The Pembertons

Loftus Leigh Pemberton bred two litters , ie in 1859 out of Whynot sired by Bill George' Tiger which gave a/o Wolf (who grandsired three champions bred by Edgar Hanbury , ie Queen , Rajah & Taurus)  & brother Rufus and in 1871 out of ch King' Dollie sired by ch Turk producing ch a/o ch Granby owned by AS de Fivas . Whereas Pemberton Wolf was once  owned Chas Bamford & MB Wynn , his brother was owned by Loftus Leigh Pemberton' uncle Thomas Leigh Pemberton .

Thomas Leigh Pemberton 1793-1867 was called to the Bar - Lincoln' Inn - in 1816 , and at once acquired a lucrative equity practice . He sat in the Parliament of the United Kingdom for Rye (1831–1832) and for Ripon (1835–1843) . He was made a King' Counsel in 1829 . Of a retiring disposition , he seldom took part in parliamentary debates , although in 1838 in the case of Stockdale vs Hansard he took a considerable part in upholding the privileges of parliament .

In 1841 , Pemberton accepted the post of attorney-general for the Duchy of Cornwall . In 1842 a relative , Sir Robert H. Leigh , left him a life interest in his Wigan estates , amounting to some £15,000 a year ; he then assumed the additional surname of Leigh . Having accepted the chancellorship of the Duchy of Cornwall and a privy councillorship , he became a member of the judicial committee of the privy council , and for nearly twenty years devoted his energies and talents to the work of that body . His judgments, more particularly in prize cases , of which he took especial charge, are remarkable not only for legal precision and accuracy , but for their form and expression .

Between 1854-1858 the Thomas Pemberton Leigh acted as the law officer representing the Duchy of Cornwall in the Cornish Foreshore Case - a case of arbitration between the Crown & the Duchy of Cornwall .

Officers of the Duchy successfully argued that the Duchy enjoyed many of the rights and prerogatives of a County palatine and that although the Duke of Cornwall was not granted Royal Jurisdiction, was considered to be quasi-sovereign within his Duchy of Cornwall .

The arbitration , as instructed by the Crown , was based on legal argument and documentation which led to the Cornwall Submarine Mines Act of 1858 . In 1858 , on the formation of the Earl of Derby's second administration , he was offered the Great Seal , but declined ; in the same year , however , he was raised to the peerage as Baron Kingsdown, of Kingsdown in the  Kent Co .

In 1861 he was instrumental in the passing of the Wills Act 1861 ,later known as Lord Kingsdown's Act , by which a will made out of the UK by a British subject is , as far as regards personal estate, good if made according to the forms required by the law of the place where it was made , or by the law of the testator' domicil at the time of making it , or by the law of the place of his domicil of origin. Lord Kingsdown never married, and his title became extinct.


Lord Kingsdown passed away in 1867 , perhaps the year his Mastiff Rufus  came into the ownership of MB Wynn who wrote about Rufus – ‘ … who died in my possession could jump a five barred gate '.

Thomas Leigh' brother Edward Leigh Pemberton 1795-1877 - also of Torry Hill - was an English Conservative Party politician . He was elected to the House of Commons as a Member of Parliament for East Kent at an by-election in May 1868 . Pemberton was re-elected at the general election in November 1868 , and held the seat until the East Kent constituency was abolished .

Loftus Leigh Pemberton  1832-1907 being the 4th  son of the late Edward Leigh Pemberton & Charlotte  Compton Cox , daughter of a Master in Chancery . Registrar of the Supreme Court since ’75 . His Motto—‘Ut tibi sic alteri ‘ aka ‘As to yourself so to another’ ; residence — 29 Rutland Gate (see above at left) , only two-hundred yards away from Hyde Park London . 26 Rutland Gate was the city residence of Daniel Meinertzhagen VI b ’42 of Brockwood Park , head of a merchant-bank dynasty with an international reputation , second in importance to the Rothschilds . Loftus Leigh Pemberton authored a/o – ‘The Judgments and Orders of the Court of Appeal and High Court of Justice .

Champion Granby bred by LL Pemberton

Coming back to LL Pemberton' 2nd litter containing ch Granby owned by AS de Fivas of Bedford Square - London , it's of interest to find out the maternal granddam Jenny was sis to Wolf & Rufus . Ch Granby  got a/o 1st prizes at Northampton ‘74 [ beating Green’ Monarch ] , Crystal Palace ’74  [ Green’ Monarch cup for best Mastiff ] & Alexandra Palace ’75 [ divided champion prize with champion Turk ] . A Stock-keeper article 'Size of Mastiffs' by Suwarrow dd Nov 1880 provides following maths for ch Granby , height at shoulder 33i , girth of head 27 1/2 i , girth of chest 42i , weight 170 lbs or about figures similar to those mentioned for Green' ch Monarch; the article mentions also - 'the greatest girth of head is found with ch Wolsey (29 1/2 i); of chest with Lukey' Wallace 50i (nothing approachingh this in recent years) ; Scawfell bears the palm for ponderosity (206 lbs) . The Kennel Club Stud Book mention substantial offspring of nine litters bred by notable fanciers as Edwin Nichols , CH Fitzherbert & Mrs Rawlinson , the latter bred a litter out of her ch Countess by ch Granby which gave Stanley considered by MB Wynn as having a head bearing a striking likeness to ch Crown Prince . Here below also two portraits of ch Granby sons    which both show the more lengthy plain boarhoundy head form annex a small ear .

At left - A Green’ Monarch grandson Vandal [name put on collar] , b 1876 & bred by GJ Hart , Clement lane London , sired by Granby out of Queen Bess who got a 1st prize at Crystal Palace 1876 under judge T Pearce [Idstone] . Queen Bess was half sis to James Morris’ champion Countess’ [ ch The Emperor’ dam ]  both  out of Old Flora’ daughter Duchess ; at right part of a then tableau of prize winners at Crystal Palace depicting ch Granby' son Granby Jr , recipient of the Palace' 1st prize in puppy class ; he was bred by Dr Alfred William Gabb out of Vesta , the latter sired by Miss Hales' Fabius (Pemberton' Faust ex MB Wynn' Brenda)  .

Ch Granby' grandson ch His Lordship (Grove' Prince ex Kittie) was bred by Mr Dingley and respectively owned by Dr John Lamond  Hemming of Claremont House East Moulsey Surrey and Dr Forbes Winslow of Cavendish Square . A Kennel Gazette article by Suwarrow mentions ch His Lordship' advertised size as following height at shoulder 34i , girth of head 28 1/2 i for a weight of 180 lbs but also   a probably 'corrected' scale of measurements , ie height 33i , head 26i , girth of chest 44i & weight 180 lbs  . A KG report of June 1880 says - 'His Lorddhip was also entered but not for competition . If His Lordship (who was looking very well considering that he had only just returned from his victorious trip to Dublin & Berlin) had competed , we should have dubbed him the champion' . Note - the well-known Mastiffs The Shah , Beaufoy' Nero & Beau competed for the champion class . 

His Lordship aside , Dr  Lamond Hemming & Dr Winslow had another thing in common , the former was declared bankrupt in '81 (he started in '78 in London' Lombard Street a business called 'The Metropolitan & Provincial Discount Association') and  Dr Forbes Winslow himself some years later on . His Lordship was one of those prominent show winners who never produced any KCSB recorded offspring .