The nineties

The 1990ties – the huge increase in numbers of litters born during the former decades came to an end . Approx 870 litters were born in the 90s , an increase of some twenty percent compared to the 1980s and it seemed as if the breed has reached its border of popularity in Great Britain . At left - Commorate plaque dd 1990 of the Centenary of the Crystal     Palace Exhibition dd 1880.   Judge of the day was Craigavon breeder Mr Richard Cogan of Wales awarding cc's to Farnaby Touch of Class' son ch Trevabyn Mr Snowman, and  ch Arciniegas Lion' dau ch Cccchevelu Blodeuwedd.

Thé highlight in the nineties was certainly the OEMC ch show at Pyleigh Manor August ’91 as it felt as an ultimate goodbye to dedicated breed stalwarts as the Day family of Hollesley and their close friend Mrs Phil Greenwell . Seldom one may find a show venue presenting the same level of relaxed , almost familiar , atmosphere closeby an old manor , famous for its pedigree attested Jersey cattle & Mastiffs . Splendid weather , large ring , comfortable straw bales and embedded in summergreen shrubbery - Rural Britain at its best .

A Cameo about the judge Mr George Rice Down 1907-1997 of Eastbourne – Sussex .

Quote – ‘Qualified as a dental surgeon at Guy's Hospital before WWII but in 1939 forsook private practice and volunteered for the army , serving in the Army Dental Corps , stationed in Northampton . It was through this service he met Nora , a company commander whose troops visited the dental centre . George' service days took him to India , Egypt and on a hospital ship to South Africa & America before his release with the rank of major . He returned to the dental practice and later joined the staff of the Dental Estimates Board and was senior dental adviser when he retired . The Downs' kennel name has been borne by a number of breeds . From the 1950s the Weycombe kennel became known for its successful Staffordshire Bull Terriers , Pugs , Smooth Chihuahuas and Japanese Chin , with the Downs breeding or making up several champions in each variety. The Downs also had Bull Mastiffs , Schipperkes , Whippets , Smooth Fox Terriers & Yorkies .  Mr George R Down joined the Kennel Club in 1961 and was a member of the General Committee for 15 years. He judged extensively overseas , awarded CCs in 37 breeds (ed note - Mastiffs 7x) and judged the Terrier , Utility, Working and Toy groups . In 1995 , thirty-seven years after he first awarded cc’s , he judged BIS at Crufts . His wife Mrs Nora B Down is also a popular judge , and approved for 28 breeds (ed note a/o the Mastiff - in '92 BOB ch (Meps) Brave Chaka & BOS ch Farnaby Fortune Teller), three groups and BIS .’ 

Mrs GMK Ede MBE , the show manager , mentioned in her report - 'This year' Championship show held on the President' lawn was very much appreciated by those who braved  the traffic and marred only by the absence of the President herself who was in hospital (Members will be glad to learn that the President' stay in hospital was short , she is home now and very much better) . We were very happy to see several visitors from the continent and America who had not been detained by traffic difficulties . The judge , Mr Down , arrived at the very last moment after a long hold up on the M5 and went straight into the ring .'

Mr Down selected for BOB  Farnaby Touch of Class, as a pup purchased by the Trevabyn breeder Mrs Sargeant and transferred back to Mesdames EJ Baxter & G Sargeant and Prixcan Braykinin Marcasite owned by Miss MJ Manfredi ; it finally became 'Jacob' ,  an almost 6y old apricot brindle (out of ch Lesdon W Bear Esq' daughter Farnaby Special Features sired by ch Trevabyn Black Ice) without any other cc (or reserve cc) on his complete show account  whereas the fifteen months old youngster Marcasite (ch Prixcan Countach ex Zanfi Lammergier' daughter Prixcan Kyalami) ,   had already won four reserve cc's and was made up the following year . Reserve cc's went to  the 13m old ch Delbeech Zorab (being out of Princess Ninja sired by Grangemoor Archie Gander' son Delbeech Casey and owned by the Hicks family)  & Mssrs Thomas & Tugwell' ch Chevelu Blodeuwedd .  Note in regard to the 1st photograph hereabove - at left the 5y old Hollesley Molly Malone (Grangemoor Archie Gander ex Hollesley Mermaid) handled by Miss Hilary Day , at right the 2 1/2 y old Farnaby Helan Hiwater (ch Trevabyn Black Ice ex ch Farnaby Fraze & Fable) owned by Mr TW Meech .

PS - Farnaby Touch of Class' paternal G6 son Ch Faynad Frankincense became at the OEMC ch show Aug ’18 the latest overall breed cc record holder; the line goes along G1 Farnaby Full Fathom Five, G2 Solocroft Agar, G3 Cadermist King Psion, G4 Cadermist Prince Igor and G5 Cadermist Earl of Igor - all brindles except for King Psion, a fawn. 

The catalogue mentioned Mr Raymond Boatwright as one of the competitors but unfortunately he didn't turned up with his trio , ie the Am import ch Fantasy' In the Night , Falmorehall Aphrodite & his promising youngster ch (Meps) Brave Chaka (ch Glynpedr Dom Perignon ex Meps Dark Ranee) who got half a year later BOB at Crufts under Mrs EJ Baxter before becoming Top winning Mastiff male of 1992 ; at Crufts   '93 under all-rounder Miss Jean Lanning he became BOB for the 2nd time and finally collected ten cc's , a/o under Mr G R Down' wife Mrs Nora B Down .

Mrs EJ Baxter wrote in her Crufts '92 report - 'Brave Chaka - A dark brindle and to me the star of the show ; looking at his breeding afterwards I can see why . He has the kind if head I was looking for - big , flat skull , clean cheeks , correct stop and lovely deep muzzle . Small dark eye and all this coupled with excellent bone and a massive body . Everything was in proportion and he filled the eye . He had strong hindquarters and correct broad second thighs . He moved a little close behind but quite freely . Also a good temperament . There was nothing to  beat him .' For adepts of measurements , there's an advert (incl the pic here at left) which mentions Chaka' coordinates as following - weight 207 lbs/94 kg , height 33i/84cm , chest 46i/117cm , neck 30i/76cm & head circumference 31i/79cm  .

(Meps) Brave Chaka' fawn brother (Meps) Dignified John was also made up through cc's awarded by Mr Richard Thomas , Mrs Di Johnson & Mrs Jill Hicks ; their sis the brindle (Meps) Cabeca , owned by Cenninpedr breeder Mrs EM Davies ,  got also two cc's , ie under Damaria breeder Mrs Mary Joynes (reserve for ch Marcolian Rhannas Flower) & Mr Paul Williams (reserve for ch Prixcan Esprit d'Amour) and a reserve cc under Graham Hicks (cc for ch Damaria Princess  Nina) .

Ch Damaria Princess Nena was the last Damaria bred Mastiff who was made up , that due to the unfortunate passing away of breeder Mrs Mary Joynes . Nina was b Nov '91 out of ch Damaria Count Magnum' daughter D- Princess Rheba sired by Count Magnum' grandson D- Durango , the latter sired  by the Am import Oranshire Brutus Britt (Oranshire Astro ex Oranshire Winsome April)  . D- Durango' sis  ch Damaria Sweet Georgia (Oranshire Brutus Britt ex Damaria Queen Dalukah) was made up by cc's under Meps breeder Miss Marguerite Perrenoud , Mrs Jill Hicks & Mr Douglas Oliff .

Champions aside ,  an important Damaria bred was certainly D- Powerful Magic (Gildasan Silver Crown ex ch Zanfi Tanya) , reserve cc under Mrs EJ Baxter (cc for ch Bredwardine Bwchlygroes) , but more importantly  is  that  before he was exported to Australia , he has sired a Darkling litter out of  Lady Rosamunde (Powerful Magic' maternal half brother Damaria Prince Oedipuse ex Darkling Cinnamon) which resulted in a/o Darkling Magic Mister (grandsire of ch Cedwalla Sweet Charity) & D- Magic Mistress , dam of ch Darkling Paddington Bear & sis D- Eilidh , the latter dam of ch's Darkling Finbar & D- Finn McCumhal .

Mr Raymond J Boatwright may have been one of the youngest , if not the youngest  post-WW II Crufts judge of the Mastiff breed . But certainly not surprising having handled , bred & owned many champions of the breed  . He was the one who personally assisted the difficult mateing  which led to the birth of that famous  Hollesley litter containing Medicine Man & Rowella ; he was the one who provided quite a number of British & overseas fanciers breeding stock of 'distinctive' quality  , a feature not that common in Mastiff land .  Here below fr l to r Countach , Hudson & Poseuse .

At the end of his Glynpedr breeding career he imported the US male Fantasy' In the Night b June '90 &  bred by Mrs Melody Fuller out of Glynpedr Tizer' granddaughter Fantasy' Heaven Sent sired by Deer Run  Ivan' son Deer Run Ezekiel . Fantasy' In the Night was made up under all-rounder Ronald W James , and David & Mary Joynes of Damaria (reserves went to Lion' sons Brookview Bonheddig & ch Bredwardine Boysfafawr and Brongest' son Tarahumara Trojan) .

Ch Fantasy In the Night sired four litters , a/o two Prixcan litters , ie 1) dd Feb '92 out of ch Prixcan Espada resulting in  ch Prixcan Esprit , P- Eclat (2 cc's - see pic here below 3rd row at left) & P- Elite (1 cc) , 2) dd July '92 out of Espada' daughter ch Prixcan Poseuse which gave ch Prixcan Mandate . 

Ch Prixcan Poseuse' brother P- Provocateur , mated to ch Prixcan Braykinin Marcasite' sis - Whitby Jet produced Prixcan  Chimaera b March '93 . Cedwalla breeder Mrs Pam Chidwick wrote about him - '1st Puppy Class - Prixcan Chimaera (ed note 11m old)  , a very tall fawn dog , with a lovely black mask on a beautiful head . This puppy has excellent bone , great length of body and a good bend of stifle . He is narrow and close at the rear but is young and will be outstanding if this improves . - Best Puppy' ; at 26 months old already the  recipient of cc's under Mrs Janet Atkinson (reserve for ch Bredwardine Boysfafawr) & Mrs J Webberley (reserve for Leyfarm Morgan) and a reserve cc  under Mr Chris Say  (cc for ch Marcolian Ceeu Jimmy) .  Unaware about what happened hereafter as there's no single  further spur of Chimaera in later KC show records .

Ch Fantasy In the Night' son ch Prixcan Esprit , mated to ch Prixcan Morgaine Le Fee ( Countach ex Almeria) , produced  Prixcan champion sisters Gage d'Amour & - Esprit d' Amour at Lygonhall , the latter owned by Mr/Mrs Pass . Ch Fantasy In the Night other son  Prixcan Elite , mated to  1) ch Delbeech Zorab' sis   Annabelle ,  resulted in  Prixcan champions Deraneira & Mr/Mrs Dann' Diomedes  and mated to 2) Ambyson Nerissa (ch Trevabyn Mr Snowman ex Cops & Robbers' daughter Megan Shooting Star) gave ch Ambyson Aphrodite b Jan '97 and made up twenty months later .

Poseuse' sis , mated to ch Pixcan Braykinin Marcasite's brother Anthracite ,  gave Mrs J Connolly' Prixcan Vedette b June '94 , recipient of two cc's and , taking aside Shute Alice b '69- 2 cc's & 8 res cc's , a post-WW II record of not less than six reserve cc's  (resp cc's went to ch Cedwalla Sweet Charity 2x ,   ch Bredwardine Brenhines 3x &  ch Chevelu Charlotte) .

In March 1990 a  Bulliff litter was born out of Bulliff Zeb' younger sis B- Gallie Gullie (Bulliff Razzermataz ex Bulliff Hamilco' daughter B- Palham) sired by ch Farnaby Fraze & Fable' brother F- Fortune Finder (ch Damaria Count Magnum ex ch Parcwood  Bear' daughter F- Special Features) . Their daughter ch Bulliff Ubiquitous Uli was quite successful winning eight cc's , mainly under breed specialists . Uli' cousin ch Farnaby Fringe Benefit (F- Touch of Class ex ch F- Fraze & Fable) even collected ten cc tickets and his photograph decorated the frontcover of the very first Big Boys Own , the brand new 'glossy' OEMC magazine which came out Spring  '96 .

Uli was owned by the Marcolian breeder Mrs Margaret Golightly who mated her to  Bulliff Gallie Gullie' grandson Bulliff Stormy Spirit which resulted in three Marcolian champions , ie M- Ceann More , Mr/Mrs Knight' M- Rhannas Flower & Mr/Mrs Bowen' M- Ceeu Jimmy , all made up under the age of three .  The OEMC Ch Show '94 may have been a ver happy day for Mrs Golightly as Mrs Margaret P Everton (of Impton Great Dane kennels) awarded the cc & reserve cc to her females , resp ch Marcolian Ceann Mor & dam ch Bulliff Ubiquitous Uli (BOB ch (Meps) Brave Chaka & res cc ch Farnaby Fringe Benefit' brother F- Fathom Five aka 'Bezza' owned  by the fine artist  (link here) Miss Wendy Taylor & Mr Steve Attfield of Beezaville kennels) .

At Crufts '93 , as already mentioned , Mr Boatwright' ch (Meps) Brave Chaka got his 2nd successive BOB whereas Miss Jean Lanning'  other cc went to the 23m old Tresylyan Dolly Daydream owned by the Ormondstow breeder Miss Sheila Critchley & bred by Mr Keith Taylor out of ch Zanfi Imperial Eagle' daughter Brookview Lucy Lastic sired by Damaria Chieftain (Huegeness Golden Apollo ex ch Zanfi Tanya' daughter Damaria Princess Rhyanon) ; reserve cc's for Fitsam Baron Blue (sired by Clochodrick Bute - ch Zanfi Imperial Eagle ex ch Glynpedr Ferrira) and ch Longendale Princess Athenée .

Tresylyan Dolly Daydream got her 2nd cc under Mr Louis McDonald of Longendale (reserve cc for Baron Blue' sis F- Zara) and finally made up after winning a 2nd successive Crufts cc , that under Mrs Phillis B Teversham who also made her Crufts '94 BOB , therein beating the male cc ch Trevabyn Mr Snowman .  Ch Tresylyan Dolly Daydream traced back along both parents to ch Copenore Rab' daughter Grangemoor Gilda (f4/f3) via her resp Zanfi offspring (Tanya & Imp Eagle) and was maternal half sis to ch Tresylyan Brogan & his sis ch Tresylyan Bittersweet . Here below in the centre Dolly , at left ch Zanfi Tanya' brother carrying a great historical name , ie 'Orlando' and at right a pic of  Fitsam Baron Blue' paternal uncle Clochodrick Skye , bred & owned by  Mr/Mrs Henry & Joyce Jagielko of Scotland .

In 1994 the Mastiff Association , founded by a/o Mr Douglas Oliff , held its 1st Championship show . Ch Tresylyan Dolly Dream got the reserve cc - 'A lovely big fawn bitch with an excellent head , expression and bone . She has the correct length of body , is wide throughout with good rear angulation . A quality bitch in the best class of the day .' under the judge of the day - Cedwalla breeder Mrs Pam Chidwick who awarded the cc & BOB to  Honeycroft Goldilocks reporting - ' She filled my eye . She is an outstanding bitch . - Bitch CC .'    Goldilocks was born Sept '91 out of  Honeycroft  Fiddlesticks (ch Bulliff Warrior ex ch Honeycroft Eliza) sired by ch Glynpedr Dom Perignon' son Falmorehall Hudson  ; her four grandparents  all trace back to ch Hollesley Medicine Man , b  Jan '78 .

Her show career starts at the age of only 11 months with a reserve cc at the OEMC Ch show '92 under Bredwardine breeder Mr Richard Thomas (cc for ch Tresylyan Bittersweet) , followed by a cc under Mrs P Greenwell (cc for ch Tresylyan Dolly Daydream) and  was made up under Mr Richard Thomas (reserve for ch Damaria Princess Nina) . Here above Goldilocks together with her   double maternal gr-great grandsire ch Honeycroft Danny Boy   photographed at the age of 8 . Danny lived up to the respectable age of eleven years & two months .

The 14m old Wheeler Dealer , owned by Miss Susan L Wilson , took a splendid show start  getting BOB  at the OEMC Ch show '92 under Bredwardine  breeder Mr Richard Thomas , followed in '93 & '95 by a reserve cc's at Leeds , resp beaten by Brongest' son ch Bredwardine Bwlchllan & Poseuse' son ch Prixcan Mandate and ending his career in '96 by getting BOB at Crufts '96 (again under Mr Thomas)  and two reserves , ie under Mrs B Banbury (cc for ch Marcolian Ceeu Jimmy) & all-rounder Mr Terry Thorn who awarded the cc to  Miss Susan L Wilson' Bugeilyn , paternal half brother of Wheeler Dealer (by Bredwardine Brongest) resp out of ch (Merrowlea) Brigadier' sis M- Lady Edna (owned by Mrs TP Barton) and ch Apollon Sindiswa' sis A- Bonisa (owned by Santmichal breeders Mr/Mrs Rischmiller)

Ch Bredwardine Bwlchllan mated back to his dam  ch Chevelu Blodeuwedd produced Mr/Mrs Seager & Ms Lewis' ch Bredwardine Brenhines ,   July '93 , who got cc's from Mr David Joynes  and all-rounders Mrs Zena Thorn , Mrs Margaret Everton & Mrs Pamela Cross Stern . Blodeuwed' brother Chevelu Barrg mated to Brongest' sis Bredwardine Bronwaen resulted in Mr RH Nixon' ch Bredwardine Boysfafawr aka 'Bubba' , b April '91 , and made up by cc's under Mr Graham Hicks , Mrs Jill Hicks & Tresylyan breeder Mr Keith Taylor . Note - in the centre pic next to 'Bubba' (Boysfafawr) stands 'Bruno' aka Peritas Argos b April '86  & bred by Mr/Mrs Carter out of out of Byebrue Amber (of Gildasan parentage)  sired by MM' son ch Hollesley Lord Rupert.

Born  the same month & year was ch Darkling Paddington Bear (bred by Mrs Rice & Mrs Webberley out of Damaria Powerful Magic' daughter Darkling Magic Mistress sired by ch Trevabyn Mr Snowman) ,  at 3y 4m already recipient of not less than thirteen cc's incl  the one  at the 1st Mastiff Association ch show  under Cedwalla breeder Mrs Pam Chidwick who wrote - 'An apricot, not very large but a lovely type . He has an excellent head , his ears framing his face , giving that highly desirable but rarely seen square outline . He has a true Mastiff expression and a good length of body but I would prefer a slightly longer leg .'

Paddington Bear' sis Darkling Eilidh , mated to ch Bredwardine Brongest , produced two Darkling champion brothers b Nov '94 & owned by Mssrs Thomas & Tugwell , ie  the brindle D- Finbar & the tad larger fawn D- Finn Mac Cumhal . Finbar got in '97 four cc's in a row and a/o cc's at Crufts '98 & 2000 and at the MA '99 . Mac Cumhal' 1st cc was at the MA ch show '98 under Mr Terry Thorn and made up the same year by cc's under  Mr Cogan of Craigavon & Mrs Jill Hicks  ; the next year Mac Cumhal became BOB at Crufts under Dr Ronald W  James  whereas  Finbar completed the joy by winning the reserve cc .

The judge of the day reported - 'ch Darkling Finn Mac Cumhal , this most impressive fully mature male was my cc & BOB winner and I was pleased to see that he was among the six finalists selected in the Group competition . Lovely size of good breed type with a large correctly proportioned head and skull . Strong arched neck carried on a strong body with correctly  constructed fore & hindquarters . Moves truly from all angles with controlled front extension an rear drive giving an impression of strength , nobility & stamina . Ch Darkling Finbar , one I have already awarded a cc and would have been happy to do so again today had he not to compete with his litter brother and be relegated to res cc on this occasion . Overall size & head/skull proportions were the deciding factors in splitting these two excellent exhibits .'

Finbar , mated , to his sis Darkling Grainia , resulted in ch Darkling Hector b July '98 who was made up bycc's in 2002 under Mrs M Wildman , Famrise breeder Mrs Jackie Critoph & Bulliff breeder Mrs Lyn Say . Mac Cumhal , mated to Mrs S C Hodgson' Jengren Ploughman (Barrg'  son Bredwardine Brynblodau ex ch (Meps) Dignified John' daughter Jengren Nightingale) produced ch Bwlchygwyn made up by cc's in'99 under Ormondstow breeder Miss Sheila Critchley , Mr P Sargeant & Mr Bill Toogood of Wickhaven kennels .

Ch Darkling Paddington Bear' maternal uncle Darkling Magic Master double grandsired Cedwalla Sweet Charity b April (C Warwick ex C- Harriet) granddams being ch C- Sweet Ellenor & C- Rosalind (Dom Perignon ex Saucy Sarah) ; Charity was another multi-winner incl BOB at the OEMC ch show  '95 , Crufts cc's '95 & '96 and BOB at the MA ch show '86 .

Her paternal half sis ch Chevelu Charlotte (both by Cedwalla Warwick) b Sept ’93 was out of Chevelu Daisy (ch Arciniega’ Lion ex ch Glynpedr Dom Perignon’ daughter Chevely Aprill Doll ; she got cc’s under Herr Habig , Tresylyan breeder Mr Keith Taylor & all-rounder Mrs B Banbury . Charlotte became maternal granddam of another Chevelu champion, ie C- Amber Silk b Aug ’98 out of Mesrak Mystic Shadow’ daughter Chevelu Amber sired by ch Brookview Bo Filette’ paternal half brother Brookview Imaluke (both by Monti de Leone) . Note – Mr/Mrs Robson Jones’ Mesrak Mystic Shadow (b May ’95 & bred by Mrs MDM Wade out of Kumormai Gabriella sired by Czaracyna Zelig Warrior) got two cc’s & 3 reserve cc’s , resp cc’s went to ch Darkling Finbar 2x & Luvalump Lives A Lemon .

Monti de Leone’ son ch Bredwardine Bwclyllew owned by Mr RH Nixon & bred out of a Brongest inbred brood Bredwardine Broteifi , got his cc’s under Mrs Laurens , Mr Douglas Oliff & Mrs Margaret Everton ; another Monti de Leone’ son Helmlake Rock n Roll sired ch Fearnought The Barbarian b Feb ’99 and bred & owned by Mr Glyn Payne out of Wyecaple Tosca , daughter of Wheeler Dealer’ brother Archimedes Joe . Barbarian was also a multi-winner .

A special case was Mr/Mrs Levingston’ ch Dellmagyar Lanze , b Sep ’93 , bred in Australia (Nyumbasimba Captain ex Karmandra Dweet Heart) by Mr/Mrs Dobo ; his f4 ascent in male line was ch Hollesley Dare Devil and traces also back to Fanifold Sirius bred by Dr Andy Mayne who lived in Cornwall (Calstock village) and participated in the early post-WW II breeding in Britain before emigrating to Australia .

Lanze’ 1st KC show record was already a BOB incl cc under Mrs Jill Hicks (reserve ch Kumormai Pride & Prejudice) at the LKA ’96 , traditionally the last show of the year when he was 3+y old . In ’97 he got two reserve cc’s under Mr Boatwright (cc for ch Brave Chaka’ son Domas Bradbury) &  Zanfi breeder Mr Nick Waters (cc for Bulliff Yli Ytregend) , made up by two remaining cc’s under Mrs Chris Say & all-rounder Mr J McManus , after which he disappeared from the KC radar and leaving no offspring in Britain .

Miss K Taylor’ ch Pinball Wizard , b Nov ’96 , was  bred by Mr AM O'Dowd out of Igor’ Queen sired by Amastellaire Titus , not directly  noted names but looking back to the 3rd/4th generation there's to be found the usual stuff , ie ch Arciniega’ Lion 3x , Farnaby Touch of Class 2x , Dom Perignon & Huegeness Golden Apollo . He was a really large specimen who got his cc’s under all-rounder Mrs Ann Arch , Saltcountry breeder Mr John Steele & Mr Connol Coan of Andwell .

Ch Benbows Mandy b Nov ’97 , owned by Saltcountry breeder Mr John Steele & bred by Mr R Bartlett out of  Chevelu Barrg’ daughter Bredwardine Boneirin sired by Saltcountry King Solomon’ son Dawnbrook Widget Man , got her cc’s under Mr Bill Toogood , Gildasan breeder Mrs Robson-Jones & allrounder Mrs B Banbury . Mandy , mated to Ankerston Yew Tree Yeti , produced ch Saltcountry Lady Docker , cc’s under Fitsam breeder Mr Barry Ledwards , Mrs EJ Baxter & Mr Vuorinen of Finland .

Ch Mountkora Cockney Rebel b Nov ’93 , owned & bred by Mr/Mrs Kerr out of ch Damaria Princess Nina’ sis D- Princess Rheba sired by Damaria Powerful Magic’ son Damaria Master Gunner ; Rebel got cc’s under Meps breeder Miss Marguerite Perrenoud , Herr Habig & Tresylyan breeder Mr Keith Taylor . Having seen in the flesh at his Damaria home Rebel’ sire Master Gunner , it’s not said to much that he was a low-set , broad and highly extrovert powerhouse example of the breed . Great dog !

Ch Kumormai Pride & Prejudice & his sis ch K- Eliza Bennett , b Dec ’95 & bred by Mrs Elaine Fletcher out of ch Tresylyan Brogan’ daughter Kumormai Muskateers Lady sired by ch (Merrowlea) Brigadier’ son Czaracyna Zelig Warrior who also sired Mr/Mrs Johnson’ Little Malaika , recipient of 2 cc’s & 3 reserve cc’s . Prejudice , a very big dog , was made up at the age of 17 months & sis Eliza at 21 months . Eliza Bennett , mated to Prejudice’ son Ochterlonie Sir Galahad , produced ch Kumormai All Gold b Aug ’99 and also an early maturer as made up at 21 months old .

Ch Rotherco Belonga Judd b Feb ’94 owned & bred by Mr/Mrs Cook out of Rotherco Morning Glory  sired by ch (Merrowlea) Brigadier’ maternal uncle Son of Zeus ; Glory out of Tmaramara Kiconlear’ daughter Gildasan Welsh Robber sired by her paternal nephew Damaria Powerful Magic . Judd got cc’s under Bulliff breeder Mrs Lyn Say at the OEMC Ch show ’88 , Prixcan breeder Mrs MJ Manfredi & Farnaby breeder Mrs EJ Baxter , resp reserve cc’s went to ch Jengren Pluto’ son Cedwalla Prince Charming , ch Jengren Pluto & Luvalump Lifes A Lemon .

Ch Jengren Pluto b Aug ’93 owned & bred by Mrs Thelma Green out of Jengren Thunderbird sired by ch (Meps Dignified John’ son Craigavon Taboo . Pluto’ maternal grandsire Lord Tosca was brother of ch (Merrowlea) Brigadier’ grandsire Worstead Landlord & of Bunters Hazy Day which sired Sallymas The Conqueror (cc’s under Mr Douglas Oliff & Miss M Perrenoud , res reserves ch Trevabyn Mr Snowman & Saltcountry Mr Spock) . Pluto got already two cc’s at the age of 14 months old and became a multi-winner , a/o Crufts ’96 cc , Crufts’ 97 cc & BOB & reserve cc at Crufts ’98 .

Miss MJ Manfredi’ Prixcan Blasine & Mr/Mrs Pass’ ch Prixcan Morded &, both b Jan ’97 out of ch Prixcan Esprit d’Amour sired by Craigavon Taboo . Blasine was made up at the age of 19 months after cc’s awarded by Faerdorn breeder MRS Harvey , Tresylyan breeder Mr Keith Taylor & Gildasan breeder Mrs Robson-Jones ; Mordred got his three first cc’s from Honeycroft breeders Mrs J Atkinson & Miss T Atkinson and Glynpedr breeder Mr R Boatwright ; both Blasine & Mordred became multi-winners .

Ch Jengren Pluto’ son ch Dajenis Peace Maker b Aug ’99 was owned by Dobunni breeders Mr Hall & Miss C Smith and bred by Mr D Williams out of Tara Truetoyou , the latter grandsired by Apollon Pluto & ch Bredwardine Brongest . Peace Maker was made up by cc’s under Cedwalla breeder Mrs P Chidwick , Massoluv breeder Dr D Collinson & Mr Graham Hicks  and he got the Crufts '03 cc under Mr Nick Waters .

Ch Jengren’ grandchildren Mr/Mrs Say’ ch Bulliff Dom & Mr/Mrs Rhoden ch Bulliff Dacie , both b Nov ’99 & bred by Mr/Mrs Say out of Bulliff Bwy (B- Yli Ytregend ex Farnaby Fortune Finder’ B- Vasso Vero) sired by Jegren Jailhouse Rock (Pluto ex Craigavon Taboo’ daughter Jengren Storm in a Teacup) . Quite special was that Dom and his sis Dacie were made up under the same judges at the very same resp days , ie all-rounder Mrs M Everton , Damaria breeder Mr David Joynes & Buckhall breeder Mrs Mary Reardon ; both becoming champion at the age of 2y 9m .

Ch Luvalump Lifes A Lemon b April ’96  was owned by the Dodd family & bred by Mr/Mrs K Knight out of ch Marcolian Rhannas Flower sired by Lord Byron of Dreams , the latter out of Grangemoor Zorab’ granddaughter Ruden Gemini sired by Stablemate Bruno’ grandson Balclutha Aramoss . Lemon got his first three cc’s under Mrs P Chidwick , Miss H Sargeant & Devarro breeder Mr Geoff Burton .

Ch Domas Calthorpe b May ’99 was bred by Mrs Anne Griffin out of Domas Bradbury’ sis D- Bedelia (ch (Meps Brave Chaka ex Farnaby Floral Tribute) sired by Pryrica Winston (ch Trevabyn Mr Snowman ex Grangemoor Archie Gander’ daughter Delbeech Kelly) ; Calthorpe , such a beautiful name , got his three deciding cc’s resp under Mr Blaxter , Mrs EJ Baxter & Mrs P Chidwick .

Mr Bill Toogood’ ch Farnaby Fallen Woman b Feb ’99 & bred by Mrs EJ Baxter out of Farnaby The Eleventh Hour (Farnaby Touch of Class’ daughter F- Flaming Miracle sired by Farnaby Fathom Five’ son Solocroft Ivory) sired by her grandsire Farnaby Fathom Five . Fallen Woman got a cc under resp Mr Richard Thomas , Mr Davis Blaxter and was made up at the age of 4y 5m by Mrs P Chidwick . Namous breeder  Mr Blaxter gave also a cc to Farnaby Floating Voter , brother of Fallen Woman . Herewith the list of champions born in the post-WWII part of the XXth C comes to an end .

Edit -  Ch Burning Mountain Francis b  Aug  '99 & bred by the German breeders  Frau Sybilla Nordhues & Herr Johannes Schug out of Chevelu Barrg' great-granddaughter Burning Mountain Sybilla sired by Bredwardine Brynilltyd (Chevelu Barrg ex Bugelein'  sis Buddug) and there was only one other puppy in the litter , ie the male called Eros Moogly . Francis , already a champion on the continent , was entered at Crufts '02 where she got 1st Post Graduate Class and judge Mr Chris Say wrote - 'Typey feminine head , excellent pigmentation , body a little lacking in breadth , good angulation , moved with the sort of drive that is rarely seen .' At Crufts 'O3 she got the reserve cc under Mr Nick Waters (cc for Pride & Prejudice' daughter Klanzmun Fire Witch) . She still hadn't produced a litter in Germany ,    came to Mssrs Thomas & Tugwell  and got her 1st  'British' cc May 2004 and , the 'far away' Scottish KC Ch show aside , she got all the remaing cc's of the year incl the OEMC Ch show cc ; the next year she got the MA Ch Show cc & Crufts cc and ended up her show career Sept '05 after winning a total of 26 cc's (whereof 17 in an uninterrupted row of consecutive shows)  , that in only 16 months space of time   . 

The sunny OEMC Ch show ’96 was held at the traditional venue Towcester Racecourse - Northamptonshire , all-rounder Mrs Pamela Cross-Stern being the judge and the catalogue , mentioning 129 Mastiffs , predicted a long day ; cc & BOB was the female ch Bredwardine Brenhines  (ch Bredwardine Bwlchllan ex ch Bredwardine Blodeuwedd) – reserve for Mrs J Connolly’ Prixcan Vedette ; the male cc was for Mr/Mrs Boner’ Irebon Tiberius (b June ’94 & bred by Mr/Mrs Boner out of Wheeler Dealer’ sis Ludlow Lass sired by ch (Merrowlea) Brigadier) , reserve cc for  Dr Sheila Monostori' ch Bulliff Nutmeg Nestor .

Here below some pics taken at this show by the author , a/o also of ch Domas Calthorpe' paternal half brother Delbeech Joshua and Fitsam Lennox, brother of Fitsam Tamson which , mated to Bulliff Ytregrend ,  produced Fitsam Floyd BOB at the OEMC Ch show '99 under Mrs S Windham.

The OEMC Ch show Aug '99 was held at Cheltenham Racecourse Cheltenham (the home of the flagship race of British steeplechase horse racing - the Gold Cup) in Gloucestershire and on the edge of the Cotswolds , a region of stunning Nature & fairylike hamlets . Mrs Sarah Windham of Falmorehall had to go over 142 Mastiffs and awarded the cc & BOB to Mr Louis McDonald’ Fitsam Floyd b Nov ’96 & bred by Mr/Mrs Ledwards out of Fitsam Tamson sired by Bulliff Yli Ytregrend – reserve cc for Mr/Mrs Pass’ ch Prixcan Mordred ; female cc & reserve cc  for Mordred' sisters , resp Miss MJ Manfredi’ ch Prixcan Blasine & Mr/Mrs Pass’ Prixcan Ygraine .

The OEMC Ch show Aug '99 was held at Cheltenham Racecourse Cheltenham (the home of the flagship race of British steeplechase horse racing - the Gold Cup in Gloucestershire and on the edge of the Cotswolds , a region of stunning Nature & fairylike hamlets . Mrs Sarah Windham of Falmorehall had to go over 142 Mastiffs and awarded the cc & BOB to Mr Louis McDonald’ Fitsam Floyd b Nov ’96 & bred by Mr/Mrs Ledwards out of Fitsam Tamson sired by Bulliff Yli Ytregrend – reserve cc for Mr/Mrs Pass’ ch Prixcan Mordred ; female cc & reserve cc  for Mordred' sisters , resp Miss MJ Manfredi’ ch Prixcan Blasine & Mr/Mrs Pass’ Prixcan Ygraine .

Floyd got his 1st cc at 22m under Gildasan breeder Mrs Robson-Jones (reserve cc for ch Darkling Finbar) and this one under Mrs Windham was his 2nd & last cc , just like his  parents Yli & Tamson who each got also 2 cc's ; Yli (Bulliff Why Waitangi ex Warrior' daughter Buckhall Lady Carolyn) under Mr Nick Waters & at the OEMC Ch show '97 under Herr Habig whereas Tamson (ch Zanfi Imperial Eagle' son Clochodrick Bute ex ch Glynpedr Dom Ruinart' granddaughter Fitsam Lady Tara) got cc's from all-rounder Mrs B Banbury & Ormondstow breeder Miss  Sheilah Critchley .

Here below some pics taken at this show by the author , a/o also of  Cedwalla Prudence (b May '98 - Cedwalla Cedric ex ch Cedwalla Sweet Charity), Darkling Grainia (b Jan '96 - ch Bredwardine Brongest ex Darkling Eilidh , therefore sis of Finbar & Mac Cumhal) , Prixcan Evaine  (b Jan '97 - ch Prixcan Esprit ex ch Prixcan Esprit d'Amour) ,  Jengren Mr Milligan who sired ch Lady Lavinia , the once breed  record holder with 29 cc's (Mr Milligan b Jan '99 - ch Jengren Pluto ex Craigavon Taboo' daughter Jengren  Wilma) , ch Faynad King of Our Cottage' sire Waimate Wanderer (b Aug '96 - ch (Merrowlea) Brigadier' grandson Trinslim Strike Force ex ch Bredwardine Bwlchllan' daughter Nina Ginorri) .

Here above some pics taken at this show by the author , a/o also of  Cedwalla Prudence (b May '98 - Cedwalla Cedric ex ch Cedwalla Sweet Charity), Darkling Grainia (b Jan '96 - ch Bredwardine Brongest ex Darkling Eilidh , therefore sis of Finbar & Mac Cumhal) , Prixcan Evaine  (b Jan '97 - ch Prixcan Esprit ex ch Prixcan Esprit d'Amour) ,  Jengren Mr Milligan who sired ch Lady Lavinia , the once breed  record holder with 29 cc's (Mr Milligan b Jan '99 - ch Jengren Pluto ex Craigavon Taboo' daughter Jengren  Wilma) , ch Faynad King of Our Cottage' sire Waimate Wanderer (b Aug '96 - ch (Merrowlea) Brigadier' grandson Trinslim Strike Force ex ch Bredwardine Bwlchllan' daughter Nina Ginorri) .