°Patris b ‘31 & bred by Mr G Bennett out of Her Ladyship Pat sired by Alladin – was owned by Mr Percival Thomas Dines b ‘87, of 4 Ullswater Road Barnes. Price £25. ° Kitwells Prince b ’27 & bred by Mrs S Ricardo out of Tillingbounie Mug  sired by ch Westcroft Blaise – was owned by Mr Thomas Henry Riches b ’65-35, colliery owner residing at Kitwells estate Shenley nr St Albans, charming freehold residential property containing 192 acres in a district justly admired for its scenery, and renowned foir its salubrity. He arguably was related to the Bros Osborne & John Riches of the Cambrian Colliery Rhondda Valley. In ’09 he married Katharine Anne née Linnell, widow of the sculptor Thomas Nelson MacLean and grand-daughter of the artist John Linnell. The couple bequeathed a lot of art works to the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge. Arovot’ sis Lady Mary b ’31 & bred by Mr J S Hume, of Wayside Huntington  – out of Dervot Dacia sired by ch Arolite – was owned by Mr George Francis Rippon, of Longthorpe Peterborough. Mr George Francis Rippon married in ’11 Miss Lilian Jessie Johnson.  – at left – Lady Mary & her daughter Longthorpe Lassie sired by Deleval Wulfric. Ch Michael’ sis ° Jennifer Jane of Cinque Ports b ’30 & bred by Mr Frances Samuelson out of Garlinge Lady Jane sired by Goldhawk Imperator – was owned by Mrs George Arthur Harding, of The Retreat  103 North road Hythe  Kent, arguably  referring to The Smugglers Retreat – see at right -, at High street Hythe dating back to 1590; in 1905 Mr George Wire, fishmonger & poulterer, opened up a shop in the building.

° Baron Patrick b ’31 & bred by Mrs G Bennett out of Her Ladyship Pat sired by Aladdin – was owned by Mr R P Taylor, of 34 Lorne Park Road Bournemouth. ° Raymond of Wellington b ‘31 & bred by Mr G Matthews of 40 Wilmington Square Farringdon Road W London – out of Beauty sired by Young Bill – was owned by Mr H R Stiles, of 11 Holford Square W London. ° Goldhawk Monarch b ’31 & bred by Mr F J  Hawkings  out of Goldhawk Fairy sired by Menai Anglesea – see at left - was owned by Mrs E M Griffith. 6 Market Hill Buckingham. Dd ’27 – ‘Boys’ Suits. Ready-to-Wear, always in stock also a fine range in funnel trousers, sort coats, &c - John Thomas Griffith 6 Market Hill.’ – ° Pridzor Peggy b ’31 & bred/owned by Mr V Smith of 11 Hill End Droitwich – out of Pridzor Lady sired by King Agrippa. Kinder Monarch’ sis ° Lilybe b ’31 & bred by Mr Leonard Crook out of Selene sired by ch Hellingly Ajax – was owned by Mr James D Mawdesley of Shrewsbury Road Wem Salop. ° Goldhawk Monarch‘ older sis Verbena was owned by Mr Frederick George Tandy b ’63, AA Scout of 5 Kings Lane Norton near Evesham. ° Pevensey Rex b ’30 & bred by Mrs WM Edger out of Deleval Naida sired by Oakwood Rex – was owned by Mrs C Payne, of Pevensey Norbury Hill SW London. ° Bruno Leon Rincle Bonce b ’29 & bred by Mr F J  Hawkings  out of Goldhawk Fairy  sired by Goldhawk Imperator – was owned by Mrs M E Vincent, of 48 Lordsmead Road Tottenham. Dd ’32 – Mastiff at stud Bruno-Leon, well-known winner, also two fawn bitch puppies for sale, massive bone, good black masks. – ° Deleval Gunhilda b ’29  & bred by Mrs WM Edger out of Deleval Gyda sired by ch Havengore Bill – was owned by Mrs Beatrice Harriet S Williams, of 1 Muston Road Upper Clapton E London.

° Radworthy Rowena b ’29 & bred/owned by  Mrs D J Freeman of Mill Cottage – see centre -  Mitcham - out of Santa Friga sired by ch Arolite.° Rowena’ brother Don Cedric  was owned by Miss Phillis Kathleen May Wyatt b ‘92, of Brynhild Vicarage Lane Felpham nr Bognor Regis. Dd ’46  - ‘Miss P K M Wyatt supervised the North Bovey collection.’ - The Wyatt family can trace its ancestry back to Thomas Wyatt of Flansham nr Felpham, who is listed in the Lay Subsidy Rolls of 1523-24. For several generations they remained a prominent farming and land-owning family in Flansham and Lidsey, and in 1774 the family lands were extended by the purchase of the Courtwick estate in Lyminster by Richard Wyatt. His daughter, Miriam, in 1781 married Hugh Penfold of Steyning and Findon, and their eldest son, Hugh Penfold, of Courtwick and Cissbury, assumed the surname of Wyatt, and, by Royal Sign Manual, quartered the arms of Wyatt with those of Penfold. ° Hellingly Helena b ’29 out of  Hellingly Hecuba dired by ch Cleveland Premier – was owned by Miss Kathleen Sophie Dibben b ’07, of Saxholm Bassett Southampton. She was the daughter of William Dibben Junr –‘31, Company Director of ‘William Dibben & Sons’ est ’74 - dd ‘36 Net profit £30,942 (against £31,591). Contractors of St Mary' Road, Southampton & Lower William street Northam dd ‘49. Builders' and decorators merchants, tool merchants, glass-workers, ironmongers, leaded lights and brick manufacturers. Specialists in steel fabrication, sheet metal work and tiled fireplaces. 1,100 employees dd ’61.° Our Lassie  b ’29 & bred bu Mr H J White out of Psyche sired by  Goodbreed Caesar – see at right - was owned by Mr W Holroyd, 1 Byass Avenue Bridlington, arguably hotel keeper of Belmont Shaw road Blackpool.

° Clarence Queen b ’28 & bred by Mr H T Ettery out of Prunella sired by  King Agrippa was owned by Mr A Trapnell, of 40 Severn Road Weston-super-Mare. ° Havengore Beowulf b ’28  & bred by Mrs WM Edger out of Deleval Gyda sired by ch Havengore Bill – was owned by the Misses M & Kathleen Alberta James, daughters of  Mr Charles Hay James, assistant churchwarden of The Corner Western Avenue Brent N London. Scylla b 27 & bred by Mr I Kenneth out of ch Westcroft Cleopatra sired by ch Westcroft Blaise – was owned by Mr Ernest Richard J Walmsley b ’03, of  Uxmore farm Checkendon nr Reading who also owned ° Hardingham Lady Barbara b ’26 & bred by Mr Vannam-Smith out of Hardingham Lady Joan sired by ch Westcroft Blaise. ° Weird Wood Beau Geste b ’27 & bred by Mr Louis Saveria out of Princess Pat sired by ch Westcroft Blaise was owned by Mrs Sleep, wife of Dr A G Sleep, of Weird Wood  - see centre - New Barn Longfield nr Dartford. ° Beowulf' Chieftain b ’26 & bred by Mrs E Park out of Risebridge Betty sired by ch Master Beowulf – was owned by Mr W G Wright, of 307 High Holborn London WC. ° Emery Down Thoughtful b ’26 & bred by Miss I Bell out of Victoria Menai sired by ch Woden – was owned by Mrs Alfred E Stapley, of Emery Down 8 Arundel road Eastbourne. ° Glencrott Joan b ’25 & bred by Mr A W Merrill out of Beckdale  Amazon sired by Cleveland Chancellor – was owned by Miss D Howland-Tucker, of Wendy Cot Fairseat Sevenoaks, who also owned  Peggy Garde du Corps. Price £200. Anglesea’ brother ° Guiding Comet – see at left -b ’25 & bred by Messrs Thomas & Oliver out of ch Menai Yosemite sired by ch Ashenhurst Cedric - was owned by Mr Luke Walters b ‘73, of Rookery Farm Moor Lane Brierley Hill Staffs. ° Glyncollen King b ’24 & bred by Mr Ambrose Mott out of Pinxton Lady sired by ch King Baldur – was owned by  Captain Joseph Sydney Davies b ’84-48 Glyncollen Morriston nr Swansea, son of  Mr Joseph Davies, proprietor of Upper Forest & Worcester Steel and Tinplate Works est ‘45 by William Hallam, on the site of a gist mill. In ’98 the works were registered as the Upper Forest and Worcester Steel and Tinplate Works Ltd. ° Ormidale Beauty b ’25 & bred by Messrs Thomas & Oliver out of Menai Victoria sired by ch Ashenhurst Cedric – was owned by Mrs W Howe, of Ormidale Rhos-on-Sea North Wales. Her dam Victoria was transferred to Miss Bell who mated her to ch Woden resulting in ch’s Helga & Ursula & Hellingly Lady Here – see at right - ° Victor Sutton Shore b ’25 & bred by Mr R Rakin out of Betty of the Inn sired by Poor Joe – owned by Mr L  Jacobs, of 11 Shore Road South Hackney.

° Longisland Cortez b ’24 & bred by Mr G A Tomlinson out of Peggy Garde du Corps sired by Clayton Bruce – was owned by the Misses Edwards and Colley, of Dorested Kennels Hempstead Road Watford. Siblings ° Longisland Carnival and ° Longisland Cortey were owned by Mr J B Wilcock, of Longisland Kennels Watford Herts. Price £60. ° Mary Countess Brunna b ’24 & bred/owned by  Mr George Penny, of Brooklands – see at left - Garstang Lancs, out of Sally Countess Brunna sired by Macduff. Dd ’43 - A new garden, that Mr George Penny, of  Brooklands Garstang, had been added to be available this year.’ - ° Old Bill b ’24 & bred by Mr R J Burch out of Nancy sired by Poor Joe – was owned by Mrs William Craddock Pycroft, of 123 Park Road Hanover Gate N W London.  Dd ’10 - Old Peterborough King's scholars will be interested to hear of the marriage of Mr Wm Craddock Pycroft, youngest son of Mrs Pycroft, of the Broadway Peterborough, and Miss Vanda Marie Zoe, eldest daughter of Mr/Mrs Sebastian Pietro Innocenzo Adhemar Ziani-de-Ferranti – see centre - b ’64,  electrical, civil & mechanical engineer of Nether Padley Grindleford Derbyshire. He was President of the Institution of Electrical Engineers in ‘10/11, actively involved in the formation of the British Electrical and Allied Manufacturers Association (BEAMA) in ’11, became its first chairman,received an honorary doctorate from the University of Manchester in ’12 and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in ‘27. ° Pat b ’24 & bred by Mr AV Baggaley out of Dervot Diana sired by ch Ashenhurst Cedric – was owned by Mr Louis Saveria, of 19 Roman Road Bethnal Green E London. Price £60. ° Prince Beaucartque b ’24 & bred by Mr Luke  Walters of Rookery Duchess sired by King Baldur – was owned by Mr A D Joseph, of 137 Camden Road Holloway. His brother ° Prince Beaucanque was owned by Mr A D Joseph, of 19 The Leys Brockmoor Brierley Hill Staffs. ° Risebridge Betty b ’24 & bred by Mr Gerard out of Peggy sired by Poor Joe – was owned by Mrs E Park, of Brunwins kennels Rettendon Common, who also bred Majestic & Beau Brummel b ’27 out of Risebridge Betty Breeder sired by ch Woden. ° Slobber b ’24 & bred by Mr W Baldwin out of Surbiton Beauty sired by ch Ashenhurst Cedric – was owned by Mr Charles Coster, of 2 Maryland Square Stratford E London. Dd ’01 - Henry Coster, broker of Stratford.’ - ° ch Superbus b ‘24 – see at right together with Glencroft Bess Wantley Rowena & Cleveland Nispha - . Ch Superbus was bred by Mr A Baggaley out of  Dervot Diana sired by ch Ashenhurst Cedric – was in ’27 owned by Mr Herman Johan De Jong, musician of 117 Elgin Avenue Maida Vale; Superbus’ sis  ° Hainhault Phillipa was owned by Mr H Brooks, of Cheriton Place Westbury-on-Trym Bristol; Superbus’ sis ° Lady Pat was owned by Mr L Saveria, of 19 Roman Road Bow. 

°Baltana b ’23 & bred by Mr A Gerard out of Peggy sired by Poor Joe – was owned by Mrs Ethel E Peet b ‘89, of 51 Upper Brook Street Stockport Cheshire. Baltana’ sibling Thabartchu was owned by Mrs A Miller, of Llanberis Ashgrove Road Bromley Kent.° Beaghol Lady b ’23 & bred by Mrs E M Ward out of Pomona Duchess sired by ch Ashenhurst Cedric – was owned by Mr A W Taylor, famer of Stockwell Gate Holbeach Lincs. Dd - ’38 – ‘The maximum penalty of £20 was also imposed on Mr A W Taylor of Stockwell Gate Holbeach for knowingly making a false statement of the total acreage of potatoes he had planted this year –.- Beaghol Lady’ sis ° Sally Countess Bruma was owned by Mr George Daniel Penny b ’67-48, of Brooklands Garstang Lancs and 15 Chapel Street Preston. He was director of Daniel Penny & Son Ltd, director of Penny Bros & Winder Ltd – dyers at Preston & Nelson, and of Winder & McKean Ltd - cotton spinners. Mrs Scheerboom Crescent Rowena’ sis ° Charon b ’23 & bred by Mr T Terry out of Shirebrook Lady sired by Ashenhurst Duke – was owned by Mrs Jordan, wife of Major Humfrey Jordan of Rimpton House Rimpton Somerset. Charon’ brother ° Trelawny Duke was owned by Mr W Bunt, of St Enodoc Preston Road nr Harrow Middlesex. Charon’ brother° Town Guard was owned by Mr W S Perks, of 54 Fulham Road Sparkhill Birmingham. ° Richard b ’23 & bred by Mr WW Adams out of Lady Kathleen sired by ch King Baldur – was owned by Master Richard George Shaw Ludlam, of 6 Parsifal Road N W London. Richard’ sis Princess Bunty produced ch Cleveland Ponoroggo sired by Cleveland Comedian; Cleveland breeder Mr Herbert Cook owned also their sis Tynedale Queen. ° Risebridge Bruce b ’23 & bred by Mr A Gerard out of  Peggy sired by Poor Joe – was owned by Mr Edward Guy Warner b ‘81 of Westfield Smarts Hill Penshurst Kent. Dd ’08 - Mr Edward Guy Warner, eldest son of Captain Edward Handley Warner of Quorn Hall – see at left - Loughborough, married at the Cathedral Church Victoria British Columbia Miss Gladys Muriel Green, younger daughter of the late Rev T Green. ° Border Chief b '22 & bred by Mr G Cook out of Penwortham Fanny sired by Adamite – was owned by Dr A Fothergill, of 135 Breakspears Road Brockley London. ° Surbiton Beauty b ’21 & bred by Mr F Matthews out of Earlsmead Floss sired by Poor Joe – was owned by Mr W L Baldwin, of Lyndhurst Fassett Road Surbiton, later of 57 Copthall Gardens Twickenham. Mr Brunt £100 priced Lord Byron’ sis ° Risebridge Julie b ’21 & bred by Mr A. Gerard out of Peggy sired by Poor Joe – was owned by Mr Charles Albert Diebel b ‘90, of Ivydene Balgores Lane Romford Essex and proprietor of the Gidea Park Motor Stores, a garage still in existence and led by his descents. ° Poor Jerry b ’20 & bred by  Mr Gerard out of Peggy sired by Poor Joe – was owned by Mr H C Page, of 1 Churchyard Row Newington Butts S E London, later transferred to  Mrs G M Abrey, of 1 Churchyard Row London. Jerry’ sis Royoak Beauty was owned by Mr Geoffrey Arthur Tomlinson of Clayton Poultry Farm Newcastle-under-Lyme Staffs, who also owned Clayton Ceres ’22 & bred by  Mr Norman Haigh out of Ashenhurst Duchess sired by ch Ashenhurst Cedric – see centre  -. Dd ’21 – ‘Justice Branson, in the Divorce Court Yesterday, granted a decree nisi to Geoffrey Arthur Tomlinson of the Clayton Poultry Farm - accommodation for 2.000 birds - on the ground of the adultery of his wife Maud with the correspondent Mr Ernest Lindsay.’ - ° Earlsmead Prince b ’20 was bred/owned by swine farmer Mr Charles L Jacques ’67-36, of Mastiff Kennels Langley Bucks, out of Earlsmead Nell sired by ch King Baldur. Dd ’43 - Councillor Mrs C L Jacques claimed that North Witnam was overlooked in the previous allocation of houses, and people had not put their names down.’ - ° Holloway Tiger – see at right - b ’17 & bred by Mr G Cook out of Cleveland Belle sired by Pegasus – was owned by Mr W G Treen, of 148 St James road Holloway.

° Henchman b ‘14 & bred by Mrs Berry out of The Scarlet Duchess sired by ch Brompton Duke – was owned by Mr John ' O'Connell, of 7 St Paul' Road Canonbury. ° Hector Prince b ’14 & bred by Mr H J Cox out of Coatham Bess sired by Clevelands Duke – was owned by Mr E Fry, of Upper Southern Hospital Dartford Camp aka the United States of America Base Hospital No  37. Price 50 guineas. Mr E Fry was a family member of Messrs J S Fry & Sons Ltd - chocolate manufacturers who made special feature, in their advertisement, of their elaborate provision for supplying to the public to-morrow Bristol Chocolate Day tirs of chocolate for our gallant sailors. Hector Prince’ brother °Black Prince II was owned by Mr C Fry, of 64 Dunstan Road Peckham London. Price £50. Their sis Lady Primrose was owned by Mr G Prescott, shop keeper of 3 Manor Road West Ealing London. ° Ward b ’14 & bred by Mr RJ Burch out of  Ben Ma Cree sired by Sam – was owned by Mrs McDonald of 32 Ambler Road Finsbury Park London.  Price £20. ° Lady Oakfield b ’14 & bred/owned by Mr B T Stubbs, of Oakfield Boreham Wood Herts, out of Lady Brombess sired by Prince Lie-a-Bed. Price £25. He also owned Baron of Dale b ’12 & bred by Mr G Cook out of Zillah sired by Brindled Prince. Price £52 10s. ° King' Head Monarch b ’14 & bred by  Mr J Cox out of Coatham Bess sired by Beowulf – see centre - was owned by Mrs Ellen E Dibbs b ‘83, of King' Head Inn High Street Watford. ° Rex Britanicum b ’12 & bred by Mr John O'Connell out of Islington Queen sired by ch British Monarch – was owned by Mr Wilsons, of 37 New Oxford Street W C London who sold him to Mr H Robbins, of same address – ‘Pony Rides. All day every day. Bubbles, Venus and Nigger. 2d. a ride. Miniature Zoo. By arrangement with Messrs Wilsons 37 New Oxford Street ‘ see at right neighbouring Nos 30-34 -. Rex’ sis ° British Princess was owned by Miss E M S Thomson,  of 432 Essex Road Canonbury N London. ° Duke Leofric b ’12 & bred by Mr A Arthur, of court dressmakers Maison Arthur Ltd - Bond street, out of Coatham Bess sired by ch Brompton Duke – was owned by Rev W E Cooke, of The Laurels Tolleshunt D'Arcy.

° Fulmen b ’12 & bred by Mrs D Berry out ch Brompton Duke’ older sis Batchworth Beauty sired by British Monarch – was owned by Mr Herbert Basil Newland ’88-16, of 24 Douglas Road Canonbury. Dd ’03 – ‘the overseers to the claim of the Non-Conformist Rev Frederick William Newland, of Claremont Central Mission Pentonville road, in respect of his house, 24 Douglas road Canonbury, on the ground that he had not paid the full four quarters' rates.’ - Mr H B Newland’ male Fulmen got in ’14 reserve cc at Alexandra Palace  under Mr Hunter Johnston – cc Cleveland Duke - & 3rd Open at Richmond  under Mr WH Reeves – cc ch Brompton Duke. Second Lieutenant Herbert Basil Newland was killed at Aubigny-en-Artois nr Arras on March 18 ’16. He was educated at Owen' School Islington. Before the war he did valuable aid at the Claremont Central Mission – see at left - Pentonville road, of which his father, the Rev F W Newland MA, is superintendent. Last October he was married to Amy, the only daughter of Mr/Mrs T E Fisher, of Oakroyd 43 Abbey Park Road Grimsby. ° Gipsy b ’12 Breeder and Pedigree unknown was owned by Mr A Gibbon, of Belfiore Lodge 29 Leigh Road Highbury N London. Ch Lidgett Viscount’ – see centre - brother ° Mc'Brinmere b ‘11 & bred by Mr A Brookes out of Lady Widmere sired by Brindle Prince – was owned by Captain William Douglas Gillies of Rock Field 23 Brocco Bank Sheffield. Price £50. He was the son of Mr James Gillies b ’52 who died in ’02 and  left property valued £36.414. ° Clevelands Duke b ‘11 & bred by Mr A Mott out of Pinxton Pride sired by Cleveland Leopold – was owned by Mr H J Cox, of 42 Clayton road Peckham. ° George b ’10 & bred by Mr William Prowse-Jones  out of Astarte sired by Mellnotte’son King Edward – was owned by Baron Oscar Ernest von Ernsthausen b ’74-22 who has made some reputation as musical composer of comical opera under the pseudonym ‘Oscar Eve’ and whose engagement to Miss Jessie Smither b ’84, better known under her actress name Miss Denise Orme - of Daly' Theatre -, was vastly announced in January ’07 but she married Baron Churston later that year; the Baron himself remained a bachelor. Mr Prowse Jones owned George’ siblings ° Woodhall Teddy & ° W- Beta. Mr William Prowse Jones ‘71–14, was a music publisher of 62 Highbury Grove N London, and chairman of the well known entertainment caterers firm of Messrs Keith, Prowse & Co est 1780. ° Judge b ’10 & bred by Mr J Huson out of Hertford Mabel sired by Sir Roger – was owned Mr Frank Hamblin ’56-23 , of Blinford King Edward Road Bath. Dd ’04 - Mr F Hamblin, yeoman & proprietor of the Commercial Hotel – see at right -.

° Last Love b ’11 & bred by Mr G Cook out of Eugenia sired by  Cleveland Leopold – was owned by Mrs Catherine May Jean Southey née Montagu b ’76 - div ’06 Mr Arthur Winch, the wife of Captain Charles Bonham Southey of Hinton End – see at left - Hinton St George nr Yeovil. Dd ’09 – ‘Kitchenmaid experienced wanted for country; three in family; five servants; wages £16.—Mrs Southey, Hinton End Hinton St George. Dd ’25 – ‘Miss Joan Southey b ’09 with two of her mother’ famous Irish Wolfhounds. She is the daughter of Mrs Charles Southey of Hinton, one of the best-known Irish wolfhounds breeders – prefix ‘Crewkerne’ referring to a village nearby Hinton St George .’ – See at right - The First Irish Wolfhound Coursing Meeting dd ’24 – fr l to r - Mrs Southey with Crewkerne Germaine; Miss Morriss; Mr Southey; Miss Joan Southey with Crewkerne Georgie; Captain Hudson with Brabyns Norah & Brabyns Colleen - winner of the coursing -; Mr Wade with Houlhan Kathleen - winner in hound trailing -; the judge Mr Hamilton Adams; Captain Crossley Meates with Ifold Thora; Ifold Maureen - winner of the forest trial -; Captain Massy with Ifold Desmond - 2nd to Maureen in the forest trial -; M. Montagu Scott with Eogan; Captain Cox, Miss O'Hara with Ifold Torna.

Below pics taken at the LKA ’24 – at left Mrs Catherine MJ Southey & Crewkerne Georgie; at right – fr l to r -  Miss Joan Southey with Crewkerne Georgie & Clonard Margot, Miss Phyllis Margaret Strohmenger ‘06-99 with Josephine and Miss Barbara Strohmenger ’08-38 with Gabriel. The Strohmenger family, of Coval Court – see below at right - next to the Sunningdale Golf course Berks, carried the Coval prefix. Their fortune came from piano manufacture, with the setting up of the company John Strohmenger & Sons in ‘35 in London. The Chappell Piano Co bought out Strohmengers in 1938 but the name continues to the present day. Phyllis took part in many sporting events, including ice skating, alpine skiing, and tobogganing. She also drove fast cars and took part in events such as the Monte Carlo Rally, &c. By ‘25 they both had qualified to play in the English Ladies' Golf Championship. Barbara finished second and Phyllis fourth but they caused a massive stir - and made a slice of golfing history - by wearing rolled wool socks over silk stockings on the links. They were to continue playing tournament golf for a further eleven years. Barbara died of leukaemia in 1938.

° Belvoir Prince b ’09 & bred by Mr RJ Burch out of ch Sam' Sweetheart sired by Salisbury – was owned by Mr A Soliman, of 63 Corringham Road Golders Green N London. Price £50. ° Mayville Queenie b ’08 & bred by Mr Allan W Goldie out of Princess sired by  Cleveland Monarch – was owned by Mr Frederick H Rich, of May Villa ?Beer Stores  58 Campsbourne Road Hornsey N London. ° Zaza b ’01 & bred by Mr A Lucas out of Black Princess sired by Invicta – was owned by Mr J Zettwitz, of Alexandra Drive Aintree Liverpool. ° Dunmow Duke b ‘06 & bred by Mr A Goldie out of Countess sired by  Cleveland Monarch – was owned by Mr S Davies, of Dunmow St Alban' Crescent Woodford Green. ° Priscilla b ’06 & bred by Mr RJ Burch out of Queen Alexandra sired by Mellnotte – was owned by Mr S Walker, of Cullesden road Kenley Surrey, who also owned ° Selina b ’05 & bred by Mr RJ Burch out of Daisy sired by Mellnotte. Price £20. Dd ’07 – ‘Smart Grey Mare, 15 hands; quiet to ride and drive; likely to make a good light-weight hunter; 47 guineas. Walker, Cullesden road Kenley.’ - ° Velocity b ’05 & bred by Mr RJ Burch out of Rose sired by Mellnotte was owned by Mr G Boulter, publican of the Lord Liverpool - Clark 9 Street Whitechapel. ° Lady Granville b ’01 & bred by Mr R Grant out of Fan sired by Mellnotte was owned by Mr C J Greatorex, of White Horse Hotel Broadway Ilford. Price £10. ° Earl Percy b ’03 bred/owned by Mr J Cread,  of 109 St James Road Holloway, out of Lady Victoria sired by Mellnotte. Price £60. ° Buller b ’02 & bred by Mr RJ Burch out of Ronda sired by Mellnotte was owned by  Mr J Essex. Price £105. ° Lady Lu Lu b ’99 & bred by Mr G Cook out of Marton Princess sired by Prince Hampton was owned by Mr R Elliot, of Mossley View Mason' Hill Bromley. ° City Road Prince b ’96 & bred by  Mr R J Burch out of Devonshire Duchess  sired by Young Heimdal  was owned by Mr F Cole, of 1 Macclesfield Terrace City road London. Price £10. ° Victorino b ‘  & bred by Mr A W. Lucas  out of Livernon sired by Prince Zenda was owned by Mr G F Rawlings, of Mowbray Cottage  Reigate. Noble b ’00 & bred by Mr R J Burch out of Lady Antony sired by Lord Stanley was owned by  Mr W A Longley, of Thorpe Cottage Teddington nr Twickenham. ° Lord Wolseley b ’96 & bred by Mr H G Woolmore out of Wildflower sired by Hidalgo – was owned by Mr F O Piegott. Price £42.

° Darnley b ’95 & bred by Mr D. Evans out of Moss sired by Bruce - was owned by Mr T E Lewis, of 3 Faversham terrace North Finchley.° Harmonia b ’94 & bred by Mr WN Higgs out of Stella III sired by ch Plutarch – was owned by Mr Sidney Smith, trader of Werndee Hall – see at left - South Norwood. ° Primrose Dame b ’94 & bred by Mr A W Lucas  out of Lady Fedora sired by Premier – was owned by Mr J J Elliot, of 314 St  James road S E London. ° Eagle Boy b ’93  bred/owned by Mr J C Guillan, publican of The Holborn 4  High Holborn, out of Gyp sired by Lord Hatton. ° Togo b ’93 bred/owned by  Mr/Mrs A J Selby, of 61 Wentworth street Spitalfield, out of Olga II sired by Coeur de Lion. ° Jack b’91 & bred by Mr Beard out of unknown sired by Commodore – was owned by Lieut-Col Thomas Tully ’43-05, an Irish officer residing at Wimbledon. He acted as the first secretary the Royal Military Tournament - the world' largest military tattoo and pageant - and as Hon Secretary of the Home District Tactical & War Game Society and of the Imperial War Fund, est in ‘82 as the Egyptian War Fund. He died a few days after the Victorian Order had been conferred on him by the King. ° Jessica b ’93 Breeder and pedigree unknown – was owned by Mr Thomas Mann, of Grimsby. Price £20. ° Laird Bruce b ’92 & bred by W J Beanland out of Vestla II sired by Iron Duke – was owned by Mr W T D Bulluss. Clapham Bess II Date of Birth, Breeder, and Pedigree unknown – was owned by Mr A S Stedall, son of Mr Henry Stedall, iron merchant of The Firs – see centre - Hampstead Heath. Price £ 50.

Miss Christiane A D Hamilton b ’62-18,  of the Manor house – see at right - Seend nr Melksham, purchased in '91 ch Coombe Baroness' brother ° Coombe Baron b ’89 & bred by Mr Mark Beaufoy out of ch Hotspur’ dau Coombe Daphne sired by ch Montgomery. Price £110 10s. Coombe Baron got a 4th Open at Crufts ’94 under Dr JS Turner who wrote – ‘A dog of good character & symmetry, grand in skull and muzzle except for color, good chest and ribs,  forelegs & tail but his blue muzzle & ears and grey eyes  take off so many points.’ – Miss Hamilton also owned ° Seend Beauty b ’92, sis of Lord Overton – the one who defeated ch Peter Piper at Birmingham ’94 under Lt-Col Z Walker - bred by Captain Piddocke out of ch Jubilee Beauty sired by ch Lord Stafford. She sold her Beauty to Mr WN  Higgs who mated her to ch  Ilford County Member which gave Sailor b '94 - winner at Liverpool '99 - owned by Mrs J Davis whereas his dam Seend Beauty got a  2nd Limit at Bristol '95.

Dog Shows & Doggy Peopple by Mr Charles Henry Lane contains a three-page chapter about Miss Christiane A D Hamilton -  kennel prefix ‘Rozelle'. He writes a/o – ‘This young lady has been so long known as a successful exhibitor at dog shows  -besides others – all over the kingdom.’ -  Her greatest triumphs have been with Pomeranians, but she has also done well with St Bernards, Greyhounds, & Pugs. Miss Hamilton does not confine her fancies to dogs, as she takes great delight in horses, making her appearance in the hunting field and takes much interest in her cattle, pigs, poultry & cats. Miss Christiane A D Hamilton is the daughter of Captain Alexander & Mrs Mary M Hamilton, of Bannerdown House Batheaston Bath, and Rozelle House, an Adam styled Manor nr Ayr built for Robert Hamilton in 1754 and named after La Rochelle, the family estate in Jamaica.

The Hamiltons were an Ayrshire family with slavery connections. Robert Hamilton owned three Jamaican estates: Pemberton Valley, Rozelle, and Carcluie. In Ayrshire the family had also property at Bourtreehill and Sundrum. The Hamilton of Rozelle papers, held at Ayrshire Archives, contain a number of references to the slave trade, and daily life on the family' Jamaican plantations. From the mid-1700s until the abolition of slavery in Jamaica in the 1830s, Jamaica accounted for 42 percent of sugar imported into Britain. –

At left – A Mastiff - part of a tableau of different breeds painted ca ’80 by the German natural history painter Mr August Specht ’49-23. - Mr Stanley Richard Altman - born  Holloway -, of Elm Court West Norwood, owned Mrs J Davis Sailor’ brother Elm Court Boy b ’94 & bred by Wm Norman Higgs out of Seend Beauty - ch Lord Stafford ex ch Jubilee Beauty - sired by ch Jack Thyr’ son ch Ilford County Member . He got 3rd prize Novice Class at Crufts ’99 - 1st   Lord Hatton’ dau Lyndhurst Rotha,  2nd  for Invicta’ brindle sis Herodias - the latter exported to the American banker & broker Robert Dudley Winthrop of New York, a city visited in ’08 by Mr Stanley Richard Altman, also an actor who played the role of ‘Sir Jeremy Joles’- a valetudinarian and crotchety old gentleman, whose chief pride is his old family position - in the comedietta ‘The Duchess of Bayswater & Co’, written by Mr  Arthur M Heathcote. He married in ’23 at Hampstead the vocalist Miss Florence M Houlston..

Mr Stanley Richard Altman ’71-39 was the son of Margaret Eliza née Vernon and Sir Albert Joseph Altman ‘39-12 – see at left -, one of Her Majesty’ Lieutenants for the City of London, member of London’ corporation for twenty years , past chef master Bridge House Estates & other committees & past master of Joiners, Cardmakers & Glovers Companies, knighted '94, residences at Lewisham Park, 64 Aldersgate Street , family seat Elm Court. Mr Albert Joseph Altman owned the City Steam Works at Barbican being manufacturer & vendor of requisites for indoor and outdoor games & other articles  under the style of Feltham & Co and Howard & Sons. He chaired a ‘Special Bridge or Subway Committee’ formed in 1876 to find a solution to the river crossing problem following an increased commercial development in the East End which demanded a requirement for a new river crossing downstream of London Bridge resulting in the Tower Bridge built ‘86-94  a combined bascule & suspension bridge which has become an iconic symbol of London. Somewhat later the Altman femily came to live at Elm Court West Norwood, quite near to ‘Elm Court’ – see at right - Lower Mitcham Green resided between ‘65-87 by the German Julius Caesar Czarnikow ’38-09 – see centre -. When he died, he was said to be ‘the biggest sugar broker in the world’ with an estimated wealth of £1 million.       - Sugar was also the source of wealth scraped together by the Hamilton ancestry of Mrs Christiane A D Hamilton – see her portrait dd ’02 below at left  - , once owner of Mr Stanley R Altman'  Elm Court Boy' dam Seend Beauty.

° Don Carlo II b ’91 Breeder and pedigree unknown – & Free Pardon were owned by Mr John Hay, of The Royal George 412 Essex road Islington. ° Streatham Queen Date of birth, breeder, and pedigree – owned by Sir S B Burgess. Price £50. ° Roger b ’91 & bred/owned by Mr Cornelius out of Timerau sired by Cruikshank. Price £8.—. ° Sholto b ’91 & bred/owned by Mr A P Miller, of Stone Staffs, out of Etan sired by Lord Stafford. Price £50. ° Terkue b ’91 & bred/owned by Mr E André out of Diane sired by Carro. Price £13. ° Clydach Belle b 90 & bred by Mr H L Grover out of Duchess sired by Nero – was owned by Mr Samuel M Grover, proprietor the Railway Hotel Rushton nr Northampton.  ° Brutus IV b & bred by Mr G A Tower out of Diana sired by Lex – was owned by Mr H Edwards. ° Cyreacus b ’90 & bred by Mr Horncastle out of Jubilee sired by Commodore – was owned by Mr Charles Henry Vogt, baker of 8 Danbury street Islington. ° Cynthia II b ’90 & bred by Mr J Hutchings out of Cynthia sired by Beauregard – was owned by Dr C J Morgan, of Caledonian road London. ° Flora & ° Rose b ’90 & bred/owned by Mr  W Jelks, of 275 Holloway road S London, out of Minnie sired by Hubert. Price £5 5s. ° Guildford Marquis b ’90 & bred by Mr J Hutchings out of Pink sired by Beauregard – was owned by Mr E Davis, of Guildford. Price £16 10s.° Lady Grace b ’90 & bred by Mr Hopkinson out of Gwenlas sired by Othello IV – was owned by Mr J Collier, of Hoxton. Price £20. ° Princess Victoria b ’90 & bred/owned by Mrs T Birch, of Bromley-by-Bow, out of Strawberry Girl sired by Albany Duke. Price £7 7s. ° Sandow b ’90 & bred/owned by Mr J Bragg, of Wood Green, out of Jubilee sired by ch Cardinal' inbred son Commodore. Price £50.° Don Carlo II b ’89 bred/owned by  Mr Herbert Antink out of Lady Hose sired by unknown. Price £14. ° Fidele b ’89 & bred by Rev N P Drewe out of Etan sired by Orlando II – was owned by Dr R Boyle, of Millwall E London. Price £50. ° Lady Cavendish b ’89 & bred by WN Higgs out of Christine sired by Commodore – was owned by Mr J Friend, of 70 Forest road Dalston N E London. ° Jap Thyr & ° Lola Thyr b ’89 bred/owned by Mr Anthony out of Vic sired by ch Jack Thyr. ° Oscar b ’89 & bred by Mr Hayward out of Flossy sired by Lion – was owned by Mr John Hugh Honeycombe. ° Queen of the Earth b ’89 & bred by Mr R Cook out of Lady Cobrey sired by ch Jack Thyr – was owned by  Mr John E White, Mr WN Higg's nephew. Price £50. °Moss Rose b ’87 & bred by Mr Faber pedigree unknown – was owned by  Mr Heinrich Fuhrberg.  ° Danish b ’87 & bred by Mr King out of Duchess III sired by Captain III – was owned by Mr W Edbury, of 2 Bridge street Sunderland. ° Trixie b ’86 out of Meg Etoile sired by King Bruce – was owned by Mr  Arthur John Alexander Arch b ’62, of Westminster. Price £25. ° Pigott b ’80 & bred by Mr Nugent Pedigree unknown – and entered at Crufts '91 was owned by Mr Alfred James Smith, of 250 New Cross road S E London, an address in those days occupied by W P & A Neve Bros, Old Established Garden Seed, Plant, and Floral shop.

Early Crufts catalogues also mention prize medals for Photography of Dogs, a/o  Mr C W Cunningham’ Old English Mastiff Justice Bruce, or for the painting ‘Father Rowe' Old English Mastiff  Leo' by Bottomley, Royal Artist, probably Albert Ernest Bottomley ’73-50, pupil of Edwin Tindall. Leo was ch Hales 'older brother b '64. Centre -  ‘Royal Portrait of a Gentleman’ by Mr Richard Ansdell ‘15–’85  in the presence of a light colored Mastiff type opposite  the dark brindle one presented in painting ‘The Poacher’ Dog’ arguably presenting the artist’ Mastiff Leo – at right - The Dogs Refuge by Mr John Charles Dollman ‘51–34 presenting a white chested Mastiff type with white blaze on face and a bushy stern.

Mr Frank Adcock, solicitor of Shevington Hall – see at left - Wigan, b ‘44 in Lambeth – d ‘99 Mafutene nr Brennersdorp, Swaziland. He contributed to Henry Webb’ Dogs: Their Points, Whims, Instincts, And Peculiarities. With A Retrospection Of Dog Shows’ ed ’72. Dd ’82 – ‘Oh Willie we have missed you from show of Dog and Horse. At Birkenhead she kissed you, 'ere you took your northern course. Tho' she said you were a bete, and might have added noir. But she didn't like to do so, as you'd ne'er run off before. Still now you have returned, never more, we trust, to roam. Oh bearded Will We've missed you but just aren't you welcome home. The days were long without you and flat appeared the beer. Our dreams have been about you, for your safety we've felt fear. With that bold bad Geordie Ean and that Smith of playful joke. We hardly thought you'd come back with the where with all to p-. But t'would drop off with the frost and be buried with you nose. In that nasty arctic region where we're told it always snows. But you've come back safe and whole, never more from us to roam. Ch Willie we have missed you, Gentle William welcome home. The edict of the Kennel Club you have not had to brave. And at others the Exhibitor has had a chance to rave. But your ‘Water Closet Hat Box’, and the garb we knew of yore. We are hoping very shortly will be muchly to the fore. With those grizzled unkempt locks which your lawyer loves to tend. Oh Billy we have missed you, stay with us now to the end. He was High Commissioner for South Africa, and High Commissioner for Basutoland, the Bechuanaland Protectorate and Swaziland, and UK High Commissioner for the Union of South Africa: Correspondence. Complaints by Mr. Frank Adcock, a British barrister practising in Swaziland, at use of the Dutch and English languages by the courts; difficulties in obtaining certain legal documents in English, complaint at being struck off Roll of Attorneys. He had been killed by Boers some 5 days after the 1899 Bloemfontein Conference on settlement franchises, broke up on 5th June. He was the legal representative of Queen Victoria to the Paramount Chief of Swaziland - A Q.C. equivalent - and took a hard line towards the Boers. He was murdered by them and then his house was ransacked and burnt down, and he was buried 'somewhere in the hills'. A grave has never been found. The deeds concerning a 'parcel of land' had been extensively investigated by the Wilson-Brownes in the early 1900s but to no avail. However, it was mortgaged to the hilt, and was thus of little value. Mafutene is part of a concession of 50 sq miles of land granted to Frank Adcock by the late Paramount Chief of Swaziland, Umbandine.

Mr George Robert Krehl, of Cafe et Restaurant Verrey’s – see centre – interior - 233 Regent Street, died in September 1903, aged 47. He was the senior of the brothers, and owned successful stock newspaper ‘Illustrated Kennel News’. He was considered the best judge of bloodhounds in England. – Dd ‘13 - Hundreds of formulas were turned in, and, if memory serves, the late Mr George Krehl, proprietor of the famed, was the final judge. The prize went to glass of fine fruity sherry. At right – Facades off The Verrey’s Café,  in ‘89 managed by the Krehl brothers and the establishment’s customers were the elite of society. For dinners in the salle the Krehl brothers counselled small dinners but for the private rooms upstairs for clients such as H R H the Prince of Wales the menu for a dinner was lavish to say the least! The waiters were discreet in their plain evening dress as they moved between the many little square tables individually lit by red-shaded wax candles. Verrey’s was extremely proud of its cognac, coffee and ‘entremet’ ices. They also took great pride in their glazes and garnishes one of which, the Lucullus garnish, was composed of cocks’ combs, cocks’ kidneys, truffles cut in slices, chicken quenelles, mushrooms, foie-gras all well stewed down into a semi-liquid glaze. The final touch was the addition of just a suspicion of Madeira and gravy made from truffles. In 1889 in the general dining room a typical menu for an evening meal (priced in pounds, shillings and pence) and might consist of: hors-d’oeuvre 1s. potage, 1s. 6d. poisson, 3s. entrées, 2s. 6d. and 3s. pornmes, 6d. legumes, 1s. rôti, 10s. 6d. salade, 1s. entremets ices, 3s. café, 1s. liqueur, 2s. cigarettes, 2d. Perrier Jouet, 13s. Totalling £2.4s.2d. Upstairs in the private rooms for select customers, the menus could be both much more elaborate and correspondingly costly.

The marriage between Captain Guy Weston Samuelson b ’90-73, second son of Mr Godfrey Blundell Samuelson ’63-41, British Liberal Party politician - House of Commons ’87-92, and Mrs Annie Jane née Davis, of Kenfield Hall – see at left - Canterbury, and Naomi Hulke Leney b ’90, daughter of Mr/Mrs Alfred Charles Leney of Garden House Saltwood Hythe –centre  -, proprietor of Leney's, a large and well known brewing company in Kent, famed for their Kentish Ales and Stout. They had Three children, ie Rowland, John & Henry. Guy resigned his commission on 10 July 1920, retaining the rank of captain. In ’27 they divorced  - undefended petition of Mrs Naomi H Samuelson, for a decree of divorce against her husband, Guy Weston Samuelson, on the ground of his adultery. The same year he married Miss Frances Crawley Lyne b ’03-77 and they purchased Garlinge Lady Jane, dam to ch Michael – see at right - put up for sale at Crufts '32 for £100. He served in World War II in the Royal Air Force Reserve, commissioned on 5 November ‘40 as a pilot officer in the Administrative and Special Duties Branch, on probation for the duration of hostilities, later confirmed in the rank and transferred to the R A F regiment as a flying officer on 1st February ‘42, but relinquished his commission on account of ill-health on 14 June ‘43, retaining the rank of flight lieutenant. Guy died in 1973 in Tiverton district Devon. Mr A W Gabb bred Granby Jr b ’75 owned by Dr David Hoadley Gabb ’15-90, surgeon of 18 Wellington square Hastings. In Memoriam.—A Sicilian marble monument in memory of the late Dr David Hoadley Gabb has recently been erected in Fairlight churchyard by the well known firm of Messrs C & H Burchell.

Miss Marianne Brocklehurst – see at left - b ’34-98, of Bagstones nr Wincle, bred & owned ‘Lady’ out of Noble, from Derby , sired by Lyme Hall Lion . Lady got a 3rd prize at Manchester Belle Vue in ‘74 . – Centre - a painting described as  - ‘Lady also known as Lion , one of the last of the breed of Lyme’. - Miss Brocklehurst offered to erect a museum at Macclesfield and provide a public park at a cost of £20,000. ‘The collection belongs to Marianne Brocklehurst, daughter of Macclesfield’ first MP and silk manufacturer, John Brocklehurst. ‘She was from a class who were use to going abroad, but as she got older she became more adventurous.’ In November 1873, 40-year-old Marianne made her first trip to Egypt, accompanied by her companion Mary Booth, her nephew Alfred and her liveried footman, George. They travelled down the Nile on their ship called the Bagstones, named after her home in Wincle. Unfortunately, Marianne suffered a fall just before the museum opened and died a few weeks later. Today, the exhibition is still housed in West Park Macclesfield – see at right - alongside a local history display, including a selection of works by local artist Charles Tunnicliffe.

Ch Marcella was bred by Mr John Satchell Hopkins b ’25-98 of Jesmond Grove Edgbaston nr Birmingham. In ‘50 His father Mr John Head Hopkins established the Tin-Plate Works of ‘J H Hopkins & Sons’ in Granville Street. Mr John Satchell Hopkins became Chairman of the Metropolitan Bank of England & Wales Ltd, and leader of the Conservative party in Birmingham.

Ch Superbus – see at left -  b ’24 out of Shirebook Lady’ sis Dermot Diana sired by ch Ashenhurst Cedric was bred by Mr Arthur Baggaley b ‘73, of the firm ‘Baggaley & Sons’ - general merchants & brokers - marine store dealer - The Limes – see centre - 43 George street Cottingham. He was also  director of the ‘Grimsby Greyhound track Co’ owning the Grimsby - & the Halifax Greyhound racing tracks. Ch Superbus’ brother King Agripa got also two cc’s and their sis Mr Louis Saveria’ Lady Pat, mated to  ch Westcroft Blaise, produced ch Dervot Dawn owned by Mr Baggaley who mated her to Menai Anglesia which gave the last Dervot offspring, a/o Hellingly Babs b ‘28. Mrs Baggaley – see at right - had, reportedly, the finest boarding kennels in Yorkshire. -

Dd Jan ’33 – ‘Mr  Joseph Bagnall,  married in ’28 at Bristol -  there being children, petitioned that his wife Dorothy Margaret née Marris b ’91 was living with Mr Baggaley & his wife at The Limes Cottingham, a house which Mr Baggaley owned. His case was that his wife and Baggaley were on affectionate terms, and that in September 1930 they committed misconduct while Mrs Baggaley was away.’ The suit was not defended. – Mr Arthur Baggaley died 24th January ’33.

The first KCSB mention of a Sheffield resident was Mr Thomas Hampton b ’40-02, engineer of Home Cottage Crabtree , whose Irish bred Mastiff Lion - pedigree unknown - got under Mr MB Wynne 2nd prize – cc ch Taurus - at Birmingham 1874. The year before he & Mr Radcliffe started the Phoenix Bessemer Steel Works - The Ickles Sheffield, taking over the Phoenix Works. Dd ’74 – ‘Mr Joseph Mitchell, coachman to Mr Hampton of the Home Cottage Crabtree, died after being seriously injured by being thrown out of a dog-cart turned over together with Mr Hampton.’   In '81 he was living in Sheffield with his wife Annie and nine children.

In the breed’ hey-day of the 1880s Sheffield, only some ten miles away from Chatsworth, housed a considerable number of Mastiff fanciers. Mr George Holmes b ’51-19, the son of Mr John Thomas Holmes ’13-86 – of  Clough Bank, was a member of the British Kennel Association which held its first dog early May ‘83 at Ashton Park nr Birmingham, and in ’85 they hosted a dog show in Sheffield at the Norfolk Drill Hall – see centre - Edmund road.  Mr George Holmes was a ‘chemist & herbalist’, of Clough Bank – see at left – Sheffield, who entered the KCSB ‘80 with six specimens ~ Madame Granby sired by Granby’ son Stanley ex ch Green’ Monarch’ Miss Patrick , Gipsy III by ch Turk’ son Sultan x ch Turk’ Empress, and four ownbred Gipsy III’ children, Challenger, Cromwell, Beryl & Lybya b ‘80 sired by Mr Chas. Mason’ champion Salisbury . He also owned Rose, bred by Rev WJ Mellor-  out of ch Gwendolen sired by ch Rajah - and bred three litters from her, one  sired by ch The Emperor resulting in John Bull & The Princess Royal, two sired by ch Prince Regent, some of them were Regent, Princess Beryl,  Princess Rhea  & Rosa Bonheur. Dec ‘81 he bred Beryllium from Madame Granby sired by  Surajah [1st at Tamworth & 3rd at Liverpool in 1885] , the latter purchased from Mr Thomas W Allen  by Mr ED Tyrer of 99 Carlton Road Attercliffe Sheffield.

Beryllium’ owner Mr Edwin Davies Tyrer b ’52-17 owned her sire Surajah – Judy ex ch Colonel' sire Ben –. Mr ED Tyrer, together with his brother Mr Harold Jackson Tyrer b ’50-26, were ‘pawnbrokers, clothiers & jewellers’ at 99 Carlton road Attercliffe. Edwin was living with Harold in 1881 but married in ’86  Miss Lilian Edith, youngest daughter of John Tyas, of Highfield Haddocks married and moved out of premises. The business lasted well into the twentieth century as the trade directories of the time show, in fact it seems to have prospered.

Mr David Lloyd Buchanan b ’57-27, of 187 Fowler street Pitsmoor nr Sheffield, later of 85 Fox street Sheffield, got 2nd prize at Manchester with Venus II bred by E Cauldwell out of ch Rajah’ grandaughter Juno sired by Alston’ champion Colonel.  He mated her to Holmes’ John Bull which gave Spartacus [1st open class at Hull ‘84 ; in 1885, owned by MH Beaufoy,  winning 2nd Hanley, Birmingham & Liverpool and 3rd Birkenhead]. In 1887 DL Buchanan got a 3rd prize at Halifax with R Cook’ Chaucer [ch Orlando x Ilford Caution’ sis Cambria]. He also owned Holmes’ The Princess Royal and mated her to his Chaucer giving King Robert Bruce sold to JS Lockwood, The Moor  Sheffield.  Other Buchanan’ possessions were  huge Kaiser Frederick purchased from Mr Thomas W Allen - Birkenhead ‘89 2nd , ‘90 1st & seven 1st prizes in ‘91 - and sold to H Clay of Liverpool] and Lady Romola  - bred by  McLaren out of ch Rajah’ granddaughter Tucker by Gladstone -, formerly owned by Mr ED Tyrer and further on also  by Mr GW Alcock. – Acc to the directory of pubs, Mr David Lloyd Buchanan  was dd ‘01/11 publican of the Granville Inn – see at right - , of 89 Granville Street Sheffield. In ’12 he took over the Napier Hotel Napier Street Sheffield.

Mr George William Alcock b ’68-46, of Carlton House – see at left - 21 Kimberley street Attercliffe, owned champion Count Orlando [b May 1886 bred by Richard Cook - ch Orlando x Twining’ Turk’ Idalia -, later on sold  to Luke Crabtree. Mr Alcock bred Lady Orion & Dr Lougest’ Lady Orson b ‘88  out of Mr Luke Crabtree’ Lady Oswald sired by ch Count Orlando. He also owned Lady Oscar, bred by Captain Hunter out of Juno sired by ch Salisbury’ Bosco III and Harry Hotspur, bred by Mr R Street out of Idalia sired by ch Hotspur. A following Alcock’ litter dd ‘89 was bred out of John Bull’ grand-daughter, Lady Aline, sired by  Mr DL Buchanan’ Kaiser Frederick. It contained a/o Cymbeline & Claxboy , the latter owned by Mr Thomas Greatorex , of Fitzalan Street Sheffield. In ‘90 Mr Alcock’ Brahma – see centre - that noble dog illustrates the title page of the Stock-keeper this week, ie May 22, 1890 - got the challenge at Dublin and the next year Mr Alcock bred his last litter , from Lady Orion a litter sired by ch Ilford Chancellor; their son King Hal, owned by Mr ED Tyrer, got 3rd at Leeds 1891. ° Defiance late Lady Aline b ’87 & bred by Mr Wm Price – out of Gwendoline sired by Cadwallader – was purchased in ’90 from Mr GW Alcock by Mr James Savory Lockwood b ‘59, chemist of 30 The Moor – see at right - Sheffield, who also bred Lufra Secunda, out of Rosendale Baron’ Vera sired by Surajah’ Marmion; Lufra II got 1st at Darlington 1889. Mr James Savory Lockwood  was the son of Mr George Alfred Lockwood b ’33, chemist and druggist of same address, a/o ‘American Hair Restorer restores grey or faded hairs.’ At his father' death in ’93 the trade has been taken over by Mr Benjamin Waterhouse until ‘05.

The world wide renowned allroung judge , Mr Geo Raper of Dronfield Sheffield owned Mr George Foster’ ° Prince Napoleon by Fidelis [champion Crown Prince x ch Ilford Baroness] out of Beau’ Queen;  he got a 2nd Tamworth, equal 1st Knighton, 2nd Chesterfield & 1st Darlington in ‘85 ; later on Prince Napoleon was sold to Mr J Evans [of London] whom once owned ch The Emperor , Moses &c . - Mr Charles Hazlewood, of 21 Cemetery Road Sheffield, owned ° Fra Diavolo b ‘87 ~ ch Orlando x Mr G Brewin’ Vixen -.

° Colonel III b ’85 & bred/owned by Dr John Watson, medical officer - Ardwick Poor-law district – nr Manchester. - Dd ’71 – ‘Mr John Watson, senior assistant medical officer of the asylum, said he attended the prisoner when he was an inmate of the institution. Once or twice he was put into seclusion because be was violent. He would know that this was done by his ‘. -° Alfgar b ’86 & bred by Rev Van Doorne - out of Wunna sired by ch Orlando or – ch Hotspur see insert - was purchased from Mr F Waters 19 Alexandria road Bedford by Mr W Edmondson, of 28 Endymion road – see white painted house at right – fronting the North side of Finsbury Park London. Next to the house No 28 floats the New River - artificial waterway opened in 1613 to supply London with fresh drinking water taken from the River Lea. Alfgar once again changed hands. His next owner, Mr Wm Price of South Stockton, mated him to Lady Constance, producing Cleveland Duke b ‘93 which , mated to Cleveland breeder Mr George Cook’ foundation brood Marton Lady unr, gave Marton Princess, ch Nuneaton Helga’ paternal grand-dam. Lady Constance b ’88 & bred by Captain Piddocke out of ch Toozie sired by ch Ilford Chancellor.  

Mr Percival Henry  Martin, publican of the ‘Rising Sun’ – see at left - 118 Larkhall lane Clapham bred a litter sired by Alfgar’ close relative Mr RJ Burch’ Young Heimdal – Wunna ex ch Orlando –. ° Albert Victor II b ’87 & bred by Mr Henry Southworth, publican of the Unicorn Inn 190 Upholland road Billinge  Wigan nr Manchester, - out of Billinge Belle sired by ch Albert Victor – see at right - was owned by Mr Thomas Henry Stone - Coal & Iron Co, of Mabs Cross Wigan. Billinge Belle b ’85 & bred by Dr Lougest out of Brindled Vulcan’ dau German Empress sired by Ilford Caution’ brother Imperial Chancellor; ch Albert Victor late Tanner b June ’83 & bred by Mr Richard Morgan – out of Bess unr sired by Wallace’ son Lion - Wallace perhaps No 4480 b ’73 out of ch Hector’ dau Jenny sired by ch Punch brother Big Ben.   – Wallace was owned by Mr F Graham, of Vittoria Candle Works 13 Market place Birkenhead, who also owned Ch Crown Prince’ maternal aunt Githa b ’75 & bred by Mr Fitzgerald out of Rhoda sired by ch The Shah. -  Ch Albert Victor died in ’87, shortly after his challenge certificates at Liverpool, Newcastle on Tyne & Birkenhead.

Mr Albert Dante Sutcliffe b ’66-38, son of Mr John Sutcliffe -  Wholesale Leather Warehouse 23 Great Ancoats street Manchester - who died in ’90. Three years later Mr AD Sutcliffe, leather merchant residing at 29 Petworth street Cheetham Hill - inner city area of Manchester, married in the Ebenezer Chapel Cheetham - Miss Louisa McKenzie;  b ’67-16; daughter of Mr James McKenzie, plumber of 40 Cheetham street Cheetham; it also was the year the freehold shop at 23 Great Ancoats street was sold.   Mr AD Sutcliffe owned Count Orlando b ’87 & bred by Ilford breeder Mr Richard Cook - out of Idalia sired by ch Orlando – but sold him in ’89 to Mr Luke Crabtree of Oldham. After Captain Piddocke’ death he purchased the Cobrey Park pair Lex & Bellerina '93– out of Lady Cobrey’ sis Lady Dudley sired by Iron Duke - , Iron Duke '91, ch Plutarch  '89 & ch Ogilvie '89 and from Mr Henry Wilkinson, of 43 Albert road Appleton nr Widness, he bought ‘Oom Paul’ and Sir Anthony '96, the latter by ch Marksman bred by Mr Wilkinson. In ’96 he lived at 36 Great Ancoat Street and bred a litter out of Glenside Sunshine sired by ch Ogilvie – puppies at 12 guineas. Two years later he judged the Manchester Show and reported in ‘Our Dogs’ — ‘Peter Piper frightened away all competitors in open dogs. He is, in my opinion, the best dog of any breed living.’ Note – Ch’s Peter Piper & Marksman and Mr Sutcliffe’ pair Lex & Bellerina were all ch Ogilvie’ paternal grandchildren.

Other Mastiff fancy of Greater Manchester were Mr David Sloane, publican of  15/17 Mason street, who owned Lord Nelson b ca ’68; his relative Mr Edward Sloane, of same address, owned Sybil before sold to Mr John Leigh Becker b ‘12, manufacturing chemist of Chadderton, who bred/owned Ben b ’72 out of Rushton’ Sybil sired by Mr Sloane’ Lion; Mr Wm Hayes jun - see at left his cousin Mr Thomas Travers Hayes jun ‘50-93 -, cotton spinner of 8 Fairfield street, owned Juno 2381.  Mr William Hayes jun married in ‘65 Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr Wm Charleson, chemist of Bedford nr Leigh Lancs. ‘Fairfield House’ – see centre - was built ca ’45 for  William Hayes, cotton manufacture. Fairfield House was located at 72 St Helens Road Leigh – ca 15 mls W of Manchester. Mr Frederick Kay ’38-74, of Throws - Blue Pits, owned ch Empress b ’69 & bred by Mr F Waller out od Governor’ grand-dau Duchess sired by ch Turk. He was the son of Mr Robert Kay, of Castleton Calico Print Works Blue Pits.

Mr Thomas O’Keefe, of 37 Cross street Manchester, owned Kingcraft b ’72 & bred by Mr Rushton out of Rushton’ Sybil sired by ch Turk’ brother Knight Templar; Mr John Smith, of ‘John Smith & sons’ Openshaw Bridge Foundry Iron Works, bred Nell II b ’69 out of Nell sired by Miss Aglionby’ Wolf.

Mr Sidney Alexander Smith b ’41-’88, stamp maker of Withington, owned Lord Nelson’ son Turk b ca ’70; Mr William Henry Crabtree, of The Acacias Burnage Hall road  Levenhulme, owned Tiger  out of Duchess sired by Mr Davis Sloane’ Lord Nelson. 1st at Belle Vue ’73. - Dd ’74 – ‘The third prize was awarded to Tiger, priced £2000 in the catalogue, the property of Mr W H Crabtree, Levenshulme.’ -

Mr John Bury, Snowdrift cake flour manufacturer of 63 Corporation street, bred/owned Denfield Dagmar b ’86 out of Denfield Vesta sired by Imperial Chancellor; Mr H Atherton, of Waggon & Horses Hotel/Inn  - Back Bridge street Deansgate, owned Rosendale Countess b ’82 & bred by Mr John Kenyon out of Hector’ dau Rosendale Baroness sired by ch Cardinal - - John Kenyon, Rosendale Brewery proprietor, lived at Shakespeare House Bacup Road  Cloughfold  in ‘79 but moved to Brynbella House Haslingden Road Rawtenstall – ca 18 mls N of Manchester.  Here at left -   White blazed Mastiff - dd 1873 artist Friedrich Specht 1839-09.

Dr Thomas Carr, of Richmond terrace Clayton, owned Masca Ashdown b ’85 & bred by Dr HG Bailey Eadon out of  ch Crown Prince’ dau Etoile sired by Leolinus’ son Sir Tom. Mr Thomas Whittingham, job & waste dealer of 30 Bradshaw street Moss Side, owned President b ’89 & bred by Mr Albert Andrews – out of ch Lady Florida sired by ch Montgomery -.

Mr Fred McKrill '56-29, of 4 Maple street Cheetham, bred/owned Stafford Belle – out of ch Ilford Chancellor’ dau Bella sired by ch Lord Stafford. He also bred ch Marc Anthony - out of Stafford Belle sired by ch Ogilvie, and ch Clarice b '98 - out of Am ch Beaufort Black Prince' dau Cynesca sired by ch Marcella' brother The Cadet. He was also a successful Bulldog fancier.  Dd ’75 – ‘Wanted upon commission, calling upon Grocers Sheffield & neighbourhood. - Apply Alpha, 4 Maple street Cheetham Manchester.’

But, of course, the most prominent Mancunian fancier was Mr Joseph Royle , wholesale pork butcher of 34 Oldham road – half a mile from Mr Sutcliffe shop at Great Ancoats street -, who owned a/o  1) Edna  out of ch Creole b ’74 sired by ch Granby & bred by ? Mrs Chas Houseman Mason, of Highgate House Clayton Heights Bradford, 2) Schemyl b ’81 & bred by Mr Edgar Hanbury out of Nina sired by Rupert, 3) The Prince b ’82 & bred by Mr Lloyd out of Lady sired by ch Crown Prince, 4) ch Crown Princess b ’81 & bred by Dr Forbes Winslow out of Negress sired by ch Crown Prince, 5) Monte female b ’87 & bred by Mr JW Allen out of Nevison’ grand-dau Gipsy sired by ch Montgomery,  6/7) Black Knight & Peveril of the Peak b ‘87, 8) ch Peter Piper b ‘93, 9/10 his daughter Lady Piper b ’95 out of Mr Royle’ Stalybridge Lena w/out known ancestry but perhaps bred by Mr William Joseph Warhurst, of Holden' Yard Knowl street, later  Portland Place - see above  at right -  Stalybridge, who owned Lady Mortimer b ’88 & bred by Mr WK Taunton out of ch Crown Prince’ dau Lady Doughty sired by ch Hotspur.  Mr Warhurst owned also Lady Hermita b ’87 - d ’88 - & bred by Mr Bartholomew – out of Trojan’ sau Gipsy sired by ch Pontiff’ son Lion.

Note - Mr Richard Alston, of Leigh lodge Sale – ca 5 mls S of Manchester, purchased in ‘77 ch Colonel b ’75 & bred by Mr W Parkinson, of Ashton under Lyne, out of Exley Victor’ dau Jeannette sire by Col Mellor’ Ben, formerly owned by John Leigh Becker. Mr Alston also owned Connaught Duchess out of ch Pontiff’ sis Albani sired by ch Colonel.

Mr John Elwell '35-10, of ‘Phoenix Ironworks Ltd’ - see at left -  Handsworth road Birmingham and later 89 Snowhill, owned ch Taurus - see centre - b ’71 & bred by Mr Hanbury out of Phillis sired by ch King. Article ‘Taurus’ from The Illustrated London News dd Nov ‘75 - ‘His measurements – height 31 ½ - girth body 39i – girth loin 33i - head before ears 25 ½, &c. It will be seen from this list that he is not especially distinguished for his size but Taurus can scarcely been beaten for points & symmetry, his only weak point being his feet which should be a little rounder to come up to the standard of perfection.’ - The KCSB ’78 mentions Mabel b ’77 & Maggie b ’75 & bred by Mr Arthur Henry Taylor, architect & surveyor of 5 Dogpole Shrewsbury - out of Hilda III sired by ch Taurus -, owned by Mr John Elwell, of Timberley – Bromwich Castle 7 mls E of Birmingham. Hilda III b ’80 & bred by Mr E Coston  – out of Ventnor ° Hilda ex ch Granby ° sired by ch The Shah. - Mr Elwell  also was  a successful exhibitor of shorthorn bulls. - Dd ’73 – ‘John Elwell, Birmingham, keeps one of the largest stocks in the trade of every description of Iron, Steel, Tin Plates, & Metals. Dd ’80 – ‘Mr John Elwell, iron merchant, Snow-hill Birmingham, late of Wolverhampton, has filed his petition, with liabilities £29,000, and assets £21,000. Dd ’87 - In the Matter of a Special Resolution for Liquidation by Arrangement of the affairs of John Elwell, of 89 Snowhill Birmingham and late of the Bromford Warehouse 13 Queen-street Wolverhampton - Iron Merchant - and of Sheepcote street Birmingham aforesaid - Iron Hurdle Manufacturer - also lately trading in co-partnership with Joseph Jenks the younger, at the Excelsior Ironworks the Cape Smethwick, as an Iron Manufacturer, under the style or firm of ‘John Elwell & Joseph Jenks, jun’ and residing at Timberley House Castle Bromwich. In 1906 John Elwell built Sunningdale House & lodge at Broadacre, a six acre estate at Packwood Gullet Solihull – ca 10 mls SE of Birmingham -. He died in 1910 -   buried in Packwood churchyard. The firm ‘John Elwell Ltd’ – Phoenix Ironworks Birmingham - continued witnessed by adverts up to the '60s. -

Mr William Adams ’57-11, Midland Manager - Director of the Refuge Assurance Company – Liberal politician - of Mayfield Stratford Road Sparkhill Birmingham later at closeby Sorrento Wake Green Road Moseley, purchased in ’94 from Mrs Adelaide Piddocke Lord Overton b ’92 out of ch Jubilee Beauty sired by ch Lord Stafford; Lord Overton got the Birmingham ’94 cc under Lt-Col Z Walker beating ch Peter Piper. - see at right PP'  brother Leyton Jim owned by Wm Shearer Clark, wine & spirit merchant of Wishaw.

Other Victorian Birmingham fanciers – Mr William Barker, builder of Church lane Handsworth, owned Tiger b ’62 & bred by Mr James Hinks - see centre - out of Duchess sired by Lord Byron’ Tiger. - The then Lord Byron was Admiral George Anson Byron 1789-‘68, father of Captain George Anson Byron -  Thrumpton Hall - see at right - nr Nottingham, 50 miles north east of Birmingham. He was first cousin to Lord George Byron 1788-‘24, the best-known Romantic poet of his day and owner of the famous Newfoundland Boatswain, whose monument at Newstead Abbey - his ancestral home nr Nottingham - is larger than Byron’s. - Mr James Hinks ’29-78, of Sherlock street, had a dog ‘repository’ and produced a strain of White English Bull Terriers by taking the best qualities from several breeds, including the ferocious fighting dogs used in the city' bull rings. He refined the appearance of the breed, straightened the legs, strengthened the jaw structure and deepened the chest. What James evolved was a dog who feared nothing. He was a colourful character around the market areas of the bull ring. He was a tall man, handsome and well built with vivid blue eyes. His wife in contrast was tiny, but a match for her husband. Together they ran ‘The Sportsman’ pub in Worcester Street.

Mr W H Taylor, St Bernard breeder of High street West Bromwich, owned Monarch b ’72 – out of ch Turk’ sis Empress sired by Royal. Mr G Harry Parks, publican of the Drovers Arms Smithfield nr the Bull Ring market, owned Monarch b ’75 & bred by Mr J Wilson out of Phillis, formerly of Mr Hanbury, sired by ch Taurus’ son King. Mr  Joseph Batson, iron master of Lawnswood Handsworth, owned Mr Sutcliffe Surajah’ brother Ben III b ’78 & bred by Mr Wm Aston out of Judy sired by ch Colonel'  son Ben. Dd ’84 – ‘At Rhyl marriage of Mr Joseph Batson,  of Handsworth Birmingham, and Winifred Coucher, third daughter of the late James Coucher – JP of St John' Worcester.’ - Mr John Satchell Hopkins ’25-98, of Jesmond Grove Edgbaston, owned Terror b ’86 & bred by Mr MB Wynne out of Mungo sired by ch Beaufort. Mr Hopkins, industrialist ‘Tin-Plate Works’ Granville Street, bred ch Marcella b ’96 out of ch Plutarch’ dau Honeysuckle sired by ch Marc Antony.– Mr Frederick Willits  Rogers, of 6 Victoria street West Bromwich – 6 mls N of Birmingham, owned Rollo II b ’87 & bred by Mr Stanisley out of Woolfe’ dau Serpelette sired by Talisman’ son Prince. - Dd ’95 –  ‘Rogers’ - chemist West Bromwich. - Mr Enoch Edwards b ‘41, button toolmaker of Fairview Bournbrook, owned Newcombe Dinah b ’85 & bred by Mr R Cuthbertson out of Spider sired by ch Prince of Wales.  - Finally, Lt-Col Zaccheus Walker of Fox Hollies Hall Acocks Green whose first KCSB entry was Stentor b ’88 ownbred out of Goth’ dau Abbot Belle sired by ch Victor Hugo. He bred Mastiffs until ’16, a/o ch’s Dowager Duchess, Lord of The Manor, Britain’ Belle & British Queen and was OEMC President ’08-14 & ’23-31.

In sharp contrast stands the Nottingham fancy  during the Victorian era, ie the KCSB from ’73 up to ’95 only mention two entries – 1) Emperor b ’71 pedigree not given - 4th Manchester Belle Vue - owned Mr D S Barclay, of Queens Walk, half a mile long named after Queen Victoria' visit in ‘43 as she passed through Midland station on her way from Chatsworth to Belvoir Castle. The British census data mention extremely few records for ‘D S Barclay’, so perhaps it goes about Mr David Skene Barclay – see at left - b ’14 Montrose Angus Scotland d ’74 or his eldest son David Skene Barclay ‘41 – ’89 who married in ’64 Forgan Fife Scotland Miss Grace Mathewson. Mr David Skene Barclay was partner of the late firm of ‘Messrs Thomas Duff & Co Ltd’ – jute merchants Dundee - exports from India all variety of Jute Products incl Sacking, Hessian Cloth, Hessian Bags, Jute Yarn, &c. - 2) Hero b ’77 & bred by Mr Watson - out of Duchess sired by Sultan - owned by Mr John Terry, licensed victualler of the Navigation Inn & Grounds – see at right - Trent lane next to the River Trent.

Nottingham prize winners at Great Market Place - 72) 1st Rev Yearsley’ Anlaf by Wynne’ Monarch 3rd Miss G Russell’ Langsyne by Miss Aglionby’ Wolf; 73) 1st Mr Green’ ch Monarch  2nd Mr de Fivas’ ch Granby  3rd Mr S A Smith’ Turk (Sloane’ Lord Nelson ex ch Briton’ sis Lufra) – 1st Miss Aglionby’ Empress 2nd Mr F Kay’ Empress 3rd Mr FW Gee’ ch Stella; 74) divided 1sts Mr J Russell’ Lion - pedigree withold from the public*** - with Mr S A Smith’ Turk 3rd Major Arbuthnot’ Vril by ch Punch – 1st Mr F Belchin’ Flo 2nd Rev Mellor’ Duchess by Big Ben. Note – Messrs Robert & MB Wynne resided at Scalford – ca 20 mls SE of Nottingham.

Ca 30 mls SW of Nottingham at Burton on Trent were three Mastiff fanciers, each involved into brewery – Mr William Lawrence Ball b ‘46, of Little Thorne House Woodville  - ‘Messrs Ball’ common brewers & malsters Woodville -, owned 1) Vulcan b ’75 & bred by Mr Hutchings – out of Cromwell’ dau Storm sired by Brindled Pluto -, 2) bred/owned Mischief II b ’79 – out of unnamed bitch sired by ch Taurus’ Young King -. – Mr Percy Evershed, of ‘Marston Thompson and Evershed’- brewers, owned Bevis b ’74 – out of Empress sired by Lion -. Mr John Allen Bindley b ‘34, brewer,  bred/owned Ameer & Modwena b ’79 – out of Bardon Queen sired by ch Rajah -. Bardon Queen b ’77 & bred by Mr Everard – out of Anlaf’ dau Bardona sired by Young King -.

The Liverpool area fancy of the Victorian era  – Mr Abel Boadle ‘18-04,  third generation of ‘Abel Boadle’ - flour dealers & grocers of 20 Scotland road Liverpool, owned Nan bred by Mr Webb – 2nd Belle Vue Manchester ’65. -– Dd ’51 – ‘This is the fifth vessel of large dimensions built by the same firm for Messrs Boadle, of Liverpool. The fine schooner Dan Glaister was launched from the ship-building yard of Messrs K Wood & Sons’ –- Dd June ’62 – ‘The painting belongs to A Boadle, Esq of Liverpool, who gave thousand guineas for some few years since. At the request of the artist the owner sent it to the Royal.’ -  His father Mr Abel Boadle died in  ’62. – Dd ’64 – ‘Mr Boadle’ Works Art. Messrs Walker & Ashley have received positive instructions from Mr Abel Boadle to sell, without the slightest reserve, the whole of the collection, except those specially announced for private sale in the following advertisement.’  - Dd ’80 – ‘Chambers and A Boadle, Liverpool and elsewhere, grocers.’  -

Mr James Waddell, wine & spirit merchant of Lark Hill lane West Derby, bred/owned Bruce  b ’72 out of ch Turk’ dau Grand Duchess sired by ch King’ son General Prim. – Mr Aaron Alfred Brown ’52-81, merchant – ship bread biscuit manufacturer - of Hartfield Allerton, owned 1) Mabel b ’72 & bred by Dr Sandford out of George Tiger’ dau Rose sired by ch Turk’ son Paris, 2) Dane b ’75 & bred by Mr AW Gabb out of Fabius’ dau Vesta sired by ch Granby, 3) Norma b ‘75 & bred by Mr W Austin out of ch Turk’ dau Nelly sired by ch Rajah, 4) Vandal b ’76 & bred by Mr J Hart out of Langsyne’ dau Queen Bass sired by ch Granby. - Mr Frank Graham, of Vittoria Candle Worls 13 Market place - see at left -  South Birkenhead, owned 1) Wallace b ’73 & bred by Mr Nichols out of ch Hector’ dau Jenny sired by ch Punch brother Big Ben , 2) Ch Crown Prince’ maternal aunt Githa b ’75 & bred by Mr Fitzgerald out of Rhoda sired by ch The Shah, 3) ch Pontiff’ brindle brother Gwalior out of ch Wolsey’ dau Princess sired by ch Rajah. – Mr Henry Cuthbert Joplin b ’60-28, of Grasmere Park Huyton, owned 1) Vulcan – late Vulcan II – b ’74 & bred by Mr J Lampitt of Banbury - out of Mr Harry Kingdons Barry’ dau Bess sired by ch Rajah –,  2) Brindled Sultan b ’79, 3) Snowball b ’81 & bred by Rev WJ Mellor - out of Hugh’ dau Nellie sired by ch Cardinal -, 4) Lancelot b 81 & bred by Mr James Morris – out of ch Wolsey’ dau Vaga sired by ch Taurus - the Deerhound Chieftain and the top St Bernard ch Cadwallader. – He married in ’84 at Bolton Miss Sara Jane Cullen b ‘66. Dd ’96 – Henry Cuthbert Joplin partner of the firm ‘Joplin & Miles’ - saddlers & manufacturers of leather goods at Bradford street Birmingham. Mr Thomas Henry Rawcliffe, shoe manufacturer of 246 Strand road Bootle - next to ‘The Strand Tavern’ No 245, owned 1) Galliard b ’81 & bred by Dr Forbes Winslow – out of Granby Prince’ dau Placida sired by ch Punch’ grandson Peter The Great -, 2) ownbred Lena II out of Lena sired by Bonfrey. Dd ’91 -  Death of Mr Thomas Henry Rawcliffe, aged 60 years, at his London residence 127 St Leonard' road Poplar,  late of Liverpool.

Mr Henry Clay, goldbeater of 36 Slater street, owned 1) British Queen bred by Mr J Hill  - out of Lady Olivet sired by Mr Wynne British King’ son British King II -, 2) ownbred British Princess  b 86 – out of British Queen sired by King Dathi -, 3 Lady Barbara b ’87 & bred by Dr JS Turner – out of ch Salisbury’ Nelfia sired by ch Hotspur -, 4) purchased in ‘92/93 from his breeder Mr DL Buchanan Kaiser Frederick b  ’87 – out of Lion’ dau Gipsy sired by ch Montgomery -, 5) Gipsey Myra b ’91 & bred by Mr F Bartlett – out of Fitz Beaufort’ dau Lady Beaufort sired by ch Ogilvie -, 6) Norman King b ’95 & bred by Mr B Thompson - out of Clapham Niobe sired by Iron Duke’ son Lex.

Mr H McEvoy, of 50 Sir Thomas buildings, purchased from Rev J Phelan King Dathi – pedigree unknown. Mr H Jones, chemist of 19 Berry street, owned the male Bilali b ’86 & bred by Mr W Rollinson, of Ash Cottage Seaforth ca 5 mls N of Liverpool, – out of Danaides sired by Debonair - Danaides out of Surajah’ dau Beda sired by ch Montgomery; Debonair bred by Dr O T Slatter out of Idalia sired by ch Crown Prince. Mr G Matthews, of 53 Prescot street, owned Lena III b ’90 & bred by Mr Challoner – out of Lena – ped unknown sired by ch Montgomery’ son Kaiser Frederick -. Mr W Otto Spaty, of 63 Melville street, owned Bismark II b ’89 & bred by Mr Hugh Willis – out of Imperial Chancellor’ dau Princess sired by Lion -. The Right Hon William Henry Watts '25-98 - see at right -, general draper of Elm Hall - see centre - Penny lane Mossley Hill Wavertree, bred/owned May King b ’93 – out of Napoleon’ dau Polly sired by Kaiser Frederick; he also owned 2) Princess May b ’91 & bred by Dr CA Lougest – out of Napoleon’ dau Polly sired by King Dathi - , bred/owned 3) Aunt Chloe b ’95  - out of Princess May sired by ch Marc Antony -, bred/owned 4/5) Uncle Tom b ’97 & Kruger b ’99 – both out of Aunt Chloe sired by ch Peter Piper. Mr William  Henry Watts was Mayor of Liverpool ‘95/96. Here at right - part of drawing dd ca  '95 by the German artist Richard Strebel '61-40.

Dr Charles A Lougest, of 41 Pembroke place, purchased in ’82 from Mr Bowles, of Temple Court Guildford, 1) Caesar – late Ben II - b ’77 & bred by Mr Edgar Hanbury out of ch Taurus’ sis Herpa sired by Big Ben -, 2) Imperial Chancellor b ’83 & bred by Ilford breeder Mr Richard Cook Ilford Coution’ brother Imperial Chancellor – out of ch Cambrian Princess’ sis Ilford Claudia sired by ch Crown Prince -, 3) ownbred German Empress b ’82 out of Mentor’ dau Vera sired by ch Wolsey’ son Brindled Vulcan, 4) ch Albert Victor – late Tanner – b ’83 & bred by Mr Richard Morgan, of Rhayader, – out of Bess unr sired by Wallace’ son Lion, 5) Gerda b ’86 & bred by Rev Van Doorne – out of Gytha II sired by ch Orlando -, 6) purchased from Mr JW Burton, of Spring Bank Hull, Lady Hullina b ’83 & bred by Mr Hanbury out of ch Wolsey’ niece Nina sired by ch Prince Regent -, 7) ownbred Pembroke Star b ’86 out of Sailor’ dau Nora sired by Imperial Chancellor – nb - Sailor b ’94 & bred by Mr WN Higgs out of Seend Beauty sired by ch Ilford County Member, 8) ownbred Star b ’87 – out of Caesar’ dau Cecilia sired by ch Albert Victor -, 9) Cadwallader b ’85 & bred by Mr Wm Price of Stockton – out of Buchanan’ Slut sired by ch The Emperor’ son John Bull -, 10) ownbred General Von Moltke b ’88 – out of Gerda sired by Napoleon -, 11) purchased from Mr J Crawford, of Biggar, Napoleon b ’83 & bred by Mr Sheener – out of dam unknown sired by ch Prince of Wales, 12/13) Prince William II & Crown Princess II b ’87 & bred by RH Walker – out of Princess Scota sired by Imperial Chancellor -, 14) Princess Scota b ’85 & bred by Mr RH Walker out of Juno ° Dr McRae Diana ch Turk’ dau Brenda ex ch Turk’ son Paris ° sired by ch Prince of Wales -, 15) Princess Victoria – pedigree unknown -, 16) purchased in ‘88/89 Mr Geo Willins' ch Cambrian Princess b ’82 out of Modesty sired by ch Beau. In the mid-90s  Dr Lougest emigrated to Boston - US.

At the West coast – the Hull fancy - Mr James William Burton, dog judge & Hon Secretary of the Hull Horse & Dog show - of 114 Spring Bank, bred/owned 1) Sebert b ’81 – out of Aglionby Champion’ dau Empress sired by Young King’ son Scalford King -, 2) Lady Hullina  b ’83 & bred by Mr Hanbury – out of ch Wolsey’ Nina sired by ch Prince Regent.Mr JW Burton presided Hull’ Working Men' Club and Institute.– Dr Arthur Atkinson, surgeon of 29 Osborne street, owned Sebert’ brother Rex II.  . - Mr Charles Hull Bass, of 1 Westbourne terrace Darringham street Hull, owned Egbert b ’83 & bred by Mr G Shaw – out of Una sired by Mr Sutcliffe’ Surajah. Mr T Jackson, of Wilberforce buildings High street, owned Mady Nell Gwynne b ’82 & bred by Mr Charles Breary Lotherington b ’53-97 merchant & oil refiner of Sculcoates   – out of Nell VII sired by Wallace IV -.  Mr J Fallon, of 49 Brook street, owned Nell Brook b ’83 & bred by Mr Tadman – out of Nell sired by Mr Smith’ Nero -.

Some 130 mls North – the Durham fancy -  Mr Joseph Lowthian Dickinson b ’50-75, of Belle Vue House Shotley Bridge, owned 1) ch Briton b ’69 & bred by Miss Aglionby - out of Druid’ dau Una sired by ch Turk’ brother Wolf -, 2° Harold b ’71 & bred by the Wynnes – out of Charlie’ dau Empress sired by ch King – see above at left – Mr Dickinson ch Briton’ brother ch Hector owned by Mrs Mary Rawlinson of Ulverston who bred ch The Emperor b ’77 out of ch Countess sired by ch The Shah. Mr Joseph Lowthian Dickinson was the son of Sir John Dickinson, Belle Vue House Shotley Bridge, one of the proprietors of Consett Brick manufactory, and chairman of the Consett Local Board. He married May ’74 Miss Gertrude Ellen b '53, second daughter of John Shorthouse, Esq Hartford Bridge and moved to Derwent Cote House Lintz Green Station. Mr JL Dickinson died a year later, aged 25. Ch Briton became owned by Mr W Dickinson of Shotley Bridge. His father-in-law Mr John Shorthouse ’24-11 was the Newcastle agent of ‘Messrs Bass, Ratcliff & Gretton Brewers Ltd.’ On June 28th  & 29th  ‘59 Messrs John Shorthouse and William Rochester Pape, a Tyneside shotgun manufacturer, organised the first ever dog show. – Dr George Renton, of Consett, owned 1) Guelph b ’73 & bred by Major Frederick Elms – out of Wolf’ dau Lupa sired by Mr Dickenson’ Lion -.

Dr Renton moved to Marchmont lane Edinburgh where he bred/owned Guelph II – see above centre - aka ch Prince of Wales b ’83 – out of Mr Green’ ch Monarch’ dau Leah sired by ch Prince Regent -. Mr William Henry Marshall, of Tenter House – see above at right - , owned 1) Norah – out of Grass sired by ch Turk’ Grand Sultan -, bred/owned  Rob b ’74 – out of Norah sired by Mr Green’ ch Monarch. He was partner of ‘William Marshall and Son’ - attorneys & solicitors, carrying business at 28 Market place Durham. – Mr Robert John Leng, solicitor of High Bondgate - see at left - Bishop Auckland, owned Wolf b ’76 & bred by Mr G Bennett – out of Monarch’ dau Countess sired by ch Punch -.

Mr Charles James Holliday, b ‘48 of The Ferns - see centre - Macclesfield/Tempest road Alderley Edge, owned two males bred by Rev Bulkeley Jones ’24-14, of Ruthin,  - 1) Hero b ’75 out of Mona sired by Mr Green’ ch Monarch – and 2) ch Nero – see at left – b Feb ’75 out of Baron’ dau Grace sired by Mr Green’ ch Monarch -; the three-years old ch Nero was purchased by Mr Mark Beaufoy, of South Lambeth, and sired several litters, a/o bred by Mr TW Allen – Olga II, Mr Hutchings – Nydia, Nestor & Celia, Mr Urquahart – Colonel III. Ch Nero   grandsired Mr Luke Crabtree ch Count Orlando’ dam Idalia & Mr Hutchings Admiral’ dam Dulce.   - Mr Charles J Holliday got in ‘67  the gold champion medal at the sixth Olympic Festival held at Liverpool by the Athletic Society of Great Britain, taking three silver and three bronze medals for fencing, single-stick, throwing the hammer, wrestling, and boxing which may have been an element to convince the Reverend on whom ‘Slogger Williams’ in Thomas Hughes' novel Tom Brown' Schooldays is based or so it's said… A slogger - a boxer noted for an ability to deliver hard punches. At right - The son of Mr Owen Owen Jones -  Rev John Owen Jones b ’61 at Beaumaris, who emigrated in ’83 to Australia where he died in ’35. He arguably was related to Rev Bulkeley Owen Jones whose mother was a daughter of Mr Owen Owen.

Mr James Carter, of Ashgrove Bradford, owned Quaker b ’62 & bred by Mr John Wm Guppy, of London,  - out of Lord Darnley Nell’ dau Nell sired by Mr Cautley’ Quaker – 1st Belle Vue Manchester ’65. Arguably the son of Mr Joseph Shepherd Carter ’25-05 FRCVS, of 24 Ashgrove Bradford, , one the founders the Yorkshire Veterinary Medical Association, who left estate valued £15,376 net. - Mr Samuel Howard jun, farmer of Brookhead Farm Cheadle – ca 8 mls S of Manchester, owned Nell - 2nd at Belle Vue Manchester ’65. - Mr Ben Booth ’46-96, of ‘Booth & son’ Corn Mills Thurlstone Penistone – ca 25 mls E of Lyme Hall, owned Lion b ca ’66 – out of Lord Stamford Duchess ° by Legh’ Tiger ° sired by Legh’ Wamba – Lyme Hall breed – 4th prize at Belle Vue Manchester ’69. Dd ’71 – ‘Mr Charles Crossley, driver in the service of Mr Booth, Thurlstone, was charged under the Highway Act, with being in charge of two horses, and being drunk and incompetent.’ - Mr John Turner, currier of Brighouse, owned Fan 2nd at Belle Vue Manchester ’67. - Mr E L Williams, of 4 Upper Falkner Street Gloucester, owned Norma b ca ’67 out of Mr Lukey Harold’ dau Countess sired by Governor – 2nd at Birmingham ’72 – Mr Lukey’ Harold was Governor’ litter brother. - Rev Wm Yates Foot ‘41 -89, of Overton Ludlow, owned Hilda b ’69 & bred by Mr Nichols – out of Leo’ dau Duchess sired by ch Turk. He married in ’67 Miss Margaret Abigail, daughter of Richard Urwick, Esq of Overton Ludlow, and was  an avid archer. He died at Moulsford Vicarage. - Dd ’85 – ‘Rev W Yates Foot sends some pretty and nicely-finished drawings in water-colours – see at left - of scenes in that neighbourhood.’ -Mr Edgar Anstice, of Field Heath Hillingdon nr Uxbridge ca 2° mls W of London, owned 1) Formosa b ca ’70 & bred by the Wynnes – out of Nora’ dau Nuna sired by ch King’ son King II and 2) bred/owned Goliath b ’72 out of Formosa sired by Mr Bamford’ Samson. – Dd ’74 – ‘The Uxbridge bench of magistrates have been engaged for some time in hearing a summons against Mr Edgar Anstice, described as a gentleman living at Field Heath Hillingdon, for being the owner of four ferocious dogs which were not kept under proper control. James Griffin said that he was passing the defendant’ house about half-past’ -

Mr Stephen Salter jun ‘35, ‘gentleman of independent means’ of Egrove Farm Kennington nr Oxford, owned Faust  b ’73 & bred by Miss Hales – out of ch King’ dau Brenda sired by Mr Pemberton Faust’ son Fabius. – He was also an architect practising at Ryde and Maidenhead. - Dd ’80 – ‘Mr. Stephen Salter, of Egrove, was the largest exhibitor of pigeons the Crystal Palace great poultry and pigeon show.’ – Dd ’82 – ‘are instructed by Mr Stephen Salter - who is leaving Oxford -, to sell by auction at Egrove Farm Kennington nr Oxford, the whole live and dead farming stock, consisting of 3 good young working cart horses, &c’ – Mr Stephen Salter jun purchased end ’80 the Pondwell estate – see centre - of  Major-General Whimper nr Ryde Isle of Wight where he kept a/o a herd of Jersey cattle and continued to exhibit prize poulty. He died in ‘37, aged 102!  ! - Quote - Therefore, we owe the blessing of the marking ring to any other than the veteran Isle of White fancier Mr Stephen Salter, who even now, as he nears the full century, is just as fond of pigeons as he was in the days when he was the leading breeder of the South of England, especially of his much loved English Owl pigeons.’ -

Mr John Anderton ‘39-89, wool merchant of Springfield Bingley nr Bradford, owned Tiger b ’73 & bred by Mr Frederick Heinzmann b ‘41, of Apperley nr Leeds, – out of ch Turk’ sis Beldam sired by Hanbury Prince’ grandson Mr Exley’ Victor. –  ’74 Marriage of Frederick Heinzmann, of Bradford, to Francis Mary, eldest daughter of the late Mr George Hewitt, of Scarborough. Dd ’14 – ‘Anti-German feeling found its expression in absurd outburst at Northwich on Friday night. Louis Heinzmann said his parents were Germans, but was born at Manningham Bradford, 33 years ago. His parents came to Northwich and carried on as a pork butcher at 104 Witton-street. He observed the prisoners coming down the street carrying a ladder. They were both drunk, and placed the ladder to Mr Heinzmann’ sign. He asked them what they were going do and they said to Knock that thing down. Mr Anderton was a gentleman well known and popular with Bingley people. Tall and sturdy in appearance, his genial and hearty manner to all with whom be came.'  - Mr Edward Barron Broomhall b ’48-29, of Mount Pleasant terrace High road Lewisham & ‘Broomhall & Co’ East India Brokers - 134 Fenchurch street London, owned Hebe  b ’74 & bred by Mr Menlove – out of Paris’ dau Mabel sired by Mr Green ‘ ch Monarch -. Author of several books a/o ‘The Imperial Combination Code for mining, company promoting, financial and stock exchange purposes’,  Broomhall' comprehensive cipher code : mining, banking, share dealing, mercantile, legal and general / compiled in conformity with the official vocabulary of the International Telegraph Convention’ & ‘The standard shipping code for chartering insurance and general shipping’.

Mr George Webb '49-90,  brewer Waterlooville Hants - of Shalford Common nr Guildford, purchased from  Serjt Cox Hilda II b ’75 – out of Bertha sired by ch Rajah – Berta, by Lion out of Una, by Mr Nichols’ Prince; Lion out of Miss Aglionby’ Countess. Dd ’90 – ‘Mr George Webb, of Shalford, well-known Surrey brewer, was thrown out of his trap at Farncombe Godalming and sustained terrible injuries. He never regained consciousness, and died.’  - Mr Arthur Henry Taylor, architect & surveyor of 5 Dogpole Shrewsbury – see at right -, owned  Hilda III b ’80 & bred by Mr E Coston – out of Ventnor ° Hilda ex ch Granby ° sired by ch The Shah. He bred two litters from Hilda III each sired by Mr John Elwell’ celebrated ch Taurus which gave a/o Maggie b ’75 & Mabel b ’77 both owned by Mr John Elwell, of Timberley  Bromwich Castle. Newport House - Dogpole Shrewsbury -  17th century grade II listed town house, was once the home of Lord Newport and later the Earl of Bradford,  celebrated for its refined and pleasant society.

Mr Thomas Hawett jun, solicitor of 8 King street Wigan, owned Wynnes Monarch’ brother King II b ’67 – out of Norah sired by ch King. Mr James Tyrer, printer & stationer bookseller of 11 Wallgate Wigan, owned Prince b ’70. Mr Charles Curtis, Sheriff’ officer of 8 Princess Royal terrace Scarborough, owned Mrs Rawlinson ch Countess’ sis 1) Duchess b ’71 & bred by Mr James Morris – out of Flora sired by Mr Nichols’ Sultan by ch Turk -, and 2) Marquis b ’74 – out of Duchess sired by Mr Green’ ch Monarch -. Mrs Laura Mayhew, of 7 Montpellier terrace Twickenham, owned Dorothy Vernon b ’71 & bred by Mr Stevens – out of Nell sired by Captain – Pomona Manchester ’74 1st champion class. - Mr J Russell, of Bedfork Park Croydon, owned Lion b ca 71– pedigree withold from the public -  - divided 1st at Nottingham ’74. - Dr David Elphinstone Seton MD b ’28, of Granwick Potters Bar, owned Wallace’ own brother Hereward b ’73 bred by Mr Nichols – out of Hector’ dau Jenny sired by Big Ben. He moved to South Kensington and died in ’15 at his residence at Onslow road Richmond. - Mr George J Hart, chartered accountant auditor of 12 Clements lane London, owned Queen Bess b ’73  & bred by Mr James Morris out of Flora’ dau Duchess sired by  Miss Aglionby Wolf’ son Langsyne -. Dd ’83 – ‘At the Marylebone Police-court Charles Courtney, described as a gentleman, and George J Hart, surveyor, were charged with fraud by means of money lending advertisements.’ – Mr John Pallister, auctioneer & valuer of Harras Bank House Birtley Gateshead , owned Sultan b ’73 out of Nell sired by Sultan’ son Ajax -. Mr John Stuart, of Photographic Studio Thistlebank Charlotte street Helensburgh –, owned The Shah’ own brother Caractacus b ’73. He was a well-known professional photographer with a head establishment 120 Buchanan street Glasgow. He also was a most noted breeder of Bramahputra poultry – see insert left -.

Mr George Fox b ‘17, of Harefield Wilmslow – ca 10 mls S of Manchester, owned Nero – 1st Pomona Machester ’74. He was art collector, fancier of shorthorn bulls and a partner of the firm of ‘A T Stewart & Co’ - merchants Manchester – Mr Alexander Turney Stewart ’03-76 was a successful Irish entrepreneur who made his multimillion-dollar fortune in what was at the time the most extensive and lucrative dry goods business in the world. Being retired Mr Fox purchased  Elmhurst Hallsee at left - nr Lichfield from the trustees of Mr Newton John Lane and built a lodge south of the hall. Dd ’75 - Talulia Illinois, who bought her at a sale the other day, having again sold her for 22,000 dollars (about £4,400) to Mr. Fox, of Harefield. Most im- portant sale of shorthorns of this season took place last week at Elmhurst Hall, near Lichfield, the seat of Mr. George Fox, when a large number of the leading breeders from all parts of the kingdom attended. - Dd ‘77 – ‘Henry Maxwell said : I live at, and am farm bailiff to George Fox, Esq.’ – May ‘94 - Mr George Fox died in London from heart disease at the residence of Sir George Armstrong after moving from Elmhurst Hall to enable the Duke of Sutherland to use the house to host the Prince of Wales on his visit Lichfield for the centenary of the Staffordshire Yeomanry.

Rev Edward Augustus Bracken Pitman b ’44, of Town street Old Malton, owned Hull ’74 2nd prize winner ‘Countess’ out of Duchess sired by Mr Bamford’ Samson. In ’91 he moved to The Rectory Stonegrave where he died in ’29 and left £4,203. Mr Russell Earp, of Partingdale Mill Hill, owned Kaiser b ’74 & bred by Rev WJ Mellor – out of Big Ben’ dau Big Ben sired by ch Wolsey’ brother Prince. - Dd ’88 – Russell Earp Esq, of ‘Messrs Satterthwaite & Co – Brokers 6 Austin Friars E C.’ – Dd ’90 - Russell Earp Esq, a Director of ‘John F Betz & Sons' – see centre - Brewery - Philadelphia.’ – Mr W Aston jun, butcher of 82 Owen street Tipton, owned Judy  b ’74 & bred by Mr J Hudson – out of Bathurst Juno sired by ch Rajah -. Mr John Francis Bretherton b ’40, solicitor of Bewsey Cottage Bank street Warrington, owned 1) Lion b ’74 & bred by Mr Nichols – out of Quaker’ dau Casey sired by ch Wolsey’ brother Prince -, 2) the female Vic b ’73 & bred by Mr Nichols – out of Leo’ dau Stella sired by ch Turk’ son Monarch. He died in ’78 at Christchurch – Hampshire. Mr John Robert Furness, of 8 Lefroy street Westmorland Road Newcastle, owned Meg b ’74 & bred by Miss Aglionby – out of Paris’ dau Hannah sired by Champion. Mr Joseph Shaw, of the Railway Hotel Scarborough, owned 1) Nelly b ’74 – out of ch Turk’ dau Norma sired by Laxton -, bred/owned 2) Monarch II b ’76 – out of Nelly sired by  Mr Green’ ch Monarch’ son Marquis -. Miss Paulina Tagart, dau of Mr Francis Tagart b ‘18 JP of Bristol’ Old Sneyd Park – see at right - home to many millionaires, owned Tiny b ’74 & bred by Rev WJ Mellor – out of Big Ben’ dau Duchess sired by ch Wolsey’ brother Prince. -Mr Henry Hawkins, of Springfield Preston, owned Nelsonb ’75 & bred by Mr Whittaker out of Mr James Waddell Bruce’ dau Friend sired by Mr Dickinson Lion’ son British Lion -. He was also a keen exhibitor of horses. - Mr Henry Charles Staples, of Swanley Kent, owned Lion  b ’76 & bred by Mr P Aspinall – out of Victor’ dau Juliet sired by Big Ben’ brother ch Punch -. Dr Herbert Conquest Aldom b ’54, of Salway House Leyton, owned Juno b ca ’76 – 3rd at Wolverhamton ’78. - Mr J Robinson, of Guide Bridge nr Manchester, owned Pluto b ’76 & bred by Mr M Parkinson – out of Hector’ dau Una sired by Mr Green ch Monarch’ son Grouse Pluto -. Major A Tyler, of 50th Regiment Maidstone Barracks, owned Ivy b ’77 & bred by Rev WJ Mellor – out of ch Gwendolen sired by ch Rajah -. Mr R Hampson, of Droylsden nr Manchester, owned Lion b ’77 – out of ch Turk’ dau Empress sired by Ben -. Dd ‘76 – ‘Messrs Hampson Brothers Droylsden - bleaching and finishing works' -.

Captain Horace George Willis ’40-11, magistrate of The Glenfall - see at left - Mill lane  Charlton Kings nr Cheltenham, owned Mona II b ’75 & bred by Mr AH Bowles of Killarney – out of Dr A D Ashford Hector’ dau Brenda sired by Lord Kenmore’ Lion -.  Dr Adrian Byron Ashford, surgeon of 10 Sandringhams gardens Ealing. . Dd ’76 – ‘Mr Adrian Byron Ashford, aged 45, a gentleman of independent means, has met with his death  through taking an overdose of chloral, which used as a narcotic. The evidence showed that the deceased had suffered from liver complaint for some years, and had been in the habit of taking a night-draught in order to procure sleep.’-Mr Henry Hawkins, of Springfield Preston, owned Nelsonb ’75 & bred by Mr Whittaker out of Mr James Waddell Bruce’ dau Friend sired by Mr Dickinson Lion’ son British Lion -. He was also a keen exhibitor of horses. - Mr Henry Charles Staples, of Swanley Kent, owned Lion  b ’76 & bred by Mr P Aspinall – out of Victor’ dau Juliet sired by Big Ben’ brother ch Punch -. Dr Herbert Conquest Aldom b ’54, of Salway House Leyton, owned Juno b ca ’76 – 3rd at Wolverhamton ’78. - Mr J Robinson, of Guide Bridge nr Manchester, owned Pluto b ’76 & bred by Mr M Parkinson – out of Hector’ dau Una sired by Mr Green ch Monarch’ son Grouse Pluto -. Major A Tyler, of 50th Regiment Maidstone Barracks, owned Ivy b ’77 & bred by Rev WJ Mellor – out of ch Gwendolen sired by ch Rajah -. Mr R Hampson, of Droylsden nr Manchester, owned Lion b ’77 – out of ch Turk’ dau Empress sired by Ben -. Dd ‘76 – ‘Messrs Hampson Brothers Droylsden - bleaching and finishing works.

Mr J Neal, of 27 West Bars Chesterfield, owned Duchess b ca ’77 – 2nd Chesterfield ’79.  - ? Relative of Charles &/or Thomas Neal, butchers of West Bars Chesterfield. - Mr William Henry Sturgess b ‘54, commission agent & furniture dealer of Edensor road Longton Staffs, owned  Taurus II  b ’77 & bred by Mr J D Wilde – out of Lion’ dau sired by ch Taurus. - Mr Robert Exley, worsted spinner of The Grange Horsforth nr Leeds, bred/owned Bosco b ’78 – out of Mr Grren Monarch’ dau Venus sired by Victor -. Mr George Collins, of the Blockhouse Inn 60 Tavistock street Stoke Devonport, owned Duchess b ’78  pedigree unknown. – Dd ’80 – ‘George Collins, Blockhouse, was convicted of being drunk and riotous in Friar-street. Without provocation he savagely assaulted P C Harloy.’ – Mr John Hay, of Owen street - see centre - Tipton, owned Surajah’ sis Juno II b ’78 & bred by Mr Wm Aston – out of Judy sired by Mr Naylor’ Ben -. Dd ’79 – ‘Mr Frederick Hay, draper of Owen street Tipton.’ - Dr James Russell, surgeon of The Cedars Sandhurst Wokingham, owned Lord Darnley b ’78 & bred by Mr Moore – out of Big Ben’ dau Bijou sired by Lion’ son The Boss -. Dd ’88 – ‘Dr Russell, of Sandhurst, gave lecture on ‘The use and abuse of Alcohol’, in the girl' schoolroom York Town.’ - Mr W Jones, of Neston Cheshire, owned Ruth II b ’79 & bred by Mr F D Graham – out of ch Wolsey brother Prince’ dau Queen sired by Big Ben’ son Wallace. – Dd ’70 -  ‘Jones & son - auctioneers & estate agents of Neston nr Chester.’ -

Captain Herbert Chesshyre Molyneux -13, of Irlam lodge - see at right -  Milverton Leamington, owned Colonel II b ’79 & bred by  Mr Henry Darlington – out of Negress sired by ch Rajah -. He was J P for County of Warwick. - Mr Charles James Townsend b ‘51, of  York House  14 Knowle road Totterdown Bristol, owned Oona b  ’79 & bred by Rev Henry James Hammond  b '47 rector of St Nicolas Droitwich – out of Mr Fenwick Jupiter’ dau Venus sired by ch Turk b ’67? -.  Ch Turk 2349 sired his last litter dd May '75 out of Rev WJ Mellor' Duchess which gave Sybil, Oona' sire may have been Turk  II used by Mr J Morris. - On May 23th ‘11 the Rev Henry James Hammond was thrown from his horse at the neighbouring parish of Little Comberton, and died shortly afterwards. The whole parish still remembers him and his passionate love of animals. He had a huge otter which followed him about the village like a dog.’ -  Droitwich  was also the townf of the  Galton family, famous for their strain of Hadzor  Hall Mastiffs; ‘Major Galton’ bred in '78 a litter out of Miss Aglionby Wolf' grand-daughter Fury sired by ch Wolsey’ brother Prince, resulting in Dr Winslow' Heela & perhaps also Oona' sire Turk...

Mr Robert Chapman – see at left - ‘40-13, wine & spirit dealer of Johnston House & farm – see at right - Glenboig nr Coatbridge – ca 10 mls E of Glasgow, owned Lord Clyde b ’78 & bred by Mr Inglis – out of Empress sired by Turk – 1st Greenock ’81. Mr Chapman’ prefix – ‘Heather’. Centre – The Robert Chapman sons together with Sir Henry ‘Harry’Lauder ’70-50 , a Scottish singer & comedian popular in both the English music hall and vaudevillian theatre tradition, described by Sir Winston Churchill as - ‘Scotland' greatest ever ambassador’. –

The name of Robert Chapman was a household word far beyond the confines of the British Isles, and there is no member of the Trade in the West of Scotland more widely known and respected. As a youngster he determined to tempt fortune and begin business for himself, which he did at Glenboig, opening premises for the sale of groceries and provisions in ‘75. Mr Chapman had his good fortune to win her heart and hand, of Miss Main, daughter of Mr William Main, grain merchant of Airdrie. His business expanded over the years, a/o in ’98 he bought the Royal Hotel Coatbridge, situated at  White law Fountain, in the most convenient and central position, for sum close upon £20,000. Several shops and houses were included in the hotel property, as also a commodious hall.

Robert took to farming, having purchased  a 700 acres farm. But it was as a breeder of dogs that Mr Chapman has gained his world-wide and enviable reputation. The largest breeder of high-class sporting dogs in the world, his extensive kennels were at Glenboig. Some idea of the extent of the business done by Mr Chapman may be gained from the fact that he held an average of over 200 dogs, involving a capital of thousands of pounds which was a great amount in those days. His first connection with the show bench was with a Mastiff named ‘Lord Clyde’, with which he won over a hundred prizes – in Scotland ed -, and which  - when he was eight years old - he sold for £50 with his usual business acumen, Robert soon realised that sporting dogs represented more money, and at once turned his attention to them. But although far and away the most successful breeder of all kinds of sporting dogs, Mr Chapman has perhaps been most successful with Gordon Setters, with which breed he has been simply invincible for years. He had bred the finest collection of Black and Tan Setters to be found anywhere, Pointers and English and Irish Setters, Spaniels, curly and flat coated retrievers and collies. However Robert’ , special favourite was the little Scotch terrier, a breed which many years ago threatened to become extinct, was the fashionable dog in his kennels.

Johnston house, as might be expected, was literally full of prizes and trophies won during the years Robert had been showing his dogs, while the walls were hung with paintings of his favourites of all the different classes. A very important and large branch of this business was in the breaking of the dogs. Every one of his sporting dogs are sent to Mr Chapman’ moors to be thoroughly broken in by his breakers, and, being ready and fit when the shooting season comes round, they were hired out to sportsmen all over the country. This was an arrangement much appreciated by sportsmen, and there are very few of the nobility and aristocracy who were not patrons of the Laird of Palaceriggs. The head kennel-man was a Mr Barclay, whose job was simply astonishing as how he manages to keep and turn out good quality dogs. Later, Mr Chapman devoted his energies to the breeding of Shire horses. - Mr Robert Chapman jun ’90-42 continued the ‘Heather’ succes story incl winning supreme awards at the main British shows.

Mr Samuel Pollard ’57-02, of Helston Cornwall, owned Czar  b ’81 & bred by Mr Cullingford – out of Countess sired by Monarch -. Mr Pollard, solictor of Wadebridge, married in ’84 at Helston Miss  Eleanor Liddell and was in ’91 Hotel Proprietor of Molesworth Arms - see at left - Wadebridge Cornwall incl a dozen servants. His father Mr Samuel Pollard was one of the best judges of horses in the West of England. - Mr George Gill, officer Poor Law & member National Association Executive Committee of 18 Trevelyan terrace Gateshead, owned Nelson III b ’81 – out of Nell sired by Mr Wynne’ Young King.– Mr Charles Angus Frantz, gentleman of Oaks Crescent Wolverhampton, owned Sultan IV b ’81 & bred by Mr W Bennett – out of Juno sired by Scawfell’ son Viles Leo -. Mr John Edward Page b ‘32, of Broxbourne, owned ch Victor Hugo’ sire Victor IV b ’82 & bred by Mr Nichols – out of ch Beau’ dau Juno sired by ch The Emperor’ son Bosco II -. He was the son of Mr Edward Page d ’70 who founded in ‘57 the firm ‘Edward Page & Co’ - see centre - Victoria Iron Works Bedford - Engineers, ironfounders, and agricultural implement manufacturers.Mr John Menzies, coal merchant of Crieff station  - see at right -, owned Crieff Nell b ’81 & bred by Mr Melville – out of Boscow sired by unknown sire. – Mr Menzies wrote ‘Reminiscences of an old soldier ‘ publ ’83 – an autobiographical book by the veteran who fought in South America with Garibaldi. A contribution to the vexed question of the earldom of Mar, from the pen of Lord Kedesdale.’

Mr George Winstanley Rowley, general broker of Laburnum House Netherton nr Liverpool, owned Vesta II b ’81 & bred by Mr J Hay of Tipton– out of ch Colonel’ sire Ben’ dau Juno II sired by ch The Shah’ grandson Nevison -. Mr Walter Thomas Blackwell ’57-94,  hosiery manufacturer of Hickley nr Leicester, owned Venus unr – 3rd Burton on Trent ’82. -  Mr A Golan, wine & spirit merchant of 1 & 2  Lambton street Sunderland, owned Surajah’ sis Lambton Nancy b ’79  & bred by Mr William Aston, butcher of 82 Owen street Tipton – out of ch Rajah’ dau Judy sired by ch Colonel’ sire Ben -.

Mr Gee Gee Hoskins, of  Thornbeck Hill Darlington, owned The Monarch b ’79 & bred by Mr G Aylmer – out of Empress sired by Marquis '74, the latter – 1st at Darlington ’76 owned by Mr Charles Curtis of Scarborough. Mr G Aylmer may have been Mr Gerald Percy Vivian Aylmer ’56-36, High Sheriff County of Durham of Walworth Castle Darlington, owner of 2nd at Darlington ’84 Darlington Turk – pedigree unknown but perhaps The Monarch' brother.   - Mr Hoskins was president the Northern Architectural Association and architect the Middlesbrough new Town Hall and municipal buildings.  - At right - Cabinet photo dd 1890s  by Mr James Cooper of Ivy House Bondgate Darlington of 'stately Mastiff & distinguished man'. - Mr Walter Thomas Blackwell, hosiery manufacturer of Hinckley, owned Venus unr  b ca ’80 – 3rd Burton on Trent ’82. -

Mr Walter Thomas Blackwell, hosiery manufacturer of Hinckley, owned Venus unr  b ca ’80 – 3rd Burton on Trent ’82. - Mr Herbert Whitwam ’57-35, of Stanley place Golcar, owned Nellie III b 80 & bred by Mr Morton – out of ch Punch’ dau Queen sired by Miss Aglionby Ida’ brother Rupert -. He was the eldest son the late Mr Benjamin Whitwam who founded ‘B & J Whitwam and Sons Ltd’ - woollen manufacturers Golcar. - Mrs Francis Leigh Carslake née Miss Eva Mary Carolyne Browne b ‘55, of Greenfield Bridgwater, bred/owned Fidelis b ’81 – out of ch Ilford Baroness sired by ch Crown Prince -. – Dd ’41 – ‘Mr Francis Leigh Carslake, of Wroxall Torquay Devon, late a director of the Bridgwater Gas Light Co, who died on May 9 last, left gross estate of the value of £37.387.’ Mr William Robinson, solicitor of Delph Brierley Hill Stafford, owned Delph Viva b ’82 & bred by Mr Gus Bevan – out of Rupert’ dau Nellie sired by Beaumanoir -. Mr John Bendle Snell b ’28-94, commercial traveller of Milfield House Edmonton, owned Sultan III b ’83 & bred by Mr Haslet   –out of Nell sired by ch The Shah’ son Sultan-. – Dd ’52 – ‘Strand Uuion Infant Poor Establishment - Milfield House Edmonton.’

Mr Henry Dilliway, of Denton Green lane  St Helens nr Liverpool, purchased from Mr  Henry Cuthbert Joplin Lancelot, - ‘ a rather small dog’ -  b 81 & bred by Mr James Morris – out of ch Wolsey’ dau Vaga sired by ch Taurus –. Mr William Waddington, of the Black Bull Hotel Haslingden – see at left - , owned Rossendale Baron b ’82 & bred by Mr John Kenyon – out of ch Salisbury’ dau Rossendale Baroness sired by ch Cardinal -. Dd ’78 – ‘Mr William Waddington was charged with having a dog at large, and was fined 5s and costs.’  Rossendale Baron was purchased in ’85 by Mr Henry Gair jun ‘58-16, son of Mr Thomas Gair – cotton broker of Albury House Fulwood Park Liverpool – Mr Henry Gair jun moved to ‘The Glen’ – see centre - Heathfield Sussex; at his death in '16 he left £41,910. - Mr Joseph R Catterall, of Brock street Lancaster, bred/owned Prince Cole b ’84 – out of Alice II sired by ch Beau -. Dd ’83 – ‘Newfoundlands were magnificent. There was, however, no difficulty deciding between the animal belonging to Mr Joseph R Catterall b ‘58, of Lancaster, and that of Mr E Parkinson, of Barrow, the former carrying off first prize in cantor.’ - Mr Henry Haydn York b 57, auctioneer & furniture dealer of Gothic villa Middle row East Grinstead, purchased in ’84 from Mr C Wilson, of Kendal,  Rajah IV b ca ’78 out of ch Rajah’ dau Raunee b ’77 – owned by Dr G A Woods of Southport Lancs - sired by ? -. Mr Philip Edinger b ‘47-06, surveyor & architect of Frome Somerset, owned Selwood b ’84 & bred by Mr WK Taunton – out of ch Cardinal’ dau Cleopatra sired by ch Cardinal’ son Mr Francis’ Kepler -.  He bred the brindle Boxer b ’87 out of Exeter Begum – Daphne ex Benedict - sired by Selwood. Quote – ‘Brother Philip Edinger was the architect of the Masonic Hall dd '93 – see at right - in North Parade Frome.’ in North Parade Frome, meeting place of 'the Forest of Selwood’ Lodge No 8912, arguably a reference to the name of Mr Edinger’ Mastiff, ie Selwood.  - Mr Charles Watkin Roberts b ’54-07, solicitor of Uxbridge place Carnarvon, owned Welsh Lion b ’81 & bred by Mr Richard Morgan – out of Bess sired by Mr Richard Morgan’ Wallace -.

Mr Charles Henry Hogben b ‘50, of Beechmont Tonbridge, bred/owned the male Nep b ’84  3rd Maidstone ’86 – out of ch Cambrian Princess’ sis Dorothy sired by ch Crown Prince’ brother Mr Hutchings’ Prince Charlie. Dd ’76 – ‘Charles Henry Hogben, clerk in the employ of the Medway Steam Packet Company Ltd.’ He died at Paddington early in life dd ’99. -  Mr Hogben’ Dorothy was bred by Mr Geo Woolmore ’52-04 who was cashier at a steamship company, so arguably they may have been involved into the same company. Mr Hobden sold his brood Dorothy to Mr J Berry, draper of Tabernacle walk Hoxton, who mated her to Prince Charlie’ son Fabian which gave Mr Berry’ Phoebe III. Quote – ‘The Medway Steam Packet Company Ltd was formed in ‘37 to link Chatham with Sheerness before the arrival of the railways. Around 1871 they acquired the first City of Rochester & the Lady of Lorne extending the Medway route to Southend. The second Medway Steam Packet Company was formed in 1881 as a successor to the original company, and they added the Lady Margaret in ’88; the Princess of Wales and the City of Rochester, were new ships built in ‘96 & ‘04. Older ships were disposed of, leaving these two vessels to run the Strood-Southend service until the First War.’ – The Medway Steam Packet Co, of the Royal Navy Dockyard of Chatham - see centre - located within the Medway unitary authority in North Kent, was a pioneer of the Thames day-excursion trade along with General Steam Navigation Company. Note - Superintendent of the RMSP aka Royal Mail Steam Packet Company Captain George Montagu Hicks ’53-17, of Southampton, bred Syrlin &  Marsyas - b ’92 out of Wanda – a brindle bred by Mr Hutchings - sired by ch Beaufort.

Mr Alfred James Glover, of Burbo House Burbo Bank road Blundellsands – ca 7 mls N of Liverpool, owned  ° Victor V b ‘85 & bred by Mr Fitzgerald - out of  Brindled Vulcan II’ dau Juno sired by ch Colonel’ son Mr Leetham Jack –. He married in ’94 Miss Caroline Amy Darby,  eldest daughter of the Rev B S Darby MA Five Elms Grassendale. His father James Glover ’30-99 was principal of the brewers firm ‘ Messrs Glover & son’ - Fontenoy street Liverpool.

Mr John Cole, draper of Cartlett road – later of Bridgend square - Haverfordwest Wales, owned Welsh Duke b ’82 & bred by Mr W Lloyd – out of Lady sired by ch Crown Prince -. Welsh Duke’ sis Pattie – see at left - was exported to Holland. Mr John Cole bred sporting breeds – Setters & Spaniels – Dd ’76 – ‘Warren Carter & John Cole, Drapers  Haverfordwest.’ - Dd ’84 – ‘Bicycles 48, 50, 52, and 54 inch in splendid condition, best makers at reasonable prices Apply - John Cole - Bicycle Club Haverfordwest.’ -  Centre - first so-called safety bicycle invented by Messrs J K Starley & Sutton in ’84. - Mr Paul Rodocanachi ’67-88, son of Mr Paul Zannis Rodocanachi b ‘20-91 cotton merchant of Parkside 5 Livingston drive Sefton Park Liverpool, owned the 1st prize winner at Liverpool ’86 Fury II b ’84 & bred by Mr J Johnson – out of Tigress sired by Mr Joseph Royle’ Sir Garnet -.  Mr P Z Rodocanachi was member of the firm of Messrs Ralli Brothers Greek merchants. - Dr Thomas Carr, of Richmond terrace Clayton Manchester, owned Masca Ashdown b ’85 & bred by Dr H G Bailey Eadon – out of ch Crown Prince’ dau Etoile sired by Leolinus’ son Sir Tom -. Mr William Rollinson, of Ash cottage Seaforth nr Liverpool, owned Reine b ’84 & bred by Rev Thomas Charles Hose b '31-03, for 33 years rector of Roydon  Vicarage – see at right - Norfolk, – out of Trusty’ grand-dau Neva sired by Mr Wynne’ Taurus II -.

Mr Soloman Field b ‘60, of Adolphus House  Gloucester road Brownswood Park Hornsey London, owned Selma b ’85 & bred by Mr Hanshaw – out of Juno sired by Bruce VII -. Mr Benjamin C Lucas, of 5 Hampton grove Maple street Surbiton London, owned Edinburgh Duke – late Balfe – b ’84 & bred by Mr Fothergill – out of  Nellie – Rossendale Baroness ex ch Cardinal – sired by Beaumanoir’ son Gelert -. Mr Robert J Haynes, of Lakemount Bandon Cork County, owned Denfield Danger b ’86 & bred by Mr J Bury – out of Sir Garnet’ dau Denfield Vesta sired by Ilford Caution’ brother Mr Lougest Imperial Chancellor -.  Mr William John Hall b ’64 , of the firm of Hamilton & Hall, Grocers, tea dealers and Wine & Spirit Merchants - 25 Coney street York – see at left & centre No 25 Grade II listed -, owned Gurth II b ’81 & bred by Mr Shaw – out of Una II sired by Mr Wordsworth’ Young Quaker; Mr Twinings Turk’ sis Una II out of Leolinus’ dau Dr Pigeon’ Motive sired by Mr Richard Alston’ ch Colonel – see at right -; Young Quaker out of Mr Sugden Nelson’ dau Branch – owned by the Wynnes – sired by Mr Carter’ Quaker b ’62 ??? Note - Mr Twinings Turk sired Brenda Secunda & Idalia, resp dams of Ilford Caution' son ch Ilford Chancellor & ch Orlando' son ch Count Orlando. 

Miss Pauline Tagart’ Leolinus was ch Creole’ brother, both b ’74 & bred by Rev WJ Mellor – out of Big Ben’ dau Duchess sired by ch Wolsey’ brother Prince -,  pedigree-wise quite similar to the celebrated ch Beau, ie both sired by ch Wolsey’ brother Prince,  Leolinus being out of Big Ben’ dau Ursa – out of  ch Field ch King’ sis Nell – and ch Beau being out of Big Ben’ dau Juno  - sired by Mr Field’ ch King. Rev WJ Mellor resided in ’81 at the parental home in Cheltenham ca 40 mls N of Bristol. He sold Leolinus in ’76 to Miss Paulina Tagart of Old Sneyd Park Bristol, only a mile away from Dr Henry Pigeon’ residence ‘Onoiuiaya’ 20 Clyde road – see at left in the centre - Redland Bristol. It’s possible Mr Twining’ Turk & Mr Shaw Una II b ca ’78 were bred by Dr Henry Pigeon out of his Motive sired by ch Colonel as he also owned a Mastiff called Young Colonel, arguably their litter brother who, mated to Mr Robinson’ Motive, produced Mr Nichols’ Dictator b ’83 1dt Puppy class at Crystal Palace ‘84. Mr Shaw sold Una II to Mr Frederic Arthur Sheard b ‘61, of Brookroyd House Birstall nr Leeds, who mated her to Mr Sutcliffe’ Surajah which gave Mr Sheard’ Marmion. He married in ’86 Miss Clara E Longbottom, daughter of Henry Longbottom Tingley Hall Wakefield. She died only three years later. Brookroyd House was once resided by the  well known as poets and novelists Brontë sisters Charlotte ‘16–55, Emily ‘18–‘48, and Anne ‘20–49.

Mr Henry Pigeon, an avid archer, was author of medical articles a/o published in one of the world' oldest and best known weekly peer-reviewed general medical journals, The Lancet,– see at right -. His son John Henry Reginald ‘69-08 LSA received his medical education at Bristol University and Guy’s Hospital, and then went into general practice at Bristol, where he was also Medical Officer to Druids Lodge.

Ilford breeder Mr Richard Cook ’22-97 – see at left -, of Cranbrook lodge Ilford,  owned two Mr Twining Turk’ daughters out of ch Nero’ dau Brenda. Centre – Mr Twinings Turk’ grandson ch Ilford Chancellor b May ’85 – see centre - who got already in ’86 four 1st prizes, in ’87 three cc’s & three 1sts and in ’88 the cc at Agricultural Hall, after which Mr Richard Cook sold him for £250 to Mr Albert Muirhead b ‘62, of Barnfield House Prestwich, and got 1st at Manchester. He sired seven KCSB reg litters, the last one b Aug ’89 just before he was exported to Mr E H Moore, of Melrose US, who sold him to James Warham Whitney, of Rochester, the latter imported Exeter Dirce b ‘86  & bred by James Hutchings - out of Doris sired by Beau’ son Beaumaris - and ch Frigga Secunda’ brother Cardinal Beaufort b ‘90 & bred  by Mr Charles Court Rice - out of ch Frigga sired by Sir Stafford -. Ch Ilford Chancellor’ most important English get were Chocolate Girl & Bella, maternal grand-dams of resp ch Peter Piper & ch Marc Antony.  A pure guess about Turk’ owner Mr Twining may go into the direction of Messrs Twining and Co – Bankers 222 Strand – see at right dd '37 - London, ie Mr Herbert Haynes Twining b ’49-35 of 48 Ennismore Gardens Kensington or his brother Samuel ’53-16.

Mr Henry Hudson Simpson b ’53-93, of Simpson & sons - hosiery & fancy trade Silver street – see at left - Halifax, owned Halifax Nero b ’83 & bred by Mr Garsed – out of Lion’ dau Juno sired by Mr Taylor’ Lion. – Dd ’89 residing at 37 Savile Park Halifax.’ – Mr Charles Shepherd, of Orledge villa Ordnance road Enfield Wash, owned 1) Hengist b ’87 & bred by Dr JS Turner - out of ch Hotspur/Orlando’ dau The Lady Margery sired by ch Beaufort -,   2) Countess of Napoleon b ’87 & bred by Dr Charles A Lougest – out of  Idloes Countess sired by ch Prince of Wales’ son Napoleon -.  Dd ’97 – ‘Mr Leonard Shepherd disengaged. Character and Old Men. - Orledge Villa Ordnance road Enfield Wash. Dd ’06 -  ‘Mr Leonard Shepherd and Miss Helena Head have just returned from the States, after an absence of nearly two years, and have many pleasurable experiences to recount.’ – Dd ‘16– ‘Mr Leonard Shepherd whom we recently mentioned as playing the part of Disraeli in a sketch of that name, by Judge Parry—is the latest to be added to the cast of Young England.’ – Miss Beatrice Chettle b ‘68, daughter of Rev William Walker Chettle Bradley vicarage Bilston, owned King Jeff b ’87 & bred by Mr Hutchings – out of Titus’ sau Diana sired by Beaumaris -. Mr E C Ackerman, builder & estate agent of Campden House Wimbledon, owned Leonas b ’85 – out of unknown dam sired by Mr Banbury’ unnamed dog – out of Duchess sired bt The Emperor -. Mr George Bruce Gentle b ‘39, of 15 Leopold place & Leith Walk Edinburgh, owned St John b ’85 & bred by Mr D McLaren – out of Romulus’ dau Tucker sired by Zulo’ son Mr Mossman’ Gladstone -. Mr James Thomas, ‘draper &c’ of 288 High road Kilburn London, owned Esmeralda b ’87 & bred by Mr Joseph Evans – out of Miss Jummy – Prince Charlie’ dau Dora ex ch Montgomery – sired by ch Victor Hugo -. Mr John Naismith, baker of High Blantyre ca 15 mls E of Glasgow, owned Lady Lolo b ’85 & bred by Mr Wm Shearer Clark out of Lolo sired by ch Prince of Wales -. Mr John Boyes, of Boyes Bros butchers of 76 Marland place Southampton, owned King Harold b ’87 & bred by Mr King – out of Mr Lloyd Ranger’ dau Duchess sired by ch Rajah’ son Captain III b ’82 & bred by Lt-Col Harry Thomas Hillyard, of Woolwich, and owned by Mr James Stainer, butcher of Canal Walk Southampton. –

Mr Benjamin Simons ’16-91   – see insert - , of 206 Bath street Glasgow, owned Nelson VII b ’88 & bred by Mr A Parker – out of unnamed bitch sired by ch Ilford Chancellor’ son Ilford Cato -. He founded in the early 40s the firm Simons, Jacobs, & Co – see at centre & right - Fruit Importers, 93 & 95 Candleriggs Glasgow - and at London, Liverpool, and New York -. Dd ’91 - In the fruit trade, with its manifold sources of supply and output, there is no firm in the world that can, as regards diversity of operations, bear a moment’s comparison with the great concern of Simons, Jacobs, & Co. The structure occupied comprises a magnificent block, the dimensions and area of which will best be estimated from the fact that it possesses frontages in Brunswick Street and Candleriggs, the distance between them extending to 300 feet, presenting a frontage of fully 100 feet to each of the streets mentioned. To  further simplify the process of speedy loading and unloading of carts, vans, and lorries, a fine cart-way passage runs through the entire centre of the building, the entrance being in Brunswick Street and the exit in Candleriggs, while every convenience that steam lifts and other accessories can supply for the loading and unloading of stock has been unstintingly provided by the far-seeing and discriminating judgment of the executive. Messrs Simons, Jacobs, & Co carry on a very extensive trade in Spanish fruits, more particularly from the South of Spain. The choicest products of the vegetable kingdom are contributed by Egypt, Malta, Jaffa, Valencia, and other Mediterranean ports; America, Canada, Florida, the West Indies, and the balmy islands of the great Pacific. The firm has established sound mercantile relations in every part of the British dominions; and to meet the requirements of their clients, Messrs Simons, Jacobs, & Co possess abundant facilities for trading in the principal commercial centres of the world. ' -

Mr H P Macpherson, of Invershiel Lenzie, owned 3rd prize winner Glasgow ’90 Andromeda – brindle b ’89 & bred by Mr Hutchings – out of Prince Charlie’ dau Bonnie Blue sired by Titus’ son Exeter Superbus. The census records only one H P Macpherson, ie Mr Hugh Peter Macpherson b ’67 at Glasgow ca 160 mls S of Invershiel. – In ‘02 Mr Hugh Peter Macpherson, of J Monteith bar 387 Argyle street Glasgow, married at St James church Spanish Place Marylebone the Irish Miss Alice Mary Long b ‘74, youngest daughter of Francis Patrick Long, of Bray Wicklow ca 12 mls S of Dublin. The same year he exhibited the English Bulldog 'Bravo Britain' at the Dublin Dog show.  - J Monteith's Bar - 387 Argyle street Glasgow - was a household name away back in the early 1800s. Good quality whisky and ale made this one of the best pubs in the city. An old gentleman Mr D MacKail worked all his days in the Argyle Street premises and carried on well into his retirement. In 1875 Hugh Peter’ father Archibald McPherson purchased the business and property but never lived long enough to see his empire of public houses thrive. Mr McPherson was a keen angler, on 17th July 1878 he drowned while fishing opposite Dunoon. His wife Margaret took over the business, she was left with six young children to bring up, the eldest was only 11 years of age. However she was helped by her mother and sister to look after the children and lived with her in Douglas Street. When her oldest son Hugh Peter was of age he assisted in the running of the public houses. There was at that time eight pubs in the McPherson family business including 387 Argyle Street, 200 Duke Street and 263 Duke Street, 460 Paisley Road, 389 Gallowgate – see at left -, 224 Castle Street, 278 Main Street – see centre - Bridgeton, 8 Dale Street Bridgeton. The old name of J Monteith's stayed above the doors of the pubs, there was no half' at the bar, no brandies and soda. The Argyle Street business was more like a bonding store, every inch of the ground floor was taken up with puncheons, butts, and barrels of all ages, from the most select distilleries. The underground cellars were choke full with wines in the wood and bottles, from the choicest vineyards. La Rosa, 40 year old; Burgundies of 1863 and 1867; stacks of hocks of 1857 and 1868; ports of 1870; sherries of 1862; and scores of others in bottles, some of them 50 years old. A large stock of whisky was also stocked for vatting, prominent among those being "Orkney," of 1882; "Royal Brackla" and 'Long John' of the same date. Old brandies and Vieux Rhum there was an immense quantity lying in the cellars as well as outside bonding stores. In charge of the bottling store was a Highlander Donald McDonald, the cashier was Mr Alexander McDonald, both were brothers of Mrs McPherson. McPherson's had a large trade in liquor much heavier than that of Monteith's. All of their pubs get there stock from these stores including ginger beer. The Argyle Street business stopped serving drinks at the bar and was entirely converted into a wholesale and family business.

Mr Henry Ninnis, of Pen-y-bryn cottage Llangollen, owned Harmachis b ’92 & bred by Mr T Philips – out of ch Montgomery’ grand-dau Lady Blodwen sired by ch Beaufort -. Henry Ninnis ’57-51 was a business agent employed by the Llangollen Slate & Slab Mining Company. His neighbour  Mr John Samuel Tanqueray b ’17-02, of Pen-y-Bryn Hall – see at right -, owned the  ‘John S Tanqueray & Co’ Brewery – see Bull emblem insert - Berwyn Road Llangollen. – Mr Albert Philips Miller b ’59-, of The North Esk House Station road Stone Staff, bred/owned Messmate b ’91 – out of Etan – Kits Freya ex ch Jack Thyr or Wodan -  sired by ch Lord Stafford -. Mr Eugene Carter Tomkins ’57, station master of Middleton St George Durham, bred/owned Noras b ’91 – out of Nell sired by Mr Wm Price’ Alfgar -. Mr James Todd, corner shopkeeper of 22 Angle Park terrace, owned Prince Oscar b ’90 & bred by Rev Van Doorne – out of ch Jack Thyr’ dau Fjorda sired by ch Jack Thyr -. Mr Joseph Richard Crank b ‘56, of Crank & Co Friars place East Acton  ca 8 mls W of London, owned Angelica b ’92 & bred by Mr Fred McKrill – out of ch Ilford Chancellor’ dau Bella sired by ch Lord Stafford -.

At left ~ A photo taken late nineteenth century of an unnamed specimen. Maybe Earl Stafford – ‘an enormous dog, wanting substance, narrow in breast and not good in forelegs. His head is large, and although a little long and narrow, has no conspicious failing. Eyes Excellent.’- dixit Mr CC Rice at Crystal Palace April ’94. Earl Stafford b ’92 was from Mr AW Lucas’ first KCSB reg litter, ie out of Erna - Kits Freya ex ch Jack Thyr - sired by Sir Stafford’ son Robin. At Crystal Palace Oct '92 Dr JS Turner gave   Earl Stafford' sire Robin 2nd prize Open class reporting - 'He is too small, but fairly typical and sound.'   - Or one of the many examples  Mastiff breeding    seems  to be unpredictable taking also into account Earl Stafford' maternal grandsire ch Jack Thyr was also not 'an enormous dog' but only 28 1/2 i at shoulder and weighing 156lb. Earl Stafford’ sis Abbess produced Crufts’ winner Chieftain who’s behind Mr Burch’ stock. Mr John Hay, of The Royal George - see centre -  412 Essex road Islington, owned two males w/out parentage b ca ’90, ie Don Carlo II & Free Pardon. - Mrs Wm Poel jun, of East House Farm Hainault road Romford, owned Pasha II b ’92 & bred by Mr James Monson – out of Goda – Etan ex Orlando II – sired by Young Colonel’ grandson Noble VIII. Goda’ sis Weleda was Mr Leadbetter’ ch Clarice’ great-grand-dam. - Dd Jan ’93 – ‘Serious charges against farmer. Master and maid at Romford. William Poel the younger b ‘68, farmer, a married man since ‘87, of East House Farm Romford, was charged upon affiliation summons in respect to the illegitimate child of Minnie Divings, aged 21.' - Dd ’96 – ‘On Thursday, at the Romford Petty Session. Inspector Wapling reported that outbreak of swine fever had occurred at East House Farm Romford, in the occupation of Mr Wm Poel. There were 50 head of swine on the premises.’

Miss Catherine Harriett F Hicks b ‘74, of Oakhurst Ealing, owned 3rd prize winner Kew ’93 Sir Gawaine b ca ’87 - out of Vesta – Poppy ex Young Colonel – sired by Mr TW Carr’ Danger, the latter b ’80 & bred by Mr Alexander Morton b ’37-16 of Helston road, later of Broad street- see below at left -  Penryn nr Falmouth Cornwall  - out of ch Punch’ dau Queen sired by his Nichols Prince’ son Rupert – a 175 lb fawn with dark mark down centre of back  - kennelman Mr E Prowse  -. She was the daughter of Mr Francis Hicks b ’24 Plymouth - Dd ’93 – ‘Mr Francis Hicks, of Oakhurst Ealing, left personal estate net £33,000.’ In St Mary' Churchyard Perivale the Hicks Memorial known as 'The Perivale Angel' – see above  at right - says  - 'In memory of Francis Hicks of Oakhurst Ealing – formerly of Burrington Park Plymouth – who departed this life May 2nd 1893 aged 68 in caelo quies - aka Rest In Heaven –.’ -

Mr Francis Hicks was the son of Richard Hicks, JP of Hartley Lodge Compton Plymouth, descent of  Sir Baptist Hicks, Viscount Campden 155&-29. ‘Francis Hicks & Co’ - wine & spirit merchants - was established in 1808 employing 13 men in ’51. Mr Francis Hicks was Mayor of Plymouth in ’65  and  married four times, ie in ’51 Harriet Stephens b ’28-64, in ’67 Ms Catherine Hicks b ’45-74, in ’77 Ms Grace Carolina Black b Buenos Aires ’36-86 & in ’88 Ms Florence Houston b ’48-36 Mr Francis Hicks was perhaps related to Captain George Montagu Hicks ’53-17, of Southampton, Superintendent of the RMSP aka Royal Mail Steam Packet Company who bred Syrlin &  Marsyas - b ’92 out of Wanda – a brindle bred by Mr Hutchings - sired by ch Beaufort. --

Miss Catherine H F Hicks had two brothers – the eldest was Mr Francis Baptist b ‘69 residing at Lanhainsworth St Columb Major Cornwall – see centre Fore street – also birth village of Mr Francis Hicks’ father Richard b ’93 and of his 2nd wife Catherine b ’45.  Mr Francis Baptist Hicks was Secretary of ‘The Selangor Planters Association’ and partner of the Skinner, Parry & Hicks syndicate that purchased the old Well’ Hill Coffee Estate. He died Sept ’00 at the European Hospital Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Miss Hicks' younger brother Mr Frederick Richard - see Perivale Angel insert above at extreme right - b ’71, was Colonel of the Hampshire Regt  who went to France, wounded at Le Cateau-Cambrésis, returned to France, May 8th ’15 again wounded at La Brique nr Ypres, and died at Guys Hospital June 12th ’15.–

Mr William H Wilson, of Waterside street - see at right -  Strathaven nr Glasgow, bred/owned 3rd prize Glasgow ‘93 Lady Avondale b 89 – out of Juno sired by ch Prince of Wales -. Dd ’17 – ‘Mr W H Wilson, of Todshill street Strathaven, has received word that his son Private Duncan Wilson - Durham LL, has been awarded the Military Medal. His commanding officer, congratulating him, says:— It is the opinion -.’ Mr W Stephens, of Lynwood Liverpool road Kingston on Thames, purchased from Mr CH Cunningham  Miss Lynwood b ’92 – out of Lady Lucy – Etoile ex ch Beaufort - sired by ch Ilford County Member -. Dr George E Dobson, of Ravens Knowle Anerley road Penge, owned Inga b ’91 & bred by his neighbour Dr JS Turner, of 81 Anerley road – out  of ch Hotspur' or ch Orlando' dau  The Lady Margery sired by Ayrshire -. Dd ’90 – ‘Mr George E Dobson - Medical Officer for Health at Lewisham.’ -  Dr Horace Wakefield b ’58, of The Beacon Guildford, owned The Medical Man  - breeder, pedigree unknown – 2nd Limit Guildford ’93. Dd ’02 – 'Dr Horace Wakefield, the boxing judge, was discriminate between two competitors after regulation number rounds.’  -

Mr Arthur Pengaley Mann, of Cavendish house 48 Calabria road – see at left - Highbury place London, owned 1) Lady Cavendish b ’90 & bred by Mr Wm N Higgs – out of ch Ilford Chancellor’ dau Christine sired by ch Cardinal’ son Commodore, and mated her to Sir Stafford resulting in Lady Lena b ’91 whom he sold Lena to Mr WN Higgs who mated her to ch Constable’ son Dick Constable which gave Silverdale Lady Evelyn, successively owned by Mrs RJ Dickson, of Knowle Lodge Carnforth, and  Mr AJ Thorpe who mated Evelyn to ch Marc Antony which produced Blondin & Prince Hampton. Mr AP Mann sold Lady Cavendish to Mr Fred Smith who mated her to ch Lord Stafford which gave Lady Elizabeth b ’94 – a winner at Leicester ’96. The census ’91 records at 48 Calabria road Highburgh – Arthur P Mann b ’59 – m in ’86, Selina Mann b ’58 -, Lena Mann b ’90 & Thomas H Mann b ’34.  Mr Reginald Theophilus Edward Salisbury-Jones b ’73 Chorlton Lancs, owned Excelsior, sibling to ch Marksman - see centre - b ’96 & bred by Mr Henry Wilkinson – out of ch Constable’ dau Lady Constance sired by ch Marc Antony -.  Excelsior & ch Marksman go back  along  the four grand-parents to ch Crown Prince - see insert at right dd ’81 Alexandra Palace.

Mr Arthur Slough, of The Chestnuts Grange Orchard Reddings nr Cheltenham, owned ch Marksman' paternal half brother Spartan b ’96 & bred by the Hon WH Watts out of Dr Lougest Napoleon’ grand-dau Princess May sired by ch  Marc Antony -. Spartan’ sis Aunt Chloe – arguably named after wife of Uncle Tom ‘Cabin’ - produced two litters sired by ch Peter Piper, ie dd ‘97 Uncle Tom, dd ’99 Kruger, paternal grandsire to Lt-Col Z Walker’ ch’s Britain’ Queen & Britain’ Belle. Mr Arthur Slough was born ’59 in Kimpton Herts, ’81 resident in Holdenhurst nr Bournemouth, ’91 resident in St George Hanover Square London, married June ’95 at Brighton Miss Katherine Georgina Lindsey ’51-18, daughter of Captain John Lindsey b ‘14 Gortovale county Tyrone, of Burlyns House East Woodhay – ca 7 mls SW of Newbury Hants; the ‘61 census mentions at Burlyns House East Woodhay - John Lindsey, aged 47, retired officer Life Guards, born in Ireland, wife Nanette, aged 40, landed proprietor, born in Ireland, children - Katherine G - aged 10, Annie M - aged 9, Nina E - aged 4, and Acheson O - aged 6, all born at Leamington Warwicks – ‘Lincoln & Lindsey Banking Co’ Leamington -, two visitors, a governess and eight servants. Captain John Lindsey died in ’93 and left personal estate of the gross value of £41,791.  The Slough couple moved to the Cheltenham area , first The Chestnuts Reddings, then Lowther House Sturdington - see at left -. Dd ’01 – ‘ For sale Lowther House Sturdington - Attractive residence, standing high, with beautiful views of the Cotswold and Malvern Hills, and containing  three reception, bed and dressing rooms, bath, excellent stabling -.’ They moved to the more exclusive Stoneleigh House Gloucester road Cheltenham, and later back to Chargrove Sturdington. Dd ’21 - Shooting required, few hundred acres good mixed shooting with coverts preferred, and plenty rabbits.—Arthur Slough Woodhay Green lane Churchdown Glos.’ -

Rev Ralph Owen Yearsley bred/owned Anlaf – see at left - KCSB 2280 b '70 , the first numbering the class of Mastiffs within the first Kennel Club Stud Book published in 1874 which contained twenty-two Non-Sporting breeds, the   Bulldog breed (142) having the largest entries, seconded by the Mastiff breed (122),  almost doubling the entries of the St Bernard breed (63).

Anlaf got 2nd at Birmingham ’72 beaten by Hanbury ch Rajah and 1st at Nottingham ’72 beating AS De Fivas’ Granby & Miss G Russell’ Langsyne , the former sired by ch Turk and the latter by ch Turk’ brother Wolf . Anlaf was going back to THV Lukey’ old strain , his great-grandam Lukey’ Nell was sired to Bill George’ Tiger resulting in Di who mated to ch Turk gave his Chloe with whom he bred Anlaf sired by ch King’ son  Monarch, the latter bred/owned by the Wynnes of Scalford – ca 18 mls E of Sutton Bonington.

Rev Ralph Owen Yearsley – see portrait at young & old age - was the eldest son of James Yearsley, an aural surgeon, of 15 Savile Row London, who founded the Metropolitan Ear Institution in London, which developed into the Metropolitan Ear , Nose , & Throat Hospital. It was the first hospital of its kind in the world. Yearsley was the first to practice as an ear , nose , & throat specialist. He showed how the ear had an influence on the nose and throat. He performed many tonsillectomies by removing the tonsil with a small curved surgical knife after seizing it with a sharp hook-like instrument. In ‘50 , he wrote that he had operated on 1400 patients. Yearsley came very close to the discovery of adenoids, which was made by Wilhelm Meyer of Copenhagen years later. Yearsley introduced the ‘artificial ear drum’, a small pellet of moistened cotton-wool which assisted the conduction of sound in dry perforations of the tympanic membran. He recommended the use of Eustachian catheterization in the diagnosis and treatment of deafness. He was the originator & proprietor of the ‘Medical Circular’ from ‘52 until it was consolidated with the ‘Dublin Medical Press’ in  ‘66. Jointly with two other members of his profession, Dr Tyler Smith and Dr Forbes Benignus Winslow [the father of Dr Forbes Winslow - ch Crown Prince’ owner] he founded that most useful work the ‘Medical Directory’, becoming its sole proprietor upon the retirement of his two partners.  At right - drawing by Mr John Hay Hutchison '77-55.

Rev Ralph Owen Yearsley b ’41 attained an MA from Trinity College Cambridge and married in ‘66 Miss Maria Grace Brodie Clark. From 66 to ‘13, he was rector of St Michael' church Sutton Bonington; in ’68  their son Owen JB Yearsley was born. In Dec 1880  Rev Yearsley travelled to New York in the steamship Arizona from Liverpool and acted as Chaplain for a short time of the Holy Trinity Church in Hamilton Bermuda where his first wife Maria Grace died. In the window on the south side of the chancel in St Michael', the face of Mary Magdalene is actually a portrait of and memorial to the rector' first wife. Rev Yearsley returned to Sutton Bonington and married in '84 his second wife Caroline Blakesley b '56; five children were born, ie  Claude B Yearsley b ‘85, Ralph Algernon Yearsley b ’86 , Fletcher Allen Yearsley ‘87, Vyvyan Blakesley Yearsley b ‘90 and Kenneth Darlaston Yearsley ’91 – see centre -. The family was wealthy, and kept a carriage & pair – see below - Caroline in the carriage & household members in front of the rectory - and several servants including a gardener who lived in a cottage near the Rectory. -.

His first child by his second marriage was a daughter who may have had a medical condition leading to a libel action against a newspaper in ’10.  In the Kings Bench yesterday the libel action brought the Rev Ralph Owen Yearsley, Rector of Sutton Bonnington - Leicestershire, against the proprietors & printers of the  John Bull newspaper -  founded by Mr Horatio Bottomley dd '06 - was settled. What he complained of were assertions that Rev Yearsley had caused his daughter, a lady years of age, to be put under control, under the Lunacy Act, without sufficient reason. - see at right -.

In the 1890s, Sunday School treats took place in the Rectory grounds and one such event is described in The Deanery Magazine for August 1891. One hundred scholars and teachers attended a short service in St Michael' and then marched with flags and banners to the Rectory, where amusements were provided and a 'sumptuous tea' at 4 p.m. Each child received a generous gift such as a workbox, fancy basket, inkstand, football, cricket ball, bat, stumps, &c. The Sutton Brass Band played and the day ended at 9 pm with the National Anthem and cheers for the rector and his wife. Rev Ralph Yearsley was a Manager and Correspondent of the National School for many years, and also took an interest in the history of Sutton Bonington. He privately published a little booklet on this subject in 1902 entitled Our Church and Parish, which he dedicated to the parishioners of the village 'whose constant kindness for many years has won my lasting regard.'  He died 20 April ‘17 in Brighton, his wife Carolina in ’24 also in Brighton.

Mr Edward Henry Viles - see at left -, author of Pendryl Hall Codsall Wood nr Wolverhampton, owned Leo III b ’77 & bred by JW Hill of Compton Wolverhampton - out of Cromwell’ grand-dau Prima sired by Mr Green’ ch Monarch’ son Scawfell – see below at left -. Mr Edward Henry Viles was born 1841 Southwark London  in a large family with 13 children . The interminable work attributed to him was ‘Black Bess or The Knight of the Road , a Tale of the Good Old Times’ , published in ’63. Probably he was also involved with Harrisons Boys’ Miscellany  described as ‘essentially the first periodical of what we may term the sensational character’ which preceded ‘Black Bess’ appearing weekly from ’63-‘64 . He was next occupied with ‘TheYoung Ladies’ Journal’ which ran from ‘64 to ‘20 and ‘The Gentleman’ Journal’ running from ‘69 to ‘72 . Mr Viles had made enough money by 1870 to build and occupy the magnificent Pendryl Hall – see at right -in Codsall Wood nr Wolverhampton , impossibe on the rates paid a penny dreadful hack no matter how prolific he was .

By this time he was also assisting the eccentric Mr Frederick James Furnivall with editing ‘The Fraternitye of Vacabondes’. Mr Viles was also a very keen and ardent collector of ‘Bloods’ & ‘Penny Dreadfuls ‘. He engaged a well-known secondhand book-seller to employ a four wheeled cab and go round to all the old lending libraries & secondhand booksellers and buy up all the books of this kind he came across , and in this manner he acquired an immense stock which at his death were sold by auction and commanded big prices . He died at the age of fifty – see at right -.

Mr Viles Leo III' sire Scawfell was bred by J. Hartley of Windermere out of Lupa sired by Mr Green’ ch Monarch. Lupa was bred by Miss Aglionby - out of Druid' dau Una sired by ch Turk' brother Wolf and was litter sis to champions Briton & Hector . The judge report of Hull Dog Show 9th October 1875 says ~’ A magnificently-headed animal, with a good body and legs; but his weak point lies in his tail which has a decided curl. This, naturally enough, goes far to prejudice him in the opinion of many judges; but, take him all in all, there are very few better dogs of this breed in England than Scawfell.' -  One of the heaviest Mastiffs I - Mr Sam Crabtree - can remember was Scawfell , a great-headed dog with tremendous bone and body. I have seen him turn the scale at 211 lb. Unfortunately, he was always a bad mover, being cow-hocked and weak in the hindquarters.'

Mr Howell Walter Williams ’35-92, The Cambrian News’ proprietor of 58 Wind street Swansea, owned Nero - Morning Advertiser London June 8 ‘71 – ‘Watch and yard dogs were represented at this show, and the first prize was justly given in favour of Mr Howell Walter Williams’ Nero, a splendid animal, perfect at all points, and quite a feature of the collection.’ – The Cambrian News was the first weekly Welsh newspaper est in ’04 to help promote Swansea' commercial growth. It circulated the principal towns of South Wales, the West of England, and largely in America, India, a the British Colonies. The newspaper' main content included local and general news, but also advocated mining, agricultural, a commercial interests.

According to the KCSB a ‘Major Galton’ bred Dr LS Forbes  Winslow’ Heela b  '78 out of Fury sired by ch Wolsey’ brother Prince. There’s a ‘Fury’ owned in ‘75 by Captain George Stevens Byng of Royal Hospital Kilmainham  Dublin bred dd ‘74 by Miss Aglionby out of Paris’ dau Hanna sired by Champion, the latter out Sultan’ Empress sired by ch Turk’ brother Wolf. Maybe this Fury was purchased by Major HGH Galton – see at left dd ’26 -. The Our Dogs’ Mastiff Mems article dd April ‘14 – see at left - mentions that the Galton family owned since the early XIXth c a Mastiff kennel of the old Lyme Hall strain which died out about ‘94, and that Mr Galton purchased ca ‘06/07 from Mr Goldie a bitch sired by ch Felix’ brother Marton Dick who sired a/o ch’s The Scarlet Pimpernel & Young Mary Bull’ dam Galazora. The KCSB mentions only two litters bred by Mr Goldie; one b ’06 out of Princess unr sired by  ch Hotspur’ grandson Caractacus resulting in Crufts winner Prince Caractacus – see centre -, the other b ’07 out of ch Peter Piper’ granddaughter Duchess Olga sired by ch Hazlemere Ronald which gave Widmere Duke & Howwood Pride. The end of the article mentions Mr Galton mated his Marton Dick’ daughter to one of Lt-Col Zaccheus Walker’ dogs, to know Moston Black’ son With The Times b ’03 & the latter’ two sons Lord of the British Isles & ch Lord of the Manor. Quite interesting to mention being the consideration there’s not any other KCSB registered litter sired by one of Lt-Col Z Walker’ dogs except for those bred by Walker himself.

Major Hubert George Howard Galton ’54-28 was the son of Mr Theodore Howard Galton. In ’85 He married Miss Emily Josephine Clifford, daughter of Major-General Sir Henry Hugh Clifford. Major Galton retired from the Royal Field Artillery in August ‘96 and lived at Hadzor House – see at right - Droitwich, a 18th-century building which contained a valuable collection of pictures and statuary. The Galton family were Quakers and lived in Birmingham from the mid-eighteenth century. Their gun manufacturing business ‘Farmer & Galton’ prospered during the 18th century supplying guns to merchants in Bristol & Liverpool. Guns were then sold on the west coast of Africa in return for slaves. The Galtons were famous and highly successful Quaker gun-manufacturers and bankers, while the Darwins were distinguished in medicine and science. Maybe Charles Darwin has once visited the Galton family at Hazdor Hall and seen their Mastiffs there. Major HGH Galton had two sons Theodore Hugh b 1888 & Francis William Joseph b 1895 who both were killed in WWI. The Major’ grandfather John Howard Galton was brother to Samuel Tertius Galton who married Charles R Darwin’ aunt Frances Anne Violetta Darwin; their  son Sir Francis Galton, Charles Darwin' half-cousin, became a famous scientist.

Mr Zaccheus IV Walker wanted to be a soldier - ’72 ‘1st Durham Engineer Volunteer Corps - First-Lieutenant Zaccheus Walker resigns his commission.’, but his father disapproved, so he went to Glasgow University. After that he went into marine engineering, and was advancing in that career when around 1880 his father' health began to decline and he was called back to manage the estate and farming businesses at Fox Hollies. This suited him very well, as he had a great interest in breeding horses and dogs. The kennels were adjacent to the Hall, and there he bred Mastiffs with the assistance of his kennelmaster Joseph Smith. Zaccheus Walker decided to pursue military activity anyway, and spent many years in the Volunteer Reserve, eventually obtaining the rank of Lieut-Colonel in ca ‘05. - ’93 - ‘Zaccheus Walker, Gent., to be 2nd Lieut.’-  ’01 – ‘The Warwickshire Artillery officers on parade were Captain Zaccheus Walker and Captain Daniel.’

’73 – ‘Sale of a number of shorthorns, comprising a portion of the herd of Mr Zaccheus Walker, the well-known breeder of Hyron Hall – see at left -  Acocks Green.’ - For pigs not exceeding 15 months old – 1st Mr William Lort – 2nd Mr John Biggs – 3rd  Mr Zaccheus Walker.’ - ’74 - ‘A very serious accident occurred to Mr Zaccheus Walker Sen, of Acocks Green, and several members of his family. Mr Walker, with his wife and three daughters, was passing along the Stratford Road on his way home, and when under the Midland railway bridge, the horse took fright a passing train. It dashed along at a furious rate …’

Lieut-Col Zaccheus Walker’ father, a successful Birmingham merchant, died April ’92 leaving personal estate of the net value of £140,829.  Zaccheus’ brother Joseph Robert b ’50 was a barrister-at-law who resided in ’81 at The Strand London – his office address 4 Crown Office row Inner Temple – in ’01 at Brighton, and died in ’04 at Christchurch nr Bournemouth. Mr Zaccheus Walker was described as somewhat gruff and authoritarian in manner, but with a sense of humour . His sis Miss Mary H Walker b ’46 – see at right next to Zaccheus dd ’20 - was unlike her brother in temperament. All accounts of Miss Walker we have seen refer to her as a lovely lady, dressed with plenty of lace. She could be seen riding in a carriage with parasol around the area and was very involved with the work of St Mary' church and its school in Broad Road, and with the Guides & Brownies. As she became more frail, she would be taken round the grounds in a cart pulled by dogs, with a nurse walking alongside. The contents of the Hall, including the large collection of paintings, were auctioned in ‘33, and Miss Mary Walker left for Uckfield Sussex, where she died in December ‘38.

’89 – ‘For the best half-bred yearling colt or filly, £3. 1st, Zaccheus Walker jun Fox Hollies Hall, near Birmingham.’ – Sept ‘92 – ‘53 Shorthorn cows, heifers & bulls, 45 Shropshire sheep, 30 Berkshire pigs, & poultry - the property of Z Walker, Esq.’ ––– ‘05 - ‘Z Walker, Esq JP.’ – ’05 – ‘Manchester -  1st Mr Burch ‘Salisbury, 2nd  Lt-Col Z Walker’ With the Times.’ – ‘06 - ‘A nine-year-old chestnut ‘Vanity’ from Lieut-Col Zaccheus Walker' stables, was 3rd.’ – ‘09 – ‘A thoroughbred Horse or Registered Hunter  - Col Z Walker, Fox Hollies Hall Acocks Green.’ – ’13 – ‘The hunter stud of Lt-Col Z Walker was sold by auction at the Sand Pits Farm Acocks Green.’ – ’25 – ‘Birmingham. Important dispersal sale with instructions from Lt -Col Z Walker, to sell by auction grand home-bred dairy cows & young cattle.’ – Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News 26th Jan ’29 - ‘and the Mastiff classes were one of the features of any important show. Then they seemed to fade away, though Colonel Z Walker made heroic efforts to keep them alive, doing the business very well by producing dogs so beautifully sound & active that they were good enough to win the special prizes occasionally for the best of any breed. Of course, war conditions knocked about all the big breeds, for nobody could afford to keep them, or at any rate could not manage to breed them.’

Lieut-Col Zaccheus Walker’ first brood was Queen Dido b ‘83 & bred by Mr Edwin Nichols out of Abbot Belle sired by Goth; Abbot Belle out of ch Colonel’ dau Negress sired by ch Crown Prince - Goth  out of ch The Emperor Bosco’ dau Boomah sired by ch Beau. Abbot Belle’ sis Princess Ida - see centre next to colour drawing Mr Aubrey Smith’ ch Colonel Cromwell b ‘99. In ‘88 he bred a litter out of Queen Dido sired by Edwin Nichols’ ch Victor Hugo resulting in Stentor, Socrates, Sabina & Desdemona. Stentor got four 1st prizes – Liverpool Darlington Bristol Manchester- and is behind all his future stock.  Some judge reports about Stentor ~ Liverpool ‘ won easily, a very fine young dog, good coat, splendid head, small ears, dark eyes, and pleasing expression, which last seems unfortunately to be getting rare. He was by far the best mover in the class , and is particularly powerful in his hindquarters. He is much larger than he appears, his perfect symmetry preventing him from filling the eye with size. His only fault is a slight weakness under the eyes.’ - Stentor won also the two extra prizes for the best Mastiff in the Open Classes and in the Show ~ Darlington under Mr WK Taunton ‘well-made dog, standing on good legs.  I should like him better with more depth of muzzle.‘ ~ Crystal Palace under Mr Richard Cook  ‘beautiful dog, famous in body, legs, and feet, but a different type to my first four  [Plutarch, Sir Stafford, Ayrshire & Lord Clive].

In 1889 Mr Z Walker mated Stentor’ sis Desdemona to ch Hotspur’ brindle son ch Constable resulting in Cinderella which was awarded 3rd at Bristol & 2nd limit Birmingham. He purchased ca ’94 ch Ogilvie’ daughter Coronet II b ’91 & bred by Mr Arthur Green of Sunderland, and mated her to Baron Hatton unr  resulting in Coronation. He bred in ’98 a litter from Coronation sired by his home-bred Stentor’ son Dauntless, the latter - out of Princess Helena 27152 b ’88 & bred by  Mr Thomas Birch out of ch Beau’ dau Lena III ex ch Orlando’ son Gelert owned by Mr CC Rice’–. Princess Helena’ sis Princess Alexandra Victoria 29251 b ‘88, purchased by Mr WK Taunton, got in ’91 prizes at 5 major shows; the KCSB  mentions as sire of Princess Alexandra Victoria’ dam Lena III NOT ch Beau but Young Prince, the one recorded as the official sire of ch’s Crown Prince & Prince Regent. - The Chelmsford Chronicle dd 14 Jun 1889  - ‘Essex Agricultural Society. - Bitches  1st Frigga, of Mr C C Rice - Cornford grove, 2nd Fair Rosamond, of Mr J O'Connell - Barking  3rd Lady Margery, of  Dr J Sidney Turner Penge, - commended Princess Alexandra Victoria, of Thomas Birch Bt. Leonard's road London. Non-sporting Puppies 3rd prize T Birch Bt. St Leonard's road London.’ – Quite odd to notice the abbreviation Bt. – ie Baronet - behind Mr Thomas Birch’ name, as his address ‘127 St Leonards road Bromley-by-Bow’ – presently Poplar nr Isle of Dogs, is mentioned in a newspaper dd ‘ 71 – ‘House & shop at 127 St Leonards road Bromley by Bow, to let at £24.’ - So perhaps he was a shop keeper and not a Baronet… - Above at left - Bow road with in the background ‘Bromley Hall' - two hundred yards from Mr Thomas Birch’ address. - The Crown Prince siblings aside, Mr Thomas Birch’ brood Lena III b ca ’84 is the only KCSB reg Mastiff, sired by Young Prince b ca ‘78. In ’90 Mr Thomas Birch bred the perhaps related Princess Victoria – out of Strawberry Girl sired by Albany Duke - Price £7 7s.– ‘The Strawberry Girl. Every year, from Shropshire and from Wales, multitudes of women come to London, as the Irish labourers in harvest, for the strawberry season; the fruit is cultivated in immense gardens extending from Fulham to Hampton.’ Mr Z Walker’  Coronation/Dauntless progeny was a/o Royal Princess & Waiting Maid.

1) - Royal Princess became the dam of Invicta’ Wrangler who sired Dowager Duchess, the dam of  his champions Britain’ Belle, British Queen & Charming Duchess. The former two were sired by Sir Kenneth b Aug ’04 & bred by Mr James Greenwood out of Meg Merrilees sired by Kruger – Aunt Chloe ex ch Peter Piper. The Archive Photographs Series about Acocks Green presents at p 19 a photo – see above centre - described as ‘Sir Kenneth, a prize winner for Lt-Col Walker c 1909. Lt-Col Walker judged Mastiffs at Manchester March ‘06 – 1st Mr Aubrey Smith’ ch Colonel Cromwell 2nd Mr Edward Spalding’ ch Helmsley Defender & 3rd Mr James Greenwood’ 20 months old Sir Kenneth. It could mean that his judging ended up in purchasing Sir Kenneth.

2) Royal Princess’ sis Waiting Maid on her turn was mated to Mr Taunton’ brindle Moston Black – see above at right -. Their son ‘With The Times’ sired Z Walker’ very famous champion Lord of the Manor - 15 cc’s -. Obviously there was some ‘good fellowship’ between the actor Mr Charles Aubrey Smith & Mr Zaccheus Walker as they awarded cc’s to each others Mastiffs.

Mr Aubrey Smith’ champion Colonel Cromwell – see at right - was brother of Lady Claypole, the dam of Marcus Superba who sired  Walker’ champion Countess Invicta & Lady Superba, their dam being Mr AW Lucas’ Paula, linebred to Peter Piper’ sire Tom Bowling & Peter Piper’ uncle Iron Duke. Lady Superba became the dam of ch Colonel Cromwell’ great-grand nephew ch Lord of the Manor. At extreme right – arguably ch Countess Invicta’ brother Mr AW Lucas’ Victorious described by Mr Robt Leadbetter as - 'A big fawn with a fair head and body,  but bad feet and not straight in front; he may be a useful stud dog.' - Victorious' brother Prince Superbus he  reported as 'A nice brindle with a large typical head and showing nice Mastiff character throughout. He requires more bone, however, and a straighter front.' -

Lt-Col Zaccheus Walker may be considered as one of the few great breeders who bridged successfully their breeding program into the XX c. He was President of the Old English Mastiff Club from 1922 until his death Dec ’30, residing at the family seat the Italianate Fox Hollies Hall. He was virtually seen by many as the squire of Acocks Green. He bred live-stock and dogs, and local youths trespassing and scrumping were in for a nasty surprise! A thousand pities  his strain died out w/out delivering anything to the post-WWI stock.

Our Dogs Xmas number dd 10th Dec’09 – two pages advert Lt-Col Zaccheus Walker with Sir Kenneth' dau ch Britain’ Queen b June '08 & Moston Black' grandson ch Lord of The Manor b Aug '07 – his kennels at Fox Hollies Hall Acocks Green nr Birmingham –and ch Countess Invicta. - 2nd row –  ch Lord of the Manor – Sir Kenneth' dau ch Britain’ Queen – her sis ch Britain’ Belle & ch Countess Invicta, the latter b March ’05 & bred by My Arthur W Lucas – out of Invicta’ dau Paula sired by ch Marcella’ paternal nephew Marcus Superba. Ch Countess Invicta got five cc’s, ie under Robt Leadbetter - reserve Countess Colunio, Dr JS Turner - reserve Melnotte’ dau Frivolity, Mr Charles Aubrey Smith - reserve Ch Countess Invicta’ elder sis Duchess Superba, Mr AW Lucas - reserve Duchess Superba & Mr Henry Clay - reserve Adam’ dau Shyportia.

Stentor’ 13m brother old Socrates b April ‘88– see centre dog at right - was exported in May ’89 to Mr Walter Goodall George Slade, of Kemnal Burke road  Camberwell nr Melbourne, and became a corner stone of Mastiff breeding in Australia. Melbourne  newspapers erroneously mentioned Stentor was bred by Mr Edwin Nichols – out of Abbott Bell sired by ch Victor Hugo. Other quotes – . ‘He is a stone fawn in color, with jet black muzzle and ears, sooty face and cheeks, and sooty stripe down the back. He is a big dog, and shows true Mastiff character both in head and general build. He is said to be a grand companion, being thoroughly quiet and good-tempered.’ – ‘Another news reported – Socrates had a bad temper, and was labelled ‘Dangerous’ in the show you attended.’ At seven years old he was purchased by Mr Alfred Cornwell, of Sydney, the one who also owned the Australian bred crack ch Hazeldene Noble. Socrates died of paralysis March ’98.

Mr Walter Slade b ’54 was the second son of Mr Adolphus Frederick Slade ’04-75, stock broker of Kemnal Manor – see centre - Chislehurst ca 10 mls SE from the City of London; at the time of the ‘61 England & Wales Census, Adolphus' occupation was listed as ‘Landed proprietor and occupier of 461 acres of land employing 26 labourers, 5 boys and 3 women.’ Adolphus F., Charlotte A. née Hulme, Adolphus H., Fanny, Florence, Anny, Ernest, Walter, and Sidney Slade were listed as living in Chislehurst, Kent, along with Adolphus' sister Ann C. Slade, sisters-in-law Rosette A. Slade and Mary J. Slade, and five servants. -  He studied at Tonbridge School, and was dd ‘70 in both the Cricket Eleven and the Football Thirteen. In ’73 Mr Walter Slade – see at left - won the English Amateur Mile Championship, a feat he was to repeat over the next four years. In ‘74, he lowered the amateur record for the mile 4:26.00 at the Strangers' Open Mile, and was also the Four Mile champion. In ‘75, he lowered the mile record to 4:24.25 at a London Athletic Club meet at Stamford Bridge. His record was to stand for four years. Walter Slade was also on various occasions the fastest amateur on record for the half-mile, two miles and four miles. Slade was by contemporary accounts a natural runner who trained very little, about six feet in height and weighing over eleven stone when in strict training. His style was described by Montague Shearman thus – ‘he ran heavily, crunching the cinders as he sped over the path.’ –

Walter followed his father into stockbroking and became a Member of the London Stock Exchange. After moving to Australia he became a Member, and eventually Chairman, of the Melbourne Stock Exchange. Walter married Nov ’78 Miss Mary Frith in Melbourne. After she died in ‘98, he married Ellen MacGuire on 7 November ‘00, and they separated the following February. By ‘03, he had had to sell his seat on the stock exchange, and was broke. He returned to England, and died there on 13 June ‘19.

Mrs Mary Berry née Rothwell b ’78 at Earlestown, breeder of ch’s The Scarlet Pimpernel & Young Mary Bull, was the wife of Mr Derby aka ‘Derb’ Berry b ’77 at Lowton  ca 5 mls from Earlestown nr Warrington; they married in ’97 at Skipton.  - Dd ’07 - J Arthur Burnley and Derby Berry - trading Burnley' Advertising Agency – Coleman street City - advertising contractors.’ – Dd ’09 – ‘Apply Berry' Advertising Agency 180 Fleet street London – Dd ‘12 – ‘the well-known London firm of Berry's Ltd, advertising contractors of 22 Gresham House Old Broad Street, specialists in financial and company prospectus, a/o issuing ‘very useful and ornamental desk diaries - calendar and  reminder -. Dd ’99 - ‘Stock & Ordinary Shares will be closed. By order, Mr Windsor Berry – ed  ’44-23 -, Secretary  1 Gresham House, EC.’ Dd ’99 - ‘Stock & Ordinary Shares will be closed. By order, Mr Windsor Berry – ed  ’44-23 -, Secretary  1 Gresham House, EC.’ - Acc to the census ’01 - Alice Berry b ‘75 London address - 19 ‘City Of London Club’ – see at left - Old Broad Street - dd ‘96 - entrance fee thirty guineas. According to its first members, the Club offered ‘a Place of Useful Resort’ to those of ‘known respectability’ in the City. Since 1832 important City figures such as the first Duke of Wellington, Sir Robert Peel and the original Rothschild family have used the Club to relax in good company and comfortable, elegant surroundings. Mrs D Berry resided ca ’13/14 y at The Spinney - see article issued in The Illustrated Kennel News dd Dec ‘13,  ca 13 mls NW of their former residence Primrose cottage Batchworth Hill Rickmansworth.  Centre - ch Brompton Duke - at right - The Dicker nr Eastbourne, residence of ch Brompton Duke' last owner Mr Horatio Bottomley who commissioned an advert in the Crufts catalogue ’16 mentioning a/o – ‘Ch Brompton Duke is recognized as the world' most famous Mastiff. ‘Our Dogs’ describe him as ‘A Landmark in the Breed’. In 1914 an offer of £600 was made for him for export to the United States of America, which was refused.’ - Dd  ’29 – 'For sale The Spinney situated Hempstead road Bovingdon nr Hemel Hempstead, standing well back from the road in a large garden.’

Dd ’28 – ‘No evidence was offered to-day against Derby Berry aged 52, advertising canvasser of Maryland Hythe Close Worthing, indicted for threatening to publish libels on Mr Harry Heading, company promoter of 10 Cumberland Mansions Upper George Street London, with intent to extort £ 300 from him, and offering to prevent the publication in the John Bull newspaper of information attacking Mr Heading in connection with financial dealings. According to the prosecution, Berry and Heading became acquainted last year relative to an issue of capital for a company called the White City Manchester Greyhound Association. The company was floated successfully, and Berry was paid for novices rendered. He, however, claimed a further £251, and a writ was issued for that amount, but an offer was made to tattle for BHA. The claim was in fact settled for 15 guineas as costs. Berry, it appeared, was not satisfied, and told Heading that ‘We'll put an end to The White city’, and some days later articles antlered in ‘John Bull’. –

Dd ’29 – ‘A new Company ‘Hotel Majestic Worthing Ltd’ promoted by Mr Derby Berry for the erection of a first class hotel in Worthing will have a capital of £ 275.000 divided into 85, 000 shares.’ -  Dd ’31 – ‘Midget golf couses in Bankruptcy Court - Derby Berry, formerly of Hythe Close Worthing -  later of Hove, now residing at 15 Belmont Bath, was one of the promoters of the Majestic Hotel and Manager of  midget golf course at Bath, Bristol and Taunton. The debtor gave one of the reasons of his failure, ‘ Loss of custom due to considerable decline of public interest in the game of midget golf.

It was during that time, the Official Receiver elicited that the attempted promotion and flotation of the ‘Hotel Majestic Worthing Ltd’ company took place. In September ‘29, he and others attempted to promote a company to be known as ‘Hotel Majestic Worthing Ltd’ but were not successfuL Debtor was closely examined with regard to his directorships. Mr Derby Berry at first denied that he was director any other company. Then he said he was director of his own little syndicate, the Financial and General Publicity, which was floating the Majestic. They had offices for the Majestic 52 South Street Worthing. He practically held the lot. The syndicate had died. He was associated with Mr T Richards and another. In the course of a lengthy examination debtor he said he had £120,000 underwritten to the Majestic scheme, contracts had been signed, it would have been binding. He thought there was still some real value in the Majestic. He had the site and the license, and that was worth £20,000. In May ‘30 he went to Bath.’ – Mr Derby Berry died in ’48 at Bournemouth, aged 77.    - Above centre - ch King Baldur b ’17 & bred by Mr Robert J Burch of Holloway from a sis/brother mateing – at left -  his dam ch Young Mary Bull – at right - his sire Young John Bull.

Following a/o Mr Geo Cook’ breeding notes - Mrs D Berry, of Primrose cottage Batchworth Hill - see  left -  Rickmansworth, 25 mls NW of the City purchased dd 19th June ’11 the brindle Batchworth Beauty –  £10 - bred by Mr G Cook dd 20th July ’10 – out of Adam’ dau Felica ex Cleveland Leopold –  and mated her to Mr RJ Burch' ch British Monarch - see left - resulting dd ’12 in Mr RJ Burch’ Ben Ma Chree, Mr Herbert B Newland’ Fulmen & Mr Horatio Bottomley’ Dicker Belle. Batchworth Beauty’ siblings were a/o Brodrick Defender purchased dd Feb ’11 –  £5 - by Mr Fred Richardson of Leeds Institute Cookridge street, Brompton Duchess & Brompton Duke – see centre -,  purchased at  Crystal Palace dd  Oct ’11 – price £50 each - by Mr A Arthur, of Maison Arthur Haute Couture London.

Other Mastiff sales at the show were Miss Garland’ 4y old Berenice by ch Hazlemere Ronald & Mr George Cook’ 12m old Coatham Bess by Adam,  each  £25, respectively purchased by the American fancier Mr Kinney of Kinnelon kennels and Mr A Arthur of London. - Mr A Arthur’ ch Brompton Duke  got in ’12 cc’s at Crufts in Feb & Crystal Palace in Oct, whereafter purchased by Mrs D Berry and winning the following cc, ie at Birmingham Jan ‘13.  At Crufts Feb ’14 he was put up for sale at £1000 and purchased by the publisher of the John Bull magazine Mr Horatio Bottomley '60-33, of Upper Dicker nr Eastbourne.   In a 1915 court case relating to failed national sweepstakes, Mr Horatio Bottomley’ name was linked with that of Sir Brodrick Hartwell *** – see below at left -, Baronet, who had joined the firm Messrs Berry & Son on 25th September ’12.

Dd 12th Aug ’12 - Mrs 'Derb' Berry, of 22 Gresham House London E,  purchased from Mr  G Cook the 15 months old pair Tam O Shanter & sis Galazora – price each £52 10p – out of Adam’ dau Shy Portia sired by ch Felix’ brindle brother Marton Dick, and mated her twice to ch Brompton Duke resulting dd Sept ’13 in ch The Scarlet Pimpernel purchased by Mr Walter Crawshaw & Poor Joe purchased by Mr RJ Burch, and dd Oct ’14 ch Young Mary Bull purchased by Mr RJ Burch (later Mrs RFW Conquest) & Young John Bull by Messrs FW Bai & RJ Burch. After that no single spur of breeding or showing by ‘D Berry’ but her breeding became of prime order in the course of the next generations through ch The Scarlet Pimpernel grandson ch Ashenhurst Cedric and ch Young Mary Bull’ & Young John Bull’ son ch King Baldur.

Our Dog Mems Feb ’14 – 'Mr Arthur Berry’ Mastiff fancy is only second to that of Bulldogs, and in the meantime he cleared his kennels of the Old English breed. The last member, a very typical brindle bitch bred by Mr George Cook, has been disposed through our columns to Mr J H Johnston, and she left the Darlington kennel last week for her new home at Cheshire.’ – Mr Arthur Berry, of 4 Cleasby Terrace Darlington, owned Heatherville Lady and put her up for sale in whelp to Heatherville Duke.

*** Sir Brodrick Hartwell was the only son of Royal Naval officer Edward Hughes Brodrick Hartwell, inspector-general of police in Jamaica and later the British Consul in Naples Italy. Sir Brodrick Hartwell, of Dale Hall Essex, became the 4th Baronet in September 1900. He married in ’02 at Paris Miss Georgette Madeline Pilon-Fleury. He served in the army during the Boer War and WW I. In ’07 he divorced and remarried Mrs Chamberlain, the wife of RN engineer lieutenant Edgar Warner Chamberlain,  and went off to Australia. - April ’13 – ‘Petition against a Baronet. The London Gazette shows that a receiving order in bankruptcy has been made against Sir Brodrick Hartwell, Bart, late of 26 Walpole Street London, but whose present residence is unknown, but understood, he was at the Dardanelles.’ – Dd ’15 – ‘Dealing with the defendants’ financial position, counsel said Sir Brodrick Hartwell was undischarged bankrupt.’ - Hartwell became involved with various business enterprises after his return from Australia. He was director of companies that included Atlantic Oil and Rubber Trust Ltd. Gold Coast Rubber and Mahogany Estates Ltd, and chairman of Consolidated Oil Fields of South Africa Ltd and the Premier Motor Bus Company Ltd. However, by ‘13 he was declared bankrupt blaming outstanding remunerations and the disappearance of a colleague who was a fund holder. Hartwell was not able to attend the hearing as he was with the British Army in the Dardanelles. In the ‘20s Sir Brodrick Hartwell aka ‘the Whiskey runner’ operated a much publicised off-shore business exporting alcoholic spirits to the United States during prohibition. Dd ’24 – ‘Baronet at head of rum fleet. New York, Friday. Federal agents allege that Lieut-Col Sir Brodrick Hartwell is aboard the yacht Ishtar, which is serving as the flagship of a powerful rum-running fleet of 28 vessels waiting to get ashore whiskey shipments.’ -

Ch Brompton Duke’ elder brother Brodrick Defender, owned by entertainer Mr Fred Richardson - The Leeds Institute Cookridge street Leeds -, got at Edinburgh ’15 under Mr Fred Gresham the cc – res Mr Joice’ Heatherville Duke, 3rd Mr Archibald Brookes ch Lidgett Viscount – in bitches the cc went to Mrs D Berry’ Galazora. - The Leeds Institute – see centre - on Cookridge Street dd ‘68 was designed by Mr Cuthbert Brodrick, architect of Leeds Town Hall. It was used for lectures and concerts by the Leeds Mechanics Institute and also housed a library, reading room & art gallery. - Dd ’92 - 'Great interest was manifested in the appearance of Mr Fred Richardson, refined humorist of the Leeds and Scarbro’ concerts, who was enthusiastically received in his several Irish songs with dance. The following programme was gone through Pianoforte solo, Mr C Nicholson’ song – ‘Her bright smile haunts me still.’ - The Stage London dd ’06 – ‘The whole is produced by with Mr C St John Denton; the general manager for the pantomime is Mr F J  Richardson, and the stage manager is Mr Joseph Pome.’ – Mr Fred Richardson’ Brodrick Defender sired Parkgate Duchess bred by Mr A Brookes, dam to Am ch Beowulf –  see at right – sired by ch Lady Lieve’ brother Wingfield Priam – ch Brompton Duchess’ dau Eve ex Berenice’ grandson Prince-Lie-A-Bed -.   - London Evening News dd 1st Aug ’13 – ‘What effect has an interesting cine-viatograph picture on the intelligence of animals? This question was raised by ‘The Evening News’ to-day, when a collection of prize dogs were brought together to witness a cinematograph performance, where a number of animal films were shown. The dogs were, by arrangement with Messrs Barker, of Soho square, introduced to a series of motion pictures. In a darkened room they stood and watched a film as it was reeled of. The dogs which were brought for this test were amongst the best which have ever appeared in the show ring, these being:—

Mrs D Berry’ Mastiffs ch Brompton Duke and  Tam O’ Shanter, Mr Cox’ Mastiff Cleveland Duke, the President of the Bull Terrier Club’ dog Peter Pan, Mr Walter Jeffries’ Bulldog Rose Stone, Mr S Fletcher' Irish Terrier Bryn Hill Fuss, and Mr M Abrahams' Great Dane Battersea Buller and his Fox Terriers Mise Trixie  & Miss Craddock. Of these dogs it is only necessary to mention that the Stone strain of Bulldogs is famous the whole world over, that £600 has been refused for ch Brompton Duke 182 lb, and that Cleveland Duke is the biggest fawn Mastiff in the world, weighing 190 lb. First of all, a motion film of the Reigate Dog Show was thrown upon the film, the dogs walked up, and had a look at it, and then turned away, bored almost to tears. ‘We know all about that’, you could fancy they were saying; they recognised that they were watching something not real flesh and blood. But when an elephant came splashing out of the water and appeared to be walling into the room they were all alive. ‘Hullo! said Rose Stone,  and she tried to make a dash for the screen. Thirty seconds was enough, though; she recognised it was only a picture. The Bull Terrier, however, was ready to attack, head up and ears pricked, and Brompton Duke bayed loudly, being backed up by the growling Cleveland Duke, he too, was deeply excited, although the rhino appeared to interest him in a greater degree. Then came birds of all kinds, and here the Bulldog and the Terriers made ineffectual efforts to get closer to the picture. Yet, as in all the others, they quickly recognised the fact that they were not lookine at the real thing, and in a few seconds quietened completely.’  -

Cleveland Duke b Sept ’11 & bred by Mr Ambrose Mott – out of Nunaton Hector’ dau Pinxton Pride sired by Cleveland Leopold – was owned by Mastiff breeder Mr J Cox, publican of the Duke of Albany Clayton road Peckham, who advertised him as ‘the largest Mastiff living’ weighing 190 lb. At left  - A reprint of an original gouache , signed ‘R Ward Binks 1917’ , is called ‘ The Dogs of the Allies’ and was manufactured by the Manchester’ Printing Co ‘George Falkner & Sons’; below the picture one can find the remains of a calendar between large capitals – ‘Samuel O’Neill & Sons – Linden Mill’. Mr R Ward Binks painted for many members of the Royal Family and frequently invited to attend the Royal Shoots at Sandringham in order to sketch the sporting dogs at work.  In ‘30 George V presented him with a gift of a signed Van Dyke portrait. As Binks commented in an interview with Freeman Lloyd in ‘31 , ‘Nearly all the prominent dog owners of England have given me commissions ‘... One of them could have been Mr Horatio Bottomley, the newspaper tycoon, well-known within the canine world as the owner of the Waterloo Cup winner, ch Fullerton the Greyhound, for whom he commissioned the artist Richard Hewitt Moore, also of Mastiff fame, to make a large stunning bronze sculpture. Being an extreme patriot during the years of World War I , it’s quite possible that in 1917 he also commissioned the artist Reuben Ward Binks ’80-50 to portray his dogs incl ch Brompton Duke, called by Our Dogs as a landmark within the Mastiff breed, within a scenery of  ‘The Dogs of the Allies’.

Mr John Stanley Hume, motor engineer of Wayside New lane Huntington York, purchased Dervot Dacia late Hellingly Babs b ca ’28 & bred by  Mr Arthur Baggaley, of Cottingham nr Hull – out of ch Westcroft Blaise’ dau ch Dervot Dawn ex Menai Anglesea. He mated Dervot Dacia to ch Arolite– see at left -, owned by Mr JG Joice of Middleton St George nr Darlington, resulting in Mr JS Hume’ Arovot b ’31 & Lady Mary purchased by Mr George Francis Rippon, of Longthorpe Peterborough ca 130 mls S of York. Arovot sired Jubilee Major b ‘July ’33 & bred by Mr Thomas   Jessop Bone of Huthwaite Notts– out of ch Arolite’ paternal half sis Batsheba -, and owned by Mrs Dora MacDougall née Burgess,  the wife of Sheffield master printer Mr Allan Bower Dutton MacDougall b '89 - Gorse Hall Ashover near the Peak District.

  At right - Outside the Yorkshire Clubs Brewery, of New Lane Huntington, during WWII. - Dd - Dec ’33 - the front offside wheel of Yates' lorry found a small dent and the near side edge of the front wheel a ‘scrub’ mark. John Stanley Hume, motor engineer, said that on examining Yates' lorry found a mark the bottom of the near rear wing. He came to the conclusion that it was recent because there was no ‘scrub’ on the brake rod.‘ - Dec 15 ‘38 – ‘John Stanley Hume, motor engineer of Wayside New Lane Huntington, whose right hand and left arm were bandaged owing to burns received in attending to his daughter Margaret Mary (14) , said the family lived in a bungalow. It was the habit on Sunday mornings for the children to get up in turn and make tea for the parents. On Sunday, Margaret got up. There was an electric kettle but she also lit the fire, and he thought that after doing so she turned to get a tray, and her nightdress was caught by the flames. She screamed, and he ran into the kitchen and found her clothes alight. The Coroner said there was no witness of the actual inception of the fire.’ - She died in the County Hospital from shock due to extensive burns.’ – Her father John Stanley Hume,  born at Sculcoates Hull being the son of Mrs Mary Jane and Mr William Hume ’65-25 of 65 Grafton street Sculcoates Hull, died nine years later at Huntingdon dd ‘47.

The Mastiff pictured in ‘Comparisons are odious’ published in The Illustrated London News ‘80 is almost a black & white replica to ‘Mastiff and King Charles Spaniel’ – see at left - dd ’76. Both works of art were made by Mr George Bouverie Goddard ’32-86 who came to London in ‘49 and spent upwards of two years in making studies of animal life in the Zoological Gardens. During this time he supported himself mainly by drawing on wood sporting subjects for a/o ‘Punch’. He began to exhibit at the Royal Academy in ‘56 sending a painting of ‘Hunters’ and becoming an Associate of the Royal Academy. Goddard was a lover of all field sports and at home equally in the covert & the hunting-field. He died at his residence at Brook Green, Hammersmith - London  after a very short illness from a chill caught during a visit to his dying father whom he survived only by a few hours.

One only can guess about the Mastiff model’ identity presenting breed-wise nice quality. There’s Mr MB Wynn’ quote that George B Goddard painted Nero in '76 – ed - Nero b ’71 2nd prizes at Nottingham ’71 and at Birmingham ’71 & ’72 -, bred/owned by  Thomas George Fermor Hesketh, Baron at Park View Towcester – out of Lady sired by Nero I, the latter purchased from a Mr Thomas Seedle of Blackburn, a parentage actually w/out any substantial reference re the then quality stock. Therefore taking it in another direction, the artist of the painting in question, Mr George Bouverie Goddard, and Mr Edwin Nichols, the then most prominent London Mastiff fancier, resided in  the same restricted area of only a few streets, namely Brook Green Hammersmith. Is it sheer coincidence?

A step further being the presumption the Mastiff in Goddard’ works of art might have been depictions of ch Wolsey’ elder brother Prince b ‘72, Mr Nichols’ succesful home stud – out of ch Queen sired by ch Rajah -. Comparing Bouverie Goddard’ artworks to depictions of Nichols’ Prince’ parents  – above centre & right -, there’s a striking similarity off cheeks , ie Goddard’ example & ch Queen both show a peculiar inward curve in their folds which drop from the outer eyelid corners, their respective eye forms & expressions look almost the same and ears which breed-wise seem both rather too short;  the Goddard specimen shows a backhand & tail which , placed in about the same positioning, resemble to those of Rajah.                Here at right - Mr Mark Beaufoy' ch Beau sired by Mr Nichols' Prince.

Still there’s the quote by MB Wynn re George B Goddard’ painting dd ’76 of Nero, owned by a titled owner, ie Sir TGF Hesketh, who certainly had the means & connections to commisssion this splendid painting. Note - Sir Thomas GF Hesketh bred six years later another Nero b August ’77 out of Flora – Flo ex Nero – sired by ch Rajah, owned by his sis Miss Constance M Hesketh of 27 Leyland road Southport Lancs; this Nero got in ’80 first prize at Birmingham & 2nd at Crystal Palace, but unfortunately the time frame doesn’t fit.

Mr Nichols’ Prince sired a dozen KCSB litters, ie 1) Lord Thurlow & Vixen b ’73 & bred by Mr WK Taunton – out of ck King’ dau Nell -  2) Mr WT Mann’ Duke b ’73 & bred by  Rev JB Rowe out of ch Turk’ dau Donna, 3) ch Creole - Kaiser - Leolinus b ’74 & bred by Rev WJ Mellor – out of Big Ben’ dau Duchess, 4) Emperor b ’75 & bred by Mr Edwin Nichols – out of ch King’ dau Juno, 5) Venus - Lady b ’75 & bred by Mr Edwin Nichols – out of Hector’ dau Jenny -, 6) Nina b ’75 & bred by Dr Winslow – out of ch Punch’ dau Josephine, 7) Nero b ’76 & bred by Mr Edwin Nichols – out of Lulu unr -, 8) ch Beau - Rosabelle b ’76 – out of Big Ben’ dau Belle, 9) Magnus – Rupert – Ida b ’76 & bred by Miss Aglionby – out of Big Ben’ dau ch Lottie -, 10) Young Prince b ca ’78 – out of Venus, 11) Heela b ca 78 & bred by Major Hubert GH Galton – out of Fury -, 12) Luath – Busca b ’79 & bred by Dr Winslow – out of ch The Shah’ dau Elsa -.  During the same lapse of time ch Rajah & his son ch The Shah sired resp 17 & 16 litters, followed by Mr Green’ ch Monarch 11, ch Granby 9 & Big Ben 8, the latter two by ch Turk.

Dd Nov ’00 – ‘Since the dispersal of the Mastiff kennels presided over by Court Rice, of Frigga fame, and Dr JS Turner, present chairman of the K.C., England, who showed Beaufort, Orlando, Hotspur, and others, no fancier at home has seriously tackled the breed, with the exception of Mr WK Taunton, Rev Doorne, and Captain Pidlocke. The Mastiff has now so degenerated that good specimens are most difficult to find. Mr Robert Leadbetter, of Hazelmere Park, has determined, if possible, that the breed shall take its place in the front rank of those old varieties peculiar to England. His last purchase is the brindle champion Marksman, considered by many competent judges to be tbe best Mastiff in the country, Peter Piper included. Mr Robt Leadbetter has the largest English kennel of Mastiffs. Besides Marksman, he is owner of Holland' Black Boy, Elgiva, Ha Ha, and Lyndhurst Rose, the latter a big winner at the recent Ladies KC show. The chief reason assigned for the deterioration of the Mastiff is the absence of foreign blood — they are nearly all inbred to a previous sire named Crown Prince. This fawn dog flourished during the early eighties, and his success may be attributed to the possession of an enormous head, which was disfigured by a Dudley nose, reddish eyes and muzzle. His faults, however, were but skin deep. He did not transmit these repellant markings, and his services transmit these repellant markings, and his services consequently were in great demand, while other dogs remained neglected. This excuse may be true in part, but fails in its application to the Laverack Setter. The Mastiff is essentially a rich man' dog, his rearing involves much expense and labour, and fanciers of to-day have left this variety to a few enthusiasts who can afford to cultivate the hobby, and have time at their disposal.' Dd April ‘0& - ‘Mr Robt Leadbetter purchased the well-known Mastiff Black Antony, the largest in the whole stock, and who has never been beaten on the Continent. He is described as a splendid animal with the best type of head, and being young, will be particularky valuable at stud. This news, from such a source, is very welcome and points to a revival in the interest formerly flet for this valuable breed.’ – Black Antony – see at left - b July ’97 & bred by Mr Van Koldewyn - out of Eldee Selina unr sired by ch Marc Antony - got the Birmingham ’01 cc under Mr Fred Gresham 2nd & 3rd Lt-Col Z Walker brother pair Wrestler & Watchman by Invicta, and the Crufts ’02 cc under Mr AJ Thorpe, 2nd Mr AW Lucas’ Invicta, 3rd Mr Luke Crabtree’ Moston Black.

Dd Sept ’10 – ‘One of the most famous kennels of English Mastiffs was that owned by Mr Robert Leadbetter, of Hazlemere Park. It was established many years ago by the owner, who spared no expense in the purchase of high-bred and otherwise suitable stud stock. This kennel was lately dispersed, the bulk of the animals being sold some time since. A pair Ronald and Bess of Widmere – see at right - were, however, kept back. They were champions at Crufts ‘08 show, and were put up for auction at the clearing out sale of Mr Leadbetter' farm and other stock more recently. The experts of dogdom were seemingly not advised of the approaching sale, with the consequence that the pair were knocked down as a job lot for £5.’ – Dd Oct ’11 – ‘It is amazing how the grand old Mastiff breed is dying out even in England. Apropos of this "Our Dogs says:— The sale at Aldridge's the other day of the remains of Mr Robert Leadbetter's once famous kennel of Mastiffs, viz, his two championship winners at Cruft's Show in ‘8 — viz, Ch Bess of Widmere and Ronald of Widmere — for £5, furnishes a gruesome lesson of the downfall, of the Old English Mastiff. This brace of Mastiffs would at one time have realised as many hundreds of pounds, since they are both well bred and typical specimens of the breed, being by Archie Hazlemere ex Lady Winifred, and were only  5 ½ years old. Shakespeare somewhere points to the base uses to which the greatest of men may descend, instancing the possibility of the pate of a Caesar being used to stop the bung hole of a beer barrel. Champion Mastiffs going at 50/ a head is not quite as bad, but it is a parody on the breed when compared with the greatness of the Mastiff in its palmy days.' - At Friday 4th  June ’84 Dr Winslow’ Mastiffs were sold at Aldridge’s St Martins lane London est 1753 – ‘Catalogues ready. On view day prior and morning of sale. Messrs W & Stewart Freeman, Proprietors.’ – see out- & inside Aldridge’s nearby The National Gallery.

Part of a tableau by Mr Richard Hewitt Moore published in The Sidney Mail dd 1st April ’93 presenting a/o ch Ilford County Member b Nov ’89 & bred by Mr Richard Cook – out of ch Beaufort’ dau Ilford Lady Cobrey sired by ch Orlando’ son ch Jack Thyr. He got in ’91 - 1sts at Brighton &  Barnet; in ’92 - 1sts at Derby, Crufts, Dublin, Leeds, KC Agricultural Hall & Cup, Birkenhead & Crystal Palace challenge & cup; in ’93 - challenges at Liverpool, Bath & Enfield, 1sts winners Darlington & Portsmouth; in ’94 - 1st Open Crufts, 1st winners at Barnet & Nottingham. Judge reports mention – ‘Very fine dog, , very large head, plain but massive, fine ears and eyes, good nostrils but foreface too long, good bone & loins, short in body, good hind quarters with hocks well let down.’ – He sired three KCSB litters, ie in ’92 out of Mr WH Curtis’ Ethna which gave Mr John O’Connell’ pair Montfort Simon & Erconwald , and out of  Lady Lucy resulting in  Lynwood Cordelia & Miss Lynwood bred/owned by Mr W Stephens, of Lynwood Liverpool road Kingston-on-Thames ; in ’94 – out of Mr WN Higgs’ Seend Beauty producing Mrs J Davis’ Sailor & Mr Stanley R Altman'  Elm Court Boy.

Hazeldene Noble’ breeder Mr Alfred Cornwell imported several Mastiffs from England, a/o Spoffy, Exeter Mayor & Noble’ dam Olga II, - b ’92 & bred by Mr Wm Scadden, of Blackhorse farm Walthamstow, out of Exeter Lady Verona sired by his Noble VIII, the latter bred by Mr WK Taunton - out of ch Hotspur’ dau Carshalton Bella sired by Young Colonel’ son Arabi – and owned by Mr Arthur Crapp, veterinary surgeon of 426 Caledonian road London. The KCSB for ’93 mentions Olga II as owned by Mr Arthur John Selby, publican of Marquis of Cornwallis – see below at left - Bethnal Green road – 25 The Oval Hackney road London E,  who also owned her sis Indian Queen for sale at £3 3s. - Judge report – 'Olga II is a good bitch, and an excellent type of a Mastiff, but she, like the dog, carried too much superfluous flesh.' - Mr Scadden owned Olga II’ brothers Sheriff & Alderman, resp 1st &3rd Puppy class Crystal Palace ’92. Mr William Scadden b ‘39 at Portesham ca fifty mls E of Exeter, was, acc to census data a ‘butcher’, a trade he had practised in various parts of the country. -  Sept ’98 – ‘On Sunday morning Mr Alfred Cornwell was fatally kicked by a horse at his residence Mayfield Pymble NS Wales. As was his habit, he intended going for a ride, and with this purpose in view be left the house about 9.45 am for the stables. About a half hour later his brother Mr Ernest Cornwell found him lying in a pool of blood about 15 yards from the stable door. He was conveyed to the house, and medical assistance summoned, his wounds consisting of a severe wound on the forehead, being attended by Drs M’Cormick, Fitzpatrick & O’Reilly. He remained unconscious until he died about 2 pm. The horse was found wandering about the grounds of the house, saddled and bridled. On the spot where deceased was found his cap was lying, and bore marks and cuts such as might be received from the horse’ shoe.’ – Note - Mr Ernest R Sharpe, of Hurst lodge Gravelly Hill Bexley Heath, owned the brindle Bexley Jumbo b July ’92 bred by Mr Monson out of Gonda – Etan ex Orlando II - sired by Noble VIII; his brother Pasha II was owned by Mrs Poel, of East House Farm Romford.

Dd ’88 – ‘The Americans began so recently to establish high-class kennels that it is interesting to hear how far they have succeeded in rivalling the English standards. Light is thrown on this point by Mr Edwin B Sears, of Boston, a very enthusiastic breeder of Mastiffs, and owner of the biggest St Bernard in the United States, who was a visitor to the Kennel Club' 81st Exhibition at Barn Elms, which was held on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th July, and the Kennel Gazette report of which reached us by this week' mail says - ‘Mr Sears was much pleased with the show of Mastiffs at Barn Elms, but states boldly that his Monarch, a Crown Prince dog, and one of the best in America, could hold his own here, and that Minting, the property of his friend, Mr  EH Moore, of Melrose, could give our beat a beating.’ – Dd ’87 June – ‘The KC Barn Elms show, held at the beautiful grounds of the Ranelagh Club - see centre Ranelagh Club House grounds Barn Elms -, will this year be of quite an international character, as the usual schedule has been very largely increased, and special classes - results – cc ch Beaufort 1st Rev Van Doorne’ Wodan 2nd Rev Van Doorne’ ch Jack Thyr 3rd Mr JC Bailey’ Boxer by Selwood – cc Mrs Geo Willins’ ch Cambrian Princess 1st Mr CC Rice’ ch Frigga – see at right - 2nd Captain Piddocke’ ch Jubilee Beauty. –.

Mr William Flood Knott Roach ’68-51, veterinary surgeon of York House – see upper façade at left – 18 York road Exeter, purchased from Mr Fred Fitch Mason, of North Hill Swansea, Wallenstein b ’90 & bred by Mr Harry Ralph of Waterloo Hotel London – out of  Commodore’ dau Juno sired by ch Hotspur – arguably named after Lord Ellesmere’ winning race horse Wallenstein. Dd Sep ’09 – ‘All that substantial and well-built freehold property, called or known as ‘York House 18 York road Exeter’, conveniently situated just off Sidwell-street, and occupying a prominent corner position, comprises a dressed stone bed, bath – hot a cold - and reception rooms, office, outer an inner halls, kitchens and offices.’ - Dd Dec ’10 - ‘Honour Judge Lush Wilson, of the Exeter County Court, discharged from bankruptcy William  Roach, veterinary surgeon, of Exeter, upon his consenting to judgment for £60. Mr WH Tarbet. who appeared for debtor, stated that had it not been for unfortunate family matters Mr Roach would not have become bankrupt. When difficulties arose the debtor' wife pressed him.’ – Just the opposite of the street lies the ‘Duke of York’ pub – see centre - in the background the domed tower of St Sidwell Wesleyan church – see at right.

Advert – ‘Mastiff bitch b June ’96 by ch Beaufort’ Black Prince, late property of a lady; five guineas – Mr Hollingsworth Percy road Greet nr Birmingham.’ - Perhaps it goes here about Cynesca July ’96 & bred by Mrs Cunliffe Lee out of Weleda’ dau Coquette sired by ch Beaufort Black Prince; Cynesca became owned by Mr Fred McKrill, of Cheetham nr Manchester, and mated her to ch Marcella’ brother The Cadet resulting in the brindle ch Clarice b Aug ’98, purchased by Mr Henry Hodgkinson Taylor ‘81-40 of Rolyat House Wood lane Timperley nr Manchester. Wood lane & Stockport road – see centre - border Timperley  golf course. He inherited some fortune from his father Henry Beaumont Taylor b ’20, senior partner in the Huddersfield drysaltery firm ‘HB Taylor, son & Co’ - dealers in chemical products incl glue, varnish, dye and colourings. His father died in ’97 leaving net personalty of £72,010. -- Clarice got in ’02 1st open at Darlington & at Birkenhead,  both times under Hazlemere breeder Mr Robt Leadbetter – 2nds   ch Marc Antony’ dau Aunt Chloe & ch Colonel Cromwell’ sis Lady Claypole; in ’03 cc’s at Liverpool under Mr AJ Thorpe – 2nd Mr Rylands’ ViVi by Tom Bowling and cc at Birmingham under Mr Edwin Brough 2nd Lt-Col Z Walker’ Wrangler – 3rd Mr AW Lucas’ Paula; and in ’04 1st Open at Cork under Mr Chris Houlker – 2nd Mrs Idonea Stopford’ Gipsey bred by Mr Robt Leadbetter – out of Mellnotte’ dau Ethel Maud sired by Invicta' brother Melnotte. 

The KCSB for show year ’05 mention Mr Leadbetter as ch Clarice’ owner - and got cc’s at Darlington under Mr Fred Gresham – 2nd Mr George Cook’ Hazlemere Dorothy – out of ch Marksman’  Imogene sired by Mellnotte, and at Edinburgh, again under Mr Fred Gresham; in ’06, at the age of seven, ch Clarice got the Crufts’ cc under Mr Neville Walker Hall – 2nd Mr John O’Connell’ Gipsey Girl by Dalston Benedict – 3rd Mr George Cook’ Marton Betty by Nuneaton Lion. Mr Leadbetter owned also ch Clarice’ paternal aunt ch Marcella – – see at left - at right a photograph off-puttingly retouched off muzzle – out of ch Plutarch’ dau Honeysuckle sired by ch Marc Antony – who got, at the age of almost 7, her ninth & last cc at Crufts ’03 under Mr John O’Connell – 2nd her niece ch Clarice.

Dd ’73 – ‘Sir Edwin Landseer died on Tuesday morning 1st October, aged 71. He has long been in a very precarious state of health. Sir Edwin was admitted as a student to the Royal Academy in ‘16, when he was 14 years of age, and in the following year he exhibited ‘Brutus, a portrait of a Mastiff,’ at the Academy.’ – see centre - 'The King of the Castle’ ca ‘33 & at right ‘Head of a Mastiff’ both by Edwin Landseer. His death was widely marked in England - shops and houses lowered their blinds, flags flew at half mast, his bronze lions at the base of Nelson' column were hung with wreaths, and large crowds lined the streets to watch his funeral cortege pass. Landseer was buried in St Paul' Cathedral London. Landseer was rumoured to be able to paint with both hands at the same time, for example, paint a horse' head with the right and its tail with the left, simultaneously. He was also known to be able to paint extremely quickly—when the mood struck him. He could also procrastinate, sometimes for years, over certain commissions.

Major William Arbuthnot b ’38 – 14th Hussars -, of 25 Hyde Park Gardens – see at left -  London, owned Vril – see at right in the centre - b ’72 & bred by Mrs Elizabeth Cunliffe Lee ’24-96 of Penshurst Kent  – out of Maud sired by ch Turk’ son ch Punch; Maud  out of Grace – Stella ex ch Turk - sired by Mrs Rawlinson’ Hector – Bathurst Druid’ dau Una sired by ch Turk’ brother Wolf -. Vril got in '74 3rd at Nottingham & 2nd at Manchester Belle Vue - in '75 1st prizes at Crystal Palace and Nottingham. Major William Arbuthnot was the son of Archibald Francis Arbuthnot b ’05, 1st Baronet - late of 25 Hyde Park Gardens, deceased on the 31st day of March ‘79 at Silver Hill House Torquay and the Hon Mrs Gertrude Sophia Abruthnot ’16, second daughter of the late Field Marshall Viscount Gough who died on the 20th of November ‘82  at the Alexandra Hotel St Leonard’-on-Sea. - Hyde Park Gardens consists of two roads running adjacent to the north western corner of Hyde Park. Number 1 Hyde Park Gardens runs up to Number 23 with a large private communal garden and then the road separates to allow access to The Ring and into Hyde Park and the neighbouring Kensington Gardens. Numbers 24 to 31 continue on a private gated road also with their own communal gardens buffering them from the busy Bayswater Road. The grand white stucco fronted houses are amongst the most exclusive properties on the northern side of Hyde Park and date from the early 19th c19th c. Access is strictly controlled via 24-hour porterage. -

The name arguably named after an ‘71 novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton ‘Vril', the Power of the Coming Race’ about a superior subterranean master race and the energy-form called Vril.

Major William Arbuthnot entered the army on 25 Mar 1856 as an ensign in the Rifle Brigade, and went to India to fight in the Indian Mutiny.  He exchanged into the 14th Hussars in 1861. He graduated at Staff College and held many staff appointments in the 1860s, and by 1867 he was in Abyssinia serving as ADC and Assistant Military Secretary to Lord Napier, commander of the expedition. The photo – see insert at left - was taken around 1860 when he was a lieutenant. He wears the dark blue frockcoat with black silk flat braiding.

In ’69 he married Miss Selena Moncreiffe ’51-77, the seventh daughter of Sir Thomas and Lady Louisa Moncreiffe. In ’73 he retires upon temporary half-pay but it had been cancelled. In ’76 he was promoted to lieutenant-colonel. A year later his wife Selina deceased at Dover Street Mayfair London. Being appointed commanding officer he went to Transvaal South Africa in ‘81. At right - A German postcard expressing the feelings of the Germans in Transvaal against the English military powers.

He became a colonel in that year, and was in the Sudan expedition of ‘85 as DAG. In ’90 he was promoted to major-general. - Dd ’93 – ‘Major-General William Arbuthnot, lately Assistant Adjutant General at Head-quarters, died in the 55th year of his age. – Dd ’94 – ‘The will of Major General William Arbuthnot, of Newlands House Tooting Surrey, was proved by Hugh Gough Arbuthnot, the brother, one of the executors, the value of the personal estate amounting over £37,000.' -

At left – A report about the Maidstone show ’82 judjed by Rev WJ Mellor. Ch Cardinal b June ’77 & bred by Mr Frederick Banbury out of ch Turk’ maternal great-grand-daughter The Princess sired by ch Punch’ huge but lame brother Big Ben.  Other reports mention about Cardinal  – ‘very grand head, colour exceptionally good, plenty of bone, good hind quarters, light body, general coarseness, high tail carriage, & deficient in length of body.’ – At right ch Cardinal’ maternal grandsire ch Wolsey. His owner Mr WK Taunton bred seven KCSB litters sired by ch Cardinal; other breeders who used ch Cardinal were Rev WJ Mellor - out of Hugh’ dau Belle – Lord Cecil’ Snowball & Gretha b ’81, and Mr John Kenyon – out of ch Salisbury’ dau Rossendale Baroness – Rossendale Baron b ‘82.

Ch Cardinal grandsired a/o - 1) ch Orlando’ dau ch Griselda b ’84 – see two head studies - ‘grandly made, thick brood bitch, long and low, good muscular development, immense limbs, good skull & eye, in general coarse, more St Bernard type - Mr Wynne -, muzzle disfigured with warts, lack of convexity in underjaw, weak in pasterns.’ - Sporting Life London Feb ‘89 – ‘Alexandra Palace show - The brindled Mastiff Constable, certainly looks a small exhibition by himself.’ - 2) ch Griselda' sis Lady Doughty who produced ch Hotspur’ son ch Carshalton Prince b ’88 - ‘very typical but too small, head very alike his sire, small ears, dark eye, muzzle not wide enough at the end, little weak in hind quarters’ -, 3) ch Hotspur’ son ch Constable b ‘86– ‘wonderful body, good bone, nice dark eye, a little more bulk, head lacks Mastiff character (Newfy), muzzle nor heavy enough’ - , and finally 4) Zillah III bred by Captain Piddocke - out of ch Lily II’ sis Stella sired vy ch Montgomery –. Zillah III - ‘general coarseness, bushy stern, light eye and pointed muzzle (some St Bernard look)’, but she may be considered as ch Cardinal’ most important descent as she produced Captain Piddocke’ grand ch Ogilvie b ‘89, ancestor of the best strain of the late 19th c. - - At right – fr l to r – Mr WK Taunton’ keeper with ch Constable and Mr WK Taunton with ch Carshalton Prince.

Rossendale Baron’ breeder was Mr John Kenyon ’40-08, of Shakespeare Inn Bacup Road Cloughfold nr Manchester - later of Brynbella House – see at left - Haslingden Road Rawtenstall nr Rochdale. He started work in the offices of Grimshaw' Brewery Burnley. In ‘67 he built near to the Rossendale Union Gas Works the Rossendale Brewery – see centre - in Bacup road Clough Fold almost opposite the Ashworth Arms, and acquired Hartley & Bell’ Clough Springs Brewery Barrowford in ’88. The company' major acquisition was the Edenfield Brewery Co Ltd bought during WWI which substantially increased Kenyon' pub estate to 78 outlets, one of them arguably was the ‘Black Bull’ Hotel – see at right - at Haslingden ca 3 mls from Clough Fold whose publican Mr Wm Waddington owned Rossendale Baron.

Edgemount Wilfred b Oct ’59 & bred by Mr H Burgin of Edgemount House High Bradfield nr Sheffield out of Edgemount Elvira sired by ch Meps Angus. Elvira b ’56 - out of Mansatta Comedienne sired by ch Withybush Odin -. Wilfred’ sis E- Elsa mated to Copenore Jason produced ch Cornhaye Kennet’ sire Warren. Mr H Burgin also owned ch Fanifold Unity b ’52 – out of Heatherbelle Martha sired by Heatherbelle Rajah, and ch Withybush Odin b ’51 – out of OEMC Prudence sired by Heatherbelle Sterling Silver -. - February 11, 1955 – ‘Dogs on way to Crufts in crash at Gonerby nr Melton Mowbray. Two champion Mastiffs —one a bitch, the other a dog. The car slipped on a snowy road and ran into a lamp standard at Great Gonerby’ church corner on Saturday. The car was being driven by Mr H Oldfield of Hillsborough Sheffield, and the dogs were owned by Mr Burgin, of Bradfield Yorks. The party continued their journey to London by rail.’ – At Crufts ’55 Mr H Burgin’ ch Fanifold Unity & ch Withybush Odin got resp the cc & reserve cc under Mr William Macdonald Daly.  -  At right – Miss Fawell' friend Miss Brooke and Edgemount Wilfred’ G4 ancestor Templecoombe Torus.

At left – Article by Mr William Macdonald Daly publ in the Sunday Express dd Oct 27 ’46, three months before the 1st post-WWII Mastiff litter was born in Britain, ie out of Coldblow Sally sired by Templecoombe Torus producing Frithend Nydia;  re two males left – the second one was arguably Mrs Scheerboom’ Havengore Rex b Dec ’39 & bred by Brunwins breeder Mrs Elsie Millie M Park née Fisher of Rettendon Common Chelmsford - out of Coldblow Sally’ dam Hortia sired by ch Havengore Christopher -.

  Mr William Macdonald Daly b ’09 married in ’29 at Stoke on Trent Miss Lolita aka 'Lola' E Goodwin. April ‘30 – ‘A charge of driving a motor car dangerously, which was made against Macdonald Daly, of Chellaston, was dismissed at the Derby police court yesterday.’ - Oct ’38 – ‘A signal honour has come the way of Mrs Lola Macdonald Daly, the well-known dog exhibitor judge of Brough East Yorkshire, who is to judge in Ceylon, Australia and India next year.’  - April ’49 – ‘In lighter vein, Macdonald Daly, who combines farming with the editorship of the Scottish Sunday Express, writes of days on a Scottish farm’ -- Aug ’49 – ‘Mrs Lola Macdonald Daly, noted dog show judge, who some time before the war lived at Weedley Brough, came from Dollar, Scotland, to judge the New Hull and East Riding Canine Society' Show at the Londesborough street Barracks.' -  Feb ‘54 – ‘The judge is to be Mr Macdonald Daly, of international fame. In the past two years Mr Daly has flown more than 150,000 miles on show dog business, which has taken him to most European countries, the Argentine, South Africa, India and Ceylon.’ - Feb ’54 – ‘Macdonald Daly of TV fame, the owner of Jasper, the Dog you have seen on Television, will Judge Grantham & District Canine Society Show to be held at Social Hall Springfield Road.’ - Aug ’54 – ‘ Mr Macdonald Daly, the judge, was high in his praise of the manner in which these young people controlled dogs often bigger than themselves.’ - Sept ’54 – ‘Great Neva Series by Macdonald Daly - Pet Expert Week by week. He introduces you to the pets of the famous, and advises you on your pets.’ -

Feb '55 - At Crufts 19 Mastiffs were judged by Mr William Macdonald Daly – Dogs – 1st ch Salyng Aethelwulf b Dec ’51 & bred by Mr William H Harvey, farmer of Blake House Rayne Braintree Essex, - out of a Templecoombe Torus grand-daughter, ie ch Vyking Wotan' sis Rayne Valerie sired by Heatherbelle Rajah – 2nd ch Withybush Odin – 3rd Miss Bell’ Weyacres Lincoln – Bitches – 1st ch Fanifold Unity - 2nd Miss Bell’ ch OEMC Countess - 3rd Aethelwulf’ sis Salyng Aithne owned by Mrs Lucy Scheerboom, the breeder of Aethelwulf’ paternal grandson ch Havengore Hotspot b Feb ’58. Ch Salyng Aethelwulf got also the Crufts ’57 cc under Mr Bill Siggers, reserve cc ch Meps Angus owned by Mrs J B Froome of 38 Beechwood Park road Solihull  – ca 10 mls SE of Birmingham. Ch Salyng Aethelwulf sired only three litters, ie Mansatta – Meps – Lt-Cmdr Peake and   was owned by Mrs Pamela A Korda née Taylor who married in '48 at Westminster Mr Peter Vincent Korda '21-88 of High Garth Nightingales lane Chalfont St Giles -  ca 30 mls S of Winslow,  daughter Victoria M was born in ’54 at Kensington; she married the American actor Brett Halsey b ’33 who divorced in '76 his third wife, the actress Heidi Brühl, also known for her participation in the '63 Eurovision Song Contest with the lyric 'Marcel'.   

Mr Peter Vincent Korda was the only child of Sir Alexander Korda – see insert at left - born Sándor László Kellner ’93-56 film producer and director who first worked in Hollywood during the transition to talkies from ‘26 to ‘30. The change led to divorce from his first wife, popular Hungarian actress María Corda, who could not make the transition because of her strong accent in English. On 22 September '42, Alexander Korda was knighted at Buckingham Palace by George VI for his contribution to the war effort, the first film director to receive the honour.

April ‘57 – ‘Now over to another well-known personality who pins his own success down to a lucky chance Macdonald Daly, probably the No 1 dog judge the world, and a popular television personality, told me: “My advice is to get your parents or other relations buy you a toy trumpet as a child’ May 9 ‘57 – ‘William Macdonald Daly, the television personality and international dog judge, of Plough Cottage - see white cottage at right - Horn street Winslow Bucks, was killed when his car overturned into a ditch on Bennetts Hill road, one mile from Winslow early yesterday – May 7th. His wife Lola was taken to the Royal Bucks Hospital Aylesbury where later it was stated she had been taken off the 'seriously ill' list. Mr Daly who was 47 and his wife were returning from a visit to Italy. Both were flung through the open sunshine roof of the car, over a high hedge and into a field. It is not at present known who was driving. A passing lorry driver saw the car in the ditch.’ -

Mr Guy Percival Greenwood’ daughter Dorothy b ‘16 married in ’44 at Nelson Mr William Harry France. She was the 3rd Greenwood generation fancying the breed. Her grandfather James of Hillcrest 53 Albert road Colne Lancs began Mastiff breeding in ’77 and she judged Mastiffs eighty years later at Birmingham ‘57 – Dog cc ch Withybush Crispin - 2nd Havengore Adam’ brother Camelot Kala - 3rd ch Havengore Drake – Bitch cc ch Withybush Bess – 2nd ch Havengore Diann’ sis Havengore Willow – 3rd Copenore Jason’ dam Sparry Cleo. - At left – photograph dd ’28 Dorothy left fr ch Duke – at extreme right ch Benvolio led by her father Guy ’80-62. Her fist Mastiff was Pauline b ’31 & bred by Mr Frank Vivian Formstone’ wife Mrs Mary E née Robinson out of ch King Baldur’ dau Hardingham Lady Lydia sired by Mr G P Greenwood’ ch Benvolio. Pauline went to Goring breeder Mrs Norah Dickin who mated her to Miss Bell’ ch Uther Penarvon resulting in Duchess & Despot b Sept ’34 – see at right photograph dd ’38 - Duchess & Despot in the company of Dorothy’ stepmom Ethel May ’82-47. Despot got reserve cc’s at Birmingham ’37 under Mrs Scheerboom – cc ch Broomcourt Marcon, at Windsor ’39 under Mr John Illingworth – cc Brockwell Goring and at Harrogate ’39 under Mr Sam Warburton – cc Broomcourt John – bitch cc ch Deleval Alftruda - reserve cc Despot’ sis Duchess.

Dr Rhoda Mary Allison ’10-02, of Weatherhill – see at left incl Izod - Wood lane Brighouse Yorks, owned Withybush Izod b Sep ’57 – cc in ’60 under Mr John Illingworth – and her brindle brother Withybush Ingilis – see centre  - out of Withybush Grey Lady sired by Withybush Crispin -. The 1st Weatherhill was out of ch Withybush Bess’ dau Withybush Penelope sired by Havengore Adam who also sired the 2nd Weatherhill litter, ie out of Withybush Izod which gave W- Guide – 2 cc’s - & W- Nero – 1 cc - . Izod’ 2nd litter was sired by ch Havengore Hotspot. The 4th litter was out of Milf Murias’ apricot sis ch Milf Manetta – see centre - sired by Copenore Jason resulting in a/o ch Weatherhill Thor,  Copenore stud W- Bellringer, and W- Saga – at twelve months old see at right - who sired the last two Weatherhill litters, ie out of Withybush Penelope dd ’63, and out of Penelope’ daughter Weatherhill Cloud dd '65.

Dr Rhoda Mary Allison was the daughter of Mr Jesse Rhodes Allison b ’72 of The Triangle Littlethorpe North Ferriby East Riding Yorks. She was a greatly respected gynaecologist who a/o received from the Royal College of obstetricians & gynaecologists  the 'Edgar Gentilli Scholarship'. Dd Oct ’56 – ‘The story is told by Dr Rhoda Mary Allison, of 17 Cumberland Court Cardigan Road Leeds, in an article in ‘Nature’ headed ‘Failure of enforced hibernation to inhibit breeding in the frog.’ - The spontaneous spawning of the frog - Rana temporaria - during an extended period at 3-4°C indicates that at low temperatures changes in pituitary and/or ovarian function can occur and may continue to breed when ice covers or encrusts the sides of the ponds. Warmth, or a small transitory rise in temperature, however, may be necessary for breeding to be initiated. - Her mother Rhoda neé Boardman was very fond of music and was for several years a member the Hull Philharmonic Society. Dr Rhoda Allison’ eldest brother Mr Cecil Claude Allison b '01 was headmaster of the St Helens School of Art St Helens nr Liverpool, and  two brothers were members of the medical profession, ie Dr David Rhodes Allison b ’03 who has been successful in obtaining the Hardwick Prize in Clinical Medicine, and Dr Philip Rowland Allison b ’07, a famous Leeds thoracic surgeon.

Milf  breeder Mrs Sylvia Mary Mathers née Williams ’17-96, of Penzance Cornwall, owned Sparry Cleo’ younger sis S- Serena – bred by Mr Maxwell Ernest Aberdeen b ’20 & Mrs Louisette F née Dudart, of Tolcarne road Redruth  ca 18 mls NE of Penzance – out of Melita Salome sired by Sparry Faithful Gillard -. Mr SM Mathers bred two litters out of Serena, ie 1) b Nov ’59 sired by ch Havengore Drake’ brother Samson resulting in Milf Edward - Mandy & - Soames, and 2) b June ’60 sired by ch Havengore Hotspot which gave dr Allison’ ch Milf Manetta, Mrs Liz Degerdon Murias & Myrdpin –- Morgan owned by Mr George Thomas Crooke ’06-85 of Wakefield ca 10 mls S of Leeds.

At left – Photograph taken at Birmingham ’63 fr l to r – Liz' husband Mr Donald Arthur Degerdon & Milf Murias, the judge Dr Stephen Young – Mrs Scheerboom standing just behind - and Dr Allison & Milf Manetta; the reserve cc & 3rd Open went resp to Murias’ brother Morgan & Myrdpyn.  The judge Dr Stephen Young FRCS & JP, was Chairman of the Scottish Kennel Club and also on the General Committee of the English Kennel Club. He gave the reserve cc to Murias' brother Morgan & 3rd Open to the other brother Myrdpyn - bitch reserve cc was for Balint' sis Bardayle Stroma. Manetta' sis Milf Mandora got in '62 reserve cc's at Crufts under Mr Fred Bowles & at the SKC under Mr LC Wilson. Mandora was owned by Mrs Claude Bosanquet, of Dingestow – see at right incl Mandora' sis Manetta - 93 Bishopton Road West Stockton-on-Tees Co Durham.

Threebees Copenore Countess b April ’63 & bred by Mrs Maisie Lindley – out of  Copenore Jason’ dau C- Prima Donna sired by Withybush Crispin’ son W- Superbus –, mated to Weatherhill Bellringer, produced the A-litter b Jan ’65. Mrs Baird’ Countess got a cc at the SKC ’65 under Mr AW Fullwood  - dog cc for Mrs Geraldine M de Mornay’ Copenore Dominic, brother to ch Copenore Friar owned by Mrs Barbara B Baird b '33 who mated him to Copenore Countess producing Threebees Beowulf b ‘66, the latter together with his sire Friar purchased ca early ’67 by Buckhall breeder Major Reardon who bred a dozen litters sired by Beowulf (3) & Friar (9).

Kirkpatrick  Durham village, nr Galloway Forest Park, and  ca 40 mls from Gretna Green, famous for runaway weddings,  off the Scottish border - developed in the late 18th c as a handloom weaving centre. In the 19th c the minister here was nominally the Rev George Duncan. Isabelle Wight Duncan was his wife and mother to nine of their children. In ‘60 she published a book that went up against the Origin of the Species. Her book reconciled the emerging geological discoveries with the stories of Genesis. - At right – Victoria street - ca 0.4 mile from the Bairds’ Knockwalloch cottage St David street Kirkpatrick Durham. - see below at right.

The Daily Record dd March ’14 – Pensioner 'stranded' after two months by flood waters. Eighty-year-old claims to be stuck in her home by flooding that has failed to recede in Kirkpatrick Durham - ‘A dispute over a blocked pipe has led to two months of flooding misery for 80-year-old Barbara Baird of Kirkpatrick Durham. Problems first began in December as water levels in Loch Patrick rose and engulfed her access road and garden. And the pensioner’ daughter Julia is furious no solution has been found. She said: ‘The council have done absolutely nothing – not even contacted my mum. All they have done is come along and put up two flood signs at either side of the water. The loch has come all the way across the road and up my mum’ driveway. Luckily the house sits a little higher and has not been flooded but it’s been like this for more than two months. The council need to check the drains, dredge or do anything really but they just don’t seem to care.’ - However, the council countered claiming a dispute over who was responsible for the ‘blocked pipe’ problem led to delays in fixing the issue. A council spokeswoman said: ‘Our officers are in contact with two landowners to resolve the issue with the flooding of the C12 from Loch Patrick near Kirkpatrick Durham. There is an issue relating to what appears to be a blockage in the outfall from the Loch which is causing the loch to overspill onto the public road.

Once we have established the exact nature of the problem we will be able to take steps to have it dealt with. This maybe requires works by landowners, our council or a combination of both. We are hopeful that a resolution will be found and works carried out to alleviate the flooding very soon. Barbara has not been stuck in her cottage the whole time but has had to rely on Julia to ferry her in and out when the water levels have been low enough.’ -

Dr Andy H Mayne ’13-98  was born near London. Around ‘30 his family moved to Raleigh Oakdene road - see at left - Great Bookham nr Guildford - and in the mid 30’s, not long before his sis Edith Winifred - b ’07 East Harnham Salisbury - married at Great Bookham Mr John Alexander Burns, younger son of Mr John Burns, of Kiln-an-Oge Hotel White Rocks Portrush Northern Ireland dd Dec ’37, their father William was given a young Mastiff bitch by the name of Greywethers Wanda - see centre - b Nov ’34 & bred by the Misses LD Barker & HH Birt, of Ivybridge nr Plymouth Cornwall – out of ch Arolite’ dau Saxondale Bess sired by Mrs Dickin Thor' son Deleval Ascelin – see at right - owned by Mr Mark Young of Sandy Bedfords - Crufts ’35 cc  winner under Cleveland breeder Mr Herbert Cook and reserve cc's at Crufts '34 under Mr Sam Crabtree - cc ch Hellingly Marksman, at Crystal Palace ’35 under Miss Pope – cc Hellingly Beau & at Blackpool ’36 under Hellingly breeder Mr Edmund Giffard Oliver - ch Tiddicar General.

Wanda’ maternal uncle Saxondale Brutus, exported to the US, became ancestor of early post-WWII imports and Wanda’ sis Saxondale Uda, mated to ch Uther Penarvon’ son Sir Timothy, produced Saxondale Agrippa, also exported to the US, ie to Manthorne breeder Col Hobert Titus. - Wanda became the family pet and lived with them until ‘39, then the outbreak of war made it difficult to feed big dogs and the government issued pleas for them to be disposed of, sadly, she was put to sleep.

Dr AH Mayne joined the army and served in the Middle East & India, he was unaware of the virtual extinction of the Mastiff in Britain, until upon his return, he and his first wife Fan moved to Three Corner Park – see at left - Calstock nr Plymouth Cornwall and in ‘47 started to look for another Mastiff. - Mrs F C Mayne may have been Miss   Fan - contraction of Frances - Connie Watson b ’10 Hackney m  in ’40 at Holborn Mr Arthur H Mayne b ’14 Q1 Wilton nr to Edith Winifred Mayne' birth place, but Dr Mayne’ call name ‘Andy’, arguably referring to Andrew, remains a puzzling factor.– Former Three Corner Park occupants were resp Dr Robert William Gough b ’84 Marlborough & Dr Major John MacMillan RAMC ’10-42.

According to KC data it was not Dr Mayne but his then wife Mrs Fan C Mayne, both fervent hill-climb car racers, who bred the Fanifold Mastiffs at Three Corner Park Calstock Cornwall. She bred three litters out of Martha – see at right & below at left - , ie dd Feb ’52 sired by Valiant Diadem which gave a/o Othello & Olga – see below at left & centre - and two sired by Heatherbelle Rajah containing a/o ch Mr Burgin’ ch F- Unity & Mr de l’Arbre Malander’ F- Undine. The Fanifold’ foundation brood Heatherbelle Priscilla’ Martha b May’49 belongs to the oldest recorded maternal line, ie the one tracing back to Helen b ca ’18 and reportedly an old style Bull-Mastiff; some vintage pedigree chart presents Helen’ parentage as out of Connie unr (Turk ex Roxie) sired by the BM Answorth Lion - Major II ex Ilkeston Lady -.  - Dr AH Mayne immigrated to Queensland Australia in ‘63, remarried and with his new wife Dorothy started up their Fanifold Kennels at Lord street Nikenbah Pialba - ca 170m N of Brisbane west coast. He died in ’98.

Heatherbelle Priscilla Martha’ maternal great-grand-daughter  Saxondale Boadicea was maternal grand-dam to stud pillar ch Copenore Friar and to ch Buckhall Baron Spencer’ dam Rillamil Cassandra. - Mrs Fan Mayne also bred Bull Terriers, Siamese & Russian Blue cats under the Fanifold prefix as well as Arab horses. – Dd July ‘50 – ‘Nelson and Mr Breen' husband, recovered the body from the river. A dark handkerchief was tied over the eyes. Dr AH Mayne, of Calstock, said he had been attending Miss Pearse since April 12, and she had been depressed by her slow progress towards recovery.’ – At right – Old Tavistock station at Calstock.

Fr l to r – Havengore Rodney’ son Havengore Winston – ch Havengore Dawn’ sis H – Gipsy – Winston’ son ch Havengore Drake – Winston’ daughter Bardayle Kirsten,  b ’55 – out of Benfleet Janus sired by Havengore Winston. Her sis Mrs Mary Hector’ Benfleet Bronwen mated to Weyacres Lincoln produced ch Parcwood Olwen. Bronwen got at Crufts ‘57 reserve cc under Mr Bill Siggers – cc Sparry Cleo. The Saxondale advert – see below at left - of Mr H & Mrs Flora Taylor **  dd Dec ’65 may present their last litter dd June ’63 – out of Weyaces Lincoln’ dau Saxondale Naida sired by ch Havengore Balint; Naida’ sis Saxondale Cleopatra produced ch Copenore Friar by C- Jason. The three other Saxondale post-WWII litters were out of Saxondale Boadicea – Crusader’ dau Zimapan Krashina ex Havengore Adam - sired by resp Weyacres Lincoln, Withybush Jasper & Copenore Jason whose son Saxondale Beric sired ch Buckhall Baron Spencer’ dam Rillamil Cassandra.

** Taking into account Saxondale kennels were established in 1921 and the respective initial H & forename Flora, it may go about Mr Henry C Taylor b ’00 who married in ’24 at Birkenhead Miss Florence Edwards  b ’04 Birkenhead – d ’90 St Austell. Mr Henry C Taylor died in ’68 at St Germans Cornwall. – The 1st Saxondale litter recorded by the KC Stud Books was dd Nov ’31, ie out of Hellingly Hilda sired by ch Arolite resulting in Saxondale Brutus exported to the US, and Miss Barker' Saxondale Bess who, mated to Deleval Ascelin, produced  Saxondale Uda, the latter, mated to  ch Uther Penarvon' son Sir Timothy , gave Saxondale Garry & S- Agrippa, the latter also exported to the US.

The Avonwaters’ advert dd Dec ’69 shows Rev EJB Pike’ wife Jennie with arguably ch Kisumu Bardolph b ’63. Rev Pike bred a daughter/sire litter dd Feb ’68 out of Kisumu Beverley sired by his ch Kisumu Bardolph. He also owned Bardolph’ son Avonwaters Ariel b May ’68 & bred by Mrs C Thompson – out of Saxondale Beric’ dau Rillamil Chairmian. Ariel’ brother Alexas was exported to the US where he sired Little’ Douglas, on his turn grandsire to Stablemate Bruno imported by Kisumu breeder Mrs Irene Creigh and renowned for having sired Aicama Zorba of La Susa &  A- Saucy Sarah, the latter ch Cedwalla Sweet Ellenor’ dam. - Rev Edward John Barnes Pike b Fishponds Bristol ’02-84, of 821 Stratford road Birmingham, was a ‘Theological Licentiate’ of the ACT, aka the ‘Australian Capital Territory’ and rector of Rolleston’ church Springsure Central Queensland in the 1930s. He then came back to become priest-in-charge of the coastal town Seaford – Sussex,  and held at the local Dorothy Café a lecture ‘The Stone Age men' followed by his vicarship at Laughton – ca 10 mls N. Rev Pike married in ’39 at Bristol Miss Jennie O Pritchard. In ‘43 he was appointed a chaplain to the Royal Air Force – Oct ’45 - attached to the Air Division HQ in Germany. He was an avid filmgoer a/o dd ’68 - ‘2001 – A Space Odyssey’ directed by Mr Stanley Kubrick. Centre – Rev Pike’ town address 281 Stratford road, one of the row houses off Springfield - Birmingham.

Mrs Robson Jones’ Copenore Katrina b Nov ’66 was Gildasan’ foundation brood producing four litters sired by resp 1) ch Cornhaye Kennet – ch Eminence, Egmont & Edgar Martini b Aug ’68 – see at right -, 2) Lisken Kis Balint – Humoresque & Hidee  b Aug ’69 – see centre as a youngster – 3) G- Humoresque – Lovely Looker & Ladiss Lad b May ‘71, and 4) Shute Major - Native Honey & Naughty Lady b Oct ‘72. - Gildasan Hidee was purchased by Canonbury breeder Mrs Sylvia Shorter who mated her to Oxhaege Thorkel reslting in ch C- Autobiography, C- Aultroy & Mrs Norfolk’ C- Alkabar. Gildasan Hidee was sold to Darkling breeder Mrs Sue Rice who mated her to Thorkel' son Forefoot Lucifer which gave ch Darkling Bridie' dam Darkling Arabella.

Fr l to r - Lesdon Lord Alexander’ dam Shute Alice 2 cc’s b March ’69 – out of Buckhall Baron Wolsey’ sis B- Fiona sired by ch Copenore Friar - ch Gildasan Eminance b Aug ‘6! – out of Weatherhill Bellringer’ dau Copenore Katrina sired by ch Cornhaye Kenneth – Mr Graham Hicks Byhatch Arthur Crown’ sis B- Hyppolita b April ’70 – out of Frideswide Oliver’ dau Oxhaege Uffhild sired by Warren’ son Hollesley Sebastian -  Oxhaege Thorkel’ sis O- Gyda – out of Uffhild’ sis Oxhaege Ingeborg sired by Buckhall Baron Wolsey -.

Fr l to r – ch Copenore Petronella – Canonbury Alkabar – his son Vandepere Andy Cap b Sept ’73 & bred by Mrs Thompson – out of Rhosnessey Fabian’ dau Rhosnessey Juno – Gildasan Mr Butler’ dam Lovely Looker – out of Copenore Katrina ex G- Humoresgue - & Andy Cap. - Alkabar’ daughter Celerity – out of Buckhall Clementine – produced the Bellabees champion twin Blunder & Cader Idris; Alkabar’ daughters Celerity Belinda and Celerity Batsheba – both out of Gildasan Elfreda - became maternal grand-dam, resp ch Celerity Count Magnus and ch Luckhurst Goliath.

At Crufts ’77 forty-two Mastiffs were judged by Mr Frank Warner Hill ’99-80. BOB Mrs Lyn Say’ ch President’ Lad b ’73 & bred by Miss Jean Bulloch, of Northam Bideford Devon,  out of Farnaby Lucky Attempt’ dau Hubbadane Marnie sired by ch Copenore Friar’ son Shute President. Bitch cc ch Eddington Saraband b ’74 & bred by Lady Fermoy  - out of Rhosnessey Nimrod’ dau Rhosnessey Melissia sired by ch Shute President. The ‘Lady Fermoy’ in question may have been Lavinia Frances Elizabeth Roche née Pitman b ’41, daughter–in-law of Lady Fermoy aka Ruth Roche ’08-93 DCVO OBE, lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother for 30 years, and maternal grandmother of Diana Princess of Wales. One of Saraband’ siblings was named Diana… See insert – Lavinia' sister-in-law Frances Ruth née Roche and her daughter Lady Diana. - The Fermoy family  resided at Eddington House Hungerford Berks and owned also ch Hollesley Cleopatra' sis H- Cazziopeia b '67 - Moonsfield Baron' dau Hollesley Leonora ex Warren. Ch Eddington Saraband was owned by Mr Edward G Nash, of Long White Cloud cottage  Waterperry road Holton – ca 10 mls E of Oxford, who bred from her a ‘Tridescent’ litter dd Sept ’78 sired by ch President Lad. Reserve cc’s went to Mrs Degerdon’ ch Hollesley Dare Devil b April ’75 & Mrs Baxter’ ch Artifex Arabella b ‘72.

The catalogue mentions also the males ch ch Hollesley Macushla Dagda b June ’69, ch Buckhall Master Sirius b Jan ’71, ch Copenore Rab b Nov ’71, Garstars Eric b March ’72, Wayside Devil b April ’73, ch Caemes King Edward Sept ’74, Forefoot Prince of Darkness b Dec ‘74, Bulliff Captain Hamilco b Jan ’75, & Hollesley Devils Advocate b April ’75 – and the females ch Copenore Czarina b Nov ’71, ch President Lad’ sis Countess Carolina b March ’73, ch Jilgrajon Lady Victoria b Aug ’73, Farnaby Rainy Patch Feb ’74, Jakote Lady Glencora b June ’74, Hollesley Devil Dancer b April ’75, & Forefoot Little Emily b Feb ’76.

Mr Warner Hill’ six former judgings were Birmingham ‘60 - cc ch Havengore Drake r Withybush Neil -  cc Zimapan Princess r Havengore Floria – Birmingham ’65 – cc  ch Weatherhill Thor res ch Kisumu Balthasar – cc ? –res ch Taddington Diamond Lil – Blackpool ’66 – cc ch Copenore Friar res  ch Kisumu Balthasar – cc ch Blackroc Tuppence res ch Taddington Diamond Lil - Birmingham ’68 –  cc ? res ch Kisumu Bardolph  - WELKS ’71 – Oxhaege Thorkel res ch Buckhall Baron Spencer -  cc ch Meps Portia res ch Hollesley Cleopatra - WELKS ’74 – cc ch Canonbury Autobiography res Gildasan Ladiss Lad cc Shute Alice – esr Jakote Natasja.

Mr Warner Hill was born in Sheffield where he founded his famous Beauchief kennels of English Springer Spaniels. He moved to Shaftesbury, became Ministry inspector in the home-grown cereals division of the Ministry of Food and authored a series of canine breed books.  Dd ‘50 – ‘Back home again after a 28,000 mile journey round the world in 28 days is Mr Warner Hill, a well-known dog show judge who flew to Australia to judge the dog section at the eight-day Diamond Jubilee Show.  Dd ’56 - ‘Jewellery worth £4.063 and £140 in cash stolen from a Hereford hotel a week ago. The jewellery belongs to Mr and Mrs Warner Hill of Shaftesbury. Mr Hill is an international dog show judge and the jewellery was taken when he was judging at the Three Counties.’ – In the 70s he resided at The White House Salisbury Road Shaftesbury Dorset and at 9 Ovington Court nr Harrods London.

Mr Ken G Lewis, of Graig Goch - transl Red Cliff - kennels named after a high hill in Snowdonia National Park - Gilfach Farm House Hill street Gilfach Goch – former coal mining village - ca 20 mls from Cardiff, bred between ’73-85 more than twenty litters. His foundation brood was Oxhaege Thorkel’ younger sis O- Gudrid who, mated to the Am import Garstars Eric - gave Graig Goch stud  Gethin and ch Bulliff Petrina’ maternal grand-dam Gweno. Oxhaege Gudrid, mated to O’N Emrys’ son Craigavon Cynan , resulted in a/o GG Brychan - see at left - & sis Bronwen b ’73, the latter mated to Bulliff Captain Hamilco' brother B- Assur Nasir Pal – see centre - b Jan ’75 – out of Shute President’ dau ch Astelle Oven Ready sired by ch Wayside Devil -, produced GG Arianwen – see at right incl Gilfach Farm House -.

Graig Goch home stud Pal’ maternal grandson GG Alcwyn b ’79 – by GG Gethin - was purchased by Balclutha breeder Mrs Maureen C Smith of Fiddlers Green lane Attleborough nr Norfolk, and sired more than twenty Balclutha litters;  a quite relevant Alcwyn litter was out of ch Balclutha Minerva, producing Chevelu The Mystic who got 2 cc’s and, mated to ch Glynpedr Dom Perignon, gave Chevelu April Magic 1cc, and C- April Doll, the latter mated to ch Arciniega Lion, produced Chevelu Baron 1 cc.

An article re a dispute between two Mastiff breeders. Mrs Jane Fry, Vandepere - 8 Haddon Close Lincoln,  owned Rhosnessey Juno b Nov ’71 – out of Bellringer’ dau R- Regalia sired by Farnaby Merrick’ son R- Fabian. She - then Mrs J Thompson - mated Juno to 1) Canonbury Alkabar which gave  a litter of eight pups b ‘Sept ’73 a/o Vandepere Andy Cap & V- Amber, ch Longendale King Louis’ maternal grand-dam, and 2) to ch Astelle Oven Ready’ brother A- Enforce – formerly owned by Mrs J Fry - resulting in the litter in question, ie b May ’74 a/o Yadana. Later on Mrs Fry became a breeder & judge of Poodles.  At left - Oxhaege Sigrid, sibling to Graig Goch foundation brood O- Gudrid – Centre Buckhall Lady Jane – out of Friar’ dau B- Elizabeth sired by ch Buckhall Mr Micawber’ elder brother Kisumu Tarzan –. At right ch Buckhall Master Sirius – result of a grand-daughter/ sire combination, ie out of Threebees Beowulf’ dau B- Samantha sired by ch Copenore Friar.

From left to right – Vandepere Andy Cap – his paternal grandson Gildasan Roman Warrior  b Feb ’79 who gained three reserve cc’s in ’80, ie under Mrs Greenwell, Mrs Marie Moore & Mr George Leatt, before exported to Mrs Pamela Goold of Bankhouse Farm Winterwood kennels Unionville Pennsylvania – Swiss export Shute Heath owned by Dr Adolf Guggenbuhl of Mühleteich kennels – his paternal nephew Gildasan Talk of The North as a youngster – the latter’ maternal grand-daughter ch Gildasan Silver Ghost bred by Mrs B Sayer and winner of four cc’s, ie under Mr Bill Siggers, Mr Joe Braddon, Mr Harry Jordan & Mrs Sheila Monostori, resp reserves for Farnaby Voodoo Priestess, ch Yarme Susan, Langton’ dau Bannwater Cleopatra, MM’ sis ch Hollesley Rowella.

From left to right - Gildasan Roman Warrior’ son 1) G- Roman Chief b June ‘80 – 2) Damaria Powerful Magic b March ’86 – out of ch Zanfi Tanya sired by Gildasan Silver Crown, the latter out of ch Gildasan Silver Ghost’ dau G- Silver Shadow sired by Forefoot Lucifer’ son Tmaramara Kiconlear. Powerful Magic, owned by Gildasan breeders , owned by Gildasan breeder Mr/Mrs Clifford & Betty Robson Jones of Thetford Norfolk, got a reserve cc at Three Counties ’88 and sired ca ten litters resulting in – 3) Darkling Magic Mistress who, mated to Touch of Class’ son ch Trevabyn Mr Snowman, produced 4) - ch Darkling Paddington Bear’ dam. Mr/Mrs Robson exported Powerful Magic to Australia in ’90.

In the 1960s ‘Cape of Good Hope’ cottage, Verrington lane Moorhayes Wincanton, was the residence of Zilgul breeder Mrs J(ennifer) Curzon, presently occupied by Mr Nicolas Stephen Keen -  one of the directors of Keen’s Cheddar Ltd  family business since 1899  at Moorhayes Farm – see at left – Wincanton. Cheddar was only allowed to be so named if it were produced within 30 miles - a/o Wincanton - of Wells Cathedral. Mrs Curzon owned Withybush Viola b ’60 – out of W- Crispin’ sis Clarissa sired by W- Crispin’ son Withybush Jasper – and mated her twice to Mrs Monostori’ ch Havengore Balint resulting in Zilgul Brigid b ‘May ’63 & Z- Ziusandra, Silili & Siduri b Dec ‘63. -

The Balint photo – see at right - was taken at Birmingham Dec ’63 where Captain Samuel Edwin Bower, politician of Woodbine Cottage 110 Elvaston lane Alvaston nr Derby,  awarded the reserve to Milf Murias and BOB to Adam’ dau Havengore Louise.  One of the five other Balint cc's  was awarded by the American Mrs Marie Antoinette Moore - res cc  Walbert -  bred by the Misses Blackstone & Mrs M Heater - bred by the Misses Blackstone & Mrs M Heater - out of  Warren’ dam Edgemount Elsa sired by Crispin’ son Withybush Superbus - & owned by Mr Maxwell Gerald Carlin, of 14 Langdale Road Runcorn Cheshire, - 3rd ch Weatherhill Thor.

Zilgul Brigid was purchased by Dr Sheila Monostori who mated her back to Balint which gave 1) Mrs D Churchill’ Frideswide Oliver b Dec ’64 – see at left annex head study – res cc at Birmingham ’67 under Mr George Leatt – cc ch Kisumu Balthasar, and 2) Frideswide Nicolette – see centre – in ’68 cc at WELKS under Miss Blackstone & res cc at Blackpool under Mr Bill Hanson – cc ch Hollesley Macushla. Zilgul Brigid changed hands to O’Nantymynydd breeder Mrs Davies who bred four litters from her, one sired by Balint, and three by Balint’ son O’N Emrys resulting in a/o O’N Dagrau exported to Dagrau breeder Mrs Ryde Verbeke of Belgium. - At right - Maisie, the wife of Bardayle breeder Mr Alexander A Anderson, the one who bred Balint – out of ch Meps Angus’ dau Bardayle Cindy Lou sired by Ch Havengore Hotspot; Cindy Lou’ sis B- Bunty, mated to Hotspot, produced ch Kisumu Fatima.

Quote by Dr Sheila Theodora E Monostori née Callender  ’14-04 – ‘At the Cheltenham Show we saw ch Havengore Hotspot and learned from Mrs Scheerboom that he had just had a puppy sired by him returned to her. The pup has been bought by a film star who insisted that his name should be changed to ‘Adastra’ - ed - latin phrase meaning 'To the Stars’. - However, the actress soon decided that the pup did not suit her image and she sent him back. We went to see him - Balint -, and of course fell for him immediately.’ -

At left -  Publ in  Oxford Medicine – NDM Nuffield Dept of Medicine – quote by Dr David Weatherall  - ‘Mrs Sheila Monostori was born in ‘14 in Sidcup Kent, the youngest of four children of the Scottish general practitioner & surgeon Dr Thomas Marshall Callendern, and an Irish mother. In ‘55 Sheila married Ivan Monostori, who had come to Oxford as a refugee from Hungary. They established beautiful homes in Oxford and Scotland, where they shared their interests in country life, gardening, fine wine, and, at least to one of their friends, rather terrifying bulldogs.' According to Mrs Betty Baxter Mrs Monostori was the doctor who pioneered the complete blood transfusion for 'blue' babies, and worked in the famous Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford. At right – Her ch Bulliff Nutmeg Nestor b ’88 – out of B- Razzermataz’ dau Tazion sired by ch Arcinieaga’ Lion -, who got his 1st cc at only ten months under Mr Joe Braddon. 

Quote by Dr Sheila Theodora E Monostori née Callender ’14-04 re her ch Havengore Balint b Feb ’60 – ‘At the Cheltenham Show we saw ch Havengore Hotspot and learned from Mrs Scheerboom that he had just had a puppy sired by him returned to her. The pup has been bought by a film star who insisted that his name should be changed to ‘Adastra’  - ed - latin phrase meaning 'To the Stars’. - However, the actress soon decided that the pup did not suit her image and she sent him back. We went to see him and of course fell for him immediately.’ - Balint, a Hungarian masculine given name,  arguably chosen by her husband Mr Ivan Monostori, a psychiatrist of Hungarian descent.

At left - Photo taken from Our Dogs Xmas Number Dec ’25 presenting the youngster Menai Victoria b Sept ’24 & bred by Mr Ambrose Mott – out of Ashenhurst Duke’ dau Pinxton Lady sired by ch King Baldur – and owned by Messrs Robert Humphreys Griffith aka ‘Bob’ Thomas ‘77–32 & Charles Richard Oliver b ’84 of the Haddon Hydro Buxton. Menai Victoria was somewhat later purchased by Miss Bell who mated her to ch Woden producing ch Helga, Mrs John Evans’ ch Ursula, and Hellingly Lady Here b May ‘26. The Hydro Hotel was managed by Mr & Mrs Charles Richard Oliver from ’12 until ’45. Their daughter Dorothy b ’21, Aircraftwoman 1st Class Women' Auxiliary Air Force, died 29th January ‘43.  – At right - Haddon House Hydropathic Establishment was first advertised by Mr Richard H Freckingham in ’82. He claimed his establishment was ‘in one of the healthiest parts of Buxton, and every comfort can be had both for Visitors and Patients. There is a good supply of good water. He had ‘discovered’ a new remedy for dropsy – ed oedema -,  which never fails to cure nine cases out of ten.’At right - Mr Bob Thomas and his Menai foundation brood ch Ashenhurst Bernicea b ’21 who, mated to ch King Baldur, gave double Crufts’ winner ch Menai Yosemite b Jan ’24, Mr C H Calcott’ ch Beechwood Queen, Menai Markie, Torquil, Lady Beatrice, and Wantley King Baldur who sired ch Hellingly Joseph. He bred some seven litters, one sired by Bernicea’ ch brother Ashenhurst Cedric out of Bernicea’ dau Yosemite resulting in ch Menai Juno, Menai Anglesea & Hellingly Almost.

This photo, arguably dd end Oct ’30,  has been taken at the Pavilion Gardens St John’ road Buxton where the Buxton & District Canine Society held its yearly dog show, few weeks after the Crystal Palace KC show. The OEMC Centenary booklet mentions among those present – Mr J Birch, 5th fr left - Miss Ianthe Bell with youngster Uther Penarvon b Oct ‘29, Mrs Beacom, centre - Mrs Norah Dickin with a pair, arguably ch Westcroft Blaise dau Kim Thundercloud Thunderer & her son Thor b June ‘29, Mrs Jessie Wilson Oliver? or Mrs Lucy Scheerboom, Mr Bob Thomas, 3rd from right, and Mr & Mrs Crook of Tiddicar kennels - at extreme right flanking the dark male King Leon b Oct ’27 & bred by Mr John Illingworth – out of Brigeawa sired by ch Ashenhurst Cedric.- Re the 'Mrs Beacom' –   At the LKA show '26 - w/out challenge certificates  - Mastiffs were judged by Mrs Beacom.

October 18, 1926 – ‘The Buxton Canine Society’ show, which on Saturday attracted a record entry of over a thousand in the Pavilion Gardens, was the wonderful exhibition of Mastiffs, of which there were 38—the largest number at any English show since the war. The winner of the open class in this section was Mrs John Evans, of St Helier Jersey, with champion Prince, the biggest Mastiff in the United Kingdom, weighing over 14 stone and standing 35 1/2  inches high at the shoulder.’ - October 27, 1930 – ‘A Mastiff dog, reputed to the biggest the Kingdom, was amongst those shown at Buxton Dog Show. Standing over 34 inches in height, it weighed 15 stones. - Ed Captain Bob Thomas’ Menai Anglesea - It was accompanied by another Mastiff that weighed over 13 stones, and which two years ago won the second prize for the best bitch at the Crystal Palace’ - Ed  ch Wantley Joy. - October 26, 1931 – ‘Heaviest 14 Stones, Lightest 3 lb at Buxton Show. There were over 1,000 entries and the record number of dogs at the Buxton Open Dog Show on Saturday. Mastiffs numbered 31 the largest display at a non-champiouship show in England this year.’ -

Dingus Prince Hal b July ’59 – bred by Mr Francis Charles Hall b ’10-94 of Hammer Mill Oast Farm – see at left - Biddenden nr Ashford Kent – out of Hotspot’ sis Havengore Griselda sired by Lincoln’ son Buckhall Athelston –. The KCBRS mentions five puppies, all named after characters appearing in plays by William Shakespeare; his sis Dingus Mistress Ford, owned by Avebury breeder Mrs M E Lucas, was ch Cornhaye Kenneth’ maternal granddam. - Dd ’57 – ‘Boars and maiden gilts; guaranteed fertile and hardy; Dingus Herd pedigree. Large White pigs.—Apply FC Hall.’ – Quote – ‘The village owes some of its tradition from the story of The Biddenden Maids - twin sisters born in 1100, joined at the shoulders and hips. Once a year bread and cheese are given to local widows and pensioners at the Old Workhouse, and Biddenden Biscuits are distributed among the spectators as souvenirs, which bear an effigy of the conjoined twins.’ -

Dingus Prince Hall was owned by Mr Peter Reginald Francis Considine ’23-06, of Derk – see at right - Pallasgreen Co Limerick. Derk was the family home of Heffernan Considine 1759-33 Deputy Lieutenant of Co Limerick. It was also the boyhood home of Father Daniel Considine SJ ’49-28, author of 'Words of Encouragement', Spiritual Director to Cardinal Vaughan in ’01 and Rector between ’08-13 at Wimbledon College Wimbledon. Mr Peter R F Considine was the son of Captain Talbot John Considine. He married Eleanor Laura Murphy, daughter of Major James Edward Murphy in ’53. He gained the rank of Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. He lived at Derk Co Limerick; sold it in ‘71 and lived later at Southwell House Evelyn Gardens London and at Brawnbrack, Killenaule, County Tipperary.

Withybush Ravelina b ’59 - out of Crispin’ sis Clarissa sired by Weyacres Lincoln – was owned by Mrs & Mr K W Mynott Broadfield Kennels Offley Green Farm – see at left - Grade II listed - Rushden nr Buntingford Herts  ca forty mls N of London. Ravelina was entered in Novice Class at Crufts ’60, as also their Toy Poodle Myster Pitapat; another Crufts ’60 exhibitor was Mr O Wines, of Maurcliff Alsatians Broadfield Boarding Kennels Offley Green Farm Rushden! -  UK registers mentions only one K W Mynott, namely Kenneth Walter Mynott b ’30 at Hitchin – ca 12 mls from Offley Green farm -, married in ’53 at Hitchin Miss Patricia Grace Sterry '31-01, and died in ’72 at Newmarket.

Mr Gerald P Mynott - b ’57 Bethnal Green London - wrote an article about Offley Green farm Herts and his  father Derek George Mynott b ’26 , arguably Mr K W Mynott’ brother or cousin – ‘My father' ad-hoc art lessons - doodling with watercolors on the kitchen table, or as a teenager excitedly taking on a local landscape assignment, armed with his old pre-digital Nikon. The visits to his London studios were always my favorite. In the 1980's he did a lot of work for Terence Conran' Habitat catalog - he would set up mini studio tours for me and my brother – ed Lawrence O K Mynott b '54 -,  and I always remember being fascinated with how he worked with the stylists and set decorators to fabricate beautiful countryside interiors in a studio located in the heart of London - it was like magic! My father spent his days in London but us kids and my mother stayed home at the old farmhouse we were renovating. Offley Green Farm was our family' labour of love. Over the course of eight years we transformed this modest thatched cottage into an impressive homestead - we added a large building extension and created a small working farm - complete with sheep, geese, ducks, and chickens. The surrounding fields, woods and hedgerows, deep in the Hertfordshire countryside, would shape my imagination and love of all things rural for the rest of my life. Fast forward twenty-five years, and Offley Green Farm is a distant memory. I now – ed pre 2002 - live in California with my wife and young son - and my parents and family have long sinced moved on from our beloved farmhouse at the end of the track.’ –  The UK Electoral Registers 2002 mention Gerald P Mynott living at Brighton.

Mr Derek George Mynott ’26 was born at West Ham London and lived in London. Studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in ‘46-50, member of RBA and NEAC, also showing in mixed exhibitions at RA. Married in ’51 at Essex SW Miss Patricia E née Barton, also an accomplished watercolour  artist. Held a solo show at RBA Galleries in '53, later ones including RA' Business Art Galleries from '83. Won Lord Mayor of London' Annual Award in '72 and Silver Medal at Paris Salon in '73. Tate Gallery holds his work.   He died in '94 at Brighton - At right - Garden at Ravello by Derek George Mynott.

W- Ravelina’ sis Withybush Rosia b ’59 – W- Clarissa ex Weyacres Lincoln – was owned by Mr John Harwood Tate b ’23-00, antique dealer of Old School House Thoresway Market Rasen Lincolns – director of Church Mill Management Co Ltd & J H T Property Ltd Church Mill Caistor Road Market Rasen -.

Sylvadown Cheetah b May ’60 & bred by Mrs Sylvia EB Barton, of Hill Barn Farm Mill Road North Lancing Sussex - out of Sylvadown Sweetness – Meps Beatrix ex Havengore Winston - sired by Weyacres Lincoln’ son Buckhall Edwin – was owned by Mrs Ethel Sophia Bennett ’12-02, of Southdean Farm – see at left - South lane Tillington Petworth  Sussex. - Nov ‘45 – ‘Sussex in particular has suffered a severe loss by the death of that grand old man of agriculture, Mr George Duck, of Southdean Farm Tillington Petworth, who passed away last week in his 92nd year. Up to May this year, when Mr Duck celebrated his 91st, he had been able to get about his farm giving orders, and seeing’ -- June ’49 - 'A conference and demonstration on grain harvesting and storage will be held in conjunction with the Southdean Farm Tillington, with kind permission of Messrs Walter J Bennett and Son, at 2.30 pm on Tuesday, 18th June, when the operation and setting of combined harvesters will be discussed and demonstrated. The Farm Buildings Advisory Officer of the Agricultural Land Service will be present.’ - Oct ’54 – ‘Demonstration of beef cattle production was held Southdean Farm  by Messrs Walter J Bennett and Son to illustrate the methods used in the production of beef on their farms at Tillington. The farm includes a milking herd of 60 cows, heifers and calves. Farmers attended the demonstration which was introduced by Mr John Goring of the West Sussex Agricultural Executive Committee.’

At right – Miss Ianthe Bell with Sylvadown Cheetah’ paternal grandsire Weyacres Lincoln b Nov ’52 & Withybush Lady Welcome b June ’52 – OEMC Prudence ex Heatherbelle Sterling Silver - at Blackpool show dd June ’55. Lincoln was a prolific ancestor having sired not less than 17 litters, even more than Heatherbelle Sterling Silver b Dec ’50 (13) and Valiant Diadem b Sept ’49 (10). He sired ch’s Withybush Aethelred & Withybush Crispin and grandsired nine champions, ie Withybush Fausta, Withybush Oscar, Weatherhill Thor, Kisumu Balthasar, Kisumu Bardolph, Kisumu Batsheba, Taddington Diamond Lil, Copenore Friar, and Hollesley Macushla.

The Braybrooke Mastiffs - Mumbery Phoenix’ sis Silver Yoli b Dec ’50 & bred by Mansatta breeder Mr Fred Bowles - out of Mansatta Jana ex Heatherbelle Sterling Silver -, was owned by Mrs Peggy Mary A Braybrooke née Bailey of Thurnby House Strawberry Hill road – see at left -  Twickenham nr London. Ardleighpark Charles b June ’58 & bred by her husband Mr Charles Reginald Braybrooke ’12-89 m ’35 – out of Zimapan Krashina – Fanifold Undine ex Sparry Crusader - sired by ch Havengore Dawn' grandsire Havengore Adam – see centre -. Ardleigh Charles was owned by Miss P Braybrooke, of Ardleigh Park - see at right - nr Colchester, the Braybrookes' country residence ca 70 mls NW of London city. Ardleighpark Charles’ litter sis Saxondale Boadicea, mated to Weyacres Lincoln, produced ch Copenore Friar’ dam Saxondale Cleopatra. Nov ’40 – ‘The undermentioned Cadets to be 2nd Lts - Intelligence Corps - Charles Reginald Braybrooke.’ - He served during WWII as a tank commander. The ‘CR Braybrooke & Co Ltd’ Moorgate London firm incorporated on 13 August ’46 became one of the large UK companies of the field Food Import & Export.

Note – Mrs Lucy Scheerboom' Havengore Adam b Feb ’56 was bred by Bardayle breeder Mr Alexander A Anderson – out of Heatherbelle Sterling Silver’ dau Benfleet Janus sired by Mrs Scheerboom’ Mansatta Comedian – ch Mansatta Vilna ex ch Salyng Aethelwulf -. Adam’ brother Mrs G Farrow’ Camelot Kala got a res cc at Birmingham ’57 under Mrs Harry France née Greenwood – cc Withybush Crispin b ‘54 & 3rd Open at LKA ’57 under Mr Fred Bowles – cc ch Moonsfield Baron res cc Withybush Crispin.

Meps breeder Mr Maurice Edouard Perrenoud ’95-59. - In ’16 reported as – ‘a Swiss subject being a machine tool maker engaged in munition work at Birmingham.' - He married in ’40 at Droitwich Mrs Alice E Preece née Seaborn and was active in jewelry business. At left  - ‘Maurice Edouard Perrenoud ‘ - oil on canvas dd ’45 76.2 x 63.5 cm by Ernest Waldron West ‘04–’94 – gifted in ‘ 04 at the Worcester City Museums by his son Mr Marcell Perrenoud b ’43. – July ‘54 – ‘A Puss in her paradise back yard. Worcester. Twelve years old Marguerite Perrenoud – see at right - has gone into business. She is proprietor, business manager and chambermaid of a hotel for cats. Marguerite, who lives at Rushwick, near here, got a builder to erect ten warm, draught-proof pens at the foot of the garden and invited cat owners to leave their pets’ - August ‘54 - ‘improve the stock in the U.S.A. They were bred by Mr M E Perrenoud, of Helvetia Rushwick nr Worcester. Following the war the breed was almost extinct in Britain and America. Mr Perrenoud bought dogs from Canada and began to increase the breed in this country. Since then many of his dogs have taken awards in shows’ - August ‘54 – ‘The old English Mastiff breed of dogs, whose numbers were reduced to four in this country by the end of the war, will be revived, and form a valuable export and dollar earner, were expressed yesterday by Mr M E P Perrenoud, a breeder of Rushwick. He has already exported one to Switzerland and is sending two to America.’ - Nov ’54 – ‘The Corgi puppies of Miss Beryl Cole – Holt Heath nr Worcester - are in trouble no longer. They have been put to a miniature French Poodle belonging to Mr Maurice Perrenoud of Rushwick Worcester which was expected to have a large litter but had only one puppy.' - July ‘60 – ‘Perrenoud, Maurice Edouard, of Helvetia Rushwick Worcester - £13.508 (6.153 net). -   Dd Jan ’68 a ‘Christopher Tinkler’ , 22y old car sales manager, resided at Helvetia Rushwick as well.’ -

‘Helvetia watches made by Swiss craftsmen, the world' acknowledged masters of precision watchmaking, are thoroughly tested to ensure perfect accuracy. Each Helvetia watch carries a five-year guarantee. A self-winding Helvetia watch you will look at with pride as long as you live. This famous Swiss made Helvetia watch, with its attractive case and utterly reliable movement, has a lifetime’ service.’

Mr Perrenoud’ foundation brood – see at left with Marguerite & Marcel - Withybush Beatrix b June ’51 – out of Heatherbelle Portia sired by ch Havengore Rodney – got two cc’s under Mr Guy P Greenwood & Mr Fred Bowles and the Crufts ’56 reserve cc under M John Illingworth. He bred four litters, all between Oct ’53 and Nov ’55, ie two out of Withybush Beatrix, resp sired by Valiant Diadem & ch Salyng Aethelwulf, the latter one resulting in a/o Meps Basil who sired ch Havengore Hotspot – see centre at ca 28m old -, one out of the Nydia/Diadem brood Wormhill Cora sired by Mr Perrenoud’ Mansatta Jumbo b April ’52, brother of ch Mansatta Vilna – see at right -which gave ch Meps Angus – see at extreme right - who grandsired ch Havengore Balint & ch Kisumu Fatima, and the last one out of Basil’ sis Beth also sired by Mansatta Jumbo, the latter purchased by Mr Perrenoud at the age of two from Frithend breeder Major Keith FH Hulbert. Ch Meps Angus b Feb '55, owned by Mrs J B Froome of 38 Beechwood Park Road Solihull nr Birmingham, got cc’s under Captain ES Bower reserve Weyacres Lincoln, under Miss HM Loughrey reserve Weyacres Lincoln, Dr J Aubrey Ireland reserve Withybush Crispin and finally the Crufts ’58 cc under Mr Guy P Greenwood reserve ch Moonsfield Baron.

His daughter Marguerite b ’42 at Droitwich married in ’64 at Ledbury Herefords Mr Reginald E Griffiths and remarried in ’82 at Lampeter Mr Kenneth W Hicks and resided at Pwllglas farm Llangybi Lampeter Dyfed - ca  thirty mls from Mrs Degerdon’ Grangemoor kennels.  After a lapse of time Marguerite restarted her father’ Meps kennels and bred five litters between ’72-89, amongst them four champions, ie Meps Nydia, Meps Emma – out of ch Meps Portia sired by ch Buckhall Mr Micawber – their brother Meps Tristan became a well-known Am champion. Oct '83 he bred a litter out of G- Roman Warrior' dau Gildasan Jenny Slended sired by ch Copenore Rab' 6y old son G- Zorab resulting in a/o the 15 ½ stone Meps Illustrious Lawyer - b Oct ’83  – see at right -. In ’85, the year she bred a litter dd 3th January - out of  Gildasan Roman General' dau Gildasan Pittsburgh Eliza sired by the then 11m old Meps Illustrious Lawyer -, her 2nd marriage broke down, and she had to sell her Meps Curator (2 cc’s) to Mr Mealing and in ’88 his brother Dark Knight - see at extreme right - to Messrs Richard Thomas & Tugwell of Bredwardine.

The last Meps litter (seven pups) born dd Aug ’89 - out of Curator & Dark Knight’ sibling Meps Dark Ranee sired by ch Glynpedr Dom Perignon - produced Mrs Thelma Green' ch Dignified John of Jengren (acc to Mrs Baxter - he died of bone cancer in '93) and double Crufts winner Brave Chaka owned by Glynpedr breeder Mr Raymond Boatwright.  Mrs Perrenoud sold her last brood Meps Dark Ranee to Cenninpedr breeder Mrs Liz M Davies who already owned her daughter Princess Cabeca, recipient of cc's under Zanfi breeder Mrs Mary Joynes & under Mr Paul Williams of Glynpedr, and a reserve cc under Mr Graham J Hicks of Jilgrajon.

Princess Cabeca, mated to Happy Fella' son Glynpedr So Macho, produced the 3rd Cenninpedr litter, followed by three litters out of her daughter Princess Mrs Marguerite Perrenoud died in ’12 after a short illness, her last address known dd '99 being  11 Westbury Close Lower Bullingham Hereford.

Quote by Mrs Betty Baxter dd ’95 – ‘Miss Perrenoud has bred some good stuff, but I’m afraid that as a person she is very much disliked. She tries to make out that she has bred this and that, whereas in actual fact it was her parents and she has bred really very little. She is, as so many of us are, her worst enemy and makes so many enemies, too. The Mastiff show ring scene is much more peaceful and happy when she is not around!! Because she was (she doesn’t show any more now) an extremely bad loser, and would insult the judge or argue with him/her, and be rude to anybody who beat her. I remember at Crufts, when I beat her with ch Artifex Arabella, she raged and screamed, and I walloped her. I have never had any trouble with her since.’

Ed – It happened at Crufts ’75 judged by Parcwood breeder Mrs Mary Hector who gave the cc to ch Copenore Petronella, reserve cc ch Artifex Arabella, and 3rd Open Mrs Perrenoud ch Meps Nydia – out of ch Meps Portia sired by ch Buckhall Mr Micawber – Dog cc ch Canonbury Autobiography – res cc ch Buckhall Master Sirius.

The MCOA Newsletter article about Crufts ’84 contains a ringside photograph presenting Miss Perrenoud & Mrs Liz Degerdon cosy sitting side by side, arguably chit-chatting about the good old days … and the then 16 weeks old Meps puppies sired by Mrs Elizabeth Degerdon’ Grangemoor Zorab while Mrs Jill Hicks of Jilgrajon - holding the weelchair -  ensures the light note. Two years later she got the Crufts reserve cc with one of them, ie Meps Illustrious Lawyer under Mr Percy Whitaker – cc Mr Connol Coan’ ch Luckhurst Goliath - 2nd Open class Bulliff Razzermataz - 3rd ch Glynpedr Dom Ruinart.

Mrs Perrenoud judged at Welsh KC ’86 – cc Aicama Zorba reserve ch Damaria Count Magnum – cc Prixcan Almeria reserve ch Cedwalla Sweet Ellenor; at Leeds ’88 – cc ch Prixcan Drusus reserve ch Trevabyn Mr Snowman – cc ch Glynpedr Irish Velvet reserve ch Prixcan Espada; at the SKC ’91 – cc Sallymas The Conqueror reserve Saltcountry Mr Spock – cc Damaria Sweet Georgia Longendale reserve Princess Athenée at Paignton ’95 – cc Mountkora Rebel reserve Kumormai Chivas  Open class 1st Farnaby Full Fathom Five 2nd ch Farnaby Fringe Benefit – cc ch Prixcan Gage d’Amour reserve Rumblestump Lady Bountiful; at Bath ’05 – cc Cwmtysswg Alfie reserve ch Penrichlar Phoenix – cc ch Burning Mountain Francis reserve Faynad Diva.

Miss Elizabeth Rosemary Jones ’30-10 married in ’61 Mr Donald Arthur Degerdon - see insert - ‘25-‘79, ARICS * Associate of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. The same year, on the 21th April,  they bought from Mr R S Stokes  for £7.500 Midmede House – see at left - Chapel Hill Speen Bucks - on half an acre of land together with another plot of land below Elmdale, on which previousley stood the old dairy. They bought the property with a mortgage from the Scottish Provident Society for £5.625. On the 14th March ’74 the property was given to Elizabeth R Degerdon free of mortgage. A week later the mortgage was paid off as part of a divorce settlement. The property was actually conveyed to her on 25th April ’74. Elizabeth took out another mortgage on 25th April ’74 which was paid off a year later. On the 19th May ‘75 Elizabeth Degerdon sold the Midmede property to Mr/Mrs Gordon & Marion Hall. Midmede presently on the market for 1.25 million or £7.500 x factor 166.  - At right - Ch Copenore Rab’ sire Hollesley Macushla Dagda & his paternal great-granduncle Milf Murias, photo taken at the local green.

Midmede House is described as – ‘A charming 18th century village house situated in over half an acre of delightful landscaped gardens in the centre of one of the most desirable villages in the Chiltern Hills. Having been extended over the years and believed to date back to the mid 1700 s, Midmede now provides over 2,200 sq ft of accommodation all presented to a high standard. The house still retains many characterful features such as inglenook fireplaces, remains of the old bread oven, beamed ceilings and a water well. The village of Speen is one of the most desirable and consistently sought after addresses in the county arguably the archetypal Chilterns village.' -

Cenninpedr – aka ‘Daffodils’ breeder Mrs Liz M Davies, of Y Bwthyn Cenninpedr  Llangunnor  Capel Dewi road – see glorious view from Capel Dewi at left - ca four mls E of Carmarthen Dyfed, bred nine litters between ’88-97. The 1st out of Hubastone Gideon’ grand-dau Marsden Gypsy – purchased from Jengren breeder Mrs Thelma Green - sired by Jengren Major – C- Romani & C- Gypsy Rosalie; 2nd out of Damaria Powerful Magic’ dau Gildasan Hautboy Lady sired by Marsden Giypsy’ son Worstead Lawlord. In ’90 she purchased the mature brood Meps Dark Ranee – sis of Mrs Thelma Green’ ch Meps Dignified John – see centre - from Miss Marguerite Perrenoud – ca twenty mls N - and her 3rd Cenninpedr litter was out of the brindle Dark Ranee sired by Falmorehall Happy Fella’ son Glynpedr So Macho – C- Kyar, C- Kashmir & C- Khamba; 4th out of Dark Ranee’ dau Meps Princess Cabeca sired by C- Kyar; 5th out of C- Romani sired by C- Khamba; 6th out of Princess Cabeca sired by Craigavon Taboo; 7th out of C- Kashmir sired by Mr Boatwright’ ch Fantasy In The Night – Shelley’ Dream; 8th out of  Princess Cabeca sired by ch Glynpedr Napoleon’ son Farnaby Flash Harry – C- Princess Venus – res cc under Mr Stephen Pass & C- Flash Gordon reserve cc at Scotland ’98  under Mrs Hilary Sargeant – cc Luvalump Lives A Lemon; 9th out of C- Shelley’ Dream sired by C- Flash Gordon. Her most successful show Mastiff was Meps Princess Cabeca who got cc’s under Zanfi breeder Mrs Mary Joynes & under Mr Paul Williams of Glynpedr, and a reserve under Mr Graham Hicks. – Presently Mrs Liz Davies is involved into ‘Great Dane Care Charitable Trust’ reg ‘00 rescuing & re-homing Great Dane Dogs – see at right -  rescue Great Dane ‘Daisy’ with Mrs Davies and a piper at Edinburgh in ’16.

Jengren breeder Mrs Thelma Green b ’34 – see centre receiving a trophy from Mrs Greenwell at the AGM Jan ’02 -, of Blaenpant  Rhydargaeau road Carmarthen – ca 8 mls from Cenninpedr, bred some forty litters between ’86-00. She mated her foundation brood Marsden Gypsy b ’83 - out of Plaish Satan’ dau Fairydales Butterfly sired by Hubastone Gideon’ son Emperor Rosco – to Nandina Zane Grai’  resulting in Lord Tosca & Worstead Lawlord. Her second brood Graig Goch Alcwyn’ grand-dau Sallymas Golden Galaxy purchesed from Mrs Sally Vobe of Trecynllath Farm Garnant Dyfed, mated to Lord Tosca, produced J- Thunderbird – cc under Mrs Edna Harrild -. Thunderbird, mated to Dignified John’ son Craigavon Taboo, produced ch Jengren Pluto, and Thunderbird, mated to ch Dignified John, produced J- Nightingale, the latter mated to Dignified John’ son Craigavon Taboo, produced J- Wilma. And finally J- Wilma mated to ch J- Pluto – see at left -, gave  the heavily inbred J- Mr Milligan who sired the one cc recordholder Mr Lock’ ch Lavinia out of Ocobo Lana – ch Bredwardine Brongest’ grand-dau Glade Queen ex Jengren Stallone, the latter out of ch Dignified John’ dau J- Slims Picking ex ch Jengren Pluto.

A XXI C pedigreed story about the Mastiff Jengren Mr Milligan aka ‘Spike’ b 6th January ’99 as only pup out of Jengren  Wilma- ch (Meps) Dignified John' daughter Jengren Nightingale ex Dignified John' son Taboo - sired by ch Jengren Pluto . 20th Nov 2000 , Mr Milligan already 22m old & having sired two litters , a letter was sent from the MA about a breach of the KC rule 42 stating there was evidence to support that Jengren Wilma was NOT the dam of Mr Milligan as Wilma was at the time in the care of Mrs Davies - but without Wilma’ papers - who confirmed by open letter that Wilma was not mated or whelped in January ‘99 . In another letter Mrs Davies stated that Mrs Green had acquired a male fawn puppy with no papers but Mrs Green registered the dam as Jengren Wilma and signed Wilma into Mrs Davies’ name on 20th January  ‘99 . The full & final statement regarding the KC v MA & OEMC regarding ‘Mr Milligan and the Mastiff Dam Unknown’ situation - dd Sept ’10 more than 100 registered puppies were already going back to Jengren Mr Milligan -. The exact wording of the agreement is as follows – ‘The KC shall place a note on its data base of current registrations against the records of Jengren Mr Milligan and his progeny as follows – ‘The pedigree of this dog/bitch is subject to a query over the breeding of Jengren Mr Milligan x generations ago’.

One of Mrs Thelma Green’ last show Mastiffs was Jengren Cassiopeia who got the reserve cc at Bath June ’02 under Saltcountry breeder Mr John Steele – cc ch Lady Lavinia - and the cc at Windsor July ’02 under Mrs M Wildman – res Saltcountry Lady Docker. Only a week later an ‘incidence’ happened at the Three Counties show dd 20th July ’02 judged by Mrs Jill Hicks – cc Bredwardine Casanova res Faynad King of Our Cottage – cc ch Lady Lavinia – see below at left her sire Jengren Mr Milligan at 19m old - centre ch Lady Lavinia - res Mr Bill Toogood’ ch Farnaby Fallen Woman – see below at right – out of Ivory’ dau Farnaby Eleventh Hour ex F- Full Fathom Five.

An ‘Our Dogs’ article reports - ‘V’ sign at show brings £50 fine! A female exhibitor who admitted in writing to The Kennel Club that she made a ‘rude gesture’ in the direction of other exhibitors after her Mastiff won its class, was warned and censured by the Disciplinary Sub Committee, and fined a total of £50 by the KC. Mrs Thelma Green, dd ’02 of Ross on Wye, Herefordshire did not attend the hearing but a doctor’ letter was provided by way of explanation of her absence. The complaint was originally made at the show by nine exhibitors and spectators at the Malvern, but the complaint was nominally put to the Disciplinary Sub Committee by Mrs Elaine Knight of Aberdeenshire. The full complaint as heard last week reads, ‘That she (Mrs T Green) behaved discreditably or prejudicially to the interests of the canine world in that she used repetitive obscene gestures to handlers and bystanders at the ringside for Mastiffs at the National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Dog Show held on 20 July 2002 at the Three Counties Showground Malvern in Worcestershire.’ Mrs Knight was not legally represented but was ‘assisted’ during the hearing by fellow signatory to the original complaint and Mastiff exhibitor, Mr Robert Barker of Yateley Hants. No witnesses attended the hearing, but a number of statements were read out and referred to during the short morning’s hearing. Also in attendance, in addition to the six members of the Disciplinary Sub Committee, were Mrs Linda Branwhite, the KC Disciplinary co-ordinator and members of the canine press. Mrs Knight of Kumormai Mastiffs opened the proceedings by reading out her letter outlining her version of events. - ‘We were at ringside during the judging of Limit Bitch class. I was sitting near the corner of the rope section at the far end of the ring. My husband, Mr Knight, was standing a few feet behind me. Mrs Thelma Green was in the corner adjacent to where I sat, maybe fifteen feet away sitting on a chair. There were four entrants in this class, one was bred by myself, another was Jengren Casseiopia – see at right - – ed b Jan ’00 out of ch Jengren Pluto’ dau Jengren Golden Hind ex Jengen Mr Milligan - who is owned by Mr & Mrs Green. The other two competitors were Mrs Pickering and Mrs Blaxter. The judge Mrs W L Hicks, awarded the first prize to Mrs Green’ bitch. – Below at left – Mrs Elaine Knight in better days flanked by Mrs Janine Morffew  & Mrs Betty Baxter.

As the place cards were being given, a general round of applause started by those of us gathered at ringside. A loud shout aroused our attention to our right. Mrs Green had started a ‘whooping’ sort of noise and was clapping loudly for her own bitch. Then, without any provocation, she proceeded to turn in her chair and look in our direction. To our astonishment, she then isolated the two fingers on both hands. She raised them simultaneously, one hand to the exhibitors placed behind her bitch, the other in the direction at ringside. In doing this, she raised her hands from her knees to above her shoulders, in an exaggerated motion. She then lowered her hands back to her knees and repeated the gesture, once again, to above the shoulder height. Whilst doing this, she was laughing gleefully as if she was enjoying it immensely. There is no doubt in our minds, that what she was doing is generally known as the ‘V’ sign, which I believe is a public offence. We have no idea to what spurred this behaviour. I did notice that the families, or spouses of those who were beaten were all standing in the direction she was singling out. Mr Blaxter was alone at the show, but the Pickerings and Barkers were not. Mr Pickering, Mr & Mrs Barker and their children were all near us.

The Barkers fourteen year old daughter, was handling for her parents and was most upset and confused to see an elderly pensioner act this way. I think it is a terrible example to a youngster, freshly starting in junior handling to have to witness. Our own young children aged nine eleven and thirteen accompany us to dog shows and we certainly do not want them to think that this sort of behaviour is acceptable. We have been regulars on the show scene since ‘87, travelling to every major show and in the last six years between us in our respective affixes – ed Kumormai & Klanzmun - bred five Mastiff champions. Never have we ever seen anyone act in such a low and loathsome manner at a KC licensed event.

I can only presume Mrs Green was displaying this act to say ‘I won - you lost’ to those whom she directed this. There was quite a crowd, behind and surrounding her, so there is no doubt that she was observed by others. We urge the Kennel Club not to condone or excuse this behaviour, which was so deliberately malicious. This is not the sportsmanlike manner, that is acceptable to anyone with a modicum of decency. The letter was signed by both Mr and Mrs Knight. At this point, the chairman Mr B Hall asked for clarification as to what type of ‘V’ was used. Was it the type of 'V' sign which Churchill used to do? No’ replied Mrs Knight, It was the other way to what Churchill used to, was the reply. Mrs Knight then continued her case by reading out a statement from Mr Barker, confirming that his 14 year old daughter was handling their bitch in the class, who was placed fourth, with Mrs Green' bitch being placed first. There were several other statements to confirm Mrs Knight’ version of events which were brought to the attention of the hearing.

At this point the Chairman then read out a letter from Mrs Thelma Green, giving her version of the events. In this letter she did not deny making the gestures towards Mrs Knight and fellow exhibitors but gave an explanation as to how according to her, the situation arose. Mrs Green described herself as a well brought up and old fashioned 68 year old who had never done this kind of thing before.Whilst in the ring with her bitch, when the judge asked her to move the animal, she stated that she mis-stepped and tore the large muscle in the top of her left leg. Mr Steven West took charge of the dog, whilst she was assisted from the ring. When she reached her chair she was literally crying with pain. She then alleged in her letter that she noticed some people in the corner who found the whole situation very amusing and that is when according to Mrs Green she lost my self control and made the rude gesture. The letter continued - I did not repeat it and at no time was it directed to any one in the ring and certainly not at any child. Mrs Green claimed that she had to be carried out of the showground in a carry chair by the St John Ambulance and it took her several weeks to be able to walk without pain. No one could be more ashamed of themselves than I am for allowing myself to be provoked into this behaviour, finishes Mrs Green.

A second letter was then read out by the Chairman, this time from Helen Green - no relation. In this letter she alleged that most of the Old English Mastiff exhibitors are aware of a long running campaign being waged by these people against Mrs Green. On the day in question, these people had been walking up and down past Mrs Green making snide remarks out loud (as usual) and Mrs Green had been trying to ignore them as usual. Helen Green then continues alleging that when Mrs Green left the ring in obvious pain these people were heard to be clapping and cheering the incident. It was no surprise that Mrs Green finally made a single brief gesture in the direction of these people, who were obviously very amused at her predicament. In the build up to the hearing, the response from Mrs Green was forwarded on to Mrs Knight for her comments, and a written reply was sent to the KC.

In her reply Mrs Knight disputed that Mrs Green has slipped but said that she could not manage to run her bitch. She did not recall Mrs Green being assisted from the ring or collapsing into tears. She further stated that it was only when the prize cards were being given out that she alleged that Mrs Green began clapping and cheering and then stuck her fingers up - twice. Mrs Knight then went on to explain that in the last few years, they have stayed at each other’ houses, that their daughter used to handle Mrs Green' dogs for her, on one occasion, winning a CC. She referred to us as her son and daughter-in law and our children as her grandchildren, publicly. Other written statements were then read out from some of the other complainants, all of which agreed with Mrs Knight’ version of events. In questions from the committee, Stan Ford asked, To your knowledge has Mrs Green ever offered you an apology for her behaviour that day?

It emerged that Mrs Green was willing to put an apology in the dog papers but that Mrs Knight was not willing to accept her apology as she had felt it had only been offered when a date had been fixed for the KC to hear the complaint. Mr Banbury asked if Mr Barker’ 14 year old daughter understood the meaning of the gesture made by Mrs Green? I would say that every 14 year old child in the country would be fully aware of what it means, replied Mr Barker. - At left -  Kumormai foundation brood Coopell 'Apollonian Fizzy Bomb' b June '87 owned by Mrs Elaine Knight.

So, after one of the shortest Disciplinary Sub Committee hearings ever, taking just 45 minutes, the sub committee went into recess to consider their decision. After 30 minutes the meeting was recalled and the following statement was read out: The committee having carefully considered the evidence, find that the complaint brought by Mrs E Knight under Kennel Club Rule A42a against Mrs Thelma Green namely that she behaved discreditably or prejudicially to the interests of the canine world in that she used repetitive obscene gestures to handlers and bystanders at the ringside for Mastiffs at the national Working and pastoral Breeds Championship Dog Show is upheld. The Committee impose the following penalties - 1. To warn her as to her future conduct 2. To Censure her 3. To fine her the sum of £50. The Committee, following the impositions of these penalties, would draw the attention of the Respondent to the effect of Rule A 42 sub-section 12. While the Committee do not condone Mrs Green' action they took notice of the fact that she admitted the offence and was prepared to offer an apology. Further, the Committee warn that such behaviour at shows is not acceptable. The Disciplinary Sub-Committee comprised Mr Bernard Hall as Chairman, Miss Jean Lanning, Mr Eric Smethurst, Mr John Banbury, Mrs Irene Terry and Mr Stan Ford.

Mrs Elaine Knight – formerly Fletcher, Kumormai kennels Balgaveny House Forgue Huntly Aberdeenshire Scotland. Her foundation brood was Apollonian Fizzy Bomb b ’87 & bred by Coopell breeder Mrs A R Elworthy * – out of O’Nantymynydd Dai Dam’ dau Coopell Blue Silk sired by Belbeck Plantation Boss’ son Bolaine Boom -. Fizzy Bomb’ 1st litter was sired by Mrs Liz Davies Cenninpedr bred Lord Tosca' son Demonic Warrior, the latter out of Zandawn Polyann Perkins’ dau Ronshee Juno. Fizzy Bomb’ 2nd litter was sired by ch Arciniega Lion’ son ch Tresylyan Brogan – out of Zandawn Poyann Perkins’ niece Zandawn Lucy Lastic -  resulting in Muskateers Lady who, mated to Mrs Liz Davies Lawlord’& Lord Tosca’ great-grandson Czaracyna Zelig Warrior, gave the champions Kumormai Pride Prejudice ‘Darcy’ and K- Miss Eliza Bennett b ‘95, the latter mated to Pride Prejudice’ son Ochterlonie Sir Galahad - see below at left - gave ch Kumormai All Gold b ’99 and K- Jealous Latin.  -  Above fr l to r – ch Kumormai Verve, her grandsire Innovation & her 4th generation ancestor ch Kumormai Pride Prejudice. 

Kumormai Jealous Latin,  mated to ch Kumormai Pride Prejudice,  gave K- Great Expectation who sired ch Kumormai Crouching Tiger b ’03 – out of Ochterlonie Sir Galahad’ dau K- Brandy Sauce.

Ch Kumormai As Good as It Gets b ’02 – out of Ochterlonie Sir Galahad’ dau Kumormai Noelle sired by ch K- Pride Prejudice – who sired ch Westgort Innovation -  out of ch Brookview Bo-Filette’ grand-dau Sopharia Princess Gloria.

Ch Kumormai Atonement and ch K- Platinum b ’08 – out of ch K- Crouching Tiger’ dau Farnaby Face Value sired by ch Westgort Innovation. Ch Kumormai Verve b ’11 – out of K- Atonement sired by K- Nemesis, the latter out of As Good as It Gets’ grand-dau K- Sophie Nevea sired by Crufts winner ch Westgort Innovation. - Mrs Elaine Fletcher remarried ca ’98 Mr Kenneth G Knight  who bred  ch Klanzmun Firewitch b ’01 –see below  b/w photo centre - out of Klanzmun Miss Harriet b March ’99 – ch Luvalump Lifes A Lemon’ sis Luvalump Luscious Lady ex Ochterlonie Sir Galahad - sired by ch Kumormai Pride Prejudice .

The kennel name Kumormai, arguably derived from Ku-Mor-Mai as the Protector Suzerain of Coramonde was called in the Old Tongue in  science fiction stories by Brian Charles Daley ’47-96, American author who wrote the first Star Wars spin-off novels  and adapted the original Star Wars film trilogy as a series of radio dramas for National Public Radio.

Mr Kenneth G Knight married in ’81 Miss Kim Dodd b ’61, daughter of Mr Donald & Mrs June Dodd, of DD Dodd & Son - fuel supplier company Shipdham Norfolk. The Knighs ran the Tugwell boarding kennels & grooming parlour at Heffalump House Woodrising Norfolk. Mr/Mrs Kenneth & Kim Knight bred ch Luvalump Life’s A Lemon b ‘ 96 – see centre - out of ch Marcolian Rhannas Flower – see at left - sired by Balcluta Aramoss’ son Byron Lord Of Dreams producing ch Luvalump Life’s A Lemon b ‘ 96 – see centre -. Marcolian breeder Mrs Mary Golightly of 7 Fair Isle drive Caister-on-Sea Great Yarmouth owned Farnaby Fortune Finder’ dau ch Bulliff U Uli and mated her to Bulliff M Madrigal’ son Stormy Spirit resulting in a/o ch Marcolian Ceeu Jimmy b July ‘93,  ch M- Rhannas Flower, ch M- Cean More & Mrs J Brownlee’ M- Mormaer 1 cc, the latter mated to ch Darkling Paddington Bear, produced Australian ch Darkling Cockney Rebel. – Note Farnaby Fortune Finder was brother to Farnaby champions Fraze & Fable & Fortune Teller.

Mrs Kim Knight née Dodd remarried in ’02 Mr David C Utting. Mrs Kim Utting-Dodd died dd Feb ’13 in a traffic accident. Daughter Emma Herring née Knight presently uses the Heffalump prefix. - Photo dd '16 at right - Dudley Dodd Utting, Jamie Dodd ?     né Knight, June Dodd, Donald Dodd b '27 and Emma Herring ?née Knight.

Kumormai' foundation brood Apollonian Fizzy Bomby was bred by * Coopell breeder Mrs A R Elworthy. English Bulldogs aside, she has bred twenty-two litters between ’72-87, a/o seven sired by  Mrs E Platts’ Bolaine Boom b Nov ’81 & bred by Mrs P A Haines - out of  Merripit Kermit’ dau * Coopell My Poppy sired by Belbeck Plantation Boss, the latter bred by Mr Bill Easey of three stars Beresford Hotel establ ca ’15 – see at left – 105 rooms Narrowcliff Newquay overlooking Tolcarne beach  Cornwall - out of Gildasan Talk of The North' dau Monterosa Lovely Lady – see centre - sired by Bulliff Assur’ son Graig Goch Cadlyn aka ‘Drum’ - see at right - and - at extreme right – Mr Bill Easy and the 5m old ‘Drumson’ aka Belbeck Plantation Boss purchased at an age of ca 12 months by the Trevabyn breeder Mr Sargeant. Mr Baxter wrote about him as following - 'Plantation Boss was a dark brindle, small, but very sound and very very energetic, he was a swine with other dogs. He hated them all, any breed, but especially St Bernards and many the time I have seen Richard (Sargeant)  being hauled on his face across the wet grass as Boss took off suddenly, having given no previous warning. This was his trouble. When Richard and Jill parted they gave him to a farmer and he was still jumping a five barred gate at twelve years of age, and siring puppies with the farm collies. He died about the age of fourteen, I think. I feel he was like the real old Mastiffs before we breed them so big, and was probably much healthier and more vigorous than many of today’s dogs.’

Plantation Boss  sired ch Prixcan Morgaine Le Fee’ dam ch Prixcan Almeria – Prixcan champions Gage d’ Amour & Esprit d’Amour’ grand-dam -  and ch Darkling Paddington Bear’ great-grandsire ch Trevabyn Black Ice , and the latter' sis Trevabyn Winter Solstice, mated to Belbeck Plantation Boss’ son Trevabyn Sirius, produced ch Quixhill True Britt. Trevabyn Sirius' sis  Trevabyn Adhara became ch Prixcan Drusus' maternal grand-dam. Ch Darkling Paddington Bear' sis D- Eilidh, mated to ch  B- Brongest, produced Bredwardine chs Finbar & Finn Mc Cumhal. - Plantation Boss also sired Kenour Tanya b ’82, bred by Mrs P A Haines and owned by Megalo breeder Mrs J E Barnes who bred not less than seven litters from her between ’84-89, all of them sired by Grangemoor Zorab’ son G- Barnabus - out of Zorab’ dau G- Loma. Mrs Haines bred all in all thirteen litters. Other broods were Bolaine Sally (three litters), and Meg Merri M, Bolaine Cornish Maid and Merripit Tiger Lily, each one; her other stud was Barnabus’ son Prince Marcas.

Mr Bill Easy mated Monterosa Lovely Lady to ch Longendale King Louis’ sire - Merripit -  Ranulf, a Shute President' son,  which gave ch Longendale Lord Bernard' dam Lizzie Dripping; Monterosa Lovely Lady' brother M- Yours Truly sired ch Balclutha Minerva owned by the Chevelu breeders Mr/Mrs Duval of Norfolk. * Coopell My Poppy’ brother C- Son of Boy - Bolaine Boom' maternal uncle - was exported to the Joancy kennels of Mrs Ine Van Elderen-Schlichting  Hechtel Belgium. Mrs E Platts’ Bolaine Boom got 1st Limit at Paignton Devon ’83 under Mrs Greenwell - 2nd his paternal half brother ch Trevabyn Black Ice – cc ch Longendale Lord Bernard res ch Bellabees Blunder.

The perhaps most important Coopell breeding was out of Lisken Sun God’ dau C- Merry Shadow sired by Bulliff Captain Hamilco’ son Merripit Kermit resulting in Coopell Malanese who, mated to Belbeck Plantation Boss, produced ch Trevabyn Black Ice, ch Darkling Paddington Bear’ paternal great-grandsire. - * Little is known about Coopell breeder Mrs A R Elworthy, but perhaps there’s a connection with the Amy Rose Collection Ltd launched in the mid-80s by hand-spinner & knitwear designer Rose Elworthy - of Merthyr Tydfil nr Wales’ Brecon Beacons National Park - a smallholder and breeder of Cashmere/Angora cross goats called ‘Cashgoras’.

Tresylyan breeder Keith Taylor b ’40-06, of Small Acres Chadwick lane Hartlebury ca 20 mls from Birmingham, bred seven litters - a/o three champions -, ie A) out of G- Roman General’ dau Gildasan Portland Portia sired by ch Longendale King Louis – T- Anouska b 84 who produced ch Longendale Princees Athenée by Longendale Defender, B)  out of ch Zanfi Imperial Eagle dau Brookview Lucy Lastic sired by ch Arcineaga Lion - ch T- Brogan b ‘88 – see above at left - Mr GJ Higgerson of 55 School Lane, Radford Semele, Warks - Brogan being maternal grandsire to Kumormai champions Pride Prejudice & Eliza Bennett, Mr Keith Taylor' ch T- Bittersweet - see below b/w photo -, T- Bianca & T- Bon Adventure, the latter  exported to Mrs Olsen Fischer US, C) out of T- Bianca sired by Happy Fella’ son Glynpedr So Macho – T- Caminicks b ’90 1 res cc, D) out of B- Lucy Lastic sired by Huegenes Golden Apollo’ son Damaria Chieftain –T- Du Blond b 91 – see above centre - & T- Desdemona, and Crufts ‘94 cc winner ch T- Dolly Daydream owned by Miss Sheila Critchley Ormondstow,  E) out of T- Caminicks sired by T- Dublond – T- Elspeth b ’93 – see above at right - 2 cc’s & T- Ellen 2 res cc’s, and F) out of T- Desdemona sired by Grangemoor Archie Gander’ grandson Delbeech Zorab owned by Mr Graham Hicks of Jigrajon who also owned their puppy T- Ferdinand b ‘95, G) out of C- Taboo' dau Craigavon Leoni sired by * Bordeneo George Is Best' son Sorcerers Apprentice  - T- Guylian & T- Griffindoor b  '02/3, the latter mated to Brookview Imaluke' dau Chevelu Daydreamer, produced Mrs Emma Herring née Dodd’ ch Chevelu Easter Parade b March ’05 who sired ch Cedwalla Country Boy b '09. Note – * Bordeneo George Is Best  - out of Igors Queen sired by Amastellaire Titus.

'Mr Keith Taylor spent much of his working life in the car industry, retiring early from Rover in ‘00 to spend more time with his family and dogs. His popularity at work was emphasised by the number of his working colleagues who attended his funeral. Keith was a practical man, and always willing and able to help whoever asked for assistance. Although best known now for his Mastiffs, in actual fact he started out in Great Danes under his Tresylyan prefix breeding Tresylyan Minstrel who won 2 ccs and Seamist of Brookview, who took one cc. His first Mastiff was Gildason Portland Portia but his real foundation bitch was Brookview Lucy Lastic of Tresylyan, who produced the two champions Tresylyan Brogan and Tresylyan Bitter Sweet. His Ch Tresylyan Dolly Daydream of Ormondstow owned by Miss Critoph went BOB at Crufts in 1994. At the time of his death, he and his daughter Gina were doing well with their Tresylyan Guylian and T- Gryffindoor. He was particularly pleased that his daughter Gina was just setting out on her own judging career.

Mr Keith Taylor  started his own Mastiff judging at Leicester Ch show in ’92. In ’00 he judged at Bucks – BOB ch Iron Hill Captain Morgan Orig Rum. His last appointment was the OEMC Ch show in 2005 – cc Mrs Hilary Cook’ Ebony Joe res cc Darkling Joshua cc Mr Lock’ ch Lady Lavinia res cc Chevelu Smarty Pants. Overseas, he had judged in Germany and Russia and in the USA on two occasions. In fact only in September he had given me the results of his latest appointment there for the breed notes. As a judge, he was fair and honest and handled the dogs with gentleness. As well as Mastiffs, he was also a member of his local canine society; a Kennel Club member since ‘03 and an enthusiastic and extremely useful member of the Health Concerns Working Party which was set up by the Mastiff Association a few years ago. In fact, at the last meeting at his instigation, a local veterinary surgeon came and gave a most interesting talk.' - Obituary written by Mrs Betty Baxter of Farnaby  .

Chevelu breeders Mr/Mrs Phillip b ’41 & Margaret Duval, jeweller of Chevelu – see at left - North End Snetterton Norfolk, bred since ’79 more than twenty litters. Their foundation brood Gildasan Talk of The North’ dau Monterosa Many Memories was sis of Belbeck Plantation’ dam Monterosa Lovely Lady bred by Mr H Howe of Common Road Hopton Diss ca ten mls S of Chevelu Snetterton, who bred between ’75-98 mainly Newfoundlands, but he also owned the Mastiff brood Rhosnessey Naomi who produced three Monterosa litters -  July ’75 July ’76 &Dec ’76 -, all sired by Gildasan Talk of The North.

The 1st Chevelu litter out of M- Many Memories sired by Garstars Eric’ son Kisumu Xavier resulting in C- Abigail, mated twice to Am import Stablemate Bruno which gave C- Young Turk & C Silver Pearl. Next brood was ch Balclutha Minerva – out of Plaish Satan’ dau Balclutha Viola sired by M- Many Memories’ brother Monterosa Yours Truly. Minerva, mated to Garstars Eric’ grandson Graig Goch Alcwyn, gave C- The Mystic 2cc’s, the latter mated to ch Glynpedr Dom Perignon resulted in C- Magic 1 cc & C- April Doll, the latter mated to ch Arciniega’ Lion, gave C- Baron – see at right - 1 cc & Daisy, the latter mated to Dellmast Bully Boy, produced Nutmeg 1 res cc; Daisy, mated to Cedwalla Warwick, gave ch C- Charlotte, the latter mated to Mesrak Mystic Shadow, resulted in 1) C- Amber, the latter mated to Brookview Imaluke, gave ch C- Amber Silk and mated to Monti di Leone, produced C- Land of Dreams, and 2) C- Dreamer, the latter mated to Brookview Imaluke, gave Daydreamer, the latter mated to Tresylyan Griffyndoor, resulted in ch C- Easter Parade; C- Daydreamer mated to Faynad Guardian at Our Gate, resulted in C- Smarty Pants, the latter, mated to ch Penrichlar Phoenix, produced the 5th & last Chevelu champion, ie C- Ivory Blush b ’06, eighteen years after the birth of the 1st Chevelu bred champion C- Blodeuwedd – out of ch Cedwalla Sweet Ellenor’ sis C- English Rose – see centre handled by Mr Phil Duval -  sired by ch Arciniega’ Lion. Ch Chevelu Ivory Blush is the 8th female Chevelu generation back to ch Balclutha Minerva, along  f1 The Mystic f2 April Doll f3 Daisy  F4 ch Charlotte  f5 Dreamer f6 Daydreamer f7 Smart Pants.

‘Phillip Duval Jewellers & Watchmaker est ‘69’ closes after 48 years its shop at Exchange Street Attleborough, the village of Balclutha breeder Mrs MC Smith. Mr Duval, graduated in London, learnt the trade form his father who was also a watchmaker and jeweller having his business in Essex.  Phillip' grand-daughter Sian is his Assistant Manager/Buyer and also Marketing & Advertising Assistant Global Net London.

A personally interesting litter - dd Feb ’99 - being out of Chevelu Amber sired by Monti de Leone producing Chevelu Kings Ramsom – see at left -, the latter exported to Poland and double grandsire of ch Heroine An-to-pa, granddam of Int ch Gordon de la Maison de l’ Etoile, who sired our Domaine des Popeyes Newton; the other photos presenting Kings Ramsom’ brother Chevelu Land of Dreams owned by Heffalump breeder Mrs Emma Herring née Knight - at extreme right  Orkadis Aberdeen Angus b Dec '02 & bred by Ms Annette Terzo, professional groomer of Ruthin - Wales,  out of Rhilaubekab Red Sonia sired by Mastdoch Like A Tiger' son  ch Bredwardine Casanova - owned by Tariya breeder Mr TM Williams of Oxenbold cottage Brockton Much Wenlock Shropshire. Angus got the OEMC ’06 under Mr Chris Say - Bulliff & three reserves under Mr John Rischmiller - Rhilaubekan, Mrs Ann Griffin - Domas & Mrs B Ledwards - Fitsam.

Chevelu Kings Ramsom' sire Monti de Leone, grandson of ch Chevelu Blodeuwedd’ brother Barrg & great-grandson of ch Chevelu Blodeuwedd,  was the triple great-grandsire of ch Westgort Innovation’ dam Sopharia Princess Gloria & S- Tommy Tucker, great-grandsire of our Newton whose great-grand-dam  was sired by ch Westgort Innovation.

Hubbastone breeder Miss Jean F Bulloch b ca ‘40, lived at Hubbastone road – see above at left - on the River Torridge bank off Appledore, only a few  hundred yards downstream from ‘Boat Hyde’ Northam Bideford Devon, where in those days Mrs Betty Bensley had her Farnaby kennels. Miss Bulloch purchased in ’71 her foundation brood ‘Marnie’ bred by Mrs B Baxter out of ch Gildasan Eminance’ sis G- Elevitia sired by Farnaby Lucky Attempt. Mrs Baxter wrote about her a/o – ‘At nearly three weeks Marnie was still almost the same size as she was at birth, and I decided to have the vet put her to sleep. Jean Bulloch (Hubbastone) was at the time working for me as a Kennel Maid and she begged me to let her take the pup, which I did, and Jean reared her.’ -

Mrs Jean F Bulloch bred seven litters between ’73-84, ie three out of Farnaby Marnie , two of those sired by Shute President – Mr/Mrs Say’ ch President’ Lad, Mr T Jeffery’ ch Pinewhispers Countess Carolina, M GL Goffe’ President’ Lass  1 cc, Tristan, Gideon & Lucky Octavia. Shute President - bred by Mrs IC Harris out of ch Buckhall Spencer' sis B- Fiona ex ch Copenore Friar -  sired nine other litters, ie two for Mr Astle - Astelle, and one each for Mr Alcock - Ragtime, Mrs Hazel Gwendoline Havill - Merripit, Mrs Janet Roberts - Cornhaye, Mrs J Robinson - Weirwater, Mr JD Benton - Yarnscombe & Lady Fermoy - Eddington.

Marnie’ 3rd litter was  sired by Belbeck Plantation Boss – Harriet; three out of Marnie’ daughter Lucky Octavia, one sired by Bulliff Captain Hamilco and two by ch Parcwood W Bear – Mrs Baxter’ Hubbastone Radulph – see above at left -, Marnie II, Mrs Anseeuw’ Evadne & Brendan – and the last one out of Marnie’ other daughter Harriet sired by Marnie’ grandson Brendan, a/o H- Nathan & H- Malise b July '84 - see here at left  at the age of fourteen -!

Hubbastone Tristan sired 1) Mrs Baxter’ ch Yarme Jane – see above centre – Radulph’ cousin & maternal grand-dam of ch Namous Uberacht  - see above at right - & 2) Mrs Baxter’ ch Yarme Susan b July ’75 - out of Ragtime Ma Piggins – a daughter/sire breeding to Farnaby Lucky Attempt – owned by Yarme breeder Mrs M D Forshaw;  Hubbastone Gideon grandsired Jengren breeder Mrs Thelma Green’ foundation brood Marsden Gipsy b Dec ’83. Hubbastone Radulph, mated to Nantymynydd Mary Rose, produced Farnaby Fragrant Blossom, who, mated to ch Damaria Count Magnum, gave 1) Lesdon Gervais who, mated to Dom Perignon’ dau Grace & Favour, produced Beezaville breeder Mr Steve Attfield’ Farnaby Free Style 1 cc & 2) Lesdon Lord Gerard who grandsired Gildasan Bobby Dazzeler, the one who sired ten Gildasan litters between ’93-97.

Dicarl breeder Mrs Di M Johnson, of The Old Parsonage Hoton, half-way between Nothampton - Nottingham, bred five Mastiff litters between ’74-77, all sired by the import Exilado de Cayacoa - see left insert at 21m old -, ie three out of Tiopepi Beau Bella – bred by Mrs Clare Coxall - out of Tiopepi Hannah – Kisumu Beverley ex ch Copenore Friar – sired by ch Cornhaye Kenneth –, and two out of Farnaby Frosty Morn – out of Frideswide Kis Balint’ dau Royston Coco ex Farnaby Lucky Attempt, the latter – Frosty Morn - producing Miss B Russell’ Dicarl The Promise who got at  the LKA ’49 a cc under Mrs B Baxter – res cc G- Zorab’ sis Grangemoor Graina- whereas Tiopepi Beau Bella’ dau Dicarl The Snowscene – see centre - produced ch Longendale The Protector – see at right - by ch Longendale Bernard. The Protector’ sis Longendale Lady Bess, mated to  Kynder Baron Henry – Lizzie Dripping ex Celerity Count Magnus – produced ch Longendale Lady Megan. - The Snowscene’ brother Dicarl The Senor, owned by Devarro breeder Mr Geoff Burton, got five reserve cc’s.

Plaisance breeder Mr Tony McKenna, of Weymouth Court Grange road Sutton Surrey, imported Exilado de Cayacoa b Jan ’72 & bred by Dr Pedro Andres Perez-Cabral, of Venezuela - later of the Dominican Republic,  – out of ch Cornhaye Kenneth’ dau Cornhaye Humourist sired by El Maniel de Bardayle, the latter perhaps referring to Bardayle Peregrine & Blackroc Kestrel, both exported dd ’62 to Dr M A Trago  of Venezuela. His countryman Dr Cabral also owned O’Nantymynydd Elfron & Emrys’ dau O’N Glyn & Plaisance Orestes b Sept ‘69. Exilado was in ’74 sold to Messrs  A Hutchings & N Blagrave and successively transferred to Mrs Do Johnson. . - At South Wales ’90 Mrs Di Johnson awarded cc’s to ch Bredwardine Brongest & ch Farnaby Fraze & Fable. Mrs Di Johnson is considered by Crufts ’18 judge Dr Ronald W James as one of the most intelligent, informed  and amusing people, whose friendship he has enjoyed in a totally unconditional way for almost half of his life. 

Crufts '18 Mastiff judge Dr Ronald W James has been judging since ’69; his 1st Mastiff cc judging was in ’85. In ’90 he took part in the KG The Judges’ Choice – 1st Medicine Man 2nd Arciniega Lion 3rd Cedwalla Miss Edwina. Darlington ’12 – cc’s Cwmtysswg Gallant Hero & Cedwalla Matilda; reserves Cedwalla Augustus & Faynad Jaquelina. Blackpool ’09 Argo Spod Holi & Cyberus Carnelian; reserves Cyberus Inxess & Avadelyon Bombay Saphire. South Wales ’06 Korosdombi Lyon & Gwenwhyfar Britannia Rule; reserves Rhilaubekan Lancet of Bredwardine & Hugedogge Gunilla. SKC ’04 cc’s Penrichlar Phoenix & Francis From The Burning Mountain; reserves Fearnought The Barbarian & Fearnought Pride and Honour. Welsh KC ’02 Bredwardine Cassanova & Lady Lavinia; reserves Rhilaubekan Benjamin & Darkling Gwenhwyfar. - Dr Ronald W James b ’50 Melton Mowbray 55 High Street Upton Northampton - veterinary surgeon by profession with a lifelong involvement in dog shows. He has bred and exhibited Bullmastiffs, Pointers & Basenjis under the ‘Jasmorne’ affix. He no longer breeds or exhibits dogs, but remains active as a judge and involved in the administration of dog shows, training & development of judges and canine health & welfare. He is currently Secretary of Richmond Dog Show Society & Committee Chairman of The Setter & Pointer Club. He is also a member of The Kennel Club' General, Judges & Disciplinary committees, Training Board & its Dog Health Group - Genetics & Health Screening sub-group.

Plaisance breeder Mr Anthony Michael McKenna – from Our Dogs Dec ’71 - b ‘42, of Weymouth Court Grange road Sutton Surrey, bred eight litters between ’71-75. His first two litters were sired by Lisken Damien b Sept '69– bred by Mr K Brett Burntwood kennels out of ch Buckhal Baron Spencer' sis Buckhall Esme ex Lisken Kis Balint, ie 1) out of Plaisance Alcmene  bred by Mrs J Streatfield - Kisumu Beverley - see at left - ex ch Copenore Friar – resulting in P- Moon Lady, 2) out of Cathy resulting in P- Maggie S. His following five litters were sired by Exilado de Cayacoa, ie 3) out of Moon Lady - producing a/o P- Wishing Bell exported to Marclau breeder Mr Marc Evrard Belgium, 4) out of Maggie S, 5) out of Cathy, 6) out of Tiopepi Beau Bella & 7) out of Moon Maid which gave Faruq; his last litter was out of Maggie S sired by Faruq. –

Mr McKenna Alcmene’  brother Plaisance Epaphus - see centre - b ’69 & bred by Mrs J Streatfield, was exported to the US and grandsired Am ch Gulph Mills Resounder. Epaphus’ brother P- Euripides was exported to Mr Louis Antoine of Belgium and sired several litters bred by Marclau breeder Marc Evrard – Ramilies Belgium. –Mr Mc Kenna’ stud Lisken Damien was brother to Jilgrajon’ foundation brood Lisken Rowena whom produced ch J- Lady Victoria; Lisken Damien’ nephew Lisken Lancelot was exported to Mr B Antone - Germany and sired the XL sized Meadowground Basil  - see at  right - presenting a breed-wise excellent head. Kisumu Beverley, resp owned by Rev E Pike, Mrs J Streatfield & Canonbury breeder Mrs Sylvia Shorter, got a cc under Parcwood breeder Mrs Mary Hector – reserve Mrs Baxter’ Shute Alice - & three reserves, resp under Mr S Young, Mrs Pamela Day & at Crufts ’72 under Mr RG Gadsden – cc ch Meps Portia.

Mr Anthony Michael McKenna, late of Mill Lane Cottage Mill Lane Adlington Macclesfield, was director of Animal Airlines Ltd - est ’62 which is still running under the directorship of Mr McKenna’ business partner Mr Michael Bardill.  Dd Dec ’11 – ‘Warning - Pet owners thinking of relocating their 'old' pets, dogs or cats, from the UK to Australia should be made aware of the high risk of fatality caused by 'stress'. Pet owners mean well but, in general, have no concept of the traumatic stress some pets experience throughout the ordeal. Stress begins from the moment of checking-in for the journey ahead right through to being released from quarantine. I would hate this thread to frighten people from relocating their pets to Australia to share their new lives - it should remembered that thousands of animals pass with no issues through quarantine every year. Thankfully to the best of our knowledge during the past 49 years, 'Animal Airlines' have never lost a single pet travelling to any part of the world (which we do on a daily basis) - including Australia. Anthony.’ -

Ragtime breeder Mr George Alcock, of Cutland House – see at left – Hill road Chulmleigh – ca 5mls from Mrs Baxter’ Farnaby kennels at Fourways Eggesford, bred six litters between ’70-73. Ragtime foundation brood was ch Gildasan Eminence’ sis G- Elligence whom produced three litters, 2nd & 3th brood R- Tiger Lily & sis Wicked Lady - both bred by Mrs Baxter, and the last one R- Olwen.  Three Ragtime litters were sired by Farnaby Lucky Attempt, and the other ones resp by his son R- Flash Harrry, Shute President & Gildasan Humoresque’ son G- Ladis Lad. –

Most prominent ones bred by Mr George Alcock Ragtime were 1) Ragtime Ma Piggins, dam of Yarme champions Jane & Susan – see at right -, 2) Ragtime Dame Twisty – maternal grand-dam of ch Aicama Captain Morgan, ch Misty Moondrops and of ch Cedwalla Sweet Ellenor’ dam Aicama Saucy Sarah & her brother Aicama Zorba of la Susa – Dame Twisty afterwards exported to Mrs A Griffiths US,  3)   Cornhaye breeder Mrs Janet Roberts’ Farnaby Far Away Places who got one cc under Mr H Jordan – reserve cc ch Hollesley Macushla Sheba. Mr G Alcock also bred Newfoundlands from ’70 until ’75. -    The former occupant of Cutland House - Hill road Chulmleigh -  was dairy farmer Mr Aubrey John Heaman b ‘93, a/o also beekeeper & breeder of Belgian-Flemish cross rabbits, who died in ’71 at Exmoor Devon, and arguably Mr & Mrs Alcock were the next occupants – unconfirmed - it may go about Mr George Edwin Alcock b ’16-00 who married in ’63 at Exeter Miss Janet M Berry b ’41 Exeter – ca 25 mls from Chulmleigh. Present-day Cutland House is the residence of Lt-Col R Biddulph.

Parcwood breeder Mrs Mary Gray Hector née England b ’08-89, of Fox Farm – see at left - Etchingham Sussex, married in ’29 Mr Robert Sidney Hector ’04-68, owned in the thirties two Deleval Mastiffs and travelled to New York in ‘33. On her husbands appointment to a job in Ghana Gold Coast West Africa dd ‘46/47 she took a Mastiff out here with her. Mrs Hector was very friendly with Miss Ianthe Bell and after she died Mrs Hector came into partnership with the Blackstone sisters in the hope of being able to keep the Withybush line. – Mrs Hector bred nine litters between Dec ’56 and July ’76. Her foundation brood was Benfleet Bronwen b ’55 & bred by Bardayle out of Benfleet Janus sired by Havengore Winston - whom produced five Parcwood litters, two sired by Weyacres Lincoln – producing a/o ch Parcwood Olwen – see at right -, a) two by Lincoln’ son Copenore Jason – a/o P- Meredith, Mynydd & Myrdpyn exported to Willowledge breeders Mr Stuart Clark Olsen & Mrs Eve C Olsen Fischer of Canaan Connecticut US, P- Moston exported to Mr S H Long of Malaya, and P- Mervyn to Monsieur P Ernu of France, and b) one by ch Moonsfield Baron. Ch Parcwood Olwen, mated to Lincoln’ son Withybush Crispin, produced P- Merydd who got two cc’s and sired ch Cornhaye Kenneth & ch Hollesley Cleopatra. Her next two litters were bred in ’61, a) out of ch Meps Angus’ dau Edgemount Elsa sired by Copenore Jason gave Warren – OEMC ’62 reserve cc under Mrs Norah Dickin and the sire of ch Hollesley Cleopatra & ch Cornhaye Kenneth, b) out of Lincoln’ dau Withybush Raginfreda sired by her Withybush Superbus resulting in Walbert - two reserve cc’s. – Photo centre - from Our Dogs’ Xmas ’59 advert.

At left - Mrs Hector judging the club show ’63 at the Lloyd’ Lepham Bridge Farm - the dark apricot with broad design collar probably being  ch Havengore Balint handled by Dr Ivan Monostori - Balint got that year three cc’s – two  for ch Blackroc Rhinehart, and ch Withybush Oscar, Milf Murias, & the yearling Weatherhill Thor each one cc. At right - another view of the same show, a/o at the left side Mrs Maisie Lindley with the 'bulky' 6y old Copenore Jason, arguably the most influential stud of the 1960s. - Mrs Hector judged the LKA ’69 cc ch Kisumu Bardolph res ch Kisumu Balthasar – cc ch Hollesley Macushla res ch Copenore May Ellen, East of England ’71 cc ch Pynesfarm Gelert res ch Gildasan Eminance cc Kisumu Beverley res Shute Alice, and Blackpool ’73 cc Inniscorrig Arthur Crown  res Canonbury Alkabar  cc ch Copenore Petronella res ch Meps Nydia.

At left –Balint & offspring in the garden of Frideswide breeders Mr/Mrs Monostori – at right perhaps Kis Balint b Feb ’67 got  reserve cc at SKC ’68 under Mr F Cross – cc ch Kisumu Jasper – and somewhat later transferred dd Nov ’68 to Lisken breeder Mr Brett– centre – Mrs Hector with ch Farnaby Rainy Patch & daughter Wythyparc Tigress – at right - ch Falmore Langton res cc at Crufts ’80 under Bardayle breeder Mrs Maisie Anderson – cc ch Forefoot King Kong. Langton grandsired Mrs Greenwell’ ch Falmorehall Frobisher & Mrs Mary Denton’ Falmorehall Hudson whereas his brother ch  Parcwood W Bear grandsired ch Namous Uberacht,  Am ch Famorehall Mistral & bro Falmorehall Scirocco cc at Lyme Hall ‘84, ch Farnaby Fraze & Fable and sis ch F- Fortune Teller, and ch Damaria Count Magnum; Bear great-grandsired ch F- Fringe Benefit aka 'Fred'.

Mrs Mary Hector’ last Parcwood litter followed fifteen years later, ie out of ch Artifex Arabella’ dau ch Farnaby Rainy Patch b ’74 sired by the 6y old ch Buckhall Mr Micawber resulting in a/o three champions, ie ch Falmore Langton - see at right -, ch Parcwood W Bear, ch Cornhaye Smudge, and Overnoons Sophie & Mrs Hector’ Wythyparc Tigress each one cc. Rainy Patch went back to her breeder Mrs Baxter who mated her in ’78 to Patch’ maternal half brother F- Friendly Flattery but w/out relevant offspring.

The club show dd ’63 at Lepham Bridge Farm judged by Parcwood breeder Mrs Mary Hector, was preceded by the club championship show ’62 at Pangbourne’ Nautical College nr Reading by kind permission of Captain Lewis. The show was a great success with the largest gathering of Mastiffs for fifty years. The judge, Goring breeder Mrs Norah Dickin, awarded the cc to Weatherhill Guide b ’60 – out of Withybush Izod sired by Havengore Adam - owned by Mrs Maisie Lindley, reserve cc for Mrs R M Fry’ 16m old 'Parcwood' Warren – see at left - bred by Mrs Mary Hector; it was Warren’ only entry in the Kennel Club Stud Books but one of the then main studs siring not less than thirteen litters by seven breeders, ie Mrs Barton Sylvadown, Mrs How Overnoons,  Mrs Day Hollesley, Mrs Frances Lewis Stroan, Mrs Roberts Cornhaye, Mrs P M Knights Avebury & Mr L A Thompson Pickwell. - Limit class 1st Milf Murias 2nd Copenore Jason & 3rd Mr J R Bradshaw’ Viewood Sultan b ’59 & bred by Zimapan breeder Mr J D de l’Arbre de Malander - out of Zimapan Silver Queen sired by Havengore Adam -.

In bitches the cc went to ch Milf Manetta – see below at left  - out of  Sparry Serena sired by ch Havengore Hotspot - res cc for Miss E White’ Havengore Cherry b ’59 & bred by Mr L J Burke – out of ch Meps Angus’ dau Bardale Patricia sired by Havengore Samson -, 3rd Open Balint’ sis Mrs Frances H Lewis’ Bardayle Stroma of Stroan whereas Hollesley foundation brood ch Havengore Dawn got 3rd in Limit. Centre fr l to r – Miss I E Willis’ Havengore Cherry, Bardayle Stroma, Havengore Gipsy, her sis ch Havengore Dawn & Adam’ dau Havengore Louise, the latter handled by her breeder Mrs Lucy Scheerboom née Clark ’92-77 who judged Dec ’66 the MCOA Specialty – see at right with Willowledge breeder Mrs Eve C Olsen & ch W- Merri Xmas -, double great-grand-daughter of  Havengore Beowulf – ch Mansatta Vilna’ sis M- Petronella ex Rodney’ son H- Hugh - & Havengore Twinkle – bred by Mrs C R Busby out of Meps Beatrix ex H- Winston -; both Beowulf & Twinkle are several times in the 4th generation of ch Wayside The Devil.

Reading Evening Post dd 23th June '67 - 'You may habe seen lions at Longleat but have you ever seen sixty Mastiff in Pangbourne. Come to the Club Show tomorrow June 2' at the Nautical College Pangbourne. Judging by Mrs M Moore U S A, starts at 1 o'clock Free.

Bardayle Stroma’ owner Mrs Frances Hilda Lewis née Sproat ’08-73 married in ’41 at Plymouth Captain Arthur Francis P Lewis RN b ’10 – see at right first row holding officers’ stick - who was in ‘53/54 Senior Officer 4th Frigate Flotilla and became Captain Superintendent of the Nautical College – see centre - at Pangbourne until ’69. He died overseas in ‘71. – Quote – ‘Nautical college was founded by Sir Thomas Lane Devitt, 1st Baronet, in ’17 with the purpose was to prepare boys to become officers in the Merchant Navy through his shipping company Devitt & Moore, although both he, and later his son, Sir Phillip Devitt, also wanted the boys to have a well rounded education in case they later changed their minds about going to sea. At the time of founding the German campaign of unrestricted submarine warfare was at its height, and this was one reason for a nautical training school to be sited inland. Almost immediately after founding, the Admiralty took a keen interest, and naval uniform together with the status of cadet in the Royal Naval Reserve was awarded to every student, putting the college in line with similar schools at that time, such as HMS Worcester and HMS Conway.’ -

The longest paternal line of the Monostoris’ ch Havengore Balint ended up in in the first half of the 1980s when Balint' F5 O'Nantymynydd Dai Sam sired the last four Graig Goch litters; Dai Sam tracks back to Balint along the O'Nantymynydd stud line Nefin - Marchog - Cynan & Emrys. Balint sired three champions. His daughter ch Blackroc Tuppence – see at left at 20m old - b Dec ’64 & bred by Mrs A Stainier Hutchins out of Jason’ dau Copenore Berta – Tuppence, mated to Adamson’ son Havengore Matey, produced Blackroc Penny who, together with her dam, was exported to Garstars breeder Mr Peter Gaar US who mated Penny to Kisumu Goliath’ son Garstars Attila, which gave Garstars Eric – imported by Kisumu breeder Mrs Irene Creigh. Eric sired nine litters and became grandsire of   a/o ch Honeycroft Crismas Cracker  - see 2nd fr left -, ch Grangemoor Bevis - see 3rd fr left - and Titanen Arpad, the latter paternal grandsire of ch Namous Uberacht - see at right -.

Tuppence’ sis Kisumu Bracken became maternal grand-dam of  ch’s Buckhall Lord Jim & Buckhall Mr Micawber. Balint' other  champion children were Meps Portia - see at left - Pynesfarm Gelert- see centre  – both b ’68 & bred by Mr T H Bradley out of Bellringer’ grand-dau Copenore Ensign; Balint grandsired only one UK champion, ie ch Meps Nydia, and Am ch Meps Tristan - both by ch B- Mr Micawber. Actor Gordon Edwards’ ch Pynesfarm Gelert, mated to ch Copenore Petronella' sis C- Petite by C- Endeavour, produced Cemaes Romulus – see at right - b ’71 & bred by Mr D G Phillips of Allt-y-Ddol Eglwyswrw Crymych  - ca 5 mls S of Moylegrove Wales -, exported to Misses Geraldine & Michele Gill US, sired ch Lazy Hill Luath and great-grandsired ch Deer Run Ivan.

Other Balint progeny of interest - Frideswide Rupert, b Oct ’65 & bred by Mrs W V Jones – out of Copenore Jason’ dau Taddington Emma sired by ch Havengore Balint -  was owned by Mrs  P Turner, of 183 Queens Road Hastings, and got the Crufts ’68 cc under Mr Bill Siggers – reserve ch Kisumu Balthasar – and at the following show, ie at Welks Miss B Blackstone reversed both awards. Rupert’ sibling Frideswide Hereward – see at left - was exported to Berngarth breeder Mrs Edna G Mitchell - Canada, Hereward became Am champion and sired two Berngarth ch’s. Mrs WV Jones sold her brood Taddington Emma to Craigavon breeder who repeated the mating to ch Havengore Balint which resulted in a/o Frideswide Kis Balint b Feb ’67 who, mated to Buckhall Esme, produced Lisken Rowena & L- Kis Kenliss – see 2nd & 3rd fr left -. Frideswide Kis Balint, mated to H- Adam’ dau Havengore Clare, gave Sylvadown Claudia, the latter mated to ch Cornhaye Kennet, produced Wigmel Gavin who grandsired Nandina Bilbo Baggins, maternal grandsire to the Glynpedr litter containing five champions, ie Taittinger, Billecarte, Jamin, Dom Ruinart & Dom Perignon - see at right -.

Celerity breeder Mrs Denise A Norfolk née Walter b ‘30 m in ’52 Mr Arthur James Norfolk b ’27,  of Elswick boarding kennels – see at left -, bred nineteen Mastiff litters between ’72-79. Her first show Mastiff was ch Copenore Petronella - Crufts cc's under Mr Cyril H Lindley & Mrs Mary Hector - and mated her to ch Pynesfarm Gelert which gave C- Aaron – see 3rd fr left together with Petronella - pedigree-wise almost identical to Cemaes Romulus; Petronella’ two other litters were both sired by ch Canonbury Autobiography’ brother C- Alkabar, a/o   C- Caesar owned by Mrs N L Mitchel of 30 Beech Ave  - see below at right - Blackpool- res cc's at  Backpool '78 & Crufts '79 under Mrs Phil Greenwell - cc ch Grangemoor Bevis - Caesar' brother C- Sampson exported to Mrs L C Wessel US, C- Hannibal to Mr L Ortiz de Zevallos - Peru, and C- Goleith to Mr K Singh - India. Mrs Norfolk purchased the Farnaby brood Gildasan Elfreda and mated her a) to Shute Major resulting in C- Alexandra, b) to C- Alkabar producing C- Belinda , and c) twice to C- Aaron which gave a/o C- Daniel & Dinah, the latter exported to  Mr L Ortiz de Zevallos - Peru.

In ’73 Mrs Norfolk purchased another brood, ie Buckhall Clementine – out of B- Priscilla sired by Mr Micawber’ elder brother Kisumu Tarzan – and mated her twice to Canonbury Alkabar resulting in C- Count Magnus, C- Isobel purchased by Mrs Degerdon - Grangemoor, C- Beaumaris exported to Italy, and C- Christabelle, the latter purchased by Bellabees breeder Mrs Marion Ede who mated her to MM resulting in Bellabees champions Blunder & Cader Idris; their sis B- Mynydd Perfydd was purchased by Falmorehall breeder Mrs Sarah Windham who bred four litters from her, a/o mated by ch Falmore Langton resulting in F- Happy Fella, Baldr – exported to Switserland -, & Call Me Madam, the latter dam of MM’ son ch F- Frobisher & F- Hudson by Dom Perignon.

In the Autumn of ’77 her husband Arthur died in a road accident but she remained breeding, ie April ’78 a litter out of C- Alexandra sired by C- Count Magnus, a/o C- Bold Shot & Fantasy Royal - both to Mr J Bynum - Germany, C- Countess Virginia to Mr T Von Pappritz - Germany, & C- Nice Value to Mrs R Falk - Sweden. Shute Major’ dau C- Alexandra produced three litters by C- Alkabar a/o Celerity Fern -  to Mrs Wartel - France, paternal grand-dam of ch Namous Uberacht, C- Jessica & C- Bella Ragatsa to Mrs Godemert - France, and C- Freda  to Mr V Bruni - Italy; also  to Italy  C-- Felix, C- Ferdinand, C- Fergus & C- Francis - C- Joseph & C- Jasper. Alkabar’ dau C- Belinda produced two litters, a) sired by Aaron’ son C- Daniel resulting in C- Slick Chick, Night Nurse, & C- Promising Girl, the latter  to Mr S Pegazzi - Italy, & C- L'Escargot -  to Mrs Godemert - France - and b) sired by C- Count Magnus which gave C- Lady Lindsay purchased by Melrock breeder Mr Mr K S Furnival who mated her to GG Cedrych resulting in  Melrock Boadicea b Sept '8o and purchased by Mrs D A Norfolk  end'81.

Daniel’ dau Night Nurse, mated twice to Alkabar’ son C- Count Magnus, produced C- Psalm - one reserve cc - owned by Mrs C L Campbell of the 'Anchor Inn' - see above at extreme right - Frizington Cumbria  & Mr/Mrs Joynes’ ch Celerity Powerful Sort – see at right -. The last Celerity litter was out of C- Daniel’ dau Slick Chick sired by C- Count Magnus. End '80 she sold sisters  C- Night Nurse & C- Slick Chick to Mr A H Mayne & Mrs F C Mayne - Fanifold Australia, ending up the  twenty-three Celerity exports mentioned by the KCBRS. Mrs Norfolk purchased Melrock Tara b Nov ’81 – out of ch Forefoot Prince Igor’ dau Bredwardine Calpurnia sired by C- Count Magnus – but w/out any C- breeding result and sold to Mr G Protto - Italy.    – Celerity breeder Mrs D A Norfolk also bred Whippets from the 60s to 90s.

Damaria – David Mary & son Ian - breeders Mr/Mrs Joynes , of Nash nr Newport ie Rosemonte Goldcliff road, from '88 The Shrubbery Straits lane ¼ mile from the Severn estuary, bred fourteen litter between ’83-96. Their first broods were Nandy Shady Lady b May ’80 & bred by Mrs G J Evans – out of Wigmel Gavin’ grand-dau Nandina Zelda Vida ex ch Parcwood W Bear - & ch Zanfi Tanya – June ’81 & bred by Mr Nick Waters – ch C- Rab’ dau Grangemoor Gilda ex ch Celerity Powerful Sort -. Shady Lady produced two litters, ie 1) sired by Tanya’ brother Zanfi Prince Orlando resulting in D- Black Prince, 2) sired by Nandina Bilbo Baggins’ grandson ch Glynpedr Dom Perignon which gave ch D- Count Magnum – sire of Farnaby ch’s Fraze & Fable and Fortune Teller, and Glynpedr Napoleon - & Magnum’ sis D- Lady Elvina, - cc under Mr Boatwright res ch Chevelu Blodeuwedd - both Magnum & Elvina owned by Mascamus  breeder Mr C G Cam -. Above at left Mr David Joynes with ch Zanfi Tanya and her sire ch Celerity Powerful Sort - centre Mr Colin G Cam & ch Damaria Count Magnum at eight months old and below right at adult age - at right - Mrs Mary E Joynes at Bucks '92 with her BOS ch Old School Lady Jillian.

Ch Zanfi Tanya produced four litters, ie 1) sired by Jilgrajon Tom Bowling’ son Wyaston Henry Tudor – Capesthorne Cops & Robbers’ sire D- Lord Kairos, D- Ophelia & D – Rhyanon, 2) sired by ch Forefoot Prince Igor – D- Prince Oedipuse & S- Celtic Queen, 3) sired by Forefoot Lucifer’ grandson Gildasan Silver Crown – D- Powerful Magic, 4) sired by ch Damaria Count Magnum – D- Indian Chief. Next broods were Tanya’ descents, ie  daughters Ophelia & Rhyanon, , grand-dau Princess Rheba, great-grand-dau ch D- Princess Nena, and gr-great-grand-dau D- Honey who, mated to Falmorehall Hudson' son Honeycroft Gentleman Jim, produced Damaria Mr Magoo -  see below at left - exported to Holland.

The 6th D- litter, ie out of Tanya’ dau D- Rhyanon sired by Nandina Shady Lady’ paternal nephew Huegenes Golden Apollo produced D- Chieftain whom sired the Tresylyan D- litter a/o ch T- Dolly Daydream – see  centre -. Chieftain’ brothers D- The Druid & D - The General exported to Mrs Dee Dee Anderson & Mrs Virginia Bregman US. Tanya & Shady Lady aside, the arguably most important one was Mascamus Queen Dalukah bred by Mr C G Cam, of Crossland Cottage Severn Road Northwick nr Pilning  - ca 20mls from Nash nr Newport, out of Amazing Grace sired by ch D- Count Magnum – see at right -; Amazing Grace – bred by Mrs J M Clark out of Nandina Bilbo Baggins’ dau D- Cinnamon – ch D Casper’ sis - ex D- Prince Oedipuse – was litter sis of  Mascamus Lady Rosamunde whom, mated to D- Powerful Magic, produced Forefoot Lucifer’ double f4 descent D- Magic Mister – ch Cedwalla Sweet Charity’ double grandsire.

D- Magic Mister' sis D- Magic Mistress became dam of ch D- Paddington Bear & D- Eilidh, the latter dam of Darkling ch’s Finbar & Mc Cumhal. Queen Dalukah was mated to the Am import Oranshire Brutus producing ch D- Sweet Georgia & D- Durango, the latter mated to D- Princess Rheba, gave the 3rd Damaria champion, ie D- Princess Nena whose sister D- Princess Astra was purchased by Mountkora breeder Mr Kerr who mated her to D- Powerful Magic’ son D- Master Gunner resulting in ch Mountkora Cockney Rebel  b ‘93.

One of the main names which moulded the Damaria strain is Nandina along foundation brood N- Shady Lady and N- Bilbo Baggins,  ‘almost’ Shady Lady’ maternal uncle whom grandsired Queen Dalukah and great-grandsired Count Magnum; Bilbo Baggins being maternal half brother of Shady Lady’ dam N- Zelda Vida sired by the latter’ paternal uncle ch Forefoot Prince Darkness.  Another kennel which influenced Damaria was Darkling whose foundation stud Forefoot Lucifer great-grandsired D- Powerful Magic and gr-great-grandsired Queen Dalukah.

Mrs Mary Elizabeth Joynes b ’43 was  an extrovert person who would pass the time away while they were driving to shows talking to lorry drivers on their CB radios and she mastered the CB slang. She judged Mastiffs at cc level since ’90, including in ’92 Bucks County Kennel Club - Tinicum Park along the Delaware river at Erwinna - ca 60 mls W of New York. Mrs Mary E Joynes'  last judging was at the Mastiff Association show Feb ’96  - cc’s ch Jengren Pluto & ch Cedwalla Sweet Charity; she died a year later at Newport. Mr David F Joynes b ’40 had the honour to judge Crufts ’04 - cc’s Penrichlar Phoenix & the 7 ½ y old Milford Melody bred by Mrs L M Scott - out of Nina Ginorri – Craigavon Cirrladon ex ch Bredwardine Bwchllan - sired by ch Merrowlea Brigadier’ grandson Trimslim Strike Force; he died Sept ’15.

Nandina breeder Mrs G J Evans’ foundation brood was Kenstaff Softee Elsa b Sept ’74 & bred by Mr E Adair – out of Celerity Augusta sired by Wigmel Gavin * bred/owned  by Mssrs Hutchings & Blagrave , ; Augusta – Gildasan Elfreda ex Shute Major -; Gavin – Sylvadown Claudia ex ch Cornhaye Kennet -. She bred three litters from Elsa 1) sired by Forefoot Rex Mundi producing N- Zelda Vida b ’77, N- Zane Grai & N- Zabrina and 2/3) sired by Mundi’ brother ch Forefoot Prince Darkness resulting in N- Bilba Baggins b ‘78, N- Miss Butterfly & N- Southern Comfort and 2nd litter dd ’79 </out relevant offspring. N- Zelda Vida,  mated to ch Parcwood W Bear, gave N- Shady Lady – b ’80.

The KCBRS June ’65 mentions that Messrs Hutchings & N Blagrave purchased Wigmel Georgina, sis to Mr Bill Hanson’ ch Blackroc Tuppence & Mrs Creigh Kisumu Braken. Unfortunately Georgina left w/out offspring. -  KCBRS June ’71 mentions they  purchased the 2y old Sylvadown Claudia from a Mrs Rosemarie Winter, perhaps related to Miss M R Winter who owned ch Weatherhill Thor’ dau Hollesley Nefertiti; Claudia b June ’69 was bred by Sylvia E B Barton of North Lancing nr Worthing – out of H- Adam’ dau Havengore Clare sired by Lisken Kis Balint –. Messrs Hutchings & N Blagrave mated Sylvadown Claudia to the 6y old ch Cornhaye Kennet – see left at Crufts '70 &  centre - owned by Miss Joan Fidler’ b '15 of Whitehall Hotel Howard Square Eastbourne - resulting in Wigmel Gavin * b Sept ‘72, the one behind Nandina breedings , and owned by Messrs Hutchings & Blagrave of Lower Eastacott House – see at right - Umberleigh ca 10 mls from Mrs Betty Baxter’ Farnaby kennels. Ch Cornhaye Kennet – Withybush Superbus’ dau Avebury Lady Jhanta ex Warren – was double Crufts cc winner, ie in ’70 cc under the Am Mrs Marie A Moore – res ch Kisumu Bardolph – Kennet also won the Working Group, and in ’71 under Mr Stanley Dangerfield – res Gildasan Eminance.   

Note - The KCBRS dd Nov '66 mentions Cornhaye Kennet  bred & owned by Cornhaye breeder Mrs J Roberts but also his litter brother Mr P E Mackenzie' Avebury Janus bred by Avebury breeder Mrs P?atricia M Knight; their dam Avebury Lady Jhantha was registered dd  April '64 as bred by Mrs M E Lucas & owned by Mrs P?atricia M Knight, the KCBRS mention no transfer of Lady Jhantha. So Kennet'  correct naming should have been arguably ch Avebury Kennet...  - Wiltshire' village Avebury known for  a Neolithic henge monument containing three stone circles.

Sixteen years later Messrs Andrew William Seymour Hutchings & Mr Norman Blagrave bred a litter dd Dec ‘88 out of the brindle 'Worstead' Tinabelle sired by ch Arciniega’ Lion – a/ ch Merrowlea Brigadier – see at left - centre photos taken at the OEMC ch show at Pyleigh manor in ’91 - ie M- Teddy Bear with Mr Norman Blagrave and 'four attentive spectators' – standing Mr Andrew Hutchings & Mrs Betty Baxter, sitting Messrs Pass & McDonald – No 31 20m old Galbren Border Rambler – Farnaby Flatly Denied’ dau Galbren Dream Ticket ex Gynpedr Roederer’ son Merripit Grand Shadow - owned by Mrs T Farmer of  Lower Danes Ashford road Harrietsham - Kent. -

Messrs Hutchings & Blagrave’ brood Tinabelle b ’87 was bred by Worstead breeder Miss D C Hale – out of Bolaine Boom’ dau 'Coopell' Worstead Porcha ex Huegenes Golden Apollo’ son 'Jengren' Worstead Lawlord -.  Tinabelle’ brother Son of Zeus sired ch Rotherco Belonga Judd – see at right - out of Huegenes Apollo’ grand-dau Rotherco Morning Glory, the latter - out of Gildasan Welsh Robber sired by Damaria Powerful Magic -; Rotherco breeder Mrs Hilary Cook  judging Mastiffs  dd May 5th ’18 Bucks County KC - two cc judgings, ie  Darlington ’15 & Three Counties ‘17.

The 2nd Tinabelle litter dd  '90 was sired by Lion' son Chevelu Barrg resulting in M- Mr Bradley, M- Bas  & M- Lies, the latter two exported to     Holland - Bas - see at right - sired ch Amigo Medock and Lies became great-grand-dam to ch Gerelshoeve Mr Magnanimous.

Mr Andrew William Seymour Hutchings ’07-96 CBE was a British trade union leader who studied at Cotham School in Bristol and then St Catharine' College Cambridge, before becoming a teacher. His first appointment was assistant master at Downside School in ‘29, he then moved to the Methodist College Belfast & the Holt School in Liverpool. Active in the Assistant Masters' Association, he became its full-time assistant secretary in ‘36, then its general secretary in ‘39. As leader of the union, Hutchings represented it on a number of other bodies a/o as honorary secretary of the Joint Committee of Four Secondary Associations, and served on the executives of the World Confederation of Organisations of the Teaching Profession, the Secondary Schools Examinations Council a the Schools Council. He was secretary-general of the International Federation of Secondary Teachers from ‘54 to ‘65, then president until ‘73, the year he became chair of the National Foundation for Educational Research. In ‘78, Hutchings took the union into a merger with the Association of Assistant Mistresses, forming the Assistant Masters and Mistresses Association, and he served as joint general secretary for the first few months. He then stood down, becoming chair of the executive of the Associated Examining Board. In ‘83, he became vice-president of NFER, and he remained involved with the Associated Board, latterly as a vice president.

Ca '70 Mr Norman Albert Victor Blagrave b ’32  took over the Merrowlea affix from Captain & Mrs Joan Hutton, of Cranleigh – Surrey, who were very successful in the Great Dane breed. He continued the Merrowlea Great Dane strain and bred also French Bulldogs of distinction, a/o CC breed record holder ch Merrowlea The Enchantress b '95. Mr Chris Bristow, of Byrock affix, purchased in ’81 his 1st Frenchie from Messrs Blagrave & Hutchings, moved to Worcestershire to run the famous Bredwardine Mastiff Kennels, incl Frenchies, for 27 years and, perhaps,  he was the go-between re the mateings  of Messrs Hutchings & Blagrave’ Tinabelle to the Bredwardine studs ch Arciniega’ Lion and Chevelu Barrg. . After Mr Andrew W S Hutchings’ death Mr Blagrave, living at Louise Villa Louise Terrace Torrington – Devon, came into partnership with Mr Charles Satchell of Dropwell Meadow Torrington. Mr Norman A V Blagrave died in  ‘99.

Mrs/Mr June & Barry Ledwards b ‘39, of Shirebrook London road Walgherton nr Nantwich Cheshire, bred three Fitsam litters. Her 1st brood Chevelu April Magic – ch Balclutha Minerva’ dau Chevelu The Mystic ex ch Glynpedr Dom Perignon – sired by Bulliff Graige Gregus – Hamilco’ dau B- Palham ex B- Razzermataz - resulted in F- Cleopatra b ‘88, one cc & two res cc’s. Fitsam’ next brood was Lady Tara – out of Castledyke Tessa sired by Devarro Napoleon - Tessa - out of Coopell Jasmin sired by Bolaine Happy Hank’ son Barron Bosun - and Napoleon out of Devarro Cariad – ch Bulliff Petrina ex Zanfi Lammergeier - sired by ch Glynpedr Dom Ruinart.

The 2nd Fitsam litter dd ’91 - out of  Lady Tara sired by Clochodrick Bute – see at  left his brother C- Skye - contained a/o F- Baron Blue – see 2nd fr left at 9m old - 1 res, F- Lennox  - see 3rd fr left handled by Mrs June Ledwards - 1 cc, Zara 2 res cc’s, & F-Tamson two cc’s. - Bute - out of Glynpedr Ferrira sired by Zanfi Imperial Eagle - The 3rd  and last Fitsam litter dd Nov ’96 was out of F- Tamson sired by Bulliff Yli Ytregend - Warrior’ dau Buckhall Caroline sired by Nestor’ son B- Why Waitangi - resulting in Mr Louis McDonald’ Fitsam Floyd – see at right - cc at the OEMC championship ’99 under Falmorehall breeder Mrs Sarah Windham, Mrs L Say’ F- Ylita & Mrs Mary Reardon’ F- Esme;  the year before Floy got the Birmingham cc under Gildasan breeder Mrs Robson-Jones – res cc ch Darkling Finbar.

Longendale breeder Mr Louis Anthony McDonald b ’28-10, of Moorfield House – see centre - 14 Mottram Moor Hyde ca 10 mls E of Manchester, 1st show Mastiff ch Longendale King Louis – see at left - was born May ’77 & bred by Cuerden breeder Mr A Roskell – out of Lisken Sungod’ grand-dau Vernlam Candida sired by Shute President’ son Ranulf. Mr L A Mc Donald bred three litters. 1) out of Dicarl The Snowscene sired by ch Longendale Lord Bernard producing ch L- The Protector b ’82 & M- Lady Bess. 2) out of L- Lady Bess’ dau Lady Megan sired by ch Glynpedr Sandeman – L- Megan’ Pride 1cc. 3) out of ch Longendale King Louis’ dau Tresylyan Anouska sired by ch Longendale Lord Bernard’ paternal half brother Longendale The Defender – ch Longendale Princess Athenée – see at right – owned by Saltcountry breeder Mr Steele. - Mr McDonald married in ’52 Miss Mary Brown and they got four children, ie Marilyn, Shirley, Heather and Anthony. Together with his son Anthony he ran the ‘L A Mcdonald & Son NW Ltd’ skip hire company - Old Square Garage 1 Winton Street Ashton Under Lyne and was director of the ‘Stalybridge Celtic Footbal Club Ltd’ until he resigned in ‘91.

Aicama breeder Mrs Josephine Prosser née Croxford b ‘49 m ’69 Mr Wm J Prosser, of Holland House Randall Bank Moulton Eaugate Spalding Lincolns – see centre Crown Farm half a mile W -, established Aicama fame with her first two litters but, notwithstanding the ‘pedigrees’ of following brood purchases, not confirmed by the series of next 20+ Aicama breedings. Her foundation brood Gildasan Valentine Daisy b Feb ’78 – out of Ragtime Dame Twisty sired by Alkabar’ son Vandepere Andy Cap – produced three litters, 1) sired by Andy Cap’ son Gildasan Mr Butler resulting in ch A- Captain Morgan – see at left old aged Morgan - & A- Pumpkin, 2/3 sired by Stablemate Bruno which gave A- Zorba of la Susa – see at right - 2cc’s, A- Saucy Sarah – ch Cedwalla Sweet Ellenor’ dam , Lord Austin – exported to Belgium -  Ursa & Lady Perdita, the latter, mated to G- Roman General’ son Gildasan Alabama Bouncer, produced the 4th Aicama litter but w/out relevant offspring.

Fr l to r Mr Bill Creigh & Stablemate Bruno, his daughter A- Saucy Sarah & her sis Kisumu Sapphire, both owned by Cedwalla breeder Mrs Pamela Chidwick. - After a lapse of time Mrs Prosser purchased four broods, ie 1) Vindictive Vera ’87 & bred by Mr L Martindale – out of Ropa Flora – ch Luckhurst Goliath’ sis L- Sweet Dreamer ex Damaria Prince Oedipuse’ brother Celtic Prince – sired by Chevelu Young Turk’ son Balclutha Aramoss -; 2) Woodbounders Thalia ’88 & bred by Mrs Tennant – out of Zanfi Polyann Perkins’ dau Brittania sired by Bolaine Boom’ son Coopell Kie -; 3) Walims Babette b ’89 & bred by Mr Martin – Glynpedr Roederer’ dau Merripit Glowing Promise sired by ch Arciniega Lion’ son Wayward Emperor -; 4) Wayward Tiger Havoc b ’89 & bred by Mr Boorman – out of ch Arciniega Lion’ dau Wayward Red Puma sired by Falmorehall Hudson’ son Bournewood Crusader -.

Her last brood purchases were Country Holyocks b ’92 & bred by Mr O’Neill – out of Wayward Tiger Havoc sired by Daleheath Casper Bruin’ son Big Boss Man – and Chevelu Kittihawk b ’94 – out of Branwaen Bechan – Tresylyan Bettina ex Chevelu Barrg - sired by Darkling Magic Master’ son Cedwalla Warwick. Studs of the Aicama litters during the nineties were Balclutha Aramoss’ son Prince Lincoln, Lesdon Lord Gerard’ grandson Gildasan Mr Caractacus, , Huegenes Golden Apollo’ grandson Big Boss Man, the latter’ son Kizcath Murray, Zorba’ grandson Kizcath Zebedee, the latter’ son A- Belagosi, and Faynad Monty’ son Rayvonley Henry.  - Presently the Prossers reside at The Cottage Black Hole Drove West Pinchbeck nr Spalding.Mrs Josephine Prosser' husband  William John was one of the directors of ‘Peterborough Engineering Co Ltd’ and ‘Ford & Slater Ltd’, one of the largest DAF dealership groups in the UK.

Kizcath breeders Misses Catherine A & C O E Prosser may be Mrs Prosser’ daughters; their foundation brood was Vindictive Vera’ sis Zoey of the Dales whose daughter Kizcath Jumping Jessica was mated to Zorba’ son f1 Patrame Giant of la Susa b Aug ’87 whom tracks down along f2 Kizcath Zebedee - f3 Kizcath Belagosi - f4 Le Duc de Prosser *- f5 Pelecrushe Total Eclipse -  f6 Cavelero Mighty Odin (all four grand-parents Aicama related) - f7 Andvari Artemis – f8 Crashnell Lady Georgia F9 Whititera Famous Shorthye – f10 Whititera Imma ( bred by Mrs Charlotte Radondy Crufts ’16 BOB with Ranc de Bannes Jörgen Made of Steel) - f11 my Domaine Popeyes Newton whose maternal great-grand-dam  Crashnell Lady Georgia goes back along - f5 Mighty Madge – f4 Naomi Lady of Zorab – f3 Sinnedybur Sunset - f2 Lady of The Fens - f1 Ruden Gemini - to Mrs Barnes’ Kenour Tanya b ’82, the one holding the unenviable breed record of having produced seven litters. - 

Re f4 Le Duc de Prosser * – 1st Junior class at M A cc show ’98 under Mr Terry Thorn – ‘Le Duc De Prosser - Fawn, substantial in build with enough length of back, pleasing in head qualities but could be darker in eye. Super muscular neck, good front, bone, pasterns & feet, deep chest, good ribs, strong loin, adequate rear angulation, sound hocks, in fact he is a lovely sound & well-balanced dog to go over, moved in nice style. - 2nd - Fitsam Floyd of - Fawn, scores well in head qualities with good eyes. strong neck, good front with adequate bone, wide & deep chest, strong loins. Just tending to run up a bit towards croup. Adequate rear angulation, wide thighs, sound enough in hocks, almost matching 1 for movement.’-

Note - The Kennel Club uses the ‘Ken- affix’ themselves for litter registrations where the breeder has not supplied the KC with names when they registered the litter or perhaps incorrectly used another breeder' affix when naming their pups. Each year they pick adifferent word beginning with Ken -. None of the following are or were affixes but words used by the KC as described above. Before '80 Kenstaff - ‘80 Kentene - ‘81Kenwunn – ‘82 Kentoo – ’83 Kenee – ’84 Kenour – ‘ 85 Kenive – ’86 Kensix -  ’87 Keneven -  ’89 Kenine -  ’90 Kenkew -  ’91 Kenar - ’92 Keness -  ‘93 Kentee -  ‘94 Kenue -  ’95 Kenvee -  ’97 Kenex -  ’98 Kenyee -  ’99 Kenzed -  ’00 Kenmillen -  ’01 Kenmillone -  ’02 Kenmillto -  ’03 Kenmilltri -  ’06 Kenwu, &c.

Bolaine breeder Mrs Esme P Platts née Russell b ’17 m in ‘39 at Paddington London Mr Cyril Edgcumbe-Burrows 2nd Lt - m in ’50 at Weymouth – see at left - Dorset Mr Pete J Platts. The kennel name Bolaine may refer to Boulogne in France or perhaps more likely to a character described in a book dd 1832 authored by Elizabeth Burgess.  Mrs E Platts bred eleven litters between ’79-87. Her foundation brood was Top Hat b ’77 & bred by Mrs A Pattle – out of Rhosnessey Melanie - grand-dau to ch Pynesfarm Gelert by Balint, the latter – see at right - sired by Farnaby Lucky Attempt’ grandson Ragtime Man at Top -. Rhosnessey breeder Miss E L Mercer resided ca 15m N of Truro at Cartrefle Boldventure Road St Austell.

Top Hat produced five Bolaine litters, ie 1) sired by Messrs Hutchings & Blagrave Wigmel Gavin’ son Coopell Gelert – B- Hubert & Hermit, 2) by her son Hubert – Sunset Stripper, 3) by her son Hermit – B- Happy Hank, 4) by Bulliff Hamilco’ grandson Yeomerr Bosun – B- Tzarina, Sally & Sara, and 5) by Belbeck Plantation’ son Boom – B- Taffy Tiger. Next Bolaine broods were four Top Hat daughters, ie B- Sally, Tzarina, Sunset Stripper & Taffy Tiger, and two grand-daughters, ie B- Bridie & Cornish Maid.

Respective sires were Belbeck Plantation’ son Boom 2x , B- Hermit’ son B- Happy Hank, the latter’ son B- Joseph sired four Woodbounder litters bred by Mrs D Tennant - also breeder of Bulldogs, Staffs & Akitas, Farnaby Lord Fortesque’ son  Coopell On the Spot bred by Mr Wallace, Boom’ son Coopell Butch and Grangemoor Barnabus *.  One of Mrs E Platts’ rather few show entries was at Crufts ‘84,  exhibiting Bolaine Boom b Nov ’81 – the catalogue mentions her address -  ‘Basement Salon 7 Strangways Terrace – see  at right - Truro  Cornwall’.

* Barnabus b March ’82 was owned - KCBRS May ’84 - by Megalo breeder Mrs J E Barnes who purchased Mrs Platts’ broods Bolaine Sally, B- Cornish Maid, B- Merry Maid & B- Tiger Lily. Mrs Barnes bred thirteen litters between ’84-89 – seven out of Belbeck Plantation Boss’ Kenour Tanya – the latter bred by Boom’ breeder Mrs P A Haines out of Gildasan Manawatu’ dau Merripit Nutshell Anna -  sired by Grangemoor Barnabus, three out of B- Sally, the other ones out of B- Sally’ dau M- Merri Megan, out of B- Cornish Maid & out of B- Cornish Maid.

Woodbounder breeder – also Akitas & Staffs - Mrs D Tennant, of Parc-Gwyn - see at left closeby Pontygafel Farm House - Glandwr Whitland  ca 20m NW of Carmarthen Wales, bred not less than thirteen litters between Aug ’88 – Nov ’90. Her broods were Jengren Brittania ’84 2x – Zandawn Pollyann Perkins ex Vale Teify’ son Sallymas Dragstar -, - Sallymas Dream of Caz ’85 – Marsden Gipsy ex Huegenes Golden Apollo -, Apollonian Fizzy Bomb’ sisters W- Maud ’87 & W- Gordonino ‘87 – Coopell Blue Silk ex Bolaine Boom – each 3x, Worstead Porcha ’85 – Coopell Kate ex Bolaine Boom - 3x, and Gordonino’ dau W- Mary ‘89. Her studs were Boom’ son Coopell Kie, Brittania’ brother Jengren Major 5x, Bolaine Happy Hank’ son Joseph 4x, and Coinmor Bratach 3x – Dream of Caz’ sis  Sallymas  Dark Crystal ex Glympedr Tizer’ son Brookview Nick Nicklebee -.

Sallymas breeder Mrs Sally Vobe,  of Trecynllaeth Farm Garnant Dyfed, owned Huegenes Golden Apollo – see 2nd fr left at Crufts ’84 - b ‘80 & bred by Dr D T Hughes – arguably Dr David Thomas Hughes, doctor of philosophy Wales, of Buckley Wales ca 10m W of Chester - out of Beaumaring Cerddwen – Jakote Laura ex Eric’ son B- Casper - sired by  Mrs Chidwick’ Nandina Zane Grai by F- Rex Mundi. –. Huegenes Golden Apollo got a res cc at Birmingham ’83 under Mrs J de Casembroot – cc ch Forefoot Prince Igor -. H – G Apollo sired the Am exports Damaria The General – see 3rd fr left at 17m old - & D- The Druid – see right at 15m old -  both grandsired Storm Cannon who, on his turn, grandsired ch Greiner Hall Brutus. Apollo also grandsired ch Tresylyan Dolly Daydream and great-grandsired ch Merrowlea Brigadier. - Mrs Sally Vobe – Sallymas – mated her H- Golden Apollo to 1) Hubbastone Gideon’ grand-dau Marsden Gipsy - brood purchased from Jengen breeder Mrs T Green - resulting in S- Bunters Hazy Day, Lord Tosca,  Dream of Caz, & Dark Crystal b ’85, and 2) to S- Golden Dragstar’ sis Golden Galaxy b '82 & bred by Mrs Parsons out of Kisumu Visc Rebecca sired by GG Alcwyn’ son – Balclutha - Vale Teify,  which produced S- Daleheath Casper Bruin & S - Coinmor Dochas.  Another Sallymas litter - out of  H- Golden Apollo' dau Damaria Black Diamond sired by  ch Meps Dignified John - produced S- Marian, maternal grand-dam of ch Pinball Wizard b '96 & bred by Mr Odowd.

Gildasan breeders Mrs/Mr Betty & Clifford Robson-Jones, of 1 Leys Cottage – see centre - Cromar lane Bradenham nr Thetford, bred ca eighty Mastiff litters between ’68-01. Their foundation brood Copenore Katrina produced four litters, resp sired by ch Cornhaye Kennet, Lisken Kis Balint, his son G- Humoresque & Shute President’ brother Shute Major. Next own bred broods were a/o Humoresque’ daughters G- Lovely Looker G- Lorraine, and their resp daughters G- Mitzi & G- Copper Fantasy, Major’ dau G- Naughty Lady. She purchased Lisken Sungod’ dau Fame, Andy Cap’ dau Dusky Charmer, Craigavon Cymro’ dau Morley Heiress, Lisken Karina’ dau Crab Charlotte, Ragtime Dame Twisty 3x,  her daughters  G- Barndance, G- Valentine Rose G- Midnight Mystery 5x, the latter’ daughters G- Princess Emily & G- Chiquita 2x, her dau G- Helo Cuddles 2x ,  the latter’ daughters G- Polly Cinders & G- Lorrenia 2x, the latter’ dau G- Fanny, Polly Cinders’ dau Ready Teddy 2x, G- Manawatu’ dau ch Silver Ghost 3x, her daughters G- Dusky Sound & G- Silver Shadow 5x, her dau G- Chapelon 2x, the latter’ daughters G- Helena 2x, G- Cassiopeia & G- Nushka 2x, the latter’ dau G- Annie Laura 4x, the latter’ daughters  G- Pocahontas 2x & G- Forever Amber, Am import Corbett’ Girl Alona 3x, Worstead Porcha – former brood of Miss D C Hale, Jengren – but soon sold to Mrs D Tennant, Porcha’ daughters G- Cobbychops & G- Lady Fantasia, the latter’ dau G- Dark Beauty. Thereafter followed three litters out of purchased broods.

The studs used by Gildasan – ch Cornhaye Kennet, Shute Major 2x, Kis Balint and his son G- Humouresque, the latter’ sons G- Talk of The North & G- Lucky Number 2x, the latter’ son Canen Fatal Luck, the latter’ son G- Lester, Alkabar’ son Vandepere Andy Cap 6x, his son G- Mr Butler 10x, the latter’ son G- Roman Warrior 4x, the latter sons G- Roman General 4x & G- Roman Chief 2x, ch Forefoot Prince Igor, Lucifer’ son Tmaramara Kiconlear, his son G- Silver Crown, ch Damaria Count Magnum, Damaria Master Gunner, Lesdon Lord Gerard 2x, the latter’ son G- Rajah - later exported to Holland - see at left -, his son G- Bobby Dazzeler  11x, ch Arciniega’ Lion and his son ch Bredwardine Brongest, Chevelu Barrg’ son Bredswardine Brynaurdewi, ch Rotherco Belonga Judd, Czaracyna Zelig Warrior’ son Mesrak Mystic Shadow – see  at right - 8x, out of Demonic Warrior’ dau Kumormai Gabriella owned by Mrs D M Wade,  and M- Mystic Shadow’ son G- Seraph. Mesrak Mystic Shadow got two cc’s, ie under Mrs Jackie Critoph – Famrise & Mr Louis McDonald – Longendale – res ch Jengren Pluto, and four res cc’s, ie under Dr Ronald James – cc ch D- Finbar, Mr David Joynes – cc ch D- Finbar, Mrs Pam Chidwick – cc ch Luvalump Lifes A Lemon & Mr Richard Cogan – cc ch D- Finn Mc Cumhal. Mystic Shadow was in ‘98/99 transferred to Mr Paul M F Sturm of Kensington London. –

Gildasan Bobby Dazzeler - see at left - b ’92 – out of Damaria Powerful Magic’ dau G- Lady Fantasia sired by Lesdon Lord Gerard’ son G- Rajah – was amongst the most prolific studs of his era, siring in toto ca twenty litters, the 11 Gildasans aside, he also sired litters for at least ten different breeders, ie Miss Manfredi – Prixcan, Mrs Critoph – Famrise, Mrs Dolman – Wayward,  Mr Brett – Moorgrove, Mr Hall – Damsonjak 2x , Mrs Head – Sinnedybur, Mr Sayers – Highlines, Mr Passfield – Jintfield & Mrs Schofield.

Mesrak Mystic Shadow’ sire Czaracyna Zelig Warrior – see centre - b Sept ’93 & bred by Mr Terence O’Neill Langstaff b ’54 – RTT Ltd Management Consultant of The Ridge - see at right -49 Butternab road next to Beaumont Park * Huddersfield – out of Saucy Girl – Demonic Warrior’ sis Empress Julie ex ch Trevabyn Black Ice – sired by ch Merrowlea Brigadier – was owned by Dawnstar breeder Mrs Dawn J Mantle of Moss View Boundary Meanygate Hesketh Bank Preston Lancs.  - Zelig Warrior’ offspring includes a/o the Kumormai ch’s Pride Prejudice & Eliza Bennett, and Little Malaika, bred by Mrs S Johnston – out of Brigadier’ dau Dawnstar Marsquin -  who got the SKC ’96 cc under Mr Philip Duval – cc ch Fantasy In the Night -, and the Crufts ’97 cc under Mr Geoff Burton ° Devarro – res Bulliff Yli Ytregend -. * Beaumont Park - On 8th August 1879, Huddersfield Corporation accepted the offer of 20 acres of woodland and four fields from the wealthy landowner Henry Frederick Beaumont for transformation into Huddersfield' first public park with splendid views over the Holme Valley.

Brookview breeders Mrs/Mr Topsy & Gerald Seager, of Hazeldene Post Office lane Kempsey nr Worcester, purchased Zandawn Fair Exchange b ’82 & bred by Miss Sandra D Whitmore b ’54 of Kidderminster – out of ch Celerity Powerful Sort’ maternal aunt Celerity Miss Lovely sired by ch Forefoot Prince Igor – see at left -. Note – Presently Miss Whitmore is breeding Labradors, Cockapoos, West Highland Terriers, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Zandawn Fair Exchange was mated to 1) MM’ son Glynpedr Tizer which gave B- Nick Nicklebee – see centre at 8m old - & Craigavon Taboo’ maternal grandsire B- Bill Sykes, and 2) to Tizer’ son ch Zanfi Imperial Eagle resulting in Tresylyan foundation brood B- Lucy Lastic & B- Lizzie Drippin who, mated to ch Arciniega’ Lion produced Mr D E Rischmiller'  B- Bombardier – see at right -  1 cc & Mr Connally' B- Bonheddig 1 res cc.

They came into partnership with Mrs Jackie Lewis, of One Oak 116 Kidderminster road Dodford Crossroads Bromsgrove,  and purchased in ’93 two Bredwardine broods, a) Chevelu Barrg’ – see at left - daughter B- Bledwrs, mated to Chevelu Barrg’ grandson Monti di Leone,  - B- Imaluke, b) ch Chevelu Blodeuwedd’ dau ch B- Brenhines – see 2nd fr left with Mr Lewis -, mated to 1) ch B- Brongest, - w/out relevant offspring, and 2) to Monti di Leone – which gave B- Barbaella, the latter mated to B- Imaluke, gave B- Bo Fleur and Barbaella’ champion sis ch Brookview Bo Fillette – 3rd fr left at 18m old -, mated to B- Imaluke,  which gave B- Born Free – see at right –, ie grandson of Bledwrs & Brenhines & double grandson to Monti di Leone - Born Free became maternal grandsire of ch Westgort Innovation & W- Anticipation, and was purchased by a couple which went to Ireland, ie Mr/Mrs Ray & Jean Hunt – Mistlethwait affix.

Solocroft breeder Mr Neil Andrew Mitchell, of 47 Oakcroft Villas Chessington nr Kingston on Thames, purchased Farnaby Magic Moment b ’89 – out of ch Farnaby Fraze & Fable’ sis F- Fortune Personified sired by F- Lord Fortesque’ son F- Fair & Square – see at left -, and bred three litters from her, ie one sired by F- Touch of Class resulting in S- Completely Crackers 3 res cc’s, and two sired by  Touch of Class’ son F- Full Fathom Five – see 2nd fr left with Mr Steve Attfield - which gave S- Agar 2 cc’s who sired Cadermist King Psion also 2 cc’s, S- Ivory, S- Ebony, S- Our Pluto’ Dream, & S- Magical Mystery. His next brood was F- Full Fathom Five’ dau Beezaville Myth b ’93 & bred by  Miss Wendy Attfield & Mr Steve Taylor of Croydon – out of  Glynpedr Harvey Warbanger' dau Bumble Blubber  –. B- Myth produced two litters, both sired by S- Completely Crackers.

Next litters were out of S- Our Pluto’ Dream sired by Mr T Bowen’ ch Marcolian Ceeu Jimmy – see 3rd fr left - – Farnaby Fortune Finder’ dau ch Bulliff Ubiquitous Uli ex Bulliff Stormy Spirit – being brother of ch’s M- Rhannas Flower & Ceann More, and M- Mormaer 1 cc. The other litter out of  S- Our Pluto’ Dream was sired by S- Completely Crackers’ son Hanwellian Have A Go who also sired the last Solocroft litter, ie out of Dream’ sis S- Magical Mystery. – Note re F- Full Fathom Five’ son Solocrofts Ivory. He sired 1) F- The Eleventh Hour – dam to Mr Bill Toogood’ ch Farnaby Fallen Woman, 2) ch Beezaville Coram Judice’ dam Farnaby Peace At Last, 3) Tregembo Ivy Jane – grand-dam of  ch Farnaby Far From Forceful, dam of Crufts ’09 cc winner - under Miss Julia Manfredi  - ch Farnaby Full Force – see at right - sired by Beezaville Satis Verbonum - sic -sired by ? Coram Judice b Aug ‘01.

Delbeech breeder Mr Derek W Beech, b '36 Stockport nr Manchester m in '59 at Stoke on Trent Miss Elsie Vickers, and resided at 164 Holmes Chapel road Somerford Congleton, purchased Rycknelder Belle Star b ’83 & bred by Mr Dolman  - out of G- Mr Butler’ dau Gildasan Golden Goddess sired by G- Roman Warrior’ son Gildasan Roman General -. Belle Star, mated to Grangemoor Archie Gander, produced D- Tyson, D- Casey & D- Kelley. His other brood Princess Ninja b ’88 & bred by Mr Phillips – out of Falmorehall Lucky Strike’ dau Samuri W Princess sired by Zanfi Baron’ son Ninja Warlord – was mated to D- Casey resulting in Mr Hicks’ ch D-  Zorab - see at left -, D- Mehetabel & D- Annabelle; the 2nd Princess Ninja’ litter was sired by Pryrica Winston - see centre – D- Kelley ex ch Trevabyn Mr Snowman - gave D- Joshua – see at right - 1 res cc & D- Chelsea. The other two Delbeech litters were resp sired by D- Powerful Magic’ son Damaria Master Gunner – D- Solo, and Pryrica Winston – D- Stefan b April '97. - ? His son Mr Mark Anthony Beech b ’61 Stockport, of 2 Holmes Chapel road Somerford – joiner & builder.

Crufts '77/78 catalogues  mention the entries of Forefoot Little Emily b Feb ’76 & bred by Mr/Mrs G & M Cowe of Great Rusham East Pennard Shepton Mallet – Somerset, owned by Messrs Thomas & Tugwell of 'Bredwardine Hall Hereford' - see above centre - , probably referring to their kennel prefix Bredwardine.  A century earlier it was the home of Rev Robert Francis Kilvert - * read following texts -. According to Bredwardine kennel manager Chris Brystow, Mr Richard James Thomas' partner Mr Peter Charles Tugwell ’37-15 was during his working life managing director of a large fashion company. Mrs Jo Kromhout mentioned a/o - ‘At that time they lived in a big old imposing-looking house called Bredwardine Hall in the village of Bredwardine. My husband and I visited at Bredwardine once. It was a beautiful imposing house, but not suited for keeping a kennel of Mastiffs. The dogs were mainly housed in the courtyard.’ – ‘Antiques were their main business interest. Peter still spends the week at his business in London, but Richard gave up the antique shop and dedicates all his time to the dogs and beef cattle. He enjoys this more’ -. Note – Tugwell & Thomas Antiques’ shop was located at 109 Grays Antique Market 58 Davies street Mayfair London - ca 150 mls from Bredwardine. - At right -  Lancelot was the last Mastiff who won a cc for Messrs T&T of Bredwardine kennels, namely at the Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland Nov ’07. Ch Rhilaubekan Lancelot b ’04 & strongly linebred to Bredwardine stock by Mr Andrew Unsworth, of 265 Bury road Radcliffe nr Manchester, – out of Rhilaubekan Moschino sired by her sire ch Darking Finn McCumhal’ son ch Bredwardine Bwlchygwyn.

Below fr l to r – Crufts ’77 Mrs Vivien Corbett’ 4y old ch Wayside The Devil, Mrs Lyn’Say’ 4y old ch Hubbastone Lad & ? the 20m old Cornhaye Desmond, Lad’ maternal nephew by Autobiography’ son C- Edward owned by Mr John H Gregory of Woodlands Seymour Plain Marlow nr High Wycombe Bucks  - centre - Advert publ in Our Dogs Xmas '84 -– at right - ch Forefoot King Kong at Crufts ’80 handled by Mr Graham V Cowe. Few time later the Cowes gave up the breed and 'Konky' was transferred to Messrs Thomas & Tugwell.

Bredwardine village – ca twenty-five mls NW of Ross-on-Wye - has a large and imposing Regency styled vicarage, of rendered brick with a slate roof and has two storeys and three bays. However it is far from the standard early 19th century rectory. There is a parapet with shaped crenellations, and the main garden front has two ground floor square extensions also with crenellated parapets and terminating in square bay-windows with hipped roofs. It was built dd 1805 by Rev James Beebee, rector of Bredwardine from 1789 till ’16; the garden contains some superb specimen trees  on a terrace above the River Wye. The servants quarters were demolished in 1932. Bredwardine Vicarage is mentioned in * Rev Robert Francis Kilvert' Diary. Quote – ‘From 1877 to his death Rev Robert Francis Kilvert was Vicar of Bredwardine Herefordshire.

In August ‘78 he married Elizabeth Ann Rowland ‘46-11, whom he had met on a visit to Paris. The couple honeymooned in Scotland, but just after returning to Bredwardine, Francis Kilvert died. The Aberystwyth Observer carried the following report – ‘Sudden death of a Clergyman. We have to record the death, under painful circumstances, of a contributor to the columns of the Observer, the Rev Robert Francis Kilvert. A few days since festivities were given at the village of Bredwardine-on-the-Wye near Hereford, on the occasion of the wedding of the vicar, the Rev R F Kilvert, several presentations of silver plate being made to him and his bride. Under some cedars on the lawn the villagers and school children were treated to tea; but storms came on, and all were drenched to the skin. The vicar, who was unremitting and zealous in his attentions to the poor, caught a severe cold, which laid him up, and on Wednesday he died from bronchial suffocation, to the great sorrow of the whole neigbourhood.’ - Subsequently, Kilvert' wife Elizabeth destroyed large parts of the diary, those parts of it that contained references to herself. In the end only a small selection was able to be published by William Plomer in three parts from ‘38. Since then Francis Kilvert has become a household name, and the person who has done more than anyone else to promote the beautiful area on the England / Wales border around Hay on Wye.

Messrs Richard J Thomas & Peter C Tugwell, of Bredwardine Hall Hereford, expanded their Mastiff crew quite soon, purchasing from Forefoot breeders Mr/Mrs G V Cowe,  F- Prince Igor b Jan ’77 -, and two broods, ie ch Hubbastone Presidents Lad' dau Bulliff Tyche b Dec ’76, and ch Artifex Arabella’ dau Farnaby Voodoo Priestess b April ’77. Mid ’79 followed ch Artifex Arabella’ grand-dau, the mature Cornhaye Smudge b July ’76 – grand-dam to Dutch ch Desaäl Lady Britain - and about a year later also Little Emily’ maternal nephew King Kong b July ’78  - following the illness of Mrs  Cowe.

Arguably due to lack of adequate kennel space, Messrs T&T moved ca ‘79 to Newnham Court Newnham Bridge – ca thirty mls NE, ca ‘87 to Nurton Court – see insert at left - nr Middleton-on-the Hill, and about a year later to Beili Home Farm – see three larger pics - aka Bwchllan stud Gwynfe – Brecon Beacons National Park South Wales - where Messrs T&T bred the majority of their 70+ litters - between '78-99 - and also ended up their Mastiff breeding. In ’02 they established ‘Pen Twyn Ltd’ running the Red Lion Hotel/pub – see here at right - 6 Llandeilo road Llandybie Ammanford, perhaps referring to their American top import, the ‘reddish’ Lion, and people came from far and wide to eat in their pub. Their successive adressses were - ‘03 Cefn Glasfryn Manordeilo Llandello, ca ’04  Pen-Twyn Myddfai Llandovery and finally ‘07 Pencaegarw Isaf Gwynfe before moving to Spain in ‘09/10. - A short round up - The Bredwardine foundation brood Farnaby Voodoo Priestess, mated to their home stud ch Forefoot Prince Igor, produced the 1st Bredwardine champion Beau Ideal whose sis B- Babe, mated back to her sire Prince Igor, gave B- Bubble Brandy, the latter mated to the Bredwardines' Am ch Arciniega' Lion b Oct ’84 import end ’86 – see above at right –- gave ch B- Berwyn.

Bwchlygroes' sis  B- Bertvedv, mated to ch Arciniega' Lion, resulted in ch B- Brongest. They purchased Gildasan Roman Warrior' dau G- Dolly Daydream and, mated to Lion, she produced ch B- Blanseidi. Next brood was Lion' dau ch Chevelu Blodeuwedd - out of ch Cedwalla Sweet Ellenor' sis C- English Rose, and mated to  ch B- Brongest, gave ch B- Bwchllan & ch B- Bryntowydd. Blodeuwedd, mated to her son ch B- Bwchllan, produced ch B- Brenhines. Bwchllan' sis Bwchlydwyros, mated to ch B- Brongest, resulted in B- Broteifi, the latter mated to Chevelu Blodeuwedd' grand-nephew Monti di Leone produced the 10th and last Bredwardine champion, ie  B- Bwchlyllew b '98.

At left – Grays Antique Market - 58 Davies street Mayfair London - home to over 200 dealers on 2 levels and the centre is split into 2 sections, Grays and the Mews, situated in a grade-two listed building on Davies Street designed by the Edwardian architect Reginald Bloomsfield. The building was originally commissioned by water closet manufacturers, John Bolding & Son. In 1977 it was restored by Bennie Gray, the founder of Grays. - Centre – Antique Mastiff collar commissioned by the 6th Duke of Devonshire Wm Cavendish 1790-'58 and preserved by the New Orleans Museum of Art - Louisiana. - At right - Garrard & Co Ltd – 24 Albemarle street Mayfair London, a quarter mile from Grays Antique Market. Mr George Wickes founded Garrard in London in 1735. Garrard also has a presence in Harrods, London, Geneva, Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai, Moscow and Hong Kong. Garrard was the Crown Jeweller of the UK, charged with the upkeep of the British Crown Jewels, from 1843 to 2007.

Mr Graham Vincent Cowe - architect & building designer - b ’46 Woolwich and son of Mr Peter Lockie Cowe '20-87 & Miss Grace L née Vincent - married in '67 at Woolwich London Miss Margaret Ellenor Parry b ’46. They moved from London to Fourfoot farm – Shepton Mallet Somerset -

. Their Forefoot foundation brood Remargae Nina – see at left - b  Nov ’70 & bred by Remargae breeder Mrs M Taffs – out of ch Copenore Friar’ dau Buckhall Bess sired by ch Weatherhill Thor’ son Buckhall Baron Wolsey – resp owned by Mrs S Philips and Mrs S Seedhouse, and dd KCBRS March ’73 transferred to Mr & Mrs G V Cowe.

Nina got a cc under Mrs Edna Harrild – res ch Hollesley M Sheba - 3rd ch Copenore Czarina; at Crufts ’74 under Copenore breeder Mr Cyril Lindley – cc ch Copenore Petronella – res cc ch Copenore Czarina & 3rd Open Remargae Nina owned by Mr/Mrs G V Cowe of Fourfoot Farm – see below at left– Hornblotton Shepton Mallet - Crufts ’76 mentions their next address, ie Great Rusham – see below centre - entrance & the house afar - East Pennard Shepton Mallet – ca three mls N. Other  Forefoot broods were - Canonbury Delouisia b ’73 – out of Nina’ sis Freydor Mistress Sheba sired by ch Canonbury Autobiography’ brother C- Aultroy, Delouisa’ daughter F- Rosa Dartle, and ch Jilgrajon Lady Victoria’ sis Jilgrajon Melisande b 20th Aug ’73 – Lisken Rowena ex Hollesley Sebastian’ son Inniscorrig Arthur Crown - b April '70 purchased by Mr Hicks KCBRS Sept '72 - who also sired Forefoot’ 1st litter dd 25th Aug ’73 – out of Nina, five days after Jilgrajon 1st litter.

The 2nd Forefoot litter – out of Delouisia sired by Buckhall Baron Wolsey’ son Oxhaege Thorkel produced a/o Darkling foundation stud F- Lucifer – see above 2nd fr left with Mrs Sue Rice - see above 3rd  from left - ch Forefoot Little Emily -. Third F- litter – out of Nina sired by The Devil gave ch F- Prince of Darkness – see at right - and his fawn brother F- Rex Mundi –at OEMC ’76 3rd Open under Mr Joe Braddon – cc ch Hollesley Dare Devil – res cc ch Copenore Rab -. Prince of Darkness & Rex Mundi sired resp three & two Forefoot litters.

Ch Forefoot Prince of Darkness got five cc’s in ’77 – Welks Mr Oliff - res ch Wayside The Devil 3rd ch Cemaes King Edward, Birmingham Mrs Harrild res ch Hubbastone Presidents Lad 3rd ch Cemaes King Edward, OEMC Mrs Greenwell res Garstars Eric 3rd ch Cemaes King Edward, LKA Miss B Blackstone res ch Hubbastone Presidents Lad 3rd Forefoot Lucifer, Midland Counties Mr Whitaker res ch Hollesley Devils Advocate 3rd Gildasan Sporting Yankee. Prince of Darkness’ last cc was Crufts ’78 cc under Mrs Day – res ch Hollesley Dare Devil 3rd ch Hubbastone Presidents Lad -. Prince of Darkness got also reserve four cc's under Mr Bill Siggers - cc ch Copenore Rab,  Mrs Maisie Lindley - cc ch Cemaes King Edward , Mr H Essam - cc ch Hubbastone Presidents Lad, Mrs How - cc ch Hubbastone Presidents Lad.

Crufts ’78 was perhaps the most memorable event for Forefoot breeders Mr/Mrs Graham & Margaret Cowe as Hollesley breeder Mrs Pam Day awarded also the bitch cc to Prince of Darkness’ maternal half-sis Messrs T&T’ ch Forefoot Little Emily; during the rest of the year Prince of Darkness’ son F- Prince Igor got five cc’s, ie under Mesdames Anderson & Baxter and Messrs Braddon, Douglas Oliff and Graham Hicks, the latter having bred ch Forefoot Prince Igor’ dam Jilgrajon Melisande.

Arguably the most important stud used by the Forefoot breeders was ch Buckhall Mr Micawber who sired ch F- Little Emily – grand-dam to Glynpedr champagne litter containing five ch’s – and her sis F- Rosa Dartle who produced ch F- Prince of Darkness’ son ch F- King Kong – see insert centre - who sired 1) Bredwardine Bagwyllydiart – dam of ch B- Bwchlygroes & grand-dam to Lion’ son ch Bredwardine Brongest, and 2) Bredwardine Bubble Brandy, dam ooooo Lion’ son ch Bredwardine Berwyn. - At right – Mrs & Mr Cowe attending Crufts ’81 and Mrs Pamela Day handling MM’ sis ch Hollesley Rowella.   

Legacy of two Forefoots born Dec ’74 at Fourfoot farm - former coaching Inn dating back to 1685 - Hornblotton Shepton Mallet. - Forefoot Lucifer & ch Forefoot Prince of Darkness. – * Forefoot Lucifer was maternal grandsire to ch Darkling Casper, ch Darkling Bridie & D- Bombardier, the latter great-grandsire to 1) ch Zanfi Imperial Eagle  - sire of Prixcan ch’s Countach & Espada -, and Brookview Lucy Lastic who produced Tresylyan ch’s Brogan & Bittersweet, and ch Tresylyan Dolly Daydream - 2) ch Glynpedr Ferrira & 3) her brother ch G- Sandeman, 4) ch G- Napoleon and 5) G- Boa Vista, dam to ch Darkling Paddington’ sire ch Trevabyn Mr Snowman. - * Ch Forefoot Prince of Darkness was maternal grandsire of 1) ch Faerdorn Big Daddy, 2) Glynpedr champagne litter’ dam G- Bollinger, 3) ch Bredwardine Berwyn’ dam B- Bubble Brandy, and 4) ch Bredwardine Bwchlygroes’ dam B- Bagwyllydiart - grand-dam of ch Glynpedr Irish Velvet, ch Bredwardine Brongest & his younger brother ch Bredwardine Bedwyr, and great-grand-dam of ch Bredwardine Boyfafawr.

Forefoot Lucifer’ siblings F- Lucella, F- Lucinda, & F- Lucian  went resp to Luckhurst breeder Mr A K Lewis, Mr J A De Vries of Adeltrots Holland, Mr I Ballerio Italy - ch Forefoot Prince of Darkness’ siblings F- Sorceress & F- Satanist went resp to Mr Cor S Schiettecatte of Ircomara Holland & Mr Lombardo Italy. Quite a lot of other Forefoot Mastiffs were exported a/o to South Africa, Spain, Australia, Canada, Sweden, France, &c. –

After ch Forefoot Prince of Darkness' son ch Forefoot King Kong got the Crufts '80 under Mrs Maisie Anderson – res ch Falmore Langton -, he went to Messrs Thomas & Tugwell, was not shown in '81 but  made up the following year winning cc's under Mr Gadsden – res ch Longendale Lord Bernard -, and Mrs Greenwell – res ch Longendale Lord Bernard –. King Kong got also three reserve cc’s, ie under Mr Oliff – cc MM -, under Mr Oliff – cc Buliff Cyning Aelle -, & Mrs Creigh – cc MM -.

Mrs Margaret Ellenor Cowe née Parry died in ’02 at St Germans Cornwall. Mr Graham Cowe re-married Carol Ann b ’65 and they presently reside, together with his son Mr Owen Cowe b ’81,  at Newton Ferrers – ca 6m from Plymouth.  - At left – Panoramic view from his home ’The Cottage’ overlooking Newton Creek incl the Union Jack flag of ‘The Dolphin Inn’ terrace. - At right – Mr Graham Cowe’ The Cottage, 1st house at the right side of the steep Newton Hill down to the River Yealm estuary. -

Luckhurst breeder Mr Alan K Lewis married in ’72 at Oxford Miss Vivienne Haggis b ‘51. In ’80 they lived at  Littlebrook farm – see centre - Pound lane Preston Bissett – Bucks, and bred a litter dd Feb ’80 out of Millie – Alkabar’ dau Celerity Batsheba ex Aaron’ son Celerity Daniel – sired by ch Jilgrajon Sir Gladstone’ brother – ch J- Lady Victoria ex ch Cemaes King Edward – J- Dr McIntosh – see at left next to Forefoot Lucifer’ sis F- Lucella -. Their son Mr Connol Julian Coan’ ch Luckhurst Goliath – see at right - got five res cc’s and seven cc’s, the latter under Mr Percy Whitaker – res ch Longendale Lord Bernard, Mrs Edna Harrild – res Zanfi Lammergeier, Mr Harry Jordan – res Apollon Great Grizzly Chief, Mrs Phillis Teversham – res Aicama Zorba, Mrs Catherine Sutton – res ch Hollesley Rupert; Mr W E Foster – res ch Celerity Powerful Sort, and finally at Crufts ’86 under Mr Percy Whitaker – res Meps Illustrious Lawyer.  - Presently Mr/Mrs A K Lewis run the Turnpike Boarding Kennels & Cattery - Turnpike Cottage Woodmancote Worcester.

Andwell breeder Mr Connol Julian Coan b ‘48, chartered surveyor of 100 Park road – see at left - Kingston upon Thames, owned a/o ch Luckhurst Goliath – see centre - and the brindle Farnaby Fragrance – see at right Goliath & Fragrance -, the latter one cc under Mrs P Teversham – res ch Bredwardine Ideal & two reserve cc’s; Fragrance was sis of F- Special Features, Flattering Figure’ dau Dark Devina ex ch Parcwood W Bear - dam of F- Touch of Class, ch F- Fraze & Fable & her sis F- Fortune Teller. - Goliath sired two litters dd ’85 bred by Mrs D M John out of Gildasan Moana Bele – Am imp Corbetts Girl Alona ex Roman Warrior’ son Gildasan Roman Chief -  resulting in a/o Robanne First Edition purchased by Miss Julia Manfredi who mated him to Trevabyn Spring Fever, producing five pups b April ’87 - a/o Prixcan Berlinetta.

Bannwater breeder Mrs Wendy Anne Bareham née Blackwell married in ’59 at Towcester Mr Terence Bareham. In ’80 they lived at Ballywoolen House – see at left - Ballywoolen road Castlerock - seaside village Co Derry North Ireland – the OEMC handbook ‘80 contains a Bannwater advert which mentions a/o – ‘we are hoping to move to England this Summer’ -. Address ’84 – 33 Alrikeeragh road Castlerock. - Nine Bannwater litters were bred between ’75-83. Mrs Wendy Bareham née Blackwell, OEMC member since ’72 up to ’09, divorced ca ’86 – successive addresses - Clegnagh House Moss Side, 20 Cozies road Bushmills, & Ballymoney, all in Co Antrim.

Their foundation brood was Mr/Mrs Cowe Canonbury Delouisia’ sis C- Doracina who produced three litters, one sired by Canonbury Elberto – resulting in B- Brymwyle who, mated to ch Forefoot Prince Igor twice, gave a/o Mr Raymond Boatwright B- Doll Tearsheet and two – see centre pups - sired by ch Falmore Langton which produced Irish ch B- Sorley Boy ‘Buddy’ – see right at fourteen months old - 2cc’s Messrs Braddon & G Hicks - & B- Cleopatra – cc under Mrs How. In ’78 Mrs Bareham purchased the brindle Lesdon Lord Caractacos – ch Yarme Jane ex ch Parcwood W Bear – who got at Crufts ’82 the reserve ticket unders Miss M M Harrison – cc MM. – 2nd brood was Witu Cartimandu b ’79 & bred by Mr/Mrs D C V & J Weekes, of 10 Hamilton road Sidcup Kent,  out of Witu Ethelburga – Frideswide Oliver’ dau Oxhaege Astrid ex Garstars Eric – sired by Forefoot Lucifer. Cartimandu produced two litters sired by B- Sorley Boy resulting in a/o B- John Barleycorn – see below at left - & B- Sarah Siddons, the latter two produced the penultimate Bareham litter, followed by the 3rd litter out of Cartimandy sired by Kilcoan Gall’ O Glach  - Bannwater Cleopatra ex Garstars Eric’ grandson & great-grandson Kisumu Prince Zachary – see the latter below centre -.  Gall O Glach was bred by Mrs Joan Coburn, of Kilcoan House Islandmagee  N Ireland.

Kilcoan/Ransevyn breeder Mrs Joan Coburn bred eight litters until ’82 when tragedy took place - her husband Albert ‘Bertie’ died December ’82 when a cargo ferry collided with the Townsend Thoresen ferry ‘European Gateway’ outside Felixtowe - Suffolk. He was a crew member of the fated ‘European Gateway’ and was one of the six people lost when overturned. Quote – ‘The ferry was travelling from Felixstowe to Zeebrugge when it capsized off the coast of Felixstowe following a collision with the inbound Speed Link Vanguard on December 19 1982. Just a few hours before the disaster, which happened at about 11pm, the people on board had been enjoying a carol service and getting ready for Christmas. Doreen Savage, Felixstowe Councillor, was on board for the service. She said: ‘We had been on it in the afternoon and we left about 5.30pm - the next thing we knew at midnight there was a phone call to say it had gone down. It was awful from the point of view that the people you had just shared a joyous occasion with were no longer alive. A massive rescue operation took place with all available boats and harbour tugs being drafted in to help – a headcount later revealed that six people were missing. Despite communications improving since the European Gateway some believe similar incidents, like the Costa Concordia disaster, could happen again unless lessons are learnt.’ -

Despite ill-fate, Mrs Joan Coburn continued breeding Mastiffs until ’89 totalling twenty litters. She purchased five broods, ie Gildasan Dusky Maid b ‘75, Bannwater Sorley Boy’ sis B- Cleopatra b ’77, Bredwardine Belle b ’78 – Farnaby Voodoo Priestess ex ch F- Prince of Darkness -,  Craigavon Sybil b ’79 – ch Craigavon Emma ex The Devil -, & Chevelu Musico b ’87 – ch C- Minerva’ dau C- The Mystic ex Brookview Lucy Lastic’ sis B- Quaver -. Studs in chronological order were Bulliff Palestrina’ brother B- Servius Tullius,  Kisumu Prince Zachary 6x, his son Gall O Glach 2x, Falmorehall Lucky Strike 5x – Bellabees Mynnydd Perfydd ex MM - , Zanfi Baron 2x – Grangemoor Gilda ex Darkling Bombardier -, his son Padraig, and Falmorehall Happy Fella. Ninja Warlord b ’86 – Zachary’ dau R- Piscin ex Z- Baron - bred by Mrs Coburn grandsired Mr Graham Hicks’ ch Delbeech Zorab. 

Mrs/Mr Joan Coburn & her son David - b ’61 maintenance engineer D&J Drain Ltd - are still breeding Ransevyn Mastiffs at 16 Millbay Road – see at right - Islandmagee Larne ca 20m N of Belfast, having purchased Cyberus Amy b ’13 – out of Crashell Catriona ex Cyberus Adonis – Catriona – Andvari Artemis ex ch Westgort Innovation -, Adonis – Beezaville Coram Judice’ dau Ishamac Strike A Pose ex ch Penrichlar Rhoenix’ son Cyberus The Sentinel -. Amy produced dd Oct ‘15 a litter sired by the Irish bred Balloughton Firestorm.

Bannwater Doll Tearsheet – ch Canonbury Autobiography’ grand-dau Bannwater Brymwyle ex ch Forefoot Prince Igor – was purchased by Glynpedr breeder Mr Raymond J Boatwright who bred two litters from her, 1) sired by Oxhaege Thorkel’ son Forefoot Lucifer which gave a/o G- Amoretta b May ‘80, and 2) sired by Gildasan Mr Butler’ son ch Aicama Captain Morgan – see at left - resulting in Glynpedr In The Wood  b Jan ’81 purchased dd KCBRS Nov ’81 by Prince Azamat Guirey b ’24 - OEMC member since ’81 - addressed Rathbeale Hall – see centre - Swords Co Dublin – since ‘73. –

Prince Azamat Guirey, educated at Yale University, spent many years with the stock brokerage firm of Burnham & Co. The Prince’ title is a Khanate of the Crimea, which was formed in 1449 as an independent state by clans of the Mongolian Golden Horde. The Prince’ prestigious ancestors include Haci Giray who became the first ruler of that region and was said to be a descendent of the 11th generation of Genghis Khan (1162-1227), the founder of the Mongolian Empire. - He married in ’71 Frederica Ann Sigrist - see at right - aka ‘Bo’ b ‘40-17 – Quote - ‘An heiress born in Nassau, previously married to Kevin McClory who directed several James Bond films. She lived an unapologetically glamourous life. Called a ‘supersonic jetsetter’ by the British tabloids in the 60’s, she at one time had residences in London’ Belgrave Square, a country estate in Ireland, and then inherited end '81 the famous Sigrist House - built in the mid 1930s by her father Sir Frederick Sigrist - in Nassau The Bahamas. Sigrist House, once the residence and estate of King Edward of England, where he and his wife, socialite Wallis Simpson lived during his first years as The Governor of the Bahamas after his abdication from the British throne. Sir Frederick Sigrist '80-56 was a British aviation pioneer in the early 20th century, and a founding member of Hawker Siddeley, who developed the famous Spitfire and the Sopwith 1 ½ Strutter whose prototype was the ‘Sigrist Bus’. It was widely speculated that Sigrist was one of the top ten wealthiest people in the world during his lifetime. Princess Guirey was raised in London, Nassau & Monte Carlo. After receiving her inheritance in the late 50’s the world was her oyster.

MCOA President & Greenbranch breeder Mr Edward Anthony Gerace b ’30 - Q4 ’92, of Ravenswood 111 Stoney Hill road New Hope – 7m SW from NY, presented the Progeny Award at the OEMC Centenary show ’83 to ‘Mrs G’– see at left -.  Messrs Ed Gerace & Cal Sheldon ran ‘The Raven’ Hotel - Raven Hall 385 West Bridge street New Hope PA. His all-time favourite Mastiff was ch Artifex Arabella’ brother Artifex Astronaut aka ‘Boswell’ b ‘72-84 – see centre & at right - .‘I picked him from a litter born in the back room of a pub in Wareham Dorset. He was the beloved star gentleman. Gregory Peck patted him on the head at Westminster and George C Scott owns one of his descendants. When I had the hotel, Boswell would love to walk around the bar and visit all the patrons. As I sit here in England, the land of his birth, with four wonderful dogs at my feet.’ –

Artifex breeder Mr R N Smith, of Wareham nr Poole Dorset - arguably Mr Raymond Newey Smith ’21-97 - purchased Buckhall Mistress Jennifer b Nov ’68 – transfer from her breeder Major Reardon reg BRS Dec ’71 - and mated her to Farnaby Lucky Attempt which gave a litter dd 22th Jan ’72 of four – ie Mr Smith' A- Alligator, Mrs Baxter’ ch A- Arabella - see here at left - , Mr Gerace’ A- Astronaut & Mr Rosingh’ A- Addendum, the latter a small one, ie 73 cm at shoulder for  72kg at 2y, mated to ch Copenore Rab’ dau Grangemoor Serena 68cm - 57kg at 18m, produced Lazybones King Kong &  Rab.

The pub referred to in Wareham - hundred miles East of Eggesford -  may have been  ‘The Kings Arms’ – see at right - 41 North Street Wareham – dixit – ‘having rooms filled with brass & copper artifacts.’ - The pub was licensed to members of the Hoare family from 1835 until early XXth c; thereafter followed dd ’11-15 Mrs Elizabeth Grant and dd ’23 Arthur George Durrant b ’78 Wareham. – The kennel name Artifex may refer to Wareham’ history.

Quote – ‘Excavations at the nearby Bestwall site have produced evidence of transient early Mesolithic activity dating to around 9000 BCE. At the same site four large Neolithic pits containing worked flint and pottery fragments dating to 3700 BCE were found. Three greenstone axeheads discovered also probably date to this period. Flint working and potting continued throughout the Bronze Age.’ - Former publicans of Wareham’ Kings Arms ’42-55 Mr George Hoare ’75-89 Mrs Elizabeth Hoare ’95 Miss Sarah Hoare b ‘52 ’01 Sarah Hoare Inn Keeper Edith Sport b ’75 Boarder & Barmaid Harry Cann b ’74 Boarder & Cab Driver -

Note - ‘Grandeur & Good Nature’ publ ’92 contains an article pp 429-431 authored by Mr Edward Gerace, which mentions a/o – ‘I picked Boswell from a litter that was born in the back room of a pub in Wareham Dorset’ -. Boswell aka Artifex Astronaut was, according to the KCBRS bred by Mr R N Smith and the OEMC newsletters dd ’84/85 mention – Mr R N Smith of The White House Castle Hill Bodmin Cornwall – member since 1972. So probably he moved in the mean while. The White House is presently a care home.

Mr Ed Gerace’ most famous bitch was arguably Thunderhill Abbess -  ch Blackroc Falcon’ dau Chicken Little ex ch Blackroc Rhinehart’ son ch Ballyherugh Cormac O’Conn –, made up in ’73 and taking a number of group placements, at a time when Mastiffs were seen as disasters by most judges! Unfortunately, ‘happy tail’ syndrome ended her show career!– At left - her sis Thunderhill Ria -. At right fr l to r – Boswell’ grandson Greenbranch Bomber, Boswell’ son G- Marco Polo, Boswell & Bomber’ dam Greenbranch Melanie Taff,  arguably depicted in the scenery of a drawing room at Canonteigh Manor. -  Mr Gerace  purchased in '74 Buckhall Lady Macbeth - B- Priscilla ex Mr Micawber' brother Kisumu Tarzan -, and in ’81  Bulliff Sodomina – Bulliff Giselt ex B- Hamilco  -.

The OEMC newsletter dd  ’86 mentions his address as Canonteigh Manor - see centre – at Christow within the boundary of Dartmoor National Park,  ca 25 mls from Mrs Baxter’ Eggesford. In ’89 he moved ca 20m south to Old Brook Farm – see below at left - Buckfastleigh whose seventeenth century local squire Sir Richard Cabell was by all accounts 'a man of ill repute'. Local legend says that he often beat and abused his wife and one night she escaped his evil grasp and ran away across the moors whereas he followed her on horseback and murdered her along with her faithful dog. As the story goes the ghost of the dog haunted Cabell for the rest of his life. Sound familiar? It is thought that this tale gave Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the inspiration for the 'Hound Of The Baskervilles'.

Mr Ed Gerace  purchased the dark brindle Farnaby Fringe Benefit - see at left - b Feb ’91 - ch F- Fraze & Fable aka 'Bertha ex F- Touch of Class -. Quote dd Jan '94 from Mrs Baxter – ‘Bertha died from bloat in March '91 when her pups were two weeks old. It broke my heart. Whe saved the pups, and I have one dog which I have just started to show. The others went as pets mostly, which was waste. I sold a big dark brindle dog to Ed Gerace, an American who lived over here and to whom I had sold his first Mastiff back in '72. When the dog was 18 months old, Ed developed cancer and we took the dog back. It has taken quite a while to get him socialised - he has been kept outside as a guard - but now he is lovely, and I showed him up in Scotland at his first show in August and he qualified for Crufts straight away, and then went best brindle in show at the Mastiff Association show in September. So I am pleased with him. He is called Fred. His father Jacob is now over 8 but still going strong. I have to keep him and his son Fred apart though.' -

Bertha' litter - by Touch of Class - dd Feb '91 counted eight  pups all brindle - five males - ie Ms L Brooke Adams' Fearful Symmetry, Mr T Cork' Fidgetty Phil, Mr A Jordan & Miss S Cusden' Follower of Fashion, Mr Gerace' Fringe Benefit & Beezaville breeder Miss Wendy Taylor' Full Fathom Five - three bitches ie Mrs Baxter' Flaming Miracle – grand-dam of Mr Bill Toogood’ ch Farnaby Fallen Woman -, Fondest Memories & Ormondstow breeder Miss Sheila Critchley' Highland Fling. Half a year later  Jacob,  which sired the litter, got BOB at the OEMC championship show at Pyleigh manor.

Bulliff Thaiter b Nov ’79 from Bulliff’ 7th litter, ie – out of ch H- Presidents Lad’ dau B- Giselt sired by – Merripit - Capper Be Lucky - was owned by The Marchioness of Normanby, ie Lady Grania Meve Rosaura Phipps née Guinness b ‘20 – see at left - daughter of Walter Edward Guinness 1st Baron Moyne & Lady Evelyn Hilda Stuart Erskine - who married in ‘51 Oswald Constantine John Phipps b ’12 - 4th Marquess of Normanby, and lived at Mulgrave Castle – see centre - Whitby North Yorks. At right - fr l to r – Thaiter’ brother Bulliff Osburg, ch Astelle Oven Ready, her son Bulliff Captain Hamilco & - Merripit – Capper Be Lucky -. Thaiter’ sire Capper Be Lucky – out of ch Longendale King Louis’ paternal  aunt Merripit Scamp sired by Bulliff Captain Hamilco - got the Birmingham ’81 cc under Grangemoor breeder Mrs Liz Degerdon – cc MM, and 2nd Limit  at the OEMC ’82 under Mr Graham Hicks – 1st ch Longendale Lord Bernard.  Thaiter’ brother Bulliff Osburg, extensively shown by Mr Sargeant, got the WELKS ’81 cc under Mr Graham Hicks – res ch Celerity Powerful Sort - and further ca sixteen 2nd or 3rd prizes at championship shows.  The Marchioness of Normanby purchased from Mrs E J Bensley - Farnaby - also the male Ragtime Shambling Phantom b ’73 – Wicked Lady ex R- Flash Harry –

The Bulliff breeders Mrs/Mr Carolyn A B aka Lyn Say née Jones - b ’38 Lewisham - & Christopher Say married in ’62 at Sidcup Kent, went to Soho London, and from there to Somerset. They ran The Vine Tree Inn and Chris started a career in forestry. They got in touch with Mrs Betty Baxter owning KCBRS Dec '69  Shute Alice b March ‘69 bred by Mr I C Harris * - out of ch Buckhall Spencer’ sis B- Fiona b July '66 sired by Major Reardon' ch Copenore Friar -. She knew Mr I C  Harris has bred a litter of 5d/3f dd April ’70 from the same parents and and so the Says got  their 1st Mastiff, ie Shute President.  ** It may go about Mr Ivor Charles Harris b ’07 - acc census ’11 living at Axminster – ca 3m from ‘Shute’ village – ca 65m SE of Mrs Baxter’ then living place Northam nr Bideford at the west coast.

Shute President - see here at right - sired eleven litters bred by nine breeders – ie Mr George Alcock - Ragtime, Mr A Astle - Astelle 2x, Miss Jean Bulloch - Hubbastone 2x,  Mrs Hazel Havill - Merripit, Mrs J Robinson - Weirwater, Lady Fermoy - Eddington, Mr J?ohn D?rummond Benton - Yarnscombe,  Mrs Betty Baxter - Farnaby & Mrs Janet Roberts   - Cornhaye.

Shute President sired five champions, ie - Hubbastone - Presidents Lad - see here at extreme right -, H- Countess Carolina, Astelle Oven Ready, Farnaby Rainy Patch & Eddington Saraband. - Mrs Baxter’ Shute Alice got 2cc’s & 7 reserves and produced Mr Douglas Oliff’ Lesdon Lord Alexander who sired ch Jilgrajon Rebecca West.  - * It may go about Mr Ivor Charles Harris b ’07 - acc census ’11 living at Axminster – ca 3m from ‘Shute’ village -  ca 65m SE of Mrs Betty Baxter’ then living place Northam nr Barnstaple.

The Crufts ’74 catalogue mentions their address – ie The Cottage  45 Kingston lane  – see at left - Kingston Deverill nr Warminster – ca fifteen miles S of Bath, and in November of that year they mated Shute President’ dau ch Astelle Oven Ready aka Chip to ch Wayside The Devil whom they had seen a week or two after he came out of quarantaine earlier that year, and with whom they had fallen in love. Chip produced a litter of twelve males and one female who unfortunately had a hare lip. They kept one male who grew into a huge dog, B- Captain Hamilco. Chip produced a 2nd litter dd Aug ’76 sired by ch Hubbastone President Lad, a/o B- Giselt, followed by a litter dd Dec ‘76 out of Graig Goch Gweno – Thorkel' younger sis Oxhaege Gudrid ex Garstars Eric – again sired by ch Hubbastone Presidents Lad resulting in B- Palestrina, Messrs Thomas & Tugwell’ brood  B- Tyche, and Mrs Sarah Windham’ fawn B- Servius Tullius who got the SKC ’80 cc under Mrs G E P How  – res Bannwater Byrthnoth & 3rd 17m old  Kisumu Prince Zachary, both owned by Ransevyn breeder Mrs Joan Coburn. - Ca ’78 they moved to Mushroom Cottage – see at right - Kirtlington nr Oxford where they bred the great majority of Bulliff litters, amongst them  five champions.

  Devarro breeder Mr Geoff Burton' ch Bulliff Petrina – see at left - b ’80 - Hamilco' dau B- Goddess Nerthus ex ch H- Presidents Lad -, the champion siblings, ie Crufts '85 & '87 cc winner ch Bulliff Warrior b '83 – see 2nd fr left - ch Hollesley Devils Advocate’ dau B- Aethelflaed ex President' son Ranulf - sired by ch Honeycroft Danny Boy' son B- Ranger -, & his  sis  Crufts '86 cc winner B- Walkeska – see 3rd fr left - owned by Apollon breeder Mrs Yvonne Richardson,   of Glamis avenue Bournemouth-, and also Dr Sheila Monostori' ch Bulliff Nestor – see 4th fr left at 9y old - b ’88 - Razzermataz' dau Tazion ex ch Arciniegas Lion -.

In '89 they moved to Redwald Spilsby road  Hagworthingham - ca fifteen miles from the Lincolnshire coastal village Skegness -, and bred there the last dozen of over fifty Bulliff litters in a quarter century, amongst them Marcolian breeder Mrs Golightly' ch Bulliff Ubiquitous Uli – see at right at 7y old - b ’90 - out of Razzermataz' dau B- Gallie Gullie sired by ch Farnaby Fraze & Fable' brother F- Fortune Finder -. Ch Bulliff Walkeska, mated to ch Arciniega' Lion, produced ch Nomhle Sindisha and ch Bulliff Ubiquitous Uli, mated to ch Bulliff Warrior’ grandson  B- Stormy Spirit, resulted in Marcolian ch's Rhannas Flower & Cean More.

Copenore breeders Mrs Maisie née Willows ’08-92 & Cyril H Lindley ’05-87, of Whyte Farm Anker lane – see centre - Stubbington Fareham only a mile from the south coast – married in ’34 at Portsmouth. Twenty years later they purchased their foundation brood Sparry Cleo – see at left - out of Heatherbelle Sterling Silver’ Melita Salome sired by Heatherbelle Steling Silver' son Sparry Faithful Gillard – bred by Mr Maxwell Ernest Aberdeen b ’20 & Mrs Louisette F née Dudart, of Tolcarne road Redruth  ca 18 mls NE of Penzance. Sparry Cleo was mated to Weyacres Lincoln resulting in Copenore Jason b ’57 – see at right with Mrs Lindley -.

Jason became the unrivalled stud of his era – siring 23 litters bred by eleven different breeders.  In the show ring Copenore Jason had brutal bad luck to come across the 8m younger ch Havengore Hotspot.  Three times Jason became the reserve cc beaten by Hotspot , ie Mrs M Pacey, Mr Joe Braddon & Mr R Gadsden, another reserve cc under Hollesley breeder Mrs Pam Day – cc ch Havengore Drake b March ‘56 -, but at Blackpool ‘61 Jason got the cc under Mrs T M Corbett – res ch Withybush Oscar b Oct ’56 & 3rd the rising star ch Havengore Balint b  ’60. Mrs Lindley recalls how Jason once ‘sorted out’ a gang of youth who were vandalising the tents at one of the Portsmouth dog shows.

Their next brood was C- Cresta bred by Mrs L Bonetti * - out of Crispin’ brindle dau Withybush Ida sired by their Copenore Jason - * arguably Mrs Leviah G Bonetti née Price b ’97 Regiment Army Hospital & Medical Corps m in ’28 Mr Giovanni A G Bonetti at Southampton – ca 15m from Stubbington – Mrs Bonetti died at Winchester in ‘92;   Cresta was mated back to her sire Jason which gave Cornhaye breeder Mrs Janet Roberts’ C- Bonny Helen 2 reserves and, mated to Jason’ son Warren, she produced ch Cornhaye Whitsun Bee b June '66, owned by Mr Ernest Jones of 22 Albion street Oldbury - ca 7m W of Birmingham,  Crufts '71 cc winner under Mr Stanley Dangerfield – res Miss Perrenoud ch Meps Portia 3rd ch Hollesley Macushla.

3rd Copenore brood was Saxondale Cleopatra bred by Mr H & Mrs Flora Taylor of Lanlivery Bodmin Cornwall – Havengore Adam’ dau Saxondale Boadicea ex Weyacres Lincoln – and mated to C- Jason, produced four litters, a/o 1) Mrs G M De Mornay’ C- Dominic 1 cc,  2) Buckhall breeder Major Reardon’ ch C- Friar, 3) C- Aida – mated to Weatherhill Bellringer, produced ch Twinoaks Baroness, bred by Mrs Phillis Teversham  of Minhaven Woodcote lane Peel Common Fareham - & 5) C- Flourish, the latter dam of  three Copenore litters sired by Bellringer’ son C- Endeavour,  produced Celerity breeder Mrs Denise Norfolk’ ch C- Petronella & Mrs Cemaes breeder Mr Phillips’ C- Petite who, mated to ch Pynesfarm Gelert’ grandson Beaumaring Lion, gave Mr G Hicks‘ ch Cemaes King Edward who sired ch Jilgrajon Sir Gladstone.

Another Copenore brood was Withybush Crispin’ dau Withybush Kassia b ’58, and mated to C- Jason, she produced C- Berta – dam of ch Blackroc Tuppence -, and C- Prima Donna, the mated to 1) Crispin’ son Withybush Superbus, gave C- Centurion 3 reserves & C- Countess one cc; C- Prima Donna, mated to 2) Weatherhill Bellringer, gave two C- litters, a/o C- Ensign – dam of Mr Gordon Edwards’ ch Pynesfarm Gelert & Miss Perrenoud’ ch Meps Portia -, C- Endeavour – ch C- Petronella’ sire -, & Gildasan foundation brood C- Katrina who, mated to Warren’ son ch Cornhaye Kennett, gave ch Gildasan Eminence.

The last ‘outside’ brood was the brindle Taddington Pride b ’63 – see at left - & bred by Mrs Mrs S Dickens Pawmarks Greet road Winchcombe Glos – out of Copenore Jason’ brother C- Leo’ dau Tiger Lily - – out of Mr L Langridge’ Withybush Neda - and formerly owned by Mrs Creigh, thereafter Miss S Jones - sired by Copenore Jason. Pride, mated to Weatherhill Bellringer,  produced ch Copenore Mary Ellen – see centre - who, mated to ch Hollesley Macushlas Dagda, gave ch Copenore Rab – see at right - & ch C- Czarina b ‘71, both owned by Mrs Liz Degerdon.