The Dutch

The Dutch connection

Lured by the many  valuable prizes [ 6500 fl equal to £500 ] that were offered at the Nimrod show 1886 of Rotterdam , for the first time really good specimens from England were entered such as Mrs Geo Willins’ champions Maximilian & Cambrian Princess with their young son Charlie Wood ;  Mr Edwin Nichols‘ Victor Hugo & Princess Ida ; Mr Hutchings’ Admiral and finally Joseph Evans’  Orion ,  not hampered by any quarantine regulations in those fin de siècle days .

At left ~ Mr Louis R Dobbelman ; in the centre  ~  Mrs Willins’ champion Cambrian Princess  ; at right ~  Mr Edwin Nichols’  Princess Ida .

The Mastiffs had impressed Mr  Dobbelmann of Rotterdam . When he learned that Charley Wood was bought by the Dutch gentleman Jan Middendorp , he decided to purchase a good bitch in order to breed from Charlie .  It lasted  quite a long time before he succeeded and he already possessed Charlie  when he acquired The Princess [bred by Wm Lloyd, a butcher of High Street  Tenby Wales b. May 3th 1882 ~ ch. Crown Prince ex Lady]  from a gentleman at Liverpool  [ maybe  Dr. Lougest , Hon. Watts or Mr. Henry Clay ] .  The Princess whelped already a litter by ch Montgomery , amongst them Wacouta Rose , exported tot the States . Mr Dobbelmann mated The Princess to Charlie which  resulted in Max van Rotterdam , Beau Boy & Royal Rogue . In  1893 his Eldee kennels owned four Mastiffs ~ Max , Lady Edith [imported later on], Lady Ellora & Douro [a Beau Boy’ descendant ] .

at left ~  Charley Wood , full brother to Am. champion Minting ,  middle  ~  The Princess’ brother The Prince [owned by J Royle , The Old Hall , Prestwick nr Manchester]  ,  right ~  The Princess’ sis Pattie [owned by L. Vandenheuvel , Brussels] .

Successively Mr Louis Dobbelman also acquired King Richard , Laird Bruce , Captain Leo Piddocke’ Maid of the Wye [renamed as Eldee’ Maid] and Tom Bowling’ son Jonathan , bred by Mr Henry G Woolmore & formerly owned by EP Meijer of ‘s Gravenhage .

Mr Dobbelmann’ own bred Eldee’ Duke & Duchess were also successful in the English rings ,  a/o at Crufts 1896 ~ Duke 3rd limit after Peter Piper & Ayrshire ~ Duchess 1st limit beating Stella III & Joan under H.G. Woolmore ; at Crystal Palace 1896 ~ Duchess reserve after champion Brampton Beauty under WK Taunton  .

The Eldee litter containing Duke & Duchess was born Januar 18th 1894 out of Captain Piddocke’ Maid of the Wye [b Januar 20th 1892 ~ Montgomery II ex Beaufort’ Lady Dudley] sired by Max of Rotterdam     [Charlie Wood ex The Princess] .    At left a drawing by Otto Eerelman showing Beau Boy at left below & Max van Rotterdam in the centre below .

From left to right ~ Maid of the Wye aka Eldee’ Maid &  Max of Rotterdam [2x]

Maid of the Wye’ sire Montgomery II was out of champion Lady Florida by champion Montgomery   [Beaufoy ch Coombe Baroness’ sire] ; Lady Florida’ famous brothers were champion Lord Stafford & Sir Stafford , the latter being the sire of that fabulous bitch , champion Frigga Secunda  bred by the  young breeder C. Court Rice who made an extensive study of the then Mastiff breed based upon pedigrees and accurate descriptions of almost all the entered show specimens of the day.

From left to right ~ Eldee’ Duke  [2x ] , and the leading gents of the Dutch Kennel Club -  Onderwater , Kloppert ,     Bylandt  & Dobbelmann .

The following litter out of Maid of the Wye [March 18th 1895] was even more successful with progeny as the brindle brothers Holland’ Black Boy & Black Peter sired by Tom Bowling’ Jonathan . Unfortunately the bitch in whelp was sold to Gerbrand Deetman of ‘Brindle’ kennel , Amsterdam , so the litter was recorded as bred by G. Deetman . Holland’ Black Boy was successively owned by EJ Meijer of ‘s Gravenhage , Luke Crabtree & Robert Leadbetter and became crowned in England , winning cc’s at Birmingham ‘98 , Birkenhead ‘99 & Crufts 1901 . His brother Black Peter was owned by Louis Dobbelman ; he also was full of quality [reserve cc’s at Crystal Palace ‘96 under W.K. Taunton & Crufts ‘97 under Fred. Gresham] . Later on he was sold to Dr Lougest who emigrated to the States .

Mr Dobbelmann gained many prizes in Holland & abroad , alas his young dogs became now and then thinned out  by the illness of Carré ; the remained ones were exported to Australia , the States , East Africa , Belgium , Germany and some also in Holland , but the hobby stopped and he sold out his Mastiff stock .

From l to r ~ Beau Boy exported to Transvaal , Black Peter’ sis ‘Brindle’ Gladys & ‘Brindle’ Black Antony .

Eldee’ Duke & Lady Ellora came into the ‘Brindle’ kennel of G Deetman , Amsterdam which became reinforced in November 1896 by champion Marc Antony [born November 3th 1893 ~ champion Ogilvie ex Stafford Belle] , the great challenger of champion Peter Piper  whose only known female descendant ‘Baby’ , after being mated with Mark Antony , died in the ‘Brindle’ kennels .

At left ~ champion Mark Antony , in the centre  his sire champion Ogilvie , at right   a ‘Fame’ tin , a tobacco brand manufactured by Dobbelmann [the Mastiff breeder] and to-day a collector' item much sought after.

Mark Antony was bred by Fred Mc Krill & owned by AJ Thorpe , Eccles nr Manchester  . His prizes ~ ‘94  2nd open Llangollen , 3rd open Birkenhead ~ ‘95 2nd open Liverpool , Manchester 2nd open, Birkenhead 1st open , Crystal Palace 2nd open , Birmingham CC~ ‘96 res CC  Liverpool , 1st Darlington , 2nd Birkenhead , CC Crystal Palace ~ ‘97 3rd CC at Birkenhead , owned by G Deetman of Amsterdam .It is of interest to scrutinize his face  with those of Black Peter & Holland’ Black Boy         and getting the impression that rather he and not Jonathan may have sired them …

One of the English exhibitors at the Nimrod 1886 show Rotterdam was Joseph Evans of London city & Claremont , Swanley 15 miles south east of London City entering Orion [ born June 25th 1886 Boatswain ex Young Victor’ Nelly ] . Orion’ description by Charles Mason , New York , states a/o ~   ‘ 33 inches , 180 lbs , Orion’ body , compared with that of his magnificent kennel companion Minting , shows the same difference our readers will find between the blade of a knife and the boiler of a railroad engine .’

Joseph Evans was a partner in the the firm of Boehmer, Evans & Company, a business of Boot and Shoe Manufacturers & Merchants . He owned champion The Emperor [see at right ] but the stud was under the charge of kennel man Mr Burnell when Henry Geo Woolmore’ brood Merlin was served . At that time Mr Burnell cared also for champion The Shah [see  at extreme left] & Young Prince , the latter officially indicated as the sire of the much discussed litter wherein a/o Crown Prince & Prince Regent . ~

‘The OEMC did a long and exhaustive inquiry and finally the Committee came to the conclusion that Mr. Woolmore fully believed that Young Prince was the sire of Crown Prince , and that sufficient evidence has not been brought forward to show that the registered pedigree of this dog was incorrect . 

The decision was adversely criticised at the time , more especially by Hugh Dalziel [the author] and by Mr Evans , who had purchased The Emperor , but no disinterested person who was present at the investigation and heard the evidence could have come to any other conclusion .’ sic WK Taunton .

At left ~ Moses ~ born Februar 6th 1882 , bred by Joseph Evans , Claremont , Swanley  ; by champion The Emperor ex Linda by champion The Shah out of Io by champion Argus [ champion Turk’ brother] out of Juno by champion Turk .  Prizes ~ 1883 ~1st Gloucester  ; 1884 ~ 4th Crystal Palace Januar , 1st Darlington , 2nd Warwick , 1st Maidstone , 2nd Crystal Palace July , 1st Dorchester , 2nd Cardiff  ; at right ~  Crown Prince’ brother Prince Regent out of ch The Shah’ daughter Merlin sired by [probably] ch The Emperor .

Moses’ engraving is made by the Belgian artist Louis Vander Snickt [1837-1911] , chief editor of the weekly magazine ‘Chasse et Pêche’  and former manager of the zoölogical gardens of Ghent & Düsseldorf . ' He had ample experience in breeding and was an excellent observer . The articles he published and illustrated in ‘Chasse et Pêche’ edited by F Vanbuggenhoudt , are very instructive and pleasant to read . ‘Several volumes would not be enough , to enumerate the services rendered to breeding by this untiring and alert spirit’ sic Louis Huyghebaert ,  significant figure of the Belgian shepherd breed , the ‘Malinois’ .

The engraving by Louis Vander Snickt is most interesting because of a rather significant  similarity of gene-pools in regards to the much discussed champion brothers  Crown Prince & Prince Regent . Comparing Moses to  Prince Regent’ photograph , one remarks a striking resemblance of phenotypes between both dogs ~ head proportions , stop , ear setting , flews , ribcage , hindquarters , hocks , &c .

In case Young Prince has been the sire of the mentioned brothers (Crown Prince & Prince Regent) , the genotype should has been more strongly ‘Hanbury & Beau’ related . Young Prince & champion Beau are both sired by ch Wolsey’ brother Prince . Their dams are half-sisters out of ch Rajah’ sis Juno ; Beau’ dam Belle sired by ch Turk’ Big Ben , Young Prince’ dam Venus sired by ch Turk’ Monarch . Other progeny by Young Prince counted yet against Young Prince , being of no real breed value , while The Emperor sired a series of fine descendants as a/o champion Maximilian , Moses , Bosco II [Victor Hugo’ grandsire] 1st & cup at  Hertford , John Bull 1st at Chesterfield ’84 & ‘85 and Tamworth , finally Queen Liberty , 1st  at Edinburgh , Strabane , Wishaw & Glasgow .

Coming back to G Deetman and his ‘Brindle’ kennels , it must be said that he did several attempts to acquire high quality bitches , but unfortunately in vain . He still had one brood called Maud , whom became mated to Jonathan, Little Boy , Mark Antony , Samson , Duke & Black Anthony . From Jonathan [Tom Bowling x Maggie May , note ~ same sire as Peter Piper , dam being sis to Peter Piper’ dam Selina] she whelped nine puppies , all prize winners ; from Little Boy eleven whom all died ; from Mark Antony three litters but without something special .

Ch Marc Antony at stud was a phenomenal success , used at bitches from Holland , but also from Germany and England a/o AJ Thorpe’ Silverdale Evelyn resulting in Blondin [2 cc’s] & Wilkinson’ Honeysuckle resulting in Lady Stanley , Marcella & The Cadet’ younger sis . After Marc Antony’ death , he became replaced by his son Black Anthony , later on sold to Robert Leadbetter , Esq.  During eight years , the ‘Brindle’ kennel produced 65 Mastiff puppies , several of them were exported to England and successfully campaigned over there .

Great Dane’ fancier OZ van Sandick of A’dam , Treasurer Dutch Kennel Club Cynophilia , managed the Cerberus kennels , oozing also splendid English bloodlines of Mastiffs ~ Lucas’ Pretty Correct [Jonathan’ brother Premier x Di Vernon] , Wilkinson’ Naomi [Iron Duke*’ son Lex x Lady Constable] *Tom Bowling’ brother & ch. Elgiva’ grandsire , Barnes’ Betty [Beaufort Black Prince x Jonathan’ sis Joan] and thè Mark Antony’ daughter , English champion Marcella .

They all were successful show dogs , but a half dozen of Mastiffs in a city kennel must end in tragedy .  So his stock was sold out after some time . Mr A Koldewijn became the owner of the brindle Eldee’ Selina [Eldee’ Duchess’ daughter] . He mated her to Eldee’ Duke and whelped five puppies whom all died ; served by Marc Antony she gave again five puppies , this time two remain alive ; one of them being Black Anthony , sold to Robert Leadbetter , Esq of Hazlemere Park and winning 2 challenge certificates , at Birmingham under Frederick Gresham & at Crufts under AJ Thorpe .

A newspaper article reports about Black Anthony as following - 'A huge Mastiff bred on the Continent and exhibited in this country was Black Anthony , a brindled dog and evidently of such a ferocious disposition that he was specially guarded when on the bench , and we have seen two men lead him into the ring , although he was muzzled on the time . He had enormous bone and probably weighed 200 lbs . For a dog of his variety his disposition & temperament were all wrong , his character being apparent in his countenance and expression .'

The last Selina-litter was sired by Eldee’ Duke and produced three puppies , all sold to G Deetman of  ‘Brindle’ kennels . Somewhat later he acquired also Eldee’ Duchess which was Mr A Koldewijn’ last feature on the Mastiff scène . Other fanciers of the day were EJ Meijer of ‘s Gravenhage , J Willemsen of Amsterdam and Aloïs Sauter , a wine merchant of Maastricht who bred also a Bordeaux dog litter [Washington Marlborough ex Betty] containing a/o ‘Pedro’ .

The Dutch history of early pedigreed dogs is laid down in the finely detailed work ‘Hondenrassen’ , a true collector' item , ed 1912  and written by L Seegers of Bussum , a respected show judge & breeder of high quality Newfoundlands ; he also owned a Pyrenean Mountain dog , bred by the famous Paris’ inhabitant , Theodore Dretzen .

Note - Joseph Evans’ Orion , the one entered at the Nimrod show 1886 Rotterdam , was sired by Boatswain [March 6th 1882 ~ champion Beau x Crown Prince’ sis Princess Royal] bred by Mark Beaufoy, South Lambeth London.  In 1884 Boatswain was sold to the German banker Max Hartenstein of Württemberg . The Kennel Club Stud Books of 1887 mentions an example of international cooperation ~ ‘Boatswain [17,311] – Mr. Max Hartenstein’s , care of Mr. Evans , 138 Salisbury-court , London EC – Frome 2nd ‘ . 138  Salisbury-court was the then home adress of Joseph Evans ~ 8 miles north west of his office adress [159 Aldersgate street ~ only several hundred yards away from St-Paul’ Cathedral] .

A silver-gilt G.Z hallmarked  plaquette (51 x 35 mm) released on the occasion of the International Dog Show held at Haarlem February 1906. It was commissioned by the oldest Dutch club for cynologists (est 1898) and manufactured by the firm Johannes Albertus Adolf Gerritsen (1840-1925) of Zeist; the Amsterdamer JAA Gerristsen was a silversmith who moved in 1903 to an old bicycle factory at Zeist nr Utrecht and became renowned for his Gero silverware. 

The design ca 1903 was made by the Amsterdamer sculptor Franciscus Johannes (aka Frans) Werner  - see at right - 1879-1955 also known for plaster statues, busts, reliefs, façade decorations inspired by zodiac signs, &c.

The plaquette presents a square Mastiff head with a muzzle being a tad retroussé (so not cut off squarely due to undershotness) and ear outer corners positioned a bit Bull Mastiff-like.