James Morris of Union Place Oswestry & Old Flora , perhaps maternal granddam to ch Crown Prince

Here below two articles re ch Crown Prince’ ancestral family ; the first by MB Wynn published in the American Kennel Register Dec 1885 mentions two daughters , Countess (2361) & Duchess (2366) , out of Morris’ Old Flora sired by ch Turk’ son Sultan ; Countess 2361 - see below at left - should become dam ch The Emperor , the latter considered by MB Wynn & others as being the ‘natural’ sire of ch Crown Prince ; the second one being a show report , published in the Stock-keeper Nov 1880 , which mentions Vaga (KCSB 7453 out of Empress (by Sultan out of old Flora) sired by ch Wolsey. So Vaga’ dam Empress was full sis to ch Countess, presumed by a number of the then breed fanciers  as  being ch Crown Prince’ granddam along ch The Emperor.

Quite astonishing to realize both articles refer in some way or another to the Bulldog hue , ie Countess - 'being short bodied and somewhat too chunky or clumpish in build (expression expected by MB Wynn as originating from Staffordshire bulldog-loving colliers) vs Countess’ sis Vaga - ‘being decidedly bulldog-like even to the crink in the tail’ . Or another piece of the Crown Prince’ puzzle , so perhaps more weight should be given to the presumption Old Flora carried indeed some (near) Bulldog blood rather than to the KCSB record she was  of  (pure ?) Lyme origin  !

MB Wynn mentions  hereabove in the American Kennel Register Dec 1885 it wasn’t James Morris of Oswestry but his renowned cousin Sir John Morris , Knight , who purchased (in 1871) Old Flora , already in whelp from ch Turk’ son Sultan . This John Morris was recorded at Wightwick in the 1861 census , aged 39 , with a wife and three children . 

In his living-in household he employed a governess , a cook , a housemaid and a nurse ; he is described as an artificial manure manufacturer and farmer . An envelope , with printed pre-paid stamp , and printed address suggests that Sir John Morris (1822-1889 at Courtfield , Bycullah Park nr Enfield) was a busy correspondent . In 1866, a statue, being nine feet high carved from Sicilian marble by the London’ artist William Theed (1804-1891) , was erected in memory of her late Prince Albert , the unveiling of which brought Queen Victoria to Wolverhampton .

This newspaper snippet dd 28 Nov ’73 about ‘A boy attacked by Mastiffs’ reports about Mastiffs owned by Mr James Morris who bred a litter dd June ’73 from Old Flora’ daughter Duchess sired by Wolf’ Langsyne resulting in a/o Queen Bess, Maud & Montague, the latter 2nd prize at Wolverhampton ’74 owned by his breeder but then sold to Mr E Shaw of 15 Brighton terrace Brixton London and winning a 3rd prize at Crystal Palace ‘75.

The statue stands in Queen Square , previously known as Market Square (see below at left) , and is referred to by many locals as simply ‘the Man on the Horse’. The unveiling of the statue was the first public appearance Queen Victoria had made since the funeral of her husband the Prince Consort . A forty feet tall archway made of coal was constructed for the visit . The Queen was so pleased with the Statue that she knighted the then Mayor, the industrialist Sir John Morris (see above at left) residing at Elsmdale Hall (see at right) .

About this statue there has been a good deal of controversy . The man is Prince Albert , and his horse has both legs striding forward on the same side , like a camel . People said that no horse ever had such an action ; they even erroneously said the sculptor (ed- Wm Theed above at right) had committed suicide when told what he’s done . In the 1871 census Sir John Morris is still at Elmsdale Hall , Wightwick – Wolverhampton , with his wife and three children , and six servants including a housekeeper and groom .  He was then described as a manufacturing chemist , artificial manure manufacturer (ed- his cousin the breeder James Morris being perhaps his ‘agent’ for manures) , Knight & Justice of the Peace .  But by the 1881 census he is in a smaller household in Bell Lane , Tettenhall . He is described as Alderman , Kt JP & chemical manure manufacturer .  The entry says that the number of his employees has been returned by other partners .