Mrs Betty Baxter wrote Mrs Flora Taylor’ cameo portrait in her ‘The History & Management of the Mastiff’, a/o – She attended the fifty year celebration function of the OEMC in ’33. She recalls how, long before WW-I, her husband saw two Mastiffs in a Wild Animal show at Wakefield – ed – ca 15 mls from Bradford - and determined to have one of his own. So in the early twenties, when they were in a position to have a dog, they contacted Mr Moseley, and got two bitch puppies. What they did not realise was that this was the renowned – notorious? – Bull Mastiff breeder and the puppies were not pure bred Mastiffs. Not having the heart to return them, the puppies were kept. I remember seeing her about 1965 with a big fawn dog called Beric The Briton, a son of Copenore Jason. In ’84 Mrs Flora Taylor judged the breed for the first time at the age of nearly 79.’ –

The OEMC newsletter No 90 dd ’90 mentions – ‘We regret to learn that Mrs Taylor of the Saxondale Mastiffs died on Wednesday 13th June. She was one of the Club’ oldest owners and breeders of Mastiffs. A longer notice about her will be in the next newsletter.’ - Taking also into account Saxondale kennels were established in 1921 – see at left advert presumably foundation brood Boadicea who produced 23 KC reg S- puppies  -. The 1939 Register mentions for Saxondale kennels St Austell road Cornwall  - 'Flora Taylor (Szego) b '05 house duties - single, Harry Taylor b ‘85 small holder - married, and Emily H Taylor b '82 unpaid domestic duties - married.' -  Mr Harry Taylor b ’85-65 at Bradford  married in ’25 at Rochdale Lancs Miss Emily H Brierley b ’82-45. After his wife' death in '45 Harry  continued the Saxondale kennels with Flora née Szego '05-90. Miss Flora Szego b '05 Budapest was the daughter of Mr Bela Szego; she was sent to Falmouth Cornwall by the Famine Area Children' Hospitality Committee dd 10th October 1921. 

Newspaper clips – – 13 April ’29 - Mastiff dog puppy, four months old, for sale. Big boned, well masked, splendid type. Fit for show bench. Particulars Taylor Rose Hill Lostwithiel. - Newspaper adverts addressed ‘Taylor Saxondale Lanlivery Bodmin’ -  June ’42 - Bentall bone cutter excellent condition; 10s. or near offer.— Taylor, Lanlivery, Bodmin. -  July ‘42 - H Taylor, Bodmin, enters a sea trout of 3lb. from the River Fowey: good food, that! – ‘50 -The motion was seconded by Mr H Taylor, Bodmin, and unanimously carried. This election is the first time that we have had three parties trying to govern and rule.

Newspaper adverts addressed ‘Taylor Saxondale - see centre - Lanlivery Bodmin’ -   ’36 Fawn Mastiff bitch puppies for sale: very reasonable to good homes.— Indian game eggs and chicks for sale; also Welsummers hatching 90%. – At Cornwall Holiday Accommodation – see centre - old Country House; own farm produce; bathroom, indoor sanitation h & c water, garage; good centre for touring, within easy reach of tea and moors; also camping site under ideal conditions - ’38 – Pedigree Wire Terrier puppies for sale 3 months old; absolutely sound. - ’39 - Welsummer Light Sussex, White Wyandotte - hatching eggs 5/6 doz.: stock cockerels, 15/-; pullets, 8/6 each. chicks to order. - ’43 Ford Prefect Saloon 10 HP; – see at right - leather upholstery; sunshine roof; 25,000 miles: perfect condition.- £185 or nearest – ed launch price ’38 £352.—’44 Bull Terriers bitch puppies, white and coloured; 6gs. Stamp reply. - ’44 Registered Welsh Pembroke Corgi puppies, 10 wits., very promising; sire Felcourt Magnat, dam Diana of Saxondale. Stamp.  North Holland Blue stock cockerels, March, 1944; splendid specimens; £2 2s. each.— Pedigree White Bull Terrier dog puppy; grand specimen. £10/10/0 - ’46 - super-attachment and resistance. Also decco projector. 93mm hand driven; few films; both new condition. - ‘49 Street organ Vincent's Amusements Cam Brea KAPS Boudoir;  grand piano walnut 1st class instrument. 85gs. Suit professional.— Outstanding Khaki-Campbell Drakes. March, 1948. 30s. each. Pure Buff Goose, £4 10s.— Trio Roman and Trio Toulouse. 9gns. per pen. Also Buff goose. £3 10s. – JL-Plate Reflex Press camera 4.5 Aidis and Ross Telescopic Lenses, Slides, Roll Film Adaptor: first-class instrument.- ’50 – Three pairs of first-class Norwich m- KIES winners: breed Bodmin; cheap.— 1-Plate Reflex Press camera, 24 plate  holders. Roll film adapter. Aidis 4/5 and Ross Telecentric; 30 gns.

The Taylors moved from Bradford ca 350 miles south to Rose Hill Lostwithiel and  purchased  Hellingly Hilda b June '29 - ch Cleveland Premier x Joseph’ dau Hell Hecuba - from Mr/Mrs Oliver whose kennels were located at Hailsham – ca 260m east. They mated H- Hilda to their own  Beric The Briton which produced Cedric b Nov ’30 owned by Miss Flora Szego  b '05 of Lostwithiel.   

Hellingly Hilda, mated to Mr Geo Joice’ ch Arolite,  resulted dd Nov '31 in Mr/Mrs Taylor’ twin Saxondale Barguest &  S-Brian,  S- Brutus owned by Mr H Butt, of 879 Washwood Heath Road Birmingham, and in '35 exported to Dr Wayne Alter of St Paul US and behind several American bred Mastiffs who contributed to the post WWII revival in Britain, and S- Bess owned by the Misses Ida Barker & Birt who bred from her a litter dd Oct ’36 sired by Deleval Ascelin which gave Greywethers Wanda & Saxondale Uda , the latter became a Saxondale brood and sired by ch Uther Penavon’ son Sir Timothy she produced Mrs A Sowerby’ S- Garry 2nd Limit at Harrogate ‘38, S- Gona 2nd Junior at Crufts ’38,  and Saxondale Agrippa – see centre as youngster & at right dd Sept ’41 -, 1st Novice at Crufts ’38 – offered for sale £50 guineas and soon exported to Manthorne breeder Colonel Percy Hobart Titus of  West Roxbury Boston –  member of the MCOA founded in ’29.

Four years earlier Mr H Taylor got at Crufts 3rd Puppy class with Saxondale Earl b June ’33 - Saxondale Betty ex Saxondale Brian -. Price £25 – and 2nd Post Graduate with his Saxondale Brian – 1st Mr H Butt’ Saxondale Brutus. –  Notes – ‘Saxondale’, known for an Anglo-Saxon fort with earthworks, is a Nottinghamshire hamlet ca 15m north of Rev Wynne’ parish Scalford, and ‘Beric The Briton’ arguably referring to the book ‘Beric the Briton - a Story of the Roman Invasion’ 1st ed ’93 by G A Henty 1832 –’02. - There's, as far as known,  no evidence Mr Harry Taylor was related to Rev Henry Walter Taylor b ’29- 98 who was vicar of Lanlivery, and thereafter of Lostwithiel from 1873 up to ‘86.

At left – A 1930s cabinet photograph by Swift Studios 37 Frankfort Street Plymouth – Devon Co presenting an unnamed young male Mastiff. So purely guessing there may be a connection to the Saxondale Kennels of Mr H & Flora Taylor of Lostwithiel , afterwards Lanlivery – see at right street view  of the ‘Crown Inn’ -  formerly 'Saxondale'  – at Lanlivery – ca thirty mls north of Plymouth.

Lostwithiel, once a stannary town - location  where refined or white tin was assessed, coined, and sold - and for a period the most important in Cornwall with notable buildings as St Bartholomew' Church & Restormel Castle. Its name comes from the Cornish ‘lostwydhyel’ which means ‘tail of a wooded area’ and is a small town in Cornwall at the head of the estuary of the River Fowey, positioned between the road from Tavistock to Truro. It has several large parks including Coulson Park which was named after Nathaniel Coulson, the San Francisco property magnate, who was raised in Lostwithiel after being abandoned by his father.

1½  mls west of Lostwithiel there’s Lanlivery village with Pelyn, a 17th  century house which was formerly the seat of the Kendall family  whose Estate included - until 1926 - a Lanlivery Inn rented to Redruth Brewery - founded in 1827. It was originally built during the 12th century to accommodate the masons & builders engaged to construct the original St Brevita church who has one of the finest towers in Cornwall. In the church tower there’s the ‘ringers rhyme’ - see centre - . The Lanlivery pub is a traditional long house with low beams, slate floors and open fires. The church builders would have been given bed & board  and as tea & coffee were not available at that time, a fermented brew known as ‘mash’. The surplus mash would be sold to the locals and thus an inn was born and a blacksmith’ shop occupied the far end of the building ; the blacksmith’ cottage became a butcher’ shop and was at various times known as ‘Saxondale’, ‘Brae’, ‘The Old Inn’ and presently ‘The Crown Inn’ . It is directly on the ‘Saints Way’ also known as the Mariners Way, a thirty miles from coast-to-coast walk across Cornwall once undertaken by cattle drovers from Ireland ‘fat walking’ the cattle from Padstow to Fowey avoiding sailing around Lands End . Then embarking the animals at Fowey to sail to France. Pilgrims joined these drovers and built churches on the route.


Four post-WWII Saxondale litters – ’59-’63 - were bred, ie three out of the fawn - Saxondale - Boadicea b June ’58 & bred by Mrs Peggy Braybrooke – read Miscellanea Five -,  of Ardleigh Park nr Colchester, - out of Zimapan Krashina - Fanifold Undine ex Sparry Crusader - sired by Havengore Adam -. Boadicea, sired by 1) Am export Saxondale Brutus’ paternal G7 import descent  Weyacres Lincoln, resulted in 8 pups  - a) Miss Bell' S- Marcus, - b) Major Reardon ch Copenore Friar’ dam  S- Cleopatra  - see at left ch Copenore Friar' parents Copenore Jason and his paternal half sis S- Cleopatra   -,          - c) Saxondale Barguest exported to Peach Farm breeder Mrs Patty Brill US – grandsire of Dr Wm Newman ch Renrock Brian O’Dare who sired double MCOA Specialty winner ch Reveille Big Thunder -, & ) d) his sis S- Naida who, mated to ch H- Balint, produced 2 pups ie S- Hereward & S- Tristan. -

Saxondale Boadicea, sired by 2) Crispin' son Withybush Jasper, gave 9 pups a/o Rhosnessey breeder Miss E L Mercer' S- Rebecca and finally S- Boadicea, mated to 3) Copenore Jason, gave 6 pups a/o Saxondale Beric The Briton who, mated to Hollesley Larena – ch Havengore Dawn ex ch Moonsfield Baron -,  produced Rillamil Cassandra b ‘64, bred by Dr Walter Robert Dyke ’16-‘04, an oldtimer fancier – read Miscellanea Four - of 'Rilla Mill' village - see centre -  nr Upton Cross  ca 20m from Lanlivery -, and was transferred to the stud owners Mr/Mrs H & Flora Taylor.

They sold Rillamil Cassandra to Major Reardon KCBRS July ’66 who mated her to ch Weatherhill Thor - see at right - resulting in the famous Buckhall litter 8 pups dd '66 ie Mrs Phil Greenwell' ch Spencer, Oxhaege breeder Mrs BJ Cooper' Wolsey, Lisken breeder Mr James Brett' Esme, Shute breeder Mr I C Harris' Fiona, Bournewoos breeder Mary Denton' Anthea, Miss E E Willis' Laura, & Major Reardon' Winston. – Dr Walter Robert Dyke bred also Bull Terriers, a/o out of Fanifold Anastasia sired by Abraxas Allan.

Stodham Caesar b May’ 50 - younger brother of ch Havengore Rodney – see at left - bred by Captain Keith F H Hulbert, of Fritham Grange farm New Forest nearby Lyndhurst, – out of Frithend Nydia sired by Valiant Diadem – was owned by Lady Dorman-Smith ‘96-88 – see centre - aka Doreen Agnes Edith - daughter of Sir John Watson, 2nd Bt married Sir Reginald Hugh Dorman-Smith, of Stodham Park – see at right - Liss - ca fourty miles NE of Lyndhurst. Withybush Beatrix’ brother W- Nelson b June ’51 – Heatherbelle Portia ex ch Havengore Rodney – was successively owned by Rev R E D Hull and Major James Ayton-Blake b ‘77, Dewstraw breeder of Golden Retrievers – dd ’21 Leith House Waldeck road West Ealing ca 10 mls W of London City. Major Ayton-Blake died in ’55 at Bournemouth.

Withybush Magnus’ brother Withybush Marcus – see at left - b June ‘51 – OEMC Prudence ex Heatherbelle Sterling Silver -, Golden Ambassador’ sis Jascot Starlight b April ’52 & bred by Lt-Cdr E C Peake – N/D Griselda ex Heatherbelle Sterling Silver –, Havengore Hannah b ’52 – OEMC Boadicea ex ch Havengore Rodney -, and Copenore Jasper b '62 - Withybush Kasia ex Copenore Jason - were owned by Countess Ann Wachtmeister ‘06-78, daughter of Mr Emil Dickson, chamberlain of the Swedish kings Oscar II and Gustav V. Emil’ father Robert Dickson, a member of a wealthy Gothenburg family immigrated from Scotland, bought the property ‘Sparreholm Castle’ – see at right -  for Emil' behalf. In 1895 Emil Dickson married Anna Lewenhaupt. He devoted most of his time to the maintenance of Sparreholm and local elected office. His hospitality was legendary, as were the winter cruises he did to distant parts of the world. As early as 1917, Emil was widowed and lived alone with servants and more or less prolonged guests at the castle. His only child, daughter Ann, married in ’28 Count Carl Welam Louis Wachtmeister ’87-73 - see at right insert the Wachtmeister couple - and settled on Långdunker - a 1700s mansion close to Sparreholm castle. Emil Dickson died in 1950 at 83 years of age. Ann Wachtmeister inherited the property but lived on Långdunker. –

Lexander Monarch b ‘52 - brother of Ch Lexander Tudor King – see at left -  bred by Mr Sidney Roy Anderson, of Brewery Cottage 71 St Johns Road Isleworth, – out of Portia/Diadem’ dau OEMC Elgiva ex Heatherbelle Sterling Silver –  was owned by Lady Iris Dawn Ferguson-Davie née Buller ’29-92 – see centre -, the wife of Sir Patrick  Ferguson-Davie ’09–88 Bart, the last Davies at Creedy Park – see at right - Crediton Devon. - The Ferguson Davie Baronetcy was created on 9 January 1847 for Henry Ferguson Davie, a General in the Army and Member of Parliament for Haddington from ‘47 to ‘78. Born Henry Ferguson, he was the husband of Frances Juliana Davie, only surviving sister of Sir John Davie, 9th Baronet of Creedy, and niece and heiress of Sir Humphrey Davie, 10th Baronet of Creedy, on whose death in 1846 the Davie baronetcy of Creedy became extinct.

Copenore Beauty b ’62 - Withybush Kassia ex Copenore Jason - and Copenore Camelot b ’63  - Copenore Prima Donna ex Withybush Superbus -, both owned by Mrs Gudrun von Geijer ’19-08 - see at left -, wife of Erik Wilhelm Walter Hallwil von Geijer ’11-98 of Vegeholm castle – see 2nd from left - Ängelholm Strövelstorp South Sweden. -

Bardayle Rollo b 62 – Crispin’ Solitaire sired by Havengore Adam -, and Threebees  Baldric b '66 - Copenore Countess ex ch Copenore Friar - were owned by Emy von Mautner-Markhof née Reininghaus ’81-74, , the wife of  Georg Anton Mautner Markhof ’75-34, whose grandfather Adolf Ignaz Mautner von Markhof – see 3rd from left - launched the entrepreneurial dynasty Mautner Markhof. In 1840 he appeared as tenant of the brewery St Marx. Three years later, the technically innovative brewing expert first produced bottom-fermented beer and stored it with the help of new cooling devices ‘draft beer’. In ‘47, with his son-in-law Johann Peter Reininghaus, he first produced pressed yeast, for which he won a prize exposed by the Viennese baker guild. In ‘57 he bought the brewery St Marx.  His grandson, Emy' husband Georg Anton Mautner Markhof, was vice president of the brewery Schwechat AG, as well as boss of the brewery Zum Sankt Georg in Floridsdorf, the united Mautner-Markhofschen Preßhefefabriken and the Th & G Mautner-Markhof KG in Simmering. The von Mautner-Markhof family  resided at ‘Zwei Eichen’ – see at right - Gaaden nr Vienna.

Mrs G Tonkin – see pic dd ’51 Mrs Tonkin & 7m old Brevity next to Mr Duke and his mom Mrs A B Duke of Bearehill Scotland - bred a litter dd Oct ’52 – out of N/D’ dau Bowerschurch Brevity sired by Heatherbelle Sterling Silver –. There’s a Miss Gladys Gertrude Cude b ’10 West Ham who married in ’37 Mr Martin P W Tonkin, b ’15 Bermondsey London, at Billericay Essex  - ca 10 mls from a property called ‘Bowers’ Church road Boreham.  The six siblings were- 1) Faithful Gillard who grandsired Copenore Jason, ch Milf Manetta & Milf Murias, was owned by ‘Mr J Peters’, arguably Mr Jonathan (Jonti) Edward Peters - b ’85-69 of Croft kennels Chorley road  Westhoughton nr Manchester who bred Roxbury Boy & Milfold Lass dd ‘31 - out of Sweet Memory sired by ch Ashenhurst Cedric’ grandson Wantley Jeffery  -, and also Break of Day  - granddam of Mrs Day’ very first Mastiff ie Tiddicar Hermit; the KCBRS Jan ’54 mentions Faithful Gillard' transfer to  Sparry breeders Mr/Mrs Aberdeen of Redruth Cornwall though, - 2) Bardayle breeder Mr Anderson’ Benfleet Janus, dam of Havengore Adam and grand-dam of ch Parcwood Olwen, ch Havengore Balint & ch Kisumu Fatima, - 3) Mr G Kemp’ Blethian Guinevere, - 4) Mr D H Sewell’ Major Bonzos Diadem, 5) - Mrs E E Soulby’ Lindsey Belle, and - 6) Caythorpe Heathermaid owned by Dr  Guy Blundell Sutcliffe Pimblett - see obituary at left -, of Corner House – see blue arrow at right - 5 Frieston Green Caythorpe nr Grantham Lincolns. –

Ch Buckhall Mr Micawber’ maternal aunt Kisumu Helga b 66 – ch Blackroc Tuppence’ sis Kisumu Bracken ex Beaucaris Marcus – was owned by Prof Hans Robert Willenegger ‘10–88 – see at left with AO Clinic founder Dr S M A Shah -. Prof Willenegger was chief physician and professor of surgery  - of Mühleberg nr Bern m in ‘48 Frau Annemarie Jäger. Hans Robert Willenegger —most frequently called in the Bernese way ‘Hausi’ - was born in Zurich, spent his youth in the Bernese Oberland and studied medicine at the University of Bern and graduated in ‘37. From ‘53 to ‘75 he was chief physician of the surgical department of the cantonal hospital Liestal. He was from ‘54 to ‘72, the joint commission for hospital issues in Basel. From ‘58 he taught at the University of Basel as an associate professor of surgery initially specialised in the gastric & biliary tract surgery, then mainly the surgical treatment of bone and joint fractures. In his research, Willenegger dealt with, inter alia, with blood group substances, blood preservation, the concept of universal donors, bone healing in osteosynthesis and the musculoskeletal system and infection biology. Hans Willenegger held one of the five central positions in the founding committee of the AO in ‘85. - Quote – ‘The first animal to be treated for repair of a fracture was the dog belonging to Mrs Willenegger, the wife of the founding member Prof Hans Willenegger, who performed the surgical intervention himself at the human hospital in Winterthur Switzerland. The surgeons applied a Kuentscher Nail to a short oblique simple femur fracture with good success in ‘43.’ – Prof Willenegger K- Helga’ sis Kisumu Hepzibah and Shute President’ brother Shute Heath b ’70 – see centre - went to Mühleteich breeder Dr Anton Hartmeier, of Männedorf – see at right - at lake Zürich.

German ch Kisumu Benedict ’63 - ch Kisumu Fatima ex Copenore Jason – sibling of three Kisumu ch’s a/o Mrs Joan Wadland’ Balthasar – see at left -- was owned by Dr Adolf Guggenbühl ’96-71 , of Zurich & Uetikon am See, the latter only one mile from Dr Hartmeier’ village Männedorf. d. Guggenbühl studied at the Universities of Zurich, Bern, Berlin & Montpellier, and completed in ‘20 his doctorate at the Faculty of Law and Economics at the University of Bern. He worked in England and the USA. In ‘25 he founded the magazine and publishing house ‘Schweizer Spiegel’ in Zurich with his wife and brother-in-law Fortunat Huber. The magazine appeared in the Second World War as a conservative representative of the Spiritual Defense in appearance. In addition, Guggenbühl was author of various books on Swiss history and culture as well as publisher of various collections of Swiss German poetry, a dictionary for the Zurich German and a book for Swiss manners. -

Kisumu Pharaoh b ’68 – see centreCopenore Jenny ex ch Kisumu Fatima' son ch Kisumu Jasper ––, reportedly -‘an extremely convincing watch-dog’ -, was owned by Herr F Störing of  Hohenlimburg – see at right - nr Hagen North Rhine-Westphalia. – A prominent Hohenlimburger was Herr Wilhelm Böing 1846-90, who emigrated in 1868 to Detroit US. He made a fortune from North Woods timber lands and mineral rights near Lake Superior, and was the father of Mr William Boeing ’81-56, founder of the Boeing company.

Three Grangemoor Mastiffs b ’80, ie Soames – ch Copenore Rab' dau G- Demela ex Darkling Bombardier –, Bettina & Moby – ch Hollesley Dare Devil' dau G- Alvinia ex G- Zorab -, were purchased by Marchese Guglielmi di Vulci, descent of Senator Giacinto Guglielmi - see at left - member of a noble family of Civitavecchia, who considerably increased their land ownership extending them to Montalto Di Castro, with real estate purchases in Rome, including the Sacred Island at the mouth of the Tiber, where a villa was erected. In 1862 Pope Pius IX granted Felice Guiglielmi the rank of Marquis of Vulci and Montebello, formally recognized in ‘01 and included in the Golden Book of Italian nobility. Isabella Castle – see 2nd from left -, located in the southern part of the Isola Maggiore, was built as a summer residence in ‘87 by Marquis of Vulci and Civitavecchia, in agreement with his wife Isabella, which was dedicated to the dwelling. In ‘94 the Guglielmi organized a lavish inauguration. Isabella Castle remained the property of the Guiglielmi family until ‘75. The Mastiff purchaser was arguably Senator Giacinto Guglielmi’ descent Giacinto Guglielmi di Vulci residing at Via Sassone Montalto Di Castro – ca 100 mls N of Rome.

Bredwardine Brutus b ’85 – Corbetts Girl Alona ex ch Forefoot Prince Igor – was purchased by Sir Guy Holland ‘18–97 & Lady Joan Marian Holland née Street ’23-06  - family seat Westwell Manor – see 3rd from left – Westwell Cotswolds.    Sir Guy Hope Holland 3rd Bt was the son of Sir Alfred Reginald Sothern Holland. After Sir Guy’ death Lady Joan Marian Holland married dd ’99 Lord Mowbray ‘23–’06 – see at right - aka Charles Edward Stourton, from ‘65 to ‘83 premier baron in the English peerage; during World War II he served as a lieutenant in the Grenadier Guards. He lost his right eye near Caen in ‘44.

Meps Brutus b ’86 – Gildasan Pittsburgh Eliza ex Meps Illustrious Lawyersee at left – & Illustrious Lawyer’ sis Meps Never Surrendered b ’83 – Gildasan Jenny Slended ex Grangemoor Zorab - were purchased dd Q2 ‘87 and Q1 ’88 by Father Miguel D'Escoto ‘33-17 – see centre -. D'Escoto was born in Los Angeles, son of Margarita Brockmann Meléndez and the Nicaraguan diplomat Miguel Escoto Muñoz who descended from Nazario Escoto, acting president of Nicaragua in 1855. Miguel D'Escoto was then raised in Nicaragua but was sent back to the United States to begin his high school studies. In ’79-80 he became Nicaragua foreign minister and was President of the United Nations General Assembly dd ‘08/09.  -Quote - The Vatican says Pope Francis has reinstated a Nicaraguan priest who was suspended thirty years ago for taking up office in Nicaragua' left-wing Sandinista government. In ’85 Father Miguel D'Escoto Brockmann had been banned from celebrating mass by Pope John Paul II for defying a church ban on priests holding government jobs. At right – the Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral at Granada Nicaragua.

The female Ethelfled To Wolseley b ’88 & bred by Megalo breeder Mrs J Barnes – Kenour Tanya ex Grangemoor Zorab – was purchased by Amyas Henry Stafford Northcote b ’37, of Bishton Hall – see at left - Wolseley Bridge Stafford, - son of Cecil Henry Stafford Northcote and Winifreda Iola Marguerite Williams. He was educated at Ampleforth College Yorks. He graduated from Christ Church Oxford University with a Master of Arts. He held the office of Justice of the Peace for Staffordshire in ’69 and was awarded the Knight Sovereign Military Order of Malta. - The brindle Farnaby Fatal Attraction b ’89 – ch F- Fraze & Fable ex ch Trevabyn Black Ice see at centre his sis Mr T W Meech’ F- Helan Bywater - was purchased by Lt-Col David Price-Thomas, MRCS LRCP of of Bank Cottage Farm Burry Port – see at right - Carmarthenshire Wales. -

Mr Terence W Meech b ’49 East Ham - m ‘72 Miss Kathleen M Gay - owned also Trevabyn Spring Shower – see at left with Mr Meech 6y old Son Anthony - b ’83 – Belbeck Plantation Boss’ dau Trevabyn Adhara ex ch Parcwood W Bear  – who got  the OEMC ’85 cc under Overnoons breeder Mrs G E P How – res cc ch Glynpedr Taittinger. Mr Terence Meech, of Capricorns – see centre - London road Pitsea nr Southend on Sea Essex, mated Spring Shower of ch Glynpedr Dom Perignon, resulting in Mrs E J Baxter’ Grace & Favour – dam of Mr Steve Attfield’ F- Free Style b ’85 -  cc under Mrs Jean Lanning. His 1st Mastiff was arguably Gildasan Flickity Prince b ’82 – Gildasan Midnight Mystery ex ch Forefoot Prince Igor -. He also co-owned with Mr David Blaxter the fawn Namous Treacle Butter b ’92 – Belgodere Esmeralda ex Barrys Pride - & with Mrs Baxter Farnaby Flaunt It Feebie b ’93  – ch F- Fringe Benefit' sis F- Flaming Miracle ex ch Glynpedr Napoleon -. His son Mr Anthony Brian Meech b ’79 - Environmental Health Practitioner & director of Sparta Corporation Ltd.

Mr T W Meech Spring Shower’ fawn sis, ie Miss Manfredi’ Prixcan foundation brood Trevabyn Spring Fever - see at right 19 months old handled by Miss Manfredi' ex husband Mr Tony Harrity -, got only a res cc under Mr Graham Hicks at Bath ’85 – cc ch Glynpedr Taittinger – but she became famous in terms of breeding. Mated to Meps Illustrious Lawyer, she gave ch Prixcan Drusus -, and mated to Belbeck Plantation Boss’ son ch Trevabyn Black Ice, she produced ch Prixcan Almeria, the latter, mated to ch Prixcan Countach,  gave ch Prixcan Morgaine Le Fee, the latter mated to ch Fantasy In The Night’ son Prixcan Esprit, gave two champions, ie P- Gage d’Amour and P- Esprit d'Amour, the latter mated to ch Meps Dignified John’ son Craigavon Taboo, produced ch P- Blasine, ch P- Mordred and P- Evaine, the latter 2 cc’s, ie  at Working Breeds Scotland '98 under Mrs Hilary Sargeant - res  cc Farnaby The Eleventh Hour - & at Windsor '99 under Mr Boatwright -   res cc  ch Prixcan Blasine -, and 2 res cc's, ie at  Midland Counties '98 res cc under Mrs Ann Arch - cc ch Brookview Bo Filette -, & at Leeds '99 under Mr Chris Say - cc ch Prixcan Blasine -.

Rhosnessney breeder Miss E L Mercer, of Cartrefle Boldventure road – see at left - St Austell  ca 280 miles from London - arguably Miss Elsie Louisa Mercer b ‘09 Bedwellty South Wales – ca 20 mls N of Newport -. Perhaps in her youth the Mercer family moved to the North Wales’ Wrexham area as Miss Mercer’ kennel name Rhossnessney refers to the North Wales’ village Rhosnessney– see centre- nr Wrexham and even her house name in Cornwall, ie ‘Cartrefle’, refers to a locality in Wrexham - – ca three hundred miles N of St Austell! -   At right - pics of Copenore stud Weatherhill Bellringer, a then popular stud who sired  fifteen litters  - the 1st one was a Rhosnessney litter - bred by seven different breeders - Copenore -  Kisumu - Margetts Kithurst – Dr Ewart Williams Bonners – Mrs Teversham Twinoaks & Tegrat breeder Rev C Targett who owned R- Hebe.

Miss Mercer was  a breeder of quality Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, a/o Engl ch Rhosnessney Prince Ivan, but she bred also a dozen Mastiff litters - dd '63-74 - from four broods, ie her foundation brood Saxondale Rebecca b ’60 – Boadicea ex Crispin’ son Withybush Jasper out of ch W- Aethelred' grand-dam W- Kathrina –, Rebecca’ daughters R- Paulanna & R- Regalia, and the latter’ dau Cressida.  A substantial lot of  Rhosnessney bred females became valuable broods in breeding stock of other breeders, a/o two who produced champion offspring, ie ch Astelle Oven Ready' dam R- Bula & ch Eddington Saraband' dam R- Melissa.   – According to Mrs Baxter – ‘Miss Mercer, because of distance – ed - the then nearest championship show was WELKS 200+ miles - and ill health, was not much seen in the show ring but she bred some good stock,  - &c.’ -  Below at right - Charlestown Harbour - ca 1 1/2 mile from Miss Mercer' Boldventure road St Austell.

Miss Mercer’ foundation brood Saxondale Rebecca was sired by Withybush Jasper, paternal half brother of W- Superbus - see at left -. Her  S- Rebecca produced four litters (28 pups), ie 1) sired by ch Havengore Balint – 6 pups - a/o Dr Ivan Monostori’ R- D’ Artagnan  exported  to Mrs C Kalis New Zealand.  - NB Balint sired half a year earlier Saxondale' last litter -, 2/3) sired by Copenore stud Weatherhill Bellringer - 12 & 7 pups -, a/o Oxhaege breeder Jack Cooper’ R- Masquerade – grand-dam of Oxhaege Thorkel – see below at left - & Regalia. Saxondale Rebecca' 4th & last litter – 3 pups - was sired by Balint' son Farnaby Merrick – see below 2nd from left -, a/o her home stud R- Fabian, Farnaby breeder Mrs Baxter’ Fatal Charm & Conturo Paul.

Rhosnessney 'Conturo Paul' was exported to Willowledge breeders Mr/Mrs Stuart & Eve Olsen. He became Am champion in ’70 and sired four Am Willowledge ch’s, a/o W- Knute who sired six Willowledge ch’s, three Kingsborough ch’s and Rumblin Eko  Thojhild. - Above centre – Rhosnessney ‘Conturo Paul’ grand-daughter, ie  Thojhild’ sis Rumblin Eko Ariane b ’73 and owned by Rams Gate breeders Mrs/Mr Judy & Dwayne Nash - Stockton California. -

Bellringer’ dau Rhossnessney Regalia even produced six litters (33 pups!) , ie 1/2) sired by Merrick’ brother Mrs M Ivory’ Farnaby Faro Jim, she produced 11 & 7 pups - a) Tregavean breeder Mrs Combellack’ R- Phoebe, b) R- Cressida - the latter mated to Mr Gordon Edwards' Balint’ son ch Pynesfarm Gelert gave 6 pups  - a/o home stud R- Nimrod -, c) Mr Robin Leonard Goffe’ brindle R- Casper - OEMC ’71 cc under Miss Margaret Harrison – res cc ch Buckhall Baron Spencer -, d) Lisken breeder Mr James Brett’ purchased from Rev Targett R- Hebe, the latter mated to Lisken Kis Kenliss produced the German export L- Lancelot who sired the typey German bred Meadowground Basil -, and   e) Ragtime breeder Mr Geo Alcock’ R- Sarah – grand-dam to ch Longendale King Louis’ sire Ranulf who also grandsired ch Longendale Lord Bernard & Tresylyan Anouska – dam to ch Longendale Princess Athenée –.

Regalia 3/4) sired by Merrick' son Rhossnessey Fabian, gave 5 & 6 pups, - a) Astelle breeder Mr Alfred Astle' R- Bula – dam to ch Astelle Oven Ready by President -, b) Monterosa breeder Mr Harry Howe’ R- Naomi – grand-dam to ch Balclutha Minerva  - see 3rd from left & at right her brother Mr/Mrs Say’ B- Intrepid – & ch Trevabyn Black Ice’ sire Belbeck Plantation Boss – c) Paulanna, the latter mated to Gelert' son R- Nimrod gave Mrs Sylvia Shorter’ R- Black Bess 1 cc and Eddington breeder Lady Fermoy R- Melissa, the latter mated to Shute President gave Mr Edward G Nash’ ch Eddington Saraband -, and d) Vandepere breeder Mrs Thompson’ R- Juno – dam to Vandepere Andy Cap who grandsired ch Gildasan Silver Ghost & Am ch Gildasan Roman Warrior; and finally Regalia 4/5) sired by her grandson Rhosnessney Nimrod, resulted in 3 & 1 pups R- Andrew, R- Edward, R- Paula, & R- Paul. -

Other Rhosnessney owners – 1) Mr W A T Morecombe’ R- Olivia, 2) Mrs M E Coliver’ R- Lysander, 3) Mr W H Dunstan’ R- Boadicea, 4) Mrs M Stevens’ R- Victoria, 5) Mr Ali Mehrawar’ R- Cleopatra, 6) Mr B Clark’ R- Alexandra, 7) Miss A A Holdway’ R- Psyche, 8) Mrs A E Smith’ Osiris, 9) Mr N R Marshall’ R- Sulla, 10) Mrs K Barclay’ R- Titus, 11) R- Paulina exported to Mr Y Nakamura Japan, 12) Mr W J Kerr’ R- Prospero, 13) Mr G P Jones’ R- Troilus, Rhosnessney stud R- Fabian b Nov ‘67 dd Aug ’68 to Mr G P Palmer, 14) Mrs P Mitchell’ R- Persephone, 15) Mr G Stubley’ R- Bianca, 16) Mr Widdicombe’ R- Sarah, 17) Merripit breeder Mrs Havill’ R- Hamish, 18) Mrs B I Miners’ R- Macarthur, 19) Mrs P A Russell’ R- Bacchus – sold to Mrs J L C Hamcock, 20) R- Megan exported to Mr D Ostrow US, 21) Mrs G Lee’ R- Olwen – tranferred to Gildasan breeder Mrs C R Jones an successively to Mrs Annette Griffiths, 22) Mrs S Jenkins’ R- Aylwyn, 23) Mrs Fremont’ R- Matthew, 24/25) Mr L A Thompson’ R- Juno & R- Naomi, 26) Mr G Cole’ R- Esther, 27) Mrs D R Jones R- Rebecca, 28) Mrs J Tremble’ R- Bamber, 29) Miss Rowberry’ R- Melisande, 30) Mr Kitto, R- Ballerina, and 31) Mrs M J Davies’ R- Mark.

Farnaby Faro Jim’ dau Rhosnessney Hebe was owned by Rev Clifford Targett – see at left dd ’75 - of the ‘Tegrat’ affix – anagram of his surname. He mated R- Hebe to the Copenore stud Weatherhill Bellringer which gave a Tegrat litter of 3/1 pups b Dec ’68, ie Mr T D Hughes’ T- Beli, Mr  A G Horwood T- Don exported to Captain T Sugiura Japan, Mr E Calder’  T- Lud exported to Mr T Micailidis Greece & T- Nudd dd Dec ’69 to Dr Santosh Minocha of Leeds.    - The KCBRS  May '71 mentions the transfer of Rev Targett' Rhosnessney Hebe to Lisken breeder Mr James Brett  who bred two litters from her dd Sept '71 & May '72, a/o L- Lancelot exported to Germany. - Rev Targett owned Copenore Gladstone b ’64 – Copenore Agatha ex Copenore Centurion - too.

Rev Clifford Targett was born ’29 at Lewisham nr London and became curate at St John’ Church Glastonbury Somerset in '59. He married three years later Miss Sheila Mary Taylor, a music teacher b ’25 in Yeovil Somerset. Clerical work took Rev Targett to Alverstoke – ca 7 mls S of Fareham Hampshire - where they got two sons, Lucian and Michael. In ‘65 Mr Clifford Targett was ordained and the family moved to take up a role at Holy Cross Church – see centre - at Binstead near Ryde Isle of Wight - which had about 200 members. It was originally built to serve the community employed in the limestone quarries or ‘pitts’ as they were known locally. Very little of the original building remains. The Chancel wall has an ancient scratch-dial and herringbone stonework of the early Norman period. The Nave dates from the 19th century.

Quote Feb ’66 -  ‘Parish Mag terrible. The Rector of Binstead Parish Church, the Rev. Clifford Targett, thinks the average parish magazine is ‘terrible.’ To this end he has set about giving a ‘new look’ to his monthly parish publication. The circulation averaged 260 copies monthly. Mr Targett hopes to boost its successor to 400, giving it a readership of 1,500. - Quote April ’66 –‘Pointed remark. The Rector of Binstead, the Rev Clifford Targett, appealed to lady parishioners during a recent service at the Parish Church to refrain from wearing stiletto heels in church as they were damaging the floor.  The new wood parquet surface was recently installed at a cost of more than £500.'  - Quote dd Aug  ’67 – ‘Black sheep. When his ‘sheep’ occasionally stray from their ‘fold’ it is the duty of the clergyman to round them up and put them on the right path once more.  The Rector of Binstead, the Rev Clifford Targett has had to face this problem more than once.  Two withies which he keeps in his back garden are the black sheep, they will not conform.  It seems they seek greener pastures elsewhere.’ -  Here at right – Rev Targett’ rectory Pitts lane Binstead. -

Life became a little harder in ‘69 when a fire swept through the church, causing massive damage and resulted in Rev Targett suffering a heart attack. In ‘72 Mr Targett took up the incumbency of St Peter’ Church Shorwell and St James’ Church Kingston - Isle of Wight. In ‘75 Rev Clifford Targett – Vicar of Shorwell, his wife Sheila Targett and Magnus Magnusson were shown in the BBC documentary of the re-compatriation of ‘The Last Supper’, an original altarpiece painted on driftwood by local farmer & artisan Ofeigur Jonsson in 1834, to Reykjavík Iceland from St Peter' Church Shorwell  Isle of Wight, after 75 years of safe keeping!  It was deemed too primitive and amateurish by then church authorities and replaced by Lund’ painting at great expense. Ofeigur’ painting was bought for a pittance by a Victorian heiress named Mary Disney Leith née Leigh 1840-’26 who had a lifelong fascination with Iceland, journeyed there 18 times, wrote travel memoirs, and translated some sagas. The piece ended up in the collection of St Peter’s Church Shorwell near Leith’ estate. When Pingvellir church was renovated in 1970, Magnus Magnusson— the prolific author, saga translator, and longtime Quizmaster on BBC Mastermind— tracked it down with the help of Mrs Leith’ granddaughter. The congregation in Shorwell Church returned it in exchange for a replica made at Iceland’ National Museum.-

Worsening health forced Mr Clifford Targett to retire in ‘80 and the family moved to Shanklin - Isle of Wight with Mrs Targett occasionally playing the organ at St Saviour’ Church. The OEMC Newsletter Dec ’84 mentions – ‘Mr Targett has done a magnificent job writing the Mastiff contribution for a series of dog books on lesser-known Breeds. This is with his publisher and he has offered the copyright and the Royalties to the OEMC’. – Rev Targett died in ‘86 after a period of sustained ill health and Mrs Targett adjusted to life by returning to work as a music teacher.

The breeder of Miss Bell’ stud Weyacres Lincoln Mrs Helen J Weyenberg née Jackson  ‘98-83 – see  3rd from left dd ’70 - married in the 1920s the widower Mr Franklin Lawrence  Weyenberg ’82-76 – see 2nd from left - of Wey Acres – see centre - West Country Club Drive Mequon Wisconsin – ca 100 miles N of Chicago. The ’40 US Census mentions Frank Weyenberg 58 yrs, Helen J Weyenberg 36? yrs, Virginia Weyenberg 22 yrs, Jacqueline Weyenberg 16 yrs, Marie Thoma 31 yrs, and Frieda Schad 23 yrs – residence - Mequon Town Ozaukee. Mr Helen Weyenberg  died in ‘83 at Palm Beach Florida.

Ca '40 Mrs Weyenberg purchased, from Manthorne breeder Col Percy Hobart Titus '79-48, Goring Witch b Oct '36 – Thor' dau Deleval Sybilla ex Despot – and mated her to Manthorne Majesty, resulting in                                                                                                                                                                                                        W- Noel & W- Brenda.  In  '51 she purchased Peach Farm Priscilla b April '51 & bred by Mrs Martha J Fenn aka ‘Patty’ Brill  '08-82 of Peach Farm kennels - est ’37 - 1421 Paper Mill Road Newark ca 130 mls SW of NY City  – out of P F Belinda sired by Chaseway Austin – both descents of a/o the Hellingly/Altnacraigs, ch Havengore Bill & Woden. P F- Priscilla was mated to Heatherbelle Sterling Silver’ son Withybush Magnus, which produced Weyacres Lincoln b Nov ’52 and siblings  Winnie, Wanda & Tars, the latter known as having sired a litter out of Mr Franklin Campbell'  Dogue de Bordeaux Fénelon Fidelle. 

Weyacres Tars is 1x G4 &5x G6 ascent of the Am import ch Wayside Devil.  - Above t right – Miss Bell with Weyacres Lincoln & Withybush Lady Welcome both grandsired by Heatherbelle Sterling Silver. - Below at left – Lincoln’ sis Mrs Marie Antoinette Moore’ Weyacres Wanda who, mated to ch Havengore Hotspot' paternal uncle Meps Bing, produced Mooreleigh Monarch, G5 ascent of ch Wayside The Devil.

Mr Franklin Lawrence  Weyenberg' grandfather Hubertus van de Weijenberg emigrated, with his wife and three children, in 1853 from Wanroij  ca 15 mls S of Nijmegen - Holland to Wisconsin US and settled in the area of Little Chute, where eight children were born. The family name became americanised, ie 'Weyenberg'. One of the three originally Dutch children was Franklin’ father Martin, born in ‘49 in Wanroij. Ten years later, Martin’ brother William was born in Little Chute. Both brothers started a shoe store in Appleton in ‘82. William ran the store and Martin, owner of a contractor in Appleton, was probably mainly a consultant and financier. In ‘84 William married Angeline de Kelver and a year later he moved with the shoe store to Chippewa Falls. Martin continued to live in Appleton, still as a Williams business partner. In October ‘95 the Weyenberg brothers placed an advertisement for shoemakers and started with the manual production of shoes. In ‘96 Franklin, the eldest son of Martin, came to work in the business. He was born in 1882, the year in which his father and uncle started the shoe store. Frank had little more education than the primary school.

He first learned the shoemaking profession and then became the representative of the company. After a strike of the workers in '99 William almost made the mechanization of production. The factory became the first mechanized shoe factory in Chippewa Falls. The store was later sold. Around the turn of the century the company moved from the brothers to Milwaukee and production grew steadily. However, problems arose between William and Martin. In ‘02 William gave up his share in the company and returned to Chippewa Falls to start a new shoe factory there.

Franklin was now in charge of the company in Milwaukee and married in ‘05 Miss Myrtle Helen Linkman ’85-22. The following year he became the first director of the 'Weyenberg Shoe Manufacturing Company'.

After the death of Myrtle, Franklin remarried Helen Jackson – ed The Mastiff breeder -, with whom he had no children. The couple lived in Mequon, on the estate 'Wey Acres', where they owned a house with a small windmill, as a reminder of his Dutch heritage. Frank built the company into a true shoe empire. The growing success was mainly based on quality and working conditions; his factories were hypermodern. He always opened new factories, including Beaver Dam, Portage, Ludington – see above  - and Hartford. He also founded a number of supply companies for the shoe industry. After the First World War, the demand for men's shoes rose to the unprecedented level of 1,709,363 pairs a year, but as a result of the Crisis it also dropped dramatically. In ‘31/32 even loss was suffered. After the crisis, production rose again: not only were the shoes sold throughout the United States, they were also exported to, among others, Hong Kong and Singapore.

After the Second World War, they concentrated exclusively on the production of luxury men's shoes. In ‘64 Thomas Florsheim succeeded Franklin as director. Frank himself retired in ‘68, although he remained a member of the Board of Directors. Franklin has done a lot of good things with his earned fortune. The most striking project was the Frank L Weyenberg Library at Mequon-Thiensville, for which he donated approximately $ 500,000. In ‘70 he was proclaimed 'Mequon man of the year' for this. Frank died in '76, his wife Helen seven years later. Thus ended the life of a successful businessman, whose Wanroian father did not allow him to continue studying. An extended version of this story has appeared in GTOB 23 ’08 July & October. Bernard Tolzman, Franklin Lawrence Weyenberg Library,  Mequon-Thiensville Library & Weyenberg Family History describe the life of Franklin L Weyenberg.

At left – the 20m old ch Blackroc Tuppence bred by Mrs A Stainer Hutchins – out of Copenore Berta – Withybush Kassia ex Copenore Jason – sired by ch Havengore Balint -. Tuppence' sis Kisumu Bracken, mated to Adam' son Beaucaris Marcus, produced Kisumu Hannah - dam of Buckhall ch's Mr Micawber and Lord Jim, the latter owned by Hildedun breeder Mrs Maisie Morgan, the wife of Mr Brian John St Martin Morgan b ’30, director of The British Antiques Dealers Assocation & The Oriental Ceramic Society - Hill Farm Orchard Close Ruislip ca 15 mls NW of London City -; Tuppence’ ; Tuppence' other sis Wigmel Georgina was purchased by Messrs Hutchings &  Blagrave - of Merrowlea repute -, but unfortunately she left w/out offspring.

Their breeder might have been Mrs Anne W Stainer-Hutchins née Smyth b ’32 Marylebone  who married in ’57 at Chelsea the film producer Mr Michael Halford Stainer-Hutchins b ’22 Fulham. - April ‘60 – ‘Unusual film techniques are the basis of a new producing company called Telemation which was formed in January of this year, and headed by Michael Stainer Hutchins, a young man full of novel ideas and off-beat plans, who is already well known in the film and TV industries.’ - Feb ‘64 - 'The pictures will be made by Hammer Films under an arrangement whereby Mr Stainer-Hutchins and Mr Daw will be associated producers. Michael H Stainer-Hutchins will direct the special effects.’ – Dd ’63 - Michael Stainer-Hutchins and Peter Daw bought the film rights to a collection of Wheatley' black magic thrillers including The Devil Rides. Dd ’68 – The films ‘The Devils Bride’ & ‘Work is a Four Letter Word’, produced by Michael H Stainer-Hutchins, were launched. -

At right - Three ‘befriended’ Mastiff breeders in one photograph dd ’68 - at left - ch Blackroc Tuppence & Mr William J aka ‘Bill' Hanson ’31-81 – Blackroc - m in ’52 at Coventry Miss Phoebe F Cross. In the 1960s his address was 95 Clifton Ave  South Benfleet, quite nearby the Bardayle & Havengore breeders Mr/Mrs Anderson & Scheerboom. - Centre – the judge Mrs Marie Antoinette Moore ’00-87 – Mooreleigh - re-married in ’33 Col John Turner Moore Air force -, the  son of Mr William Turner Moore - of Willow Pool Wernersville - director of the Rebat factory in Reading PA, which produced car & motorcycle batteries. In the early 1940s the pair parted and she moved to High Hope Farm The Plains Virginia where the Mooreleigh strain 'came to birth.' –

From the OEMC Newsletter June '82 - 'The Committee has been delighted to accept on behalf of the Club, a trophy from Mrs M A Moore to commemorate Bill Hanson. It consists of two Mastiffs sitting in different poses and makes a most artistic addition to the Club' collection of Challenge Cups. It will be offered at the Club Ch Show at Newbury where it will be offered for the winner of the Limit Dog Class.'. - Mr Graham Hicks, being the then judge, awarded the Bill Hanson Trophy to Mr Louis McDonald' ch Longendale Lord Bernard. Mr Bill Hanson awarded shortly before his death ch Hollesley Medicine Man' first Crufts cc incl BOB. He reported – ‘Very good square fawn with a grand head. Moving well despite the heat. Every inch a Mastiff' -.

Above at right – ch Kisumu Goliath & Mr Peter A Garr b ’31 in Huerfano Co Colorado, son of Pedro and Guadelupe ‘Garbiso’. He served in the United States Air Force during the Korean Conflict. Peter was an avid bingo player at both North & South High Schools. He was a self-employed car salesman for many years. He died in ’12 at Eastlake near Lake Erie Ohio where he lived the past 10 years. Survivors are son Steve Garbiso, daughters Cindy Garbiso of Willoughby and Tricia Garbiso of Concord; best friend Vince and faithful pet Dillon.

Mr Bill Hanson bred four Blackroc litters ’60-67, ie three out of ch Havengore Dawn’ brindle sis H- Gipsy, two sired by ch Havengore Drake resulting in Blackroc champions Rhinehart & Falcon – both as adults exported to Mrs M A Moore US -, the brindle B- Raven - exported to Willowledge breeders Mrs/Mr Eve & Stuart Olsen US who produced four W- litters incl five Am ch’s, and finally ch Blackroc Stormy Petrel - see here at left - , Crufts '63 cc under Mansatta breeder Mr Fred Bowles  - res cc Milf Murias' sis M- Mandora.

The 3rd Gipsy litter was sired by Havengore Adamson, which gave B- Matey – four reserve cc’s, ie under Mr Joe Braddon - cc ch Kisumu Balthasar -, Mr Bill Siggers, Miss Barbara Blackstone - cc Balint' son Juana Kimble, and at Crufts '67 under Mrs Scheerboom - cc ch Kisumu Balthasar -.

The 4th Blackroc litter was out of ch Blackroc Tuppence - bred by Mrs Stainer-Hutchins - sired by Blackroc Matey, resulting in Blackroc Penny, together with her dam Tuppence, exported to Mr Peter A Garr US, of Garstars - actually Gar-Star's - kennels, who bred in ’68 a litter out of Willowledge Margo sired by Kisumu Goliath – ch Kisumu Batsheba ex H- Adam’ son Beaucaris Marcus – which gave a/o Garstars Alabaster – grand-dam of Am ch Acadian Konigstiger who sired MCOA Specialty winner Tamarach Sheba - &  Garstars Attila, the latter mated to Blackroc Penny, produced the E- litter, a/o Garstars Eric imported by Kisumu breeder Mrs Irene Creigh and behind several English quality lines. NB – Eric’ paternal grand-dam Willowledge Margo, arguably going back to a/o ch Wayside The Devil’ great-grandsire Castle Conrad - Havengore Twinkle ex Havengore Beowulf – and The Devil’ G4 sire Mooreleigh Gregory, grandson of Meps Bing & Weyacres Wanda.- Mr Garr’ B- litter was out of ch Blackroc Tuppence sired by Kismu Goliath which gave Mr Kenneth E Johnson’ Am ch Garstars Bravo. The Garstars C- litter  presently unknown; the Garstars D- litter contained a/o the female Destiny.

Mr Maurice Perrenoud’ Meps Basil b May ’54 – Heatherbelle Portia’ dau Withybush Beatrix ex the brindle ch Salyng Aethelwulf – seems to be one of the breed’ enigmas, ie w/our any single photograph, w/out any KCSB show record and having sired only two litters out of two broods, also w/out any KCSB show record, Meps Basil – if KC records are reliable - has put his stamp upon the breed by siring the one and only ch Havengore Hotspot  b Feb ’58 who’s behind almost every relevant strain.

Meps Basil’ 1st litter b Nov ’56 was out of Havengore Belle b Nov ’53 – ch OEMC Countess’ sis OEMC Boadicea ex ch Havengore Rodney –,  a brood transferred KC dd Nov ’55 from Mrs Freda Shand Kydd, the wife of wallpaper tycoon Norman Shand Kydd, who owned Havengore Belle’ sis Havengore Honey too; their son William Shand Kydd b ’37 owned Stroan Dauntless – Balint’ sis Bardayle Stroma ex Jason’ son Warren – and Buckhall Master Ben b ’69 – Rillamil Cassandra ex Threebees Beowulf -.  It may go about Freda Minnie Shand Kydd née Harrison b ’10, of Horton Hall Leighton Buzzard Bedfords  Amongst the  KC registered ups were Mr Albert E Stiles’ Havengore Basil & Havengore Lady, the latter owned by Mrs Scheerboom, who bred two litters from her, ie sired by Havengore Adam resulting in Havengore Beth, and sired by ch H- Dawn’ brother H- Caradoc, a litter of 7 pups, a/o Mr L Beveridge’ H- Cyrus.

Meps Basil’ 2nd litter out of Havengore Flora – ch Havengore Diann ex Mansatta Comedian’ son H- Minty – produced a/o ch Havengore Hotspot - see at left - whose parents Flora & Basil were the transmitters of breed quality shown by Hotspot’ grandparents Withybush Beatrixsee 2nd from left - 2 cc’s & 2 res cc’s, ch Salyng Aethelwulf see 3rd from left & ch Havengore Diann see at right - supplemented by great-grandsire Mansatta Comedian, the latter brother of the typically headed ch Mansatta Vilna, and sire of Havengore Adam who grandsired Hollesley foundation ch Havengore Dawn and Blackroc foundation brood Havengore Gipsy.

The surname Jacober was then utmost rare in the UK and between the very few individuals, one’s closely matching, ie Mr Henry Jacober – see bis at left - b ’00 Satu Mare Moravia  – presently Romania - who emigrated to England in '36. He was a successful Jewish businessman, director of a London-based firm with very solid business relations with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Commerce and numerous businesses in the Republic of Romania. He had worked for the Romanian intelligence service, secretly proposed in the late 1950s that Israel's secret service be allowed to pay for each Jew who emigrated. Jacober traded briefcases full of cash, typically $4,000 to $6,000 per emigrant depending on the individual's age and educational status for exit permits to the West.

Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej, then the communist leader of Romania, agreed to let 500 Jewish families leave if Jacober built an automated chicken farm in Romania. He was so pleased with the farm that he allowed more Jews to leave in return for more farms. When Ceausescu took over in 1965, he reduced Jewish emigration and cancelled the chicken deals.

Quote – ‘Mr Henry Jacober has sold Jews for $ 113,000,000. The operation was subsequently taken over by Israeli intelligence. Interestingly, at first, the ‘payment’ for them consisted partly in the creation of large and modern farms of poultry, pigs and turkeys in Romania, on the money of the Israeli state. Between June ‘58 and November ‘59, 12 special breeders located in the Agricultural Farms of the General Directorate of Penitentiaries & Labor Columns had received 12 Friza cows, 34 Santa Gertrudis cows, 45 Oxford breeds, 10 sheep breeds Southdown, 55 Romney Marsh sheep and 25 Landrace breeds. - In exchange for the Jewish family, the Romanian side would receive 100 Australian merino breeds, 25 Jersey races and 30 Landrace breeds.’ -   So it might be possible that some of the Mastiffs bred by Mr Henry Jacober were part of the ‘operation’…  Note – Mr H I Jacober, of Three Mile Pond Farm - see at right - Cambridge road Sawbridgeworth Herts, bred also an earlier litter out of Havengore Belle, namely sired by Mansatta Comedian resulting in seven reg pups  dd Dec ‘55, a/o Mrs Lucy Scheerboom’ Sawbridgeworth Beowulf, and Havengore Joseph owned by Mr A W Schwimmer.

The England & Wales Index of Marriages  mentions – Adolph W Schwimmer’ m ’56 at Edmonton Middlesex Miss Rinah Cornfeld and according to Wikipedia Adolph William aka ‘Al’ Schwimmer’ spouse was  Rena Schwimmer. So probably one and the same couple.

Quote – ‘Mr Adolph William aka ‘Al’ Schwimmer’ was born in New York City in ‘17 to Jewish parents who had emigrated to the US from Eastern Europe. He never used his given birth name of Adolph, preferring the nickname ‘Al’. In ‘39, Schwimmer began his aerospace career at Lockheed Corporation as an engineer and also received his civilian pilot license. During WW-II, he worked for TWA and assisted the US Air Transport Command as a flight engineer. During Israel' War of Independence, Schwimmer used his World War II experience and his contacts to smuggle surplus war planes to Israel as that fledgling state battled against the invading armies of its neighbors.

In 1949, Schwimmer returned to the US States and, in ‘50, he was convicted in the US of violating the US Neutrality Acts for smuggling the planes into Israel. Schwimmer was stripped of his voting rights and veteran benefits and fined $10,000, but did not receive a prison sentence. Schwimmer refused to ask for a pardon, believing that smuggling weapons to help create a Jewish State was the right moral decision to make, and that breaking the law was a proper form of moral civil disobedience.

In the early 1950s, Schwimmer - see at left in the cockpit - who was running an aircraft maintenance company in Burbank, California, was approached by David Ben-Gurion '86-73 – see pic -, Israel' then prime minister, - - who asked Schwimmer to return to Israel and establish an aircraft company for commercial and military purposes. Schwimmer acceded to Ben Gurion' request and founded Israel Aerospace Industries, of which he became the first CEO. Schwimmer was one of the founders of Savyon, but later moved to Tel Aviv. In the mid-1980s, Schwimmer was a special adviser for technology and industry for Israel' then-Prime Minister Shimon Peres, who became a close friend. When Schwimmer retired in ‘88, IAI was the largest company in Israel, valued at $1 billion.’ -

Edgemount breeder Mr H Burgin, of Edgemount House – see at left - Kirk Edge road High Bradfield  ca 6 mls from Sheffield, purchased ca ’51 two Withybush Mastiffs from Miss Ianthe Bell, ie Mr Maurice Perrenoud Withybush Beatrix’ sis W- Rowena b June ’51 – Heatherbelle Portia ex ch Havengore Rodney –, and ch Withybush Odin – see at right - b Dec ’51 – OEMC Prudence ex Heatherbelle Sterling Silver -, the latter got cc’s at Blackpool ’54 under Goodbreed breeder Mr HJ White – res cc Weyacres Lincoln -, at Birmingham ’54 under Mr T Scott – no reserve cc -, at WELKS ’55 under Dr J Aubrey Ireland – res cc ch Lexander Tudor King -, and at Blackpool ’55 under Mansatta breeder Mr Fred Bowles – res cc Weyacres Lincoln -. Odin got also the reserve cc at Crufts ’55 under newspaper celebrity Mr Wm Macdonald Daly – cc ch Salyng Aethelwulf -, who awarded the bitch cc to Mr Burgin’ ch Fanifold Unity b ’52 – Heatherbelle Martha ex Heatherbelle Rajah -.  In '63 Mr H Burgin purchased Withybush Venus  b '60 - Clarissa ex Jasper -, and in '65 Cornhaye Joanna - Copenore Cassandra ex Warren - too.

February 11, 1955 – ‘Dogs on way to Crufts in crash at Gonerby nr Melton Mowbray. Two champion Mastiffs —one a bitch, the other a dog. The car slipped on a snowy road and ran into a lamp standard at Great Gonerby’ church corner on Saturday. The car was being driven by Mr H Oldfield of Hillsborough Sheffield, and the dogs were owned by Mr Burgin, of Bradfield Yorks. The party continued their journey to London by rail.’ - Ch Fanifold Unity left w/out offspring opposite to her sis Fanifold Undine who produced an important Zimapan litter. Mr H Burgin bred two litters out of Wyhybush Rowena to his ch Withybush Odin which resulted in a/o Mrs G Samson’ Edgemount Otto.

Mr H Burgin’ other brood was Mansatta Comedian’ sis M- Comedienne b ’54 – out of ch Mansatta Vilna ex ch Salyng Aethelwulf  –. He mated her to his ch Withybush Odin which gave a/o Miss Ianthe Bell' Edgemount Wulfric, Mrs C J Cormack’ Edgemount Empress & E- Elvira b '56, the latter mated to ch Meps Angus resulted in Mrs Mary Hector’ Edgemount Elsa b Oct ’59 who, mated to Copenore Jason, produced ch Cornhaye Kennet’ sire Warren. Edgemount Elsa’ brother Wilfred was exported to Greco breeder Mrs Frank Greco of  Topeka US – see also half-way Miscellanea Five -.  Mansatta Comedienne’ sis 'Bonny of High Hope' was exported to Mooreleigh breeder Mrs M A Moore of High Hope Farm The Plains US.

Given the following newspaper clips Mr H Burgin may have been a professional - or gentleman-farmer.  – Nov ’28 - 'Edgemount Farm Bradfield Thursday next. Head of cattle, 4 horses, 22 pigs, 30 choice young fowls, implements produce, harness, dairy utensils, &c. Mr George Elliott is honoured with instructions from Mr Kenneth Eyre, who leaving  the farm, to sell by auction.’ - March ‘24 – ‘Commercial Egg Farm, Edgemount, Bradfield nr Sheffield, reared over 3,000 birds last year with Uveco digestible Chick feed as the sole grain ration.’ – Aug ‘15 – ‘Shooting, fishing, &c. Grouse shooting over about 200 acres to Let.— Edgemount Bradfield.’ -

Ch Havengore Rodney’ younger brother Argos b Sep ’52 & bred by Major Keith Hulbert – Frithend Nydia ex Valiant Diadem – was owned by Mr Frederick Lawrence Glyn Bevan b ‘21 of Bronygarth House* Merthyr Tydfill - Wales. His father, Frederick John Bevan was a self employed Manufacturers' Agent, and on his death in July ‘47, his sons, Clive and Glyn, took over the business. Glyn was educated in Clifton College Bristol, and in Magdalene College Cambridge but during the war he had served in the navy, being based at Freetown in Sierra Leone, Admiralty in London and latterly in Columbia in Ceylon. It was in Ceylon, at a New Year' Eve dance in ‘45, that he had met his future wife, Mary Winifred Tann, who was stationed there as a WRN. Glyn and Mary – see at left - had stayed in touch after the war, and had become engaged in August ‘50.

Note - Perhaps he was a descent of Mr Gus Bevan b ’1858-09, woolstapler & fellmonger of Llwyn On Pontypool - ca 20 mls from Merthyt Tydfill -, who mated his Miss Aglionby Rupert’ daughter Nell  to his stud Beaumanoir ’80 - bred by Mr Hutchings - which gave Gelert b 1882, G5 maternal ancestor of ch Hazlemere Ronald. Mr Gus Bevan was a popular local man, captain of the local Steam Fire Brigade and organiser of the Pontypool’ Easter Monday & Jubilee festivities.

Quote –‘So when Bronygarth House* - see at right - came on the market that summer, it seemed too good a chance to miss and Glyn' mother bought it for them as a wedding present. As the house had been auctioned, Glyn and Mary paid another £450 for all the furnishings and fixtures and they moved in following their wedding in March ‘51. Mary stated once that when Glyn asked her if she wanted to live in an Edwardian house following her marriage, her heart sank as she imagined a cramped and dark house, her experience of South Wales being based mainly on visiting her aunts in Abertillery between the wars.

In fact she found ‘Bronygarth’ to be light and airy, with large, spacious rooms. The house was spread over three floors and had six bedrooms, one of which Glyn used as a study and office, three bathrooms complete with original bathroom suites and had retained its original features such as fireplaces, tiling coving, stained glass windows and rare curved oak panelling in the hall. Mary fell in love with the house at first sight and never regretted the move.

During their tenure, Glyn and Mary made only minor adjustments to the furnishings and decoration of the house, but they did make substantial changes to the garden. Glyn dug out two ponds, a serpentine-shaped one near the house, and a rectangular one at the bottom of the garden; he laid out geometric rose-beds, put in cinder paths and semi-circular steps; built a large rockery running across the front of the house, which he planted with azaleas and heathers. In the bottom south-east corner of the garden he had a greenhouse, compete with grape vine; potting shed and vegetable patch. There was even a full sized grass tennis court running parallel to West Grove, and Mary had been known to grumble at the time it took to cut the grass! Glyn and Mary were to own the house until they died, Glyn in August ‘94, and Mary who had been bequeathed ownership of the property by Glyn in 1990 as he became increasingly frail, lived there on her own until her own death in December ‘13 aged 91.’ At left – Argos’ champion light brindle brother Wotan Vyking owned by Mr Peter Vincent de Korda ’21-88, son of film producer & - director Sir Alexander Korda.

One of the less known early post-WWII breeders was Mr George Donald Trentham b ’03-83 –. He purchased Fritham Beauty b May ’50 – out of Frithend Nydia sired by the dark brindle Valiantsee at left – believed to he the only photograph in the world of Frithend Nydia, also in the photograph is Valiant Diadem; the photograph was taken by Meps breeder Mr Maurice Perrenoud and kindly loaned by his daughter Marguerite. The Nydia/Diadem pair produced six litters containing 30+ puppies! – Mr George Donald Trentham  bred two litters dd ’52/53 out of Fritham Beauty sired by Heatherbelle Sterling Silver resulting in Northstoke Gay, Northstoke Tara, & Sterling Beauty, the latter owned by Captain A Evans. - Mr G D Trentham owned Parcwood Glenys b Jan ’58 – Benfleet Bronwen ex ch Moonsfield Baron – too.

He was the son of Mr George Percy Trentham b ’81 Birmingham, the well-known ‘citizen and pavior’ with grey, pointed beard and black top hat who resided in ’03 at 77 Booth Street Handsworth nr Birmingham. In ’13 his father’ Trentham  firm became a limited company and moved to Winchester House Victoria Square Birmingham; three years later the firm acquired Hartshill Quarries of Granite & brick Co Warwicks – see at right dd ‘11 -. Later on Mr George Percy Trentham was described as a public works contractor of Portland Place London W, and Junior Sheriff of the City of London. His country address was Oakhill Bucknell Shropshire and was a fly-fisherman of international renown who died as the result of an enemy air raid at Marylebone London dd Dec ’40. – ‘One of the strangest funeral ceremonies ever held. A bequest of £25 was left to his trustees by Mr George Percy Trentham to arrange a fishing competition on Loch Leven – ed central Scotland - between his three sons and co co-directors; the competitor catching the heaviest basket of trout to receive £25 and to throw Mr Trentham’ ashes into the loch.’ - He was the son of the Trentham Company founder, George Trentham 1859-19, and left net personalty £176,908. In 1961 the head quarters of ‘G Percy Trentham Ltd’ moved to Purley on Thames near Reading - ca 10 miles from North Stoke - nr Henley-on-Thames - where Mr George Donald Trentham died in ’83.

The Sparry breeders – also Newfoundlands - Mr Maxwell Ernest Aberdeen,  a chartered accountant & musician b ’20, and his first cousin Mrs Louisette Fernande Aberdeen - née Clark b ’13, lived at Zimapan until ’49 after which they moved to Redruth village – see at left -, a few miles away and started their Sparry Mastiff breeding in ‘54, their affix perhaps referring to their living place, ie Sparry Bottom, a 3-acre farm at Carharrack Redruth.  – Cornishman Penzance Nov ‘50 - ‘Charged with obstructing the road at Market-square with his car, Maxwell Ernest Aberdeen, Sparry Bottom Farm Carharrack, did not agree it was a narrow street. Outside the Market House Inn it was as wide as the A30 road, he maintained. There were no signs restricting parking’, &c -

Mr/Mrs Aberdeen bred four litters in ‘54/55, out of the sisters Semper Fidelis (3) & Melita Salome (1) – Nydia/Diadem’ dau Baroness ex Heatherbelle Sterling Silver -, all four sired by their home stud Faithful Gillard – Nydia/Diadem’ dau Bowerschurch Brevity ex Heatherbelle Sterling Silver -. Note – Louisette’ mother-in-law (and cousin) Daisy May aka ‘Dee’ Aberdeen née Clark b ‘91 bought in ’44 the Zimapan house in the Cornish’ Tregullow village, remarried the Belgian Joseph de l’Arbre de Malander in ’49; three years later the couple purchased from the Maynes the Mastiff Fanifold Undine who produced dd ’56 the 1st Zimapan litter containing a/o Z-Krashina, dam of Saxondale Boadicea, the latter grand-dam of ch Copenore Friar & ch Buckhal Baron Spencer’ dam Rillamil Cassandra.  - At right – Nydia/Diadem’ brindle son ch Havengore Rodney and Heatherbelle Sterling Silver, the latter double grandsire of all Sparry Mastiffs -.

Amongst the offspring were S- Cleo – successively owned by Mrs J Forrest Robertson, Mr R G Brooks & Copenore breeders Mr/Mrs Lindley - dam odo Copenore Jason - & S-Serena, - dam to ch Milf Manetta bred by Mrs Sylvia Mary Mathers née Williams ’17-96 of Penzance Cornwall. Ch Milf Manetta, mated to Copenore Jason, produced Mrs Greenwell’ ch Weatherhill Thor, the stud behind the famous Hollesley strain & his brother W- Bellringer, ch Copenore Rab’ paternal grandsire.  Other Semper Fidelis’ children were Count Joseph de l’Arbre Malander’ Sparry Crusader, Buckhall breeder Major Reardon’ Sparry Annette, Arlette & Guinevere, the latter dam of Buckhall Athelstone -, Sparry Athos  owned by Dr  William Wylie Rentoul b ’95 -’75 Truro  - Honorary Orthopaedic Surgeon ‘Cornwall Association for Disabled’, and Am ch Sparry Adonis – see below centre – MCOA Specialty winner ’56, and his sis S- Ariadne exported to Mrs E Stewart-Ayers US.

Sparry Alexander was owned by Count Joseph de Borchgrave d’Altena b ‘95 – see pic at left - the Belgian King Baudouin '30-93 & Count J de Borchgrave d’Altena dd ’71 -. He was the son of  Frédéric de Borchgrave d'Altena ‘64-‘32 and Marie-Clémentine Blanckart ‘69-’60 who lived at Chateau Lexhy Horion-Hozémont nr Liège. Count Joseph  de Borchgrave d’Altena earned his doctoral degree in archaeology & art history at the University of Liège under Prof Marcel Laurent, and became author & chief curator ‘Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire’ Brussels. His residence - Chateau de Ferooz – see at right - Beuzet near Namur - Belgium.

Withybush Emrys b Dec ’56 & bred by Mrs Mary Hector – Benfleet Bronwen ex Weyacres Lincoln – and W- Fabiola b ’57 – ch Withybush Bess ex ch W- Aethelred - were owned by Lt-Col Charles Lyndhurst Towne ’03-76 of Bishops Stortford. Quote – ‘Important platinum ring set with diamonds and a ruby reported from Myanmar, natural and untreated by SSEF. The story is finally original. The grand-father of the present owner – the Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Lyndhurst Towne – has bought this ring – see at left - in the Army and Navy stores at Westminster in ‘40, before he left England for war. This one was a collateral for his wife and children to emigrate to America if England was invaded by Germany. Estimated dd ‘2016 between £90.000-140.000’ -.

Withybush Karolina b ’58 – W- Grey Lady ex W- Crispin – see centre – was owned by Mrs O Methuen-Campbell, arguably Mrs Oona Cicely Methuen-Campbell née Treherne b’ 30 - only daughter of John Dalrymple Winn Treherne of Otley High House Otley Suffolk - who married in ’50 Mr Christopher Paul Mansel Campbell Methuen-Campbell, of Penrice Castle - High Sheriff of Glamorganshire .

Ch Withybush Oscar b Oct ’58 – Buckhall Berengaria ex Weyacres Lincoln – was owned by Mr Bernard James G Howard '15-04 & Mrs Karen F Howard, of Whyke Grange Grade II Listed – see at right - 146 Whyke road Chichester Sussex. He got the Crufts ’63 under Mansatta breeder Mr Fred Bowles – res cc Milf Murias -; two years after Miss Ianthe de Hougham Bell’ death, he was one of the very few challengers who had beaten ch Havengore Hotpot, ie at Birmingham under Mr Guy Percival Greenwood, and thereby the last show-winning Withybush. Mrs K F Howard owned W- Virginia b ’60 from the last Withybush litter, ie – Crispin' sis Clarissa ex W- Jasper - too. For want of any Oscar’ photograph – at extreme right – his sire & grandsire Weyacres Lincoln.

Weatherhill Jason b ’60 – Withybush Penelope ex - Havengore Adam  see at left - was owned by Mrs McGarel-Groves. There’s a Mrs Celia Norah McGarel-Groves b ‘24 of Battramsley House Southampton road Boldre nr Lymington. She married in ‘49 at Helensburgh Captain Robin Julian McGarel Groves b ’20 - Royal Marines, son of Lt-Col Edward  Julian  McGarel Groves , D S O & M C V of Hermanus Cape Province South Africa, and the Hon Mrs Norah Evelyn McGarel Groves née McGarel-Hogg ’90-67 m ’19 div ‘33 of Battramsley House Lymington – director of ‘Ten Duke Street Ltd’ business service at St James London. - May ‘55 – ‘Another Lymington exhibitor, Miss Celia McGarel Groves won the Challenge Cup for the reserve best in show with a miniature poodle. Blackmiss of Battramsley, which also won’ - She died suddenly at home on Thursday 18th Jan ‘08. Donations if desired, made payable to The People' Dispensary for Sick Animals.

Kisumu Demetrius b ’65 - Tiger Lily ex Havengore Adam’ son - Beaucaris Marcus see at right with Kisumu breeder Mrs Irene Creigh - was owned by Mr Anthony St Erme-Cardew b ’23-10. His wife Mrs Miriam ‘Mirrie’ St Erme-Cardew née Fox purchased Frideswide Kis Balint' brother St Erme Bruno b ’67 & bred by Craigavon breeder Mr Richard Cogan – Taddington Emma ex ch Havengore Balint -,  though transferred him to Miss F Fujiwara. Mrs  St Erme-Cardewwas  show judge and breeder of Basenjis since the 1940s with the 'St Erme' kennel name,  also closely involved with Fox Terriers, Chihuahuas, Chinese Cresteds & Lakeland Terriers over a span of seven decades. She published ‘A Basenji for Me’ in ’79 and was involved with the Basenji Club of Great Britain, the Basenji Owner's & Breeders Association, and the Basenji Breed council since their inception. – Mr Antony St Erme-Cardew  was the son of Rev Dr Cardew of the original parish St Erme - pronouned ‘Snerme’ - in Cornwall.

Parabar Truffle b ’68 & bred by Mrs B Grant-Parker – Kisumu Henrietta ex ch Cornhaye Kennett’ brother Parabar Turk - was purchased by Lady Margaret Drummond-Hay - at left socialising with the dog of Alcibiades -  .  Feb '66 – ‘Mr C A Smiley, Secretary of both the Kennel Club and Crufts said  - For the first time, as far as I know, there are Japanese buyers at the show — two men. Lady Margaret Drummond-Hay, of Old Mill House - see centre - Middle Barton Oxfords, who breeds smooth-coated Chihuahuas had with her the ‘cottages’ in which she carries her pets.’ - Mrs Margaret Drummond-Hay ’07-93 was  the sister of the Duke of Hamilton, and her dogs have won many awards at Crufts shows. Mrs Grant-Parker bred Parabar Min Pinschers too. - At right - Parabar Truffle' paternal uncle ch Cornhaye Kennet.

Note - Glengarry Princess b ‘68 & bred by Miss A Margetts – Kithurst Dawn ex Frideswide Kis Balint – was purchased by Tokyo Chikuken Co. Ltd. The Monitor from McAllen  dd Dec ’63 – ‘The Tokyo Chikuken Co Ltd, of Setagaya-ku, has a cute advertisement of a little Jananese boy holding a Japanese Spaniel which would make a cute Christmas card. This Company sells the Akita, the Shiba, the Japanese Spaniel and the Tosa.’ – The Japan Old English Club purchased Mastiffs too, a/o Nantymynydd breds, quite possible the Mastiff breed has been used to mold the Tosa breed though.

Mrs Margaret Drummond-Hay was the daughter of 13th Duke of Hamilton, ie Lieutenant Alfred Douglas Douglas-Hamilton b ’62 at Shanklin, Isle of Wight, 13th Duke of Hamilton and 10th Duke of Brandon  - Scottish nobleman and sailor. He served as a young man in the Royal Navy, and gained a reputation for being able to dive under the keels of the battleships on which he served, without any equipment, reappearing on the opposite side of the ship to the amazement of his crewmates. He was persuaded to leave in ‘88 by his fourth cousin the twelfth Duke in ‘90. There was a quite serious possibility that Alfred would provide a good match for the heirless twelfth Duke' daughter, Lady Mary. These hopes of maintaining continuity were dashed however in ‘90, when Hamilton was partially paralysed by a rare tropical disease he had caught whilst on his last tour of duty. Hamilton recovered however and succeeded in 1895. Whilst inheriting all entailed property and assets from his cousin and a £1 million debt, a large share of the Hamilton lands and properties went to Lady Mary, latterly the Duchess of Montrose. The properties that left the Hamilton family at this time included Brodick Castle on Arran, which had been owned by the Hamiltons for 500 years. One property that did not leave the family was Hamilton Palace, the main family seat. However, the Duke had offered the palace to the Navy during WW-I for use as a hospital. Following the end of the war it was considered necessary to demolish it due to subsidence, blamed on the family' own coal mines. Hamilton moved to Dungavel House, which had previously been a Hamilton shooting lodge on moorland close to Strathaven. Hamilton died in ‘40 at the family' property Ferne House in Dorset.

Mrs Margaret Drummond-Hay married in ‘30 Major James Drummond-Hay, son of Colonel James Adam Gordon Richardson Drummond-Hay. At right - Seggieden House located nr Perth Scotland was bought from Sir Thomas Blair of Balthayock in 1652 by John Nairn. He was succeeded by his third daughter, Barbara Hay, wife of Patrick Hay, second son of James Hay of Pitfour. Their son, John Hay inherited the estate and he married Lilias Hay, daughter of John Hay of Pitfour. James Hay of Seggieden, born 1739, died '81, succeeded his father in 1754 and married Jean Donaldson in 1770. He built Seggieden House, which was finished in 1789, in the Adam style. His son, James Hay born 1771, died 1838, inherited the estate in 1781. James Hay pursued a military career and had many commissions including the Eastern Battalion of the Royal Perthshire Local Militia, he was also a deputy lieutenant of Perthshire. He married Margaret Richardson, daughter of John Richardson of Pitfour, in 1801 and their son Captain James Richardson Hay, born 1802, died 1854, inherited the estate in 1838. He married in 1833 Margaret Lothian Douglas and succeeded his mother in the estate of Aberargie assuming the name of Richardson-Hay. On his death his daughter, Charlotte Elizabeth Richardson-Hay, born 1834, died '14, inherited the estate. She married Captain Henry Maurice Drummond, born 1814, died 1896, son of Admiral Sir Adam Drummond of Megginch, in 1859. The couple assumed the name of Drummond-Hay on their marriage. Captain Henry Drummond-Hay was a captain in the 42nd Royal Highlanders and a keen naturalist. His grandson, James Drummond-Hay born 1905, died 1981, inherited the estate in 1928 and married Lady Margaret Douglas Hamilton in 1930. He was a major in the Scots Guards during the Second World War and served in Germany in the post-war government, returning to live at Seggieden in 1948. - Source - Wikipedia.

Kisumu Samantha b ’69 – ch Kisumu Jasper’ sis Joanna ex Threebees Beowulf – was owned by Lt-Col Sir Edmund Castell Bacon ’03-82 - Bart, O B E - landowner and businessman –. Sir Edmund – see at left dd ’65 - family seat Raveningham Hall – see centre – Norfolk, held several quango and business positions -, ie  chairman of Brown Sugar Corporation ‘57-68, Pro-Chancellor of East Anglia University ‘64-73, chairman of the Agricultural North East Development Council ’66-82 and director of Lloyds Bank. As the Bacon Baronetcy of Redgrave in the County of Suffolk is the oldest extant English baronetcy  - created in the Baronetage of England on 22 May 1611 - Sir Edmund was the Premier Baronet of England. – At right - Sir Bacon Kisumu Samantha’ maternal uncle ch Kisumu Jasper at 2y old.

Ch’s Buckhall Mr Micawber & B- Lord Jim’ brother B- Master Catesby b ’70 – Kisumu Hannah ex ch Copenore Friar – was exported to Mme Mila Schön -  Italy, arguably Mila Schön ’16-08, Italian fashion designer, born Maria Carmen Nutrizio in Trogir to wealthy Dalmatian Italian aristocratic parents. With the breakup of the Austo-Hungarian Empire at the end of World War I, Schön'  family lost their estates. The family moved to Italy where Schön's father managed a pharmacy. During World War II, Mila married Aurelio Schön, an Austrian precious metals dealer, whom she met in Milan. In the postwar period, Schön enjoyed a brief return to wealth. She became a client of the most prestigious Parisian couture houses such as Balenciaga and Dior.

Following the failure of her husband' business and the couple' divorce, Mila once again found herself without financial resources. Unable to afford Parisian couture, Schön paid skilled Milanese seamstresses to copy the latest couture. Other women soon expressed interest in Schön' designs and in ‘58 Schön and her mother opened a workshop. Schön had her first show in ’65 and in ‘66 she opened a boutique on Via Monte Napoleone, the center of the Milan fashion world. The Via Monte Napoleone shop was decorated with modern furniture by Joe Colombo & Eero Saarinen. In ‘65, Schön showed her collection at the Pitti Palace in Florence along with other major Italian designers. For this show, all of Schön' fashion were in various shades of violet. Afterwards, The New York Times called her ‘the shrinking violet of the Italian haute couture’ and declared she did not ‘make clothes for shrinking violets’. Schön’ work was introduced in the US in ‘67 in Dallas and Houston by Neiman Marcus.


In ‘69, she designed uniforms for Air Italia. Schön’ men’ line and her first prêt-à-porter collection for women appeared in ‘71. A year later, she designed uniforms for Iran Air. Schön was the first Italian designer to show ready-to-wear in Japan. By the 1980s, Schön had shops in Italy, Japan, and the United States with offerings that included handbags and shoes, lingerie and watches, perfume, swimwear and eyewear.  In ‘92, she designed the Italian national team at the Barcelona Olympics. Schön’ clients included Jacqueline Kennedy, Lee Radziwill, Marella Agnelli, Farah Diba, Imelda Marcos, and Brooke Astor. - Source Wikipedia. - At left - Mila Schön in the showroom at Via Monte Napoleone 2 Milano – at right – Mrs Maisie Morgan’ ch Buckhall Lord Jim.

The 1st Hollesley litter was born in May ’50 – Parkhurst Honey ex Valiant Diadem – resulting in Mr C J M Van Gerven’ Hollesley Hadrian & Mr D A Burnand’ H- Hercules; siblings Horatius – res cc at Birmingham ’53 under Dr J Aubrey Ireland – cc ch Wotan Vyking -, and Hippolyta b ’50 were both owned by Miss Anne Kendal of Roughwood Barns Chalfont St Giles Bucks. - At left - Richmond Show June ‘51– from l to right - Miss Ianthe Bell, Lt- Comdr Peake with Nydia/Diadem’ dau Jascot Griselda & Miss Anne Kendal with 14m old Hollesley Horatius. - The KCBRS mention a litter dd May ’53 bred by Mrs Pam Day & Miss Anne Kendal – Hollesley Hippolyta ex Heatherbelle Sterling Silver - which gave five pups, a/o  H- Beowulf owned by Mr John S F Boston – 3rd open at Welks ’57 under Dr J Aubrey Ireland – cc ch Meps Angus.

Miss Anne Kendal b ’17 was the daughter of Sir Norman Kendal ‘80–66 C B E, of Roughwood Barns * Chalfont St Giles. Born in Cheadle Cheshire, he belonged to a family which founded a big Manchester silk business, became barrister and police officer in the London Metropolitan Police.

In ‘14 he was commissioned into the 5th Battalion Cheshire Regt. He was wounded at the Battle of the Somme in ‘16 and in ’17, was attached to the Ministry of National Service as a staff officer. He was promoted Lieutenant in July ‘17. In October ‘18 he resigned his commission on account of ill-health caused by his wounds. In Nov ‘18, Kendal was appointed Chief Constable in the Metropolitan Police, and the following year, on the creation of the rank, was promoted to Deputy Assistant Commissioner.

In ‘39 he was Scotland Yard' prime Chief. He was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire in ‘27 and knighted in ‘37. –  Here at left - Scotland Yard - Thames Embankment London.

Quote re Roughwood Barns * – ‘In February ‘16 Roughwood Park House – see at right - was ‘in a bad state of repair and empty’ but by April ‘19 the house with 60 acres had been bought by Mr T A Agelasto. Roughwood Farm with 105 acres was bought before April 1914 by Mr E A Sandford-Fawcett who occupied the house at the farm which he now called Roughwood Barns.’

Balclutha Torquil b ’81 – ch Balclutha Minerva’ paternal half sis B- Maxi ex Graig Goch Alcwyn – was owned by Mr John Arthur Hedgethorne ’32-00, Essex Police’  officer of Bridge Farm road Stanway nr Colchester. He was a well-known figure in ‘race walking’, a discipline always included in the historic Colchester Open Athletic Meetings. A 24 hour walk was held at the track in ‘85 and was organised by John Hedgethorne - this event incorporated a centurions event - a centurion is a Race Walker who has walked 100 miles in 24hrs -.  John was a member of the club and joint started the Essex Walking league in ‘66.  He also did a great deal for walking meetings for the Essex Police force for whom he was a PC. Mr John A Hedgethorne was the editor of the Race Walking Association newsletter, the 'Race Walking Record' and held the honour of being a centurion - No 413. Another 100 mile event called the ‘2001 Hedgethorne 100’ aka the ‘John Hedgethorne Memorial’ was held in Castle Park – see at left - Colchester on the 4th-5th August ‘01. There were 22 entrants with 19 finishers. Bob Dobson of Ilford was the winner in 19hrs 46mins 11secs. – centre dd ’87 – Mastiffs owned by Mr Brian Booth, of  74 Astleigh Ave Pontefract nr Leeds, ie  Thorner Premonition b ’86 – Graig Goch Dai Sam’ dau Thorner Accolade ex Cornhaye Hudson’ son Bournewood Benson Boyd -, and Balclutha Caleb b ’80 – ch Balclutha Minerva’ maternal niece B- Zemla ex Graig Goch Alcwyn -, Caleb being half brother to Mr Hedgethorne Balclutha Torquil, both sired by Graig Goch Alcwyn, the latter grandsired by the Am import Garstars Eric – see at right -.

Kensix Reada b ’85 & bred by Mr W Yull – Gildasan Mr Butler’ grand-dau Byebrue Quartz ex Gildasan Roman Chief’ son G- Gelert - was owned by Lady Dunning, arguably the wife of Sir Simon William Patrick Dunning b ’39 - 3rd Baronet of Beedinglee Lower Beeding – Sussex. The Dunning Baronetcy was created in ‘30 for Leonard Dunning, Inspector of Constabulary at the Home Office between ’12-30.

Copenore Henry b ’66 – Copenore Flourish ex - Copenore Endeavour see at left -, and Cemaes Cordelia b ’71 – Copenore Petite ex Balint’ son ch Pynesfarm Gelert – were owned by Dr Ian McGregor Reith Scroggie b ’20, son of Colonel William Reith J Scroggie, C I E - I M S, of Abbotsford Lodge  - see centre - Callander. He registered as a student of Medicine at Edinburgh University and graduated MB ChB in July ‘44. While at Edinburgh University, Scroggie lived at Ramsay Lodge, a student hostel in Ramsay Gardens Edinburgh. The Lodge held an annual time trial cycle race in which participants covered a course in a selected unusual manner. There was a Ramsay Lodge Cup to be won, and Ian McGregor Reith Scroggie won it in both ‘40 and ‘41. When Ramsay Lodge closed the cup was presented to Ian McGregor Reith Scroggie because he had won it twice. Scroggie served as a Captain in the R A M C, and then practiced at Chalmers Hospital Edinburgh before living in northern Scotland. –Dr I M R Scroggie Cemaes Cordelia’ paternal half brother Am ch Dawnwind Romulus – see at right - exported to Mr D Zurech US.

Kisumu Brenda b ’82 & bred by Mrs M J Parsons – Nandina Zane Grai’ dau Kisumu Viscountess Rebecca ex GG Alcwyn’ son Vale Lord Teify – was owned by Major Andrew Nevile David Bols, and mated Brenda to Hubbastone Nathan – H- Harriet ex H- Brendan – resulting in Kenate Bruno K- Samba.

Major Bols was born ’43 in BMH Abbottabad British India, the son of Major Kenneth William Bols and Estelle Elaine Berney. He married, firstly, Sally Jane Aiken, daughter of Air Chief Marshal Sir John Alexander Carlisle Aiken, in ‘71 at St Clement Danes London. He married, secondly, Anne Meade, daughter of John Arthur Meade, in ‘80 at Chelmsford Essex. Educated at Gordonstoun School Elgin Morayshire Scotland and at McGill University Montreal Quebec Canada. Rifleman, 43rd & 52nd  Oxfordshire & Buckinghanshire Light Infantry. He gained the rank of Major in the Blues & Royals. Retired ‘80. 

He became Queen's Messenger in ’89, quote – ‘ The Corps of Queen's Messengers are couriers employed by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office. They hand-carry secret & important documents to British embassies & consulates around the world. Many Queen's Messengers are retired Army personnel who generally travel in plain clothes in business class on scheduled airlines, carrying an official case from which they must not be separated – it may even be chained to their wrist.’ - Note - Major Bols’ Kisumu Brenda was sis to Sallymas Golden Galaxy - maternal grand-dam of ch Jengren Pluto – and sis of Sallymas Golden Dragstar which grandsired Empress Julie, grand-dam of Czaracyna Zelig Warrior.

Glynpedr Cola & sis G- Perrier b ’81 – Darkling Bombardier’ dau Zanfi Bellona ex ch Hollesley Medicine Man – were owned by Miss Julia R Copeland b ‘60, of Hillside Farm  – see at left - Rushmore Hill   Knockholt nr Sevenoaks, who mated G- Perrier to Mr R R Cheval' Kent Admiral – Celerity Count Magnus’ dau C- Norfolk Arrow ex Crufts ’83 BOB Farnaby Fighting Faith’ brother F- Fighting Fury -, resulting in a/o Mr R A Pidgeon’ Treswell Brindle Bess. –

Miss Copeland’ Glynpedr Perrier was sis of ch Zanfi Imperial Eagle ‘ sire Glynpedr Tizer - see here at right - exported to Deer Run breeder Mr Tobin Jackson   US, and sis to Glynpedr Fanta who produced three Glynpedr ch’s, ie Longendale breeder Mr Louis McDonald’ G- Sandeman & Clochodrick breeders Mr/Mrs Jagielko’ G- Ferrira * - both sired by ch G- Dom Perignon, and G- Napoleon – see above at right - sired by ch Damaria Count Magnum. Ch Glynpedr Napoleon was BOB at the OEMC ch show ’93 under Farnaby breeder Mrs E J Baxter – res cc ch Darkling Paddington Bear. She reported about Napoleon a/o – ‘when handled by his owner he has always appeared dull and lethargic – a good dog but no sparkle, handled by his breeder, he was absolutely different. He looked a good two years younger, he strode into the ring head and tail up, and he moved like a steam engine. He has size, substance and quality and now he has shown that he can dominate the ring’ – 

Clochodrick breeders Mr Henry & Mrs Joyce Jagielko – see at extreme  right -, of 79 Auchenlodment road Elderslie Scotland, bred a litter dd ’87 – ch Glynpedr Ferrira ex ch Zanfi Imperial Eagle – resulting in eight pups, a/o C- Bute – see sitting at right - who sired 1) a Fitsam litter out of Lady Tara which gave a/o Fitsam Tamson 2cc’s, 2) a Lorvid litter dd ’89 & bred by Mr Stewart out of Coopell Sonata resulting in Lorvid Lord Rankinston – LKA ’90 cc under Miss Jean Lanning - & L- Laputa, the latter mated to Coinmor Bratach, produced the 2nd Lorvid litter, and 3) a Kumormai litter dd ’94 out of K- Musketeers Lady, a/o K- Tomnavoulin – see lying at right -, Cardhu, K- Chivas & K- Tamdhu.

Lorvid Lord Rankinston – see at left at 2y old - b July ’89 & bred by Miss E L Stewart – Coopell Golden Sonata ‘Boom’ dau Coopell  Good Lass ex Farnaby Lord Fortesque’ son On The Spot’ ex Clochodrick Bute – & ch Darkling Paddington Bear’ sis D- Fait Accompli – see at right at 12m old - were owned by Dr John W Crorie ‘Achaea’ affix, of South Allerton Farm – see centre - Jackton Glasgow. Lord Rankinston got  a cc at the LKA ’90 under Miss Jean Lanning – res cc Daleheath Casper Bruin’ son Big Boss Man –, and got prizes at a dozen ’91 shows, a/o a reserve cc at Bath under Dr Sheila Monostori – cc ch Tresylyan Brogan -. Quote dd ’15 – 'First Lady of Scottish Racing Linda Perratt b ’64 invited the News to her state-of-the art horse training facility at North Allerton Farm in Jackton which also stables the biggest racehorse in the UK, Anatopia, measuring in at a whopping 18.3 hands.’ -

Coinmor breeders Mr Peter H & Mrs Angela M Cattanach-Chell b ‘40, of 115 Habberley road Kidderminster, bred between ’89-01 nine litters. Their foundation brood was Dark Crystal b ’85 – Marsden Gipsy ex Huegenes Golden Apollo -,  sis to Lord Tosca & Bunters Hazy Day, the latter sire to Sallymas The Conqueror – cc under Mr Douglas Oliff in ’91 – res cc ch Trevabyn Mr Snowman. They bred two litters out of Dark Crystal sired by  ch F- Prince Igor’ son Zandawn Nick Nicklebee – see  at left – which gave C- Bratach , C-Slainte, C- Bean Ceut & Mr S J Cooper’ C- Cobach Feardha, the latter recipient of four 3rd Open prizes in ‘95-. Next brood was Lombardy Fiona b ’89  - Meps Illustrious Lawyer’ dau M- Gracious Aneira ex Coinmor Bean Ceut – and mated her to C- Slainte – which produced 3) C- Peach B & C- Cean Nah b ‘95, 4) dd ’96 – Kenvee Galad ex C- Cean Nah, a/o C- Colgantas, 5) dd ’97 – Lombardy Fiona’ dau Banrigh de Morache by Moorgrove Zulu ex Gildasan Bobby Dazzeler’ son G- Major -, 6) out of Banrigh’ sis Kenvee Galad ex Craigavon Taboo, 7) dd ‘98 out of Banrigh’ sis Kenvee Galad sired by ch Jengren Pluto’ son J- Cognac, 8) dd ’98 Gildasan Crystal Spirit ex C- Colgantas, 9) dd ’01 - Kenvee Galad ex Jengren Mr Milligan – see 2nd from left at seven months of age handled by Capesthorne breeder Miss Jan Rose -, which produced a/o C- Banrigh Topaz – maternal grand-dam of Cedwalla Crusadersee 3rd from left - who's behind the Italian del Fracasso strain. – Note – Jengren Mr Milligan sired former cc breed record holder Regallian breeders Mr John & Mrs Lyn Lock’ ch Lady Lavinia.

Quote dd ’12 – ‘A Kidderminster music therapist has hit the right note when her postcode won £20,000 with the People’ Postcode Lottery. Mrs Angela Cattanach-Chell’s postcode was drawn in the charity lottery’s £10,000 Saturday Street Prize and with two winning tickets, the prize money was doubled. The 72-year-old is the director of the Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies, a charity that works with people with autism, dementia and special needs using music and art. Mrs Cattanach-Chell said: - It’s really difficult to believe that it’s true. My husband Peter, and I are trying to create a wild flower garden at home, so the money would come in handy to complete that. There are also a couple of other house renovations that we would like to get finished.’At right - Mrs Angela M Cattanach-Chell with People’s Postcode Lottery presenter Scott Quinnell at the Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies.

Capesthorne breeder Miss Jan Rose, of 1433 Ashton Old road  Openshaw nr Manchester, bred five litters out of five broods. Her foundation stud was Cops ‘n Robbers – see at left – b ’86 & bred by Mr M Jones - Lesdon Lord Fortesque’ dau Farnaby Fickle Fade ex Miss Rose’ Damaria Lord Kairos -, the latter out of ch Zanfi Tanya ex - Mr Oliff’ Wyaston Henry Tudor - see 2nd from left –. Cops ‘n Robbers was the only one who got two cc’s with ch Arciniega Lion taking the reserve cc’s, namely in ‘89 under Mrs Greenwell & under Moonsfield breeder Mrs Edna Harrild; he also got a reserve cc under Mrs Jill Hicks – cc ch Bredwardine Blanseidi. At Bath ’89 Cops aka ‘Dempsey’ got 1st Limit under Dr Ronald W James who wrote – ‘Very striking & balanced fawn, , good shoulders, topline, rib & tailset, powerful hindquarters & outstanding action. Very well presented & handled. Was close up in the final decision for the CC & he is most worthy of a title.’ -

Miss Rose purchased Cops’ dam F- Fickle Fade & Vearmarc Appealer, the latter  b ’86 – out of Plain Delightful – Balclutha Intrepid’ dau Famrise Fascination ex Bulliff Razzermataz – sired by Nantymynydd Dai Sam’ son  Graig Goch Tomos – and mated Appealer to her Cops, resulting in a/o C- Moonlightin’ – see 3rd from left – and C- Nautilus – see at right -. Her next brood was Lesdon Lord Gerard’ dau Gildasan Sweet Serenata, and mated her dd ’91 to Cops ‘n Robbers. Her 3rd brood was Glynpedr Lady Chatterley – Falmorehall Aphrodite ex ch Meps Brave Chaka – and once again mated her dd ‘94 to Cops ‘n Robbers. The same month another Capesthorne litter was born out of Blizzard Hour –Balclutha Aramoss’ dau Oastleigh Lucy ex Falmorehall Hudson’ son Bournewood Crusader – and mated to Cops ‘n Robbers, resulted in C- Masquerade. - Miss Rose owned show prize winner Appealer’ sis V- Apprehended too.

At left - Cops 'n Robbers' sire Damaria Lord Kairos. - Cops ‘ Robbers - see centre - sired three litters bred by other breeders, ie out of Vearmarc Appealer’ sis Mr R B Hunt’ Vearmarc Apprehendred which produced Miss Marple b ‘89, out of Mr T King’ Damaria Powerful Magic’ dau Gildasan Bold Bonny which gave a/o Megan Shooting Star b ‘89 - grand-dam of ch Ambyson Aphrodite -,  and out of Mr N Rowe’ Falmorehall Citadel – sis/brother F- Eureka ex F- Echo - resulting in Bannwater Barley Sugar ’95 & B-  Repton, the latter owned by Miss Rose – see bis at right -. In '98 Miss Jan Rose purchased Jengren Gracelands-  Craigavon Taboo' dau J- Storm in a Teacup ex ch J- Pluto – .

Copenore James & C- Joseph b ’66 – Copenore Prima Donna ex Weatherhill Bellringer - were owned by Mr Theodore George Philips ’04-92, of Ruishton House  - see at left - Taunton Somerset. Copenore Joseph got the res cc at Three Counties ’70 under Mr Percy Whitaker – cc ch Buckhall Baron Spencer. Quote by Miss Blackstone – ‘Mr Phillips used to show them but they were so devoted to one another, being litter brothers. Mr Phillips used to show the best one and his gardener followed with the brother, then they would show! It is nice to know that in death they were not divided, for one died shortly after the other’.Centre – James & Joseph’ brother Mrs E L Keys’ Copenore Jester – at right – Copenore siblings in front of Mr/Mrs Lindley home ‘Whytefarm’.

Kynder Baron Henry b May '79 & bred by Mrs M Rutter – Ranulf' dau Lizzie Dripping ex Celerity Count Magnus – was owned by Mr M G Whyatt of Tunstead House Kinder Hayfield nr Stockport Manchester. Baron Henry was Ch Longendale was King Louis’ paternal half brother and Ch Longendale Lord Bernard’ maternal half brother. Miss G Whyatt owned Longendale Lady Bess – Exilado’ dau Dicarl The Snowscene ex ch Longendale Lord Bernard – and mated het to Kynder Baron Henry resulting in  Mr R Cogan' Craigavon Master McGrath & ch Longendale Lady Megan b ’84, the latter, purchased by Mr Louis McDonald,  and got cc’s at the SKC ’86 under Mrs G E P How – res cc Famrise Folkdance -, under Oxhaege breeder Mr J Cooper – res ch Cedwalla Miss Edwina -, & under Buckhall breeder Mrs Mary Reardon – res ch Farnaby Fortune Teller -; she also got reserve cc’s at Crufts ’86 – cc ch Bulliff Walkeska -, under Mr Joe Braddon – cc ch Cedwalla Sweet Ellenor -, Willowledge breeder Mrs Eve  Olsen Fisher – cc Bulliff Wellingtonia -, Twinoaks breeder Mrs Phillis Teversham – cc Grangemoor Elsie -, and Mr Harry A Jordan – cc ch Glynpedr Irish Velvet -.

Wayward breeder Mrs Sue Boorman, of White Rocks Farm Underriver Sevenoaks, purchased foundation brood Gildasan Colorado Charade b ’82 – ch Gildasan Silver Ghost ex Gildasan Roman Warrior’ son G- Roman General – at left General’ brother G- Roman Chief - and mated her to Forefoot Lucifer’ son Tmaramara Kiconlear – see centre with sis Ki -resulting in W- Huggy Bear b ’84, the latter mated to 1) her paternal half brother Gullimore Kipling ,  gave W- Jessica b ’86, and mated to ch Arciniegas Lion, Huggy Bear produced  W- Red Puma & Mr R G Martin’ W- Emperor b Dec ’87, the latter got a 2nd Limit at Paignton ’90 under Mr Harry A Jordan – cc & res cc  to Lion’ sons ch Bredwardine Berwyn & ch Bredwardine Brongest -. Mrs Sue Boorman is proprietor of White Rocks Farm – see at right - running a/o Boarding Kennels & Catteries.

Galbren breeder Mrs Brenda Ivins née Galloway b ‘30-04, of Bide-A-Wee – see at left - Tremaine Canworthy Water Launceston Cornwall, bred ten litter between ’79- 89. Four out of Dicarl Blonde – ch Cornhaye Kennet' dau Beau Bella ex Cayacoa Exilado -, two sired by Mr Geoff Burton’ Dicarl The Senor, a/o Galbren Rena & two sired by Bulliff Tora Bele – ch Parcwood W Bear’ sis Hildedun Lucy ex ch Hubbestone Presidents Lad -; one out of G- Rena sired by B- Tora Bele, three out of Gildasan Pittsburgh Eliza' sis Scrumptious Yankee - Corbetts Girl Alona ex G- Roman General - sired by Farnaby Special Features’ son Flatly Denied, a/o Galbren Golden Fancy, G- Red Ensign & G- Dream Ticket; and two out G- Dream Ticket sired by Glynpedr Roederer’ son Merripit Grand Shadow. Mr David Blaxter' Galbren Golden Fancy – see centre as a puppy & at right - sired five Namous litters, a/o out of ch Farnaby Fortune Teller which gave N- Top Hat & Tails and son Namous Chestnut even eight.

Gildasan Dolly Daydream b ’81 – Corbetts Girl Alona ex Gildasan Roman General – was owned by Mrs Albert W Hale née Bernice J Gregory b ’29, of Shire End Farm Gloucester road Upper Swainswick Bath, and mated her to Bredwardine Bucephalus, brother to B- Beelzebub – see at left  Farnaby Voodoo Priestess ex ch Forefoot Prince Darkness -, which gave a litter dd Feb ’85 of eight Kenive pups. Shire End Farm – see centre – is presently a Holiday Home with Self-Catering Accommodation. - Mrs A W Hale sold her brood G- Dolly Daydream to Bredwardine breeders Messrs Thomas & Tugwell who mated her to ch Arciniegas Lion which gave ch Bredwardine Blanseidi b ’87 – see at right -.

Beelzebub’ & Bucephalus’ sis B- Billet Doux produced three Bredwardine litters, one of them sired by ch Forefoot King Kong resulting in B- Bagwyllydiart, the latter mated to ch Glynpedr Ruinart, produced ch Bredwardine Bwchlygroes, Bethesda – dam of ch Glynpedr Irish Velvet -, & Bertvedv, the latter, mated to ch Arciniegas Lion, gave ch B- Bedwyr & ch B- Brongest, the latter one of the most prolific studs of his era, ie 30+ litters, a/o Bredwardine ch’s Bwchllan & Bryntowydd.

Byebrue breeder Mrs E M Hayes, of Three Acres Rumburgh road Wisset Halesworth – Suffolk, purchased her foundation brood Gildasan Roman Princess b ’79 – G- Midnight Mystery ex - G- Roman Warrior see at left - and mated her to ch Gildasan Gladiateur - son of ch Gildasan Silver Ghost – see centre -, she produced two litters, a/o Byebrue Boadicea b July ’82, mated to Bulliff Vigilante – ch Hubbastone Presidents Lad’ dau B- Tarbaby ex Lizzie Drippin’ brother Khan -, she produced three litters, a/o Byebrue Amber, B- Coral Quartz, & Famrise breeder Mrs Jackie Critoph’ Byebrue Toshiba – see at right - who got at SKC ’88 a res cc under Mrs Jill Hicks – cc ch Prixcan Almeria -.

Bulliff Graige Gregus b March ’86 – B- Captain Hamilco’ dau Palham ex B- Razzermataz – & Bulliff Islip Inkysmudge b Dec ’86 – Bulliff Ack Ack ex Bulliff Warrior - were owned by Mrs R Lush and entered at the OEMC ch Show at Towcester Aug ’87 – see at left Gregus at 17m old handled by his breeder & at right his dam Palham -. At the next OEMC ch show Gregus got a 3rd Limit prize under Dr Sheila Monostori. - Brutus Rutus  b ’89 & bred by Mr L Martindale – Damaria Celtic Prince' dau Ropa Lady Flora ex Balclutha Aramoss  – was owned by Miss L Lush.

Mr R Lush was the wife of Mr Robert Lush b ’30-97, architect & consultant designer, of Woodperry House – see centre - Stanton St John Oxford. He founded the Richmond Design Group and was a prominent figure in international hotel design for more than 30 years. His most famous project was London’ Dorchester Hotel, which reopened in ‘90. His most notable projects in more recent years, operating as Robert Lush Associates, included the new casino at 50 St James’. International projects included the Amstel in Amsterdam, the Carlton in Cannes, the Hotel Villa Magna in Madrid, the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, the Langham Hilton in London plus the Hotel Lotti, Grand Hotel and Prince de Galles in Paris. Bob Lush, a design guru, intellectual and linguist, was an inspiration to those who worked with him. Those who were fortunate enough to have known him as friend or colleague will remain richer for the experience. He had a sharp wit and ready sense of humour. With his passing also goes a love of design and wealth of knowledge unlikely to be seen again.

Wikipedia – ‘Woodperry House was built from 1728 for John Morse, a London goldsmith and partner in Child & Co. Morse owned a house in Woodstock at the entrance to Blenheim Palace that influenced the design, with the final Palladian style attributed to Oxford architect William Townsend who was also the master mason on the Clarendon Building designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor, with the front of Woodperry similar to Clarendon. The final house cost £12,000. Morse never lived in Woodperry, and after buying the larger Wooburn House in Buckinghamshire from the estate of the late Duke of Wharton, never finished Woodperry. He had left the property in his will to his niece, and in the mean time allowed his gardener William Pepall and his family to live in the house. But after falling out with his niece, Morse changed his will. After his death in 1739 the property remained in trust to Child & Co., which finished the property to include an oil on canvas painting of Westminster Abbey set in an elaborate over mantel, and an elaborate chimney piece with a fireplace by 1748. Child & Co. sold off the property in 1789. By 1801, the property was owned by the mayor of Oxford, former carpenter James Pears. The president of Trinity College, Oxford, John Wilson 1850–66 retired to the property after his resignation. The house was enlarged in 1879–80 when the porch and two pedimented wings were added, designed by Frederick Codd, an assistant in Sir Thomas Jackson's office. It was around this time that the house was bought by the Thomson family, who had made their fortune in banking services in Oxford. After being owned by Farzaneh and Kaveh Moussavi, an Iranian human rights lawyer, it was sold in 2006 for £20m to financier Scot Young, who then sold it in 2009 as part of his £400m divorce. Young sold it on to the Flemish financier Pierre Lagrange, Belgian hedge fund manager, financier, and a co-founder of GLG Partners. His net worth is estimated at £500 million according to the Sunday Times.' -

Jasenil Odessa b ’87 & bred by Mr Bennett-Moncrieff – Graig Goch Tomos’ dau Vearmarc Avenger ex - Damaria Powerful Magic see at left – was owned by Mrs J E Naylor, wife Mr P W Naylor OEMC member since ’85 - Lady Cross Lodge – see at right - Brockenhurst. Mr P W Naylor & co-owner Mr Terence Arthur James Moore b ‘50 - director of the The New Forest Agricultural Show Society, acquired Lady Cross Lodge in Nov ’85 and embarked on a programme of restoring and converting the house and outbuildings. -

Quotes re Jasenil King Charles Spaniels – ‘Jane Naylor - du Nid du Faisan - has lived in the South West of France for 17 years although many of us will remember her and her late husband Tom when they lived in Kent and showed and bred in the UK under the Jasenil affix.’ - ' Jane and Tom Naylor lived in Chatham in Kent with their Jasenil Cavaliers before they upped sticks and settled in La Roche Chalais in France. It was sad news that reached us that Tom had passed away after bravely battling cancer. Two nicer people you couldn't hope to meet and we offer our heart felt condolences to Jane and all the family. We know we speak for many, many Cavalier friends and acquaintances. Jane will be glad of the comfort of her dogs now shown under the French affix Du Nid Du Faisan at this sad time.' -

Quote - 'A former hunting lodge that has played host to countless Royals & aristocrats in its 930-year history has gone on the market for £7.5million. The 25-acre country estate is thought to have been built by William the Conqueror when he established the ancient New Forest as a Royal hunting ground in 1079. The first Norman King of England had lodges built for hunting parties to eat and sleep in, with one of them being Ladycross Lodge nr Beaulieu Hants. It was built before written records began so there is no definite evidence that William stayed at the original lodge - but it  seems likely.

A royal hunting lodge: The 25-acre country estate of Ladycross Lodge is thought to have been built by William the Conqueror when he established the New Forest as a Royal hunting ground in 1079. His son William Rufus is reputed to have slept at the lodge the night before he was killed in a freak hunting accident in the New Forest in 1100. An arrow shot at a stag by Sir Walter Tyrrell, his best archer, ricocheted off an oak tree and hit the King in the chest, puncturing his lung and killing him on the spot.

The Rufus Stone - see at right -, a memorial that still exists today, marks the spot where he was hit. King Henry VIII stayed at Ladycross many times when he hunted in the New Forest and Charles II had his mistress Winifred Wells installed there in 1671, when the Treasury approved the princely sum of £5 10s for 'new-appointing the chambers'. In the 17th century the wooden lodge was in such a bad state of repair it was torn down and replaced with the stone building. In 1869 the Crown Estate decided it no longer needed Ladycross Lodge for hunting but rented it out over the next 100 years to many aristocratic families. The property was only sold by the Crown 45 years ago.

Now Ladycross Lodge is a luxury country estate with its own equestrian complex and direct access for riding in the picturesque Forest, an outdoor heated swimming pool with a pool room and a jacuzzi, a gym, tennis court, snooker room and a professional wine cellar with dining area. The current owner has had the property for 13 years and has completely updated it while maintaining and restoring many of the original features. The main house has 20,000 sq ft of accommodation with ten bedrooms, including a master bedroom with his and hers en suites and dressing rooms, and seven more bathrooms. It also has seven reception rooms, making it an ideal home for entertaining, with an oak-panelled dining room which can seat 20, a double bay drawing room with two ornate marble fireplaces and a kitchen with a flagstone floor, a larder, walk-in fridge and a freezer room. Outside it has 25 acres of land including a tack room, a groom's office, a floodlit ménage, a Victorian walled garden and a duck pond. The estate has four detached cottages in the grounds, ideal for staff, extra space for guests or to rent out, as well as various barns and outbuildings. Scott Ramsey, from estate agents Penyards, said: 'There is so much history steeped in this property. It has a very interesting and chequered past in terms of its royal guests. Charles II kept his mistress there. It's very much a lifestyle purchase, with all the equestrian facilities, loose boxes and tack room. During the First World War Ladycross was used a convalescent home for wounded officers and in the Second World War it was an Officers Mess for the RAF at Beaulieu Heath and then the American Bomber Command.' -

Ch Longendale Lord Bernard’ sis Saxonia Princess Regal b ’80 & bred by Mrs Rutter – Lizzie Drippin ex Kenstaff Mark - &  Prixcan Miura b ’87 – Meps Eliza’ Fair Daughter ex - ch Zanfi Imperial Eagle  see at left at 2y old – were owned by Mrs Glenda Margaret & Mr Alfred John Skeaping, of Maesmor Hall – see centre - Maerdy Corwen Clwyd. Mr Alfred John Skeaping b ’44 ‘financial  engineer’ - Maturebrook Ltd & Alphacrete Construction Linings Ltd - specialised research into a renovation system for man-entry sewers. Mr/Mrs Skeaping' Prixcan Miura was sis to Prixcan ch's & Espada – see at right -.

Espada, mated to her brother Countach, produced ch Prixcan Poseuse, the latter mated to Am imp ch Fantasy In the Night, gave ch P- Mandate; ch Prixcan Almeria, mated to Countach, resulted in ch P- Morgaine Le Fee; Espada, mated to Am imp ch Fantasy In the Night, gave ch P- Esprit; Morgaine Le Fee, mated to Esprit, produced Prixcan ch’s Gage d’Amour & Esprit d’Amour, the latter mated to ch Meps Dignified John’ son Craigavon Taboo resulted in ch P- Mordred, ch P- Blasine & P- Evaine 2 cc’s.

Contessa Griselda b ’84 & bred by Ms H A Sargeant & Mr N Clarke – ch Trevabyn Black Ice’ sis T- Winter Solstice ex Belbeck Plantation Boss’ son Trevabyn Sirius – was owned by Mrs Rebecca H & Mr Gerald Broderick Shaw of Old Ley Farm 7 The Rye Eaton Bray nr Dunstable - Bedfords. Mr/Mrs Shaw’ Contessa Griselda was elder sis of ch Quixhill True Britt who got her cc’s under Miss Tracey Atkinson – res cc Cedwalla Harriet -, Mrs Phil Greenwell – res cc ch Chevelu Blodeuwedd -, and cc at the OEMC ch show – res cc ch Tresylyan Bitter Sweet - under Mr Graham Hicks who reported – ‘Quixhill True Britt - A very typically shaped bitch, which really won her the class, she is long bodied and free moving. She could carry more substance over the loin.’ –

They imported the five years old  Deer Run Brandeis b ’81 – Deer Run Jai Bee Cleopatra ex - ch Deer Run Wycliff see below at right – and mated him to Contessa Griselda which gave Leyfarm Finagle & L- Christobel b July  ’86, the latter mated to Farnaby Touch of Class produced a/o Leyfarm Zazu The combination was repeated in '87 resulting in L- Artemis & L- Edelwolf.    L- Christobel mated to Farnaby Touch of Class produced a/o Leyfarm Zazu, the latter mated to Touch of Class' son  Farnaby Full Fathom Five, produced a litter of nine pups. In '96 the brood Tregembo Trewellard - Farnaby Full Fathom Five' dau Solocroft Ebony ex ch Prixcan Mandate' brother Mafficker - was purchased.

At left – Crufts '89 judged by Mr Graham Hicks - fr l to r – ch Arcinieagas Lion – Razzermataz’ son Bulliff Zeb – ch Massoluv Heftylump – Delbeech Tyson & Deer Run Brandeis  -; Crufts '89 cc went to ch Namous Uberacht - res cc Falmorehall Hudson. - Centre – Leyfarm Finagle at OEMC ch Show Aug '88 - Judge Dr Sheila Monostori cc Bulliff Zeb res cc ch Arciniegas Lion.

Mr Gerald Broderick aka ‘Brock’ Shaw - see at right - born ’44 in Australia, lived in the States until ’84 when he and his wife Rebecca, a graphic designer, moved to Great Britain. He reportedly was a brilliant mathematician, artist, & music composer. He was director of the IT consultancy firm Chorus Management Ltd - and a tireless worker for the Eaton Bray and Edlesborough Carnival too. He died in  ’06 after error and delays in hectic hospital.

Old Ley Farmhouse was listed by the former Department of Environment in ‘78 as Grade II, of special interest – the core of the building dates from the 17th century though it also has extensive 19th century additions or rebuildings facing the street. The farm was evidently part of the Manor of Eaton Bray. In the late 19th and early 20th century the Lord of the Manor was Arthur Macnamara. On his death the property formed part of Pedley Settled Estates which his executors sold by auction in October ’15.

The sale particulars read a/o as follows - 'Old Ley Farm premises - adjoining, brick and timber-built, with tiled, thatched and corrugated roofing, of Cow House, Gig House, Meal House, Piggeries, Stable, Barn, Cattle Sheds, Corn Store, Loose Box and Implement Shed; Foldyard, with Gateway Entrance from road, and Rickyard. The arable land comprised four fields measuring together 71 acres, 3 roods, 23 poles.

There were also two meadows totalling 28 acres, 1 rood, 35 poles and five pastures totalling 37 acres 2 roods, 3 poles. There was also an orchard of 3 roods, 19 poles. The valuer visiting Old Ley Farm in ‘27 found that it had been bought by Bedfordshire County Council, and occupied by Edwin F Pratt. Rent was much reduced from 1915 – from 1920 it had been £120 per annum and from 1924 £90 per annum. The reason for this was twofold – a public authority as opposed to a private landlord and the fact that the farm had declined to 35 acres.' -

Saltcountry breeder Mr John B Steele, of Lord Hill House – see centre - Dobson Bridge Whixall nr Whitchurch, bred five litters between ’89-99. He purchased Tresylyan Anouska b ’84 – Gildasan Roman General’ dau G- Portland Portia ex ch Longendale King Louis – who produced a Longendale litter b ’88 sired by  Longendale The Defender - see at left - which gave  ch Longendale Princess Athenée and L- Longendale Zena, both owned by Mr J B Steele. He repeated the breeding Anouska/Defender resulting in S-  Mr Spock, S- King Solomon & S- Nyota Uhura. - 2nd brood Longendale Zena, mated to ch Meps Dignified John, produced S-  Captain Kirk & S- Tasha. - 3rd brood Ankerston Lola – Trimslim Trooper' dau Bucksholes Amorica ex S- Captain Kirk – was mated to ch Jengren Pluto’ son J- Cognac. - 4th brood ch Benbows Mandy – Chevelu Barrg’ dau Bredwardine Boneirin ex S- King Solomon’ son Dawnbrook Widget Man - , mated to S- Captain Kirk’ son AnkerstonYew Tree - resulted in ch S- Lady Docker. - 5th brood S- Captain Kirk’ dau Budzini Nerys, mated to Jengren Cognac, gave S- Dark Velvet. His Solo Worrab b March ’93 & bred by Mrs Barrow – Farnaby Fortune Finder’ dau Bulliff Volda ex S- King Solomon - got at the age of 9 the Crufts ‘02 reserve cc under Bulliff breeder Mr Chris Say, the same year Mr John Steele judged at Bucks Co US.

The Lady of The House – a brindle b Aug ’93 & bred by Mr D J Savage – Pandoras Prize ex ch Tresylyan Brogan’ grandson Sinnedybur Daniel -  see at left her maternal grand-uncle Craigavon Black Domino - Brookview Bill Sykes' dau Craigavon Royal Lady ex ch Arciniegas Lion -. According to the KCBRS The Lady of The House was owned by a ‘Mr P R Sharpe’? – Perhaps a misnomer for OEMC member ’95 Mrs Carolyn S le Mare Sharpe née Scott, the wife of Lt-Col Trevor le Mare Sharpe ’21-10, of Ingestone Foy – see centre - Ross-on-Wye - OBE, LRAM, ARCM, director of music of the Coldstream Guards Band. Quote - 'The popular — and often mistaken — image of the military Director of Music is of the stern-faced perfectionist as concerned for the drill and turnout of his musicians as for the sounds they produce. Trevor Sharpe was certainly a perfectionist but it was his own performance as a composer and arranger of music that received his most exacting scrutiny.He was, of course, demanding of his musicians but immensely respected; the class of ‘78 qualifying from the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall, renamed themselves ‘The Trevor Sharpe Class’ in his honour in the year of his retirement as Chief Instructor and Senior Director of Music of the Army. ' -

At left - Marcolian Chiefs Caileag b Dec ‘95  with Mrs Jane Seymour of  The Dutch House – see centre - Ludlam nr Great Yarmouth. The bitch Caileag was bred by Mrs Margaret Golightly, out of Bulliff Stormy Spirit’ dau Marcolian Ceann Mor sired by Drigand Antina – Bulliff Zeb’ dau Apollon Wandina ex ch Bulliff Warrior’ son Militant Madrigal – and and owned by Mrs Jane Seymour, the wife of Mr Peter Seymour who was the Secretary and general factotum of the famous artist Mr Edward Brian aka ‘Ted’ Seago ’10- 74 - see at right - who lived at The Dutch House until his death in ’74. Caleg’ brother M- Ceancath was, according to the KCBRS,  owned by Mr D Seago, arguably a relative of Mr Ted Seago. -

Wiki quote – ‘Such was his popularity that those who wished to buy one of his paintings had to queue at his various annual exhibitions around the world - with the single exception of the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother who bought so many that eventually the artist gave her two a year – on her birthday and at Christmas. Prince Philip invited him on a tour of the Antarctic in ‘56, and his subsequent paintings, considered to be among his best, hang at Balmoral. Seago also created the solid silver sculpture of St George slaying the Dragon, which serves as an automobile mascot for any state limousine in which Queen Elizabeth II is travelling.The mascot can be transferred from car to car. When the monarch is not aboard, it is substituted for the symbol of the manufacturer, such as the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy or the Bentley ‘B’.-

At left - Swedish bred Gargamella Gorgonzola – was mated to Mrs Taina Ohman’ Capesthorne Hai Karate b ’89 – Vearmarc Appealer ex Cops ‘n Robbers – which produced Alvedor Legolas, the latter mated to Int ch Alvedors Aragorn – double grandsired by Glynpedr Harvey Warbanger’ brother’ G- Tom Collins – see centre – Aragorn’ grand-dams ch Glynpedr Sandeman’ sis Glynpedr Malvedos & Eljishanor Frieze - Bannwater John Barleycorn’ sis B- Isabella Moonshine ex ch Falmore Langton’ son Falmorehall Happy Fella – produced Alvedors Bri, the latter mated to Alvedors Gloin - Moloss Chivas Regal ex her paternal nephew A- Aragorn -, gave Forty Fortune Wyehawk – see at right –,  a female b ’95 bred by Hanne Kostald & Arnfinn Brathen - Norway,  and owned by Molossie breeder Madame Françoise Berthou - France.

At left - Henry Tudor of Tudor House b Dec ’99 & bred by Mrs S Hassall, of Beechwood road Bromborough Wirral, – out of Shemarlee Miss Veronica – see below at right her brother S- Mr Whotsisname - sired by  ch Bredwardine Bwchlygwyn - – see centre at 2y old -. Henry Tudor was double grandsired by ch Darkling Finn Mc Cumhal – see at right - , resp grand-dams were Dawnstar Dido – Zandawn Pollyan Perkins’ dau Phantom Pheaton ex ch Merrowlea Brigadier - & Jengren Ploughman – ch Meps Dignified John’ dau Jengren Nightingale ex Bredwardine Brynblodau -.

Mrs S Hassall’ Henry Tudor of Tudor House got one cc under Longendale breeder Mr Louis Mc Donald dd ’06 – res cc Klanzmun Quintillus -, and not less than eight reserve cc’s, ie at the OEMC ch Show ’02 under Buckhall breeder Mrs Mary Reardon – cc Jengren Jailhouse Rock’ son ch Bulliff Dom -, the OEMC ch Show ’04 under Devarro breeder Mr Geoff Burton – ch Bredwardine Bwchlygwyn’ son cc ch Penrichlar Phoenix - see here at extreme left - , in ’05  under Jilgrajon breeder Mr Graham Hicks - cc ch Penrichlar Phoenix -, Fearnought breeder Mr Glyn Payne - cc ch Penrichlar Phoenix -,  & Mrs B Banbury – cc ch Penrichlar Phoenix -.

Mrs Hassall’ Henry Tudor’ paternal half brother ch Penrichlar Phoenix b ’01 out of Penrichlar Pantgwyn – Dawnstar Dorado Dios’ dau Lady Whitemill ex ch Bredwardine Brongest – got twenty cc’s a/o at the OEMC ch Show ’03 under Honeycroft breeder Mrs Janet Atkinson, and in ’04 the famous ‘grand triple’, ie Mastiff Association ch Show, Crufts & the OEMC ch Show.

At the Mastiff Association ch Show ’06 under Andwell breeder Mr Connol Coan who wrote about Henry Tudor – ‘Apricot very similar to first – ed ch Faynad King of Our Cottage -, equally massive. Moved well. Showing just a little haw from slightly rounder eyes than first. Otherwise little to choose between them for quality.’       The    last reserve cc was under Bull-Mastiff specialist Mrs Pamela Jeans-Brown – cc the Russian ch Korosdombi Lyon.

An advert dd the 1890s, commissioned by W H Cook of Orpington House, in which is offered for sale a Mastiff brood out of ch Beaufort’ maternal aunt Baroness b ’84 & bred by Dr John Sidney Turner and sired by Monarch, brother to Ormonde bred by Mrs Geo Willins and exported to Mr Bunn Peoria Illinois US.  - At right – a pair of the Jubilee Orpington poultry breed created by Mr Wm Cook of Orpington House St Mary’s Cray Kent. Mr William Cook b ’49 and his wife Jane were known to be breeding chickens at Tower House Orpington Kent and where they developed the first Orpington. It was black in color and came in two varieties, single comb & rose comb. He entered these Black Orpingtons in area shows with favorable results. He was, in fact, so successful that he published The Poultry Journal, sold a poultry keepers account book, studied poultry diseases, sold medicines, poultry food, fattening powder, and traveled the countryside presenting lectures. By ‘88 the Orpington was given it’s own classification. Sometime later he introduced the White Orpington and also the Buff Orpington.

In ‘90, the family, which consisted of William, Jane, three sons and two daughters, moved to Walden’ Manor which they later renamed Orpington House – see at left -. His business, named ‘William Cook & Sons’ grew and he opened a London Office at Queens Yard 105 Borough London. His oldest child, Elizabeth Jane, was operating the farm at this time. The Jubilee Orpington was introduced in ‘97. Its name was derived from the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. In ‘02, reports show William Cook was awarded the Poultry Club Medal. By this time, he had poultry farms in South Africa and the United States. The family was gripped in sadness during ’03 when his wife died in a gas explosion while visiting their son William Henry. William Cook was very ill upon return from a visit to America in ‘04. One day after his return, he died from Emphysema. William Cook’ daughter, Elizabeth Jane continued to operate the family business ‘William Cook & Sons’.

At left – Miss Ianthe Bell with ch Petronella & sis Prunella’ parents ch Uther Penarvon – ch Havengore Bill’ dau Bilichilde ex Rufus – and Hermia b ’30 – Rufus’ sis Nerica ex ch Havengore Bill –.  Prunella, mated to Havengore Bill’ double grandson ch Havengore Christopher,  gave Hammercliffe Gyn exported to the States and, mated to Hellingly King’ son Altnacraig, it resulted in Knockrivoch Hector who sired the post-WW II stud Valiant Diadem and Peach Farm Belinda, grand-dam to Weyacres Lincoln. – Hermia got two cc’s, both at Birmingham, ie in ’35 under Mr Guy P Greenwood – res cc Deleval Sybilla - & in  ’36 under Dr J Aubrey Ireland – res cc her daughter ch Petronella-,  and two reserve cc’s, ie Metropolitan Society Crystal Palace – cc ch Hellingly Josephine - &  Crufts ’36 under Mr Sam Crabtree – cc ch Broomcourt Comedienne. - Hermia’ sis, the dark brindle Lady Turk – see at right – left w/out any progeny.

Miss Ianthe de Hougham Bell ’99-60 lived at the parental home Earlywood Lodge Bagshot road Sunninghill nr Ascot until ’31. She moved ca 30 mls S  to a country house in Knowle lane Cranleigh, named ‘Great Withybush’ – see above -, reportedly a breathtaking example of Edwardian splendour dating back to 1909, with high ceilings and beautiful bay windows the property being light, spacious and characterful throughout.

The KC Stud books mention Mastiffs from five litters bred by  Miss Bell between March ’31 - Aug '36 all of them sired by ch Uther Penarvon,  ie  two out of  1) ch Havengore Bill' maternal aunt Lady Hildur  - Lady Byron ex ch Westcroft Blaise - resulting in The Druid, Sir Timothy & Herga' Pluto, 2) one out of Hermia – resulting in ch Petronella & Prunella -,  and two out of 3) Ducia - ch Uther Penarvon' maternal aunt Havengore Susanna ex ch Uther Penarvon' son The Druid -. Ducia' daughter Mr Ocky White' Druina b May '35 - see insert at right - got at Birmingham '37 the cc under Mrs Lucy Scheerboom - res cc ch Petronella -, and the Crufts '38 cc under Mr Sam Crabtree - res cc ch Petronella -.

At left – Mr Raymond Boatwright’ ch Glynpedr Dom Ruinart at the OEMC ch Show ’85 Towcester – at the background the Copenore breeders Mr Cyril & Mrs Maisie Lindley. Centre – Ruinart’ sons ch Bredwardine Bwchlygroes & B- Brynawdon (as youngsters) out of ch Forefoot King Kong’ dau Bredwardine Bagwyllydiart; their sis B- Bertvedv, mated to ch Arciniegas Lion, produced ch Bredwardine Brongest & ch B_ Bedwyr; their sis B- Bethesda, mated to ch Zanfi Imperial Eagle, produced ch Glynpedr Irish Velvet -. At right – Ruinart’ dau ch Cedwalla Miss Edwina (at 9m old) – out of MM’ dau ch Cedwalla Sweet Ellenor -.

At left – Photograph of a Kennel Gazette advert dd May ’84 showing one of Mr Boatwright’ early broods. - Centre – Bredwardine Bagwyllydiart’ sire ch Forefoot King Kong, maternal grandsire to ch Bredwardine Bedwyr, B- Brynawdon, B- Bertvedv & B- Bethesda. – At right – ch Glynpedr Dom Ruinart’ dau ch Cedwalla Miss Edwina at adult age. Edwina b  26th Oct ’86 got the Crufts ‘88 under Mr Douglas Oliff reserve cc at only 16 months old – cc her dam ch Cedwalla Sweet Ellenor –, the OEMC ch Show ’88 cc under Dr Monostori and ended up with 14 cc’s & 9 res cc’s.

At left – ch Bulliff Warrior & his uncle B- Razzermataz together with Miss Critchley’ Ormondstow Peter The Great – Darkling Bombardier’ dau Grangemoor Katie ex ch Honeycroft Danny Boy - at the OEMC ch Show ’87 judged by Mrs Ann Arch -  cc ch Arciniegas Lion – res cc ch Falmorehall Frobisher / cc ch Prixcan Almeria res cc ch Trevabyn Black Ice’ sis Trevabyn Winter Solstice. - At right - lying Razzermataz’ son Bulliff Zeb BOB at the OEMC ch Show ’88 judged by Dr Monostori – res cc ch Arciniegas Lion – at extreme right Zeb’ cousin ch B- Warrior.

Ormondstow breeder Miss Sheila Critchley b '43 Bolton Lancs, of 17 Mulberry road Congresbury nr Bristol, purchased Grangemoor Katie b '80 – ch Hollesley Dare Devil’ grand-dau Grangemoor Banchee sired by ch Darkling Bridie’ brother D- Bombardier – and mated her to ch Honeycroft Danny Boy resulting in O- Forever Anne - see at left -, O- Mayfair - see centre with the Mrs Teversham & Lindley -  & O- Peter The Great - see at right -, the latter got a cc under Mrs Ann Arch.

Miss Critchley’ G- Katie came from the then largest UK kennel (36 litters between ’76-84) harboring arguably the then finest stock of studs, ie ch Hollesley M Dagda, his son ch Copenore Rab, Am import ch Wayside The Devil and his sons ch Hollesley Dare Devil & Darkling Bombardier.

Despite this, Katie was one of only three Grangemoor bred bitches who produced a UK litter. The other two were G- Gilda (4x) owned by Zanfi breeder Mr Nick Waters of Drury lane Rodington Salop, and G- Berry – Deer Run Gena ex Dare Devil’ son Grangemoor Cadivor - owned by Silvercroft breeder Mrs Anna Ernsting of The Croft Nursery lane Maresfield Uckfield.

Miss Sheila Critchley owned Lesdon Lord Dugald - see at right -  b '79 - ch Yarme Jane ex ch Parcwood W Bear - whose brother Mrs Wendy Bareham' L- Lord Caractacos got the Crufts '82 res cc, Falmorehall Darley  b ’87 – ch Falmore Langton’ dau Falmorehall Call Me Madam ex ch Zanfi Imperial Eagle – and ch Tresylyan Dolly Daydream b ’91 – ch Zanfi Imperial Eagle’ dau Brookview Lucy Lastic ex Huegenes Golden Apollo’ son Damaria Chieftain -. She judged Mastiffs at cc level, a/o at Bucks ’02, and died Nov '08.

At left - photograph of historical interest if the ‘presumption’ may be true – scenery of rolling hills are also to admire at the Herefordshire’ village Ross-on-Wye where Captain Piddocke’ Cobrey Park is located ; there’s some resemblance between the man in the photograph wearing a bowler compared to a drawing of the Captain but wearing the top hat status symbol, both showing a large moustache; the pony might have been of the Welsh Mountain breed bred by a/o Swansea' Mastiff fancier Mr Fred C Fitch Mason, and the Mastiff , seemingly an older female but of undeniable show quality in her day, perhaps his ch Jubilee Beauty – ch Crown Prince’ dau ch Toozie ex ch Victor Hugo -, dam to ch Ogilvie, the latter paternal grandsire to ch Peter Piper. Ch Jubilee Beauty was described a/o as – ‘… inherits her dam’ bold light eyes … her good head & muzzle will be better off when she carries her ears right, at present she has the puppy trick of throwing them back and everting them …’. Insert - ch Jubilee Beauty' maternal half brother Lord Cobrey by ch Beaufort.

Lord Cobrey [09 87 ch Toozie ex ch Beaufort] – ‘A very promising puppy, a good upstanding dog, excellent in colours, with good muzzle, somewhat shelly in body, and too long on the legs , but likely to grow into a fine dog.’ by R Cook 07/88 ; ‘A good skull , square muzzle , which is blunt without being repulsive , nice eyebrows, ears, neck and head and plenty of length of body; his chief faults are an eye which is not of good colour, and a slight tendency to weakness in his pasterns & hindlegs  probably age will correct.’  by J Hutchings 12/88 ; ‘Not large but is a fairly good dog . He has good depth of muzzle but lacks width; his face indeed reminds one of Victor Hugo.’ by Rice 12/89 ; ‘A compact dog, on the small side of construction but is well and compactly kneaded together; he sins in muzzle.’  by Rev Van Doorne 05/90 ; ‘ Good in type of head and muzzle, but is spoiled a little by light eyes. He would have been placed higher, had he not moved so badly in the ring. This, I was afterwards told, was caused by a fall out of the train when alighting at the station.’  by Dr Turner 05/91 ; ‘Shown in good form, recovered from the lameness he showed at the KC Show last spring. His head is fairly good but his light eye detracts from the expression.’ by Dr JS Turner 1/92 .

Newspaper announcement dd ‘Feb ’94 – Death of J L Piddocke after an illness, the remit of lung disease. extending over several months. Captain J L Piddocke, solicitor, died at his residence New House Brampton Abbott near Ross-on-Wye, on Friday morning last. At the time the influenza epidemic made its appearance in Ross. – The Burial Service was read by the Rev H Evans, the rector. The mourners were Mrs Adelaide Piddocke (wife of the deceased), Mr Robert Bruce (father Mrs Piddocke), and the brothers of the deceased; also servants at the New House. - Dd Feb ’94 – ‘Affairs of the late Captain Piddocke.— At the Hereford County Court on Saturday an application was made to rescind the receiving order in the estate of the late Captain Piddocke, Ross, on the ground that debt of £8,000 was owed by the debtor to the petitioning creditor. The act of bankruptcy was the non-compliance of the debtor with - &c.’Centre & at right – Cobrey Park Ross-on-Wye where Captain Piddocke had his Mastiff kennels.

The OEMC Handbook 1929 mentions five Liddells as members , ie Mr E M Liddell , Mr & Mrs H C Liddell and Mr & Mrs R G Liddell , all of them residing at Martello Place – Felixstowe.  The KCSB mention Miss HM Liddell as breeder (together with Mr HC Liddell) of the 1st Benton litter. She was a member of the Royal Astronomical Society founded in 1820 , one of the most prestigious societies for astronomers, astrophysicists & geophysicists, however it seeks to educate all who are interested and willing to learn.

Mr Edward Mather Liddell b Longridge Towers ‘00 resided at Martello Place Felixstowe. Educated at Ushaw College Durham & Talbot House Richmond, Lieut Grenadier Guards Special Reserve, member of the South Thames Yacht Club, Northern Counties' Club, Newcastle-upon-Tyne , H Albert Yacht Club Southsea & B Harwich Yacht Club. There’s a source which mentions Messrs E M Liddell & H C Liddell as participants at the Monte Carlo Rally January ‘33 with a Lagonda racing car; note - the two-litre Lagonda Monte Carlo Team Car , driven by TC Mann in ‘31 , established with 3 min 33 secs  a new class record at the Mont des Mules hill climb and the car also did the Monte Carlo Rally in ‘32 .

Edward Mather Liddell’ grandparents Edward Liddell Esq 1815-79 & Anne Amelia Grainger resided at Newcastle upon Tyne’ Benton Park – see at left -, also known as Benton House and later referred to as Red Hall or even Benton Park Hall. Edward Liddell, formerly of Jesmond Park, purchased Benton Park 1871 and remained in the possession of the Liddells until 1897. Edward Mather Liddell’ father Edward Liddell married in 1899 Alice Helen Stevens , daughter of Colonel Harry Cavage Stevens , 3rd  Madras Light Cavalry  and the couple is recorded as residing at Longridge Towers** while Edward Liddell’ brother Henry Liddell Grainger 1855-1905 seated at Ayton Castle , his son Herbert Henry Liddell-Grainger 1886-1935 was a late Acting Captain of  Scots Guards .

Edward Mather Liddell’ aunt Annie Liddell ‘50-‘02 – see centre - married Charles T Mather of Longridge Towers – see at right - Berwick upon Tweed, sixty mls N of Benton Park. Longridge Towers erected as a stately home, at great cost, incorporated the very latest innovations including a hydraulic lift & gas lighting to all parts of the main house; the portico is said to have been built for a visit of the Prince of Wales just to make sure he did not get wet when alighting from his coach. When it was completed it was one of the largest private houses in the north of Northumberland.

Excerpt from advert – ‘Even though the address of the Benton kennels is Felixstowe, they are actually located about seven miles away at Hollesley, a small Suffolk village. Hidden away as they are in the country side, they are actually only about two miles away from the sea, thus combining the bracing sea air of the East Coast with the fresh air of the country; little wonder that the inmates of the Benton Mastiff kennels are so healthy. Here the dogs had free access to about five acres of fenced-in grassland with also plenty of road exercise. There are always under the watchful eye of a resident kennelman.’- At left – ch Westcroft Blaise’ son Benton Adonis –. At right – Adonis’ son Benton Stephen.

Elmhurst breeder Horace Westmacott Noble b 1899, of Weeks Farm – see at left - Egerton Kent, owned Hellingly Annabel and bred from her a litter dd 21 Sept ’35 sired by her maternal uncle ch Hellingly Marksman, resulting in Elmhurst Julianna & E- Victoria . Ch Hellingly Joseph’ daughter Annabel out of H- Antonia – H- Queen Bess ex Cleveland Julian ***- got 1st prize Novice Class at Crufts ’36 and judge Sam Crabtree wrote – ‘A fawn which shows Mastiff type & quality in head ; shapely body and all right in bone , legs & feet ’. - At right – Hellingly Annabel’ dam Hellingly Lady Antonia bred by Cleveland breeder Mr Herbert Cook who transferred his brood Queen Bess to Mrs Oliver who repeated the  combination and which gave the Hellingly champions Cardinal & Marksman.

Mr Horace W Noble  was a Stock & Share Broker at the Cohen, Laming & Hoare firm 14 Austin Friars London. In ‘23 he was listed as a Passenger on the Majestic from Southampton to New York and divorced from his wife Joan Marian in ’30. He was a fancier of exclusive automobiles, owning an open four seater WO Bentley and a Pilot Officer during WWII when Weeks Farm incl the house  became the Air Force Headquarters.

Mr Horace W Noble’ father was Mr Philip Ernest Noble 1870-‘31 of Jesmond Road Newcastle & St James' Place London. Educated at Eton & Oxford, he became a director of Lloyds Bank and in addition therewith a director of the National Bank of Scotland. Former High Sheriff of Northumberland. He was a most enthusiastic pilote having a plane in Northumberland and one at Heston. In ‘30 he had a remarkable escape from death when flying at Heston, his machine crashing but only bruises were received by him. Eighteen months later he died following an air crash at Arborfield – see at left –.

Quote - ‘The flyers were on their way to a week-end party at Mr Noble' house  Chisenbury Priory Wilts , and Mrs Noble was awaiting their arrival. The  ‘Gipsy Moth’ left Heston-London Aerodrome at 12.30 PM less than half-an-hour before the tragedy, the destination being Upavon Aerodrome. Mrs Baring & Mr Noble were old friends and had learned to fly at the same time, about two years ago. Mr Noble had been thrown forward onto the engine and parts of the machine had to be broken away in order to extricate him. Beyond all doubt death must have occurred instantly. The identity of Mrs Baring was established by means of her pilot' certificate & an international motoring licence which were found in a pocket in the machine. With the house-party which had been assembled at Chisenbury Priory, Mrs Noble was awaiting her husband and Mrs Baring. As soon as the news of the accident reached her, Mrs Noble motored to Arborfield and identified her husband. However, a fault was found in the petrol feed of Mr Noble' aeroplane and as he was anxious not to be late for lunch he took Mr Turner' place in Mrs Baring' machine.’ Here at left – Cleveland Julian’ *** maternal cousin Cleveland Yolanda – ch Ashenhurst Cedric' dau Collierley Duchess ex ch Cleveland Pemier' brindle brother Chancellor -.

Mr Philip Ernest Noble’ father was Sir Andrew Noble  1831-‘15  - see at right - Scottish ‘expert on explosives’ physicist noted for his work on ballistics & gunnery. He was commissioned in the Royal Artillery in ’49 and joined Armstrong's armaments works in Elswick Newcastle-upon-Tyne where Noble continued research into artillery, in particular inventing ways of measuring breech pressures and small time intervals to determine the acceleration of projectiles travelling down the barrel. He worked with Sir Frederick Abel on improving the properties of black powder. He was awarded the Order of the Bath in ‘81 & knighted in ‘93. He served as High Sheriff of Northumberland in ’96. He became chairman of Armstrong' company in ‘00 and was made a baronet in ‘02 . Noble claimed that all the Japanese guns which sank the Russian fleet at the crucial battle of Tsushima in 1905 had been manufactured at Elswick , headquarter of Armstrong’ Co.

Major Harding Cox judging Mastiff Limit bitch Class at Richmond ’31 – including cc winner Mr John Bourne’ Poordale Charm, Mr Leonard Crook’ Selene, Miss Dibbin’ Hellingly Helena, Mrs Oliver ‘ Hellingly Josephine & H- Joy - res cc, Mrs Thomas’ Hellingly Sylvia, Mrs Wood’ ch Ileden Volo - 3rd Open - , and Mrs Edger’ Deleval Torfrida. Mr John Bourne, of Snowshill Hill near Moreton-in-Marsh in the heart of Cotswold, was a famous Ayrshire cattle breeder , a/o Winner of Gold Cups. He authored  the book - ‘The Snowshill herd of attested pedigree Ayrshires’.

Mr John Bourne owned ch Ileden Volo’ sis Poordale Charm, and Hellingly Janet who, mated to Hellingly Queen Bess’ brother H- Robert - see at left -, produced  a litter including Snowshill Drin, Hellingly Dawn owned by the Olivers of Hellingly, and Princehill Susan , 3rd Mid Limit under Norman Walker Hall at the Big Breeds Canine Society Harrogate , owned by Colonel Sydney Hughes Elkington 1893-‘70 , of Fox House  Stanningfield – Suffolk , who was in the silk trade at Leeds and fought in WW II where he lost his arm. - Trelyon Dick’ brother Snowshill Tristan, bred by JH Thomas of St Ives Cornwall - Hellingly Sylvia ex ch Hellingly Joseph -, was another one owned by Mr John Bourne.

The Crufts catalogue ‘31 mentions a ‘J Bourne’, of Garston Manor – Watford, who owned Hellingly Rupert  b Jan ’30 bred by K McRae out of ch Arolite’ sis Retour Rational sired by ch Cleveland Premier.  Rupert’ sis Hellingly Rowena – see centre - was owned by the Olivers while his brother H- Raymond sired Snowflake owned by Mr Hubert Granville Starley,  Deputy Managing   Champion Sparking Plug Co Ltd Feltham London, who mated her to ch Broomcourt Hugo which resulted in a/o Mr Ben Bennett’ Broomcourt Huguette - see below at left - who got a 3rd Limit at Crufts ’38 and the following year owned by Mr Fred Bowles she got a 2nd Mid Limit at Olympia London, a show organised by the Big Breeds Canine Society.

Now the London Gazette dd ‘21 mentions the death of Mr Walter William Bourne of 116 to 128 Oxford-street London & Garston Manor Watford. This Walter William Bourne &  Howard Hollingsworth had joined forces in 1894 to open a drapery business, which, on a wave of success, they took from Westbourne Grove to Oxford Street in ‘02 where their store ‘Bourne & Hollingsworth’ – see at right - became famous.

Mr Walter William Bourne’ country residence was Garston Manor - see at right -, formerly called ‘High Elms Manor’ , situated in 21 acres of park & woodland at Watford . It was described by his son Mr Stafford Bourne b ‘00, who lived there with his parents & siblings for ten years from ‘11, as ‘one of the finest & most dignified medium-sized estates in the county of Hertfordshire’. So it’s quite possible the ‘J Bourne’ of Garston Manor Watford  mentioned by the Crufts catalogue ’31, was one of those siblings and one and the same person as ‘John Bourne’ of Snowshill who, probably by extensive legacy from his father Walter William Bourne, could afford himself to purchase the grand Snowshill Hill Estate and dedicate his further life at rural leisure  a/o breeding pedigreed Ayrshire cattle & Mastiffs of high degree, at the same time maintaining contact with especially the Olivers, driving force behind the Big Breeds Canine Society which was suspended after Mr Oliver’ death!

A distinguished Old English Mastiff Club member. - Captain John Percy Farrar – see at left - DSO 1857-29 was President of the Alpine Club from ‘17 to ‘19 and a member of the Mount Everest Committee which was involved with the Mallory & Irvine drama. He started alpine climbing nearly twenty years after the so-called Golden age of alpinism had ended; there were few peaks of any stature left unclimbed and so Farrar' record is of first or second ascents of particularly notable riges or lines on mountains that had already been climbed. First ascents - South face, Ober Gabelhorn Pennine Alps with D Maquignaz in ‘92; North ridge Pollux Pennine Alps in ‘93; North ridge Wetterhorn Bernese Alps; North ridge Ebnefluh Bernese Alps. Second ascents - West face Weisshorn Pennine Alps in ‘83; Peuterey ridge Mont Blanc Massif to the summit of Mont Blanc with Swiss guide Christian Klucker in ‘93. Farrar was also a member of the French alpine group, the Groupe de Haute Montagne. Pointe Farrar, a summit on the Grands Montets ridge of the Aiguille Verte, is named after him.

He had been party to the discussions that led to proposing Mount Everest as an achievable mountaineering objective. Farrar was responsible for deciding which climbers were to be amongst the summit pair. In thinking about the best people to make a summit bid, J P Farrar consulted widely and came to the conclusion that George I Finch & his brother Maxwell were two of the best mountaineers we have ever seen and that they would be his first choice for the summit party. But in ‘21, he asked George Mallory b ‘86 to be part of the first Everest expedition in ‘22 and he eagerly accepted the offer. In June ‘24, Andrew Irvine & George Mallory– see at right standing 1st & 2nd from left - both disappeared somewhere high on the North-East ridge during or after completing the final stage  to make the first ascent of the world' highest mountain; the pair's last known sighting was only a few hundred metres from the summit. According to Winthrop Young - Percy Farrar was probably the strongest single influence which modern mountaineering has known.

In the knowledge that Mr Edmund Gifford Oliver was also active in mountaineering between 1907 – 1927, one could fairly assume that he and Captain Percy Farrar were on friendly terms and maybe the latter owned some early Hellingly bred Mastiff from the first ch Wantley Joy litter b June ‘27 and sired by ch Hellingly Joseph containing a/o Honor , dam of ch Ileden Volo. Note - In ’19, Mr EG Oliver, together with Major John Sewell Courtauld, completed the pioneer ascent of the Innominata face of Mont Blanc. – The group photo includes just in the centre Hellingly Janet b Feb ’29 purchased by Snowshill breeder Mr John Bourne– see former article -.

The photographs were taken at the Olivers' living place in Winkenhurst nr Hellingly Sussex, so before they moved to Bedale Hall Yorks.  The photographer Mrs Phyllis Robson, of 12 Smith Terrace Sloane Square London, was the editor of ‘Dog World. In ’23 she wrote a/o - 'Mastiffs are beginning to recover, but they are far from being popular dogs and breeders have a long way to go before they can hope for another Beaufort.’ --  . Her favourite breed was the Afghan Hound and owned a/o Ghazni Nakauda & ch Ghazni Asri-Havid, both sired by ch Ghazni Sirdar  who won BIS at Crufts in ‘28 & ‘30; the Ghazni strain was founded by Major & Mrs Amps who shipped dogs from a kennel in Kabul to England in ‘25.

At left – Dog World breed notes dd Aug ’31 by Hellingly breeder Mrs Jessie Wilson Oliver. - At right – Mrs Woods’ ch Ileden Volo who got the KC Crystal Palace ’32 cc under Mr Croxton-Smith – res cc ch Cinque Ports Michael’ sis Garlinge Jennifer Jane -, and reserve cc at Crufts ’34 under Mr Sam Crabtree – cc ch Broomcourt Comedienne -.

A Mastiff show between ‘Sandy’ flowers. Sandy between Bedford & Cambridge lies in an area dominated by a range of hills known as the Sand Hills and probably best known as the headquarters of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, a British charitable organisation founded in Didsbury 1889, as a protest group , campaigning against the use of great crested grebe skins and feathers in fur clothing.

The society received a Royal Charter in 1903 from Edward VII , and was instrumental in petitioning the Parliament of the United Kingdom to introduce acts banning the use of plumage in clothing. It worked to promote conservation & protection of birds and the wider environment through public awareness campaigns, petitions and through the operation of nature reserves throughout the UK.

Actually it has 1,500 employees , 12,200 volunteers , over 1 million members making it the largest wildlife conservation charity in Europe and has a number of local groups who maintains 182 reserves across the UK.

The Sandy Show, firstly held in 1868, was organised by the local Floral & Horticultural Society and billed ‘The Greatest One Day Show in England’ in the 1920s ; from handbills preserved at the old Potton Railway Station it appears the Sandy Show was  held on the last Friday in August until after 1873 when the day was changed to  the last Thursday in August. The venue was usually  Sandye Place near the river Idel; the one exception was in 1920 when  the first show, organised  after WWI, was held at Hawkesbury Meadow off Everton Road.  On that occasion there was a huge storm on the night before the Show and many tents and stands were wrecked, including that holding the Rabbit Show; many rabbits  took advantage of the breakdown in security and escaped into nearby Pymn Woods. The Sandy show became very popular and reached its peak in the late 1920's  and  eventually became one of the largest of its type in the country, with crowds of up to twelve thousand.

It was only in the 1930s that Mastiff Classes were organised there; the competitors were Mr Ben Bennett of Broomcourt [3] , Mrs Norah Dickin of Goring [2], Fred Hawkings of Goldhawk, Mrs Winifred M Edger of Deleval, Mrs Rose Matilda Langton of Woodbrook, Mrs Robert J Burch [breeder of old time champions British Monarch & King Baldur] of Sonderburg road London, and Mrs Alyce Elinor Young née Symonds [2], the wife of Mr Mark Young, a well known East Bedfordshire market gardener, farmer, landowner and sportsman, who died January 10th ‘48 aged 52 years at his home The Towers Bedford road Sandy.

According to the KCSB the Birmingham Show 1869 it was Mr FW Gee’ ch Stella who got 1st prize seconded by Mr E Nichols’ Sultan by Nichols’ Quaker, the Mastiff judge being Mr Edgar Hanbury who officiated in that function at Birmingham not less than eight times between ’68-’78 . Mr F W Mc Gee’ ch Stella b ’67 & bred by Rev J B Rowe – Nichols Quaker’ dau Donna ex Miss Hales ch Lion’ brother Leo – got a/o the KC Crystal Palace ’73 champion prize.

It’s not unreasonable to consider the large white-blazed specimen in the centre of H Weir’ drawing as representing ch Stella - bred by Rev JB Rowe –, showing up a head more blunt than those of the then usual winners a/o ch Turk, in that way perhaps a reference to Mr Kingdon’ remark re ch Stella’ great-grandaughter Lord Darnley’ Nell , ie as nearly or quite half Bullterrier ! - Charles H Lane’ article shows the then breed popularity, ie the Mastiff entries at Birmingham ’69 being the largest of all non-sporting classes  while at Islington Dog Show June ’69 there even were 30 dogs & 19 females , a/o 1st prize winner Lukey’ ch Beauty. - At right - insert article  about the Mastiff breeder Mr F W Gee of the Priory at Clare dd Nov '74.

The little Mastiff bitch referred to was Queen unr who, mated to ch Crown Prince’ son ch Montgomery - owned by Mr T W Allen of South Bank House Hereford -, produced Mr Albert Andrews’ Vestula b April 12th ’86 who birthed two litters - dd Aug ’87 & Feb ’88 - sired by ch Beaufort, a/o ch Lady Florida, ch Lord Stafford and Sir Stafford, the latter behind several important strains. Vestula was sent in ‘88 to Wacouta kennels – St Paul Minnesota & New York - which imported ch Orlando’ brother Lord Raglan & ch Albert Victor’ younger brother Nap – bred by Welshman Mr Richard Morgan - too. - Note – The drawing was made by Mr Richard Hewitt Moore, the one commissioned to design the ‘Correct Type of Head’ issued by the Old English Mastiff Club and edited a/o in Herbert Compton’ ‘The Twentieth Century Dog – I Non-Sporting’ page 146  - publ ’04.

Dudley’ breeder Rev Francis John Eld Master of Arts St John’ College Oxford, was ordained in ‘57 and from ‘60  headmaster of the Worcester Royal Grammar School; in ‘75 he was instituted as rector at Warndon nr Worcester. Dudley’ paternal great-grandam was bred at Studley Castle - seat of Holyoake-Goodricke baronets - and owned by Robert Berkeley 1823-97, Esq of Spetchley park Warndon, ca 18 mls from Studley Castle. Mr Berkeley mated the Studley bitch to his Charlie which produced Tiger who grandsired Mr C S Read’ Dudley, whose dam Juno was grandsired by Rev James Boone Rowe’ Leo, elder brother of Miss Mary Hales ch Lion – see below at right -.

Dudley’ owner Mr Clare Sewell Read – see at left - 1826–05, agriculturist & conservative politician, was born in Ketteringham Norfolk, as the eldest son of George Read of Barton Bendish Hall – see centre -. The family had been farming land in Norfolk for three centuries. Mr C S Read spent five years learning practical agriculture on his father' farm at Plumstead and was awarded prizes by the Royal Agricultural Society for reports on farming in South Wales, Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire. In ‘65 he inherited an 800-acre farm at Honingham Thorpe nr Norwich which he farmed for the next three decades. The same year he was elected as a Conservative member of parliament for East Norfolk, became a champion of agricultural interests and sought the abolition of the malt tax. In ‘74 he was appointed to a junior ministerial post in the Second Disraeli ministry as Parliamentary Secretary to the Local Government Board. He resigned in January ‘76 in protest against the government' policy on controlling the spread of foot and mouth disease, when the government failed to extend the Cattle Diseases Act to Ireland. He was presented with a cheque for 5,500 pounds by English farming organisations in recognition of his stand on the issue. He was frequently a judge at major agricultural shows including the Royal Show , the Smithfield Show and the Royal Bath & West Show. In his latter years he was a supporter of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals seeking to promote humane methods of slaughtering domestic animals. – Mr C S Read was a main ‘Great Western Railway’ shareholder which might explain his ‘Stock Exchange London’ address. Ch Wolsey’ owner Lord Frederick G Banbury & Mr Stefano Castelli , b Leghorn Italy 1848-1891 , owner of ‘Max’ b ’76 – ch The Shah x Big Ben’ dau Mab -, were then members of the London Stock Exchange.

Bungo Bruce’ sire Lord Rex b '08 & bred by Mr William Price of South Stockton nr Middlesbrough  - Venus unr ex Cleveland Leopold' brother Cleveland Monarch - was owned by Messrs Naylor & Lissimore.  ‘Prince Caractano’, arguably a misnomer for Crufts ’09 cc winner ‘Prince Caractacus’ b ’06 – Princess unr ex Cleveland Leopold’ sire Caractacus – owned by Mr Allan W Goldie – Scotland.

The Birmingham Daily Gazette dd Jan ’15  reports – ‘Among the champion dogs. Great show at Bingley Hall. Prominent Midland winners were judged Lieut-Colonel Z Walker, one of the stalwarts of a somewhat neglected breed. The two local exhibitors, Mr Neville Walker Hall, of Nuneaton, and Mr Henry Aveling, of Tipton, were out of luck. Mr W H Shackleton, of Keighley, showed the best dog and the best bitch in the open classes – ed ch Hazlemere Ronald' grandson ch Lidgett Viscount & Cleveland Leopold' daughter ch Brompton Duchess’ - Mr Henry Aveling '74-51, of Tipton - ca ten mls from Birmingham -, was a FRHS - ie Fellow of the Royal Historical Society or was it the Royal Horticultural Society?

The owner of Bungo Bruce’ sire Lord Rex Mr Joseph Lissimore, of Tividale – ca two mls from Tipton -, also owned the brindle Tividale Lucy  b Nov ’11  & bred by Mr George Cook of Marton road Middlesbrough – Adam’ dau Eugenia ex Cleveland Leopold – who got at Crufts ’14 first prize in Limit class, and the fawn Tividale Queen b '1o - Lord Byron' Quenie ex Invicta' grandson Wolfram -, , who got the Alexandra Palace ’14 cc under Mr Wm Hunter Johnston. - Mr Joseph Lissimore’ father John Lissimore operated a canal haulier business at Tividale, on land purchased from the Duke of Sutherland, as a contractor of local furnace owners. He died in 1896, aged fifty, and his wife Mrs Mary Lissimore née Devey considered her 21 years old son Joseph too young to manage the labour force in the family’ haulier business.  Mr George Lissimore of West Bromwich, who was considered to be a knowledgeable businessman, suggested the idea of the mineral water business. Mrs Mary Lissimore founded in '97 in partnership with her son Joseph & her nephew Edward Devey Naylor the mineral water manufacturing firm of Lissimore & Co Ltd  Dudley road East Tividale.

The 21-year-old Joseph, a metallurgical chemist, took over the day to day running of the business with Edward Naylor doing the books at the weekends and also helping with the fitting of machinery. Joseph turned ‘Lissimore & Co’ into a very successful business. As well as mineral water, vinegar was bottled , soda syphons filled & ginger beer was brewed. Joseph met his future wife when she came to work in the syrup room where all the essentials were mixed. They were married in ‘09 and her sister May Matthews joined the firm to replace her . When she became part of the family it was her job to taste a sample every batch and declare it satisfactory before production could continue. The trade name for Lissimore’s was Lisco. Joseph died in ‘18 from tuberculosis . – At right - Photograph of a group of special constables from Tividale with Mr Joseph Lissimore standing right at the back.

The author of this four-paged article dd Sept 1922, Mr Walter Alden Dyer - b ‘78 Roslindale nr Boston Mass – ’43, was an American author and journalist. His parents were Ebenezer Porter Dyer Jr and Martha Augusta Fearing. He graduated from Amherst College Class of ‘00. He joined the staff of the Springfield Union in Springfield Mass in ‘01, edited many publications, and became managing editor of Country Life in America ‘06–14. He was one of the most famous writers of dog stories. He was a prolific writer who contributed many articles to magazines, and published various works, including The Lure of the Antique ’10, The Richer Life ’11, Pierrot, Dog of Belgium ’15, Creators of Decorative Styles ’17, Handbook of Furniture Styles ’18, Sons of Liberty ’20, Gulliver the Great ’16, The River Life ‘11, Dogs of Boytown ‘18, Many Dogs There Be ‘24, All Around Robin Hood's Barn: a Canine Idyll ‘26, The Breakwater ‘27, Sprigs of Hemlock ‘31. - Next pages of ‘The Return of The Mastiff’ shall be posted soon.

The photograph presents Mrs Ingle’ Am ch Beowulf b ’17 , descent of arguably the then best English strains, bred by Wingfield breeder Mr Charles Wm Dickinson– out of Parkgate Duchess - ch Lidgett Viscount’ sis Leoneha sired by ch Brompton Duke’ brother Broderick Defender - sired by  Wingfield Priam - Brompton Duchess’ dau Eve ex ch Hazlemere Ronald’ great-grandson Prince Lie A Bed -. Note - Beowulf’ dam Parkgate Duchess, owned by Mr Archibald Brookes, produced a litter dd ’15 sired by ch Lidgett Vicount’ son Lidgett Conqueror and resulting in Miss G Heathcote’ Brindled Monarch.

Mrs Ingle ch Beowulf’ grandsire Prince Lie-A-Bed – see above - b ’13 – Minerva ex Cleveland Leopold’ son Bayardo - was bred by Mr J F Walters. In those days there was a prominent Belgian luxury brand ‘Minerva’ which manufactured safety bicycles, motocyclettes & automobiles - see below photo by Paul Hermans - Eigen werk, CC BY-SA 3.0 -.

Minerva b ’09 - sis of ch Havengore Bill’ grandsire Beowulf – was purchased from Miss C M Garland of Moorlands Wallington – about ten mls from Teddington where Mr & Mrs John Forrest Walters resided in ’09. 

He was a Harvard graduate ’78, engineer of the Iroquois Cycle Co and inventor of a/o the  Tricycle Skate who married Miss Caroline Elizabet Todd at London in ’86 - Prince Lie-A-Bed’ sis Princess Lie-A-Bed, mated to ch King Baldur, produced two Westcroft champions, ie Chloe & Cleopatra, the latter mated to Mr George Cook’ stud Adamas, produced ch Bulger & ch Westcrofts Blaise, the latter maternal grandsire of ch Hellingly Ajax & Miss Bell’ The Druid who sired ch Deleval Alftruda.

Mr J F Walters bred a 2nd litter dd '14 out of his Minerva, this time sired by Salisbury’ son Stapleford Pedro, resulting in Collyhurst Squire who got two cc’s in the first post-WWI show year ’20 owned by the American born Robert Folger Westcott Conquest of Bannut Tree Castlemorton. Collyhurst Squire was maternal grandsire ofMiss I Bell’ ch Woden.

Minerva’ maternal aunt Widmere Lady b Dec ’07 & bred by Miss C M Garland – Buena Ventura unr ex ch Hazlemere Ronald – was purchased by Mr Robert Walton, of 409 New Hall lane Preston, who mated her to Cleveland Monarch which gave Rufus, the latter mated back to his dam, produced Widmere Baron purchased by Mr Park of 231 New Hall lane Preston who transferred him to Cleveland breeder Mr George Cook. Minerva' aunt Widmere Lady was purchased by Mr Archibald Brookes, of  Alma Tavern 25 Westgate Street Rotherham, who mated her to Murdered Monarch’ son Brindled Prince, resulting in ch Lidgett Viscount, grand-uncle of Mrs Ingle’ Am ch Beowulf.

Quote from Mrs Ingle’ son Mr William Oswald  Ingle b ’75 - MCOA Secretary & Treasurer – ‘The dog’ size seems to have given some people a mistaken idea regarding him. It is true they are heavy feeders when they are growing and must be given lots of bone-making food, but after they are fully grown it is CRUELTY to overfeed.’ – A very sound common sense remark, but even a century later there are still people – yes incl judges - who don’t get it, and - deliberately or not – confuse fatness with show condition &/or great size…

Cedric of Woodlawn' pedigree is unknown; the brindle colour is also present in the Wingfield kennels -  a/o Engl import Wingfield Hector - and arguably tracing back to 1) ch Brompton Duke' brindle sis Batchworth Beauty who, mated to ch British Monarch, produced Nell Gwyn, dam to Wingfield Duchess b ca '14, and 2) to  Parkgate Duchess grandsired by Brindled Prince - ch Lidgett Viscount' sire -.  At right - Wingfield Priam published in ‘Country Life in America’ dd January ’18. - Nell Gwyn’ sis Ben-Ma-Chree, mated to Young John Bull, produced Mr RFW Conquest’ ch Miss Bull - bred by Mr Frederick W Bai of 194 Highbury Hill London – who got the reserve cc at Crystal Palace ’20 under Mr W K Taunton who awarded the cc to Wingfield Priam’ sis Miss A S Pope’ Lady Lieve bred by Mr Benjamin T Stubbs of Oakfield Borehamwood Herts.

Cedric of Woodlawn’  owner Miss Mabel Davis, arguably the daughter of Hon Edward James Davis 1851-36 of Newmarket – ca 20 mls N of Toronto -, member of a wealthy family connected to the tannery business since the late eighteenth century. Together with his father Andrew he operated the ‘Davis Leather Company’ at Huron street Newmarket. He was active in the political life of the province being a member of the Legislature from 1888 to 1904 and a member of the Cabinet from 1896 until his retirement. Miss Mabel Davis was a Master of Arts  who has been in Halifax – Nova Scotia - doing Red Cross work and during WWII serving in England with the Red Cross. The Mabel Davis Conservation Area directly east of the Tannery Mall commemorates land donations by Edward James Davis Sr’ daughter Mabel in 1953.

Page 71 of ‘The History & Management of the Mastiff’ mentions a/o – ‘The only Stud Book entry for  1918 was Beowulf, a dog bred in Canada by C W Dickinson, who was to supply virtually all the dogs in the United States for many years.’ –

At the same page Mrs Patricia B Hoffman laments – ‘I could find no record of Marquis of Midgett, which was in any case a misprint for Lidgett. A photo of such a dog appears in an article publ in the Illustrated Kennel News Dec ’13 – at left the photo referred to -, but no information on the dog was given. Another of our Mastiff mysteries! – Well, according to the KC data Lidgett Marquis & Lidgett Hector were born 8th October ’10 & bred by ch British Monarch’ breeder Mr Robert J Burch – out of ch Sam’ Sweetheart sired by Mellnotte’ son Salisbury -, the latter recipient of two cc’s, ie at Birkenhead '07 & Manchester '08, both under the judging of Mr Robert Leadbetter of Hazlemere Park.

Sam’ Sweetheart was the only KCSB unregistered champion Mastiff in British history; however the Crufts ’12 catalogue mentions - ‘ Class 51 Open Bitches No 125 ch Sam’ Sweetheart breeder: Mrs Burch. By Salisbury. Price £100.’ – In that case Lidgett Marquis was double grandsired by Salisbury who was about the main show opponent of Mr Leadbetter’ ch Hazlemere Ronald.

At Crufts '08 judged by Mastiff breeder Mr John O'Connell - cc ch Hazlemere Ronald, reserve cc Mrs Burch' Salisbury - Mr O'Connell wrote about Salisbury - 'This dog was out of sorts and in very poor condition when shown at the last KC Show, but since then, he has picked up amazingly, and I was much pleased to find he was in such good form here. He has vastly improved in every respect since last October; and all the Mastiff puppies in the show were sired by him. He is a very big dog, with great bone, excellent head, good wrinkle, with great Mastiff character, good body, legs and feet. Here again, good blood tells as he has in his pedigree several crosses of champion Orlando. He has, however, very pronounced dewclaws which sometimes interfere a little with his hind action. If these dewclaws had been removed when he was a puppy in the nest it would have been of great benefit to the dog.' -

The first part of the page goes about the Peke. Bullwell Queen pictured in this article was imported by Kinnelon breeder Mr Morris Kinney. She was probaby sis of Bullwell Boy b ca ’07 – out of Lord Byron’ Countess sired by Mr Neville Walker Hall’ Nuneaton Lion - ° Lord Byron – Diamond ex Nuneaton Lion -, the latter Mr George Cook ch Felix’ sire too. The other ‘Kinnelon’ broods were a/o Berenice – out of Buena Ventura ex ch Hazlemere Ronald -, Batchworth Beauty - Adam’ dau Felica ex Cleveland Leopold - & Countess of Britain whose parentage &/or breeder can momentarily not be traced. Lidgett Marquis' relative, the English champion British Monarch b '09 was bred by Mr Robert J Burch, of Sonderburg road Holloway London,  out of Countess Sonderburg unr sired by Mellnotte' son Salisbury.

Another English import made by Wingfield breeder Mr C W Dickinson in ’22 or 23, was the ca 3y old ch Weland b May ’19 & bred by Mr Fred Jackson, of Sunny Bank North Ormesby – out of Gascoigne Queen b June ’13 sired by Adamite – and owned by Westcroft breeder Mrs Constance Kennett. Ch Weland got his cc’s under Messrs Mark Beaufoy at Richmond ‘20 – res Collyhurst Squire -, WK Taunton at  Crystal Palace ‘20 - res Collyhurst Squire’ son Beeches Brunna, and Mr Robt Leadbetter at Crufts ’22 – res ch Master Beowulf. Weland’ parents were both bred by Cleveland breeder Mr George Cook of Middlesbrough’ Marton road – within walking distance  from Mr Jackson’ living place -.

Ch Weland’ photograph was published in The Tatler London dd 07 Sept ‘21 mentioning also – ‘Although only little shown, owing to the long continuance of the muzzling order in Berkshire, Weland has already annexed two challenge certificates, and may even be a full champion before these lines appear in print. &c –‘. Ch Weland’ younger brother Mr Robert McDougal’ Leetside Glad Eye b ’20 got in ’23 cc’s under Miss C M Garland & Our Dogs Editor Mr Theo Marples.  The Westcroft advert published in Our Dogs Xmas ’21 shows two puppies arguably Westcroft Cleopatra & W- Chloe b Oct ’20; both became champions and Cleopatra, mated to Mr George Cook’ stud Adamas, produced ch Bulger & ch Westcroft Blaise -  the latter maternal grandsire of ch Hellingly Ajax & ch Cinque Ports Michael - and sis Kim Thundercloud Thunderer who, mated to ch Ashenhurst Cedric' son Menai Comet, produced Mrs Norah Dickin' Thor, the latter Crufts '35 cc winner Deleval Ascelin' sire.

Ch Weland sired one KCSB reg litter, ie dd Aug ’22 & bred by Miss Harbur out of ch Master Beowulf’ dam Jessica resulting in 1) Brunhilde – dam of Hardingham Lady Lydia, the latter maternal grand-dam of ch Hellingly Ajax & ch Cinque Ports Michael, 2) Portia, dam to Cadwallader & Pinxton Lady, the latter grand-dam to ch Ursula, ch Helga-  & Hellingly Lady Here, and 3) Westcroft Shiela, dam of the typey Benton Adonis. - From left to right - ch Weland' grand-dau Hardingham Lady Barbara, ch Weland' great-grand-dau ch Helga, ch Westcroft Cleopatra & ch Helga' sire ch Woden - At right - Mrs Kennett' ch Westcroft Blaise.

Mrs Constance Lizzie Kennett née Carter ’86-79 m ’10 at Oxford Mr Archibald John Simmonds Kennett - Officer Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve - b Warwick ’83-46 at Marylebone. - The Sphere  London dd 21 Feb ‘25 – ‘On the right is Mrs C Kennett’ Mastiff Westcroft Blaise, the largest puppy in the country eleven months old and 11 stone 8 lb in weight.' - The Sketch London dd 19 Dec ‘23 – ‘Mrs Kennett, who lives at Westcroft Lower Earley Reading,  goes out regularly with the South Berks Hunt.’ - Her  last KCSB litter was born Sept '26 - out of ch Westcroft Cleopatra sired by her son ch Westcroft Blaise which gave Swanston Thunderer owned by OEMC President Mrs Jack Hardy.  Mrs Kennett seemingly gave up the breed and her stock was dispersed, ie ch Westcroft Cleopatra went to Miss Bell, ch Westcroft Blaise to Hardingham breeder Mr Wm Vannam-Smith, Westcroft Fritillary to Miss Cecile Mavie Garland, and Fantine – ch Westcroft Chloe ex Adamite – to Mr Guy Percival Greenwood.

At left – Ch Weland’ brother Leetside Glade Eye owned by Bailie Robt McDougal ’83-24 of Leet Villa Coldstream Scotland, partner in the old-established firm Meikle & McDougal, grocers and spirit merchants. - Ch Westcroft Blaise' brother ch Bulger – see at right -, owned by Mrs Muriel Carrie Houlder née Kydd ’92-75 - more about Mrs Houlder in Miscellanea Two - of Mounthill South street Epsom Surrey, was campaigned from the age of four and got cc's at Birmingham  '28 under Nuneaton breeder Mr Neville Walker Hall - res Menai Anglesea -, Lka '29 under Mr Guy P Greenwood - res ch Havengore Bill -, Crystal Palace under Mrs Arthur Croxton Smith - res ch Havengore Bill, and res cc at Crufts '30 under Major Harding Cox - cc ch Hellingly Joseph -.

Last pages of Mr Walter Alden Dyer’ article – ‘The Return of The Mastiff'-. Wingfield Boadicea was sis of Mrs Ingle’ ch Beowulf and Wingfield Rufus was an English import dd ca ’16. - According to the foregoing advert dd '18 - incl photograph of ? Wingfield Priam - brother tof ch Lady Lieve -  ch Brompton Duchess' dau Eve ex Prince Lie-A-Bed -.  Charles William Dickinson’  Wingfield kennels were located 884 Dufferin Street Toronto; at the same address as Dickinson’ Dye Works presided by C W Dickinson, manufacturer born ca 1876 in Russia being the son of Alex L Dickinson, b Russia , & Alice Thompson.

He firstly married Emma Louise Benson but divorced in 1925; he remarried the Irish twenty-three years old Lily Lavery in June ’27 and resided at 45 Ellerslie avenue Willowdale Toronto, some eight mls away from at Dickinson’ Dye Works at Dufferin Street Toronto - see photograph  on top - standing adjacent to the Grandstand of Toronto’ Dufferin Race Track  - see at right photograph dd ’30 - Dickinson’ Dye Works off red beam -.

Secretary & Treasurer of Dickinson' Dye Works company was Dr Frederick Zeidler, a former German soldier & Iron Cross recipient and chemist; later on he became President of Dickinson’ Dye Works. He lived at 60 High Park Road Boulevard situated in Toronto’ neighbourhood called Roncesvalles where  he became a quite notable person . - Death Registration Toronto - Dickinson Charles William, m, May 24 1928, 52 years, Petrograd Russia, general peritonitis ruptured gangrenous appendix, burial Mount Pleasant.

As can be read in the former Country Life’ article dd Sept 1922 ‘The Return of the Mastiff’ Mr CW Dickinson held correspondence with Mr Morris Kinney of Kinnelon kennels, the one who imported ch British Monarch, ch Hazlemere Ronald’ dau Berenice, & other well-bred British Mastiffs. So it’s not a long shot to assume Mr Dickinson not only imported Wingfield Priam & Parkgate Duchess but also Wingfield Duchess (most probably) bred by Mr Burch , the one who sold a/o ch British Monarch & Batchworth Beauty  , W- Duchess’ grand-parents , to Mr Morris Kinney . Wingfield Rufus’ grandam W- Duchess was sired by a ‘Dam’ ??? , probably a devil’ print for Sam, namely T Garwood’ Sam b April ’08 - Stapleford Agrippa’ dam Pinxton Pride sired by Black Prince’ son Adam -, grand-nephew to Burch’ foundation stud Mellnotte – Sir Stafford’ dau Di Vernon ex Tom Bowling -; for the record Mr Burch bred dd Dec ’10 British Samson out of ch Sam’ Sweetheart sired by Sam. Notes – 1) Wingfield Rufus’ owner may have been Mr William Alden Smith Jr ’93-20, son of Mr William Alden Smith – Wiki link.  2) The breeder of the three Crufts '14 bitches were Mr/Mrs Derby & Mary Berry who bred ch’s The Scarlet Pimpernel & Young Mary Bull and purchased Batchworth Beauty' brother ch Brompton Duke from Cleveland  breeder George Cook.

Wingfield breeder Charles William Dickinson’ death registration mentions Petrograd as his place of birth. There’s a Mr Alexander Louis Dickinson – born 7th Aug 1809 – christened at the British Chaplaincy of Saint Petersburg (Petrograd), s/o Francis Dickinson; his sis Clementina Frances Dickinson b Moscow 7th  May 1816  was also christened at the British Chaplaincy St Petersburg dd Sept 1816. 

Rev William Tooke 1744–‘20, author of a history of the reign of Catherine the Great, had been the vicar of the parish of British tradesmen and entrepreneurs in Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg, located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea, was founded by Czar Peter the Great in 1703 and became the capital - until 1918 -, often described as the most Western city of Russia. Among cities of the world with over one million people, Saint Petersburg is the northernmost.

It’s also home to The Hermitage, the largest art museum in the world, and a large number of foreign consulates, international corporations, banks & other businesses. There’s nothing known about the date this Mr CW Dickinson emigrated to Canada, but a wave of immigration has been recorded coming mostly from continental Europe (incl Russia) and peaking prior to World War I, between 1911–13 , a/o over 400,000 in ‘13, that arguaby due to the uprise of considerable socio-political  unrest during the reign of Czar Nicholas II 1894–17 as the Industrial Revolution began to exert a significant influence in Russia, and meanwhile creating forces that would finally overthrow the Czar

The most prominent Crufts’ winner of the above list is w/out discussion ch Brompton Duke – see at right guarding the Berrys’ daughter - who gained four tickets at that particular show, ie ‘12/13 cc’s under Mastiff breeder Mr Arthur W Lucas – res Lt-Col Z Walker’ Lord of British Isles & Lt-Col Z Walker’ Grand Duke -, ’14 3rd Open under Lt-Col Z Walker – cc ch Lidgett Viscount & res Viscount’ son Lidgett Conqueror -, ’15 cc under St Bernard breeder Mr Fred Gresham – res ch British Monarch’ son The Prospector -, and ’16 cc under Mastiff breeder Mr Wm Hunter Johnston – res ch Brompton Duke’ son ch The Scarlet Pimpernel -. Ch Brompton Duke’ sis Ch Brompton Duchess got three Crufts cc’s and two for Duke’ daughter ch Young Mary Bull - see below at left - b ‘14, the latter ‘handicapped’ by the Crufts fall-out between ’17-20 but w/out any doubt one of the finest Mastiff females in breed history.

The Encyclopaedia of the Kennel, dd 1913 by Mr Vero Shaw ’53-21, mentions about the Mastiff – ‘Of late years this good old English breed, which doubtless shares a common ancestry with the Bulldog, and which was highly prized by our forefathers, has sadly fallen off in repute amongst dog fanciers. That this loss of popularity is mainly due to the patronage that has been bestowed upon such foreign varieties as the St Bernard and Great Dane is a fact beyond contradiction. But in spite of the apathy of the public, the efforts of the few staunch supporters which still remain true to the Mastiff have been successful in producing some very fine specimens in recent years; so if Britons should ever return to their allegiance, the complete resuscitation of the Mastiff would not be difficult to ensure. The breed, moreover, in addition to the possession of a most majestic appearance, is fully entitled to claim the distinction of being the best and most reliable watch dog of all the large varieties, and as such is surely worth preserving.

The head is broad, flat, of a good length, showing a stop, and rather raised at the brows; the muzzle being short, powerful and square. The jaws are not always level, but if they are, so much the better; the eyes are small, set wide apart, and of a dark hazel colour; the ears being set on high and wide apart, they are fine in texture, and hang flat to the sides of the head.

The neck is long, rather arched, and carries a dewlap; the shoulders are sloping and muscular; whilst the chest is both wide and deep, and the ribs well sprung. The body is rather long, the back extremely powerful and slightly arched in the case of dogs but flat in bitches; whilst the loins are deep and powerful, a slack loin being a bad fault. The fore legs are of fair length, quite straight and very heavy in bone, with large round feet; the hind ones being very muscular about the thighs, with hocks fairly bent, and neither turned in or out; whilst the tail is rather coarse and hangs downwards. The coat is short, thick, and inclined to be harsh to the touch; the principal colours being brindle, or clear fawn, with a black mask and ears.’ -

At left – a wonderful Crystal Palace’ advert of December 1893 featuring a/o the world famous Blondin 1824-‘97, a French tight-rope walker who owed his celebrity & fortune to his idea of crossing the gorge below Niagara Falls on a tightrope, 1100 ft long, 160 ft above the water on 30 June ‘59. This he accomplished a number of times, always with different theatrical variations: blindfold, in a sack, trundling a wheelbarrow, on stilts, carrying a man his back, sitting down midway while he cooked and ate an omelette. - Two months after his death a ch Mark Anthony’ son was born and named ‘Blondin’ by his breeder AJ Thorpe [who maybe saw acrobat Blondin at Crystal Palace in 1893] , and it became a truly typey brindle .

At right - the winners at the important Kennel Club Show at Crystal Palace until it burnt down Nov ’36; the ’37 & ’38 KC show took place at the Olympia London. - Quadruple CP winner ch Marchioness – see at right -, b March ‘01, was bred by Arthur W Lucas out of Lyndhurst Jenny sired by Dalston Benedict - Tom Bowling’ sis Stella III ex Capt Piddocke’ ch Plutarch -  . Lyndhurst Jenny was Jonathan’ niece and produced also Invicta’ daughter Paula , grand-dam to another prominent Crystal Palace’ winner ch Lord of the Manor. Ch Marchioness gave two KCSB registered litters both sired by Crystal Palace’ winner Black Prince - Jonathan’ grand-daughter Black Princess ex Tom Bowling’ son Invicta - amongst them Sir Bedivere & Helmsley Viscount; the same Black Prince sired also ch Helmsley Defender, Murdered Monarch  2 cc’s  & Adam, the latter being grandsire of ch’s Brompton Duke, Brompton Duchess and great-grandsire of ch’s  Lidgett Viscount,  The Scarlet Pimpernel, Young Mary Bull, Weland, Bricket Hood & Master Beowulf.

Lady Sybil Grant – see at left - 1879–55 was a writer, designer and artist.  She was the eldest child of the 5th Earl of Rosebery and his wife Hannah de Rothschild. Lady Sybil married in ‘03 General Sir Charles John Cecil Grant 1877–50. On the death of her father in ‘29, she inherited his estate ‘The Durdans’ at Epsom. Lady Grant later became an eccentric, spending most of her time in a caravan or up a tree, communicating to her butler through a megaphone.

Her father Lord Rosebery, in addition to being British Prime Minister in ’94, collected Napoleon memorabilia and wrote a biography of the Emperor. He also wrote a biography of Lady Sybil' ancestor William Pitt. Her mother, the former Hannah de Rothschild, was at one time reputed to be the richest woman in England. Sybil Grant published works that include The Kisses That Never Were Given, A Three-Cornered Secret and Travesty. These works of fiction were all published in the London Magazine in 12. A year later Mills and Boon published one of her major works ‘Founded on Fiction’, a book of comic poems. Published in the same year was The Chequer-Board followed later by Samphire and The Land of Let’s Pretend. In ‘14 , as one of the leading literary figures of the day, she was invited to contribute to Princess Mary' Gift Book, a book of illustrated stories assembled to raise money for the war effort.

Lady Sybil was a patriotic admirer of the achievements of Marshal Foch – see at right -, writing in a eulogy of him in ‘29 that ‘the first impression you received was of an infinite horizon – he seemed to look beyond the common limits of human sight . When in the course of conversation he looked in your direction you felt the same helpless sense of inferiority as when , upon a night in deep summer, you look up at the stars.’ - Note - Ferdinand Foch (1851-‘29) was credited with possessing ‘the most original and subtle mind in the French Army’ in the early XXth century. He served as general in the French Army during WW I and was made Marshal of France in its final year. Shortly after the start of the Spring Offensive, Germany' final attempt to win the war, Foch was chosen as supreme commander of the allied armies, a position that he held until November 11 ‘18 when he accepted the German Surrender. He advocated peace terms that would make Germany unable to ever pose a threat to France again. His words after the Treaty of Versailles, - ‘This is not a peace. It is an armistice for 20 years’ - would prove prophetic.

Some of Lady Sybil' designs were in ceramics, where she drew for inspiration on her love of animal, particularly the Suffolk Punch horses which she bred. Her love of animals was enormous and she succeeded in breeding a rare strain of dog , the Shetland Toys , which she saved from extinction. She was the first to breed the rare Pyrenean Mountain Dog in England, in ‘09, although examples had been imported earlier - for example, one was owned by Queen Victoria in the 1850s .

Lady Sybil Grant owned the apricot fawn Mastiff Menai Kechi  b '29 - ch Menai Yosemite ex ch Havengore Bill -, brother of the wonderful typey  Wyndley Boadicea and both were paternal uncle/aunt of Mrs Scheerboom’ outstanding pre-war champion, Havengore Christopher sired by her Mark bred by Mr Bob Thomas of Menai . Note – Kechi is also a city in Kansas and probably referring to Bob’ earlier stay in the States where he had a career as an actor in Westerns. – In the centre - Mrs Norah Dickin’ Thor standing on the right was sired by Kechi Menai’ halfbrother Comet - out of the same dam but sired by ch Ashenhurst Cedric -. Kechi’ sis Boadicea, born Menai Lady,  was bred by Mr Bob Thomas and came firstly in the ownership of Miss Crump who bred a litter from her sired by Norah Dickin’ Thor - ch Westcroft Blaise’ sis Kim Thundercloud ex Menai Comet -, amongst them Goring Gem exported to Mr H Greenlee United States and another destined for Belgium [Our Dogs Mems August 4 '33] . After been transferred to Mrs Norah Dickin, Boadicea  produced another litter sired by Deleval Wulfric , a/o Goring Magnolia. Menai Lady aka Wyndley Boadicea was reported as – ‘having a very stylish head, plenty of body, substance, and brisket, well off for bone and  moved soundly.‘ - while Hunter Johnston described her as – ‘Typical , but on the small side’ -.

In ‘37, Grant befriended the Gypsies who regularly inhabited Epsom Downs during the Derby week, often dressing herself in ‘unusual and romantic clothes’. She allowed them the use of her land, setting it aside annually for the Gypsies' use. This meant that the Gypsies had a legal place to camp and subsequently halted much of the hostility between the local people and the Gypsies. With the Reverend Edward Dorling she was a leading member of the ‘Lest We Forget’ charitable fund, and on the charity' behalf she organized a fête on the grounds of ‘The Durdans’ each year; here her pottery was often sold and in great demand.

At left - A full page reproduction of a glossy professional photograph with two stamps at the back – ‘ Express Photos Ltd 28-29 Poppins Court Fleet Street London EC’ & ‘11th February 1937’ together with an attached typed leaflet (see above) and a Spanish translation thereto. The date corresponds with the 2nd day of Crufts 1937 but there’s no entry of  ‘Orlando of Tiddicar’ in the show catalogue of that year but the year before he indeed was entered in Beginners Class but without being placed … This ’36 catalogue mentions - Orlando of Tiddicar , b 1st Aug ’34 , bred by W Kendal out of Almeda sired by ch Hellingly Ajax and owned by George Charles Bonner of Ye Two Brewers Hotel - see at right – 78-80 Perry Hill Catford (ten mls S of London City) never entered the KC Stud Books and therefore there’s no single chance this Orlando was a champion in Britain, so it seems to have been merely an exercise in wishful thinking… The Post Office Directory ’44 mentions under public houses (so not hotels) – Geo Chas Bonner ‘Ye Two Brewers’ while the British Food Journal mentions somewhere – ‘George Charles Bonner, of the Two Brewers public- house Perry-hill Catford, was summoned for selling whisky which was diluted with water to the extent of ’ …

Tiddicar breeder Mr Leonard Crook of 538 Devonshire road Bispham nr Blackpool owned Orlando’ sis Beta (without any prefix) who produced a litter sired by ch T- Black Prince , a/o Tiddicar Guardsman. Here above a group photo with (perhaps) at the left the youngster T- Black Prince and at the extreme right the head piece of (probably) ch Hellingly Ajax.

Mr George Shand Jun of ‘Hamewith’ 10 Market Square Inverbervie – see at right next to the Market Cross monument - died in ‘68 described ‘a master baker’, general merchant and ex-Bailie. He was the son of Mr George Shand Sen b ’69. His Lady Julia was sired by Mr Guy Percival Greenwood’ ch Duke b ’24 – Ashenhurst Duke’ dau Jersey Queen ex ch King Baldur’ son Jersey Lion -, who sired four KC reg litters, a/o one bred dd Feb '27 by Mr Greenwood out of Country Squire’ dau Bronygarth Bess containing ch Benvolio, Satelite’ dam Mirander & Goldhawh Elsie’ dam Woodbrook Tess.

Excerpts from an article issued by the ‘American Kennel Gazette’ ~ January 1942 - Mastiff Glory Comes To Life At Altnacraig owned by Mr & Mrs James Foster Clark - Greenwich Conecticut. - ‘Even in modern AKC history , few breeds have made more sensational progress in the United States than did the Mastiff in its heyday – almost half a century ago. The first Mastiffs registered by the AKC appeared in Volume 2 of the ‘Stud Book’ published in 1885. There were only nine specimens. This modest beginning gave no indication of the rapid climb to popularity that was to follow. In 1886, 41 were registered; the following year there were 116, and the next year the figure more than doubled again, going to 239. In 1889, the Mastiff reached the greatest proportionate popularity it has ever attained in the United States. There were 373 specimens registered, and , more important than that, this figure moved the breed up into fifth place among the 37 breeds at that time recognised by the governing body. Total registrations for all breeds were 4217. The Mastiff was led in popularity by the English Setter, the St Bernard, the Collie and the Pointer, in that order. Following the peak year of 1889, the Mastiff began slowly to decline in popularity. By the time of the first world war, it almost had disappeared from sight. It remained in comparative obscurity until 1935. In that year there were 25 registrations of the breed. Still, there was little breeding stock available, and the number seen on the show benches was pitifully small.

Having satisfied themselves that there was nothing in the nature of the Mastiff itself to have caused a decline in popular favor, Mr & Mrs Clark made a diligent search for the most authentic information on the breeding of the big breed. They finally established a most valuable contact with those outstanding British breeders, Mr & Mrs Oliver. - At left ~Mrs James Foster Clark with a Hellingly Duke’ son, Altnacraig Aldwin, and Hellingly Kathleen,  grandsired by ch Hellingly Joseph.  - At right ~ fourteen weeks old Altnacraig puppies.

Through the Olivers, the Clarks were able to identify the favorable and the unfavorable factors in pedigrees. What would have been mere names suddenly became to life as flesh and blood specimens with all their faults and points.  This, of course, was not done in a day, but it was time well spent. Through it,  Altnacraig have been able to arrive at sound specimens one sees in these kennels, today, reflect that long research. It is doubtful if any other breed in the country can draw upon sounder bloodlines than can the Mastiff. The Clarks launched their breeding venture in 1935 when they settled upon the name of their establishment and purchased early in 1936 their first imported specimen, Princess Bess of Tiddicar, a daughter of the great English winner ch Hellingly Ajax. Shortly thereafter, the Clarks imported Hellingly Monarch sired by ch Hellingly Marksman. Bess and Monarch, of course, lived in the house. They became devoted pets of the family, and particularly of the two Clark children.

Broadly speaking, Altnacraig has a dual aim in the breeding of Mastiffs: the gaining of both size and soundness. One without the other would signify failure. The answer is found in proper selection , good nutrition and proper exercising. At left ~ this view along the driveway of the Clark’s estate gives an idea of the spaciousness needed for Mastiffs. At right ~ the main kennel building at Altnacraig is built along utilitarian lines, especially for this gigantic breed. But along with its usefulness, it is most attractive. Dormer windows give a cottage effect.

Most imposing of the males now owned by the Clarkes is that handsome fawn home-bred Boyce of Altnacraig. He is by the imported Hellingly Duke out of the imported Hellingly Kathleen. Aldwin of Altnacraig is another outstanding home-bred fawn. He is a half-brother of Boyce, being by the same sire out of Hellingly Maud. Another Hellingly import was Katrina, a litter sister of Hellingly Kathleen; also from the same litter as Kathleen & Katrina, came the stud dog Hellingly King who sired Altnacraig Eric, whose dam was Hellingly Maud. Altnacraig Cinderella, a home-bred bitch of show quality and breeding promise, and Rolanda , an imported bitch of excellent quality and quite different bloodlines, complete the distaff side of the kennels  Recent importations of the Altnacraig kennels are Hammercliffe Peter and Gyn which came from the kennels of Frederick Bowles.’ –

Altnacraig breeder Mrs Jane Alden Clark b ’07 was the daughter of Mr & Mrs Charles Fisher Hepburn ’78-23 of Minneapolis who graduated from Williams College in 1900; served with distinction in the World War as Major in the US ordnance department; married Miss Alice Smith, daughter of Mr H Alden Smith of Minneapolis Minnesota. Their son Barton Hepburn ’06-55 became a well-known actor; their daughter Jane Alden Hepburn attended the Westover School, took supplementary courses at the Finch School of Harrisburg, and studied music under the direction of Katherine Goodson, of London. She married in ‘29 Mr James Foster Clark, son of Mr and Mrs E Foster Clark of North Attleboro - Mass, and Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Mr James Foster Clark attended the Hotchkiss School and Yale, where he was graduated in 1925 and belonged to the Yale Club of New York.’ Mrs Jane Alden Clark was the granddaughter of Mr  Alonzo Barton Hepburn ’46-22, President of the Chase Bank – summer residence Altnacraig  - see at left - Ridgefield Connecticut. Mrs James Foster Clark and her brother Mr Barton Hepburn – see centre - were co-heirs in estate of $20.000.000 left by the late Mr Alonzo Barton Hepburn. - At right – Altnacraig Boyce.

The American Standard Dissent of 1941. The correlation between the MCOA standard amendment of 1941 and the Hellingly spirit of Mr Edmund Gifford Oliver has always been a bone of contention. Relevant information on this matter can be found in that ‘niche’ booklet  written by the native Bostonian Mr Norman Howard Carp-Gordon of Gordonshire kennels, called ‘The making of the Modern Mastiff’ subtitled as ‘A historical perspective on the breed standard’, published by the North & East Mastiff Fanciers Inc  dd ‘82 . A quote – ‘ By 1941 , with Great Britain fighting for her very life against the Nazi onslaught , Mastiff breeding in the home country had come to a standstil. Most of the kennels were disbanded; much of the stock was put down; some were shippped to North America. It must have seemed to the MCOA leaders that the future of the breed might well depend upon the American fanciers, for the United States had so far stayed out of World War II.’ -  With an English Standard that had not changed in half a century, they must have felt that it was time for an AMERICAN input. However, the American Mastiff population, so to speak, was still very small - the AKC registered 32 specimens in ‘41 – and generally of indifferent quality, or so it seems from the available photographs. Nevertheless the MCOA amended its received Standard in many major respects. The 1941 MCOA points is, on some major points, looser while in some other respects tighter than its 1929 (OEMC) Standard.’ Above at left - an example of Old English breed type anno 1898 drawn by  the well-known animalier artist Richard Hewitt Moore.

A quote – ‘ Pamela Goold of Bankhouse Farm has written that she once met Mrs James Foster Clark of Altnacraig kennels, who, she suspected ‘was the moving force behind the modifications of 1941’ , but she (Mrs James Foster Clark) couldn’t remember much about the specific changes or the reasoning behind them ...’ - As one can consider Mrs Pamela Goold’ suspection as merely speculative, one cannot deny the rather poor state of the breed in those days, as well in quantity as quality and also the fact that the Clarks were wealthy and influential people within the MCOA, and considered by Mrs Patricia Hoffmann as – ‘probably the best-known American  breeders‘. An interesting article by Arthur Frederick Jones , published a year after the MCOA Standard modification reveals Mrs J F Clark’ true reasoning on the matter stating – ‘ The commonly accepted belief among many dog fanciers that there were no longer Mastiffs of a quality capable of competing in the Working Group convinced Mr & Mrs Clark that they should not attempt to breed and show unless they were prepared to make constructive moves in producing sound ones. Incidentally , they did not choose the Mastiff because it was a new departure in present dog circles. A careful study of the large breeds, influenced by certain family Mastiff lore, determined the objective of Altnacraig’ present efforts. Actual experience made them feel that the Mastiff is indeed the ‘Aristocrat of Dogdom.’ -

So the Clarks aimed at first place a breed which should become competitive within the Group Ring rather than to preserve that unique ‘character’ of a purveyor of great old English culture, a huge guard par excellence for Master & property. One cannot sacrifice true breed characteristics on the altar of the Almighty showiness, because Group & BIS show procedures are only a small fraction of the Mastiff interest tout court.

It should maybe only give rise to popularity, even more breeding of inferior stock in order to supply greater demands which over time ends up in a boomerang swing back into the face of the dedicated builders of the breed. - At right - The MCOA badge compared to the OEMC badge.

The Hellingly link is quite obvious when the article mentions that – ‘the Clarks made a diligent search for the most authentic information on the breeding of the big breed . They finally established a most valuable contact with those outstanding British breeders, Mr & Mrs Edmund Gifford Oliver of Hellingly who, by the way, also founded that exclusive club, the Mastiff Breeders Association.’ - This  ‘authentic source of information‘ was , as actually most breed history fanciers know , strongly colored by Mr Oliver, a definite criticaster of certain points of the OEMC Standard. His points of view seem not been carried out by the majority of the English breed fancy but moreover the voice of a dissent, which is still ‘audible ’ in the today MCOA Standard.  With regard to some of the structural ratios that were dropped, the published photographs of the Altnacraig Mastiffs that won the Challenge Cup (National Specialty Best of Breed) in 1940 – Altnacraig Adwin – see at right - & 1941 – Altnacraig Boyce - indicate a general deficiency in substance, rather more appropriate for a Great Dane than for a Mastiff .’ – ‘Perhaps in 1941 the MCOA felt it was not feasible to breed up to these (OEMC) proportions, so they preferred to pull the Standard down to accomodate the best of what they had in those days.’

At left – excerpt from the booklet ‘Aristocrat of Dogdom’ publ by the MCOA. - At right - Kenridge Farm  Cornwall on Hudson  Orange County NY, place of the first MCOA meeting  dd September 7 , 1929. Mrs Patricia Hoffman stated in her book – The History & Management of the Mastiff , published ‘85 - ‘… the famous Altnacraig Boyce  whose photo - see at left - has been used  frequently  to illustrate the standard of the Mastiff. Altnacraig Boyce b ‘39 was bred from Hellingly stock - King Baldur’ daughter Kathleen sired by ch Ajax’ son Duke. A year after his paternal halfbrother Altnacraig Aldwin’ BOB at the MCOA Specialty in '40 , Katonah - New York , it was Boyce who became the  BOB, June '41, and it should last until'949 before the next name became engraved on the Mastiff Challenge Cup presented by OEMC members in '32.

September 7, 1940 - the beginning of the London Blitz; April 19 ‘41 - London suffers one of the heaviest air raids in the war; May 1 - seven nights of bombing of Liverpool begins, resulting in wide devastation; May 10 -The United Kingdom' House of Commons is damaged by the Luftwaffe in an air raid; May 31 - Heavy Luftwaffe bombing on neutral Ireland and only three days later the adoption of new MCOA standard. The morning of Sunday, December 7 ‘41 - attack on Pearl Harbor  or Operation  Z, as it was called by the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters, was a surprise strike conducted by the Japanese navy against the United States' naval base at Pearl Harbor – Hawaii, and caused the United States became militarily involved into World War II. - At left - A nice but unnamed brindle pictured on page nine of the MCOA booklet.

The first MCOA President  FJA Beier – see at left dd Dec ’29 - of Buffalo NY. In The History & Management of the Mastiff, the American breed historian Mrs Patricia Hoffman mentions ‘FJA Beier’ several times - ‘A brindle bitch Beomarie, again a ch Beowulf-Mary breeding, went to FJ Beier in ‘22’– ‘FJ Beier acquired the brindle Hereward The Wake 399.158 from Dickinson in ‘24’‘Of the old guard there remained in ‘29 only FJA Beier of Williamsville NY’ – ‘FJ Beier , a long-time fancier, imported four dogs in ‘30 – the only Canadian bred Mastiff was Wingfield Eanfleda by then seven years old while the three English imports were Thor des Isles, Cleveland Chancellor’ son Goldhawk Buster & ch Westcroft Blaise’ son Warrior. FJA Beier bred a litter out of (Wingfield) Betty sired by Thor des Isles and their offspring are behind several prominent early-American strains .

The AKC Stud Book of 1890 mentions FJA Beier of Buffalo NY as the owner of  the fawn ‘Merion B’ 17,309 b July 21 ‘88 & bred by Henry Hoppin of Merion – Pa  by Canute, out of Leona IV, by Grip II out of Leona III , by Gurth out of Leona II; Grip II, by Grip, out of Juno; Canute, by Dread out of Dudley' Belle, by Dudley' Sultan out of his Fury; Dread, by Prince Charlie out of Dorothy - Bench Show  1st prize Buffalo  ‘90. The pedigree of Mr Beier' Merion may not make much sense were it not that his paternal grandsire 'Dread' was bred by  Mr J Berry dd May '83 out of ch Cambrian Princess' & ch His Majesty King Canute' sis Dorothy - ch Punch grand-dau Modesty ex ch Beau - sired by ch Crown Prince' brother Prince Charlie, the latter owned by Mr Hutchings, solicitor and owner of arguably the largest Mastiff kennels during the 1880s.

Looking after his roots  Forest Lawn Cemetery - Buffalo Erie County NY may give an outcome. There are buried several Beiers – all off plot section 8  -, ie Fred J A Beier  May 27 ‘68 – August 30 ‘36 married Florence House ‘68-‘55, son of Friedrich Leberecht Beier ‘36-‘07 (who married  in ’59 Sarah E Brush or Brow 1838-1926), Louis A Beier ‘73-‘95  & Georgie W Beier ‘76-‘47. His father Fred Leberecht Beier was son of Bernhard Heinrich Beier & Friederike Catharina Maria Brockmeyer; other children of Fred Leberecht B- were Margaret b ‘59 (probably married to Mr FM Possell of Cortland Wagon Co – 180 mls E of Buffalo), William H b ’64-19 married Bertha Jewel Zeller ca ‘95, occupation in ‘00 coal & wood dealer ; Louis b ’73 & Georgiana b ’77. In ‘60 his father Friedrich Leberecht  is stated as a  ‘grocer’ at 1130 Main Street Buffalo – see at right. -

In 1898 The Cortland Evening Standard reports – ‘Mr & Mrs Fred L Beier & Miss Georgia W Beier of Buffalo, parents & sister of Mrs F M Possell, who have  been visiting at Mr Possell' of the Cortland Wagon Company, have gone to New York City, Mrs Possell accompanying them. Mr Fred L Beier is one of the leading businessmen of Buffalo.’ Another newspaper says a/o – ‘Mrs FM Possell and her daughter Ella & Master Roscoe (George Roscoe Conkill Possell b ’91), left this morning for Buffalo where they will spend the summer with  Mrs Possell' parents Mr and Mrs Fred L Beier at No 1130 Main Street.’ – see at right -

The German Community of Buffalo - German immigrants had been arriving in Buffalo in significant numbers since its early days with many becoming prosperous in areas of business & politics. By ‘01 some of the leading entrepeneurs in the brewing, flour milling, tanning & meat-packing industries were first or second generation German-Americans. Buffalo' German population in ‘01 included a number of very influential, often wealthy businessmen, many of whom attained prominence through the business dominated by Buffalo' German population throughout the XIXth century—brewing. In the 1840s small plants had first been established by such Buffalo brewing pioneers Jacob Roos, JF Schanzlin, Hoffman & Joseph Friedman. By the latter part of the nineteenth century, however, breweries with names like Germania, Magnus-Beck, Gerhard-Lang, & the German-American Brewing Company were successfully competing with their counterparts in cities like Milwaukee. In ‘96 , Buffalo' 19 breweries produced an output of 652,340 barrels. The majority of these companies were still managed by German-American founders and/or their descendents. William Simon, Edward G Becker, Alois & Philip Schaeffer, Christian Trapp, Col John L Schwarts - all were big names in the brewing industry who were also prominent Buffalo citizens.

‘The History of the Germans in Buffalo & Erie County’, published by Reinecke & Zesch dd ‘98, presents a/o Jacob Beier b ‘17 Theisbergstegen in the Rhine Palatinate, considered to be among contractors the most respected & important  in the city. He learned the mason' trade. In 1842 he emigrated to America and cast his lot in with Buffalo. What he had learned about his trade in the old fatherland he demonstrated when he came to America. The first buildings which he built made a name for him. It wasn't long before he was one of the most sought-out and respected contractors in the city. Many of Buffalo' most important buildings come from him. The first house he built was at 550 Genesee Street  for Mr Wilhelm Hellriegel. Other buildings include the Old American House, the Courier Building, St Peter' Church, the Board of Trade Building, the old building of the YMCA aka ‘Young Men' Christian Association’ & a large number of schoolhouses.

Page 8 of Cleveland breeder Mr George Cook’ elaborate logbook mentions a/o purchasers Mr D Berry & Mr A W Lucas, both breeders of first-class stock and exemplifying the fact Mr George Cook, of Marton road Middlesbrough - ca 250 mls N of London -, was thé prominent source of quality Mastiffs from the Edwardian era up to the first part of the roaring twenties.

He bred five champions of distinction, ie Felix, Brompton Duke, Brompton Duchess, Lightning & Cleveland Premier whereas Cleveland stock was also behind a number of champions bred by other breeders - 1) Ap  Thomas who sired ch Nuneaton Helga, 2/3 Galazora & ch Brompton Duke, a) parents of ch The Scarlet Pimpernel & ch Young Mary Bull, b) double grandparents  to ch King Baldur who sired five ch's, c) grandparents of ch Boadicea, and d) grandparents to ch Woden, 4) ch Brompton Duchess, grand-dam of ch Lady Lieve, 5) Batchworth Beauty, grand-dam of ch Miss Bull, 6/7) Adamite & Gascoigne Queen, parents of ch Weland, 8) Ashenhurst Duke who a) sired ch Ashenhurst Cedric & ch Ashenhurst Bernicea - dam of ch Beechwood Queen & ch Menai Yosemite -, and b) grandsired ch Prince,  ch Duke and ch Havengore Bill, 9) Adamas who sired ch Westcroft Blaise & ch Bulger, 10) Adamite who sired Hellingly foundation brood ch Wantley Joy, and 11) Tweedview Belle who produced ch Hellingly Joseph sired by Wantley King Baldur whose grandparents all trace back to Mr George Cook' stock.

Given the then comparatively low numbers of champions the influence of Cleveland breeder G Cook was overwhelming but partly due to the fact he did not 'labelled' his pups under the Cleveland prefix consistently, Mr Cook has not made the fame like par example Hellingly, Havengore or Miss Bell. - At right - Charlcombe Cottage Lansdown road Bath - residence of Mr Charles Richard Wheaton who purchased two brindle sisters of ch Brompton Duchess. He was manager of Bath’ Gas Light and Coke Company and the ‘energetic’ Honorary Secretary of Bath & District Canine Society.

The Kennel Club Mastiff book authored by Christina de Lima-Netto publ 2003 makes an amazingly tall claim, ie - ‘Mr Wynn is to blame for many of the faults that the breed carries still today, &c.’ – Well, one only has to re-read his book and many articles to conclude that, if there was a promoter of sound & powerful Mastiffs, it certainly was Mr Wynne. One of the few faults he actually was involved, was the adoption of the Mastiff Breeding Club rule that club members were not allowed to enter under judges not approved by that Club. Further on, there’s no reliable record to be found that Mr Wynne was – sic – ‘despised and ridiculed by the OEMC’, on the contrary the huge entry number at the Ranelagh Show dd 1887 indicates that, even after the publication of his famous book, Mr Wynne was still respected as a first-class Mastiff judge by the OEMC and its leaders; almost all the prizes awarded by Mr Wynne were won by Mastiffs entered by them… Dogs Champion Class 1st ch Beaufort – see at right - bred/owned by OEMC President Dr J S Turner – bitches Champion Class 1st Mrs Geo Willins’ ch Cambrian Princess. Note – Mr Wynne’ last KC reg litter was sired by ch Beaufort.

At left - Mr Haigh' residence Ash villa - centre - ch Boadicea b ’17 & bred by Mr Walter E Crawhaw of Levenshulme nr Manchester - out of Miss Garland Beowulf’ dau Sunflower sired by ch Young Mary Bull’ brother ch The Scarlet Pimpernel – and owned by Mr Norman Haigh of Ash villa Wood lane The Woodlands Ashenhurst nr Huddersfield. He was the son of Mr Albert Haigh ’66-14, manager and secretary of the firm ‘Messrs James Haigh & Sons Ltd’ Globe Works - dyers and finishers - Colne road Huddersfield founded by Mr Norman Haigh’ grandfather James Haigh 1840-11. Ch Boadicea' son ch Ashenhurst Cedric - see at right - sired Mr Baggaley' ch Superbus & ch Menai Juno, and grandsired Mr Geo Joice' ch Arolite, ch Hellingly Josephine, and ch Cinque Ports Michael. Cedric' sis ch Ashenhurst Bernicea, mated to ch King Baldur, produced ch Beechwood Queen & ch Menai Yosemite, dam of ch Menai Juno. - Mrs Kennet' ch Westcrofts Cleopatra - see on top of these Haigh pages - was maternal grand-daughter of Miss Garland Beowulf' sis Minerva.

Mr Haigh’ ch Boadicea was bred by Mr Walter Eastwood Crawshaw, born 1863 in Russia. An engineer & agent for boiler furnaces who married in ’90 Miss Agnes Muir Cumming, born in Scotland and daughter of Mr William Cumming, a dyer. According the Census ‘01 Mr W E Crawshaw resided at 51 Albert Road with his wife, two daughters born in Russia, and a domestic servant. Albert road was a fairly narrow but busy road nearby the Levenshulme’ Post Office where middle class families settled because of its easy access to Manchester from Levenshulme’ North railway station in Albert road.– The Crufts catalogue dd '16 mentions Mr W E Crawshaw’ address – ‘The Chase - Shrub End Colchester Essex’ -,  and a marriage announcement  publ in Aberdeen Press & Journal dd ‘17 says - ‘Captain M M Macpherson, Seaforth Highlanders, youngest son of Mr Alexander Macpherson of Civil Service Pretoria South Africa, and Lucy Muir, daughter Mr and Mrs Walter Eastwood Crawshaw, London. ‘ -

He bred the imposing champion Boadicea out of Sunflower - Survivor’ Beowulf x ch British Monarch’ Lady Gabriele - sired by his own champion The Scarlet Pimpernel b Sept ‘13, reportedly poisoned dd May '17. He was  brother to ch Young Mary Bull , John Bull [2 cc’s] & Poor Joe [Miss Bell’ ch Woden’ sire]. The Scarlet Pimpernel got only four entries in the KC Stud Books, namely in ‘16 , the last year of championship shows for Mastiffs during WW I; at Crufts he got under Mr Wm Hunter Johnston a reserve cc beaten by his nephew ch Brompton Duke before winning three cc’s in a row; at Ranelagh under Miss CM Garland beating ch British Monarch’ son Prospector & his own brother Young John Bull, at Manchester under Mr George Cook [of Cleveland kennels] beating Cleveland Leopold’ nephew Flabbergast,  and finally at Richmond under Mr Mark Beaufoy beating Lidgett Conqueror’ Brindled Monarch & Young John Bull. Mr Walter Eastwood Crawshaw died in '40 at Chanctonbury Sussex.

At left ~ Mr Crawshaw’ ch The Scarlet Pimpernel bred by Mr Mary Berry - out of Galazora [sired by ch Felix’ brother Marton Dick] sired by ch Brompton Duke [both parents bred by George  Cook]. ~ Being a man of technics, Mr Crawshaw certainly must have been interested in ‘The Steam Man automaton’ of the Canadian professor George Moore, which has an internal engine allowing it to walk, and vent steam through a well placed cigar! Source ~ 'Magic' Magazine [ca 1890] . Centre – Mr Haigh’ ch Boadicea whose maternal great-grandam Ben-Ma-Chree was also bred by Mrs Mary Berry, ie - out ch Brompton Duke’ sis Batchworth Beauty sired by ch British Monarch – see at right -, the latter bred by Mr Robert J Burch - out of Countess Sonderburg [maybe sis to Prince Sonderburg -  Nell unr ex Mellnotte - bred by Mr John F Laquhee b '56, of South Tottenham] sired by Salisbury [cc’s under Messrs  Wm Norman Higgs & Robert Leadbetter] -.  Ch British Monarch was described by Nuneaton breeder Mr Neville Walker Hall as a/o - ‘A nice big boned dog with a most massive head and body, showing plenty of wrinkle and a good square muzzle, and I consider him the best dog I have seen for some time; such a good mover, only fails in his tail .’- Below - a newspaper excerpt dd 1895 re a 'Mr Joseph Crawshaw', perhaps a relative of Mastiff man Mr Walter Eastwood Crawshaw born '64 in Russia - Source of information - the National Library of New Zealand.

Note - Wingfield breeder Mr Chas Wm Dickinson of  Toronto Canada was also born in Russia - ie, dd ’78  - and has imported several English bred Mastiffs in the same period Mr Crawshaw was an active Mastiff fancier but no link between them has been found till now.

Birmingham Jan '15 under judge Lt-Col Zaccheus Walker – ‘The new face in Limit Bitches was Joshua H Hoyle’ Ashenhurst Matron, a brindle with a good skull, body, legs & feet, and good expression; she was just beaten in foreface by cc winner ch Brompton Duchess.’ - Ashenhurst Matron b '12 was bred by Mr George Cook of Cleveland kennels, out of Adam’ daughter Felica sired by Cleveland Leopold, and therefore younger sis of ch’s Brompton Duchess & Brompton Duke .     

Mr Joshua Hodson Hoyle ‘82-29 bred a litter out of Ashenhurst Matron sired by his own stud Ruthless Defender - see at left - bred by Mr A W Lucas out of Gyrlie unr sired by Adam’ son Survivor - containing a/o Beeches Sally , a brood with a splendid maternal line up – Matron – Beechess Sally – Penwortham Fanny – Hecuba – ch Wantley Joy who died at the age of only 5, and Fanny’ daughter Vilna became dam to ch Cleveland Premier. Mr J H Hoyle was a cotton spinner & manufacturer – see at right -. With his brother Philip, he established Caleb Hoyle Ltd in ‘23 and lived at The Royd Todmorden. He died 15th February 1929 when he failed to survive an anaesthetic administered by his dentist, and leaving behind some financial problems for the family concern.

His father Caleb Hoyle – see at left - was born 40 in Bacup - ca 20 mls N of Manchester -, the youngest son of Joshua Hoyle who was the head of the firm ‘J & J Hoyle Bros’ of Olive & Meadow Mills – see at right - in Bacup. He was educated at Mount Pleasant Wesleyan Day School in Bacup, and his father taught him the finer skills of the manufacturing business. In ‘61 Caleb was still living at home in Slack Bottom Bacup with his parents and was working for his father as a book-keeper. In July ‘70, Caleb married his partner' niece Sarah Maden Hodson of Southport and together they set up home at Harley Villas in Todmorden. Caleb had never been a working class man, having been brought up in a rich man' house with all the comforts money could buy. However, he was not one to sit back and enjoy a leisurely lif . Not only did he work hard to build up the business, he also poured his energies into public and religious life. He was a life-long member of the Wesleyan Society and a Trustee of York Street Chapel in Todmorden for the whole of his time in Todmorden.

Castle Grange breeder Mrs Rosina aka 'Rosie' Parker-Keene, of Castle Grange Ashford Co Wicklow Ireland, married in ’12 Mr Alexander Parker Keene ’72-37, gentleman farmer on an extensive scale, Hon Sec of Newcastle Farmers’ Association’ who contested East Wicklow in the Unionist interest, but was defeated by Sinn Féin candidate Mr Sean Redmond Etchingham. Mr Alex P Keene had an active interest in the work of the Red Cross during the Great War and left estate of the value of £19,241’ -. He was the son of Mr Alexander Keene ’35-10, J P of Castle Grange Co Wicklow and 14 Palmerston Park Dublin.  Castle Grange An & Adam were out of Menai Victoria sired by ch Ashenhurst Cedric. Their dam, mated to ch Woden, produced Mrs Evans’ ch Ursula, Miss Bell ch Helga & Hellingly Lady Here, the latter cc under Mr N Walker Hall & three reserves under Messrs Wm Hunter Johnston, JG Joice & Guy Percival Greenwood. Mrs Rosina  Parker-Keene became a well-known dog judge; she died end '50.

An excerpt of an Our Dogs’ Mems article dd July 8 ’32,  written by Sam Crabtree, mentioned the following ~ ‘I have also received a very interesting letter on the subject from Mrs Rosina Parker-Keene of Castle Grange - see at right on top - Ashford Co Wicklow, who is a most enthousiastic fancier of the breed. After reading the correspondence as regards weight, she had her bitch Castle Grange Angela weighed, and she drew the scales to 222 lb. Mrs Parker-Keene has a nine months old son of Angela, by Menai Comet, which weighs 143 lbs. Mrs Keene finishes her letter by saying that Angela is perfectly sound and takes her daily exercice, but like most stout people she is rather slow in movement but extremely good tempered.’

Mr Edmund Giffard Oliver’ wife Mrs Jessie Oliver has bred Mastiffs since ’27 and her first six litters were from unicoloured parents. She bred her first brindles dd May ’30 out of a brindle purchased from Cleveland breeder Mr Herbert Cook, ie Queen Bess who, mated to Cleveland Julian, produced the brindles Hellingly Cardinal & Marksman, both made up in ’34 together with Miss Bell’ brindle Lady Turk. This trio were the first brindle champions since ch Master Beowulf’ brindle brother ch Bricket Hood, owned by Mrs Ella Ravenscroft, was made up in ’22.

Mrs Oliver bred in ’30 also a litter out of Joseph’ dau H- Jessica sired by Queen Bess’ brindle brother Hellingly Robert. Queen Bess’ daughter Hellingly Antonia - bred by Mr Herbert Cook - was the other brindle Hellingly brood; she produced two litters, ie 1) sired by the fawn Hellingly Brian, and 2) sired by ch Hellingly Joseph – containing ch H- Anthony.

The Kennel Club Secretary in ’31 was Mr Herbert Taylor Wake Bowell, born Hereford ’74 as the son of Rev William Bowell. Mr H T W Bowell was Secretary of the Bull-Terrier Club too. According to the Census ’11 an ‘Electric Clock Manufacturer’. Quote – ‘George Bennett Bowell visited an exhibition with Frank Hope-Jones in 1884 after working with Hope-Jones brother. They were both enthusiastic about the application of electricity to timekeeping and formed a partnership resulting in the development of the Synchronome remontoire. They parted company in 1897 due to personality differences and Bowell continued his researches. He took out several patents and one of these, with his brother Herbert T W Bowell, related to the clock which became known as the Silent Electric Clock. A company was formed with premises at 192 Goswell Road London and production began. The clocks are called ‘silent’ as Bowell used a system of alternate polarity pulses to drive the slaves which were very quiet in operation compared to the usual noise caused by impulsing a slave. The company was called ‘The Silent Electric Clock Co’ and sometimes used a tradename ‘The Silent Electric Clock Co’’. Production ceased about 1925.’ - Mr Herbert T W Bowell re-married in ‘31 Maud M Morton and died in ’44 at Worthing Sussex. –

Mrs H E Whitwell of the Ardagh Gundog kennels was Mrs Dorothy Forster Whitwell née Renwick b ‘05, who married in ‘25 Mr Henry Edward Whitwell b ‘02, of Barton Hall nr Darlington Yorks, and grandson tof Mr Edward Robson Whitwell, iron manufacturer and chairman of the North Brancepeth Coal Company & of other colliery companies. Mrs Whitwell bred a/o Pointers, Irish Setters & English Setters, and was  a well-known Yorkshire race-horse fancier.

At left -  A water colour entitled ‘The Bull-Mastiff Brondsbury Beauty owned by Mr & Mrs JL Burton’ by artist Cecil Stuart Hazell Tresilian ‘91-74, published in Mr Brian Seymour Vesey-Fitzgerald’ The Book of The Dog dd ’48. Brondesbury Beauty was owned by Mr Jack Lemon Burton b ’11 of 17 Cavendish road Brondesbury nr London. - Centre – Mr J Lemon Burton - quote - 'Mr J Lemon Burton owned, competed and dealt in practically every type of Bugatti. He was one of the rare Bugattists not only to possess one of the legendary Bugatti Royales but to use it on a regular basis. Using his extraordinary collection of photograph albums and quiet sense of humour Jack takes us on an amusing journey through an unusual life; early childhood growing up in Kilburn North London; the relationship with his generous and doting father; the huge garden railway; his introduction to Bugatti cars; motor racing at Brooklands; pre and post war amateur hill climbs and sprints. He was a founder member of the Bugatti Owners’ Club and one of the biggest Bugatti dealers of the time. The rare opportunity to interview this rather shy, modest and private man occurred in ‘89 when Messrs H G Conway and David Weguelin were filming for ‘Bugatti by Conway’. Jack died in ‘94 aged 83.' - 

At right – Mr Brian Seymour Vesey-Fitzgerald ’00-81 - quote - ' naturalist and writer of books on wildlife, cats & dogs who began his career as a journalist with Reuters. He then became the naturalist on the staff of The Field magazine becoming editor from ‘38 to 1946. He then devoted his time to writing & broadcasting. Apart from wildlife, cats & dogs he had particular interest in the countryside in general, gypsies, fairgrounds & boxing. He showed sympathy with both poachers & gamekeepers. He was the author of British Game ‘46. He wrote a weekly column about cats & dogs in the News of the World. His radio broadcasts about country life included Field Fare ‘40-45 and There & Back ‘47-49 . He was an acknowledged authority on gypsies and President of the British Fairground Society. He was a member of the National Cat Club, Honorary Vice-President of the Siamese Cat Club of South Africa and editor of the thirty-one volume series ‘The Regional Books’ which were published during the 1950.' -

Note - The name of this seemingly highly appreciated pet,  ‘Brondsbury Beauty’, may refer to Mr J L Burton' place of residence, ie Brondesbury, and to the given it might have been a female specimen whose looks are NOT of Bull Mastiff - but of Mastiff type. One only has to notice the size, set & form of ear to realize the mistake, but certainly forgivable to someone who displayed such a wide variety of interests all kind, so not only for dogs particularly.

This comparative photographic study presents a  male of great soundness, nice length of body, deep flanks, moderately bent rears, and accomplished by a clean-cut head showing the desired bevelled-off look & a muzzle of proportionally excellent length annex short fore lips but rather lengthy jowls. His brindle sis Venus shows a more pronounced slackness off top line but scores in the head department, ie a real bevelled off look and a nice stop, whereas the eyelids may be slightly tighter in order to avoid the perception of a full eye. - Note – their dam B- Tess was sibling to Broomcourt ch’s Black Mask, Hugo, and Comedienne.

Ch Broomcourt Romeo - b Dec ’34 - was a great winner in his day, a/o at Crufts ’38 & ’39. His brindle sis Broomcourt Venus was exported to  a ‘Miss Caulfield’ of Toronto, a city where the Wingfield kennels of Mr Chas Wm Dickinson, President of Dickinson Dye Works, were located in the 1910/20s. Another Toronto firm, ‘Caulfield’Dairy’ at 45 Howard Park Ave – see at left - Roncesvalles Toronto, was founded in 1888 by William George Caulfield. So perhaps there’s a family connection with this ‘Miss Caulfield’ of Toronto. – Centre - A quart (0,94 lt) bottle of Caulfield’ Dairy Ltd. – At right - Roncesvalles Ave Toronto -.

Prices per Cwt = 100 lbs. - Wikipedia quote - ‘The present Nestlé Purina pet foods trace back to Joel Spiller 1804-‘53 of Castle Street Bridgwater, son of a Somerset ironmonger, who set up ‘Spillers Foods’ in 1829. Soon after Mr Spiller died whilst inspecting a new mill at Cardiff, it was his wife Margaret who was left to bring up his three daughters. Margaret died seven years later in 1860, leaving three young daughters. Kate and Margaret are recorded living with Ann Spiller. Having no sons, his cousin, Joel Spiller, moved from Battersea to take charge of the business Spillers and Browne which became Spillers, a company that owned flour milling operations, operated bakeries and also sold pet food and equine feeds.

Winalot was a popular brand of dog food sold by Spillers. The name was first used in 1927 for dog biscuits. They were initially marketed as a food for racing greyhounds, but soon gained popularity with pet-owners and became a brand leader in the 1930s. In 1947, Spillers acquired Foster Mill next to the railway station in Station Road Cambridge. In 1964, Spillers took over the Kennomeat dog food brand with its acquisition of a subsidiary of Robert Wilson & Sons, Scottish Animal Products Ltd. In 1978, Spillers acquired Modern Maid Food Products Inc of Garden City NJ. In 1979 Spillers was acquired by Dalgety after a hostile take-over battle. The company' bakery business was spun off and sold to Allied Bakeries. In the late 1990s, following a BSE crisis in the UK, Dalgety entered into a series of disposals and sold Spillers flour milling operations to Kerry Group plc and its pet foods business to Nestlé in 1997. The Spillers business was expanded by Nestlé Purina Petcare, and the Winalot brand was extended to include a range of dry and tinned dogfoods and snacks. Winalot is now UK' second biggest-selling dog food brand.’

Mr Fred J Hawkings, of Goldhawk kennels - Cressy House 203 Goldhawk road Hammersmith London, was an accomplished sculptor , a/o referenced by this head piece of Goldhawk Elsie’ full sized lying bronze, gifted by Marie Antoinette Moore of Mooreleigh kennels, and presently part of the AKC Museum Collection. The Mastiff Goldhawk Elsie was purchased by Colonel Hobart Titus of Manthorne of Boston, who scoured the States in vain for Mastiffs of quality bloodlines to breed. As in the early 1930s there were only about thirty-five Mastiffs in America, he imported Goldhawk Elsie [ch Cleveland Premier’ Sioux Chief ex ch Duke’ Woodbrook Tess] & Milfold Lass [ch Hellingly Ajax ex Sweet Memory] from England, and they became the foundation stock of his kennels.

Mr Frederick John Hawkings b ’93 was a close friend of the famous Victorian breeder Mr Walter K Taunton b ’45 who lived in the 1920s at the same address. Mr Hawkings judged Mastiff classes at cc level, and was well-known as Our Dogs’ Mastiff Mems contributor. He died in ’66 at Hammersmith London. - His father Mr George Hawkings ‘63-37 – see at right -, a man of wide-ranging talents, was an accomplished sculptor too.  He had been a journalist and an inventor in his youth and just after WWI as the President of the Hampshire House Photographic Society he spearheaded the invitation of lady members. 

Mr Thaddeus Welch – centre - worked in the 1880s for lithographer Mr Louis Prang *, and followed portrait & cyclorama commissions to Philadelphia, Chicago & Australia. One of the commissioners was Mr Eugene H Moore of Melrose, ca fifteen mls N of Roxbury Boston, the owner of Am Mastiff ch Ilford Caution – see at left -, subject of one of Mr Thad Welch’ less known portraits. The New York Public Library (NYPL) mentions a chromolithograph called – ‘Ilford Caution, portrait of a Bull Mastiff’!!! Publisher' Proofs & Related Work from Louis Prang & Company - Library Division - Stephen A Schwarzman Building / Print Collection - Miriam & Ira D Wallach Division of Art, Prints & Photographs.   – At right – another canine portrait by T Welch.

Ilford Caution sired ch Ilford Chancellor b May '85, the latter great-grandsire to ch Peter Piper. Ilford Caution was exported to Mr Mr Eugene Hood Moore b '52-19, real estate agent of Melrose, and Mayor from '07-11. He was born at Somerset Bristol Mass, as the son of Mr William Watson Moore and Mrs Eloise Maria Moore née Hood.

* Louis Prang ‘24-09, sometimes known as the ‘father of the American Christmas card', was born in Breslau in Prussian Silesia. His father Jonas Louis Prang was a textile manufacturer and of French Huguenot origin. Because of health problems as a boy, Prang was unable to receive much standard schooling and became an apprentice to his father, learning engraving and calico dyeing & printing. In the early 1840s, Prang travelled around Bohemia working in printing & textiles. However, after some travel in Europe, he became involved in revolutionary activities in '48. Pursued by the Prussian government  he went to Switzerland and in '50 emigrated to the United States, in particular Roxbury - Boston MA.

A Captain of Industry. Mr Ben Bennett Jr ’89-39 ran  ‘Ben Bennett Jr Ltd‘, a family-owned company originating in 1883. He owned a number of Limestone Quarries a/o Grange Mill Quarry at Wirksworth Derbs employing there more than twenty-five people in the 20ties. Longcliffe Quarries Ltd & Ben Bennett Jr Ltd produced high purity limestone for a range of applications at their Brassington Moor & Grange Mill Quarries. In ‘36 he commenced with the steel side of the ‘Ben Bennett Jr Ltd‘ business located at Danecourt Lisle Road Rotherham, a market leader which is still running strong until present date.

Mr James William Genner b ‘91 Parkgate Rotherham, formerly a quarryman at Grange Mill Quarry, became a gardener & groundsman for Broomcourt breeder Mr Ben Bennett Jr before WW-I at his home 'Whiston Grange' Moorgate road Rotherham, formerly owned by Frederick Parker Rhodes, local solicitor & his brother Charles a mining engineer. - 'Mr Genner was also Mr Bennett' kennelman  and showed his Mastiffs for him a/o at Crufts. He won a dozen cc’s between ‘32-39, mainly with Cleveland bred Mastiffs whilst about another dozen cc’s were awarded to Broomcourt bred specimens headed by ch Broomcourt Romeo [4x]. WW-II came and the Whiston Grange house was commandeered by the army. Most of the dogs were unfortunatly destroyed as there was nothing to feed the dogs with at that time but JW Genner kept one Mastiff called ‘Beauty.‘ - Source - Fred Genner, the kennelman’ grandson.

Mr James Warham Whitney 1845-07, of Clinton place Rochester  NY, purchased ch Ilford Chancellor from Mr Eugene H Moore of Melrose, but he also imported Exeter Dirce b ‘86  & bred by James Hutchings - out of Gwalior' grand-dau Doris sired by Beau’ son Beaumaris - and ch Frigga Secunda’ brother Cardinal Beaufort b ‘90 bred & owned by Charles Court Rice - out of ch Orlando' dau ch Frigga sired by Beaufort' son Sir Stafford - who got two 2nd prizes as a yearling , both times beaten by more mature males, ie at Maldon by Dr J S Turner’ Ayrshire and at the Agricultural Hall  KC show where WK Taunton’ ch Hotspur got the challenge ticket. Mr J W Whitney continued his father’ business as a senior member of the firm of Whitney & Gibson, grain merchants of Buffalo.

Mr J W Whitney was the son of Mr George Jay Whitney ’1819-78 – see centre - who built in ‘57 the large elevator in Rochester which still bears his name and also had the charge of the New York Central elevators in both Buffalo and New York. In this enterprise and in his position as director of the New York Central and Hudson River railroad, he was brought in immediate business relations with Commodore Vanderbilt who said of him, when apprised of his death, - ‘men like Mr Whitney are not very plentiful. As a husband, as a father, as a friend, he was equally admirable and reliable, and as a business man he was exceedingly capable. The New York Central will keenly feel his loss.’

Sir Francis Joseph Campbell 1832-14 - see at right - owned the brindle Mastiff champion Lily II  - see insert at left  *** Royal National College for the Blind Upper Norwood London- . Lily II b May ’80 - out of ch Gwendolen sired by ch Cardinal - was the first champion bred by WK Taunton. She got  in ’83 1st & extra prize at Frome & extra prize at Crystal Palace; in ’84 Crystal Palace 3rd , Warwick 1st & challenge cup, Crystal Palace 1st & Frome 1st prize; in ’85 Crystal Palace 1st (champion), Warwick 2nd & extra (challenge) & Crystal Palace 2nd (challenge). Lily II’ brothers were – Anthony & Chief Justice , her sisters were Cleopatra, Nell III, Stella, Blue Belle, Mr A D Bartlett’ Tayra, Phoebe & Columbine.

Phoebe became dam to ch Griselda & Lady Doughty , the latter dam of ch Carshalton Prince whereas Columbine produced Tring Empress, dam to ch Constable and in that way all four (incl Lily II) Mastiff champions bred by WK Taunton were closely related within the triangle – Mr Beaufoy' ch Nero’ sisch Gwendolen, ch Wolsey' maternal grandson ch Cardinal & the ch brother pair Orlando & Hotspur.

Ch Lily II’ owner Dr F J Campbell was an American anti-slavery campaigner, teacher & the co-founder of the *** Royal National College for the Blind Upper Norwood London. He was born near Winchester Tennessee US and lost his sight at the age of five following an accident. A talented musician, he taught music and at the age of 16 was appointed music master at the Tennessee School for the Blind and later went on to become musical director at the Wisconsin School for the Blind. He also taught at the Perkins Institute for the Blind in Watertown Mass. It was while he was teaching at Wisconsin that his anti-slavery views became publicly known and at one point he was given twenty four hours to renounce them or face being hanged. He refused but was spared death because of public sympathy for his blindness.

He would later become a frequent traveller between the United States and the United Kingdom & Europe and in 1871 helped Dr Thomas Armitage to establish The Royal Normal College and Academy for the Blind near Crystal Palace in London. It was during a visit to London after studying in Berlin that he called on Dr Armitage with a letter of introduction and was invited to dinner. Over dinner, Campbell told his host about his plans to establish a training college for the blind in the United States but Armitage urged him to make London its home. The college was founded with two students and Campbell was its first principal. The college continues to the present day and is now known as the Royal National College for the Blind. – Dr Campbell was also the first blind person to climb Mont Blanc. In his later years he became a naturalised Briton and in 1909 was knighted as a Knight Bachelor by King Edward VII. He retired as principal of RNC in 1912 and was succeeded by his son Mr Guy Marshall Campbell.

A 25/27i painting named 'Bindle’s Duke' and signed by Zelia Klerx, particularly the Belgian artist Miss Zelia Maria Klerx, of 223 Chaussée de Wavre Ixelles nr Brussels, who was active from the 1880s up to the early XXth c. Taking into account a possible devil’ print, there might be a connection with Lt- Col John Allen Bindley 1834-’14, of Abbey Inn Burton on Trent,  who owned Rev Yearsley Anlaf’ dau Barona and, mated to Mr Wynne’ Young King, she produced Bardon Queen b ’77; the latter mated to Mr Hanbury’ ch Rajah, gave a/o Lt-Col J A Bindley’ Ameer 2nd prize at Birmingham  ’80 – ‘rather small though he has the making of a fairish dog’ -, Amber & Modwena, a name probably inspired by St Modwen, founder of Burton Abbey – see at right -.

Lt-Col John Allen Bindley, a distinguished member of Abbey Lodge No 624 - the oldest Staffordshire Masonic lodge meeting in Burton upon Trent, owned the ‘Bindley & Co Brewery’ in Burton on Trent, a city best known for its brewing heritage, home to over a dozen breweries in its heyday. It originally grew up around Burton Abbey, the St Modwen monastery and had grown into a busy market town by the early modern period. The local water contains a high proportion of dissolved salts, predominantly caused by the gypsum in the surrounding hills which allows a greater proportion of hop, a natural preservative to be included in the beer, thereby allowing the beer to be shipped further afield.

Mr Charles Aubrey Smith 1863-48 acted in many films a/o as The Earl of Dorincourt in Little Lord Fauntleroy – quote – ‘But he had attracted attention in one quarter at least. On the floor, by the arm-chair, lay a dog, a huge tawny Mastiff, with body and limbs almost as big as a lion'; and this great creature rose majestically and slowly, and marched toward the little fellow with a heavy step. Then the person in the chair spoke. ‘Dougal’, he called, ‘come back, sir’. But there was no more fear in little Lord Fauntleroy' heart than there was unkindness -- he had been a brave little fellow all his life. He put his hand on the big dog' collar in the most natural way in the world, and they strayed forward together, Dougal sniffing as he went.’

In ‘The Twentieth Century Dog’ edited by Mr Herbert Compton dd ’04, 'stage actor' Chas Aubrey Smith remarked – ‘Breeders of to-day adhere to the short, bulldog, thick Bordeaux type of head. Surely this was not the type of the old English Mastiff? To my mind it deprives the king of dogs of intelligence of expression, to say the least. And I vote for length of muzzle accompanied with due breadth, and free from any suspicion of tapering, as being most in accord with the original type.’ – followed Mr Compton’ conclusion – ‘In the practice of the show bench, this and the Lyme Park type are a race apart and out of the running with the bulldog type of Mastiff, which those best qualified to judge have decided on as the proper one.’ -

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