The Fitzherberts

Gerard & Francis  Fitzherbert - The young brothers behind ch Crown Prince’dam Merlin

The KCSB mentions five litters bred by the bros GH &/or F Fitzherbert , ie July ’73 Rhoda (GH’ daughter b ’90 also named Rhoda) ) out of Turk’ Venus  sired by the 5y old Rupert (bred by John Lingen Seager of Stevenage) ; July ’74 Empress & Guiza out of Wynns Fabius’ Linda sired by ch Granby; ’75 Sheila out of ch Turk’ Venus sired by ch Argus ; Dec ’76 Saracen , Sophy & Merlin out of Rhoda sired by ch The Shah ; May ’78 Saladin out of Rhoda sired by ch The Shah . The Fitzherbert brothers weren’t particularly regular exhibitors but Rhoda got a 3rd prize at Crystal Palace ’75 , Saracen & Saladin  - Alexandra Palace puppy class , resp 1st in ’77 & 2nd  in ’78 .

The KCSB mentions resp Otford House nr Sevenoaks & 53 High Street Sevenoaks as the addresses for F Fitzherbert and resp Otford House nr Sevenoaks & Overton Hampshire for GH Fitzherbert , iow having in common Otford House situated in Otford village nr Sevenoaks. Their parents Anthony Fitzherbert b‘18 & Elizabeth Martha Horne b ’34 lived at West Farleigh Hall with their sons Gerard Horne Fitzherbert 1853-’99 & Francis Fitzherbert 1854-’29 , both born at West Farleigh .

West Farleigh Hall (see above)  , an eighteenth century country house previously known as Smith' Hall was owned by the Brewer family from the mid-15th  century until 1762 when the house & estate was left by Jane Brewer to her cousin Rev John Davis , Rector of Hamsey - East Sussex . Davis died in 1766 and the estate passed to his son Sir John Davis who sold it in 1774 to William Perrin Esq , Merchant of Jamaica , who died in 1795 . By 1838 , the house was owned by Sir Henry FitzHerbert, son of Sir William FitzHerbert & his wife Sarah FitzHerbert , née Perrin , probably William Perrin’ niece .

Being only toddlers Gerard & Francis lost their father in 1855 and were brought up by their widowed mother . Gerard married his mother' servant Emma Fantam b ‘51 in 1876 at St George Hanover Square - London while the Census Return ’81 gives ‘Overton House High Street – Overton’ as his living place and ‘Railway share holder’ as occupation (‘91 Living on his own means) . According to the Census Return ’81 his brother Francis was a Civil & Mechanical Engineer livng at Chesnuts, Stutton – Suffolk while in 1901 he was living with his mother Elizabeth Maria on own means at Ratcliffe , Clyst Hydon – Devon .  Francis married his cousin Edith Fitzherbert , daughter of John Knight Fitzherbert on 24 Jun 1902 .

Geard & Francis were grandsons of Sir Henry FitzHerbert 1783-’58 , 3rd  Baronet of Tissington Hall , an early 17th century Jacobean mansion house some twenty S of Chatsworth . The FitzHerberts , descended from the Norman family of Norbury Hall , acquired Tissington by the marriage of Nicholas FitzHerbert , 2nd  son of John FitzHerbert of Somersal Herbert , to Ciceley Frauncis , heiress of Tissington , in 1465 . The old moated manor at Tissington was replaced with the new mansion in 1609 by Francis FitzHerbert and remains the home of the FitzHerbert family .

Gerard & Francis’ mother Elizabeth Martha ’34-’05  was the daughter of Rev William Horne , Master of Arts & Vicar at Barming (three mls from West Farleigh) , resided at Epping House Little Berkhampsted-Herts with his wife Elizabeth Busk . Elizabeth Martha’ brother Reverend Frederick Edward Horne 1836-‘13 , Rector of Drinkstone - Suffolk, married Augusta Fanny Astley Cooper , daughter of Sir Astley Paston Cooper, 2nd  Baronet of Gadebridge – Herts ..

Their father Reverend William Horne (Gerard & Francis' grandfather) ,   son of Sir William Horne 1774-‘60 , was admitted to Lincoln's Inn in 1798 and entitled to practice as a barrister ; held the office of Member of Parliament for Helston between 1812-’18; held the office of King's Counsel ; held the office of Bencher of Lincoln's Inn ; held the office of Solicitor-General of England & Wales between 1830-’32 ; held the office of Member of Parliament ; held the office of Attorney-General of England & Wales between 1832-‘1834 ; held the office of Master in Chancery between 1839-‘53 ; lived at 49 Upper Harley Street – London & Epping House ..

Note – The probably most notable Fitzherbert was Maria, née Smythe 1756-‘37 , who married a 2nd  time , to Thomas Fitzherbert of Swynnerton – Staffs , and was widowed again on 7 May 1781 . He left her an annuity of 1,000 pounds and a town house in Park Street - Mayfair . Five years later she became the wife (in secret) of George , Prince of Wales 1763-’30 . The future George IV secretly underwent a form of marriage with her in 1786 when he was 23 . Though Maria had been disinherited by her first husband , his nephew Cardinal Weld persuaded Pope Pius VII to declare the marriage valid .