred/owned by Mr T H V  Lukey.

JC & J Field of 15 Upper Marsh – Lambeth (off Waterloo Station) was founded by Thomas Field of Lambeth before 1642 . John Field was listed as a wax-chandler of Lambeth in 1768 . The firm were listed as wax-chandler to the Prince Regent in 1820 and had a shop in Wigmore Street between about 1820 - ‘61 . The title of John , Charles & John Field was adopted about 1830 . Soap manufacture began in Lower Fore Sweet , Lambeth in the mid-1840s and was moved to Bermondsey New Road in the late 1850s . Nightlights were listed among the firm’s products in 1853 and candles were listed soon after . Its specialties were self-snuffing candles ‘fit any candlestick’ and ‘Ozokerit’ candles for tropical climates . 1876 - Trademarks were registered for the company  now known as candle manufacturers by Arthur Field ,  his business partners Frederick Field & John Kingsford Field . The ‘Ozokerit’ refining process was apparently the cornerstone of the candle business . The Fields had a Battersea factory ‘Ozokerit Works’ which was on the riverside between Battersea - & Albert Bridge .

The company was registered as JC & J Field Ltd in 1887 and the final member of the Field family left the board soon afterwards . Land for a factory at Rainham - Essex, was obtained in 1903 . The manufacture of household soap started in 1907 . The firm ceased to describe themselves as wax-chandlers in 1912 . In 1935 toilet preparations were taken up as a new line .

Here below a poster of the ‘Royal Canterbury Theatre of Varieties’ situated at Upper Marsh Lambeth next to JC & J Field Ltd and an article annex adverts in regard to Field' candle works .