The eighties

The 1980s – Approx 700 litters were born , once again a doubling up of the number of the former decade . Highlights in the eighties were certainly the OEMC Centenary July ’83 and the Club Shows at Lyme Hall in ’80 and ’84 , the latter attended by the writer here who also took the opportunity to visit the Mastiff collection of Mrs Marie Antoinette Moore , largely exposed in the magnificent Hall , once belonging to the  Leghs , an ancient family bearing Mastiff fame .

Hereabove at left the OEMC Committee at the Centenary show – sitting fr l to r – Miss B Blackstone , Mrs Maisie Lindley , Mrs Liz Degerdon , Mrs G E P How , Mrs Pamela Day & Secretary Mrs BJ Cooper ; standing fr l to r – Mrs Maisie Anderson , Mr Jack Cooper , Mrs Phillis Teversham , Mrs Phil Greenwell , Mrs Jill Hicks , Mrs Gertrude MK Ede (Mrs Day’ sister-in-law) & Mr Richard Thomas ; hereabove at right entries of the Post Graduate Class  at the Centenary show judged by all-rounder Mrs Catherine Sutton of Rossut kennels .

Here below -  Mrs Maisie Anderson of Bardayle judging Open Class females in the pouring rain at Lyme Hall '84 - fr l to r Mr Thomas' ch Bredwardine Beau Ideal ,  Mrs Ede' ch Bellabees Cader Idris & Mrs Day' Hollesley Mermaid  .

Amongst the most prolific studs were MM (sired 10 litters) and his sons ch Glynpedr Dom Ruinart (6) , brother – ch G- Dom Perignon (11) & the latter’ son ch Dignified John (8) ; Bulliff Razzermataz (13) & nephew ch Bulliff Warrior (12) ; Farnaby Touch of Class (16) ; ch Arciniega’ Lion (20) and his sons Chevelu Barrg (19) , ch Bredwardine Brongest (34) , ch (Merrowlea) Brigadier (10) & the latter’ son Dawnstar Dorado Dios (11) . Also to mention are a/o Damaria Powerful Magic (10) , Chevelu Young Turk (7) , Glynpedr Roederer (9) , Bolaine Boom (11) & Big Boss Man (9) .

Judge of the day , the all-rounder Mrs Catherine G Sutton of Camberley – Surrey , was partner of the Rossut affix , a large variety kennel of ca twenty breeds , the most successful being Beagles . She was successful in both canine & equine fields and authored a series of canine books .

Some backgrounds of names mentioned in Mrs Moore' report . Mystere Moonwind was litter brother of  Mr Boatwright' ch Mist Moondrops (see pic here below at right next to her paternal half brother ch Celerity Powerful Sort) . Moondrops was bred by Mr/Mrs Bromley of Spirithill kennels out of  Vandepere Andy Cap' daughter Milwr Midnight Mystery sired by Celerity Count Magnus ;  Moondrops' brother Charivari Diorama , owned by Mr/Mrs JC Campbell of Empingham - Leics , got in '81 two reserve cc's , under Dr S Monostori & Mrs P Greenwell who awarded the cc's , resp to Gildasan Mr Grumpie & ch Honeycroft Danny Boy . Moondrops’ sis Tamango Rainflower became dam to Loch Pooltiel sired by Longendale The Defender' older brother Somerled Nimrod by ch- L- Lord Bernard' sire Kenstaff Mark; Pooltiel , owned by Mr PF Mc Mahon of Halfway House – Liverpool & bred by Mr/Mrs G Armitage , got a reserve cc at Midland Counties ’85 under Mrs P Greenwell giving the cc to ch Bellabees Blunder . Milwr Midnight Mystery' younger sis Gildasan Valentine Daisy became dam to ch (Aicama) Captain Morgan , Aicama Zorba of La Susa & his sis A- Saucy Sarah , the latter dam of ch Cedwalla Sweet Ellenor . Lesdon The Lady Corisande out of ch Yarme Jane sired by ch Parcwood W Bear Esq . Bulliff Palestrina out of Garstars Eric' daughter Graig Goch Gweno sired by ch President' Lad ;  Palestrina became grand-dam of Bulliff Zeb, an upstanding brindle who got BOB under Dr Sheila Monostori putting up as reserve ch Arciniega' Lion . Grangemoor Nell , out of ch Jakote Lady Glencora sired by ch Copenore Rab , was full sis of Grangemoor Gilda owned by Zanfi breeder Mr Nick Waters  .

Quote from Miss Barbara Blackstone – ‘In a recent letter from Mrs Moore she writes that she has learnt with much concern that someone in America told a visiting member of the OEMC that when Mrs Moore closed her (ed - Mooreleigh) kennels in 1970 she had all her dogs destroyed. This is absolutely untrue ; some were given to friends who wished to continue her line , the rest lived out their lives in comfort in their kennels and she still has one faithful companion . Anyone who knows Mrs Moore and her love of the breed will know that this statement was untrue and should anyone hear it mentioned will they please contradict it at once ’.

In '82 the Lyme Hall Festival featured 'the Animals of Lyme Hall', their two chief species were Mastiffs and Red Deer.

Some sixty Mastiffs , born in the eighties , were made up ; the most influential ascent therein may have been ch Hollesley Medicine Man (MM) , siring 12 ch’s , grandsiring 10 ch’s and great-grandsiring another 10 ch’s .  Amongst the MM-unrelated ch’s , born in the 1st half of the eighties , were a/o – 1) ch Bulliff Petrina b Jan ’80 out of Bulliff Captain Hamilco’ daughter B- Goddess Nerthus sired by ch President’ Lad ; 2) ch Luckhurst Goliath b Feb ’80 out of Gildasan Elfreda’ double granddaughter Luckhurst Millie sired by ch Jilgrajon Sir Gladstone’ brother J- McIntosh ; 3) ch Darkling Bridie’ maternal half brother ch D- Casper  b June ’80 out of Forefoot Lucifer’ daughter D- Arabella sired by Nandina Bilbo Baggins ; 4) ch Zanfi Tanya b June ’81 out of Grangemoor Gilda sired by ch Celerity Powerful Sort (see pic at left); 5) ch Trevabyn Black Ice b Dec ’81  out of  Bulliff C Hamilco’ granddaughter sired by C Hamilco’ grandnephew Belbeck Plantation Boss ; 6)  ch Namous Uberacht b Sept ’83 ch Parcwood W Bear Esq’ daughter Lesdon Lady Betteress sired by B- C Hamilco’ grandnephew Verts Tilleuls Ramuncho ; 7) ch Longendale Lady Megan b April ’84, bred by Miss G  Whyatt of Tunstead House – Stockport nearby Lyme Park - out of ch Longendale The Protector’ sis L- Lady Bess sired by Canonbury Alkabar’ grandson Kynder Baron Henry .

Note - in pictorial tableau here below  no ch Darkling  Casper but his litter brother D- Caspian at young age (3rd fr r) .

Note - Ch Trevabyn Black Ice was purchased as a puppy by Mr A H M Abdul Hadi and at ca 2y of age he went back to his breeders the Sargeants. - Listing up the MM-‘free’ champions does not represent the whole of quality breeding thereto and therefore one may not forget a/o a number of first-class females , ie Tmaramara Golden Madonna bred by Mrs J Weekes out of Garstars Eric’ daughter Witu Ethelburga sired by Forefoot Lucifer  ; Farnaby Fighting Faith bred by Mrs EJ Baxter out of F- Flattering Frazes sired by ch Parcwood W Bear Esq ; Trevabyn Spring Shower out of Belbeck Plantation Boss’ daughter Trevabyn Adhara sired by ch Parcwood W Bear Esq .

Golden Madonna' younger brother Tmaramara Kiconlear , also owned by Mrs Elvinea L Hudson , was only 17 m old when he got the challenge ticket at Birmingham ’82 under world-wide known all-rounder of  Mr Bill Siggers  , once head kennelman of the famous Ouborough Great Dane & IW kennels . Kiconlear was seemingly not further campaigned but he grandsired an important stud , ie Damaria Powerful Magic . The photograph here below  presents a puzzling 'Kiki' of large format including a nice head piece , unfortunately lacking   well spread deep pigmentation off (ears &) muzzle which , of course , is  merely of a cosmetic order but , taking it breed-wise , it's not said too much that quality of dark markings is essential for getting that ultimate finish into a well-formed Mastiff face .

Saturday August 4th 1984 , take off early in the morning from Brussels to Manchester by British Airways , a flight of less than an hour followed by a cab drive of less than half an hour from Man Airport to Lyme Park . In a nutshell , the effort made to attend my 1st Mastiff show on British soil . Having made beforehand only some formal contact with Mr Raymond Boatwright of Glynpedr , in those days Our Dogs’ correspondent & author of the weekly breed notes , it certainly was a pleasure to meet him in person , quite busy arranging his six entries , four males & two females . Quite funnily , I almost instantly had to take over care for his ch G- Taittinger because he , like most of us , had only two hands . She wasn’t bothered a bit being held on the lead by that complete stranger , the one enjoying on the sly the 'pride' of the momentum !

Being there , I also took the opportunity to become a OEMC member . Raymond , already OEMC member , was prepared to propose me to the Commitee but according to the club rules I needed to be seconded by another club member .

So he kindly advised to meet the then club Hon Secretary, Mrs Barbara Cooper , who attended the show with her MM’ upcoming son Hollesley Lord Rupert . I looked her up , found her standing next to the ring with Rupert and put my carpetbag (incl clothes, camera material , &c) on the ground .

While presenting myself in order to convince her about my proposal, I heard a close-by splashing followed by some discrete giggling, her eyes directed to my bag peed over by dear Rupert . And I suppose it finally made up her decision to second that poor Fleming in his run for membership ! At right – Rupert , at 20mths , to whom I perhaps (partially) owe my OEMC membership ...

 Notes – Ch Hollesley Lord Rupert b Nov ’82  MM ex sis ch Hollesley Rowella got his 1st cc at 12m of age under Miss Lily Turner *** who gave the reserve to ch Longendale The Protector ; in ’84 he got reserve cc at Crufts (cc for his sire MM) under Mrs GEP How and at the last ch show of the year , the LKA , he got another reserve cc , under Mrs Catherine G Sutton who awarded the cc to ch Luckhurst Goliath; in ’85 he got three cc’s & two reserve cc’s (cc’s resp for ch Bulliff Warrior & ch Longendale The Protector) ; he afterwards got a series of other reserve cc’s (cc’s for resp ch Zanfi Imperial Eagle , ch Longendale The Protector ,

Am imp ch Massoluv Heftylump & 2x Am imp ch Arciniega’ Lion) . His perhaps grandest show victory  may have been cc & BOB at the OEMC Ch Show - Towcester Aug '85 under Mrs GEP How who wrote - 'Open Dog 1st  ch Hollesley Lord Rupert . I have liked this dog ever since I first saw him as a youngster , he has grown on well and has a very good head & pigmentation , he is too straight in stifle .'

Mrs G E P How was known as Mrs 'Ben' How , born Janice Penrice Benson  , married George How in 1941 . She enjoyed great wines , opera , fishing , shooting , edged weapons , beekeeping , cricket , cars & Mastiffs . Arms & Armour from her collection were auctioned  at Bonham’  Knightsbridge branch  . The London Times said in its obituary of Mrs How -

'Mrs G E P How, silver expert, was born on January 2 , 1915 . She died on June 26 , 2004, aged 89 . A legend in the art world almost as much for the startling trenchancy of her utterance as for her impeccable scholarship and taste , Mrs G E P How was perhaps the last surviving link to the heroic age of antique dealing before the war , when great discoveries were made and dealers were becoming more than mere merchants of curios. Mrs How stood out from the first by her scholarly energy and integrity , and she became one of the most influential dealers of her time. 

Jane Penrice Benson was born in 1915 , the posthumous daughter of an officer killed in the war . The family had been based in South Wales , though she herself grew up in the Home Counties . Her early ambition was to be an archaeologist ; it was accidentally transmuted into silver when a neighbour suggested that she would enjoy helping to catalogue his collection of early spoons . The fascination of spoons is that they are the only form of silver to survive in any quantity from the Middle Ages and the early Renaissance; without them it would be impossible to map the early history of the craft . The expert she was to assist was Commander  G E P   How , who turned out to be a jovial gentleman dealer with some considerable knowledge and a not entirely unpiratical bent . It was not long before the young Miss Benson was enthralled by man and subject alike . Note - Commander George Evelyn Paget How , b Edinburgh 1894 - London '53 , was the son of Major John Herbert How - Headley Surrey ; he married Cecily Flora Noel Monckton in 1922 but were divorced in 1940   . He gained the rank of Commander in the service of the Royal Navy and was invested as a Fellow of the  Society of Antiquaries , Scotland  .

The Ellis catalogue on which they worked is still a useful reference book , and Miss Benson moved to work with George How , and eventually , after his divorce , to marry him . The Commander and the Commando , as they were soon known , threw themselves into new research , living , breathing and in some cases sleeping with their spoons ...

As dealers , the Hows were a new breed coming from a background very different from that of the traditional silver merchant , and they owed a lot to their contacts , to their social ease and an unquestionable sense of gentlemanly integrity . Their shops were fitted out to look like a collector’  drawing room , and indeed they held open house in the evenings for collectors to come to talk about silver . The Hows also offered more intellectually than much of the competition . They were among the first to persuade collectors to insist on the highest quality and untouched condition , however modest the piece . The greater importance this placed on the historical value of silver appealed to discerning customers , even of small means , and to museums here and in America ...

Her pugnacity could make her seem a fearsome , if diminutive , figure , especially when encountered on the serious ground of silver . But though few were spared the rougher edge of her tongue , no one could be in doubt as to her enormous underlying generosity . No serious scholar was ever refused help , and her personal kindness was great , if discreetly performed.

And she could be compelling company , with a great sense of the pleasures of life . Her offices , particularly the Queen Anne houses in Pickering Place behind Berry’s in St James , were glamorous in a peculiarly Dickensian way , with a creaking cage staircase and an Ali Babaesque twinkle of precious metal . To see silver gilt cups gleaming against cherry-red velvet in the sombre drawing room was an irresistible invitation to any sensual collector , and the lucky were further treated to a view of her own collection of spoons and early rarities . Parties at Pickering Place were equally fulfilling with Mrs How uncorking bottles of champagne apparently larger than herself . Little else except smoked salmon or caviar would be on offer . Great wines , opera , fishing , shooting , edged weapons , beekeeping and cricket were all enjoyed to the full .

Cars were a passion 'I wear a car', she said — and well into her eighth decade she sold a beloved silverplated Jaguar SS100 to Alan Clark in order to buy the latest Bentley Turbo , with which she liked to burn off all-comers at the lights . Anyone overtaken by her was liable to a fright , since she was so small as to be almost invisible at the wheel . By way of balance the back of the car was usually occupied by terrifyingly outsize dogs . She helped to save the Old English Mastiff from oblivion , and one of her proudest achievements was to have won best of breed at Crufts twice with her dog ch Buckhall Mr Micawber aka 'Don Juan' (see large male hereabove) . Characteristically , she refused to show him again as she did not want to prevent others having a decent crack at the title .


Back to Rupert who sired three litters , ie the Marsden litter dd Oct ’84 out of Mr/Mrs H Baptie’ Candy Fudge by Kenstaff Mark , the Falmorehall litter dd May ’85 out of MM’ daughter Bellabees Mynydd Perfydd , containing F- Charlie & sis Mazourka and finally the Peritas litter out of Mr/Mrs MV Carter’ Byebrue Amber grandsired by Gildasan Mr Butler , amongst them Peritas Argos who got one cc , that under all-rounder Miss Jean M Lanning (reserve cc ch Glynpedr Dom Perignon) .

Ch Hollesley Lord Rupert’ littermates were all males , ie Ringmaster , Lord Rutland , Lord Robert & Lord Ralegh  , the latter two exported to the States , resp to Mr/Mrs Pamela Goold & Mrs Fiona Zahnke ;  Lord Ralegh is behind the Greiner Hall strain of Mr/Mrs Napotnik .

Hereabove at left Mrs B Cooper & Lord Rupert at the OEMC Ch Show (96 entries) Towcester Aug '85  - cc winner & BOB , in the centre  & at right cc winner & BOB at the OEMC Ch Show (91 entries) at Lyme Park Aug '84 , ie Falmorehall Sirocco b Dec '82  out of  ch Parcwood W Bear  Esq' daughter Farnaby Fighting Faith sired by MM . Scirocco was owned by the Irish Mrs F McQuillan (of Willistown - Dunleer nearby the East coast) and , if recalled well ? , handled by Mrs Windham' husband Mr Richard C H Windham ;   Sirocco sired a Falmorehall litter dd Oct '84 out of MM' daughter Bellabees Mynydd Perfydd (ch B- Blunder' sis) resulting in a/o F- Flamingo purchased by Mrs Anne Nielsen of Denmark  . According to his breeder Mrs Sarah Windham of Dundalk (some twenty mls N of Willistown) he developed bone cancer quite early in life , probably reason why he never was made up .

Mrs Maisie Anderson‘ placings at the OEMC Ch show Lyme Park ’84  contain three future winners at another yearly High Mass  of canines , ie Crufts .  In Puppy Dog Class - 1st  Namous Uberacht Crufts cc & BOB in ’88 & 89 under Mssrs D Oliff & G Hicks ; 2nd Bulliff Warrior Crufts cc & BOB in ’85 & ’87 under Mr D Baxter & Dr Monostori (his sis B- Walkeska Crufts cc in ’86) ; in Open Female Class 2nd Glynpedr Taittinger Crufts cc in ’85 under Mr D Baxter (her sis G- Billecarte Crufts cc in ’87) .

It may be amazing that such a splendid brindle specimen as ch Namous Uberacht aka ‘Woody’ was made up at later age , being almost four years . Main reason  may have been his dislike of being handled in the show ring ; Mr D Baxter who judged the classes at WB Scotland reported about him – ‘One of the most massive & substantial dogs in the ring today , huge , strong hind quarters , broad chest , deep brisket , in fact a superb body coupled with a strong masculine head . But he hates the show ring and simply will not do anything for himself . He was not too bad this time but moved so badly , and crouched when moving . If only he would stand up in the ring and look here as he does at home , he would have had his title long ago .’

A different story with ch Bulliff Warrior who became Crufts’ BOB ’85 at the tender age of 16 months and collecting not less than eight cc’s in that same year , all before his 2nd birthday . Crufts ’85 was judged by Mr D Baxter who sat in for Mr D Oliff who was snowbound . He mentioned in his report the – sic – so many of them were nervous , not just shy or apprehensive , but nervous and this in a breed like the Mastiff is something which needs to be tackled by breeders ‘ . Bulliff Warrior was entered in Special Yearling Class and Mr Baxter wrote a/o – ‘Bulliff Warrior lovely well built , sound young dog , really good typical head with no Bull-Mastiff look about him , strong hind quarters , level top line coupled with a lovely temperament and good movement . ‘ Mr D Baxter' other cc went to ch Glynpedr Taittinger , sic – ‘an excellent well made substantial bitch of quality and I only can repeat all the nice things I said about her at Birmingham . Lost the BOB to the dog on movement today – she did not appear really happy and seemed to ‘tippy toe’ round .’

Mr Raymond Boatwright’ Glynpedr Taittinger , born end June ’82 was out of Nandina Bilbo Baggins’ daughter Glynpedr Bollinger sired by MM . At ten months of age she already gained two cc’s and ended up with a 17th  cc at the Blackpool  & District Canine Society show - June ’85 , being still under three years of age . Such a pity this quality Mastiff never produced a litter , nor did either of her champion sisters , ie G- Billecarte & G- Jamin . It was another sis, G- Cliquot- recipient of a cc under Mr Richard Thomas of Bredwardine (reserve cc for ch Prixcan Almeria) , who produced a litter (dd Sept ’86) sired by Garstars Eric’ grandson Bournewood Benson Boyd ; their daughter Thorner Harbinger , bred by Mrs Sylvia Evans , got a reserve cc under Mr George Down (cc for ch Longendale Princess Athenee) .

The brindle next to Taittinger , Falmorehall Call Me Madam is photographed at the same show (Lyme Park Aug ’84) and of the same age . She produced four Falmorehall litters sired by four different studs , ie MM , MM’ son ch Glynpedr Dom Perignon (Taittinger’ brother) , MM’ grandson ch Zanfi Imperial Eagle & finally by her brother F- Happy Fella .

The first two litters deserve some extra info - the 1st  litter (by MM) contained a/o Mrs Phil Greenwell’ ch Falmorehall Frobisher , a huge typical male but without offspring , F- Fabian exported to the German ‘Stonehage’ breeder Herr Hartwig Lohmann , F- Fidelio & F- Fortesque , the latter two exported to the States ; the 2nd Call Me Madam litter (by Dom Perignon) produced Falmorehall Hudson owned by Bournewood breeder Mrs Mary Denton , recipient of two Crufts’ reserve tickets ; he fathered the last Honeycroft litter , ie the one out of ch Bulliff Warrior’ daughter Honeycroft Fiddlesticks which gave ch Honeycroft Goldilocks & Gentleman Jim , the latter , mated to ch Damaria Princess Nena , gave Damaria Honey who on her turn mated to Damaria Prince Odin produced D- Mr Mago exported to the Dutch Hotsand Walker breeders Mr/Mrs Doualla .

Hudson’ brother Crosley sired a Falmorehall litter out of F- Happy Fella’ daughter Eljishanor Frieze ; Mrs Windham kept their son F- Echo whereas his sis F- Aphrodite was purchased by Glynpedr breeder Mr R Boatwright who mated her to his Crufts’ winner ch (Meps) Brave Chaka resulting in a/o G- Wild Orchid exported to Mrs Harrieth Sandberg of Moloss kennels – Sweden . Here below Call Me Madam’ sire Falmore Langton (brother of  ch Parcwood W Bear Esq) & CM Madam’ litter brother Happy Fella , photographed Aug '84 .

There certainly were other Mastiffs of note at the OEMC Ch Show at Lyme Park whereas others mentioned in the Catalogue were absent , a/o the Honeycroft ch brace Danny Boy & Dolly Daydream , b May ’80 and bred by Mrs Janet Atkinson out of her ch Honeycroft Crismas Cracker (The Devil’ son Honeycroft Argus ex Garstars Eric’ daughter Canonbury Gemini) ; it was the 1st litter sired by the show sensation of the day , ie ch Hollesley Medicine Man .

There certainly were other Mastiffs of note at the OEMC Ch Show at Lyme Park whereas others mentioned in the Catalogue were absent , a/o the Honeycroft ch brace Danny Boy & Dolly Daydream , b May ’80 and bred by Mrs Janet Atkinson out of her ch Honeycroft Crismas Cracker (The Devil’ son Honeycroft Argus ex Garstars Eric’ daughter Canonbury Gemini) ; it was the 1st litter sired by the show sensation of the day , ie ch Hollesley Medicine Man . The 1st judge report here in collection being the one written by Kisumu breeder Mrs Irene Creigh, ie – Puppy Dog Class 1st ‘Honeycroft Danny Boy (11m old), one of the best pups I have seen for a long time . Could have been taken for a mature dog if he hadn’t frisked like a puppy . Massive head , good body & angulation , deep chest , moved with zest & enthousiasm . Must be a future champion , very difficult to fault except will become overwrinkled as time goes on ? The others were unlucky to meet him .'

Bulliff breeder Mr Chris Say mentioned a week later – Puppy Dog Class – 1st H- Danny Boy , exceptionally large well muscled dog . Bodily mature for his age . I am sure he will go to the top. Best puppy & BOB . A couple of months later Hollesley breeder Mrs Pam Day reported – Junior Dog Class 1st H- Danny Boy , an enormous young dog , mature head with lovely expression , good bone & body , should go to the top . Res CC . At left Danny Boy as a puppy & at 2y of age .

October ’81 under Mr D Oliff – Junior Dog Class – H- Danny Boy , an exceptional dog by any standard . Huge bone , tremendous power & width of body , and a skull which I think is quite the largest which I’ve seen in years . Moved adequately for a dog of this size & weight . Topline good , well arched feet . To be hypercritical I would say that he has enough wrinkle and if his eyes were wider apart his expression would improve , but it gave me pleasure in awarding him the CC & BOB which qualifies him as a worthy champion . Note – Danny Boy at that moment only 17m old and therefore one of the youngest Mastiffs made up in p-w II Britain .

Ch Honeycroft Danny Boy got also the reserve cc at the OEMC Ch show ’82 , judge Mr Graham Hicks mentioned about him – ‘Open Dog Class 2nd placed H- Danny Boy. As the 1st placed ( ie - MM , looking better than ever now , has a strong heavy build , big bone , very lively sound mover , well proportioned , deep right through) but a taller dog without being leggy or unbalanced , has a body to match his height , preferred the head of the 1st placed .'

Danny ended up his KC recorded show career at the age of 4 , totalling six cc’s & four reserves , resp cc’s awarded to ch Hollesley Dare Devil’ son Grangemoor Cadivor & 3x Danny’ sire MM . Danny Boy’ sis ch Honeycroft Dolly Daydream  , also owned by the Atkinson family , was built on similar lines , ie very broad front , long roomy cast , standing  on large limbs and topped by an impressive head piece . She got her 1st cc under Mrs Pam Day , 2nd under Mrs Jill Hicks and made up under all-rounder Mr Reg J Gadsden ; respective reserve cc’s went to Ch Darkling Bridie’ sis D- Batsheba , ch Bredwardine Beau Ideal & ch Bulliff Warrior’ sis ch B- Walkeska .

It's quite easy to lose track throughout the successive generations  of breeding ; the hereabove sexe linked schemes (insert MM' son Dom Perignon aka 'Podge') may be of some help in order to get some rudimentary overview of  blood lines which have had a major impact upon the  show stock of the 1980s . No matter how things might be turned around  ,  a great part  of top quality breeding traced back to MM complemented by input of the Am import ch Wayside The Devil , and in a later stage melted together with another Am import , ch Arciniega' Lion . Looking at the successful female lines , it's clear that many of them trace back to Buckhall Alice  , grand niece of Havengore Turk (pic to be found on the sixties' page) who  sired Mrs Day' Hollesley foundation brood  ch Havengore Dawn  , maternal G4 to MM  , a stud who sired ten litters (see below at left next to MM pictured at Lyme Park Aug '84 ) ; twelve of those approx fifty MM children were made up ; they collected in toto 80+ cc's . Correction concerning the green list , ie 3rd litter dam Zanfi Bellona , of course ,  daughter of Darkling Bombardier !  MM in video provided by Oldschoolmastiffs .

Here below pics of the MM' Bellabees offspring fr  l to r - ch B- Blunder as a youngster , ch B- Cader Idris & sis B- Mynydd Perfydd , the latter owned by Falmorehall breeder Mrs Sarah Windham who bred from her four litters ; the 3rd one , sired by Falmorehall Sirocco , produced a/o F- Flamingo  b Oct '84 whose photograph is taken at Frohnhausen Germany July '85  and typifying that lively Irish lady of Mastiffs . Flamingo' owner Mrs Anne Nielsen was kindly asked to stack  her dear one before the camera and next to her breeder in kneeled position , that in order to get a nice composition . But , for some foolish mechanic reason ,  camera shot adjustment lasted a tad too long and she  couldn't resist to turn her head in front of  Flamingo' s  which resulted in a quite funny outcome  ! Those were the days ...

Here below three other Mastiffs related to the Falmorehall foundation brood , MM’ daughter Bellabees Mynydd Perfydd , 1) her son b May ’85 out of her 4th litter , the one sired by ch Hollesley Rupert , ie Falmorehall Charlie owned by Mr/Mrs H Browne of Dublin , see centre picture taken at Towcester Aug ’88 ; 2) Mynydd Perfydd’ grandson Chasedown Valient - see below at left - owned by Bellabees breeder Mrs GMK Ede , Mrs Pam Day’ sis in law ; he was born Sept ’87 & bred by the renowned Bloodhound breeders Mr/Mrs David and Elin Richards of Heathfield - East Sussex ; Valient was out of Falmorehall Sobraine (MM x Bellabees Mynydd Perfydd) sired by MM’ son ch Glynpedr Dom Perignon , iow linebred to MM (2x G2 & 1x G3) ; his picture in the centre , also taken at Towcester ’88 at 11 months of age & handled by Mrs Pam Day’ daughter Tigger ; 3) at right  a pic (taken at Pyleigh Manor Aug ’91) of Falmorehall Darley b Oct ’87 out of Mynydd Perfydd’ daughter F- Call Me Madam sired by Mr Boatwright’ ch Zanfi Imperial Eagle ; Darley was owned by Ormondstow breeder Miss Sheila Critchley .

None of these three Mastiffs played a prominent role in breeding practice but their pics here may be instrumental in order to visualize a bit the Bellabees MP interaction vis-à-vis studs chosen by Falmorehall breeder Mrs S Windham (as she , just like Mr/Mrs Richards , has also used Dom Perignon at stud).

Third MM litter , the one out of the brindle Zanfi Bellona (ch Darkling Bridie’ niece) contained a/o G- Delora purchased by the German Meadow Ground breeder Axel H Trimborn , G- Vimto who went to the Swedish Mrs Gudrun Von Geijer of Vegeholm Castle - Angelholm  whereas G- Tizer was a keeper and sired one Glynpedr litter , ie dd Nov ’83 out of ch Zanfi Tanya’ sis Z- Barberry resulting in G- Harvey Warbanger owned by Namous breeders Mr/Mrs D Blaxter & G- Tom Collins purchased by Alvedor breeder Mrs Taina Ohman – Sweden ; TC double grandsired ch Alvedor Aragorn , the latter exported to Zee breeder Mr Bill St Clair – US  and is there behind several interesting strains . 

Here below  fr l to r  - Glynpedr Tizer as a very young puppy , Tizer' 7m old son Brookview Nick Nicklebee (out of ch Forefoot Prince Igor' daughter Zandawn Fair Exchange) & Tizer' 17m old son ch Zanfi Imperial Eagle , a very athletic & outgoing youngster  , in short a powerhouse not that easy to handle in the show ring . Eagle went three times back to ch Copenore Rab , ie  2x G3 along Tizer & 1x G2 along Grangemoor Gilda .

Another MM/Bellona littermate was G- Cariba owned by Mr DW Salmond , a Scot of Balgothrie Farm – Fife , who mated him to his Prixcan Drusilla (ch P- Drusus’ sis – Meps Illustrious Lawyer ex Trevabyn Spring Fever)  and resulting in a/o  The Young Pretender & The Laird O’Wemyss . Mr Donald Salmond , an able amateur golfer , attended the OEMC Ch show at Pyleigh Manor Aug ’91 after a drive of almost five-hundred miles , entering two dark brindle  brothers , ie The Young Pretender & The Laird O’Wemyss . Great type quality in both of them and it’s a pity they only had a restricted show career .

The 4th litter counted only one pup , ie Jilgrajon Madame without any show - or breeding records as she was ‘end of the line’ concerning Jilgrajon breedings by the Hicks family running in those days a busy nursery business .

The 5th MM litter , dd June ’82 was out of the brindle Glynpedr Bollinger (Nandina Bilbo Baggins ex Mr Micawber’ daughter ch Forefoot Emily) and produced five UK champions , an unequalled record in Britain’ Mastiff history ; three females (Taittinger , Jamin owned by Mrs ML Elliott & Billecart owned by Bredwardine breeders Mssrs Thomas & Tugwell) and two males (Dom Ruinart & Dom Perignon) . Hereabove fr l to r - Jamin standing a tad close in front but presenting a really nice square head ,  head study & overall view of Dom Ruinart , one of those Mastiffs who seldom square their heads in or round the show ring , iow a nightmare for even a patient photographer .

Another littermate , see above at left,  G- Cliquot got one cc (under Bredwardine breeder Mr Richard Thomas awarding the reserve cc to Miss MJ Manfredi’ ch Prixcan Almeria) and two reserve cc’s (both times beaten by Mssrs Thomas & Tugwell’ ch Bredwardine Beau Ideal , that under the all-rounders Mr Ronald W James & Mrs Pamela Cross-Stern who wrote about Cliquot as following – ‘Brindle of good height & length , symmetrical with large bone ; muscular quarters and moving well . Square head , broad skull, well placed ears and square muzzle . Deep ribs and wide chest.’

Glynpedr Cliquot was owned by Mrs Sylvia Evans of Thorner , a well-known artist in bronzes (also Mastiffs) and a real forerunner in Britain in regard to promoting X-raing aiffs ; her Cliquot got the low hip score 5 . Her three champion sisters remained without offspring but  Cliquot produced a litter sired by  Bournewood Benson Boys (Garstars Eric' grandson Cornhaye Hudson ex Bulliff Pylass' daughter Bournewood Hetta ; their daughter Thorner Harbinger received a reserve cc from all-rounder Mr George Down .

A comparative study of familiar heads  - fr l to r – ch Glynpedr Billecart owned by  Mssrs Thomas & Tugwell , ch G- Taittinger & ch G- Dom Perignon , the latter two owned by Mr Boatwright . Billecart' profile shows a correct ear form , carriage & widely set back  from low set eyebrow ; Taittinger squares her head nicely  and , in doing so , presents the breed typical squareness complemented by a 3/5 proportion nearing perfection , and is thereby so well filled under the eye .

The ninth MM litter , the one out of Aicama Saucy Sarah (Stablemate Bruno ex Gildasan Valentine Daisy) produced a/o Cedwalla Lionheart , C- English Rose (dam of ch Chevelu Blodeuwed & C- Barrg by ch Arciniega' Lion) & ch Cedwalla Sweet Ellenor , the latter recipient of not less than twenty cc’s .

Herr C Habig , judging Three Counties June ’83 , wrote about Aicama Saucy Sarah’ sis Kisumu Saphire – 2nd Post Graduate – ‘in size & bone rhe best female of the class but unfortunately she didn’t like to present herself . Due to her enormous substance in head & body she could be success ful in the ring but firm presentation is essential .’ According to her owner, Mrs Pam Chidwick, Saphire was 31 i at shoulder , weighing 210 lbs  .

These Sweet Ellenor' pics may demonstrate the growth from a promising youngster into a great quality female in full bloom ; just a personal observation – quite a lot of Mastiff youngsters may look as if they’re lacking the breed typical length of body , a dysbalance which quite often disappears when coming into maturity , one of the reasons why it’s rather difficult to standardly assess quality of youngsters , so not to speak of comparing & weighing up specimens of different stages of age .

Mrs Jill  Hicks , judge at the OEMC Ch show Towcester '86 , wrote about Ellenor  - 'A truly lovely type , who would not want to own her ? Large head  , flat skull , good eye , broad muzzle , large bone , well angulated CC & BOB .  Reserve cc  went to ch Honeycroft Eliza .' Here below pics of 1) her sis Cedwalla English Rose at Towcester '88 only a couple of months after her Chevelu litter sired by ch Arciniega' Lion which perhaps may explain her matronly outline , 2) her brother   C- Lionheart (pic taken at two years) , a quality male youngster of great power , huge size & bone , well angulated fore- & aft  but a tad lacking in width of front . Such a pity  this crack carried a heavy coat , otherwise may certainly have become a show flyer .

The last MM litter , ie the Falmorehall F- litter (out of ch Falmore Langton’ daughter Falmorehall Call Me Madam) contained also the last show dog for Mrs Phil Greenwell , without doubt to be considered as the right hand of Mrs Pamela Day of Hollesley kennels . One of the first show entries of Mrs Greenwell’ Falmorehall Frobisher was at the OEMC Open show Malvern April ’86 where he became BOB under Miss Sheila Critchley of Ormondstow (the lady with the dark brindle standing next to Mrs Greenwell) . She wrote – ‘14m old fawn of quality . grand size & bone , lovely masculine head & expression , dark eye , good dark mask , good mouth , a little long in the nose , good turn of stifle , good coat , very pleasing overall , moved well when settled’ .

At 17 months he already got two cc’s , ie under Miss Jean Lanning & Mrs GEP How ,  a couple of months later he was made up under the Dutch gentleman , Mr Anton Renders and got a 4th & last cc before the end of ’86 . The two pics at left show him at 2 1/2 y old and if one could wish for more it may be a  more flat (less prominent) fore skull & loins , a tad deeper in order to balance his front load ; the two pics at right present Frobisher at Pyleigh Manor August ’91 , providing a last chance to admire in public the qualities of her 6+y old veteran who , sadly enough , remained without offspring  .

That last cc for Frobisher was awarded by Mrs Edna Harrild and it’s as if the circle became rounded because Mrs Harrild bred Mrs Greenwell’ first Mastiff , ie ch Moonsfield Baron. In those days Mrs Greenwell was busy with farming at Lephams Bridge & showing Jersey cattle and had not the time to show  ‘Danny’, until the age of 4 when Mrs Harrild came in and encouraged her to show him . He became a champion at his first three Ch shows .

According to Mr Graham Hicks , 'Mrs Greenwell aka Mrs G- , 'born Phillis Joyce Pepper - India 1915 , came to the UK before WW II and worked for Mrs Judy de Casembroot of Treetops Cockers . After the war she became befriended with Mr & Mrs Lloyd Jones , a friendship which lasted until their deaths . Mrs Greenwell , quote – ‘ proved to be one of those people with an almost innate instinct & skill not just for breeding but for spotting a good one whether it be a cow ,  horse , dog or other form of livestock ; she possessed an outstanding amount of knowledge & judgment in that arena .’

Frobisher’ half brother Falmorehall Hudson (b Oct ’86 F- Call Me Madam ex MM’ son Glynpedr Dom Perignon) was owned by the Bournewood breeder , the always gentle Mrs Mary Denton . Having seen Hudson at the age of only 10m  at Towcester OEMC Ch Show ’87 (see pic above at extreme left), it’s not said too much that Hudson was an early maturer .

In the ring it was as if he was entered in the wrong class , but no , he belonged to that Puppy Class full of really immature youngsters except for him …

Some years later , also at Towcester , it became clear that Hudson had become a very nice adult , ie a rock steady temperament , great height/length proportion (when stacked well) , well angulated fore & aft quarters , stout limbs & powerful strides  .

Overall a grand example of the breed but never made up due to some minors , ie eyes a tad too light , a slightly roughish coat & , most importantly, lacking proportionate width in front in order to complement his breed-wise nice height at shoulder annex length  of body.

Hereabove at right - pics of  Frobisher' & Hudson' maternal grandsire ch Falmore Langton , a large quality brindle but showing up a 'bumpy' fore head & a frontal width which is not directly a first-class example of   steady 'equilibrium' in a large powerful guard ; pic in color - ch Chevelu Blodeuwed (ch Arciniega' Lion ex MM' daughter Cedwalla English Rose) presents a really good front .

A Mastiff’ size needs to be considered in 3D perspective and especially this large guarding breed needs to show up an impressive front view oozing strength & determination . A grand head , deep wide chest , standing four-square on straight stout limbs , - that’s the forever genuine face-to-face Mastiff imprint . Note - the KC standard provides no specifics in regard to the forechest (breast) ,  although it may be obvious that it should be well developed , indicating shoulder joints well placed in front of the respective ellbow joints ,  in transversal line approx off the central breast bone . Such a constellation results in a well developed  roomy breast wall , that opposite to  less robust forms , ie the pigeon-like - &  hollow breasts (resp due to a protuding - & regressing breast bone) .

A comparative study of heads in profile – fr l to r ch Falmorehall Frobisher , the OEMC badge & a Frobisher’ relative . The KC standard asks for a/o – ‘forehead flat , but wrinkled when attention is excited . Brows (superciliary ridges) slightly raised' . A pity , present-day show report notes are quite often rather short &/or ‘loose’ in description ; Dr Sidney Turner , one of the fathers of the OEMC standard 1883 & later on club President , regularly mentioned in his quite extensive reports the descriptive ‘bevelled off look’ expression , a look clearly to observe in profile as a flattened sloping plane which starts from the slightly raised eye brow level up to approx half-way the head portion . The picture at right shows a skull form (wrinkle aside) off fore head is quite identical to the model of the club badge which shows that 'bevelled off look' par excellence , just like also that famous photograph of ch Young Mary Bull  b 1914 &  quite a lot of pics of great Victorian Mastiffs .

Note - The late Mr Graham Hicks presumed that the OEMC badge was out just before WWII and the dies (moulds) got lost ; the hallmarked silver OEMC badge being a collector’ item eagerly sought after , especially the early ones . The artist is unknown . A guess may be that it was WK Taunton’ friend , Frederick John Hawkings 1893 -  17th March 1966 , who , according to the London Gazette , was an ‘Architectural Sculptor’ by trade . He bred Mastiffs under the Goldhawk prefix and was Mastiff breed correspondent for Our Dogs ; fact is also that he made a full sized lying bronze (representing a rather idealized version of Goldhawk Elsie) which beams the indepth breed knowledge of the artist .

Here below at left - an early post-WWII  medal of the MCOA aka the Mastiff Club of America which approved their own (AKC) standard in 1943  ;  the  head on their medal may have inspired a lot of  the then American breed fanciers ; at right a pic of the winners at Richmond  Dog Show Society - June '52 - fr l to right Miss I Bell' youngster OEMC Wolsey , the judge Mr Fred J Hawkings & Lt-Commander EC Peake' Diadem/Nydia' daughter Jascot  F Griselda . Ten years later his last championship appointment was at Crufts '62 where he awarded the cc's to ch Havengore Hotspot & ch Havengore Balint' sis H- Dore .

He resided at Cressy House 203 Goldhawk Road Shepherds Bush – London , the same address as for George Hawkings 1863- 1937 , of ‘George Hawkings & son – sculptors’ . So it’s not unreasonable to presume that Frederick John was his son . For more info following links about  The missing Talbot Memorial  & The Smithfield War Memorial .

1986 was a quite interesting Mastiff year . At Crufts , the 80y old all-rounder Mr Percy Whitaker awarded the male cc to ch Jilgrajon Sir Gladstone’ nephew ch Luckhurst Goliath but his BOB was ch Bulliff Warrior’ sis ch Bulliff Walkeska owned by Apollon breeder Miss  Yvonne A Richardson . Another remarkable feature was that out of twenty-two championship shows two of them were judges by foreigners , ie a German , Herr C Habig at the Wales’ WBA & the Dutch gentleman Mr Anton C Renders at Midland Counties Dog Society . The German’ BOB was ch Bredwardine Beau Ideal (BOS Glynpedr Harvey Warbanger (Glynpedr Tizer ex ch Zanfi Tanya’ sis Z- Barberry) whereas the Dutch chose ch Falmorehall Frobisher as BOB  whereas ch Glynpedr Taittinger’ sis ch G- Jamin got the other cc .

At the LKA , the last show of the year , a new face entered the KC records , ie Massoluv Heftylump owned by the Collinson family who imported him from the States , bred by Mr G Forrey out of Lady Madonna sired by Deer Run Falcon . Heftylump , b Oct ’83 , got under Mrs Edna Harrild of Moonsfield 2nd place in Open Class preceded by ch Glynpedr Dom Ruinart’ 2y old son Bredwardine Brynawdon but the cc & BOB went to Mrs Greenwell’ Frobisher .  Heftylump was made up in ’88 having won cc’s under Mrs Teversham of Twinoaks , Mrs GEP How of Overnoons & Mrs Jill Hicks of Jilgrajon ; respective reserve cc’s went to ch Hollesley Lord Rupert , Aquasilks Boxcar Willie & ch Trevabyn Mr Snowman .

Walkeska' paternal half sis (both by Bulliff Ranger) ch Honeycroft Eliza , b Aug '84 out of ch Honeycroft Dolly Daydream ,  was the coming star in 1986 gaining a cc under Mr Graham Hicks (reserve cc for Belbeck Plantation Boss' daughter' Trevabyn Winter Solstice) and three reserve tickets , resp under all-rounder Mr Harry Jordan & the Dutch Mr Anton C Renders (both cc's for ch Glynpedr Jamin) & Mrs Jill Hicks (cc for ch Cedwalla Sweet Ellenor) . Ch Honeycroft Eliza got afterwards 5 other ccs under resp Mr Chris Say & all-rounder Mr George R Down (both reserve cc's for ch Cedwalla Sweet Ellenor)   , Mr Geoff Burton & Mrs Pamela Day (both reserve cc's  for Sweet Ellenor' daughter Cedwalla Miss Edwina) and Mrs Jill Hicks (reserve for ch Prixcan Almeria) . Eliza was one of those few quality females who had width in front to adequately match  her great height & length of body. Here below pics of ch Honeycroft Eliza & an unshown brother  Edison (Bulliff Ranger ex ch Honeycroft Dolly Daydream) .

Thé event of 1986 was without doubt the importation of LION , b Oct ’84 & bred & co-owned by Mr Mario Arciniega  out of Arciniega’ Saga sired by Am ch Groppetti’ Wallon  , ie a maternal half sis/brother combination towards Am ch Deer Run Wycliff’ daughter DR Lonnie complemented by another DR bred grandparent , namely Deer Run Roderick .

The 'prehistory' of this importation went as follows – May ’86 – The MCOA held its yearly National Specialty & Mr Richard Thomas was invited to judge . He chose the 19m old Lion as his Winners Dog out of the Open Class and described him as – ‘ An apricot with good pigmentation . Stood out . Has lovely type with a good strong head and short square muzzle , small dark eyes and excellent expression . Excellent fromt with straight heavy bone . Hindquarters strong . Shown in hard condition and moved very well’ .

Off the record he mentioned a/o that Lion’ angulation could be better . After some chitchat to and fro Lion’ co-owners Mr Arciniega & Mrs Ruth Grady decided to offer him to Mssrs Thomas & Tugwell – ‘to see what he could do with him in England’ . Lion gained his American championship & produced offspring from several broods after which he flew over to Great Britain where he had to go into quarantaine for half a year . On April 18 , ’87 Lion started his ‘second’ career and was made up by winning the cc at three consecutive Ch shows , ie Wales’ WBA under Mr Geoff Burton of Devarro  (reserve cc for ch Glynpedr Dom Perignon) , WELKS under Mr Richard Cogan of Craigavon (reserve cc for Bulliff Zeb) & Birmingham Dog Society under Mr Ronald M James (reserve cc for Bredwardine Brynawdon) ; at the end of ’87 Lion had collected twelve cc’s .  At left - Lion at 19 months old . Given the KC '87 data , it were only Mrs Greenwell , Mrs EJ Baxter of Farnaby Lesdon , Miss Margaret Harrison , Miss Jean Lanning & Mr Jack Cooper of Oxhaege who awarded nor the cc or reserve cc to Lion ; they chose resp for ch Glynpedr Dom Perignon (res ch Massoluv Heftylump) , ch Namous Uberacht (res ch Glynpedr Dom Ruinart’ son ch Bredwardine Bwlchygroes) , Bredwardine Brynawdon (res ch G- Dom Perignon) , ch Hollesley Lord Rupert’ son Peritas Argos (res ch G- Dom Perignon) & ch  Prixcan Drusus (res Bulliff Khan’ son Spades Ace) .

Pics taken from British doggy newpapers presenting the fresh sensation of a really successful American import , ie ch Arciniega’ Lion .

A constant throughout Mastiff history is that every great breed specimen had its proponents as well as its opponents ; the former perhaps blind for obvious flaws while wearing rose sunglasses , the latter perhaps too focused at those bad points and therefore unable to correctly appreciate the excellent points of the Mastiff in question . Weighing up the goods against the minors and vice versa is a really tricky balancing act which only may succeed if one’s able to set aside the ‘dragon who rips the dog into pieces’ , ie the tendency to look too ©losely at the respective parts instead of looking at their 'merge'  into the whole picture  .

Ch Arciniega’ Lion was one of them … He left no breed fancier unresponsive and that made him special , highly emblazoned by one part and almost maligned by another part. But , no one can take away from him   that he has produced offspring of great quality and put in general a great stamp upon British Mastiff breeding .

Ch Arciniega’ Lion sired twenty litters , that between July ’87 – March ’91 ; number per breeder -  Bredwardine 7 ,  Wayward 3 ,  Chevelu & Craigavon each 2 ,   Brookview , Bulliff , Apollon , Tresylyan , Merrowlea & Gildasan , each 1 . Lion sired ten champions from nine litters (see list here below) .

Ch Bredwardine Berwyn’ maternal granddam was ch Bredwardine Beau Ideal’ sis B- Babe who , mated to ch Forefoot Prince Igor , Berwyn’ dam B- Bubble Brandy . Bredwardine Berwyn , owned by Santmichael breeders Mr/Mrs Rischmiller , became a champion by cc’s won under Mr Jack Cooper of Oxhaege (reserve for ch (Merrowlea Brigadier) , all-rounder Mr Harry Jordan (reserve for ch Bredwardine Brongest) & Mr Kevin M Cottrell (reserve for Lion’ son Chevelu Baron)  .

Mr/Mrs Young’ ch Bredwardine Blanseidi’ maternal granddam was the Am import Corbett’ Girl Alona (Scarey Creeks Man of War ex Rolling Hills Tali) who , mated to Gildasan Roman Warrior , produced Blanseidi’ dam Gildasan Dolly Daydream . Blanseidi was made up early by cc’s awarded by Mrs Jill Hicks , Mrs Mary Reardon of Buckhall & Mr Jack Cooper ; reserve cc’s resp for Cops ‘N Robbers & 2x Longendale Megan’ Pride .

Ch Bredwardine Brongest , B- Bronwaen & their younger brother ch Bredwardine Bedwyr (all owned by their breeders) were out of Bredwardine Bertvedv , litter sis of ch Bredwardine Bwlchygroes & B- Brynawdon . Brongest & Bedwyr got each not less than eleven cc’s whereas sis B- Bronwaen was not campaigned but produced ch Bredwardine Boyfafawr owned by Mr R H Nixon . The large brindle ch Bredwardine Bedwyr gave no offspring but his older brother Brongest sired a record number of litters , ie 34 ; Brongest may not have been a very large Mastiff but he really was 3D well knit together , iow compactly set up without any substantial levels of loseness , and one of the best , if not the best mover of his era .

Ch Bulliff Nutmeg Nestor ‘ maternal granddam Famrise Fascination was out of Capper Be Lucky’ Bulliff Imaquanato sired by ch Balclutha Minerva’ brother B- Intrepid ; Fascination mated to Bulliff Razzermataz produced Bulliff Tazion , dam of Nestor owned by Frideswide breeder Dr Sheila Monostori . At only 9m of age Nestor got a reserve cc from Buckhall breeder Mrs Mary Reardon (cc for ch Prixcan Drusus) , at the next show he already got his 1st cc under the world-wide known Mr Joe Braddon (reserve ch Prixcan Drusus) and he was made up by winning cc’s under Dr JMC Clark MBE (reserve ch Bredwardine Bedwyr) & Mrs Mary Reardon (reserve Dom Perignon’ grandson ch Glynpedr Napoleon) . Here below Nestor’ head study presenting angular suareness incl a strong blunt (although a bit 'upfaced') muzzle and a pic taken at Towcester Aug ’96 when worthy veteran Nestor was almost 8 1/2 years old .

Ch Apollon Nomhle Sindiswa - see below at left - , another early maturer , was the only Lion’ ch offspring bred from a champion brood , ie Warrior’ sis ch Bulliff Walkeska . Sindiswa got cc’s from Mrs EJ Baxter of Farnaby-Lesdon (reserve - Glynpedr Prairie Oyster) , Dr Sheila Monostori (reserve - ch Farnaby Fraze & Fable) , Mr Douglas Oliff (reserve - ch Prixcan Poseuse) & Mr Richard Cogan (reserve – Prixcan Braykinin Marcasite) . Sindiswa’ sis A- Bonisa , owned by Saintmichal breeders Mr/Mrs Richmiller , got four reserve cc’s and became maternal granddam of ch Dawn Roseanne b June ’95 . Roseanne' maternal uncle Miss Susan L Wilson' Wheeler Dealer (by Brongest) got BOB at the OEMC Ch show '92 under Bredwardine breeder Mr Richard Thomas (reserve for ch Delbeech Zorab owned by the Hicks family) .

Tresylyan champions Brogan (5 cc’s) & Bittersweet - below centre - (13 cc’s) were bred by Mr Keith Taylor out of Brookview Lucy Lastic (ch Zanfi Imperial Eagle ex ch Forefoot Prince Igor’ daughter Zandawn Fair Exchange) . Brogan became maternal grandsire of the Kumormai champions Pride ‘N Prejudice & Miss Elizabeth .

Another Lion litter of great interest was the one out of ch Cedwalla Sweet Ellenor’ sis C- English Rose which contained ch Chevelu Blodeuwedd - see below at left -  (18cc’s) & C- Barrg , the latter only rarely shown but still recipient of a reserve ticket under Mr Chris Say (cc for ch Bredwardine Brongest) ; Blodeuwedd , mated to ch Bredwardine Brongest , produced ch Bredwardine Bwchllan & ch Bredwardine Bryntowydd whereas mated to her son Bwchllan she gave ch Bredwardine Brenhines . Barrg sired eight Bredwardine litters , a/o one out of Brongest’ sis B- Bronwaen which contained ch Bredwardine Boysfafawr .

A last Lion litter including a champion , (Merrowlea) Brigadier , was bred by Mssrs AWS Hutchings & Norman Blagrave , out of Merrowlea Tinabella , the latter having as grandparents Huegeness Apollo , Marsden Gipsy Mott , Bolaine Boom & Coopell Kate . Brigadier , owned by Dawnstar breeder Mrs DJ Mantle , sired nine litters and became paternal grandsire of the Kumormai champions Pride ‘N Prejudice & Miss Eliza Bennett . Note -The Merrowlea kennels were also famous for their Great Danes & French Bulldogs ;  the Frenchie ch Merrowlea The Enchantress was the breed’ cc record holder collecting 37 cc’s ; Mr Andrew William Seymour Hutchings , 1907 - ’96 , was an officer of the National Foundation for Educational Research .

Mr Graham Hicks mentioned in his OEMC Ch show ’90 report the following about ch (Merrowlea) Brigadier 1st Limit Large dark brindle , superb condition . Dominated the class with his substance , deep body , his breadth of skull , although his muzzle was longer than some . Despite his heavy build he moved freely , is wide although not wedge shaped . My biggest criticism is that he is much too advanced for his age (twenty months) , which is neither desirable or typical . He looks like a 4 years old !’

Note – He certainly made a point as exceptional loads during the period of growth may harm correct development of constitutional elements , a/o off spine & respective joints due to  dysbalance between mass vs quality of resp static muscle tone & dynamic muscle forces . So exceptions aside , quite a lot of early maturers become early on ‘overripe’ , reflected by dipping toplines , weak pasterns , loose elbows & lack of drive in hind action .

The Glynpedr champion brothers Dom Perignon & Dom Ruinart sired together twenty litters which resulted in seven (5/2) champions , ie Glynpedr Sandeman & sis Ferrira (out of MM’ daughter Glynpedr Fanta) , Damaria Count Magnum (out of ch Parcwoord W Bear’ daughter Nandina Shady Lady) , (Meps) Dignified John & brindle brother Brave Chaka , double Crufts BOB (out of Grangemoor Zorab’ granddaughter Meps Dark Ranee) ; Bredwardine Bwchlygroes (out of ch Forefoot King Kong’ B- Bagwyllydiart) & Cedwalla Miss Edwina (out of MM’ daughter ch Cedwalla Sweet Ellenor) .

Sandeman’ sis Glynpedr Boa Vista , mated to Farnaby Touch of Class , produced ch & Crufts ’90 BOB Trevabyn Mr Snowman who , on his turn , sired ch Darkling Paddington Bear . Ch Damaria Count Magnum , mated to ch Parcwood W Bear’ daughter Farnaby Special Features gave two champions  in the 43th Farnaby (or Lesdon) litter , ie F- Fortune Teller owned by Namous breeders Mr/Mrs Blaxter and F- Fraze & Fable , the latter recipient of nine cc’s and , after being a quarter of a century into the breed , the first homebred champion owned by Mrs EJ Baxter .  Count Magnum , mated to Glynpedr Tizer’ sis G- Fanta , gave ch Glynpedr Napoleon owned by the Bromley family .

Mrs Thelma Green’ Ch (Meps) Dignified John’ & Mr Raymond Boatwright ch (Meps) Brave Chaka’ dam Meps Dark Ranee was sis of Meps Eliza’ Fair Daughter who , mated to ch Zanfi Imperial Eagle , produced two Prixcan champions for Miss MJ Manfredi , ie Espada & brother Countach aka ‘Roxy’ , the latter famous for a/o his superb head qualities ;  Espada , mated to Countach , produced ch Prixcan Poseuse . Imperial Eagle , mated to ch Bredwardine Bwchlygroes’ sis B- Bethesda , gave ch Glynpedr Irish Velvet owned by the Collinson family .

There only remain three other champions (born in eighties) to be mentioned , ie 1) ch Prixcan Almeria bred by Miss MJ Manfredi out out ch Parcwoord W Bear’ daughter Trevabyn Spring Fever sired by ch Trevabyn Black Ice ; 2) ch Quixhill True Britt bred by Miss Sargeant out of ch Trevabyn Black Ice’ sis T- Winter Solstice sired by her paternal half brother Trevabyn Sirius (out of ch Parcwood W Bear’ daughter Farnaby Feudal Countess) ; 3) Longendale Princess Athenée bred by Mr Louis McDonald out of ch Longendale King Louis’ daughter Tresylyan Anoushka sired by Longendale The Defender , the latter grandsired by Canonbury Alkabar & ch Forefoot Prince Igor .

Mastiffs who missed the champion title by the proverbial hair-width are legio ; overlooking  those born in the 1970/80s one may find a/o five Bulliff breds , ie B- Cyning Aelle (2 cc's & 1 res) &   B- The Squire Cynegils (2 cc's) , both by ch Hollesley Devil' Advocate ex B- Giselt ;  B- Razzermataz (2 cc's & 3 res) & his son Bulliff Zeb (2cc's & 3 res) ; ch B- Warrior' & ch B- Walkeska' sis B- Wellingtonia (2 cc's & 2 res)  . Perhaps disappointing for those involved but , taking the Bulliff champions aside , it certainly marks the quantity in quality bred by this long-standing kennel of Mr/Mrs Say .

Not a champion , but a really splendid Mastiff was Miss Jan Rose’ Capesthorne Cops ‘N Robbers aka ‘Dempsey’ b Sept ’86 & bred by Mrs M Jones out of  Lesdon Lord Fortesque’ daughter Farnaby Fickle Jade sired by ch Zanfi Tanya’ son Damaria Lord Kairos . Early ’89 , Cops ‘N Robbers got two cc’s at consecutive shows , ie at Wales’ WBA & WELKS under Mrs P Greenwell & Moonsfield breeder Mrs Edna Harrild (both reserve cc’s for ch Arciniega’ Lion) followed by a reserve cc under Mrs Jill Hicks (cc for ch Bredwardine Blanseidi) and 1st Open Class at the OEMC Ch Show ’89 (2nd ch Arciniega’ Lion) ; the all-rounder Ronald W James (cc ch Glynpedr Sandeman , res ch Prixcan Drusus) mentioned in his Blackpool June ’89 report – ‘1st Limit Capesthorne Coppers ‘N Robbers , very striking & well balanced fawn , good shoulders , topline , ribs & tailset , powerful hindquarters & outstanding action , very well presented & handled . Was close up in the final decision for the cc and he is most worthy of the title’ , but … then a series of placings at not less than fourteen shows until ’91 but never made up . Another non champion of merit was Grangemoor Archie Gander  (ch Hollesley Dare Devil’ daughter G- Alvinia sired by G- Zorab’ son G- Buster) owned by the Hicks family ; his  head was a textbook breed example !

Judge reports should be a vital part of the dog show scene as such written documents may reflect the inner deliberations based upon his/her personal priorities regarding the breed standard . Good reports contain specific information & ditto explanation , in short they are instructive . A quite different story may be told about the ‘cautious’ , so not to say overcautious , reports , those loaded with platitudes (good head , good angulation , nice expression , &c) without any specific justification about respective placings . Straightforward reports , although in diplomatic form , may get more respect from the fancy than those written in soft & eluding tunes as , no matter what’s written , one thing is certain - one cannot keep friends with everyone - . Here below the Welsh KC Aug ‘87 report by judge Mr Graham Hicks of Jilgrajon , a splendid example of good reporting  .