Swans & geese

 'The Goose & Swan’ story

As a rule in most dog breeds   sisters are less bulky modelled in head than their respective brothers ; the above head studies are taken from Richard Hewitt Moore’ engraving viz the KC Show at the Crystal Palace, February 1886 [The Illustrated Sporting & Dramatic News] , showing at left ch Griseld b May '84 - out of Phoebe - ch Gwendolen ex ch Cardinal - sired by ch Orlando, and at right ch Beau' ch His Majesty King Canute [5 cc’s], born Feb 1882 and sired by ch Beau, very well renowned for his quality head properties.

The above comparison may probably be taken exemplary for detecting differences in bitches & males, a/o obvious distinctions as far as break-up , depth & angularity of head , amount of flews and [perhaps] also proportional length of muzzle ; for differences in body the 1883  standard mentions only in regards to  back , loins & flanks ~ 'Wide and muscular ; flat and very wide in a bitch , slightly arched in a dog  ' which may refer to the former' maternal duties , ie pelvic room for an ample womb . Taking into account the breed population 'in toto' , it regularly may happen that a female may look more sturdy than a male from 'different blood' , in particular if the female being the result of purposeful (long-term) breeding practices vs a male of rather 'indifferent' breeding origin .

The collage shows [clockwise] AW Lucas’ Paula b 1904      [Tom Bowling linebred] , ch Milf Manetta b 1960 , her brother Milf Murias , again Milf Manetta & finally Lt Col Zaccheus Walker’ ch Charming Duchess b 1911 , a nephew/cousin result to the Paula-litter sired by Marcus Superba [ch Marcella’ brother The Cadet ex ch Col. Cromwell’ sis Lady Claypole] . * Tom Bowling renowned as having sired ch Peter Piper .

One can see obvious similarities , especially the 'Charming Duchess vs Manetta' comparison looks very striking , both a/o demonstrating ‘eyes widely placed & widely spreading nostrils’ ; Paula gives an example of the saying ~ ‘ well filled under the eyes ‘ and Murias again shows the difference in head between the sexes ; they all  present a nice flat forehead with brows only slightly raised . Also interesting to note regarding the latter is the slightly different impression opposite Murias’ frontal view presented in the collage of 'Illustrated Points' 1883 due to another angling vis-a-vis the point of the camera .

Having no full-sized image , it may be of interest to consider written reports about Mrs Geo Willins’ Cambrian Princess (bred by HG Woolmore) . At the Birmingham 1885 JF Smith , the well-known St Bernard breeder , wrote ~ ‘Cambrian Princess has rather the head of a dog than a bitch .’  Cambrian Princess was placed second after Walter Kelsey Taunton’ ch Griselda , ch Orlando’ daughter & ch Cardinal grandaughter [F2]  , considered as follows ~ ‘ Griselda [first] is simply perfect with the exception of a slight narrowness across the nose .’ Nevertheless JF Smith’ recommendations , MB Wynn judged Griselda as ~  ‘has more of the St Bernard type’ , James Hutchings as ‘ lacking convexity in underjaw ‘ and Mark Henry Beaufoy as ~ ‘weak in the head’ . Opposite this , wrote Dr JS Turner in his Crystal Palace report of April 1686 ~ ‘ Cambrian Princess is so near perfection that the slight twist in one foreleg may well be passed over .’

Twelve years later Dr Sidney Turner reported as follows ~ ‘Marcella    [a ch Cardinal’ F5 ~ born 20th May 1896] , 2 years old , is of excellent type , being especially good before the eyes .’ In 1902 AJ Thorpe judged her as ~ ‘her skull and muzzle are especially good ; she can carry her ears badly ; this is a minor fault , but makes a great difference in appearance  ' . At the age of almost seven years she got her ninth & final challenge award at Crufts ’03 .

Her main opponent was ch Elgiva , six times challenge winner at Birmingham .Elgiva , born May 1895 , was bred by CC Rice and respectively owned by Norman Higgs, Barness , Muirhead , Raper and finally Robert Leadbetter of Hazlemere . She got ultimately ten challenge awards , a/o two at Crystal Palace but none at Crufts . At Birmingham 1902 the St Bernard breeder Dr George Inman gave her the cc seconded by ch Marcella,  also owned by Robert Leadbetter .

Charles Court Rice wrote the following in his judge report viz. Birmingham 1897 ~’ The fact I bred Elgiva made me hypercritical over her , and very careful not to allow a liking over her more ‘fancy’ points , such as her colour and ‘type’ , to carry me away , and I am confident that my award in placing her over Mr Joseph Royle’ bitch [Lady Piper , by ch Peter Piper x Sir Stafford’ Lady Lena] was correct . In limb and body there’s little or nothing to choose between them , because although Elgiva was even bulkier ( the owners of both seemed to imagined their dogs were for competition in the Birmingham cattle rather than the Dog Show) , she was also the fatter , which is saying a great deal ! Truly , fat , with regard to faults , is like charity with regard to sins , but these two bitches have not any faults which need fat to cover them . In thighs and muscular development Elgiva beats her opponent ‘anyhow’ and although Lady Piper moves well enough , the other bitch is quite phenomenal in her action . Then she scores in eye (both are excellent) and smallness of ear , albeit losing in carriage, and she is much better in skull . On the other hand , Lady Piper would have the advantage in foreface , if she did not gain what trifling advantage there is in being more undershot . Anyhow , two lovely bitches , which will worthily occupy the position so evidently in store for them .’