Biedermeier styled chalk lithograph on clay plate by the artist Henry Ritter 1816 Montreal - '53 Düsseldorf depicting a caricaturical scene in front of the Swans Inn about the tiny lapdog Muff thoughtlessly gobbled up by the coachman’ Nero, a ‘well-fed’ ear-cropped German Mastiff – printed by von Arnz & Co Düsseldorf 1850 and published in a satirical Düsseldorfer monthly magazine. -

At right – Half-erect eared Mastiff portrait by the Belgian artist G Maraite dd Sept 1906. The early standards by Stonehenge does not mention half-erect ears in contrast with both standards of the Mastiff Breeding Club – Secretary Mr M B Wynne, a/o - ‘ears small, and either half-erect or wholly pendent, and thin to the touch’ -; in order to accentuate the importance of ears set on high, the Breeding Club dd ‘80 adds - 'not low as in the Hound' -.  Given the date of the painting, it seems the semi-erect carriage of ears ‘survived’ quite a long time.

Our Dogs Mems dd Dec ’32 – Letter by Captain Guy Weston Samuelson, husband of Cinque Ports breeder Mrs Frances Samuelson who, according to the KC Stud Books, owned Garlinge Lady Jane and entered her under the old OEMC stalwart Mr Wm Hunter Johnston in the Beginners’ class at Crufts ’29 resulting in Mr Geo Joice’ Arolite 1st, Mr Bob Thomas’ Menai Comet 2nd, Mr H J White’ Goodbreed Caesar 3rd, whereas Mrs Samuelson' Garlinge Lady Jane only getting the reserve. Three years later her Lady Jane’ home-bred son Michael b Feb '30 got the Crufts cc under Mr Wm Hunter Johnston. 

Being only shortly involved into Mastiff affairs, it sounds as if in the 'blue' passage of the article the Captain refers to his wife Frances  who was the one 'furiously indignant' but, for the sake of private matters, disguised in 'He was furiously indignant'. But the subtitle of the photograph here below at leftmentions Garlinge Lady Jane 'belonging to Captain Guy Samuelson of Westenhanger' - ed 1.5 miles N of Lympne -. In that case it was himself  who was 'furiously indignant'... 

At the LKA Olympia London dd May '29, Garlinge Lady Jane won a 3rd prize in Limit class under Mr Guy Percival Greenwood - cc the Olivers' ch Wantley Joy, res cc Miss Ianthe Bell' ch Helga, sis to Mrs Evans' ch Ursula & the Olivers' Hellingly Lady Here - ch King Baldur' dau Menai Victoria ex ch Woden -.

Dissatisfaction with 'placings' are as old as humanity itself. In many cases it's sour grapes and the inability to cope with the given, even there's a well-written blueprint, everyone can have an honest but different opinion thereto, including his/her order of importance re the respective points of that standard. Such a shame, putting things into perspective, ie the awareness it's really only the opinion of one sole person is not given to everyone in the backseats.

Quote by Benjamin Franklin - 'Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such Thing as publick Liberty, without Freedom of Speech; which is the Right of every Man, as far as by it, he does not hurt or controul the Right of another: And this is the only Check it ought to suffer, and the only Bounds it ought to know.' -

There are those who lay the blame on the content of the breed standard itself in the delusion  of an imagined 'definite' breed standard in the making. Unfortunately, it never will become reality but nonetheless wish the inventors of a revised  standard every luck in order to fully exterminate 'dissatisfaction with placings'...

Back to Captain Guy Weston Samuelson. The London Gazette mentions about him - ‘being granted commissions dd 5 Nov 1940 for the duration of the hostilities as a pilot on probation’ -, ca two months after Lympne was bombed by German Stukas; the Samuelsons mentioned their address as ‘Cinque Ports Lympne’, probably referring to the Flying Schools Cinque Ports at Lympne. 

At right - Captain Guy W Samuelson’ cousin Captain Francis Henry Bernard Samuelson ‘90-81 and his wife Margaret posing next to their MG racing car at Monte Carlo dd '31. He served in the Yorkshire Hussars in WWI and was a fervent motor car racer who did a lot of competition and continued racing well into his eighties; at the age of 87 he picked up a driving ban for jumping a red light. Note - He became Sir Francis Henry Bernard Samuelson dd January ‘46 - 4th Bart. Both Captains – Guy & Francis - were great-grandsons of one of the few Jewish entrepreneurs in Britain directly engaged in running a successful heavy industry, ie Sir Bernhard Samuelson b '20 Hamburg Germany who became one of the then largest ironmasters.

At left – a Comper Swift with whom Captain Guy Weston Samuelson competed aero races. He claimed to be a descendant of Sir Robert Peel 1788-50 - Bart, who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom dd ‘34–35 & ‘41–46 and twice as Home Secretary '22–27 & ‘28–30. Sir Robert Peel is regarded as one of the fathers of the modern Conservative Party, and founded a/o the Metropolitan Police Force, dd ‘33 joined by the Captain’ son Rowland Guy Blundell Samuelson b ’14, and dd ‘40 Rowland gained the rank of Flying Officer in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.


For the record – Captain Guy Weston Samuelson was not a descendant of the Prime Minister, but his mother - centre in white dress, arguably in the company of her sisters -, ie Mrs Anne Jane Samuelson née Davis ’64-20, of 240 Almoner' house St James' Court London & 1 The Leas Folkestone Kent, was the daughter of Mrs Margaret Jane Davis née Peel '24-05, and grand-daughter of Mr William Peel 1793-69 whose father Jonathan Peel 1752-34, of Accrington House nr Blackburn, was the brother of Sir Robert Peel 1750-30 - 1st Bart, the latter father of Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel 1788-50 - 2nd Bart.

At right - plaque at 16 Upper Grosvenor Street Mayfair London.

Article dd Nov ‘35 mentioning Mrs Frances Samuelson of Lympne Hall - 'Defendant – ie Mr Leslie George Hoile of Berrington House The Street less than 100 yards away – fled, and she went after him with her Mastiff, but he had gone.' - The Mastiff in the article might have been her Crufts winner - see below - ch Cinque Ports Michael b Feb ’30 - ch Westcroft Blaise' dau Garlinge Lady Jane ex ch Ashenhurst Cedric' son Goldhawk Cedric -.

Mr Leslie George Hoile ’00-80 m in ’26 Miss Lilian M Sawyer, dd ’23 a staff member of London’ Bethlem Hospital. He was the grandson of the veterinary surgeon John George Hoile ’32-07 residing at Berrington House Lympne, same address as for Leslie’ brother Mr Edward Victor Hoile b ‘92, dramatist and author of theatre plays a/o Piccadilly Alibi, Painted Sparrows & Love’s a Luxury.

The C 16th timber framed Lympne Hall The Street Lympne Hythe - ca 200 yards from Lympne Castle – is, in the Shepway district conservation area, one of the oldest houses with an C18th façade and C20th alterations. The front elevation consists of red brick with uncoursed galleted stone to part of the ground floor and a plain tile roof.

Insert – Flying a Comper Swift, the Captain won a silver medal for second place at the renowned ‘Folkestone Trophy Race’ dd ‘38. The Comper Swift is a single-seat sporting aircraft concepted by Flight Lieutenant Nicholas Comper and produced by Comper Aircraft Company Ltd of Hooton Park – Cheshire, ‘holding a strong appeal to those who appreciate flying in the true sense of the word.’ -

Ch Michael' sibling Cinque Ports Jennifer Jane, owned by Mrs A Harding of The Retreat Hythe Kent, got in '32 the LKA Olympia  cc under Mr Nevill Walker Hall - res cc Hellingly Queen Bess, 3rd ch Ileden Volo -, and two reserve cc's resp at Brighton under Mr Nevison Arthur Loraine *** - cc ch Hellingly Joy -, and at the KC Crystal Palace under Mr Arthur Croxton-Smith - cc Ileden Volo -. After been made up in '32, ch Cinque Ports Michael got in '33 two reserve cc's, ie at Crufts under Mr Guy P Greenwood - cc ch Uther Penarvon -, and at Richmond under Mr Wm Hunter Johnston - cc Penn King Peter' son Simeon -, and finally in '34 again at Richmond a res cc under Mr Guy P Greenwood - cc ch Cleveland Hugo -. *** Mr Nevison Arthur Loraine ’63-34, of The Cottage Esher Surrey, manager of Sandown Park Racecourse, and accomplished painter specialised in horses and rustic scenes.

The Kennel Club Stud Books give no further trace of the Samuelsons who bred their second and last litter March '35, ie - Trelyon Morwena ex Deleval Piers - resulting in a/o Lympne Sampson exported  to US fancier Mr Brooks Stevens Jr. It might go about Mr Chas Brooks Stevens '02-81, of Concord Mass, who had knitting mills in Scotland, Ireland and India as well; he was the son of woollen manufacturer Mr Charles Brooks Stevens of Lowell Mass.

At left  dd nov ’11– Article about the Crystal Palace Zoological Gardens Scheme proposed by Dr John Sidney Turner who lived near the Crystal Palace at 81 Anerley road. – ‘Compared to the present location in Regent’ Park with its 34 acres, the Palace and grounds of 200 acres are more suitable to show the animals somewhat in their natural state and condition to their very considerable improvement in health, taking Mr Carl Hagenbeck Zoological Park at Hamburg as example.

Another part of his scheme was retaining Crystal Palace’ position as a great educational centre, particularly for natural sciences, a/o forestry, botany, mineralogy, geology, &c. Important research work could be done especially in connection with the selection of species, hybridisation and so on.

It could become a popular resort of a high character requiring music and proper catering for the visitors in various ways. It would preserve the neighbourhood as a desirable residential district.’ –


At right dd April ’14 – Dr J S Turner at the Kennel Club’ Field Trials at Orwell Park nr Ipswich, together with Captain Harold Darrel Furber of the 3rd Batt Welsh regiment, the latter' wife Barbara née St Clair Johnston, and Mr Frederick Chas Lowe ‘47-30 who ran and bred hunting dogs since the 1860s, and the man behind F C Lowe & Son Ltd' Carta Carna Dog & Poultry Foods, one of the world' first commercial dog food producers which kept operating until the mid 1970s, when it was closed down after more than hundred years of production in the same village of Sittingbourne Kent.

As hereinbefore stated, Dr J S Turner belonged to the OEMC triumvirate - incl Rev J W Mellor & Mr W K Taunton - which drew up the breed standard dd 1883 and followed up Kennel Club’ founder Mr Sewallis Shirley as Chairman of the Kennel Club, that during more than 20 years until his death in '20.

At right - Church & Dwight Soda trade card by the American artist Gustav Muss-Arnolt and presenting ch Beaufort, probably the best Mastiff bred by Dr J S Turner. Mr Gustav Muss-Arnolt, of German origin, created numerous drawings for the American Kennel Gazette of some of the top dogs of the day. He was a/o a member of the AKC Board of Directors and, reportedly the first judge to publicly state that - 'type was the most important consideration in properly evaluating dogs.' -

Birmingham ’33 report – Mastiffs judged by Dr James Aubrey Ireland - cc Cleveland Comedian' son Cleveland Hugo, res Cleveland Julian,’ son ch Hellingly Cardinal, 3rd ch Uther Penarvon’ son The Druid - bitch cc ch Havengore Bill' dau ch Lady Turk, res ch Hellingly Joseph' dau ch Hellingly Josephine, 3rd ch Havengore Bill' dau Wyndley Boadicea. - Hossall Duke b 30 & bred by Mr W Oliver - Menai Comet' dau Quenie ex Menai Comet' son Plutarch - was owned by Miss Ella Hodgkiss, of Wildmoor Belbroughton nr Stourbridge Worcs, and entered him the next year at Birmingham receiving a 3rd in Open class under Mr Arthur Croxton-Smith - cc ch Hellingly Joseph' son Trelyon Dick, 2nd ch Cleveland Hugo -; Mrs Norah Dickin' Deleval Sybilla b '31 - ch Woden' dau Deleval Gyda ex Comet Menai’ son Thor –.

The next year Miss Ella Hodgkiss entered her Hossall Duke at Birmingham receiving a 3rd in Open class under Mr Arthur Croxton-Smith - cc ch Hellingly Joseph' son Trelyon Dick, 2nd ch Cleveland Hugo -; Mrs Norah Dickin' Deleval Sybilla b '31 - ch Woden' dau Deleval Gyda ex Comet Menai’ son Thor –.

At other shows judged by Dr Aubrey Ireland dog cc’s went to ch Ashenhurst Cedric' son ch Superbus, ch Uther Penarvon, ch Cinque Ports Michael, ch Hellingly Ajax' son Kinder Monarch and ch Havengore Christopher; quite odd that also none of six bitch cc's went to Mr/Mrs Oliver, that in a time the Hellingly breeders dominated the show ring but also in a time branded by boycotting specific shows/judges because of dubious politics between both breed clubs, ie the OEMC and the Mastiff Breeders Association, the latter the Olivers' brainchild.


Dr James Aubrey Ireland b ‘77, police surgeon residing at The Castle House Shrewsbury. In ‘56 he travelled to Portugal to join his wife Henrietta who was already there for health reasons and to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. He seemingly stayed there as in '63 he was appointed to judge a ‘best in show’ in Britain, but forbidden by his doctor to fly over from Portugal. – At right - The tolerant Mastiff in playful company.

A pre-WWII pair of Mastiffs  but, unfortunately, the writings in white below each of them aren't to decipher. The right one wears an apparent studded collar. The show plate on display at right might have been the International Challenge Plate offered at Crufts for best Brace, the first one won in '12 by Mr Robert J Burch with ch British Monarch & ch Sam' Sweetheart.

Re the photograph, first long shot might be Mr Fred Bowles’ brace of  Crufts ’39, ie Hammercliffe Remus & ch Petronella, resp grandson & daughter of Miss Bell' ch Uther Penarvon whose progeny counted quite a lot of 'heavy chinned' ones. The OEMC awards - since '69 - the 'Fred Bowles collar' to the Best Bitch of the Year. At left - Mr Fred Bowles' ch Petronella and her sis Prunella, the latter, according to Mrs P B Hoffman, exported in '39/40 to Manthorne breeder Col Titus US.

Another but less possibility is the brace which won the plate in ’32, namely entered by Broomcourt breeder Mr Bennett, ie Weirdwood Beau Geste b ’27 & bred by Mr Louis Saveria - ch Ashenhurst Cedric' dau Lady Pat ex ch Westcroft Blaise – and ch Cleveland Ponoroggo – ch King Baldur’ dau Princess Bunty ex Cleveland Comedian -. Beau Geste was sibling of Mr/Mrs Baggaley’ ch Dervot Dawn. Four years earlier Mr Frederick J Hawkings offered at Crufts a Special Prize in the form of a Life-size Bas-relief of the winner of the Bitch Challenge Certificate (Mr Bob Thomas’ ch Menai Juno).

Still another guess is the brace which took the International Challenge Plate at Crufts ’30, ie Benton Adonis & - Venus – ch Weland' dau Westcroft Shiela ex ch Westcroft Blaise -, but rather doubtful coz Adonis' head in adulthood was full of 'decorum'. For the record, an Our Dogs advert dd Dec '27 - see at right - presenting them as one-year old youngsters, one of them wearing a studded collar; they were not very uncommon but quite a lot of those owned by Mr Harry Cuthbert Liddell ’02-70 wore them. The Benton kennels were located at the small Suffolk village Hollesley.


Benton Adonis’ show career took off promisingly winning the Richmond ‘28 cc under Mr John James Holgate - res ch Ashenhurst' son King Agrippa & 3rd Miss Bell' ch Woden -, but further on the KCSB mention only a 3rd in Limit class at Crufts '30 under Major Harding Cox. 

Mr John James aka Jack Holgate of Southboro kennels The Hook Surbiton - later on Southboro House St Wilfrids road Bessacarr nr Doncaster, was a highly esteemed International judge and one of the writing authorities of ‘Our Dogs’, that under the pen name Victrix, whereas 'Porcupine' was used by another Our Dogs contributor Mr James Watson, well-known for his extensive book ‘The Book of The Dog'.

Edit - In order to make things even more fuzzy, there's a source which mentions the photograph presenting the brace incl the 'plate' is taken from 'Dogs, Their Selection, Breeding and Keeping' authored by Mr Frank Townend Barton, 1st edition 1910 followed by another in '14. These dates might undermine former guesses seemingly misled by that wretched plate. Last but not least guess might be the brace which won the 'New Century Shield' at Crufts '08, namely Mr Robt Leadbetter' ch Hazlemere Ronald and his ch sis Bess. Alas, no studded collar(s) to notice in the many photographs presenting Mr Leadbetter' fine Mastiffs, neither a convincing similarity to other pictures of Ronald & Bess.

Above at left dd Oct ’33 – At the Crystal Palace Show - Deleval Joanna b ‘31 - Hellingly Robert' dau Cleveland Joy ex ch Woden' son Cleveland Comedian –  described as  - 'A brindle, requires more breadth in skull and might be darker in eye, nice foreface, good size, body, bone, legs and feet; rather straight in stifles.’ – Joanna, 1) mated to Deleval Paladin, produced Mrs Norah Dickin’ Deleval Urica - photo follows in one of the next posts -,  2) mated to Deleval Hereward, produced Deleval Boadicea, the latter maternal grand-dam of Coldblow Sally which, mated to Valiant Diadem, gave Major Keith Hulbert’ Frithend Nydia. Here at left - Joanna' maternal grandsire Hellingly Robert, brother of Hellingly Queen Bess which produced the Hellingly ch's Cardinal & Marksman.


Centre dd Nov ‘33 - Miss Sarah Skatte Reid, of The Anchorage Allendale Northumberland, and The Mhor b Sept ’30 & bred by Tiddicar breeder Mr Leonard Crook out of ch Ashenhurst Cedric’ dau Selene sired by ch Hellingly Ajax – The Mhor, a winner of over 30 prizes, chiefly in Variety Classes, including Best Non-Sporting three times. His chief wins in breed classes are First and Second Edinburgh ‘32 ; 3 Thirds at Harrogate ’33 ; 2 Firsts, Second in Open Dog and 2 Specials at Essex Championship Show ’33, and a res cc at Edinburgh ’34 under Mr G Wallwork - cc ch Hellingly Ajax –. At right dd Jan ’34 - Mrs Averil Hallett née Streatfeild, daughter of Colonel Sir Henry Streatfeild of Lochinch Castle Wigtownshire Scotland, with her Mastiff 'bridesmaid'.

At left – 1st prize card dd 1891, the year ch Jack Thyr b '86 - ch His Majesty' Canute' day Lady Canute ex - see insert at left - ch Orlando -,  bred by the Belgian Rev Henry K E Van Doorne and Ayrshire' sis Seabreeze b '88 bred by Mrs Geo Willins - ch Beau' dau ch Cambrian Princess ex ch Beaufort - got the resp Crufts challenge awards under the youngster Mr Charles Court Rice '61-36. At right – Spratts trading card, part of a dog series of eight by the artist Reuben Ward Binks '80-50, recognised as the leading artist of his day in canine portraiture, not only in the UK but abroad. Binks was commissioned to paint the famous Terrier Caesar for King Edward VII and some of the favourite dogs of Queen Alexandra. He also painted Clumber Spaniels for King George V, Cairns for King Edward VIII (then Prince of Wales), Retrievers for King George VI (then the Duke of York), Terriers for the Duke of Gloucester (then Prince Henry), Alsatians for the late Duke of Kent (then Prince George), and pets of Princess Victoria (sister of King George V).

At left - Reprint - 29.8 cm/41.3 cm - of a gouache signed ‘R Ward Binks 1917’, subtitled ‘ The Dogs of the Allies’ and manufactured by the Manchester’ Printing Co ‘George Falkner & Sons’; below the picture between large capitals – ‘Samuel O’Neill & Sons – Linden Mill’ - are remains of a calendar, presumably meant as a Xmas or New Year' gift for clients of this Rochdale firm specialised in making paper tubes.


As Binks commented in an interview with Mr Freeman Lloyd in ‘31 , ‘Nearly all the prominent dog owners of England have given me commissions, ... ‘. One of them could have been Mr Horatio Bottomley, the newspaper tycoon of Upper Dicker nr Eastbourne, well-known within the canine world as the owner of the Waterloo Cup winner, ch Fullerton the Greyhound, for whom he commissioned the artist Richard Hewitt Moore, also of Mastiff fame, to make a large stunning bronze sculpture. Being an ultra-patriot during the years of World War I, it’s quite possible that in '17 he also commissioned the artist Reuben Ward Binks ’80-50 to portray his dogs incl ch Brompton Duke, labeled in an Our Dogs' advert as - 'a landmark within the Mastiff breed' -, within a scenery of ‘The Dogs of the Allies’. Note – Mr Horatio Bottomley '60-33 purchased him at 3 1/2 year-old when put up for sale at a considerable £1000 at Crufts ’14.

A year later, Mr Horatio Bottomley’ name was linked with that of the gentleman charlatan Sir Brodrick Hartwell in a court case relating to failed national sweepstakes. In the Kings Bench dd '10 the libel action brought by the Rev Ralph Owen Yearsley, Rector of Sutton Bonnington Leics – btw Mastiff breeder a/o Anlaf b '76 - ch Turk' dau Chloe ex the Wynnes’ ch King' son Monarch - , against the proprietors & printers of the  John Bull newspaper founded by Mr Horatio Bottomley dd '06 -, was settled. What Rev Yearsley complained of were assertions that he had caused his daughter, a lady years of age with a medical condition, to be put under control under the Lunacy Act, without sufficient reason.


Back to the artist Reuben Ward Binks who moved to New York and in ‘29 commissioned by Mrs Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge - niece of the famous millionaire John D Rockefeller - to paint portraits of her dogs at Giralda Farms in Madison New Jersey. He became a frequent visitor painting - done in gouache on either paper or thin board - every dog in her kennels over the following decade. He died in '50 at his home The Cedars May Pole Terrace Temple Sowerby Westmorland UK.

The first of a three-paged article by Mr Arthur Croxton-Smith  ’65-52 OBE, of Wandle Bloodhound kennels Burlington House Upper Tooting, who did a lot to repopularise an Old English breed at  low ebb. - The greying Mastiff in the pics is ch Miss Bull b '16 - ch British Monarch' dau Ben-Ma-Chree ex ch Young Mary Bull' brother Young John Bull -.

He awarded following Mastiff dog certificates ~ 1926 Joseph Evans’ ch Prince ; ‘28 Miss MC Kennett’ ch Bulger , reserve ch Havengore Bill ; ‘32 Captain F Samuelson’ ch Michael ; ‘34 Mrs EG Oliver’ Trelyon Dick by ch Hellingly Joseph; ‘37 Mrs EG Oliver’ Hellingly Mark; ‘38 Havengore Bill' double grandson ch Havengore Christopher. 


Mr Arthur Croxton Smith began his own neatly edited monthly magazine called ‘The Kennel‘ in ’10, each one counting about seventy pages incl many adverts but mainly educative articles by different authors illustrated with quality photographs.

The same year he published his ‘Everyman’s book of the dog‘ in which he wrote about the Mastiff – ‘ When the valiant Sir Peers Legh, of Lyme Hall Cheshire, fell wounded at the Battle of Agincourt, the story runs that his body was guarded through the long night watched by a Mastiff bitch which had followed him to the war. Lord Newton still has a strain at Lyme Hall, which, it is claimed, has come down in unbroken descent from the fifteenth century. This is perfectly credible, for the Mastiff is undoubtedly one of the bluest-blooded dogs indigenous to these islands. - Edit - ???? 


The Romans found him established here when they arrived. It may be that the Phoenicians brought him from Asia, for we read in early records of the presence of enormous dogs in several Oriental countries, which were unquestionably of this type. The bas-reliefs in the Assyrian room at the British Museum give graphic depictments of dogs so like the Mastiff of to-day that we may trace his beginnings to them without any demand upon the imagination. We can well believe that in troublous times, when property and person were alike insecure, a powerful animal of this description would be a valuable asset to any man.


In the days of the Normans and Plantagenets the strict laws preserving forest rights permitted farmers and freeholders to keep Mastiffs for the defence of their houses within the borders of a forest provided they had been mutilated by the amputation of three claws from the forefeet, which would render, them useless for chasing game.

Coming to the past century, when a great impetus was given to the variety, we find a fine tribute in the pages of Stonehenge – ‘The Mastiff is remarkable for the combination of his general development. The conformation of the head bespeaks an unusual brain power, which is under admirable control. He is a creature of strong and sincere attachment to man, endowed with a wonderful power of discrimination and true nobility of character, all of which he freely exercises in the interests of those for whom alone he seems to live. He is by nature docile and gentle to a fault. He lays aside his giant strength to unite in the gambols of the child with the same spirit of tenderness and grace. If his conduct be otherwise, it bespeaks his origin in the mongrel or nondescript races. The well-bred Mastiff allies himself to man as his friend, to whom he becomes the closest companion, and serves him with the truest devotion and sincerity. This animal should not be subjected to the restraint of the chain; if he is, whether young or old, he will be inevitably spoiled in outward form as well as temper.’ This remark about chaining applies to any dog, the constant straining pulling the body out of shape, while the temper is bound to be soured by the unnatural confinement.

An advert published in ‘The Kennel’ June ‘11 - Mr William Prowse Jones ’70-14, of Wood Hall Pinner Middlesex, was a music publisher & chairman of the well-known theatrical ticket agency 'Keith, Prowse & Co' 162 New Bond-street London. His King Edward b '02 & bred by Mr Robert John Burch - Chieftain' daughter Niobe sired by Mellnotte - , got a res cc at Richmond '04 under Mr Midgley Marsden - cc his paternal nephew Invicta' son Black Prince bred/owned by Mr Arthur W Lucas.

Mr Prowse-Jones bred a litter dd Aug '10 out of Astarte sired by his King Edward resulting in a/o George purchased by Baron Oscar Ernst von Ernsthausen ‘74-22, of The Manor House Ditton Hill, who was - quote - 'connected to the Stock Exchange but his spare time is given to music and some of his compositions have already been published' .

Two of George' littermates, Woodhall Beta & Woodhall Teddy, were shown by Mr Prowse Jones at Crufts '12. Unfortunately, due to heart failure, he died two years later at his country place Wood Hall Pinner some fifteen mls NW of London City.

What is the matter with the Mastiff of to-day? Rarely now do we see the well-filled classes and noble animals which were observable at any big show ten years or so ago. One of our oldest breeders says – ‘The rage for exceedingly short muzzles which existed a few years ago, and which still exists to some extent , has probably had much to do with it , as the majestic appearance has been lost to some extent.' Practically the same view is held by Dr J Sidney Turner, who has done as much for the breed as any man living . Writing in the Kennel Encyclopaedia , he says – ‘ There is no nobler-looking dog and but few nobler-looking animals than a well-proportioned and active Mastiff , but there are few more pitiable sights than a crippled giant. What would be thought of the handsomest man with an arched back and twisted legs, of the finest-headed thoroughbred horse without a sound leg to stand upon? Then why should the head of a dog alone for all other defects in structure? If Mastiffs of the present day do not hold that high place in the mind of the public which they did in the eighties, it is because the absurd craze for the shorter heads has caused neglect of other characters, so that the dog has degenerated into a monstrosity. There are still some excellent specimens left, and if careful breeding were carried on there is no reason why this noble breed of dog should not regain its former position.’ Judges, however, must be relentless in discarding from the prize lists those specimens whose lives must be a burden to themselves and whose existence finds but little justification in the eyes of those who desire an animal which shall combine beauty of form with strength and agility. 


Naturally, the rearing of such a big dog from puppyhood calls for a certain amount of skill, but it is worth the trouble involved. One has to be careful not to overfeed, and meals must be frequent. Exercise needs to be given with discrimination, not too much to the point of weariness, and yet sufficient to prevent the whelp getting gross and soft. Good bone-forming food is a necessity or we shall be but producing a cripple. The adult Mastiff is an abnormally heavy creature, sometimes weighing well over 160 lb. The bone must, therefore, be of great strength and quality to sustain such a weight without forcing the legs out of shape.' - Mr Arthur Croxton-Smith was Kennel Club Chairman from '37 until '48 aged 83!

At left dd July ’34 – ch Hellingly Joy b Feb ’29 – ch Wantley Joy ex ch Hellingly Joseph –.  A small child in the company of a huge but good-natured Mastiff  has always been a perfectly endearing photographic match. A small adult forming the reference often misleads - intentionally or not - the real size of the Mastiff 'in the picture'. 

Centre dd Aug ’35 – The Mastiff Roy with Miss Doris Lumsden of Scottish Dundee, also the town of Mastiff fancier Mr Arthur Eaton Leighton, publican of Inverpark cottage Castle Terrace. One of the then very few breeders over there was Mr George Shand Jr - see also Miscellanea Nine -, master baker & general merchant of ‘Hamewith’ 10 Market Square Inverbervie - ca forty miles North, who owned Mr Greenwoods ch Duke’ dau Lady Julia, perhaps related to Miss Doris Lumsden' Roy.

At right dd Oct ’35 - Mrs Jessie Wilson Oliver' ch Hellingly Patricia b Nov ’30 – ch Hellingly Joseph’ dau ch H- Josephine ex ch Hellingly Joseph – whose quite extensive show career was peculiar. In '32 she only got a 3rd in Limit class at Edinburgh under Mr Chris Houlker, and 2nd in Limit Class at Harrogate '34 under Mr Nevill Walker Hall, but in the five shows between July – October '35 she, already aged 4 1/2+, received not less than four cc's   resp under Messieurs Crabtree – res Mr Crook' Selene -, Chris Houlker - res ch Hellingly Duchess -, Geo Wallwork - res ch Hellingly Duchess -, and Fred Cleminson - res ch Hellinly Beta -. A quartette of gentlemen perhaps not that free from 'judging the end of the lead...' -

Why there’s an ‘Old English Sheepdog’ but not an 'Old English Mastiff’? Speculating back in times before the inception of the Kennel Club in 1873, there’s almost no way of finding the wording ‘Old English Sheepdog’ in then newspapers, that sharply in contrast to the several hundred examples referring to the 'Old English Mastiff', a/o litters for sale sired by the grand stud Governor, bred & owned by Mr T H V Lukey of Locksbottom Kent.


But, alas, at the end the breed lost its dignified ‘Old English' epithet. One of the worthy ‘Old English Mastiff' diehards of the post-war II period was the classy breeder-judge and breed historian Mrs Betty Baxter '24-17. Styled like Mr T H V Lukey more than a century before, she seemingly always headed her many differently illustrated black adverts with 'Betty Baxter (and Denis Baxter) - The Farnaby (and Lesdon) Kennel - The Old English Mastiff’, followed by a Farnaby photograph of p ex Touch of Class, ch Fraze & Fable, ch Fringe Benefit - see at left -, Front Runner, Armistice Day, &c.

Good to know the ‘Old English Mastiff Club est 1883' in her present-day website not any longer claims the breed under the rigid wording ‘Mastiff’, but ‘English Mastiff’. It’s to be wished, it further will change to its former glory, the ‘Old English Mastiff’!

At left from a Dundee newspaper dd Oct ’35, and arguably another photograph depicting Dundee' Miss Doris Lumsden’ Mastiff Roy, a breed then quite rare in Dundee & surrounding area. - Patting on the head by an unknown human might be felt threatening, but in this case of a large dog and his wee ‘mate' it seems a rather common but awkward expression of doggy affection.

Centre dd May ’36 – South-African Mastiff owned by Captain Algernon Strickland of Apperley Court Tewkesbury Gloucs and, reportedly, - ‘the only one of his kind in England’ – It’s recorded that in '28 the diamond mining co De Beers imported Bull-Mastiffs to South Africa to guard the mines. The history of the South-African Boerboel breed says many breeds were involved into the early breeding, amongst them the Mastiff. The utterly unacceptable and shameless practice of dock-tailing is still going on, a/o in the Boerboel breed. –


Above at right dd July ’36 – Miss Elizabeth G Bowles, daughter of Mansatta breeder Mr Fred Bowles of Hammercliffe Lodge nr Leicester, with arguably the sister pair ch Petronella & Prunella – ch Havengore Bill' dau Hermia ex ch Uther Penarvon –. Mr Bowles (in her booklet Mrs Patricia B Hoffman however writes it was Mrs Scheerboom?) bred a litter out of Prunella ex ch Havengore Christopher which produced Hammercliffe Gyn exported in ‘42 to the American Altnacraig breeder Mrs Jane Foster-Clark who sent her to Knockrivoch breeder Mr John H Leitch of Pennsylvania. Hammercliffe Gyn became the paternal grand-dam of the early post-WWII Am import Valiant Diadem. 

Here at right - Herga Pluto b '32 & bred by Miss Ianthe Bell - ch Westcroft Blaise' dau Lady Hildur ex ch Uther Penarvon - who sired Hammercliffe Remus and, according to Mrs Marie A Moore, exported to the Am fancier Mr Charles King Jr - Tuxedo road Atlanta -,  together with Prunella. Mrs Moore' information became contradicted by Mrs Patricia P Hoffman writing - 'Rather surprisingly, four dogs were listed from England, three of which were sent to Titus at Manthorne: Prunella A428,823, &c...' - One of those breed historical data which are, to say the least, rather confusing.

At left dd Sept ‘28 - Press photograph  subtitled – ‘Regent' Park London - At the Dog Show With Booby Prizes - ‘Beauty & The Beast, In Very Good Care, A Small Exhibitor With Two Of The Largest Dogs In Show, Old English Mastiffs’. - w/out further details.  The photo was taken about the time the Olivers got an utterly fast but firm hold on the show dog scene, and their catching enthusiasm in all kind of fresh-aired breed promotion might have been a relevant factor in really kicking off the  until then slowly running post-WWI breed uprise, that throughout the next eight years or so. –

Centre – two articles, resp dd Nov ’34 & Jan ’37. - At right dd June ’33 - Photograph of Mrs Jessie Wilson Oliver neé Paton b ’89-76 illustrating a LKA article which mentions – ‘The curly-coated Retriever is one of the breeds which had fallen on evil days. Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and Springers had all ousted him from favour.’ - Mrs Jessie Wilson Oliver née Paton, of Hellingly kennels, fancied and bred not only Old English Mastiffs, but French Bulldogs and curly-coated Retrievers as well.

At left - Drawing dd 1880 by the illustrator John Dinsdale depicting a/o the magnicent looking Nero b Aug ’77 & bred by Sir Thomas George Fermor Hesketh '49-24 5th Bart of Rufford Hall, MP for Preston – Nero’ dau Flora ex Mr Hanbury' ch Rajah  - was owned by his sis Miss Constance Maria Hesketh b ’54, of 27 Leyland road Southport Lancs. Miss Hesketh’ Nero got 2nd prize at Birmingham ’79, 1st prize at Birmingham ’80 and 2nd at Crystal Palace, ending up in ’81 with a 2nd prize at Alexandra Palace, 1st in champion class at Birmingham, and a 2nd at Crystal Palace. - Also in the drawing - the clownish face of the famous English Bulldog bitch Venom b ‘77 & bred by Mr Harry Layton - Mr Vero Shaw' Sepoy' dau Rose ex Mr Blewitt' Crib -, and resp owned by the Bulldog authority Mr James Wm Berrie, and Richard James Hartley of Broom House Bowdon nr Altrincham. - Venom was reportedly - 'a lightish brindle, of grand style and quality, of medium size.' -

Artist John Dinsdale ’45-15 contributed to many popular periodicals including the Illustrated London News, The Graphic and Punch. He was particularly well known for his illustrations in the Girls Own Paper and his leading contributions to the periodical Fun, which was created as a competitor to the extremely popular Punch mag. He published a number of works containing his own illustrations including sketches of London, theatrical sketches, and many scenic views in the popular seaside town of Whitby, renowned for its relation to the horror novel Dracula.

Above at right – Drawing by Mr Richard H Moore on the occasion of the Birmingham Dog Show dd Dec ’82 including No 7, Bosco II - French for Boatswain II - b Nov 80 & bred by Mrs Elizabeth Cunliffe Lee, of the 17th C New House – see here at right - Penshurst road Penshurst, whose original brood was Venus b '75 & bred by Mr Nichols - ch Turk' double granddaughter Jenny sired by ch Wolsey' brother Prince -. Mated to Big Ben’ son Hereward she produced Sybil KCSB 9358 b Aug ’78. Sybil mated to ch The Emperor, produced Bosco II - see drawing - successively owned by Messieurs Edwin Nichols and George Horatio Jones b ‘44, dentist of 57 Great Russell Street London. Bosco II got a/o 1st prize & cup at Hertford '82 and the judge report says - 'has the framing of a good Mastiff of much the type of ch Pontiff but at the moment he wants filling out behind.' Mated to ch Beau’ dau Juno, he produced Victor IV whixh sired ch Victor Hugo bred/owned by Mr E Nichols. Ch Victor Hugo great-grandsired ch Peter Piper whose pedigree contains another Sybil which, mated to ch Ilford Chancellor, produced PP’ maternal grand-dam Chocolate Girl b March '87.

Quite odd to find out the KCSB data, particularly the dam side, are not the same for the well-known brindle brothers Mr Wm Shearer-Clark' Leyton Jim and ch Peter Piper, ie both b March 4rd '93 and bred by Mr H G Woolmore, both times sired by ch Ogilvie’ son Tom Bowling, but Leyton Jim out of Sir Stafford' dau Selina b '90, and ch Peter Piper out of Selina 20,790, the latter KCSB number referring to Selma born Aug ’85 & bred by a ‘Mr Hanshaw’  out of his Juno sired by his Bruce VII -, and owned in ’86 by Mr Soloman Field of Adolphus House Gloucester road Brownswood Park London who once owned Bruce VII  - Lady ex Mr Martin' Sultan -, breeder and date of birth unknown; colour, orange. Bruce VII, transferred to Mr E A Cheeseman of 62 Brownswood road South Hornsey London, was a 4th prize winner at Crystal Palace '85.

Supposed Peter Piper was produced by Selma bred by Mr Hanshaw, than she would have been aged 7 ½. The Kennel Club Stud Books did not mention any rectification in years to come which, in case of Peter Piper’ later fame, seems a bit curious.

At left – The historically very important Countess b ‘59 bred/owned by Mr T H V Lukey - Bruce II' dau Duchess ex Bruce II -, the latter tracing back to the Marquis of Hertford' blackish Pluto born in the early 1830s. Countess got 1st prize at Leeds '61, and 2rd & 3rd prizes at the Agricultural Hall Islington resp in ’62 & ’64. Mated to Captain John Garnier' Lion, she produced Mr Lukey' famous stud Governor. Centre - the Hon Mrs Katherine Sarah Colvile b ‘27-12, who owned a Lyme Hall Mastiff, 2nd prize winner at Birmingham '62 – 1st ch Duchess & 3rd ch Duchess' dam Empress - both owned by Mr Hanbury - see also print by Mr Harrison Weir in Miscellanea Nine -. At right – At hundred yards from the Colviles’ Lullington Hall stands the ‘Colvile Arms' where Petty Sessions were held by Mr C R Colvile and Sir Mylles Cave-Browne-Cave, Bart.

Mr M B Wynne described Mrs K S Colvile' Mastiff as - 'long in head and houndy in ear' -. In 1862 Mr M B Wynne was only 10 years old, so he must had it from hearsay, probably from Mastiff Breeding Club member Mr Edgar Hanbury or from viewing  Mr Harrison Weir' drawing of Birmingham '62 prize winners incl Mrs Colvile Lyme Mastiff - see at right -.


Mr Colvile had been connected with the hunts of the Meynell and Atherstone Hounds all her life; in '52 Mrs Colvile and the Misses Meynell were the only lady followers. Her husband Mr Charles Robert Colvile, of Lullington Hall Burton-on-Trent, and Lord William John Legh of Lyme Hall - ca fifty mls NW - were both Members of Parliament. Their son Sir Henry Colvile became a major-general in the 2nd Boer War fighting at the Battle of Modder River.

At left - 'Keeper Bullock gralloching a Buck' by The Master J.H., probably Jerome Hesketh - fl.1647-1666 – Collection Lyme Cheshire, Accredited Museum National Trust. The Spaniel-like hounds in the painting seem to show about no likeness to Mastiffs as p ex the one in the painting of Charles I' children.

‘The House of Lyme compiled from documents of the Legh family and from other sources’ by Mr Wm Beamont ‘97–89, solicitor of Orford Hall Warrington, publ dd 1876. - Quote 1 - ‘In the year 1584 there are other acknowledgments, and in particular one from the Queen’s favourite, the too well-known Earl of Leicester, who wrote to Sir Peter not only thanking him for a hind which had been sent him, but also for the present of a hound, which, if this dog was one of the breed now so celebrated at Lyme, is a curious circumstance, and shows how early they were known there. There are some lines in a modern periodical which mention the Lyme Mastiff, but it does not appear where the author got his authority for the name: - Slow she tracks him, and sure as a Lyme hound sudden she grips him. Crushing him, blind in his pride for a sign and a terror to mortals! - Church Quarterly Review No 1 167. - We can well understand how terrific an English Mastiff of the best breed would be in the time of Elizabeth, since we are told that Lord Buckhurst, her ambassador to France in 1572, produced before Charles IX an English Mastiff which alone, without any assistance, successively engaged a bear, a leopard, and a lion, and fairly pulled them all to the ground.’ - Quote 2 - 'But following the stag, to the cheering sound of hound and horn, or pursuing and taking the winged four-footed or other game over the breezy hills of Lyme, where the air is as pure and exhilarating as ether, were not the only amusements Sir Peter’ friends and visitors found at Lyme.' Remains the question

Note 1) - the blue marked sentence arguably refers to Mr H D Kingdon, breeder of Mastiffs in the 1860s. In 1853, well before his time in Mastiffs, there was the widespread news about – ‘Abbas Pasha obtaining from England, by great exertions, a gigantic Mastiff, of the celebrated Lyme breed, and the monster was the talk of the whole city of Cairo.' - Three years later Wilbraham Spencer Tollemache Esq '07-90, of Dorfold Hall - see at right - Acton village Cheshire, presented a young Lyme Mastiff, to the wife of Mr Edward Hall Martin, Land Agent of nigh located Henhull Cottage Chester road Acton village; unfortunately the dog died two years later – ‘from the effects of eating some poisoned meat placed in the grounds by some evil disposed person.' -

Note 2) Dr Philip Morgan, of Keele University Staffs, submitted dd 1983 a doctoral thesis on warfare in medieval Cheshire, supervised by the late Professor Sir Rees Davies. The thesis contains a/o a drawing of Mr Kingdon’ Mastiffs and thereby a Lyme stained glass which is quite different from the dog in the colour photograph (presenting a quite similar framing pattern) and taken at the Lyme estate - Disley nr Manchester. The drawing shows a dog without saddle marking, shorter in head, less pointed in muzzle, ear less hound-like, &c. It was published in the Illustrated Sporting & Dramatic News magazine dd July '77 but originally perhaps commissioned by Mr Kingdon himself and subject to ‘artistic freedom' in order to serve some cunning goal, ie creating an illustrious ‘myth’ to ‘prove’  his Mastiff stock  were  lookalikes descending from  the loyal quadruped defending courageously his Master Sir Piers Legh. – See for illustrations chapter on Lyme as well -. 

2015 was the 600th anniversary of Agincourt and Dr Philip Morgan placed the paper 'Did a dog fight at Agincourt? on the official Agincourt blog. Reading between the lines, Dr Philip Morgan seems to question the authenticity of the - 'loyal quadruped defending his Master Sir Piers Legh at Agincourt (Azincourt) 1415' - saga by lack of clearly documented evidence thereto, even not any reference of Cheshire noblemen taking their dogs on warfare in France.

Quote from Dr Morgan' paper - 'For how long the Agincourt tale had been current in the family is far from clear, but other contributions to the story of Peter Legh’s service only a decade earlier had made no mention of the mastiff. In 1861 John Leigh, Manchester’s first medical officer of health as well as a poet and amateur geologist, had published a ballad on the family composed, as the preface claimed, ‘during visits to Lyme as the writer's contribution to the evenings' entertainments at that delightful mansion. The traditions on which they are founded were related by the late Mr. Legh [Thomas Legh d. 1857] and amplified by his accomplished lady’. Much of the ballad provides explanations of estate place-names, notably Knight’s Low and Lady Croft, also known as Lady’s grave. In the title ballad Sir Percy Legh is wounded defending Henry V at Agincourt, and is carried from the field to languish in one of the camp tents.  Henry V, visiting his defender after the battle, assures Legh. If, as seems likely, the Mastiff story came into prominence after the Ballad of Sir Percy Legh, what was its source? We are, at last, back to the old stained glass. Illustrations of the Lyme Mastiffs exhibited by the Devon breeder J.D. Kingdon in the 1860s and 1870s are accompanied by a roundel of stained glass from Lyme Park, allegedly showing a Lyme mastiff. Webb’ 1872 account, much copied, also included the comment, ‘In the grand drawing-room window, amid the blazon of heraldry, showing the quarterings of the Arms of the illustrious families with whom the Leghs have intermarried, may still be seen the portrait of Sir Percy Legh Baronet [sic], who fought at Agincourt; and also the likeness of the mastiff bitch, who is alleged to have defended him from the assaults of camp marauders.’ -

Researching the House of Lyme, it’d be not surprising Mr Wm Beamont already found out that Mr Harry de Spencer Kingdon was, to say the least, a less reliable source. Mr Kingdon, sobriqueted 'the Prince of cranks’ of Colyton Devon,  wrote a/o a 15-paged pamphlet for the book - 'Dogs, their Whims and pecularities’, edited by Mr Henry Webb – pseud of Mr Henry Fennel Whitcombe '32-87, solicitor of Lambeth London - and published dd ‘73 by ‘Dean & Son’ St Dunstan' Buildings 160A Fleet street, and Gough Square - London. It was the first book which offered photographs of well-known prize dogs.

The reprint of Mr Kingdon' pamphlet was published by Dog Ink 46 Cooper lane Larchmont NY, a firm which way back in the 1990s was so kind to send it over together with an exceptionally valuable A2 portfolio album containing Mastiff memorabilia all kind carefully arranged in 50+ sheet protectors, and arguably had belonged to some American first-class Mastiff fancier/collector.

Centre - Article dd April '73 about Mr Fields ch King' maternal uncle Quaker 2331 b ‘62 and owned by Mr James Carter, solicitor of Ashgrove Bradford. The KCSB mention his chief performances, ie 1st prize Manchester Belle Vue ’65 and 2nd prize at Manchester Belle Vue '66. Mr Carter' Quaker 2331 was bred by Mr John William Guppy '24-80, - ‘manufacturer of Ladies' cloth button boots, stitched welts, patent leather, and goloshes' - of 1 Princess Court Dorset Place Pall Mall London, - out of Lord Darnleys *** Nell’ dau Nell sired by Mr Henry Cautley' famous Quaker -. For the record - Mr Carter' Quaker 2331 was brother of Mr Field' Nell which, mated to  Mr T H V Lukey' Rufus by Governor, produced the celebrated ch King. The then Earl of Darnley was John Stuart Bligh ’27-96, Lt-Col of the Cobham Troop of the West Kent Yeomanry.


Mr J W Guppy belonged to the cream of the London’ dog fancy, a/o a judge at the Birmingham shows, Secretary of the West End Cooperative Canine Society, Manager of the Brighton Dog Show, and owning a kennel of a lot of different dog breeds adverting - 'winner of the champion prizes of England and France, patronised by the Empress and Emperor of the French.’Note *** - dd Aug ’70 – ‘Of the celebrated author Mr Charles Dickens’ favourite large Mastiff dogs, one of which nearly always accompanied him in his walks around Rochester was ‘Don’ which after his Master’ death has been given to the Earl of Darnley.’ At left - drawing of Mr Chas Dickens walking his dogs; at right - Mr Dickens' Turk, called by his daughter Mamie 'a beautiful Mastiff'.

Mr Harry de Spencer Kingdon considered 'the modern show Mastiff' the result of crossing the foreign Boarhound with the Bulldog, particularly referring to the descendants of Lord Darnley’ Nell, the latter considered by Mr Kingdon as a ‘Bull-Terrier’ bitch.

Lord Darnley’ Nell was great-granddam of ch King - see his pics at right -, famous for having sired the litter containing a/o ch Turk & four other ‘celebrated dogs of which a gentleman (ed - Mr Kingdon) called our attention to at Birmingham that they were each of a different and opposing type on which he triumphantly founded his argument that the Mastiff is not indigenous, but a cross between the Bulldog & Boarhound.' -


Mr M B Wynne’ book reports about ch King’ dam Nell III that she was – ‘a daughter of Cautley' Quaker out of a very fine bitch owned by Mr Wm Guppy, the noted King Charles fancier (ed - just like Mr THV Lukey) & toy dog dealer of Prince' Street London; her mother was a Mastiff bitch (ed - instead of a Bull Terrier as suggested by Kingdon) belonging to Lord Darnley but her sire' pedigree is not on record and it has been rumoured that he was a Bull-Mastiff.

However while this Bull cross in Old King 2301 has never been thoroughly investigated, much less proved, it is certain that both from the dam of Rufus (ed - Mr Horn’ Jenny) and also from his mother' sire (ed - Cautley' Quaker), he inherited some of the purest and best English Mastiff blood that existed.' 

Mr Malcolm Bush Wynne’ version about Lord Darnley’ Nell may have some credibility in the given of the many references between the then nobility and the ancient noble Mastiff breed, rather than vs some ‘fighting’ Bull-Terrier kind of sorts, on the other side it’s fair to mention he may have been 'rather prejudiced re his protégé' (ch King) upon which his Mastiff strain was built.

At left dd ‘Oct ’32 – ch Hellingly Ajax, already greying but only born June '29. Bred by Mrs Jessie W Oliver - ch Westcroft Blaise' dau Lumbering Sheila ex ch Arolite OR ch Hellingly Joseph -. He sired seven KCSB registered litters, amongst them ch Hellingly Duchess whose brother H- Duke was sent to Altnacraig breeder Mrs Jane Foster-Clark and became paternal G4 ancestor of early US import Mansatta Jana - dam of a/o Mr Bowles ch Mansatta Vilna, and maternal G5/G6 ancestor of another important US import Valiant Diadem. Ajax' sis Hellingly Arethrusa, mated to ch Woden' son Cleveland Comedian, produced three champions - Broomcourt Comedienne, Broomcourt Black Mask & Cleveland Hugo whereas their sis Broomcourt Tess, mated to Broomcourt Jem, produced double Crufts cc winner ch Broomcourt Romeo.


Centre dd July ’71 – A brindle called 'Dove' born May '70 & probably American bred. The subtitle mentions a/o - 'The pet is one of the 230 registered in the United States'. Mrs P B Hoffman mentions in her book for the year ’69 230 and for ‘70 285 registrations which might be the equivalent of about 50 litters. To compare - in the year '70 only about twenty litters were born/registered in the UK. The winner of the Mastiff Club Specialty ’71 (ten entries) in the States was ch Rumblin Eko' His Majesty Thor b July '69, and sired by Bowats Roar 'n Rumble, the latter paternal grandsire of ch Wayside The Devil - one of the prominent studs in the 1970s and behind the finest English bred stock.

Above at right dd ’84 – Mrs Ann Lytollis’ Gatsby aka Bredwardine Czar Nicholas b ’79 - ch Hubbastone Presidents Lad’ dau Bulliff Tyche ex ch Forefoot Prince Igor –. At the Welsh KC '82 he got a 2nd Open class under Mrs Greenwell - cc ch Forefoot King Kong res cc ch Longendale Lord Bernard -, a 3rd Open at the LKA '82 under allrounder Mr A O Grindey - cc ch Celerity Powerful Sort res cc Bulliff Quarterstaff, and a 3rd Limit class at the SKC '83 under Miss L Turner - cc ch Hollesley Lord Rupert res cc ch Longendale Lord Bernard.

On the occasion of the OEMC Open Show April '81,  Kisumu breeder Mrs Irene Creigh wrote in her judge report - 'Novice class 2nd Bredwardine Czar Nicholas, nice apricot, moved well, good body, head a little small for a male.' - Judging at Paignton next year, she gave the reserve cc to Czar Nicholas' younger sis Bredwardine Breeze, owned by Mr R H Nixon of Wadlands kennels, writing - 'nice young bitch, good bone, deep chest, front could be straighter, moved well.' - cc MM' sis ch Hollesley Rowella -. 

At right - Gatsby' sire ch Forefoot Prince Igor b Jan '77 - ch Jilgrajon' sis Melisande ex ch Wayside The Devil' son ch Forefoot Prince of Darkness -.  While not at all tall a majestic well-balanced looking fellow as shown by the photograph taken by that famous Ms Diane Pearce ┼ '11 of Whipsnade Beds. Prince Igor became one of the main show challengers of ch Hollesley Medicine Man. Mated to the Devil' granddau Farnaby Voodoo Priestess, he produced the well-known former breed cc holder ch Bredwardine Beau Ideal, similar to her sire Igor, and a MIP Mastiff - Multum In Parvo.

Dd Dec ’76 Report by the country correspondent of Bell’ Life in London, and Sporting Chronicle, about the Birmingham Show judged by Mr Edgar Hanbury where ‘no fewer than forty-six Mastiff were catalogued’, considered a proof the public really approve of the indepence of the Birmingham authorities, ie the Committee, and in particular the judge being appointed. The country correspondent ends with – ‘The bitch winners, Mr Wynn’ Norah and Mr Hanbury’ Princess, I did not fancy: they are too bully’. - Mr Wynne’ Norah b ’69 out of ch King’ dau Muna ex King II -, and 2) ch Cardinal’ dam Mr Hanbury’ Princess b ’75 out of ch Turk’ dau Juno ex ch Wolsey -. Note – Mr John Henry Walsh ’10-88 aka Stonehenge was one of the correspondents of ‘Bell’ Life in London, and Sporting Chronicle', and probably the author of this Birmingham Dog Show report. At right - Young King b '75 & bred by the Wynnes - ch King' dau Juno ex ch King' son ch Taurus -.

At left – Goring breeder Mrs Norah Dickin and Deleval Urica b Dec ’33 & bred by Mrs Winifred Edger – Cleveland Comedian’ brindle dau Deleval Joanna ex ch Cinque Ports’ Michael’ paternal half-brother Deleval Paladin – Urica got 3rd prizes in Limit classses at the SKC ’35 under Mr Geo Wallwork, & at Manchester’38 under Dr Aubrey Ireland, and finally a 2nd Limit class at Manchester ’39 under Mr Sam Crabtree.


Mrs Lucy Scheerboom judged the non-championship show at Manchester Belle Vue – see centre -. At right - Urica’ paternal grandsire Mr Fred J Hawkings' Goldhawk Imperator - by ch A- Cedric - painted by Mr Arthur Wardle -. Most of the names are familiar, taking exception to a/o Standrings Beau & Standrings Brenda which won the Brace reserve award, owned by a rather special lady, ie Mrs Nora Duckworth née Taylor who m in '28 Mr Geoffrey Duckworth of Standrings House - see below at right - Bagslate Moor road nr Rochdale.thered to a chain . 

At championship level Havengore breeder Mrs Lucy Scheerboom made her judge début at Birmingham November 1937 – see below at left - her dog cc winner ch Broomcourt Marcon b Aug ’33 – ch Broomcourt Comedienne ex ch Hellingly Marsksman -, runner up Miss Dorothy Greenwood’ Despot by ch Uther Penarvon.

Quote about Mrs Nora Duckworth née Taylor, the owner of the Mastiff brace Sandrings Beau and Sandrings Brenda. – 'Mrs Mary Duckworth’ election in ’38 as Mayoress of Rochdale was a historic moment - but born out of tragedy. Mrs Duckworth '72-42 became not only the town' first woman civic leader but also the first to be selected from outside the ranks of the town council. She was also following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather, another first for the borough. But this triple honour came at a heavy price and what should have been a moment of triumph was laced with heartache.


There had been such high hopes in November ‘37 when Liberal Councillor James Duckworth was installed as the new mayor, with wife Mary as his mayoress. He was also making a bit of history, being the first son of a former mayor to take the chain of office himself. In business, too, he had followed in his father' footsteps, taking control of the James Duckworth Ltd provisions merchants he had founded. By ‘37 it stretched to 170 branches in Lancashire and Cheshire. The choice of Councillor Duckworth as mayor was a popular one both inside and outside the council chamber. He began his term of office determined to live up to expectations, throwing himself into his duties with great enthusiasm and dedication. A heavy festive period culminated in him spending 11 hours on Christmas day visiting hospitals and institutions, after which he was advised to rest. He complied, but only three days later he was found dead in his bed after suffering heart failure. All parties on the council agreed unanimously to elect his widow as mayor in his place.

At left - 'Ms Bain announced she was leaving Rochdale to take up the headship of Withington Girls' School. FAREWELL … Mary Bain (centre) leaves with the best wishes of, from the left, head girl Dorothy Williams, the mayor, Mrs Mary Duckworth, mayoress Mrs Geoffrey Duckworth, Councillor Charlie Crowder and Alderman Diggle.' -


At the mayor-making ceremony in January 1938 Councillor L W Taylor had praised the move, saying - ‘To me it shows vision and a capacity to get out of a rut that is not always too evident in these matters.’ Mrs Duckworth said that she considered it an honour but also a challenge and a sacred trust. She continued: ‘I may not be able to do all my late husband had planned with me but I do promise that I will do everything humanly possible.’ As her mayoress the new civic leader chose her daughter-in-law, Mrs Geoffrey Duckworth (ed – Mrs Nora Duckworth née Taylor). Without doubt the highlight of her term of office was the royal visit by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Mrs Duckworth shared the platform with them in front of the Cenotaph as they visited the town centre during a whistle-stop tour of the area.

Dd Dec ’78 - Report by Bell’ country correspondent – most probably Dr Henry Walsh aka Stonehenge - about the Alexandra Palace Show judged by Rev William James Mellor, one of the authors of the Mastiff breed standard dd 1883. Stonehenge seemed to belong to the ‘Old School' adhering the almost elegant nobleness of the longer muzzled taller ones typed by former breed stars - Miss Hales' ch Lion, the latter' maternal nephew ch Turk, Mr Green’ ch Monarch, &c, at the same time branding the upcoming wave of shorter muzzled, more compact built ones as 'bully'. Whereas opponents of 'Old School' labeled the ch Turk' lookalikes as 'houndy'. The winners dog, the 5y old ch The Shah, was not 'Mr Hanbury’ veteran', but owned Mr Charles Thomas Harris, wholesale tea dealer at 15 Fenchurch Street London.  At right - Mr Banbury' ch Wolsey b ’73 & bred by Mr Edgar Hanbury – the brindle ch Queen ex ch Rajah -, drawn by the artist Stanley Wilson and publ in The Sporting & Dramatic News dd Nov '76.

Mr T W Allen’ ch Creole b '74 was bred by the judge of the day, Rev Mellor - Big Ben' dau Duchess sired by ch Wolsey’ fawn brother Mr Nichols’ Prince -, Thekla b ’76 & bred by Rev Mellor - Big Ben' dau Duchess ex ch Turk -, ch Taurus' sis Herpa b '71 bred by Mr Hanbury – Pembertons Wolf' dau Phillis ex ch King -. Mr Taunton’ Modoc b ‘72 was bred by Mr Emile Portier - ch Turk' dau Nell sired by Mr Green' ch Monarch -, Mr R Johnstone Auld’ Benmore b 76 bred by Mr Edwin Nichols – Druidess ex ch Cardinal’ sire’ Big Ben -, Miss Aglionby’ Magnus' b '76 –Big Ben’ dau ch Lottie ex ch Wolsey' brother Prince –.

In former writings, Stonehenge considered Mr Banbury' ch Wolsey ‘an ugly brindled brute', and also this report says a/o ‘the great brindled brutes that have been put before him' – ie The Shah -, refers to Mr Banbury ch Wolsey bred by Mr Edgar Hanbury. Therefore the last sentence of the above article dd Dec ‘78 – ‘the winner (of the bitch puppies) proved that Mr Edgar Hanbury has practised what he has preached with regard to Wolsey.' receives an extra dimension. 

Shortly after, it yet might have surprised Stonehenge, himself highly honored and productive author, a/o of dog books, to ascertain the Mastiff breed in Cassell’ Illustrated Book of the Dog, a timeless canine bestseller edited by Mr Vero Shaw, was a/o illustrated by a full-page chromolithograph of that ‘ugly brindled brute' Wolsey painted by Mr Charles Burton Barber ‘45–94 - see at left -, and printed by ‘Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co. - 

Notes – 1) The winner of the bitch puppies at Alexandra Palace Dec ‘78 was Bounty b June ’78 bred/owned by Mr Hanbury – Mr Sugdens Nelson’ dau Treasure ex ch Wolsey -; unfortunately – acc to the KCSB -, promising Bounty died January 12th ’79. Bounty’ dam Treasure was out of ‘Thompson’ Louise', arguably referring to the Wynnes’ acquaintance Mr James Wigglesworth Thompson of Southowram nr Halifax West Yorks, breeder of stud pillars Bill George' Tiger and Cautley’ Quaker; the Wynnes themselves owned Treasure' sis Branch which, mated to their Tiger, produced the Wynnes’ male Dreadnought b '75, 1st at Northampton ’76, and in '81 1st equal at Bridgnorth and 2nd at Leicester.

2) Mr Sugden’ Nelson is rather an enigma; an advert dd Oct ‘75 says – ‘Dog to be sold, good yard dog, relative of ‘Yorkshire Quaker. Apply to Thomas Sugden 10 Paper Hall Street & 1 Otley Road Undercliffe' - (ed - nr Bradford), and arguably related to the worsted spinning firm Thomas Sugden & Son. ‘Yorkshire Quaker' b '59 - Sir Armitage Lion' dau Duchess ex Mr Ackroyds Dan’ son Saladin – was owned by Mr Henry Cautley of Cross Hall Bruntcliffe Road Morley nr Leeds. Mr Cautley’ Quaker (ch King grandsire) was bred by Mr James W Thompson who also bred Mr Bell George ' Tiger which sired Mr Hanbury' ch Duchess became granddam of Phillis, the latter dam of three champions, ie Rajah, Taurus, the brindle Queen.

Wiki quote – ‘Charles Burton Barber was born in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, and studied from the age of 18 at the Royal Academy London - receiving a silver medal for drawing in ‘64, and first exhibiting there in ‘66. During his lifetime Barber was regarded as one of Britain' finest animal painters and received commissions from Queen Victoria to do paintings of her with grandchildren and dogs, and also the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) and his pets. A number of his portraits are in the Royal Collection. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from '66 to '93. In '83 he was elected a member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters. Barber became a very popular sporting and animal painter, specialising particularly in sentimental portraits of dogs, often with children. His work ranged from photographically realistic to quick sketches. Although some have regarded his work as overly sentimental, his work remains popular, largely because of his competent painting. Barber received his final commission in ‘94 to paint Queen Victoria, with her grandchildren, in her pony-carriage. He died in London soon afterwards.

Lt-Col Z Walker’ ch Charming Duchess b ‘11 - Invicta' granddau Dowager Duchess ex With The Times' son ch Lord of The Manor -, cc winner at the LKA - Royal Hospital Gardens Chelsea dd May ’14 judged by Mr Arthur W Lucas, of Isleworth. Dog cc ch Lidgett Viscount, res cc ch Brompton Duke, 3rd Lt-Col Z Walker’ Grand Duke; res bitch cc Lt-Col Z Walker’ Polly Gwynne - Sandy Boy' Madam Gwynne ex ch Lord of The Manor -, 3rd Mr H J Cox’ Coatham Bess by Adam. - Ch Charming Duchess' dam Dowager Duchess, mated to ch Peter Piper’ grandson Sir Kenneth, produced ch Britain’ Queen & ch Britain' Belle.

Mr Arthur W Lucas, OEMC Secretary, bred a double dozen litters between ’92-13, amongst them three champions, ie Mr Aubrey Smith' Colonel Cromwell, Mr Ernest Spalding’ Marchioness, and Lt-Col Z Walker' ch Countess Invicta bred by Mr A W Lucas who bred ch Charming Duchess' both granddams (ch Countess Invicta' sisters) as well.

Centre – Article published in the Illustrated Kennel News about only half a year later. - It goes about Mr A W Lucas’ 22y old son Mr Walter Rolington Lucas of Isleworth who belonged the reserve, and rejoined on mobilisation. ‘In King street (ed –Twickenham) there was a cart. The motorcar was not far from the near side of the road, so the driver applied the brakes, whereupon it skidded and collided with an omnibus. - Witness did not see the accident himself. He heard a smash and remarked to his wife ‘It’s that motor.’ He went back to the scene of the accident and driver and told him ‘Sir, you're drunk! You ought to be ashamed of yourself.’

Mr Walter Rolington Lucas died from the effects of the accident sustained through being thrown from the motor car of fraudster Mr Robert Pughe (35) described in the marriage certificate as - 'Joseph Henry Augustus Hamel, medical doctor.— Counsel: That was title self-assumed.' - .

Another passenger involved was corporal Arthur William Moxham (37) architect & brick maker, killed in action at the Battle of Passchendaele Ypres dd' 17. The car driven by Mr Pughe might have been a Ford T, the first car to achieve one million, five million, ten million and fifteen million units sold; by ‘14, it was estimated that nine out of every ten cars in the world were Fords.

In '11 Mr Robert Pughe (32), traveller, pleaded guilty forging and uttering two bankers' cheques with intent to defraud Messrs W H Smith & Sons, and Mr Benjamin Harrall of Leeds. Shortly before the accident which killed Mr Lucas' son, Mr Robert Pughe married Miss Laura W Day, and went to reside at Clydesdale House Spring-grove Isleworth. Soon afterwards the wife began to suffer health through her husband. He was sentenced to three months hard labour for being drunk in charge of a motor car in which he was riding with two others. Dd 30 May '16 - A Leeds Man Many Aliases - Pughe Or Wilson Or French Or Weldon Or Harwood Or Hamel, Robert Or Joseph - b ’79, Crime, Prisons & Punishment - Leeds. In Divorce Court, Mrs Laura W Hamel née Day petitioned for a divorce from her husband Joseph Henry Augustus Hamel, on the ground cruelty and misconduct. The suit was undefended. 

From the Illustrated Kennel News – report about Crufts ’07 judged by Mr Mark Hanbury Beaufoy. Cc - Mr A W Lucas’ Prince Superbus, res cc Mr A W Lucas’ Victorious, 3rd Salisbury b ’03 bred/owned by Mr Robt J Burch - Rebel Queen unr ex Melnotte - . Bitch cc - Mr F A Rhodes’Kilmacolm Lucy, 2th and 3rd not awarded. Mr G Boulter’ Velocity b Oct ’05 & bred by Mr R J Burch – Rose ex Tom Bowling’ son Melnotte -, Mr A Barnes’ Banana b July ’05 & bred by Mr D Major – Lady Earlesfield ex Helmsley Marquis -, ch Felix’ sis Filex b May ’06 bred/owned by Mr George Cook – Marton Kitty ex Nuneaton Lion -, Nulli Secundus b April ’06 bred/owned by Mr R J Burch – Grace Darling ex Melnotte -, Old Englands Romeo b May ’06 - Lady Ethel ex Melnotte - bred/owned by Mr R J Burch, Old Englands Romeo’ sis Synthia owned by Mr Stuart Walker, Melnotte’ Pride b March ’06 bred/owned Mr R J Burch’ – Queen Ernestine ex Melnotte -.


About the half of these Mastiffs were bred by Mr Robert John Burch b ‘61-39, dairyman of 1 Florence villas Sonderburg road Holloway London, although the KCSB regularly mentions Mrs R J Burch. He and his wife Eliza née Potts bred over twenty KCSB reg litters from the early XX c years until ’31, the one out of Princess Sonderburg ex Silver King which gave Coeur de Lion. The half was sired by his Melnotte b '97 and bred by Mr A W Lucas - Sir Stafford' dau Erna ex PP' sire Tom Bowling -. Amongst their breedings were ch British Monarch b ’09 and ch King Baldur b ’17, but also Mr A W Lucas’ Frivolity – cc under Lt-Col Z Walker, and Salisbury – 2 cc’s and 3 res cc’s, a/o at Crufts '08 described by judge Mr John O’Connell as - ‘A very big dog, with great bone, excellent head, good wrinkle, with great Mastiff character, good body, legs and feet. Here again, good blood tells as he has in his pedigree several crosses of Champion Orlando. He has, however, very pronounced dew claws, which interfere a little in his hind action. If these hind claws had been removed when he was a puppy in the nest it would have been of great benefit to the dog. ‘ 

At right – Mr Thomas Davies' Lidgett Marquis b '09 & bred by Mr/Mrs Burch – Salisbury’ dau ch Sam' Sweetheart ex Salisbury -, 3rd Open at the LKA '12 Botanical Gardens London under Mr Mark H Beaufoy - cc Lt-Col Z Walker' ch Lord of The Manor' younger brother Lord of The British Isles, res cc Mr Thomas Garwood' Sam b '08 - Nuneaton Hector' dau Pinxton Pride ex Black Prince' son Adam -, owned by Mr Thomas Garwood. Mr T Davies, of Lidgett kennels Hucknall Torkard nr Nottingham, sold his Lidgett Marquis to the American fancier  Mr Morris Kinney of Kinnelon kennels. A source dd ’27 mentions a – 'Mr Thomas Davies, carting contractor (ed - for supply of carts, horses, men, &c for haulage purposes) of Brookside Nottingham road Hucknall Torkard.' - See Miscellanea Eight for picture of Lidgett Conqueror -.

Famous ones of the 1930s had near ancestry of Mastiffs bred by Mr Burch,  1) ch Uther Penarvon' and ch Lady Turk’ grandsire Young Bill - Reigning Queen ex Old Bill -, Havengore Christopher' maternal granddam Deleval Gyda - Lady Vera ex ch Woden -, and ch Lady Turk’ sis Hermia mated to ch Uther Penarvon produced ch Petronella, along both parents tracing back to Mr Burch’ stock.

Youngster Burch showed Rev Van Doorne-bred Heimdal at Crufts ‘91, and aged 72, he showed at Crufts for the last time in ‘33, with Coeur de Lion. Quote by Dr David Collinson – ‘Doing a bulk trade in Mastiffs and never having a kennel name, and also not being from a famous family, history has rather passed them by, but they were important breeders.’ -

The Burchs bred ch King Baldur, a dog mainly tracing back to George Cook’ Cleveland strain. This stud sired not less than five female ch’s, an enormous performance given the then low numbers of Mastiffs, ditto shows. Baldur’ double uncle Poor Joe – see at left - bred by Mr/Mrs Burch, became their new breeding hinge point and Miss I Bell must have been grateful to them as he sired her first champion, famous Woden. At left - Holloway' Her Majesty’ Prison, one mile away from the Burchs’ No 1 Florence villas. Quote - 'The first incarnation of Holloway Prison - opened in 1852 - could, at first glance, be mistaken for a castle. It became women, only in ’02 and was the largest women’ prison in Europe, amongst them many suffragettes. The pub across the road is still called the Holloway Castle.' -

At left - Photo taken at the Manchester Dog show dd March '39. The subtitle says a/o – ‘that Great Danes are proof against feminine charm, &…’, but , of course, here it's not a Great Dane but an Old English Mastiff, one of those judged by Mr Sam Crabtree who awarded the Manchester ‘39 dog cc to the brindle Broomcourt John – ch Cleveland Hugo’ dau Broomcourt Revival ex Broomcourt Jem - res cc the fawn Maiville Roy b April '37 & bred by Tiddicar breeder Mr Leonard Crook, of Bispham Blackpool, - King Leon' dau Tiddicar Ranee ex ch Hellingly Cardinal’ son Tiddicar Black Prince -, and owned by Mrs May Mellor née Handley b ‘93, the wife of Charles Henry Mellor of Sykeroyd Holmefield Avenue Cleveleys, two miles North of Bispham Blackpool. Her Irish Wolfhound Maiville Brutus, b July ’34 - grandsired by Irish ch Ouborough Connemara -, got a 2nd prize at the SKC Edinburgh '35.

Guess both photographs present Maiville Roy in the company of Yorkshire' famous musical comedy star Miss Elizabeth French ‘05-83. – By way of comparison in the centre & at right resp Maiville Roy' paternal uncle ch Tiddicar General and Roy' sire the brindle Tiddicar Black Prince, both greying and supposedly older than the one in the left picture. 

Note - Miss Elizabeth French performed dd '36 for the British Music Drama Opera Company as Feodor in 'Boris Godunov', opera by Mr Modest Mussorgsky, about the 17th c Russian ruler Boris Godunov.

Fr l to r – MaivilleRoy' sire Tiddicar Black Prince, Tiddicar Guardsman, and siblings from the last Tiddicar litter, ie dd Feb '38 - Tiddicar Black Prince’ sis ch Tiddicar Diana ex ch Hellingly Ajax' son Tiddicar Prince Michael -, a/o Mr L Crook’ T- Donogan and Tiddicar Hermit, the latter given to Hollesley breeder Mrs Pamela Day as a Xmas present by her sister; Mrs Day was one of the few keeping a Mastiff throughout the war, as living in the countryside she was able to make use of rabbits for foodstuff.

From the Illustrated Kennel News - Mr Mark Hanbury Beaufoy ’54-22, of Lambeth London, judged the Mastiff classes. Open 1st Lt-Col Z Walker’ ch Lord of The Manor, 2nd Lt-Col Z Walker’ Lord of the Isles, 3rd Mr Robt J Burch’ ch British Monarch – Open bitches 1st Lt-Col Z Walker’ ch Britain’ Queen, 2nd Miss Cecile Mavis Garland’ Berenice by ch Hazlemere Ronald, 3rd Lt-Col Z Walker’ ch Britain’ Belle, sis of ch Britain’ Queen.

Berenice, mated to Survivor, produced ch Master Beowulf’ sire Beowulf & Minerva, dam of Prince-Lie-A-Bed, Princess-Lie-A-Bed, and ch Woden’ maternal grandsire Collyhurst Squire. Mr Thomas Garwood’ Sam b ’08 & bred by Mr Arthur Mott – Nuneaton Hector’ dau Pinxton Pride ex Black Prince’ son Adam -. Hertford Norman b ’05 bred/owned by Mr John Huson of London Road Hertford Heath – Melnotte’ dau Hertford Mable ex Lord Stanley’ son Ap Thomas -.

Hertford breeder Mr Huson’ most famous breeding was ch Nuneaton Helga b '06 - Melnotte' dau Ap Dorothy ex ch Marksman' paternal nephew Ap Thomas -, granddam of ch Lightning and G5 ancestor of ch Cleveland Premier & Ashenhurst Duke. Helga, owned by Mr Nevill Walker Hall, was reportedly - 'a large red bitch with a coat not unlike that of a smooth St Bernard.' - At Crufts '09 judged by Mr Mark Beaufoy only three bitches were entered, ie in Novice class Mr Goldie' Howwood Pride by ch Hazlemere Ronald and ch Peter Piper' granddau Duchess Olga,  and in Open class Nuneaton Helga which took the cc. At Edinburgh '09  Mr Midgley Marsden awarded Helga a 2nd cc - res cc ch Brompton Duke' dam Felica 3rd ch Hazlemere Ronald' sis Kilmacolm Lucy -. Helga changed hands to Mr Wm Rylands and was made up at Edinburgh '10 under Mr J J Holgate - res cc ch Brmpton Duke' elder sis Ironetta.

Mr Huson’ most famous breeding was ch Nuneaton Helga b '06 - Melnotte' dau Ap Dorothy ex ch Marksman' paternal nephew Ap Thomas -, granddam of ch Lightning and G5 ancestor of ch Cleveland Premier & Ashenhurst Duke. Helga, owned by Mr N Walker Hall, was reportedly - 'a large red bitch with a coat not unlike that of a smooth St Bernard.' -

At Crufts '09 judged by Mr Mark Beaufoy only three bitches were entered, ie in Novice class Mr Goldie' Howwood Pride by ch Hazlemere Ronald and ch Peter Piper' granddau Duchess Olga, and in Open class Nuneaton Helga which took the cc. At Edinburgh '09  Mr Midgley Marsden awarded Helga a 2nd cc - res cc ch Brompton Duke' dam Felica 3rd ch Hazlemere Ronald' sis Kilmacolm Lucy -. Helga changed hands to Mr Wm Rylands, publican of Rotherham' Falstaff Inn Yorks, and was made up at Edinburgh '10 under Mr J J Holgate - res cc ch Brompton Duke' elder sis Ironetta.

There’s no picture of Nuneaton Helga on record but here above at left Lady Colunio & at right Bellegrove Beauty sired by Colunia’ brother Wolfram; both Colunia & Wolfram were strongly related to ch Nuneaton Helga having the same sire [Ap Thomas] and the same maternal grandsire [Mellnotte].

From the Stock-Keeper - report about Crufts Feb ‘96 judged by ch Peter Piper' breeder Mr Henry G Woolmore. - Ch Beaufort' Black Prince b '90 & bred by Mr J L Winchell US - ch Orlando' dau Gerda (bred by Rev Van Doorne) ex ch Beaufort -, Ayrshire - ch Cambrian Princess ex ch Beaufort -, Eldees Duke & Eldess Duchess b '94 & bred by Mr Louis Dobbelman – Montgomery II' dau Maid of The Wye ex ch Minting’ paternal nephew Rotterdam Max -. Mr Paul Brailli' Duke of Orleans b 93 & bred by Mr A W Lucas – ch Lord Stafford' dau Princess Staffordia ex Prince Orlando -. Mr John O’Connell' Simon de Montfort b '92 & bred by Mr W H Curtis - Orlando II' dau Ethna ex ch Jack Thyr' son ch Ilford County Member -. Capuchin Monk b June '93 & bred by Captain Piddocke - Montgomery II' dau Maid of the Wye ex ch Jack Thyr' grandson Lord Clive -, owned by The Lady Dunsany, ie Ernle Elizabeth Louisa Maria Grosvenor Ernle-Erle-Drax, the wife of John William Plunkett, 17th Baron of Dunsany - Dunsany Castle County Meath Eire, and London and Shoreham Kent as well.

The report about the Oldham dog show dd Feb 29 ’96 – judged by Messrs Tom Ashton and George Helliwell - says - 'Mastiffs or Newfoundlands, Dogs or Bitches - ch Peter Piper, shown fat, won followed by Ingestre, a fine big dog with plenty of bone, but somewhat plain in head.’ – Ingestre b March ‘92 & bred by Mr J S Cockerton - ch Jack Thyr' dau Amalaswintha ex ch Beaufort' son ch Lord Stafford -, owned by Dr John Harrison Oates ‘58-98, surgeon of Manor Place Dewsbury.

Ingestre b March ‘92 & bred by Mr J S Cockerton - ch Jack Thyr' dau Amalaswintha ex ch Beaufort' son ch Lord Stafford -, owned by Dr John Harrison Oates ‘58-98, surgeon of Manor Place Dewsbury. Ch Brampton Beauty & Stella III, sister of ch Peter Piper' sire Tom Bowling. Mr Wm N Higgs’ Harmonia b March ’94 & bred/owned by Mr Wm N Higgs - Tom Bowling' sis Stella III ex Captain Piddocke’ ch Plutarch -.

Jonathan’ sis Joan b '93 - Sir Stafford' dau Maggie May ex Tom Bowling -, owned by the Bywater kennels, Mr Albert Barnes of 35 Appleby street Shoreditch. The Bywater kennels of America, having an address in 82 Hatton Garden Londen, seems to have had a joint venture with Mr W K Taunton of 82 Hatton Garden together with Mr Barnes. 

Jonathan, exported to Holland, sired ch Hollands Black Boy & Am ch Black Peter whereas his sis Joan became granddam of Mr Lucas' ch Marchioness and Paula - see above at right next to article – photo from Mr Chas H Mason’ Man' Best Friend dd '05 -. This Paula was behind Lt-Col Z Walker' stock, ie dam of ch Countess Invicta, and granddam of ch Lord of The Manor & Dowager Duchess which, mated to ch Peter Piper' grandson Sir Kenneth, produced ch Britain' Queen & ch Britain' Belle. Earl Stafford’ sis Abbess b '92 & bred/owned by Mr A W Lucas – ch Jack Thyr or Wodan’ dau Erna ex ch Peter Piper’ maternal uncle Robin -. Abbess, mated to Tom Bowling, produced Mr Lucas’ Crufts '99 winner Chieftain.

Centre – Stuffed head of Mr W K Taunton' Tarquinius aka Bywater Smudger b ’97 & bred by Mr Barnes - Joan ex ch Marcella’ maternal uncle Hidalgo -; the booklet mentions a/o ‘shoulder height 73 cm', 'presented by Mr W K Taunton in ‘02' -; at Crufts '97 Tarquinius was put up for sale at £200. The one of a pair brindle male, unnamed, height at shoulder 30 ½ i, presented in '22 by Mr W K Taunton whose last brindle show male was Murdered Monarch b '04 bred by Mr A W Lucas - Princess unr ex Invicta’ son Black Prince -. He got two cc’s, ie at Edinburgh '08 - ress cc Cleveland Monarch, 3rd ch Felix, and Darlington ‘09 - res cc Cleveland Leopold, 3rd ch Hazlemere Ronald’ son Widmere Duke, after which Murdered Monarch was purchased by Mr Sam Woodiwiss and at Birmingham ’11 Mr Fred Gresham awarded the cc to ch British Monarch and the reserve cc to the seven year old Murdered Monarch, reportedly – ‘a Mastiff now showing signs of age, but really a first-rate specimen of the variety.’ -

Mr Taunton’ breedings had now and then blue brindles, a/o 1/2) Columbine & Blue Belle b ’80 – Mr Green’ ch Monarch’ dau ch Gwendolen ex Big Ben’ son ch Cardinal -, maternal granddam of ch Constable; 3) Ilford Cromwell b ’81 – ch Cardinal’ dau Cleopatra ex ch Cardinal -.

At left early 1930s - Mrs Lucy Scheerboom’ Havengore Bill b '25 & ch Havengore Christopher’ sire Havengore Mark b '29 - by Bill - collecting for charity at the Southend Carnival arguably handled by employees of Mr/Mrs Scheerboom who managed several laundries in the Southend area. The chief attraction at Southend Carnival was an All Sorts of Novelty Dogs Show. Quote - 'Great effort for local hospital. In ‘26, Southend held its Carnival week. Since then £27,000 has been raised by this means for the hospital. A new record has been each year. Now a sum of £10,000 aimed at.' In '27 Mr Frank Ernest Scheerboom, of Tunbridge Road Southend-on-Sea, succeeded the late Mr W K Taunton as the OEMC hon secretary. - At right dd ’31 - Arguably a Mastiff youngster amongst the entries at the Dog Show - Barking nr Ilford London on the occasion of Hospital Fete fundraising for the addition of a new ward block off Upney Lane.

From the Stock-Keeper dd March ’96 - report about Leicester judged by Dr J Sidney Turner. Am ch Beauforts Black Prince b '90 & bred by Mr J L Winchell - Rev Van Doorne' Gerda by ch Orlando ex ch Beaufort -, handled by Mr Wm N Higgs. Mr Sidney Smith’ Ayrshire b '88 & bred by Mrs Geo Willins - ch Cambrian Princess ex ch Beaufort -, later on purchased by the judge Dr J S Turner. Ingestre b March ‘92 & bred by Mr J S Cockerton - ch Jack Thyr' dau Amalaswintha ex ch Beaufort' son ch Lord Stafford -, owned by Dr John Harrison Oates ‘58-98, surgeon of Manor Place Dewsbury. Ch Brampton Beauty, sis of ch Peter Piper’ sire Tom Bowling. Riverside Kathleen b '94, 'a good-skulled one with rare-shaped body but hollow in back’, bred/owned by Mr W K Taunton – ch Constable’ brindle’ dau Carshalton Alice ‘light boned brindle with weak head properties’ ex ch Beaufort' son Thurlow -. Mr Fred Smith' Lady Elizabeth b '94 - Lady Cavendish ex ch Beaufort’ son ch Lord Stafford -.

Duke of Orleans b Dec '93 & bred by Mr A W Lucas – ch Lord Stafford' dau Princess Staffordia ex Prince Orlando -, owned Mr Paul Brailli '65-36, of Hackerford Llanishea - shipbroker and shipstore merchant at Cardiff Docks. There’s an unconfirmed source which mentions a ‘Paul (Paolo ?) Priuli’, born Venice 1785-70, who went in 1826 to Corfu and then to Orebic in Dalmatia where he settled, married & had a family.

At some point the name was changed to Brailli . Several Doges aka Dukes called Priuli – see centre -, a line which seems to have been quite small so that anyone with such surname was likely to be related. Mr Paul Brailli’ Italian father Joseph Paul emigrated from Dalmatia after the conquest of that country by Austria and became an influential shipowner in Cardiff. 

His sons Paul and Rudolf Demetrius carried on the tradition and at the outbreak of WWI ‘Brailli & Co’ - offices in Victoria Buildings 63 Bute Street Cardiff, possessed eight vessels ranging from 2,600 tons to 5,200 tons which were requisitioned for war service and several were sunk. - At left - dd Jan ’95 A rare drawing of ch Beaufort’ son ch Black Prince b '90. - At right - dd Nov '99 ch Beaufort Black Prince' son Am ch Brampton out of Tom Bowling' sis ch Brampton Beauty.

At left dd March ’27 -– Mrs Cecilia Calcott née Bradshaw at Manchester Belle Vue Gardens with ch Beechwood Queen b '24 - sis of ch Menai Yosemite -, and at right King Agrippa b '24 bred by Dervot breeder Mr/Mrs Baggaley - ch King Baldur' dau Dervot Diana ex ch Ashenhurst Cedric -. At right - Mrs/Mr Cecilia & Wm Herbert Calcott, their kennelman, and the Mastiff crew, a/o in the centre the grey muzzled Beechwood Monarch - Cedric ex Cedric' paternal aunt Ashenhurst Duchess -, the cousins King Agrippa [2nd from left] ,  Cedric’ son and ch Beechwood Queen [at extreme right], a Bernicea daughter’. – See Miscellanea Seven as well. 

At Manchester March ’27, Mastiff classes were judged by Mr Nevill Walker-Hall – cc Mrs J Evans' ch Prince, reserve cc his brother ch Duke owned by Mr Guy Percival Greenwood of Colne – Mrs Calcott' King Agrippa got a 3rd in Limit class and her ch Beechwood Queen got the cc seconded by ch Ashenhurst Cedric' dau Stainton Sonia owned by Mrs Elizabeth E Moorby, the wife of Thomas H Moorby, of Nelson Lancs, partner of 'Moorby & sons Ltd' - cotton sheeting manufacturers at Twiston, who ran the Stainton kennels of gundogs as well.

Mrs Cecilia Calcott’ husband Mr William Herbert Calcott, owner of the Mastiff & Wire Fox-Terrier Thornby kennels which came to an early end in ’29 by the untimely death of Mr Calcott aged only 43 years.

The Calcotts King Agrippa' brother ch Superbus was owned by the solicitor Mr Thomas Rumney, of the Manchester firm 'Brett & Co’ later on ‘Thomas Rumney & Co'. Mr Thomas Rumney resided at ‘Glencroft’ - see at right flanking pic of ch Superbus - Furness Vale Cheshire, built by the notable Victorian architect Edward Salomons ’28-06 for the Thackeray family related to novelist, author & illustrator Mr William Makepeace Thackeray '11-63.

At left - Mr Herbert Basil Newland ’ yearling Fulmen (latin for thunderbolt) b Feb ’12 at Richmond Dog show dd July ’13 judged by Mr Charles Aubrey Smith – cc ch Brompton Duke res Lord of The Isles 3rd ch Lidgett Viscount – cc ch Charming Duchess, res Coatham Bess. The following year Fulmen, bred by Mrs Mary Berry of Primrose cottage Rickmansworth - ch Brompton Duke’ brindle sis Batchworth Beauty ex ch Young Mary Bull’ brother Young John Bull -, got the res cc at Alexandra Palace under Mr Wm Hunter Johnston. Fulmen 'sis Ben-Ma-Chree, mated to ch British Monarch, produced the well-known ch Miss Bull.


Centre and at right - postcard sent Nov ’13 from London and adressed to Miss Doris Lee, of 22 Bergholt Crescent Stamford Hill – only two miles away from Mr Newland’ home 24 Douglas Road North Islington -, presents a Mastiff, although more mature, but remarkably similar in a number of traits. The notes – signed ‘B’ - end with ‘This is the last and best photo of Sammy’- perhaps Fulmen’ pet name - and might be sent by Mr H ‘B’ Newland in order to please one of Fulmen’ admirers. Fulmen' owner Mr H B Newland b '88 was killed in action during WWI aged only 28. He was the son of Rev Frederick Wm Newland ’59-38, Superintendent of the Claremont Mission at Islington.

A vintage postcard arguably dating from the 1920s and originating from North Cornwall, particularly St Enodoc golf course in Rock – see at right - nr Padstow. Quote - 'Dog golfing originates from the earliest days of the sport when it was a gentlemen’ pursuit. Well-heeled gentry would hunt in the winter and golf in the summer. Or in other words, shoot birds in the winter and shoot birdies in the summer. So it was quite common for a golfer to take his trusty hounds, who had served him so well in shooting season, when he had a sunny outing on the course.’ – The well-cared dog of some blurry brindle hue and wearing an elaborate studded collar looks to be an aged Mastiff leading a goodly life. 

The type of head and muzzle reminds of early Great Danes but the ratio between length vs height as well as the body well ribbed up and development of forechest doesn’t suit the latter. Note - England banned in 1899 the barbaric malpractice of ear cropping which includes, as a rule,  their XXth c Great Danes were uncropped.

The restricted level of flews may be surprising, although there were Mastiffs which displayed about similar depth of lips/flews, as p ex 1) Cleveland Monarch' grandson Bungo Bruce - see at right - b '11 and owned by Mr Henry Aveling '74-51, of Factory Road Tipton nr Birmingham -, a FRHS - Fellow of the Royal Historical Society or was it the Royal Horticultural Society?, or some bred by Mr Allan W Goldie – Scotland, ie 2) Crufts ’09 cc winner Prince Caractacus b ’06 – Princess unr ex Cleveland Leopold’ sire Caractacus –, and 3) Ben Lomond b ‘12 - Adam' dau Towards Pride ex Cleveland Leopold’ son Bayardo -. At page Miscellanea Two - A pic of Ben Lomond, owned by Dr Augustus M Tupper b ‘48, a popular physician in Rockport – Essex Co Mass - for 50 years.

At left & centre Deleval Ascelin b Sept '31 - ch Woden' dau Deleval Gyda ex Menai Comet' son Mrs Dickin’ Thor – got at Crystal Palace ’33 under Cleveland breeder Mr Herbert Cook the reserve cc - cc ch Hellingly Marksman -, the Crufts ‘34 reserve cc under Mr Sam Crabtree – cc ch Hellingly Marksman, the Crufts '35 cc under Cleveland breeder Mr Herbert Cook - res Mr Bennett' Broomcourt Jem -, a res cc at Crystal Palace ’35 under Miss Alice Sarah Pope - cc ch H- Joseph' son Hellingly Beau -, and at Blackpool '36 Mr Edmund G Oliver awarded the cc ch Tiddicar General and reserve cc to Ascelin about whom he wrote – ‘A well-known fawn dog, with a nice head and expression, but to my mind not strong enough in head for true dog type; he is well made up in body; inclined to be be down in shoulder, making him dip slightly in back and look higher in hindquarters than is quite pleasing.’


Ascelin was owned by Mr Mark Young Jr ’95-48, market gardener of The Towers - see at right -, an Edwardian six-bedroomed house located at 23 Bedford Road  Sandy nr Biggleswade Beds. 'The Towers' had originally been built by prominent local market gardener and landowner Mr Mark Young sr in 1914. He had land at Willington and Moggerhanger. After purchasing a nine acre site, Mr Young gave the council five acres for Sandy’ recreation ground, keeping back four and half for his own use.

At left – Photograph by 'Thomas Fall, Photographer' published in Country Life Magazine dd August 26th ‘22 with a main feature on Wiltshire' Grade II listed Iford Manor - see centre incl medieval bridge on the river Frome –, residence of the revered Edwardian architect Harold Ainsworth Peto ’54-33 – see at right -, who placed an 18th c decorative statue of ‘Britannia' upon the bridge. - The unnamed Mastiff in Thomas Fall’ photograph belonged to the early post-WWI era when names as Miss Mabel Dent Hitchings' ch King Baldur - see centre roundel -, Mr George Cook' Adamite, and ch Woden' sire - Mr Robert J Burch’ Poor Joe appear to have been popular sires.

Mr Thomas Fall ’33-00 started in ’58 as a lithographer & portrait photographer with a studio in Bedale Yorks. He founded in ’75 his own business in 9 Baker Street London and began to specialise in photographing dogs, perhaps because many of his high society patrons wished to immortalise their pets. Circa ’82 photographs of Dr L S Forbes Winslow’ ch Crown Prince were taken, not by Mr Thos Fall but by the closeby studio ‘Dixon & Son’ Albany Street, of Mr Henry Dixon '20-93 and his son Mr Thomas James Dixon ‘57-43.

In ’83 Mr Fall became a member and fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, seven years later his company earned a Royal Warrant, and became appointed photographer to Queen Victoria in 29 January 1897. - Below at left ‘This famous image which made Thomas Fall’ career, is a self-portrait of Fall himself with the Princess of Wales' ch Borzoi Alex.' -

After his death in '00 the Thomas Fall Co, including the treasured brand ‘Thomas Fall, Photographer’, was bought from the Fall family in '10 by one of his studio managers Mr Edward Hitchings Parker b ‘80 who was joined in ’27 by Miss Barbara Cathrin Bourne ’08-05. After Mr E H Parker' death in '58 she continued the firm and married in 70 photographer William Albert Burrows ’18-02. The couple moved from London to Frome Somerset nearby Shepton Mallet where the Forefoot kennels of the Cowes were located and commissioned them to take images of ch Forefoot Prince of Darkness, F- Rex Mundi, Canonbury Delouisia, &c. TheBourne-Burrows couple - see centre - retired in '90.'

Earliest Thomas Fall' photographs were the Olivers’ ch Hellingly Joseph, and the Liddells' Benton Timothy in the late twenties, followed by a/o the Scheerbooms' ch Salyng Aithne, and Mrs Phil Greenwell’ famous show winner and stud ch Weatherhill Thor b  Oct '62 – at right - dates from ’65. 'Henry' - Thor' petname - became cornerstone of  Mrs Pamela Day' Hollesley breeding scheme.

Centre - wood engraving from a portfolio of drawings by the German artist Jean Bungartz, and published in the ‘Illustrirtes Muster Hunde Buch‘ 1890. It shows a remarkable resemblance to Boatswain b ’82 bred & owned by Mark Beaufoy - ch Crown Prince’ sis Princess Royal ex ch Beau -. Boatswain got a 1st at Crystal Palace 1883 ~ 2nd puppy class at Sheffield 1883 ~ 2nd Hertford 1883 ~ 1st at Bridport 1883 ~ 2nd at Crystal Palace 1884 and then sold to Mr Max Hartenstein of Plavia kennels - Württemberg. 

Judge reports mention – ‘Boatswain has much improved since his début at the winter show His forelegs are, however, still far from straight, his muzzle and mask are good, his ears small, and his chest deep, but his skull wants more width' ~ 'has a wonderfully good head, and a well-made body, but he, too, has bad forelegs.' -

Mr Jean Bungartz ‘54-34 was an animalier painter, author & illustrator of many natural history books as also a photographer. In ‘88 his richly illustrated book ‘Der Luxushund’ - incl a Mastiff chapter - was published – see at right -. Mr Bungartz also wrote about pigeons, cats, rabbit , pigs and the Namibian Animal World. Mr Bungartz resided with his family from 1886 until 1913 at Lechenich – Erftstadt where he was the President of the Poultry Club. In ‘93 he founded the German Club of ‘Sanitätshunde’ which formed the base for working Rescue Dogs in coordination with the Red Cross. His works about ‘Training of War Dogs’ were debated in the ‘Illustrirten Zeitung’.

Article written by Mr Arthur Croxton-Smith including pictures of Lt-Col Zaccheus Walker' strain and published in Country Life Illustrated dd August 1st '14. The pictures are the original ones taken over in Mrs Marie A Moore’ book The Mastiff publ dd ’78. The mentioned Stentor was born ’88 & bred/owned by Lt-Col Zaccheus Walker - ch Beau' grand-dau Queen Dido ex Mr Nichols ch Victor Hugo -.

Ch Charming Duchess' fawn brother Grand Duke b '11 got three reserve cc's, each time beaten by ch Brompton Duke, ie in '13 at Birmingham under Mr A J Thorpe and at Crufts under Mr A W Lucas -, and in '14 at Richmond under Mr Walter Henry Reeves ’61-33 - see at left -, publisher of The Illustrated Kennel News - 56 Ludgate Hill London and, reportedly, - ‘a judge of dogs in all parts of the world’ -. 

Grand Duke' breeder/owner Lt-Col Z Walker not at all fancied Brompton Duke. At Crufts '14 he placed him back in 3rd Open, lamenting - 'by far the inferior dog - ed to ch Lidgett Viscount & his son Lidgett Conqueror -; Brompton Duke possesses a big skull, short in muzzle, and square stop, but is plain in face and lacks expression; good middle-piece but too short, straight in stifles, bad tail; as a whole he is sadly deficient in the correct type, quality, and general dignity in appearance, which are so characteristic of the true Mastiff.' -

Nevertheless Lt-Col Walker' opinion, ch Brompton Duke was by far the most successful show Mastiff of his era - 14 cc's a/o under Mr Arthur Croxton Smith awarding the res cc to Lt-Col Walker' Lord of The British Isles -, thereby contributing a huge lot to next generations along his two champion children The Scarlet Pimpernel - Young Mary Bull and thereby their brothers Young John Bull & Poor Joe, straight opposite to the zero legacy of Lt-Col Walker' strain taking into account the Australian lineage of Stentor' brother Socrates died out soon.

Stentor’ brother Socrates – see at right - was exported in May ’89 to Mr Walter Goodall George Slade of Kemnal Burke road  Camberwell nr Melbourne, and became a stud pillar of Mastiff breeding in Australia.

He was described as – ‘His head is the exact thing, and in this respect he will be invaluable as a cross with the bitches usually seen on our show benches, whose heads are too long. His ears are a nice size, and well carried, and his eye has that noble expression so characteristic of the breed. He has a grand loin and well ribbed-up barrel, with a perfect tail set on exactly in the right place, and although a powerful dog walks as square as a brick with not the  slightest appearance of cow hocks, a fault few of his breed are free from. If he has a fault, it is in being a trifle light in bone, but as he is very young, this may develop. Full of character and apparently possessing an amiable disposition, it is a lucky man who has one to beat him.


I took the following measurements, which, for a dog only just over 12 mouths old, are, I think, very good. Length from tip of nose to stop 4in.; from atop to occiput 6in.; occiput to shoulder 12in.; shoulder to set on  of tail 29in. ; tail 16in.; width round muzzle 12 ½ in.; girth of chest 36in.; height at shoulder 27 in.' -

A judge report dd April ’96 says – ‘Socrates, 1st and special, in grand condition, is to our mind the best ever shown here; he has a grand skull, square muzzle, plenty of wrinkle, nice small ears, wonderful bone, good feet, stands straight and moves well, and is as active as a terrier; his chest is broad and deep, and his body round and long; we doubt if he can be beaten in the colonies if shown in present condition.’ - Ed – In '94 Mr Alfred Cornwell, of Chartley nr Sidney, purchased Socrates which weighed 160lb in his prime and died of paralysis dd Feb ‘98.

Boston dd May ’85 – The $10,000 priced Mastiff Prince Waldemar, b April ‘81 bred by Dr F L Winslow, got at Alexandra Palace KC Dec '81 1st prize seconded by Royal bred/owned by Sir Thomas George Fermor Hesketh ‘ sis Miss Constance Maria Hesketh – ch Rajah’ dau Raunee ex the Wynnes' Young King -. Dd Feb ‘82 ch Crown Prince’ son Prince Waldemar was already put up for sale. He was most probably named after Prince Joachim Friedrich Ernst Waldemar of Prussia ‘68-79, - see at right - youngest son of Crown Prince Friedrich - later Emperor Friedrich III -, and Victoria Princess Royal, the eldest daughter of the Queen Victoria. Waldemar was a lively, cheerful boy, boisterous and high-spirited, with a sensible, independent and honest nature. He was quick to learn and his mother found him a pleasure to teach. Waldemar had a fun loving character and a great sense of humour and love for animals. On one occasion, when visiting his grandmother Queen Victoria, Waldemar let loose his pet crocodile in her study, much to the shock of the middle-aged Queen.

At left – Full paged chromolithograph of Dr L S Forbes Winslow’ ch Crown Prince b 22th Feb ‘80 published in the Kennel Gazette dd July ’82 – printed by ‘Tucker Johnson & Co’ Worship Street London; it was accompanied by an extensive article about Crown Prince which starts – ‘Our portrait this month gives the likeness of Dr Forbes Winslow’ famous Mastiff Crown Prince, who, although young in years, may be fairly said old in honours. No champion of the day, in fact, has attained his position as quickly as Crown Prince. He scored his earliest victory when under twelve months at the Alexandra Palace Show, quickly followed up by the extra cup for best Mastiff in the show at Maidstone on Feb 23th ’81’, - &c. In his prime ch Crown Prince scaled a then considerable 180 lb. The first full-paged chromolithograph publ in the Kennel Gazette was dd Jan ’81, presenting Mr Fletcher’ English Setter Rock by Dash ex Lill.


Prince Waldemar’ sis ch Crown Princess – see at right by artist R H Moore - was purchased in '83 by Manchester fancier & pork butcher Mr Joseph Royle of the Old Hall Prestwich. She was commented as - 'easily first, brilliant future, hard to fault, full of good points, narrow muzzle and nose little turned up, worst fault lack of size and substance.'

Ch Crown Prince’ son Prince Waldemar, according to Mr Chas H Mason’ Our Prize Dogs publ ’88 – ‘30 i at shoulder and weighing 140 lb’, an undersized specimen showing much quality. Had this dog more size and a rather broader muzzle, he would have made havoc amongst the cracks.'–, and Mr Wm Wade reported vis-à-vis Am ch Ilford Caution’ brother Imperial Chancellor – ‘if I remember rightly, both ch Crown Prince’ sons Debonair and Prince Waldemar are very much more truly formed in hocks.’ – Here at right - Drawing of a Mastiff publ in Mr Vero Shaw’ Book of the Dog exemplifying the description 'cow hocks'.


The Kennel correspondent, of The Sporting Life - Pennsylvania dd April ’85 remarks about Prince Waldemar – ‘If it has any fault, his ears are a trifle too small; a good fault however.’ - Prince Waldemar' dam Negress by Mr Alston' ch Colonel, mated to Mr Hanbury' ch Rajah, produced Dr J Sidney Turner’ famous foundation brood The Lady Rowena. 

Prince Waldemar' owner Mrs L Bellmore-Suydam, of Boston Mass and 130 Fifty-third street Manhattan NY, only two miles from wealthy salesman William Suydam’ address 65/67 Nassau Street NY, perhaps her relative. Above in the centre – Business envelope logo of Mr William Suydam, dealer of sporting goods, ie faro checks (like poker chips) and layouts, marked cards, and other gambling supplies and devices. He had gained some notoriety through his advertisements and circulars representing that he manufactured and sold ‘crooked’ goods.

At left - Mr R Balderston, author of the letter publ in the Stock-Keeper dd Feb ‘81, was according to KCSB data Mr R M Balderston of Station road Sandbach – Cheshire, some eighty mls West of Scalford where the Wynnes' kennels were located. - Centre – One of the greatest anatomists of all time – Scotsman John Hunter 1728-93, founder of experimental pathology in England. The light creamy dog in the painting by the artist Robert Home shows semi-erect ears and a white blaze extending towards the occiput. There's a source which says - 'The dog is supposed to have been the offspring of a half-breed wolf-bitch and an English Mastiff.’ –


The origin of the court case ‘Balderston vs Wynne' was arguably the following - Mr M B Wynne provided each year KCSB compiler Mr Thomas Pearce the current Mastiff breed data, and those publ in '77 mention a/o Griffin, owned by Mr R M Balderston of Station road Sandbach, b July '74 & bred by Mr Broomanwhite – most probably a lapsus for Brooman-White -, - out of Mr Broomanwhite’ bitch sired by Byron (ed - the latter belonging to the ch King/ch Turk line), colour - of Griffin - light fawn, black muzzle, and few white hairs on the nose. When later on, Mr Balderston entered his Rowena at Bristol ’80 under Mr M B Wynne - awarding the 1st prizes to Mr Mark Beaufoy’ ch Beau & ch Ilford Baroness shown by Mr Richard Cook -, his comments on Mr Balderstons Rowena’ color may have stirred up the owner.


The KCSB doesn’t mention ’Rowena’ bred by Mr Balderston, but perhaps Rowena was progeny of Mr R M Balderston’ Mastiffs, ie 1) ch Meg, a light fawn, black muzzle and ears b ’75 & bred by Mr F Hay , – ch Turk' granddau Empress ex ch Turk' brother Hector – formerly owned by Mr W Scrimshaw, and 2/3) the siblings Griffin & Vera.

The breeder of Mr R M Balderston’ Griffin & Vera was most probably Mr Richard Charles Brooman ‘53–28, the son of Mr Richard Archibald Brooman, a London patent agent. Following Mrs Brooman' second marriage in ‘68 to the wealthy Glasgow chemical manufacturer Mr John White of Arddarroch - see below at left - Dumbartonshire, he became Richard Charles Brooman-White. He was educated at Harrow & Cambridge, became a Fellow of the Royal Horticultural Society and member of the Natural History Society of Glasgow. He cultivated orchids at Arddarroch nr Glasgow, and sponsored the orchid collector Mr Albert Millican, who dedicated his ‘91 book Travels and Adventures of an Orchid Hunter to his patron, 'whose wealth and love of orchids have encouraged and supported the author in his journeys, and whose kindness has rendered the present publication possible'. He was also a member of the Royal Photographic Society, and showed photographs of Egyptian and Scottish subjects in the Society' annual exhibitions in ‘99 and ’11. –

Mr R M Balderston, in full Mr Robert Richardson Metcalfe Balderston b ’49, qualified himself to practise as a surgeon, but became professor of natural sciences. In the 1870s he lived next to Station road Sandbach' Racecourse – see at right - where meetings were held since 1818, and arguably the last one in ’91, adverted as - 'Sports, consisting of horsing leaping, horse and pony racing, donkey turnouts; upwards of £50 will be given in prizes.' - The ‘81 census mentions him and his family at 'Ravens Nest' Ravenstonedale Westmorland, ie Robt R M Balderston Head M 32 M Late Natural Science Prof. & Journalistic Writer - Yorks, Margaret Balderston Wife M 20 F – Cheshire, Leonora E B Balderston Dau U2 F Westmorland, Brian M Balderston Son 5 m M – Cheshire. Later on they moved to Blue Hall Ingleton – see centre - and wrote, together with his second wife Margaret Jane née Ardis, the book ‘Ingleton, Bygone and Present’ publ ’88.  

From the Stock-Keeper dd Aug ’95 Report about Birkenhead judged by Mr Thomas Henry Wilkinson, of Appleton Widnes, who bred a/o Mr Robt Leadbetter’ ch Marksman, his brother Stanley, and Mr John E White’ Jack Beaufort - Lady Thyr ex ch Beaufort -. - At right – Series of Crufts ’97 prize-winners, below at left No 7– subtitled ‘Mr G Deetman’ Mastiff Marc Antony, two firsts and one second’, unfortunately shows not him, but a pale coloured Great Dane. No 8 -  the Bulldog Charley' Aunt  b '94 bred by Mrs H Berger, of 60 Vassall road Brixton - Nota Bene II ex Battle Axe -.  Charley' Aunt was purchased by Mr George Gibson Tod, of the firm 'A & R Tod Ltd' - flour mills - at Leith nr Edinburgh. He was a well-known dog judge, SKC vice-president, and successful with his racehorses.

Mr T H Wilkinson awarded the Birkenhead cc to Mr A J Thorpe' ch Marc Antony b Nov ‘93 & bred by Mr Fred McKrill, of 4 Maple road Cheetham nr Manchester, – ch Lord Stafford’ dau Stafford Belle ex ch Ogilvie -, ch Plutarch’ brother Lord Clive b Sept '89 & bred/owned by Captain J L Piddocke – ch Beaufort' dau Lady Dudley ex ch Jack Thyr’ son Don Juan II -, May King b May '93 & bred/owned by the Hon Wm H Watts – Napoleon’ dau Polly ex ch Montgomery’ huge coarse coated son Kaiser Frederick -.

The Hon Wm H Watts' Princess May b Jan ‘91 & bred by Dr Chas A Lougest - Napoleon' dau Polly ex Mr H McEvoy’ King Dathi -, ‘second was light of bone and long straight in face’ refers to Mr R J Dickson' Silverdale Lady Evelyn b Oct '94 & bred by Mr Wm N Higgs – Sir Stafford’ dau Lady Lena ex ch Constable' son Dick Constable - Mr A Dante Sutcliffe’ Bellerina b April '93 & bred by Captain Piddocke - ch Beaufort' dau Lady Dudley ex Tom Bowling' brother Iron Duke -, Florence Stafford b July '91 & bred/owned by Mr Wm Makinson - Mona' Queen ex ch Beaufort’ son Sir Stafford -.David Garrick b Sept ’87 & bred by Captain Leonard Piddocke – ch Crown Prince’ dau ch Toozie ex ch Beaufort -.

Note - Silverdale Lady Evelyn was purchased by Mr A J Thorpe who mated her to ch Marc Antony, resulting in Mr Luke Crabtree’ famous Blondin and Prince Hampton which was behind Cleveland breeder Mr George Cook' early stock. Silverdale Lady Evelyn was maternal half-sis of Mr C C Rice ch Elgiva by Iron Duke’ son Ethelred. - Here at left - Ch Marc Antony which sired Mr Robt Leadbetter’ famous stud ch Marksman, ch Marcella & her brother The Cadet which sired ch Clarice. Mr Alfred John Thorpe sold him end ’96 to Mr Gerbrand Deetman, dentist of A’dam. Ch Marc Antony died Nov '98.

At right - His daughter Newlands Alice aka ch Marcella out of ch Plutarch' dau Honeysuckle was bred by Mr John Satchell Hopkins '26-98, tin plate ware manufacturer & JP of Jesmond Grove Edgbaston nr Birmingham. Herbert Compton’ The XX Century Dog publ 04  mentions - 'Born in May 1896 she is now in her prime – a magnificent brindle bitch, standing 31 inches at the shoulder. She has won eight championships and over a hundred first & other prizes, and considered by the leading experts to be the grandest bitch whelped for many years.’ - The judge Mr A J Thorpe reported - 'She can carry her ears badly which is only a minor fault but it makes a big difference in appearance.' - Unfortunately, for some bizarre reason, Marcella' muzzle end is retouched in this photograph. 

From the Stock-Keeper dd Sept ’95 about the Bristol show judged by St Bernard breeder Mr Fred Gresham, tanner/currier & journalist of Chicksands Lodge farm Biggleswade Beds. His Abbess is one of the splendid chromolithographs published in Mr Vero Shaw' The Book of the Dog dd ‘81. - Centre – Captain J L Piddocke and (most probably) his brood ch Jubilee Beauty. At right – Ch Jubilee Beauty’ sire ch Victor Hugo bred/owned by Mr Edwin Nichols of Kensington London. 

At Bristol ’95 Mr F Gresham gave Limit 1st to ch Marcella’ maternal aunt Harmonia b March ’94 & bred/owned by Mr Wm N Higgs - Tom Bowling' sis Stella III ex Captain Piddocke’ ch Plutarch -, 2nd Mr Wm N Higgs' Seend Beauty b ‘92 & bred by Captain J L Piddocke - ch Victor Hugo' dau ch Jubilee Beauty ex ch Beaufort' son ch Lord Stafford -, 3rd Duke of Fife' son Lion Magnus bred by Mr Wm Shearer Clark of Glasgow.

Dr J Sidney Turner judged at Brighton Oct ‘95 and wrote a/o – ‘the big-skulled ch Brampton Beauty easily disposed of her kennel companion, the brindled Hidalgo was looking too light in bone and body, with the short-headed typical Earl Warwick in 3rd place. The only prominent newcomer was Lion Magnus being too weak in face, but then there was not much behind him.’ –

Back to Bristol '95 & Mr Gresham - Open class 1st Mr Wm N Higgs’ bitch ch Brampton Beauty b '91 & bred by Captain Piddocke - ch Jubilee Beauty ex Orlando II’ son ch Ogilvie -, 2nd 'the reserve lest in face and furnish' was the male Wallenstein b '90 bred by Mr Harry Ralph - Commodore' dau Juno ex ch Hotspur -, owned by Mr Fred Chas Fitch Mason '70-39, of North Hill Road Swansea. He was the son of Swansea’ Mayor & J P Mr Albert Mason, chairman of The Swansea United Breweries, and partner in ‘Powlesland & Mason’. Mr Mason maintained until '27 the noted Welsh Mountain pony stud traditions of his late father at Fairwood Lodge Killay. Above at right - Captain J Leonard Piddocke’ home Cobrey Park Ross-on-Wye.  

Mr Mason also purchased Wallenstein’ maternal half sis by ch Beaufort, the winner Grace Beaufort b '88 from London’ Waterloo hotel manager Mr Harry Ralph who beforehand mated her back to ch Beaufort resulting in Waterloo Belle, at Crufts '92 under Mr Wm N Higgs 2nd prize ‘rather long in head and looking very light’– 1st prize Captain Piddocke’ 11 months old Brampton Beauty ‘might be better behind although she moved very freely and well’ -. His report also mentioned – ‘Jack, I have marked in my judging book absent in Open class. I learnt afterwards that, having slipped his collar, he got out of the show bench and was at the police station. I saw him on the bench afterwards.’

The twelve months old Jack, by ch Cardinal’ son Commodore, was owned by Auxiliary Forces’ Lt-Col Thomas Tully ’42-05, an Irish officer residing at Mill House *** Wimbledon, proprietor of the 'Review' Newspaper Co - Mansion House-chambers London. He acted as the first secretary of the Royal Military Tournament - the world' largest military tattoo and pageant -, Hon Secretary of the Home District Tactical & War Game Society, and of the Imperial War Fund, est in ‘82. He died a few days after the Victorian Order had been conferred on him by the King. - *** Mill House at Wimbledon is where Robert Baden-Powell stayed in ‘02 and wrote parts of Scouting for Boys.

From the Stock-Keeper dd Dec ’95 about the Birmingham show judged by Mr Thomas Williams Allen of Southbank House Hereford. Lord Overton b ’92 & bred by Captain Piddocke – ch Jubilee Beauty ex ch Beaufort’ son ch Lord Stafford -, owned by Mr Wm Adams of Mayfield Stratford Road Birmingham; the year before at Birmingham Lord Overton was placed over ch Peter Piper by Lt-Col Z Walker.


Lord Clive – see centre- b Sept '89 & bred by Captain J L Piddocke – ch Beaufort' dau Lady Dudley ex ch Jack Thyr’ son Don Juan II -. Reports about him - 1) Mr T W Allen 12/90- A young dog of good promise, having size and bone with capital legs and carriage. His ears are full large, and at present he is too flat sided and wanting in cheeks, and his expression, though kindly, lacks dignity. Increasing age should remedy most of his faults.’ - 2) Dr J S Turner 05/9 - ‘A dog of the large scale of bone, height and substance, good in skull, chest, ribs, forelegs, tail, coat and colour. In muzzle which measures well, he is a trifle too much turned up, in eyes too light, while he loses a little in points by his slightly cow-hocked hind quarters.’ - Mr R Cook 10/91 - ‘A very fine dog, but walked so badly behind that I could only give him reserve.’ - Mr C C Rice - ‘of bad construction and bad in forelegs, and has no end of other faults.’ - Mr Wm N Higgs 02/92 - ‘Simply a cripple behind and I thought be better in front; he has a good head.’ -

Lord Clive was brother of ch Marcella’ maternal grandsire ch Plutarch described in reports as – ‘Larger than Lt-Col Z Walker' Stentor, good length of body and good skull, not deep enough in muzzle, cheekiness, dark eyes, small ears, cow-hocked though a fine mover.’ – His sire Don Juan II – ‘A most majestic dog, tremendous bone and wonderful size, monkey faced and as sliding off under the eyes.’ -

Back to the Birmingham show - Stafford Belle b ’91 & bred/owned by Mr Fred McKrill – ch Ilford Chancellor’ dau Bella ex ch Lord Stafford -, dam of ch Marc Antony by ch Ogilvie. Mr A Dante Sutcliffe’ Bellerina b ’93 & bred by Captain Piddocke – ch Beaufort’ dau Lady Dudley ex Tom Bowling’ brother Iron Duke -. Mr C C Rice’ Lady Lena b '91 & bred by Mr Thomas Mann – Commodore’ dau Lady Cavendish ex ch Beaufort' son Sir Stafford -.

At right - Mr John Leonard Piddocke Piddocke b '49, Captain of the 2nd Hereford Rifle Corps, was a partner solicitor in the firm ‘Henry Minett, Son & Piddocke’ and commissioner to administer oaths in the supreme court of judicature; the offices were at St Mary street ~ Ross on Wye and in those days residing at The Hill House ~ Walford. He was additional beneficiary within the will of Henry Minett. At left - His wife Mrs Adelaide Piddocke née Bruce b '55 was a fervent Mastiff adept as well and regularly handled their Mastiffs, a/o at the 1st OEMC Meeting at Crystal Palace Aug ’90. 

February ’94 she became widowed by her husband’ death after an illness, the remit of lung disease, extending over several months. - Cobrey Park incl the Mastiffs were put up for sale. Lord Clive went to Mr Luke Crabtree - ch Plutarch, ch Ogilvie,  Tom Bowling' dam ch Jubilee Beauty, Iron Duke' dau Bellerina & her younger brother Lex to Mr J Royle' neighbour Mr A Dante Sutcliffe, leather merchant of Great Ancoats Manchester - Tom Bowling' sisters ch Brampton Beauty and Stella III, and ch Lord Stafford' dau Seend Beauty to Mr Wm N Higgs. 

Lord Clive' maternal half sis grandsired by ch Montgomery 'Maid of The Wye'  - see at right - to Mr Louis R H Dobbelmann of Rotterdam who renamed her Eldees Selina -, Maid of The Wye' brother Kyrle to the Manager of the Exeter Tramways Co Mr James Hugh Martin '54-03 of 71 Bath Road Exeter. - 

The famous stud Tom Bowling b March ’91 & bred by the Piddockes was purchased at seven months old by ch Peter Piper’ breeder Mr Henry G Woolmore who bred three litters from Tom Bowling; later on he came into the hands of Mr A W Lucas who bred three litters from him as well. At Crystal Palace Oct '91 judged by Ilford breeder Richard Cook – ‘Reserve in Novice class - Tom Bowling, only seven months old, will, in my opinion, develop into a very fine dog. His only chief fault is a somewhat short barrel. I have heard since the show that Mr Woolmore has purchased the puppy from his late owners Captain & Mrs Piddocke. I shall watch this puppy' career.’ The Field newspaper says about this show a/o – ‘the special for the best brindled dog in the show went to a brindle puppy with an excellent head, Captain Piddocke' Tom Bowling, a dog with a short stern, and by no means perfect in body or legs.’ -

At the same Crystal Palace show Oct '91 Mr Woolmore entered the siblings Patience, Robin & Selina - ch Ilford Chancellor' dau Chocolate Girl ex ch Beaufort' son Sir Stafford -, 1st for Patience, 2nd Robin, 3rd Mr Wm N Higgs’ Lady Cameron - Sir Stafford' sis ch Lady Florida ex her ch brother Lord Stafford -, the reserve for Selina which became ch Peter Piper’ dam, followed by Tom Bowling' sis Brampton Beauty – ‘ two very nices bitches indeed' -.

At Crufts ’97 Mr Fred Gresham commented him - 'A grand-headed dog is Tom Bowling but he was shown in wretched condition' - and gave him the reserve in stiff Open class competition behind 1st his son ch Peter Piper, 2nd Black Peter, and 3rd ch Marc Antony. - At left dd Aug ‘90 - Mr Henry George Woolmore with his own-bred Ellora b Feb '89 - Chocolate Girl' sis Jubilee ex ch Beaufort -, 1st at Chelmsford '90 seconded by ch Ilford Chancellor' dau Ilford Coral, and 2nd at Portsmouth '93 behind Sir Stafford' sis ch Lady Florida.

From the Stock-Keeper dd Nov ’95. The late OEMC Hon Secretary mentioned in the letter was Mr Charles Court Rice. - The letter was written by T W Allen standing for Mr Thomas Williams Allen ’47-12 who resided at South Bank House Aylestone Hill Hereford, together with his wife Maria Louisa née Barker and her father the Reverend Joseph Henry Barker b ‘09, a Master of Arts at Cambridge' Christ College and ‘surrogate for the diocese of Hereford’.


Mr Allen owned two famous champions, firstly Creole b ‘74 and bred by Rev W J Mellor - Big Ben’ Duchess sired by ch Wolsey’ brother Prince -, and bred dd ‘79 a litter from her sired by Mark Beaufoy’ ch Nero, which contained Olga, in his ownership 1st prizes at Bristol & Swindon. He sold ch Creole to Charles Houseman Mason who emigrated to the States. The second one was that important ch Montgomery b ‘81 and bred by Mr J Davies - ch Colonel’ daughter Queen sired by ch Crown Prince -, purchased via the late Jas Morris of Oswestry, the one who bred ch The Emperor’ dam ch Countess. Mr James Hutchings, of Exeter Kennels, described him as following   - ‘Montgomery beats Brahma in size , colour of eye , and in skull , and for his age looked active and moved well , however disfigured by some old scars on his body.’ Other show reports stated – ‘of excellent type , little short in body , little pinched in muzzle , very undershot , almost too short in head but wonderfully square , good legs but not well ribbed up.’

Above at right – ch Montgomery’ dau Mr Wm Norman Higgs’ ch Coombe Baroness b ’89 out of ch Hotspur’ dau Coombe Daphne. Baroness, reportedly, was the winner of the 100 guineas challenge cup upon six occasions and the owner believed she was the first bitch to qualify as a champion under the newest KC rules. Ch Coombe Baroness third and last championship win was at Crystal Palace Oct ’95, seconded by Sir Stafford' dau Lady Lena which mated to Mr Rice' Ethelred, produced ch Elgiva. 

Unfortunately, Baroness died Dec ’95 of ‘congestion of lungs’. Her sire ch Montgomery thereby was the maternal grandsire of ch Ogilvie, ch Lord Stafford, Sir Stafford, ch Lady Florida and Lady Dora, dam of prize winners Firefly & Schoolmaster. 

At right – Letter by American breed fancier Mr William Wade '38-13 of Pennsylvania. He was a family friend of the deafblind child Helen Adams Keller '80-68, of Tuscumbia Alabama, and gifted her a Mastiff bitch puppy called 'Lioness'. She became an author, activist and lecturer. In '64, President Lyndon B Johnson awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Mr Allen bred two KCSB registered litters out of ch Turk’ granddaughter Gipsy sired by ch Montgomery, a/o Monte owned by Mr Joseph Royle of Manchester, Kaiser Frederick owned by Mr D L Buchanan of Sheffield [later on by Henry Clay of Liverpool] - 36 ½ inches at the shoulder for 17 stones, neck circumference 33 inches – ‘excelling in head but legs so crooked and loosely put together.‘ - and finally the pair Duke Rollo & Conrad owned by Mr J S Cockerton, of Imperial Hotel Bournemouth, who seemingly had made his fortune in gold mining at Te Aroha - New Zealand.

Judge report dd 1892 by Mr Walter Kelsey Taunton. The Darlington Horse & Dog show, one of the oldest in England, was held in Woodside Park Darlington. - Ch Ogilvie – ch Montgomery’ dau Zillah III ex ch Orlando’ son Orlando II -, described by other judges as - 'Great height & substance, very symmetrical & active dog with good elastic movement, a trick of standing with front feet too close together, little lack of spring of ribs, second thighs; rather light eye, small soft ear, really square foreface, rather undershot, shows some dish face.’ - Ch Ogilvie was maternal grandson of Mr W K Taunton’ Stella by ch Cardinal.

Stentor – Goth’ dau Queen Dido ex Mr Nichols’ Victor Hugo -, ch Plutarch – ch Beaufort’ dau Lady Dudley ex ch Jack Thyr’ son Don Juan II -, Ayrshire – ch Beau’ dau ch Cambrian Princess ex ch Beau’ son ch Beaufort -, Kaiser Frederick – Lion’ dau Gipsy ex ch Crown Prince’ son ch Montgomery -. Ch Isolde – ch Prince of Wales’ dau Princess Louise ex ch Beaufort -, ch Lady Florida – ch Montgomery’ dau Vistala ex ch Beaufort -, Sabina – Stentor’ sis -.

Lufra Secunda – Rosendale Baron' dau Vera ex Surajah’ son Marmion -, owned by Mr Arthur Green, Wine and Spirit Merchant of 1 & 2 Lambton Street Sunderland, who also entered Sceptre - ch Crown Prince' dau Coronet ex  ch Beaufort' son Wodan -. Mr Green mated his Sceptre to Captain Piddocke’ ch Ogilvie resulting in Coronet II b ’91, purchased by Lt-Col Z Walker in '94, which became ch Lord of The Manor’ G5 ascent, along G1 Coronation, G2 Royal Princess, G3 Waiting Maid, and G4 With The Times; Coronet II became also G5 ascent of ch Britain’ Queen & ch Britain' Belle along G2 Royal Princess, G3 Wrangler, and G4 Dowager Duchess. It's if one of Lt-Col Z Walker' objectives was to line breed back to ch Ogilvie, as he mated his great-grand-daughter Royal Princess to his grandson Invicta; also his next stud was ch Ogilvie' G4 descent Moston Black, and his broods Duchess Superba & Lady Superba were ch Ogilvie' G4 descents as well. 

Cinderella – Stentor’ sis Desdemona ex ch Hotspur’ son ch Constable -, Danish, owned by MrGreen' close neighbour Mr William Walter Edbury b ’67 - merchant of 2 Bridge street Sunderland - and bred by Mr King - Duchess III ex Captain III -, Assault – Bruce’ dau Counterscarp ex Napoleon' son General von Moltke -, and Parbuckle - ch Orlando’ dau Gerda ex Imperial Chancellor’ son Prince Albert Victor -. Parbuckle, owned by Captain James Magnus of Hazledene Timperley nr Manchester, was sibling of Gerda II which, mated to ch Ilford Chancellor' son Ingleside Maximilian, produced Mr Chas A Loughest' Am ch pair Lady Diana & Emperor William - see next post about Mr C A Lougest -.


Breed history counts a number of remarkable fanciers. Arguably the most charismatic amongst them was Mr Walter Kelsey Taunton ‘44-27. Born 3th Sept '44 in Holborn London, the son of Dr John Colley Taunton of Saint Andrews Holborn London, and Mrs Isabella Taunton née Jones of Saint Dunstan in the West of London. The family home was located at 86 Hatton Garden London. Three generations of the Taunton family were founders/committee members of the ‘City Of London Truss Society' est in ‘07 and dedicated to servicing the medical health needs of the poor. His grandfather was Dr John Taunton 1769-21 was an anatomist and the first Surgeon of the City of London Truss Society. Mr Walter K Taunton' father Dr John Colley Taunton succeeded his father as Surgeon to the Truss Society and served that institution from 1823-1856. Walter didn't follow the family tradition of becoming a surgeon. He became a businessman instead – a/o dd ’85 'bottle manufacturer' later on ‘hardware agent’ - but maintained a life-long interest in the Truss Society and served as Secretary from 1906 to the time of his death on 4 January 4th, 1927.

Above - Letter to the Editor of Our Dogs dd Aug ’33 by Hellingly breeder Mr E G Oliver who mentions the 'Canine World'. At right - Front cover of ‘Canine World' with Mr Chas Crufts '52-38 promoting the first show to be named after Cruft, ie Feb '91 when 'Cruft' Greatest Dog Show' was held at the Royal Agricultural Hall - Islington London. The 1st edition of the 'Canine World' 16-paged periodical was on May 23th ’90 with a coloured portrait of the President of the Manchester Dog Show Sir Humphrey Trafford, Bart, forming the frontispiece.‘Canine World’ had its offices at 23 Strutt Street Manchester, Dr John Henry Walsh the editor and Mr Theo Marples the sub-editor, but unfortunately discontinued dd Sep 18 ‘91. Ca three years later Mr Theo Marples became editor of ‘Our Dogs’ - offices 10 Gore street Piccadilly Manchester.

From ‘68 onwards, Mr W K Taunton took a lifelong active interest in the Mastiff breed. His last Mastiff championship judging was in ’20, and a year later he got two prizes with his last Mastiff, ie ch Master Beowulf’ sis Baretta. At his death, the 82 year old Mr Taunton was still the Secretary of the OEMC of which he was one of the founders; he was one of the three gentlemen who drew up the standard. Mr Taunton was the inspiring factor in the foundation of the Old English Mastiff Club' branch in the States and sent over his famous ch Beaufort – bred by his friend Dr Turner - in order to give a boost to the breed, at shows as well at stud. 

In the context of this alliance the 1st OEMC Meeting at Crystal Palace Aug '90 took place attended by the American OEMC President Dr Richard Henry Derby b '44-07 - Am OEMC secretary was Mr Herbert Mead b '45-09 of Lake Maccabuc Lewisboro NY - and Mr Taunton subscribed the largest number, ie ten out of the fifty-one.

At left - Ch Hotspur drawn by the well-known Richard H Moore, next to drawing presenting Mr Taunton (with top hat) handling ch Hotspur’ ch sons Constable, and arguably his kennelman with Carshalton Prince.

From the early beginnings of his fancy he was the main supporter of the brindle colour, stepmotherly treated since the days of Mr T H V Lukey. He made a special study of the laws of breeding which he applied successfully, not only to breeds of dogs, but also to goats, cows and horses. His first brood was ch King’ dau Nell b '68, and mated to ch Wolsey’ fawn brother Prince, she produced Lord Thurlow & Vixen b '73. His 1st champion was the brindle Cardinal b ’77 bred by Baron Banbury – ch Wolsey’ dau Princess ex ch Punch’ brother Big Ben -. 

Cardinal sired seven litters bred by Mr Taunton. He also owned ch Hotspur – bred by Dr J S Turner -, about which Mr Chas C Rice wrote dd March ’32 – ‘Mr Taunton’ ch Hotspur was accepted at his time as the most perfect-headed Mastiff, short and really truncated in foreface.’ – see at extreme left -.

Ch Hotspur sired five litters bred by Mr Taunton, and grandsired Mr Beaufoy’ ch Coombe Baroness as well. - At right - Drawing decorating an old 'Spratts’ show prize card depicting a Mastiff head quite similar to the drawing at left by the renowned artist Richard Hewitt Moore. In total, he bred ca a double dozen Mastiff litters, a/o four champions, ie Dr Francis J Campbell’ Lily II, Griselda, Lily II, grand-nephew Constable & Carshalton Prince, that from four different parentages; only Messrs Hanbury & Nichols, and Captain Piddocke did more with five each.

His brindle ch Cardinal was behind a substantial part of quality stock and seemingly counterbalanced, together with ch Beau, the lack of soundness in ch Crown Prince’ typey but rather defective descendents. The influence of his ch Beaufort aside, his own-bred stock is behind Captain Piddocke’ strain, ie 1) his Stella was grand-dam of ch Ogilvie – ch Peter Piper’ paternal grandsire -, and great-grand-dam of ch Plutarch – maternal grandsire of ch Marcella & The Cadet, the latter behind the successful strain of Lt-Col Z Walker, and 2) his ch Constable grandsired Mr Leadbetter’ foundation stud ch Marksman.

He presented some of his stock to the Zoological Museum of Tring, a branch of the British Museum, in order to preserve the stuffed images of the breed for the future. - At right  dd ‘22 – Stuffed head of a brindle Mastiff owned by Mr Taunton, and photograph of the Zoological Museum of Tring founded by Lionel Walter, the 2nd Lord Rothschild.


He wrote more than many articles in doggy newspapers and was a highly appreciated contributor of all breeds dog books, a/o Mr Leighton’ The New Book of The Dog, and Mr Vero Shaw’ Book of the Dog in which he says – ‘I consider 30 to 31 inches a fair average height for a dog, but should prefer one of 32 or 33 provided the extra height is accompanied by a proportionate increase in bone and size throughout. A leggy Mastiff is very undesirable. The increase in the size of a dog standing 32 inches over one of 30 inches should be far greater than the increase in size of one 30 over one 28 inches. Many of Mr Lukey' Mastiffs stood 32 inches and over; Mr Octavius Green' ch Monarch was over 33 inches, ch The Shah 32 inches, and my ch Cardinal 32 inches.' -

Mr Taunton aimed at muzzles of medium length, broad rather than deep, and cut off square considering even slightly undershotness a decided blemish. A muzzle longer than stipulated by the 1/3 standard point, he didn't consider a major fault provided it was broad throughout.

The Mastiff breed aside, he was an all breed judge and the promoter and breeder/exhibitor/judge of a number of Foreign breeds, a/o he imported the 1st Chow in England and was successful in the ring with his Esquimaux dog Sir John Franklin. He worked together with the pioneer of the Afghan Hound breed in England, Mr Thomas Robert Tufnell ’22-98, of Northcote 46 Wilbury Road Hove - Chairman of the Royal Mall Steam Packet Co. Mr Taunton was Chairman of the British Kennel Association est ‘82 which arranged and promoted dog shows, under license and rules of The Kennel Club. The first show organized by the BKA attracted almost 1000 entries and was held at Aston Birmingham in ’83, Walter Taunton being Show Manager. The British Kennel Association also organized the Warwick Dog Show in ‘85, a which was a huge success attracting 1500 entrires. This entry rivalled that of Birmingham Show and other large famous show societies of the day. He was an officer of the Crystal Palace Co which was responsible for moving Crystal Palace from Hyde Park to Sydenham Hill.


On two occasions Mr Taunton was invited by London Police to assist in solving crimes. They called him to have his Bloodhound - bred by Mr Edwin Brough - follow the scent trail of burglars. However, as the request was made several hours after the crime occurred and there had been considerable foot traffic since, the dog was unable to follow the trail. On the second occasion, the Whitechapel Police, struggling to identify and capture the infamous serial murderer ‘Jack the Ripper’ called on Mr Taunton' services. They tested the hounds scenting ability by having an officer act as the suspect. Then the Bloodhound was given an item that had been handled by the officer; and the dog successfully tracked him down. The Police then took Mr Taunton and his Bloodhound to the scene of the latest murder committed by Jack the Ripper, but the hound was unable to pick up and follow the scent.

Mr W K Taunton died 4th Jan '27 at 203 Goldhawk Road Hammersmith, residence of his young friend, the sculptor Fred J Hawkings ’94-66, the breeder of Goldhawk Mastiffs. One of the OEMC’ special cups is the W K Taunton Memorial Gold Challenge Cup - at left -, the cost of which was defrayed by money collected by Mr F J Hawkings, and initially awarded to the Best Mastiff at Crufts. Mr F J Hawkings contributed to Our Dogs the Mastiff Mems in the Pre-WWII period, and became after the war a well-respected breed judge; his last appointment was at Crufts ‘62 awarding the cc's to ch Havengore Hotspot and his daughter Havengore Dore - ch Havengore Balint' sis. Unmistakably, Mr W K Taunton' vision about the breed influenced Mr Hawkings who took over his breed archives which must have been extensive as well. Together they spanned almost a century of Mastiff history. –

Centre – Mastiff Mems dd Feb ’32 referring to the hounding of the so-called reds, a/o Cleveland Monarch b '04 and his sibling Cleveland sibling, the latter renowned for having sired three champions, ie 1) ch Brompton Duke - sired ch Scarlet Pimpernel, ch Young Mary Bull, and ch Miss Bull' sire Young John Bull -, 2) Brompton Duchess - grand-dam of ch Lady Lieve and Am ch Beowulf’ sire Wingfield Priam -, and 3) Lightning whose brother Thunderbolt sired Ashenhurst Duke. – At right – The judge Mr F J Hawkings and Miss Bell’ OEMC Wolsey at Richmond ‘52.

Taken from the Catalogue of the 20th Annual Show of the Westminster Kennel Club dd ‘96. Page 23 presents an advert of Dr Chas Albert Loughest, formerly of Liverpool. Unfortunately the dogs therein are not named. The puppies aside, were most probably all prize-winners.

Top left Emperor William, bottom right Lady Diana & her brother Emperor William - out of Gerda II – Mr C C Rices ch Frigga' sis Gerda ex Prince Albert Victor -, the latter out of ch Prince of Wales' dau Princess Scota sired by Ilford Caution’ brother Imperial Chancellor. Lady Diana & Emperor William' sire Ingleside Maximilian b ’90 was bred by Mr George M Glazier, of Salem Mass – ch Minting' dau Madge Minting ex ch Ilford Caution’ son ch Ilford Chancellor -. 

A bit of mystery about the three other Mastiff portraits in the collage, perhaps depicting ch Ilford Chancellor' son Am ch Inleside Maximilian - top left next to Emperor William, the pale muzzled one perhaps 1) Am ch Ilford Caution' brother Imperial Chancellor, described by Mr Beaufoy - Warwick '86 - 'A big boy with a good body, but his head is very houndy, in my opinion, the worst fault possible in a Mastiff, his ears very heavy, and his hind action very faulty.' -, or 2) Ingleside Maximilian, and at right in the middle perhaps one of his bitches, ch Frigga' sis Gerda or her daughter Gerda II. 

From the Stock-Keeper dd Nov ’95 a rather confusing report about Crystal Palace judged by Ilford breeder & OEMC Secretary Mr Richard Cook. The KCSB records as following - Limit 1st - Mr John O’Connell’ Erconwald b ‘92 & bred by Mr W H Curtis – Orlando II' dau Ettina ex ch Jack Thyr' son ch Ilford County Member -, Limit 2nd - ch Marcella’ maternal uncle Hidalgo b March ‘93 bred/owned by Wm N Higgs - Tom Bowling' sis Stella III ex Captain Piddocke' ch Plutarch -, Limit 3rd - Mr A J Thorpe' ch Marc Antony b '93 & bred by Mr Fred McKrill – Stafford Belle ex ch Ogilvie -. Open 1st Dr J S Turner' Ayrshire b '88 & bred by Mrs Geo Willins - ch Cambrian Princess ex ch Beaufort -.  At right  ch Marcella  - Hidalgo' sis Honeysuckle ex ch Marc Antony -.


Limit 1st - Mr C C Rice’ Lady Lena b '91 & bred by Mr Thomas Mann – Commodore’ dau Lady Cavendish ex ch Beaufort' son Sir Stafford -. equal 2nd – Hidalgo' sis Mr C C Rice’ Estella b '94 - ‘a fawn of insignificant proportions by comparison, but made up her lack of weight by her splendid condition’- , and Mr G E Dodson' Inga (misspelled Juga) b '91 - Lady Margery ex ch Beaufort' son Ayrshire -, VHC Mr Thomas Licence’ Lady Hatton b ’93 & bred by Mr Gullen - Gyp unr ex ch Hotspur’ son Lord Hatton -. Open 1st - Mr Wm N Higgs’ ch Coombe Baroness b '89 & bred by Mr Mark Beaufoy - ch Hotspur' dau Coombe Daphne ex ch Montgomery -, 2nd - Lady Lena, and 3rd - Miss Constable –b ‘93 & bred/owned by Mr Wm N Higgs - ch Beaufort' dau Coombe Biddy ex ch Constable’ son Dick Constable -, and exported to the States early '96, VHC Mr Wm N Higgs’ Firefly b ’89 & bred by Mr A Andrews - ch Lord Stafford' sis Lady Dora ex ch Hotspur -.

Above at right – Mr W N Higgs Hidalgo’ maternal niece ch Marcella b May ‘96, reportedly 31 inches at shoulder, was bred Mr John Satchell Hopkins '26-98, tin plate ware manufacturer, JP and Director of the Metropolitan Bank, of Jesmond Grove Highfield Road Edgbaston nr Birmingham, who named her initially Newlands Alice after his 300 acres farm, The Newlands – see at right - Beoley Redditch, where he bred a/o Shire horses – at left by the Dutch artist Otto Eerelman who painted Mr Louis Dobbelmann’ Mastiff Rotterdam Max as well.

Newlands Alice, sired by ch Marc Antony - then owned by Mr Alfred John Thorpe b '62, Sewing Manufacturing Co of 28 Mayfield Road Eccles nr Manchester, was seemingly not shown by the 70+ year old Mr Hopkins. After his death dd April '98, Mr Thorpe, arguably aware about her qualities, purchased Alice and renamed her ‘Marcella'.

At Crystal Palace Oct ’98 the judge Dr J S Turner awarded the bitch cc to ch Marcella and wrote – ‘Marcella, another one of Mr Thorpe’s, and the Northerns cannot say that their chances of a Palace win are not so good as those of anyone else when they have ‘the right stuff’ as their good old countryman Mr Hellewell used to say – was 1st prize. She is of excellent type, being especially good before the eyes. She has good legs and feet, and her only fault is in the carriage of her ears, which she can carry wrong at times, but not always does so. This carriage of ear was in the old days quite common, but no doubt the close-lying ear adds more finish to the appearance of the head.’

Perhaps Mr Thorpe named her after the 1894 novel Marcella by Mrs Humphry Ward, about class politics with particular reference to land, which attempts to find a via media between the nationalisation of land and the negligence of landlords. Quote – ‘Books such as The History of David Grieve '92, Marcella '94, Sir George Tressaday 96 and Helbeck of Bannisdale '98 established Mrs Humphry Ward as one of Britain' most popular novelists. Her publisher' accounts reveal very high sales, with every new novel selling over 100,000 copies in the first six weeks after publication.'

Mr Thorpe' Marcella did a lot of show winning in '98. She changed hands to Mr Luke Crabtree dd ’00, and ended up at the Hazlemere kennels of Mr Robt Leadbetter at the end of the same year, together with paternal half brother Mr Thorpe’ ch Marksman. Unfortunately, she never produced a litter.

Above at left - Mr James Cameron '56-04 of Warleigh House Clydesdale Street Hamilton - owner of the ‘Douglas & Clydesdale Hotel’ Townhead Street Hamilton ca 15 miles from Glasgow. According to a Stock Keeper’ advert '96, he owned the Mastiff Lord Blantyre bred by Mr Wm Shearer Clark - out of Sola b ’85 – ch Prince Wales x Lolo – sired by Captain Marryatt b 87 – Edinburgh Duke x ch Prince Wales’ dau Wallenah - , iow being double grandsired by ch Prince Wales – centre - which on his turn was sired by ch Crown Prince’ brother ch Prince Regent b ’80 – at right -.

He was one of the very few Scottish show challengers of Wm Shearer Clark b '56-10 - see here at left -, wine & spirits merchant of Wishaw nr Glasgow. At the North of Scotland canine Society show - Highland Artillery Volunteer Drill Halls ’91 Inverness - 1st & 2nd Mr Wm Shearer Clark’ Baxter and Lady Beaufort, 3rd Mr J Cameron’ Lord Blantyre.

Mr James Cameron was an ideal hotel keeper, a large and warm hearted Scotsman, born in Fife Scotland. He ran a very prosperous hotel business called the Douglas & Clydesdale Hotel which he ran since coming to Hamilton. He soon got to know all the trade personalities and was entrusted to become a member of the Free Masons. He was a member of the Cameron Clan Society and a great admirer of the kilt and plaid, which he occasionally dons with credit to his clan. Mr Cameron was of a retiring disposition, yet the success of the Douglas & Clydesdale Hotel was in no small measure due to his able management, combined with excellent assistance from his wife.

His hotel became the hall and meeting place of the Freemasons connected with No7 Kilwinning and Hamilton Masonic Lodge No 233. In the latter lodge he acted in the various offices, and finally was elected RWM [Masonic officer title - Right Worshipful Master]. Later he held office in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Odd adverts from the Stock-Keeper - 1) dd Oct ‘95 – ‘Fawn Mastiff dog for sale born June '91, black mask, &c; no use to owner: what offers? – Apply Henry Biddle Beach House Broadstairs Kent.’ - It goes about Dr Henry G Biddle M R C S, L R C P Medical Officer & Public Vaccinator Broadstairs District, Thanet Union, 6 Chandos place Victoria parade London. The KCSB mention three litters dd June '91, ie - Rev Van Doorne Weleda ex ch Jack Thyr -, Mr WK Taunton – Princess Alexandra Victoria ex ch Hotspur -, and Mr Thomas Mann - Lady Cavendish ex Sir Stafford -, a/o Mr Charles Court Rice' Lady Lena, dam of ch Elgiva.

2) dd Dec ’95 – above at left - Advert of Mr John Atkinson Armitage b '67, Chemist Ac of King street near Alma Bridge Dukinfield Cheshire. - 'New bird seed, 2d per pound, fine new honey in jars, 7d. The greatest wonder of the age; Swift’ Hair Regenerator - new hair positively restored on bald heads, &c.' - Mr W K Taunton ch Constable b ’86 – Ch Cardinal’ dau Tring Empress ex ch Hotspur -. His son Mr Wm N Higgs’ Dick Constable b ’90 & bred by Mr W K Taunton - out of ch Beaufort’ dau Carshalton Myra -, sired Silverdale Lady Evelyn, dam of a) ch Marc Antony’ son Mr Luke Crabtree' Blondin, and of b) a stud behind Lt-Col Z Walker’ stock, ie ch Holland’ Black Boy’ son Moston Black bred by Mr Luke Crabtree of Moston Manchester, only six miles from Mr J A Armitage’ Dukinfield village.

Here at left – Moston Black’ paternal grandson ch Lord of The Manor b ’07 bred/owned by Lt-Col Z Walker – Paula’ dau Lady Superba ex With The Times –. If he was photographed metatarsals perpendicular to the ground, it’d have improved the perception of body length – see also Miscellanea Five -. 

The KCSB mention for ch Lord of The Manor nine show records, all included the cc award, ie Crystal Palace ’08 - ’09 - ’10, Manchester ’09 - ’11 - ‘12, Birmingham ’09 - ’12, and Darlington ’10. - The judges of the day were Mr C Aubrey Smith 2x – resp res cc’s his younger brother Lord of the British Isles & Murdered Monarch -, Mr A J Thorpe 2x – resp res cc ch Felix & ch British Monarch -, Mr A W Lucas – res cc ch Felix, Dr J S Turner – res cc Cleveland Leopold -, and finally Messrs Midgley Marsden, Mark Beaufoy & William Edward Alcock, each time awarding the res cc to ch Lord of The Manor’ younger brother Lord of the British Isles.

The latter, Mr William Edward Alcock '63-29, solicitor of Humbledon Hill House Durham Road Sunderland, was not only a dog fancier/judge. In his earlier days he was general manager for Mr George Musgrove, theatrical producer of a/o   the musical comedy ‘The Belle of New York’, about a Salvation Army girl who reforms a spendthrift, makes a great sacrifice and finds true love.

Above at left - From the Stock-Keeper Manchester '96 judged by Mr Fred Gresham. - Ingestre b March ‘92 & bred by Mr J S Cockerton - ch Jack Thyr' dau Amalaswintha ex ch Beaufort' son ch Lord Stafford -, owned by Dr John Harrison Oates ‘58-98, surgeon of Manor Place Dewsbury. Mr A Dante Sutcliffe' Lex b '93 & bred by Capt Piddocke – ch Beaufort’ dau Lady Dudley ex Tom Bowling' son Iron Duke -. Miss Winifred Jackson' Sharples Rollo b ’93 & bred by Mr Guillan - Gyp unr ex ch Hotspur’ son Lord Hatton -. Mr R Cook’ Ilford Crusoe b '93 & bred by Mr W Scadden – Exeter Boanerges’ dau Lady Verona ex Young Colonel’ grandson Noble VIII -, breeders challenge cup at Crufts '95.

Busybody, sis of prize winner Jack Beaufort owned by Mr Wm N Higgs’ relative Mr J E White of 39 High Street Islington, b '92 & bred by Mr T H Wilkinson – ch Ilford County Member' sis Lady Thyr ex ch Beaufort -. Busybody was owned by Mr Isaac Caton Glover ‘65-30, Messrs Glover & Son' brewer of Warrenhurst Warren Road Blundell Sands Liverpool.  

Below at left advert dd June '96 - Ethelred b   Dec ’92 bred by Mr J Beanland - Kaiser Frederick' dau Vestala II ex Tom Bowling' brother Iron Duke – purchased by Wm N Higgs, unfortunately - dd April '97 - 'Ethelred was kennelled apparently in good health at night, but was found dead on his bench in the morning' -, Estella b March ’94 - Tom Bowling' sis Stella III ex Captain Piddocke' ch Plutarch -, was sibling of Mr W H Higgs’ Hidalgo & Mr J S Hopkins’ Honeysuckle, dam of ch Marcella.

Centre - painting of ch Elgiva in Mr Leighton’ New Book of The Dog attributed to ‘J D Redworth’ which is NOT correct; there’s no single other reference to an artist 'J D Redworth'. The signature on Elgiva’ painting – above at left - is practically identical to that of William Josiah Redworth ‘73-47 – below at left -. He studied at the Chelsea Art School in London, known as a landscape painter, but also did animal paintings, especially horses. Mr W J Redworth lived at Upton Park Slough Bucks.

Ch Elgiva was successively owned by Mr Wm N Higgs, the Bywater kenels, Mr Muirhead, Mr Geo Raper & finally Mr Robt Leadbetter. She became a well-known champion but never produced a litter . Queen Stafford b July ’91 - Napoleon' dau Monas Queen ex Sir Stafford - purchased in '95 from her breeder Mr Wm Makinson of Harwich nr Bolton. Elfrida, reportedly dd Oct ’97   – ‘has a grand head, a good-shaped body, and moves like a Terrier.’ – Above at right – ch Elgiva – Sir Stafford' dau Lady Lena ex Tom Bowling' pat nephew Ethelred - at old age. 

From the Stock-Keeper - report about Liverpool dd Jan '96 judged by Mr Luke Crabtree of Moston Manchester. – Ch Marc Antony b Nov '92 was beaten by the 4 months younger ch Peter Piper. The Stock-Keeper correspondent at Altrincham Sept '97 reported - 'Here Peter Piper, whom Trafford has now, looking very fit and well, made common hacks of his opponents, he was never better in skull and foreface, and has even put on substance.’ - David Garrick b Sept ’87 & bred by Captain Leonard Piddocke – ch Crown Prince’ dau ch Toozie ex ch Beaufort -. Streatham Queen owned by Mr Chas W Cunningham, steward of Kensington Infirmary Marloes road London, - breeder, date of birth, and pedigree unknown – former owner Mr Francis John Bowers Huntsman b '65, coal merchant of Victoria street Grimsby. Mr A Dante Sutcliffe' Lex b Dec '93 & bred by Captain Piddocke – ch Beaufort’ dau Lady Dudley ex Tom Bowling' son Iron Duke -.

Mr A Dante Sutcliffe' Bellerina – Lex’ elder sis. Mr Henry Wilkinsons ‘blue masked' Lady Thyr b '89 bred by Ilford breeder Mr Richard Cook - ch Beaufort’ dau Ilford Lady Cobrey ex ch Orlando' son ch Jack Thyr -, and maternal granddam of Mr Robt Leadbetter’ ch Marksman. Lady Thyr’ brother Ilford County Member – see at right – was reportedly ‘A very fine dog, very large head, plain but massive, fine ears and eyes, good nostrils but foreface too long, good bone & loins, short in body, good hind quarters with hocks well let down.’-

At left – 26/22i large portrait signed S B followed by a short surname beginning with an S and the number 72 which possibly refers to the date 1872. Arguably commissioned by a well-to-do proud owner of a prize-winning dog wearing an expensive broad leather collar, and belonging to the then ruling Governor - & ch King strains.

Taking into account the year, and the level of pigmentation vs greying, Mr T H V Lukey’ stud Baron b '68 comes to a guessing mind. Baron, belonging to Mr Lukey’ last litter incl ch Beauty - Governor' dau Treasure sired by ch King –, became an instrumental corner stone having grandsired great stock, ie Mr Chas Thomas Harris' ch The Shah, Mr W K Taunton' ch Gwendolen, and Mr Mark H Beaufoy' ch Nero.

Mr T H V Lukey’ active Mastiff career ended at the advent of the Kennel Club. His Mastiffs were judged by the then standard(s) laid down by Stonehenge aka Dr John Henry Walsh who was quite familiar with that grand breeder Mr Lukey, even taking his Mastiffs, successively Wallace & Governor, to illustrate his breed writings.

Stonehenge’ 1866 standard mentions a/o 'height from 29 to 31 inches in the dog, and even more if a fine symmetry can be combined, as in the dog which illustrates this article. A dog standing 29 inches high ought to weigh in good condition (not fat) from 120lb to 130lb. The relative value of the above points is the same as in the Newfoundland, namely: head 30, temper 20’, - &c.

OEMC Secretary Mrs Norah Dickin wrote dd Oct ’32 - 'A resolution that a numerical value be put on the points was carried, and the scale was incorporated in the annual report for 1890; but there is no record of the discussions that took place in committee on this subject. No points have ever been allotted for ‘soundness' and, presumably, the lack of it was considered, like dewclaws, a disqualification - as to my mind it should be.'


From the OEMC Handbook 1980 - 'It was decided that, in order to assist judges, a numerical value should be given to the points of the Mastiff, they were as follows: Character & symmetry 10, height & substance 10, skull 12, muzzle 18, eyes 6, ears 4, chest & ribs 8, forelegs & feet 10, back, loins & flank 8, hindlegs & feet 10, tail 3, colour 5. - These points were always printed with the Standard of the Mastiff until after the last World War when the system for all breeds was abolished.’- But especially those fanciers questioning the written breed standard at large, seem to think such a distanced numerical value is highly needed to judge their breed properly, meantime staring blankly at ‘40 points for headbut, of course, the head is never (about) half the value of a dog.

Stonehenge put rightly great value on temper as even standard-wise correct in forms and moves, a Mastiff becomes only ‘great’ if gifted with that dignified yet good-natured temperament; the present UK standard describes - 'Calm, affectionate to owners, but capable of guarding. Usually indifferent with strangers; timidity is unacceptable.' – It’s a privilege to first-handly experience the development of behaviour. People not familiar with the 'conservative in heart and soul' breed, cannot understand such a huge self-confident dog has a very sensitive nature which, especially throughout youth, needs knowledgeable attention in order to prevent it derails into a nervously timid wreck.

The OEMC counts three bequests, ie £500 of Miss Ianthe Bell dd '60, £152,232 of Mr Gordon Edwards dd ‘88, and £62,736 of Mr Dirk Arthur Degenhart ’34-92, of 4 Priory Gardens Chiswick – four miles W of London City. Mr Degenhart studied at Queen' College Cambridge, founded Dirk Degenhart & Partners Ltd, Management Search & Selection - Swan Centre Fishers Lane Chiswick London, and was a Director (Management consultant) of McMillan Charlton Ltd - 4 Priory Gardens Chiswick. From the Financial Times dd ’85 ‘Recruiter Dirk Degenhart, headhunters' record holder for the most telephone numbers, seeks a general manager to work from the southern Home Counties with responsibility for the making and riveting of a British-based group' fast-moving consumer goods in the UK, North America, Continental Europe and the Far East. Sales are now about £40m. The key task is improving market performance, so candidates need success in that arm of an FMCG business before stepping up to run one, preferably of international scope. Basic salary around £40,000, plus profit-share, car, &c.'-

Mr Degenhart became OEMC member in ’75, meantime purchasing Canonbury Hamlet b Oct ‘74 – Gildasan Hidee ex Am import Garstars Eric -, thence maternal half brother of ch Canonbury Autobiography – see at left -. Hamlet’ sire Garstars Eric grandsired ch Grangemoor Bevis and ch Honeycroft Crismas Cracker, dam of the Honeycroft ch twin Danny Boy & Dolly Daydream. Eric was G4 ascent of ch Namous Uberacht as well.

Above centre– Mr Degenhart sitting ringside at the Towcester Racecourse OEMC Ch Show  ‘88 judged by Dr Sheila Monostori. In the front Falmorehall Charlie b May ’85 - MM' dau Bellabees Mynydd Perfydd ex MM’ son ch Hollesley Lord Rupert -, owned by Dr Hyacinth Ignatius Celestine Patrick Browne b ’34 of 17 Palmerston Park Dublin - surgeon of James Connolly Memorial Hospital Blanchardstown Dublin.

The year before at the OEMC Ch Show under Mrs Anne Davis, Charlie got 2nd in Post-Graduate class – ‘Well grown, enough wrinkle on head. Heavily boned, good body. Moved quite well but a little ‘on the ellbow’ at present. Well handled.’

Falmorehall Charlie' owner Dr H I C P Browne, his wife Olive E P née Jennings, and their children David and Ann were all OEMC members. At right - Dr Monostori' choice for BOB at the OEMC Ch Show Towcester '88 Mr/Mrs Say’ Bulliff Zeb b ’84 – Bulliff Captain Hamilco' dau B- Palham ex Bulliff Razzermataz -. After Mr Degenhart’ death, his 1947 Buick Eight model 51 four-doors was auctioned at an estimate of £5000-8000. Buick has been marketed as a premium automobile brand, selling larger luxury vehicles positioned above GM' mainstream brands, while below the flagship luxury Cadillac division.

Mr D A Degenhart was the son of Dirk (Derek) Gerardus Degenhart b ‘06 at Amsterdam, Manager of the Holland Colombo Trading Society Ltd, who married Doreen Louise Garvin at Bambalapitiya, a neighbourhood of Colombo Ceylon (Sri Lanka) - see D G Degenhart Collection' -.

At left - Sinnott’ Tavern, arguably the only public house sign featuring a Mastiff head subtitled 'Come Honest, Stay Loyal, Leave Full', was located at 3 South King Street - nearby St Stephen’ Green park Dublin. It was first licenced in 1840 and operated by the Malone family; in the 1850s Laurence Malone had made a deal with the Coach Office for the Enniskerry – Roundwood Coach service. Unfortunately, this service was never regarded as the most punctual one, often leaving well after the designated departure times, since both the driver and the passenger took full advantage of the pub’ hospitality. Sinnott' Tavern still exists, and perhaps Dr H I C P Browne of closeby Palmerston Park Dublin once enjoyed ‘Mine’s A Guinness Pint’ there!

At the LKA '75 Miss Margaret Harrison awarded the cc to ch Jilgrajon Lady Victoria, and reserve cc to Mr Degenharts Canonbury Hamlet' sis Canonbury Honeystar owned by Mrs Rita Yolande Banyard née Adams b '06 of 32 North Side Streatham Common.

Above photograph probably taken at the Club show ’75 Newbury Berks judged by Dr  Monostori – at left Canonbury Honeystar' sire Garstars Eric b March ’72 grandsired by Am ch Kisumu Goliath – at right Honeystar’ maternal half brother ch Canonbury Autobiography. – Eric got the LKA ’73 res cc under Havengore breeder Mrs Lucy Scheerboom – cc ch Copenore Rab, 3rd Open Canonbury Autobiography b Nov '71, the latter finished his show career collecting ten cc's, a/o under Mrs Pamela Day, Mrs Phil Greenwell, Blackroc breeder Mr Bill Hanson, Miss Barbara Blackstone, and at Crufts '75 under Parcwood breeder Mrs Mary Hector.

At right – From the Norwood News dd ’60. - Initially, Rita and her husband Mr Denis Wm F Banyard were actors of the Fred & Julia Terry Company. Mr Denis Banyard produced in ‘38 the play The Scarlet Pimpernel. Both acted in a/o ‘The Merrymakers’ and ‘Splanged Hem’ at the White Rock Pavilion Hastings. Mrs Banyard ran a variety company for the entertainment of the troops during the war. Later on they ran the Lindsey Theatre Club – Church Street Kensington.

Ingleside Maximilian, Victorian textbook head example nearing standard correctness - at the background possibly his dam Madge Minting.


Mr Chas A Lougest’ advert publ in the 10th annual show catalogue of the New England KC Show dd April '94. Ingleside Maximilian b ‘90 - Am ch Minting’ dau Madge ex Am ch Ilford Caution’ son ch Ilford Chancellor -, bred by Mr George W Glazier, Ingleside kennels Ingleside lane South Salem – 15 miles N of Boston Mass. He sold Ingleside Maximilian for $600. The advert also mentions his sons at stud, ie the bros Emperor William & Emperor Maximilian, both out of Gerda II – ch Frigga’ sis Gerda ex Am ch Ilford Caution’ paternal nephew Albert Prince Victor -.


Quote – ‘A glympse at Jack the Ripper, Belhas, Benison and Delphan, all Bloodhounds belonging to Mr G W Glazier, of South Salem, who intends running Mr Winchell a tight race, was my next. He has heaps of room, and a kennel that many would be proud of. Benison, his latest importation is from Mr Brough of England, who has a grand litter of nine by Bono, but I hear the best of them is going to Mr. Winchell. He already has a promising pack and plenty of wrinkle. They are all very strong, healthy pups and an even litter. In Mastiffs that wonderful headed dog Maximilian takes possession of the yard, accompanied by Madge Minting, another well-known one.’ -

Civil War Veteran Mr George W Glazier was born '38 in Gardner Maine,   son of merchant Ezra Glazier b Ipswich MA and Sarah Mary née Smith b Salem MA. He married in '60 Miss Sarah E Hanson, and was initially  assignor to the Smyth Manufacturing Association of Lynn Mass. Later on he manufactured a/o paper-box machinery at Salem, and had several patents on improvements for sewing - & book-sewing machines. In ’12 at Lynn MA he remarried Caroline S Rowell b '54. Three years later he died caused by ‘cerebral hemorrhage/blow of head from fall in truck’ at 20 Columbus Ave Salem, his residence bordering Juniper Cove – bay of the Atlantic Ocean.

Crufts ’92 judge report by Mr Charles Court Rice ’61-36. Ch Carshalton Prince b ’88 & bred/owned by Mr Taunton – ch Orlando’ dau Lady Doughty ex ch Hotspur -. Ch Ilford County Member b '89– ch Beaufort’ dau Ilford Lady Cobrey ex ch Orlando' son ch Jack Thyr -, Ayrshire & Seabreeze b ‘88 - ch Cambrian Princess ex ch Beaufort -. Carshalton King b '88 - Kepler' dau Brentwood ex ch Hotspur -. Ch Frigga' brother Widar b '86 – Cedric The Saxon’ dau Gytha II ex ch Orlando -. Coombe Baron & ch Coombe Baroness b '89 – Coombe Daphne ex ch Crown Prince' son ch Montgomery -. Noble VIII b ’88 bred by Mr W K Taunton - ch Constable' sis Carshalton Bella ex Young Colonel' grandson Arabi -.

Ch Lord Stafford & Sir Stafford’ sis ch Lady Florida. Lady Lucy b ’88 & bred by Dr Bailey-Eadon – ch Crown Prince’ dau Etoile ex ch Beaufort -. Waterloo Belle & Kentish Darling b ’90 bred by Mr Harry Ralph – ch Beaufort’ dau Grace Beaufort ex ch Beaufort -. Carshalton Beauty b 89 – ch Hotspur’ dau Carshalton Bella ex ch Hotspur -. Truant b ’88 Major Traill – Colleen More ex ch Prince of Wales’ son Napoleon -. Vera IV b ’90 bred by Rev Van Doorne – Dorda ex ch Jack Thyr -. Princess Victoria May b ’90 bred by T Birch – Strawberry Girl ex Duke of Albany -. Sheriff & Alderman - Lady Verona ex Noble VIII -. Lady Lena b '91 & bred by Mr Thomas Mann – Commodore’ dau Lady Cavendish ex ch Beaufort' son Sir Stafford -. At left – Ch Cardinal’ son Kepler owned by Mr W K Taunton’ brother-in-law Dr William Francis of Richmond Surrey.

Open class Dogs' Noble VIII - 'has a grand body and limbs, but a very poor head' - was bred by Mr W K Taunton and owned by Mr William Scadden of Black Horse Farm Black Horse Road Walthamstow. Mr William Scadden b ‘39 at Portesham Devon was, according to census data, a ‘butcher’, a trade he had practised  in various parts of the country. He purchased Lady Verona from Exeter breeder Mr Jas Hutchings, and mated her to Noble VIII which gave Sheriff & Alderman - see report -, and Olga II purchased by Mr Alfred John Selby, publican of the ‘Marquis of Cornwallis' Bethnal Green road London. Judge report – 'Olga II is a good bitch, and an excellent type of a Mastiff, but she, like the dog, carried too much superfluous flesh.' After having bred from her a litter sired by ch Hotspur' son Coeur de Lion, Olga II was exported to Mr Alfred Cornwell of Sidney Australia, the city where Mr Rice landed after his family emigrated to Australia in '97. Olga II, mated to ch Peter Piper' half brother Jonathan - sire of ch Hollands Black Boy & Am ch Black Peter, produced Chartley Noble, renamed Hazeldene Noble.

Five years after Mr Chas Court Rice judged the Crufts' Mastiff classes a/o considering Mr W K Tauntons ch Constable' nephew Noble VIII as having 'a very poor head', he held  Noble VIII' grandson Hazeldene Noble - see above as a youngster -, in high esteem and even claimed this Australian bred dog was superior to any Mastiff living in his Home country England. 

The former owner of Hazeldene Noble’ dam Olga II, Mr Alfred John Selby b ’68 married in '01 the nineteen year old Miss Olive Violet Blanden but divorced six years later. Until his death in ’21 he remained publican of the Marquis of Cornwallis, only a stone throw from Bethnal' centre of social life - the Excelsior Hall incl two swimming baths, which were covered during winter months and the space used for meetings, concerts, and boxing events. Mr A J Selby was a/o time keeper at the boxing match between Robinson aka 'Cock Robin' and the American Pat Daly dd Dec ’97.

From Mrs Barbara J Cooper' Secretary notes of the OEMC Committee meeting dd July ’80 attended by twelve members. The then Hon Treasurer was Mrs Phyllis B Teversham ‘25-13, of Minhaven Woodcote lane Peel Common Fareham nr Portsmouth. In ’95 she was succeeded by Cedwalla breeder Mrs Pamela Chidwick until '03 when Mrs Julia Manfredi became Hon Treasurer until ’12, succeeded by  the one sentenced for fraud at the OEMC during a period between September '12 and March '18.


At extreme right – A silver Mastiff fob offered dd 1932 by Thomas Fattorini Ltd - est 1827 - located in Birmingham’ jewellery quarter. So far as known, Club badges are first mentioned on the occasion of the Club' fiftieth anniversary celebration coinciding with Crufts '33 judged by Mr Guy Percival Greenwood. Mr Percy Barritt of Mirfield Yorks, the breeder of Cleveland Comedian, defrayed half the cost of those badges. The present OEMC badges  were designed after the the Mastiff head on the Forty Guinea Challenge cups brought to the OEMC Committe dd May '84. The badges were die-sinked by the firm ‘W H Darby and Son', located at the Birmingham’ jewellery quarter as well.

This firm of die-sinkers, medallists and badge-makers, was founded in the late 1880s by Mr Alfred Horatio Darby. His son William Harold Darby joined the company in ‘21 at the age of 14 as an apprentice die-sinker, and learnt all aspects of the trade. In ‘50 William (or Bob, as he was known), took over the company following the retirement of his father, renaming it W H Darby & Son Ltd.

In changing times following the war, the market for medals alone could not sustain the company, and it diversified into sports trophies. Since the 70's its pièce de résistance are the enamelled badges made for Aston Martin Works based at Newport Pagnell. Presently, W H Darby & Son Ltd is part of the Vaughtons Group.

Back to Mrs Teversham - Born Phyllis B Garside at Portsmouth ’25-13, she married in ’47 Mr Bernard Vivian Teversham, b Portsmouth ’22, son of Commanding Officer in India Brigadier Mark Symonds Teversham b ’96 Myingyan Burma Mandelay and Mrs Evelyn Mary née Ross – see at left - Teversham/Ross wedding pic.

Mrs P B Teversham purchased from the nearby living Mr/Mrs Cyril & Maisie Lindley ch Copenore Friar' elder sis Copenore Aida b Jan ’63 and, mated to Mrs Lindley' Weatherhill Bellringer, she produced Mrs Teversham’ ch Twinoaks Baroness b Sept ’68 - cc’s under Mrs P Day, Mrs de Casembroot, and Mrs P Greenwell. The following year she became OEMC member. 

In ’83 she purchased Ormondstow Mayfair – Grangemoor Katie ex ch Honeycroft Danny Boy -. At right fr l to r - Mrs Teversham, Mayfair, and Mrs Maisie Lindley. A year later Mrs Teversham made her début as a Championship judge awarding cc’s to ch Luckhurst Goliath & ch Glynpedr Taittinger, the next year at the LKA her cc winners were ch Longendale The Protector & Farnaby Fragrance, in ’87 ch Massoluv Heftylump & Grangemoor Elsie, in ’88 ch Arciniegas Lion & Hollesley Monksilver, in ’89 ch Bredwardine Brongest & Hollesley Mowerina, in ’91 ch Bredwardine Bedwyr & ch Tresylyan Bittersweet, in ’92 Delbeech Zorab & ch Chevelu Blodeuwedd, and finally in ’94 at Crufts ch Trevabyn Mr Snowman & Tresylyan Dolly Daydream.

Dd Jan ’39 ‘Seaburn Lad’, so-called a Bull-Mastiff, and Miss Mavis Craggs b ‘29, daughter of Mr William Lee Craggs ’04-96, wholesale confectioner and provision dealer of 9 Hudson Road Sunderland. He was a Socialist Council Member of Sunderland who took over the business of ‘H R Hennessey Ltd’ - Lambton Street Sunderland. – Centre – article dd April ’49. – At right – postcard showing the River Wear at Sunderland nearby the Craggs’ shop. Seaburn is a resort ca three miles North.


Here at right - Dog World advert dd Dec ’37 - Contemporary first-class show Bull-Mastiff examples of the Milbrook kennels which both show the breed-typical small V-shaped ears folded forward, straight opposite to the Mastiff-like ears of Seaburn Lad of Mr W L Craggs, one of the very few Bull-Mastiff breeders in the Sunderland area. Perhaps he intended to improve his stock by using a genuine Mastiff, ie Seaburn Lad?

Mrs B Baxter once remarked - 'One thing to remember is that at the time, Bullmastiffs were considerably larger than they are today and could easily be mistaken for a smaller adult Mastiff.' - Looking at the Millbrook Bull-Mastiff couple they seem to have been of apparent small size compared to Mr Kennedy' tall stature. Ch Wynyard Wisdom' paternal half brother Milbrook Bruce sired Burngreave Baron b Oct ’36 & bred by Mr Henry Loftus-Polhill of Croydon nr London out of Lady Chita. BBaron, res cc at Crufts ‘39 under Mulorna BM breeder Mrs Doris Mullin, was co-owned by surveyor Mr Arthur Harry Winham of ‘Burngreave’ Bognor Regis - South coast, and Mr B Arnett of Blackmill Bognor Regis.

One of the options re the ancestry of the Mastiff breed' post-WWII keystone 'Templecoombe Torus'  - see at left - is that he was bred by Mr E Christian, of Eastbourne - South coast, out of the Mastiff Chenda - of Deleval parentage - sired by the Bull-Mastiff Burngreave Baron.

Torus was reportedly weighing 200 lb, so significantly heavier than the Milbrook Bull-Mastiffs, although, colours aside, there's remarkable similarity between  the expressions of Torus vs Mr Kennedy' ch Wynyard Wisdom sired by the Marquis of Londerry' ch Simba, the latter Burngreave Baron' paternal grandsire too.

Extract from Mr Douglas Oliff’ The Mastiff & Bull-Mastiff Handbook p 117 about Mr Basil G N Kennedy of Millbrook farm Chobham Surrey, who took care of the Bull-Mastiffs owned by King George V’ brother, the Duke of Gloucester. In ’41 he married at Westminster Mrs Violet Sonia Rosa Banes Walker née Cotter ’09-83 daughter of Sir James Laurence Cotter 5th Bt. He served in WWII as a Flight Lieutenant before taken prisoner of war.

At left - Reading Evening Post dd 23th June '67 - 'You may have seen lions at Longleat but have you ever seen sixty Mastiffs in Pangbourne. Come to the Open Club Show tomorrow June 2nd at the Nautical College Pangbourne by kind permission of Captain Lewis. Judging by Mrs M Moore U S A, starts at 1 o'clock Free.' - It happened five years after the 1st post-WWII Club championship show also held at Pangbourne’ Nautical College nr Reading. That show was a great success with the largest gathering of Mastiffs for fifty years. The judge, Goring breeder Mrs Norah Dickin, awarded the cc to Weatherhill Guide b ’60 – W- Crispin' dau Withybush Izod ex Havengore Adam - owned by Mrs Maisie Lindley, reserve cc for Mrs R M Fry’ 16m old 'Parcwood' Warren bred by Mrs Mary Hector. 

It was Warren’ only entry in the Kennel Club Stud Books but still one of the then main studs siring not less than thirteen litters by seven breeders, ie Mrs Barton Sylvadown, Mrs How Overnoons,  Mrs Day Hollesley, Mrs Frances Lewis Stroan, Mrs Roberts Cornhaye, Mrs P M Knights Avebury & Mr L A Thompson Pickwell. - Limit class 1st Milf Murias 2nd Copenore Jason & 3rd Viewood Sultan b ’59 bred by Zimapan breeder Mr J D de l’Arbre de Malander - out of Zimapan Silver Queen sired by Havengore Adam – owned by Mr J R Bradshaw of Woodview Trerulefoot Saltash - Cornwall.

At right - The photo shows Mrs N Dickin judging the Limit class at Lepham Bridge Farm dd ’63 – from l to r – Miss I E Willis’ Havengore Cherry, ch Havengore Balint’ sis Bardayle Stroma owned by Mrs Frances Lewis, Mr Fred Hanson’ Havengore Gipsy, the latter’ fawn sis ch Havengore Dawn owned by Hollesley Mrs Pamela Day, and H- Adam' dau Havengore Louise owned by Mrs Lucy Scheerboom née Clark ’92-77.

The bitch cc went to Milf Murias' sis ch Milf Manetta - Sparry Serena ex ch Havengore Hotspot - res cc for Miss I E Willis’ Havengore Cherry b ’59 & bred by Mr L J Burke – Meps Angus’ dau Bardayle Patricia ex Havengore Samson -. Bardayle Stroma’ owner Mrs Frances Hilda Lewis née Sproat ’08-73 married in ’41 at Plymouth Captain Arthur Francis P Lewis RN b ’10 who was in ‘53/54 Senior Officer 4th Frigate Flotilla and became Captain Superintendent of the Nautical College at Pangbourne until ’69. He died overseas in ‘71.

An article dd Dec ’91 by 'H W L’ about Mr James Warham Whitney ‘45-07, of Clinton place Rochester NY, the son of Mr George Jay Whitney ’19-78 who built in ‘57 the large elevator in Rochester which still bears his name and also had the charge of the New York Central elevators in both Buffalo and New York. In this enterprise and in his position as director of the New York Central and Hudson River railroad, he was brought in immediate business relations with Commodore Vanderbilt who said of him, when apprised of his death, - ‘men like Mr Whitney are not very plentiful. As a husband, as a father, as a friend, he was equally admirable and reliable, and as a business man he was exceedingly capable. The New York Central will keenly feel his loss.’ - Mr J W Whitney continued his father’ business as a senior member of the firm of Whitney & Gibson, grain merchants of Buffalo.


Ch Frigga Secunda’ brother Cardinal Beaufort b ‘90 bred by Mr Charles Court Rice - out of ch Orlando' dau ch Frigga sired by Beaufort' son Sir Stafford - got two 2nd prizes as a yearling, both times beaten by more mature males, ie at Maldon by Dr J S Turner’ Ayrshire and at the Agricultural Hall  KC show where WK Taunton’ ch Hotspur got the challenge ticket. Mr Whitney' Lady Coleus was Cardinal Beaufort' paternal aunt. Interestingly, Mr J W Whitney’ kennels contained a canine treadmill. Note - Mr T I Ballantine' article goes about the prize Pug Lord Clover b '86 owned by Mr Frederick Montague Chatterton, of Wharton Street Lloyd Square London, and imported in '88 by  Mr Lester S Hudson, liquor dealer of Lansing Michigan.

Dd Nov ’79 Powis Hall Oswestry. Mr M B Wynne’ 1st prize winners were Mr Beaufoy’ ch Nero – see at left - and Raunee bred by Sir Thomas F G Hesketh   - Captain Heskeths Nero’ dau Flora ex Mr Hanbury’ ch Rajah -. Raunee was owned by Dr George Arthur Woods b ’48-21, of Lancashire seaside resort Southport – specifically Carlton House 36 Hoghton Street next door to Mr James Cowin’ Mornington Temperance Hotel, est ’75 and managed by Miss Mary E Scoones.

Dr Woods transferred his prize winning Raunee to his neighbor of 27 Leyland road Southport, ie Sir Hesketh’ younger sis Miss Constance Maria Hesketh. - Dr Woods was awarded dd ’77 the Astley Cooper triennial prize of £300 for his essay on ‘the diseases of the nervous system’, a prize open to competition to the entire world, willed by Sir Astley Paston Cooper Bart 1768-41.

On the other hand ... Mr James Morris, of Union Place - see at right - Beatrice Street Oswestry, won with his brindle Vaga – ch Countess' sis Empress ex ch Wolsey - the special prize of £2 given by the Aston’ firm 'Messrs Cooper & Smith' for - ‘the cleanest and best-conditioned Mastiff that had been washed with their dog soap.' – Mr Jas Morris, breeder a/o ch The Emperor’ dam ch Countess, was an agent for manures produced by the Wolverhampton Ceres Works of Messrs Griffin, Morris, & Griffin. Puppy class winner was Ameer – bred/owned by Mr J A Bindley, brewer of Burton-on-Trent – the Wynnes Young King’ dau Bardon Queen ex Mr Hanbury' ch Rajah -. The claret decanter offered by the Mastiff Breeding Club’ President for the largest Mastiff exhibited was won by Mr Lukeys Baron’ maternal grandson ch Nero weighting 175 lb.

Above - Mr Thomas H V Lukey ’05-82, Master of Bromley’ Union Workhouse, ca three miles from the residence of the author of this letter to the Field Editor dd Feb ’92, ie Mr Henry Cuthbert Hall ’68-38, Electrical Engineer of Eversley Elmfield Road Bromley, who was consulting engineer of 46 Queen Victoria street E C and associate of the Institution of Electrical Engineers.

Below – group photograph dd '05 of a/o Signor Guglielmo Marconi & his closest business collaborator Mr Cuthbert Hall who became in ’01 Managing Director of the Marconi company. Mr Henry Cuthbert Hall was reportedly - ‘a forceful personality and a razor-sharp tongue, well-versed in the affairs of London, ambitious, hard working and boundessly energetic.’ -

Above at right - Letter dd 20th Feb '92 written by the 24 year old Mr H Cuthbert Hall about the Mastiff breed deterioration – on the occasion of Crufts ’92 judged by Mr Wm N Higgs - was responded extensively a week later by OEMC Secretary Mr Chas Court Rice ’61-36. Mr Cuthbert Hall flamingly retorted followed by Mr Rice' response and once again retorted by Mr Cuthbert Hall, after which the dispute was closed by the Field’ Editor.


Nonetheless the well informed contents of Mr Cuthbert Hall’ letters, there’s as far as known no single Mastiff reference to him any further. But, if wanted, he certainly would have been a redoubtable match for the breed fancy of the late Victorian era. – Mr Cuthbert Hall’ favourite Noble VIII - owned by Mr Wm Scadden - was bred by Mr W K Taunton – ch Constable’ sis Carshalton Bella ex Young Colonel’ son Arabi - and grandsired the outstanding Australian ch Hazeldene Noble.

Letter publ in the Field dd March ’92 by another ‘onlooker' of Mastiff proceedings, ie Rev John Penfold ’64-22, of Queen' House Cheyne Walk Chelsea - see at right -, who was at that time assistant Minister at the Welbeck Street private St James Chapel Marylebone attended by the most serious portion of the aristocracy, a/o her Royal Imperial Highness the Duchess of Edinburgh. The then Minister at the Chapel was Rev Hugh Reginald Haweis – quote – ‘who travelled in Italy and served under Garibaldi in ‘60. On his return to England he was ordained and held various curacies in London, becoming in ‘66 incumbent of St James's, Marylebone. His unconventional methods of conducting the service, combined with his dwarfish figure and lively manner, soon attracted crowded congregations.’ -

The Very Rev John Brookes Vernon Penfold ’64-22 was an eminent Anglican priest, son of the Rev William Penfold MA Rector of Ruardean and Chaplain to the Duke of Beaufort. He was educated at St John' School Leatherhead and Jesus College Cambridge. Ordained in ‘88 he began his career as Chaplain of King William' College Isle of Man.

After this he was assistant Minister at St James’ Welbeck Street Marylebone, and then Vicar of St James’s Guernsey dd ‘93. Rev J B V Penfold was Dean of the island from 1918 until his death. He was also a prominent Freemason, Senior Grand Warden of the Province of Guernsey and Alderney, and Grand Chaplain of England.

Many times it was suggested that Dr Winslow' ch Crown Prince was thé culprit of generations of defective Mastiffs. And it might be said that he was linebred more than any other stud of his era, arguably to establish his excellent head form & – proportions, and bulky body.


Here at left – ch Crown Prince in typical stance drawn on the occasion of his champion prize win at Alexandra Palace dd Dec ’81 by Mr John Swain ‘29-98, of Burleigh House 317 Camden Road & Northfield Broadstairs. He began life as a wood engraver and worked for a considerable period on Punch magazine, with his elder brother.

Mr John Swain was thus thrown into the society of many eminent men – Mr John Leech, Sir John Tenniel, and others who have made names for themselves in literature and art.

Mr John Leech was celebrated for the dainty feet and hands he gave to his English girls, and Mr John Swain, for a considerable period, was specially employed in (cutting) hands and feet, because Leech said that he interpreted his drawings better than anyone else. While yet a young man he entered into partnership with Mr John Henry Rimbault, one of a family of celebrated engravers. In the earliest days of ‘The Engineer’ these two made its engravings. Mr John Swain left a net personalty of £34.000+.

Letters like those of Mr Cuthbert Hall & Rev Penfold published in The Field or other authoritative sporting newspapers caused not any significant improvement in Mastiff breed matters of soundness. Such critics only marked the advent of the breed' long-term downfall in popularity finally resulting in only four registered KCSB litters after which a very slow rise began until WWI. But let it be said, short-term popularity should never be a goal of the Mastiff breed fancy as it might harm the breed due to lack of a corresponding lot of  'quality' breeding stock, - breeders & - owners.

From the Stock-Keeper dd May '96 about the Amsterdam show. Drawing from Count Henri de Bylandt’ Races des Chiens. – Ch Hollands Black Boy' brother Am ch Black Peter b March ‘95 bred/owned by Mr Louis Romuald Dobbelmann – Montgomery II' dau Maid of The Wye ex Tom Bowling' son Jonathan. - Eldees Duke & - Duchess b Jan '94 bred/owned by Mr Dobbelmann - Montgomery II' dau Maid of The Wye ex Rotterdam Max -. At Crufts ’96, judged by Mr Henry G Woolmore, Duke got 4th Open class behind ch Peter Piper, Am ch Beaufort’ Black Prince, and ch Beaufort’ son Ayrshire whereas his sis Duchess was placed behind Tom Bowling’ sisters ch Brampton Beauty and Stella III. Eldees Duke & - Duchess’ sire Rotterdam Max was sired by Charley Wood b May '85 - ch Cambrian Princess ex ch The Emperor' son ch Maximilian -.

At Crystal Palace Dr Turner awarded 1st puppy class to Ilford Chancellor, and 2nd Mrs Geo Willins’ Charley Wood describing him as – ‘a well made puppy in body, fair in skull and muzzle, good eyes and ears, but he inherits his sire’s defect in his long and turned-in hocks.’ -. At Warwick under Mr Mark Beaufoy Charley Wood got 3rd puppy class behind Minting & Ilford Chancellor.

At left – a pair of unnamed Mastiffs owned by Mr Dobbelmann - the left one perhaps Eldees Duke’ sis Eldees Duchess described by Crufts ’97 judge Mr Gresham as - ‘a very fine animal, somewhat spoilt by light eyes and large ears.' - Centre - A lady with Charley Wood, eponymous of a then famous jockey as his breeder was the reputedly queer race-horse woman Mrs Geo Willins, of Gorgate Hall Dereham Norfolk & Bradmore House Hammersmith London, and most probably the one in the photograph as - quote - 'she was well known as ‘Croppy’ by reason of her hair being cut close to the head.’ -   The toy dog on the table might have been Mrs Willins’ Black and Tan Terrier. Charley Wood’ brother Minting was named after a famous race-horse ridden by the reputed jockey Fred Archer who rode his first winner for Mrs Willins, née Jane Elizabeth Mary Ann Simpson b ’37-88.

Quote – ‘Possessing, as he did, not the smallest drop of Crown Prince’s blood it was to be regretted when Minting left this country for America, and even his brother, Charley Wood, who, though neither so good nor so famous, for his good all-round merit Minting would have proved of immense service to breeders, had he been left us.’ – But of course, Minting’ sire ch Maximilian was out of ch Crown Prince’ dam Merlin sired by ch The Emperor, the latter considered by quite a lot of then knowledgeable fanciers as ch Crown Prince’ natural sire, so not Young Prince as put by the KCSB.  At left - Article about Mr G Willins, of Gorgate Hall - ca 20 miles from Sandringham -, forwarding a Terrier puppy to the Prince & Princess of Wales.

At left - Merlin aka O'Nantymynydd Gwyliwr - Welsh for watchman - b Aug '71 - Nantymynydd Emrys' dau N- Nia ex Emrys' son N- Cynan -, line bred to ch Havengore Balint. His owner Dr Sheila Monostori '14-04, of Rectory Farm 46 Butts Road Horspath Oxon, wrote in her letter dd Aug ’96 – ‘Merlin wasn’t shown as he fractured a bone in his back foot as a four month old youngster and he remained slightly deformed. Mrs Scheerboom was however very impressed by him.’ – Merlin’ sis N- Briallen, owned by Forefoot breeders Mr/Mrs Cowe, got a res cc at the National Working Breeds under Miss Lily Turner who awarded the cc to Miss Marguerite Perrenoud’ ch Meps Nydia by ch Buckhall Mr Micawber.

At right – Another photograph in a wonderful Scottish Highlands scenery about which she wrote – ‘I only have this one photograph of Kis Balint – a copy of a transparency – taken at I think about ten months of age. As I think I told you he was sold to some people who kept begging us to let him go to them as they were keen to have a stud dog – Kis Balint at the time this photograph was taken was showing himself to be a good gundog.’ – Quote from NCBI – ‘The Monostoris established beautiful homes in Oxford and Scotland, where they shared their interests in country life, gardening, fine wine, and, at least to one of their friends, rather terrifying Mastiffs.' –

In '62 the Monostoris lived at 17 Wolvercote Green Oxford and her husband Ivan, still a medical student, became a naturalised British citizen. The Scottish connection came through her father Dr Thomas Marshall Callender ’74-26, of Sidcup Kent, whose parents lived at Inverard Ferry Road Edinburgh, and who married the daughter of the Irish born Dr Isaac Hoysted, Colonel of the Royal Medical Corps.

Kis Balint b ’67 was bred by Craigavon breeder Mr Richard Cogan – Copenore Jason’ dau Taddington Emma ex ch Havengore Balint -. Balint b Feb ‘60 bred by Bardayle breeders Mr/Mrs Anderson – ch Meps Angus’ dau Bardayle Cindy Lou ex ch Havengore Hotspot –. He sired fourteen litters bred by eleven different breeders, a/o Farnaby breeder Mrs B Baxter.

Quote – ‘In the meantime we looked around for a dog with a less exuberant temperament. At the Cheltenham show we saw ch Havengore Hotspot and learned from his breeder/owner Mrs Lucy Scheerboom that she had just had a puppy sired by him returned to her. The pup had been bought by a film star who insisted that his name should be changed to ‘Adastra’! However, the actress soon decided that the pup did not suit her image, and she sent him back. We went to see him, and of course fell for him immediately.’

Dr Sheila Monostori’ husband the Hungarian physician Dr Ivan G A Monostori might have chosen the name Balint, arguably referring to the Hungarian psychoanalyst Michael Balint ’96-70 connected with the Balint Society, an International medical institution to help General Practitioners reach a better understanding of the emotional content of the doctor-patient relationship. At left – Mrs Monostori and Balint dd Dec ’63 winning the Birmingham cc, res cc for Milf Murias.

Balint' pedigree shows the impact of the utmost reduced breeding stock in the early post-WWII years. At right – Photo dd Crufts Feb ’52 of Rodney which was behind 7 out of 8 Balint great-grandparents, the remaine one out of Rodney’ sis Benfleet Janus. Different to other photographs of Rodney, this particular one shows up light eyes. Fortunately, it was/is a recessive trait and was/is only a  matter to avoid breeding to a light eyed brood.

Kis Balint was purchased by the Lisken breeders Mr:Mrs K Brett & R N Commander Edward John S James’04-85, chairman of the South Eastern Golfing Group - of Burntwood kennels Ltd - Godalming. Kis Balint sired ch Canonbury Autobiography’ dam Gildasan Hidee & ch Jilgrajon Lady Victoria’ dam Lisken Rowena.

The Lisken Mastiff kennels only lasted four years producing about a dozen Mastiff litters, the majority sired by Kis Balint and two by his son L- Kis Kenliss, brother of the Hicks family’ L- Rowena; their foundation brood Buckhall Esme, sis of ch Buckhall Baron Spencer, whelped five Lisken litters. Kis Balint sired ten litters bred by five (minor) breeders.

At right - Photograph incl Lisken co-breeder Cdr E J S James taken dd ’55 at the Golf’ Great Family Party at Worplesdon Surrey. Miss Molly Gourlay OBE was an International 1st class golfer.

At right dd Nov ‘68 - Mr Freddie Davies b ‘37, comedian and actor who achieved fame in ‘64 through the television talent show ‘Opportunity Knocks’ and has since appeared in several television series and films. He’s the grandson of comedian Jack Herbert. Freddie acted in films including the ‘95 comedy Funny Bones, Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban in ‘04.


Sultan Morgan would have been born around the mid-sixties, but the corresponding KCSB doesn't mention neither a Miss Madge Fisher of York nor a Sultan Morgan. The nearest match is a 'Mrs A Fisher', purchaser of Kisumu Bethabara, a bitch b Jan '63 - ch Kisumu Fatima ex Copenore Jason -, sibling of Kisumu ch's Batsheba, Balthasar & Bardolph. Kisumu, owned by Mrs Irene Victoria L Creigh '07-82 of Eye – Suffolk, was then by far the most prolific Mastiff kennel.  Seven Kisumu litters were bred between ’64-66, mainly sired by Havengore Adam’ son Beaucaris Marcus, a/o  Peter Gaar' Am ch Kisumu Goliath - see at left - which grandsired the Am import stud Garstars Eric, the latter great-grandsire of ch Honeycroft Danny Boy - see below 3x -.

Above at left - dd Sept ’42. Centre - Dogs of To-day' article dd Nov ‘46 by long-term breed promoter Mr Arthur Croxton-Smith. The meeting called by Mrs Norah Dickin took place in London and was attended by fifteen people, a/o Mrs Pamela Day, who promised to do all they could do to save the breed from extinction. First they tried to trace all the Mastiffs in the country and found between 20-30, most of them too old for breeding. 

Here at left – Article dd Oct ’48 about finding the mystery Mastiff believed to live with his master in Kensington London, featuring also a photograph of Duke owned by Mr Harry J White, of Goodbreed kennels Bradford. Notwithstanding the low quality of the image, it’s definitely the profile of ch Duke b Jan ’24 - sibling of ch Prince bred/owned by Mrs J Evans of Jersey -, and owned by OEMC Secretary Mr Guy Percival Greenwood of Colne Lancs, and seemingly at later age transferred to Mr H J White. The full size photograph, publ in Our Dogs’ Xmas suppl ’27, might have been used partially to illustrate the newspaper article.

The dam side of Am ch Kisumu Goliath b 21th May '66 is rather puzzling. The Secretary' page of the American Kennel Club Gazette dd Feb '69 states under chapter 'champions of record' Kisumu Goliath b 21th May '66 was out of Kisumu Batsheba, opposite to the British KCSB which states Kisumu Goliath b 21th May '64 was out of Kisumu Bracken which, mated to Beaucaris Marcus, also produced litters dd 19th March  a/o Victor, and dd 20th September '66 the Kisumu H- litter a/o Hannah which produced Buckhall' chs Mr Micawber and Lord Jim. Which means Bracken should have had three litters within half a year, which, of course, is impossible. So Goliath was out of another dam, and although never corrected by the KCSB it arguably might have been ch Kisumu Batsheba.

Ch Honeycroft Danny Boy aka 'Dan'  b May '80 bred by Mrs Janet Atkinson of Hollybush Goose Hill Headley nr Newbury Berks - ch Wayside The Devil' granddau ch Honeycroft Crismas Cracker ex ch Hollesley Medicine Man -. Having seen him in the flesh several times at the Atkinsons' home, he was - imo - one of most impressive Mastiffs allround. Larger than his famous sire, phenomenal breast and breadth/depth all through, well-bent hind quarters, for his size a decent mover, and arguably a healthy one as he lived up to an age of 11 years & two months - OEMC Late Summer Newsletter '91 -.

He was made up at Midland Counties aged only 17 mths. The judge of the day Mr D Oliff wrote - 'An exceptional dog by any standard. Huge bone, tremendous power and width of body, and a skull which I think is quite the largest which I have seen in years. Moved adequately for a dog of this size and weight. Topline good, well arched feet. To be hypercritical I would say that he has quite enough wrinkle and if his eyes were wider apart his expression would improve, but it gave me a pleasure to award him the CC & BOB.' - Mr Oliff’ remark about ‘if his eyes were wider apart’ applied to his sire MM as well. Dan retired after winning 6 cc's and the res cc at the OEMC show '82 aged only 2.– At right – Aged 7, considerably heavier than in his show years.

His temperament at home could be described as steady but protective towards strangers incl the writer, and very amiable to his own folks. Danny Boy' most apparent descent was arguably his grandson, the double Crufts winner ch Bulliff Warrior. His blood has influenced the American breeding along his son Bulliff Yermak, corner stone of a/o Greiner Hall kennels.

Article dd Nov ’82 – Colonel Stuart Taylor’ Gurth b ‘78 – Bona ex Bruno -, both parents imported from England. Quote - 'My own dog Gurth, grand and majestic as he is, I can criticize him too. Immense in size and in measurement unusually large, he is defective in loins and tail and coat. He is also a bit leggy. His great stature in a measure compensates for this. Still he is faulty.’ – Colonel Stuart Taylor had for many years a standing offer of one thousand dollars for a dog of thirty-four inches, and did not withdraw it till he had measured the 196 lb weighing St Bernard Rector owned by the reputed St Bernard breeder Mr Joseph Frederick Smith, merchant of Norfolk lodge Sheffield, which he would not buy on account of its wretched thin condition, coupled with the pleading of the owner' wife Maria Louisa. Jan ‘84 the tapering headed Rector was purchased by the American actor Joseph Kline Emmet for $4000. - Below at left – American article dd Nov '91.

The Colonel S Taylor’ Gurth not to be confused with Gurth b March ‘78 bred by Rev F H Hichens of Speldhurst Kent - Big Ben' dau Mab ex ch The Shah - owned by Mrs Geo Willins. This Gurth got 1st prize puppy class at Alexandra Palace '78, and a 2nd at Ipswich '82. Gurth sired prize winner Nevison b ‘80 bred by Mr Charles Calver Lawrence, of Eagle kennels Cambridge, out of Prince' dau Juno. Nevison was purchased by Mr Thomas W Carr of Keighley and got a 3rd prize at Burton on Trent '81 behind 1st ch Crown Prince and 2nd Mr W L Ball' Mischief II by the Wynnes Young King. Nevison was sold to Mr Wm Graham of Belfast, and later on exported to the English born Mr Chas Houseman Mason, of Tompkinsville Staten Island.

Quotes dd April ’83 1) 'Pittsburgh Dog Show– 1st Nevison is a grand specimen of this noble breed He stands nearly thirty-two inches at the shoulder, and is well put together. He was very well shown, considering that he has just arrived from England.' 2) 'A dog who never took a first prize in good company in England since he came of age, and never could. He is defective in head, is leggy and badly knuckled. His hind quarters are excellent, but in head, shoulders and as far as his loins he was inferior to many. His coat is splendid.’ -

At left – Ch The Shah drawn dd '76 by the artist Stanly Wilson in forms obviously overdone. - Above at right dd ca 1884 – Portrait by Mr Alfred Elsworth b ‘51, of Ivy Cottage 95 Green Road Meanwood Beck nr Leeds, depicting most probably Mr T W Carr’ Nevison, of Keighley - ca twenty miles from Leeds, lacking proper markings, just like his grandsire ch The Shah. Reportedly, a letter from OEMC Secretary Mr Richard Cook existed in which he says he ‘believes the Shah was the sire of Crown Prince, and that nothing would change his belief’.  - Personally believing it was not The Shah but his son, the shorter muzzled ch The Emperor, a characteristic arguably passed on via his dam Mr Rwalinson’ ch Countess & her dam Mr James Morris Old Flora.

 Dd ’79 – This American article dd '79 mentions a 'Dr Hunt’ having bred Mr Wm Forbes Morgan’ long-bodied King Olaf, formerly Young Sultan - out of Countess ex his Sultan –.

King Olaf aka Young Sultan' breeder was Dr W J Hunt, psychiatrist of Hoxton House Hackney London. He owned the 2nd prize winner at Norwich show ‘74, ie Bruce b ’72 bred by Mr J Waddell of Canonbridge Hereford - Grand Duchess [ch Turk x Lyme Hall Sultan’ Duchess] ex ch King’ son General Prim -, and two champion Turk daughters – see at left -, ie Grace b '71 bred by Dr Adrian Byron Ashford of Ealing - out of Reverend Rowe’ ch Stella -, and Juno, arguably the one bred by Mr Edwin Nichols out of Bathurst Juno.

King Olaf' owner Mr William Forbes Morgan was reportedly a noted American sportsman ‘41-16 born at Selma Alabama who came to NYC ca ‘61, graduated from NY Univ Law School in ’65, received LLD degree from Columbia Univ in ’78, entered NY banking business, retired in 1883 and went with his wife and four children to live abroad, a/o France. He died at his home 8 Queen Street Mayfair London.

First row – Mrs Georgina Weldon ’37-14, daughter of Mr Morgan Thomas MP JP DL - Sussex House Hammersmith, auction place of Dr Winslow’ stock dd Oct '84– Dr Lyttelton Stewart Forbes Winslow ’44-13. His attempt in ‘78 to have Mrs Georgina Weldon committed as a lunatic at the instigation of her estranged husband Mr William Henry Weldon resulted in one of the most notorious court cases of the nineteenth century.

The trial of the action brought by Mrs Weldon against the Dr was brought a close around the end of '84, and perhaps it was one of the causes which led to the Doctor' bankruptcy and the auction of his stock.

Second row – Article dd Jan ’85 about the auction. - Here at left – Ch Maximilian & article about his winning the challenge prize at Crystal Palace dd Jan ’85 under Colonel John Garnier ’38-29, breeder of Lukeys Governor’ sire Lion. The famous Mastiff breeder Mr Edwin Nichols ’25-04 aka ‘Coaly Nichols’ was born at Ide Exeter but moved to London, particularly Kensington where he had an large coal business, in the neighborhood of the artist Richard Ansdell who owned Leo - supposed of Lyme Hall strain – and which sired his foundation brood Duchess. Mr Nichols wasn’t only a Mastiff fancier , he also bred quality stock of several breeds as a/o Bloodhounds, St Bernards, Bulldogs & Newfoundlands, being the President of the latter’ breed club.

Dd July ’83 – One of the pretty countless letters by American pen knight Mr William Wade, favoring the longer muzzled type, and considering Mr Hanbury’ ch Rajah as the ‘great fount from which came the present over-development of the head.’ Mr Hugh Dalziel was the man who triggered the Crown Prince’ paternity case, suggesting his pedigree was falsified. – Prussian Princess b ’82 bred by Dr Winslow –ch Colonel’ dau Negress ex ch Crown Prince -, ch Rosalind b ’81 bred by Dr Turner – Negress’ dau The Lady Rowena ex ch Crown Prince -. Ch Rajah’ mentioned sire Griffin was out of ch King’ sis Nell III sired by Lukeys Governor’ son Prince. At right - ch Beaufort' sire, and Am ch Minting' grandsire.

In the last alinea Mr Wade refers to judges confounding a dog’ breeding capacities with his show qualities, and alas there has been a persistent illogic amongst certain judges to award prizes at specimens considered very useful to tackle specific breed flaws &/or to please fashion in their specific time frame. The problem thereby might be that the general public incl (part) of the breed fancy, mainly looking at show placings, could be misled regarding the genuine 'standard’ qualities of the respective show prize winners. And perhaps it still happens present-day.

Article dd Aug ’89. – The Illustrated Kennel Magazine, embracing all varieties of dogs, formerly named The Pet Dog Journal founded by Miss Mary Ann Elizabeth Holdsworth '43-97 of Leeds. She was the Editor and sole proprietor. Around ’89 the magazine was discontinued on account of Miss Holdsworth' illness.


She claimed to be the first lady judge, taking the Pug Classes in 1886 at Maidstone. Mr Curtis’ Duchess was sibling of Mrs Rawlinson’ ch Countess bred by Mr James Morris out of Old Flora ex the grand-headed but small Sultan – supposed of Lyme origin -. Mrs Rawlinson mated her ch Countess to ch The Shah which produced ch The Emperor. Ch Ilford Chancellor’ dam Brenda Secunda was out of ch Nero’ dau Brenda ex ch Colonel’ son Mr Twinings Turk. Ch Jack Thyr by ch Orlando ex Lady Canute, the latter – Nevison’ dau Lady Dora II ex ch His Majesty King Canute -.

Mr Wm Wade seemed to have been, to say the least, inconsistent as quite a lot of his own stock went back to ch Crown Prince’ descents, in short notice - Edwy – see at left – bred by Mr Wade – Sion’ dau Woodlands Countess ex ch Crown Prince’ son Ch Orlando -. Both Edwy’ sire and grandsire were short-muzzled and of ‘heavy thickset appearance’. Edwy arguably inherited his detracting light eyes from his grandsire ch Crown Prince. Mr Wade bred a litter a/o Edrick out of ch Orlando’ dau Emma sired by ch Orlando’ son ch Jack Thyr, iow linebred to ch Orlando. 

Note - Woodlands Countess’ sire Sion, arguably owned by Mr Robert Hartley Lipscombe b '33, of Sion House East Budleigh ca 20 mls from Mr Harry de Kingdon’ living place Colyton. Mr Lipscombe also owned Cromwell - Pemberton’ Jenny ex Mr Lukey' Governor - bred by Mr Loftus Leigh Pemberton, which sired Mr Exeter breeder Mr James Hutchings’ foundation brood Storm bred by Mr J Blight. Mr Lipscombe was for 27 years land agent & steward of the Honourable Mark George Kerr Rolle, High Sheriff of Devon. He died in ’92 at Funchal – Madeira. - At right - illustration depicting an old type Mastiff published in a book dd ’79 authored by Mr Ernest Ingersoll ’52-46, American naturalist, writer and explorer.

First row at left dd April ’83 – The Riverview kennels were owned by Messrs Shaw & Bates. Sir Antony b Jan ’79, a fawn bred by Exeter breeder Mr James Hutchings – Devonshire Cleopatra ex the Wynnes Brindled Pluto’ son Niger -. Sir Antony - 1st prize at Stratford on Avon - was Mr Lukeys Governor’ G4 descent along G1 Cleopatra G2 Mr Head’ Caesar & G3 Mr Lipscombe’ Cromwell, and along G2  Mr Blight’ Storm & G3 Cromwell.

The Riverside kennels also imported Hilda V b ’81 bred by the Wynnes - Hilda IV ex ch Taurus’ son Young King -, Agrippa b ‘82 bred by Exeter breeder Mr James Hutchings - ch Beau' dau Berenice ex ch Pontiff' brother Gwalior -, Young Colonel’ son Dictator b ’83 - see his drawing under Miscellanea Nine -, and Dumont b ‘84 – Beaumanoir’ dau Delph Viva ex ch Crown Prince' son The Prince, the latter owned by the reputed Manchester butcher Mr Joseph Royle -. Here at right - Mr Royle' Distinguished Champions of the Show Bench, 1888 - signed with the initials 'A S'; the depicted Mastiff 'might' have been his ch Crown Prince' son The Prince b '82  & bred  by Mr Lloyd, or is it perhaps his succesful ch Crown Prince' dau ch Crown Princess b ‘81?

Second row dd Summer 1998 - The famous allround dog judge, author of several breed books and breeder of Westacres Field Spaniels - Mrs Peggy Myfanwy Grayson, née Chard b ’19 Andover Hampshire. In ‘39 she lived at Charlton House Farm Creech St Michael nr Taunton Somerset, and married in ’47 at Kensington Mr Robert C Grayson-Foggo, actor of a/o the Horsham Repertory Company. In the 1950s, living at   42 Kings Road Horsham, she wrote & produced several theatrical shows, a/o The Marriage of Minnie & Winter Follies. This very year she celebrated her 100th birthday at Malmesbury having a lunch for 38 friends from dogdom, the horseworld, old family friends and neighbours.

The Mastiff Bion, owned by the grandfather of Mr Peggy Grayson née Chard, so possibly a Mr Chard, was arguably born early '90 and, given the then rare dark brindle colour, probably bred by brindle adept Mr James Hutchings of Exeter who bred a litter dd Jan '90 - thus a corresponding time frame - out of ch Beau' granddau Exeter Donna sired by ch Crown Prince' brindle grand-nephew Exeter Brigadier - resulting in a/o Heavitree Turk owned by Mr Courtenay Harry Edmonds of Mote Lodge Exeter, partner of Edmonds & Co  business of Ship Insurance, and General Brokers.

At left dd Oct ’63 - The 'glamorous' Mrs Liz Degerdon née Jones. - Centre dd ‘64 - Liz in Minsk USSR. - At right dd '71 - ch Milf Manetta' 11y old brother, the standard type Milf Murias bred by Mrs Sylvia Mary Mathers née Williams ’17-96 of 26 St Michaels Street Penzance Cornwall - Heatherbelle Sterling Silver' granddau Sparry Serena ex ch Havengore Hotspot -, and owned by Mrs Liz Degerdon. Murias’ dam Serena was bred by Mrs Louisette Fernande Aberdeen née Clark b ’13 of Sparry Newfoundland & Mastiff kennels at Redruth - ca 20 mls from Penzance. Serena was Copenore Jason' maternal aunt. - Murias got the Birmingham '63 cc and six reserve cc's a/o at Crufts '63 under Mansatta breeder Mr Fred Bowles, but was never made up, arguably because his less convincing movement.

After her circuit career ended, Liz continued in rallying, and took the wheel herself in the 1965 Monte Carlo Rally. Her motorsport career seems to end here. Owning several first-class Mastiffs since the late 1950s, but only in Aug ’76 she bred her first Grangemoor litter out of a row of 36, her last KC registered one dd May ’84. The next year Liz moved to America, and another four years later, she was charged with animal cruelty by the US authorities, and remained a controversial figure in the Mastiff breeding world.

One of her last contacts with English Mastiff people were the Hicks family of Jilgrajon prefix who owned two Grangemoors, ie Brenda b '82 and Archie Gander b '83 both tracing back to ch Hollesley Dare Devil and ch Copenore Rab. Young Hicks sent over a bunch of sad newspaper clips about Mrs Degerdon' malversations in the States, one of those - at right -. She returned to the UK, where she continued to live - seemingly anonymously - until her death in 2010, at the age of 80. More info about Mrs Degerdon & Grangemoor to be found under the chapters ‘The Seventies’ and ‘Miscellanea Five’.

Dd Feb 73 – About Miss Jill Llewellin b '51, Chinese guard geese - Ho Chi Min(h), a wink to a key figure in the People' Army of Vietnam & the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War -, and the half-grown Mastiff male Britt - ethnic name for a Celtic-speaking Briton -. Time-framed KCSB breed supplements mention only one 'Miss J Llewellin', namely dd Dec ‘72 under transfers - Roussillon Cissa - Miss J Llewellin -. So Britt’ pedigree name was most probably Roussillon Cissa, an oddly named male b Jan '72 and bred by Mrs Iris May Tierney '17-96 of 37 Brockington Drive Tupsley Hereford – ch Weatherhill Thor' dau Hollesley Niobe ex ch Hollesley Dagda’ brother Hollesley Monarch -. The only Roussillon Mastiff of note was Hollesley Niobe’ maternal grandson R- Benghazi owned by Beaumaring breeder Mrs Hannelore Latta née Schaub of Huntingdon Cambridgeshire. The 2y old Benghazi got a res cc in '73 under Mrs Edna Harrild of Moonsfield affix – cc ch Copenore Rab, 2nd Open ch Canonbury Autobiography -, and grandsired ch Cemaes King Edward owned by the Hicks family - Jigrajon.


Jill' father Dr Kenneth Rhys Llewellin ’17-00, of 'Dawlish' Grove Road Mollington Chester, - 'was born in Eglwysilan Pontypridd, and went on to study medicine at Westminster Medical School, qualifying in ‘41. During the Second World War he served in Ethiopia and Greece in the Friends Ambulance Unit. He was a casualty officer and house physician at Westminster Hospital, and then a casualty officer at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Hackney, and a house physician at Paddington Green Hospital. He gained his diploma in child health in ‘46. A year later he married Joyce Vivienne Dale, and became a senior registrar at Edgware General Hospital, and two years later at Westminster Hospital. From ‘51 he was a consultant paediatrician at Clatterbridge Hospital on the Wirral. Outside medicine he enjoyed poetry, music, history and playing golf.’ – Source Royal College of Physicians.


At right - Plate XIX. A Mastiff standing to right on the bank of a lake, a goose hissing beside it, and another bird approaching the water in foreground; ruins of a castle on stretch of land in background - illustration to an edition of Northcote' 'Fables' after Northcote & Harvey - London 1828.Wiki quote – ‘Geese are considered to have excellent eyesight, and to be watchful and inquisitive, with strong territorial instincts. Goose attacks on humans are commonly reported. One case in 2001 set a legal precedent, resulting in a workers' compensation payout of over $17,000 for an injured delivery person, the first Illinois workers' comp claim due to wildlife. In another case, several geese protecting their goslings knocked an Englishman off his bicycle resulting in hospitalization. One Buffalo, New York resident claimed over $2 million in damages for a goose attack while on a neighbor' property. At times, park rangers have killed entire flocks of aggressive geese. Canada geese in Cincinnati parks have been responsible for knocking people down and breaking their bones, and called ‘spitting, hissing, biting attack missiles'. The same aggressive, territorial behavior can be utilized in the guard capacity. Geese are intelligent enough to discern unusual people or sounds from usual stimuli. Their loud honking will alert humans when the geese are alarmed.’ -

At left – Article by Wm Wade about ch Crown Prince’ paternity and Corsincon, pen name of the Scottish born Mr Hugh Dalziel b ’36-97, journalist of Croydon. His greatest work was the three Vols ‘British Dogs, their varieties, history, characteristics, breeding, management, and exhibition.’ publ ’83. In the Mastiff chapter he considered Dr Winslow’ ch His Lordship as ‘one of the best’. The chromolithograph – here below centre - illustrates the chapter and was drawn by Mr Alexander Francis Lydon '36-‘17, a Dublin born watercolourist & engraver of natural history subjects. He worked for the printer Mr Benjamin Fawcett to whom he had been apprenticed from an early age and collaborated also with Rev Francis Orpen Morris who wrote a/o ‘Dogs & their Doings’ – see below at right -, this time not illustrated by Mr A F Lyons but by Mr Harrison Weir.

Mr Hugh Dalziel, dd ’80 of The Laurels 5 Beulah road Thornton Heath Croydon, was described as an ‘aggressive honest hard-hitter'. In the Stock-Keeper he considered ch Crown Prince’ KC registered sire Young Prince - Venus ex ch Wolsey' fawn brother Prince - a ‘weedy wastrel’. It was ch The Emperor which was claimed by ‘Mr DL’ and a part of the fancy as ch Crown Prince’ real sire. The Stock Keeper published the evidence presented by Messrs Hugh Dalziel and Joseph Evans, the latter having purchased The Emperor from Mr Wm Hunter Johnston. Mr Hugh Dalziel also judged Mastiffs in the States, a/o at NY ’80. He was one of the founders and first Secretary of the Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club founded in ’75.


Dr Gordon Stables once wrote – ‘My contemporary, Dalziel, is one of the few – very few – men wro write sensibly on this breed of dog. In his ‘British Dogs’ he says ~ ‘In general appearance the Mastiff is noble and dignified; his strength is shown in his immense bone, large, square, and well-knit frame, whilst the majesty of his carriage, his head, and the magnanimous expression of his countenance, bespeak consciousness of power, governed by a noble and courageous nature.' -

April ’63. – Article by ‘Mastinus’ who described the Mastiffs at the Cremorne show Ashburnham Hall Chelsea as – ‘traditional farm yard animals, sullen and sluggish, powerful built and heavily jowled like a bulldog.’ - compared to the purebred Mastiffs – ‘tall, lithe clean-limbed, and active as panthers with the slender, finely formed head and full intelligent eye.' - The former year at the hailed Islington Hall Show - 1st Mr Hanbury’ Prince – see above at right - reportedly weighing beween 150 and 160 lb, 2nd Mr Hanbury’ ch Duchess - see at right below -, 3rd Tiger b ’57 – Venus ex Lion - bred/owned by Rev Charles William Holbech '17-01, Archdeacon of Coventry who inherited in '56 the Farnborough Hall estate nr Banbury. He was a well-known breeder and exhibitor of pure-bred short-horn prize cattle.

May ’63 -  Letters to The Field editor - one by a reader pen named ‘Rufus', the other – one of the few newspaper notes written by the breeder of stud pillar Governor, Mr Thomas Henry Veale Lukey considering the Times’ report about the Mastiff classes at the Cremorne - ‘to be unworthy of contradiction’ -. Cremorne March ’63 took place at Ashburnham Hall Chelsea – 1st prize Rover b ’62 bred by Mr Walmesley and owned by Mr G Simpson of Newton Heath, 2nd Bran b ’62 – of Traver’ breed - bred by Mr Dunsterville Elliott of Stratford - Essex, 3rd   Cautleys Quaker’ dau Princess b ’62 bred by Mr Garrett and owned by Mr F White of London. - At right dd ca ’35 – the Marquis of Hertford' Pluto, according to 'Rufus' a Monk’ Boarhound imported from Italy,  which became foundation stud of Mr T H V Lukey’ strain of Mastiffs.

Centre - Quality photograph taken around 1890 by Bennett & Sons based in Worcester and Malvern, the latter town ca twenty miles from Ross-on-Wye where the Piddocke couple had their kennels of Mastiffs, Collies, Fox Terriers, Pointers & Spaniels. In those days only few women were involved into the Mastiff breed. Comes thereby the quality of both specimens and the short distance from the mentioned photographers firm which leads to an educated guess, ie the photograph may present Captain J L Piddocke’ wife Adelaide née Bruce b ’55 in fashion dress and boater.At right the couple at the Crystal Palace OEMC meeting dd Aug ’90.

Here at left – Captain John Leonard Piddocke with arguably ch Jubilee Beauty. Comparing her with the right one of the centre image, it’s apparent the way both carry the left ear similarly. Ch Jubilee Beauty b ‘87 - ch Toozie ex Victor Hugo - was ch Peter Piper’ paternal granddam. –

Described by Dr J S Turner dd March '88 - ‘Very shapely, like her dam; and also inherits her bold light eyes; has good body, legs and feet, and moves splendidly; her good head and muzzle will be better set off when she carries her ears right – at present she has the puppy trick of throwing them back and everting them.’ - By Mr T W Allen dd Dec ‘90 - ‘A most typical bitch, showing all the rare quality of her dam Toozie. She would do with more size and bone, but with these exceptions it is hard to find a fault in her.’

Dd 14th Jan ’85 Marriage solemnised at Holy Trinity Church Rhyl by the bridegroom’ elder brother Rev Morris Piddocke, between Captain John Leonard Piddocke b '49, solicitor of Weston under Penyard, and Mrs Adelaide Wilkin née Bruce b ‘55 at 11 Sussex Place Plumstead Road Woolwich, of Rhyl - arguably residing at the country residence Bod Donwen East Parade of her father-in-law Mr Wm Wilkin. Adelaide married in '79 Mr John Lewis Wilkin, of ‘John L Wilkin & Co’ - wine & spirits merchants at 11 Union court Old Broadstreet London – Contractors to His Majesty’ Government, the son of Mr William Wilkin b ‘19, Receiver General for His Majesty' Crown rents - of 15 Hyde Park Street London. The young couple lived at 1 Merton villa Buxted Street Lewisham, but after four years Adelaide petitioned for divorce, the same year Mr J L Wilkin went bankrupt. The census ‘01 mentions the widowed Adelaide Piddocke living with her sis Minnie and their aged father Robert at 37 Keppel Street Bloomsbury London. At right Captain J L Piddocke’ nephew Rev Morris Maurice Piddocke ’69-49, vicar of Kirknewton nr Edinburgh and keen naturalist, particularly on birds.

Published dd Oct ‘92 in the British fancier under editorship of Mr Theo Marples, possibly the first specialist periodical that, in addition to its canine coverage, catered to poultry and pigeon fanciers. A few years later Mr Marples persuaded several fellow canine enthusiasts to form a publishing Co capable of producing a weekly newspaper dedicated to the canine world, namely ‘Our Dogs’. - The mentioned illustration mentioned re the Piddockes’ Brampton Beauty & Plutarch is still at large.


Captain Piddocke commenced breeding with Bessy bred by Kensington breeder Mr Edwin Nichols. He mated Bessy to Baron bred by Rev Bulkeley Jones of Ruthin Wales – Hannah ex Mr Beaufoys ch Nero’ elder brother Cymro -. Hannah b ’71 bred by Mr Lythall - Nancy ex Paris -. Nancy bred by Mr Chas Bathurst - Bathurst Druid' sis Juno ex ch Turk' brother Wolf -; Paris bred by Mr Aitchison – Juno ex ch Turk -; Juno - Di ex Mr Ashford’ Hector -; Di bred by Mr T H V Lukey - Nell ex Mr Bill George’ Tiger -.

Captain Piddocke’ wife Adelaide was one of the six children Mr Robert Bruce, b Stepney ’23, Steward of St Mary's Convict Prison, and Adelaide Ann Arrow née Waller b Westminster. St Mary’s Convict Prison, built on St Mary’s Island Medway - Kent, opened Sept ’56 on the break up of the Warrior and Defence prison hulks at Woolwich as a public works prison for male convicts. Notorious for riots which broke out at the prison in early ‘61. In ‘74 the staff was led by Major James C Farquarson, governor, Captain J Christal & Henry Stuart Johnson, deputy governors, Robert Bruce, steward. It had approximately 1,700 prisoners, and staff of 232 including 117 armed wardens. It was once selected for the receipt of ‘star class’ convicts: men with no previous convictions sent here for public works but kept separate from other classes of prisoners.

The Piddockes’ arguably best Mastiff was ch Ogilvie b March ‘89 – ch Montgomery’ dau Zillah III ex Rev Van Doorne' Orlando II -. At the Agricultural Hall K C Show dd April   ’90 the Rev Van Doorne awarded the 13 months old Ogilvie – see at left Crystal Palace Oct '91 winners - the prize for best Mastiff in the show, that in stiff competition against ch Beaufort' son ch Lord Stafford, ch Hotspur, ch Count Orlando, Ayrshire, &c. Ch Ogilvie sired ch Brampton Beauty & ch Mark Antony, and grandsired ch Peter Piper, ch Ha Ha, ch Marcella, and ch Marksman. He also grandsired Am ch Black Peter' & ch Hollands Black Boy' sire Jonathan, ch Elgiva' sire Ethelred, ch Clarice' sire The Cadet, and ch Colonel Cromwell' sire Invicta.

Ch Ogilvie' sibling, the aptly named ‘Cobrey Bruce’ owned by Mrs Adelaide Piddocke, was described by the judge Rev Van Doorne as – ‘A grand-bodied nice dark brindle with stern and hinder parts like a bull. His ears and eyes are all right, and he is strong under the eyes, and bears inspection in the face, but his skull is plain and rounded and he is rather long in muzzle which could do with a little more substance.’ - Mr T W Allen dd Dec ’90 – ‘Cobrey Bruce is one of the finest coloured dark brindles I have ever seen; he is a splendid mover, with excellent quarters & well developed thigh muscles; he somewhat coarse, especially his stern & head, in my judgment, exhibits too much Newfoundland character.’ - Dr Turner dd May ‘91 - ‘ Cobrey Bruce is splendid bodied with the best of hind quarters, quite broad enough at the end of muzzle, which is also too long.’ –

At left dd Jan ’67 - Given his 190 lb weight incl size of ears, the 17 months old Jason - valued £300 - was not at all a Bull-Mastiff but a Mastiff. Born ca July ’65, the KC Breed Supplements mention only three time-framed litters. From those the most obvious option is the one bred by Mrs P Day – ch Moonsfield Baron’ dau Hollesley Leonora ex ch Weatherhill Thor -, containing two males.


1) Am ch H- Nelson – see centre - exported to Greco breeder Mrs Norma Jean Greco who earlier on imported Am ch Havengore Ginna from a litter of seventeen b Oct ’63 – H- Adam’ dau Havengore Delia ex ch H- Dawn’ brother Havengore Caradoc –. Ginna’ litter sis H- Faith got cc’s under Messrs Stanley Dangerfield & Joe Braddon. 2) H- Trelawney – probably pet named ‘Jason’ after his grandad - and arguably exported to Bulawayo Rhodesia, which rings a bell.

Mrs Jack Hardy, OEMC President ’31-49, was together with Hollesley breeder Mrs P Day et al responsible for the breed revival in the very early post-WWII years, but unfortunately Mrs Hardy emigrated in '52 South Africa, being on the passengers list of the ship Capetown leaving Southampton - destination the Cape, arguably in order to settle at the British Crown colony Southern Rhodesia, particularly Bulawayo, as there are references of a ‘Mrs Hardy’ living there.  Note - After her husband Jack Hardy, son of Hardys Crown Breweries, was killed at the Battle of Loos France dd ’15, Mrs Frances Elizabeth Hardy - née Cunliffe Goodall – remained to be known as ‘Mrs Jack Hardy’ - see for more Miscellanea Four. Other Southern Rhodesia exports were Ch Copenore Friar' elder brother Copenore Drifter b '64 - Weyacres Lincoln' day Saxondale Cleopatra ex Copenore Jason - and Hollesley Sulla b '64 - H- Leonora ex Copenore Jason' son Warren - purchased by Mrs L Jooste.


Mrs Pamela Day née Clark – Hollesley - was one of those clever ladies who combined a small but quality kennel of mainly broods with a network of first-class stud owners, and therefore kept only very few males, a/o at right  a rough-coated fella arguably from the litter – ch H- Dagda’ sis Melody ex Buckhall Baron Wolsey’ son Oxhaege Thorkel -, handled by Mrs Day' daughter Tigger.

Dd Jan ’88 - Father Richard Brown of St Mary-the-Virgin Harrow London. Mr Gilbert Keith Chesterton ’74-36, was a philosopher, lay theologian, literary & art critic, and writer of the Father Brown Stories publ ’10-36. He has been referred to as the ‘prince of paradox’. One of his quotes -   ‘I always like a dog so long as he isn't spelled backward'. - The litter Father Richard Brown bred was born 23th Nov '87 – Bulliff Zeb' dau Bulliff Epic Epoc aka 'Freya' ex Bulliff Razzermataz -, a/o Black Bomber owned by the Bulliff breeders Mr/Mrs Chris & Lyn Say who sadly passed away in '19 both aged 81. - At right – No 72 ch Bulliff Warrior – double Crufts winner, and his paternal uncle Bulliff Razzermataz which sired a/o the brindle Bulliff Zeb.

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