JW Thompson

Mr Wynne' champion - James Wigglesworth Thompson  1818-1875

MB Wynne mentions him in his book as being – ‘of St Ann’s Southowram  and grandson to Commissioner Thompson , living  at St Ann’s on the site of the ancient chapel of St Ann’s in the Briers in the parish of Southowram’ . England & Wales  Death Index 1837-1915 mentions his birth  abt 1818  & Death  Jun 1875 – Halifax (according to MB Wynne on 15th April) .

According to Calderdale Companion 'St Ann's in the Grove' , Brookfoot Lane – Southowram House was owned by members of the Thompson family including a/o William Thompson [17??] & John Thompson [17??-18??] . Note about St Ann’s in the grove - the house was demolished in 1934 after the east wing had collapsed; the 18th  century stable-block was converted into houses (see pic) . Furthermore it says Joseph Thompson’ son John Thompson of Saint Ann's in the Grove Southowram married Anna Holdsworth 1772-1854 , according to the ‘marriage reports’ the last surviving daughter of the late Thomas Holdsworth of Ashday Hall , Ashday Lane - Southowram .

In case this information is correct , then James Wigglesworth Thompson was the son of John Thompson & Anna Holdsworth while his grandfather ‘Joseph’ Thompson was the Commissioner who bred Mastiffs around 1800 . Here below an extract of the Ormonde pedigree .

MB Wynne reported–   ‘From this Bold (of Bold Hall) and Commissioner Thompson’ Rose was born 1815/16 Lion a dark brindle dog given to Mr Holdsworth of Ashdale (sic) Hall nr Elland’ who was Mr Thompson’ relative by marriage . Rose , about 27 inches high of a dark silver brindle color with white blaze upon the face, was purchased by Mr Thompson about 1813 from some canal boatmen although he suspected they had stolen her from him '. 

‘In 1832 James Wigglesworth Thompson was quite a young lad , only about fourteen years of age and then living with his widowed mother when he first started keeping Mastiffs’ - ‘Juno was bought from Bill George by my brother’. This should mean his father John died before 1832 and James had an older brother while their mother Anna was at that time about sixty years of age .

MB Wynne has done a great lot of linebreeding towards ch King grandsired by Quaker b 1859 , the latter perhaps the most important Mastiff bred by JW Thompson , ie out of Sir Armytage Tiger’ daughter Duchess sired by Ackroyd Dan’ son Saladin; his 5th G ancestry - Sir E Wilmott’ Lion may be owned by Sir John Eardley-Wilmot 1783–1847 1st  Bart .

Quaker was owned by Henry Cautley of Cross Hall Bruntcliffe Rd Morley ; Henry Cautley b 1837–1893 of  Bramley , Burton Place & Burton Pidsea   , married Mary Ellen Strother of Killinghall – Yorks . Quote re Burton Pidsea – ‘The tithe rent-charge (according to the old modus) is £142 ; the Ecclesiastical Commissioners pay annually £64 and the rector also receives a rent-charge of £25 on the old glebe lands conveyed by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners to the Clapham family and now in the possession of Mr Henry Cautley who is also the lay impropriator’ .

Their son Henry Strother Cautley , Baron Cautley  b Cross Hall 9th  Dec 1863-1946 , known as Sir Henry Cautley, was a British barrister , judge & Conservative politician , educated at Charterhouse School & King' College - Cambridge and was later called to the Bar, Middle Temple . Their other son Edmund b ’78 physician ‘ educated Charterhouse & King' College -Cambridge ; married Evelyn Grace Willes - MD, FRCP ; physician to Belgrave Hospital for Children & Metropolitan Hospital , author - The Feeding of Infants ; Address: 15 Upper Brook St – nr Grosvenor Sq London & Burton Pidsea .

Their daughter Katherine married in 1892 Stewart-Smith , b1857, son of Alexander Stewart-Smith , London & Hong Kong ; educated University College and London University ; admitted a solicitor , 1879 ; called to the Bar , 1886 . Published work — A Treatise on Company Law .