Leadenhall cradle

The Leadenhall Market - Cradle of best known Mastiff stud line - was established in the 14th century around a manor house with a lead roof . It became one of the best places in London to buy meat , game, poultry & fish . In 1666 it was destroyed in the Great Fire ; over the next years new buildings were erected on the old site . In Victorian times, this market was very busy, and had different days of the week for meat , fish , leather & hides .

A celebrated character in Leadenhall during the 18th century was 'Old Tom',  a gander which managed to escape execution even though it is recorded that 34,000 geese were slaughtered there in two days . He became a great favourite in the market and was fed at the local inns . After his death in 1835 at the age of 38 , he lay in state in the market and was buried there .’ It was at Leadenhall market Bill George bought Eve from a dealer ;  later on Eve came into the possession of Colonel Garnier who mated her to f1 Adam [of Lyme Hall] , a dog standing 30 ½ inches at the shoulder , good length of body , good muscular shoulders & loins but slightly deficient in depth of body & breadth of forehead , also having a peculiar forward lay of his small ears , maybe as a result of a remote dash of Boarhound …

Their son , F2  Col. Garnier’ Lion , was described by MB Wynn as ~ ‘ A longish headed and somewhat leggy animal , with little pretention to true Mastiff character, showing according to his breeders’ own admission, unmistakeable signs of the boarhound .’ MB Wynn goes on writing ~ ‘ Mr Lukey , in possession of this grand animal [Countess] , failed to mate her judiciously , being carried away with the vulgar error for great size  ; he crossed her with Lion [F2] , a dog bred in America ; the infusion of this mongrel blood nearly ruined Mr Lukey’ dogs …’ [ F3 Governor’ parents ! ] . F3 Lukey’ Governor , according to MB Wynn , ~ ‘appears to have taken after the boarhound type in his progenitor Adam ; Lukey himself admitted the dog’ deficiency of girth of chest and wretched long muzzle ; in fact Governor , grand large dog as he was , nevertheless was unquestionably to long in head and pointed in muzzle , he inherited plainly from his sire the wedge shaped head of the boarhound, Great Dane & Alpine sheepdog type.’ Lukey’ Governor was superseded by his son F4 Hanbury’ Prince [out of Hanbury’ champion Duchess] , the one especially renowned for his bone .

Reverend J Rowe ,  old friend of the Belgian Reverend HKE Van Doorne , mated F4 Hanbury’ Prince  to his Nell , full sis to champion King , resulting in Bellona , owned by Miss Hales , Ursa , owned by Miss Aglionby and finally in F5 Griffin who was chosen by Edgar Hanbury [MB Wynn quoted him as ~ ‘ wresting the premier position from him [Mr Lukey] , a position that clever breeder has honestly held, and well merited , off and on ever since .’] to mate his Phillis [Pemberton’ Wolf ex F4 Hanbury’ Prince’ sis Phoebe] ; the result was the grand headed champion , looked to as the type of the future for people to breed up to .

WH Balleston of Palewell villa , East Sheen ~ London , bred F7, the internationally shown champion The Shah , sired by F6  ch Rajah out of his Ino [Lukey’ champion Beauty’ brother Baron x ch King’ daughter Nell , also grandsired by Lukey’ Harold] .

Mrs Rawlinson’ champion Countess [ch Turk’ son Sultan x Old Flora] was crossed with F7 ch The Shah which gave F8 ch The Emperor , owned by Joseph Evans of London .

Henry Woolmore [most probably] used F8 ch The Emperor to his Merlin , a F7 ch The Shah’ daughter , also going back [along Rupert] to Miss Aglionby’ great bitch champion Lottie [Big Ben x Druid’ daughter Druidess] , her great-grandam ; between their progeny a/o  F9 ch  Crown Prince .

An engraving of ch The Emperor published in an antique German canine book which mentions that , according to Thomas Bewick [1753-1828] , the ‘modern’ Mastiff was the result of crosses between the Bulldog , the Great Dane and the ‘Ban-dog’.

Dr John Sidney Turner  owned a F6  ch Rajah’ daughter , The Lady Rowena , also going back [along Rupert’ sis Ida] to Miss Aglionby’ ch Lottie ! Four litters out of The Lady Rowena were sired by F9  ch Crown Prince , one of the pups being F9 ch Orlando , so famous for his head properties (see above at right) .

Ch Lottie belonged to the most successful brood line ; her sire Big Ben sired also WK Taunton’ ch Cardinal and grandsired MH Beaufoy’ ch Beau [sired by ch Wolsey’ brother Prince] & Dr JS Turner’ Cedric The Saxon [bred out of ch Wolsey’ brother Prince’ Lady] while Lottie’ dam Druidess was halfsis to Hanbury’  brindle champion Queen , ch Wolsey’ dam . One can imagine the Edgar Hanbury’ ch Rajah ex ch Queen combination could have been the centre point of the then breeding for show purpose !

The Belgian Reverend HKE Van Doorne , owner of F10 ch Orlando used him for an inbreeding to ch Orlando’ daughter Hertha , also grandaughter to Dr Turner’ Cedric The Saxon ; their son F11 Orlando II was described as ~ ‘heavy bone , immense chest , large skull , weak hind quarters , moving badly .

Captain Leo Piddocke preferred F11 Orlando II for mateing his ch Montgomery’ daughter Zillah III , also ch Cardinal’ grandaughter ; their son F12 ch Oglivie became the start off of a exceptional line up of brindle champions , a colour very much in favour at the turn of the century . Two years later the Captain bred a litter out of his ch. Victor Hugo’ champion daughter Jubilee Beauty using F12 ch Ogilvie, producing a most unusual quality litter containing a/o champion Brampton Beauty , Stella III [ch Ha Ha’ dam] , Iron Duke [ch Elgiva’ grandsire] & F13 Tom Bowling . Henry Woolmore bought the latter  , F13  Tom Bowling , and bred from him  a/o the quadruple Crufts winner ch Peter Piper & his  unique brother Leyton Jim  , out of his Selina [grandaughter to champions Beaufort & Ilford Chancellor] . Unfortunately this stud line came to an end , so it was through another F13 Tom Bowling’ son the line continued , namely F14 Mellnotte , bred by Arthur W Lucas our of his Di Vernon  [ch Beaufort’ Sir Stafford ex Rev Van Doorne’ ch Jack Thyr or Wodan’ daughter Erna] .

F14 Mellnotte sired a/o Robert Leadbetter’ Prince Sonderburg, bred by J Laquhee out of unr. Nell , who got a challenge award at Scottish Kennel Club Show under Fred Gresham & at Crufts under N Walker Hall. Nevertheless the most successful line up got through F14 Mellnotte’ grandson , the brindle champion Felix , bred by George Cook of Middlesbrough .

Robert Leadbetter’ Prince Sonderburg (see at left) shows a nice bevelled off look but sins in being not cut square off in muzzle , i.o.w. forming a right angle with the upper line of the face ; in order to obtain also ‘ length of muzzle to whole head and face as 1 to 3’ , the muzzle has [approx.] to follow the dotted angle without such a protuding underjaw . His daughter Widmere Winnie got a challenge award at Birkenhead 1908 under Lt Col Zaccheus Walker !