The sixties

In the sixties 186 litters were born , amongst them 28 British champions . It still was a restricted increase in numbers but it allowed that gradually more Mastiffs became exported , mainly to the States but also to Continental Europe , Australia , Japan , &c . 1960 was the year Miss Ianthe Bell , b 1899 , passed away  .   She stated in her will that all of her Mastiffs over the age of eighteen months were to be put down .  One never may know the exact reason(s) for such a harsh decision  , but probably motivated by her  dedicated concern for her  dogs in the convincement that Mastiffs of such an age never could be rehomed successfully and perhaps also by the given she came from a military family punctuated by tragedy ; her father , a Colonel (a/o recipient of the Victoria Cross , &c)  died in 1911 when she was still a young child , her 20 y old brother  Captain Robert Bell was killed in action in 1916 at Guillemont during the Battle of the Somme . Amongst the survivors was Withybush Superbus who came into the hands of Mrs Mary Hector of Parcwood & the Misses Blackstone .

Here below at left - Some of Miss Ianthe Bell' Mastiffs - Valiant Diadem' young son OEMC Wolsey  ,  OEMC Prudence (dam of  Weyacres Lincoln' sire Withybush Magnus)  & Heatherbelle Portia , dam of a/o the 1st  post-war II champion OEMC Countess & to the wonderfully headed Withybush Beatrix (ch Havengore Hotspot' grand-dam) ; in the centre Withybush Superbus (behind Buckhall stock along his daughter B- Alice) and at right his son Copenore Centurion whose sis C-  Countess produced Treebees Beowulf owned by the Buckhall breeders Major & Mrs Reardon who mated him to Rillamil Cassandra which resulted in a/o Buckhall Samantha , dam to the grand ch Buckhall Master Sirius owned by Dr Ewart Williams of Bonners kennels .

1960 was also the year  litters were born sired by that show sensation ch Havengore Hotspot whose last (4th) litter  was born February '61 .  Quite odd to realize none of those few Hotspot litters were bred by  his breeder Mrs Scheerboom .  It were Mr A Anderson of Benfleet (only six mls away from Mrs Scheerboom' place) & Mrs Irene Creigh of Leigh on Sea (only three mls away from Mrs Scheerboom' place) who each owned  a brood out of ch Lexander Tudor King' sis Benfleet Janus sired by ch Meps Angus (ch Mansatta Vilna' brother M- Jumbo ex the Diadem/Nydia daughter Wormhill Cora)  ; the two other litters were bred by Dr Rhoda Allison  of Weatherhill House at Brighouse Yorks , some 220 mls away from Southend on Sea . She was a greatly respected gynaecologist who a/o received from the Royal College of obstetricians & gynaecologists  the 'Edgar Gentilli Scholarship'.

Those 4 litters by Hotspot contained thirteen male & eleven  female KC registered puppies . Two males , the Kisumus Freddie & Felton , were exported to  Stuart  Clark Olsen  of  Willowledge kennels at Haywood VA - United States  (the latter became BOB at the MCOA Specialty '63) and only one male produced progeny in Britain , ie ch Havengore Balint who , except for Copenore Jason & his son ch C- Friar , was the most prolific sire in his era highlighted by  paternity of three champions , ie Blackroc Tuppence (exported to the US) , Pynesfarm Gelert owned by the actor Gordon  Stewart Edwards & Meps Portia .

In regards to Hotspot' daughters ,  it were only ch' s Milf Manetta & Kisumu Felton' sis ch K- Fatima who produced offspring , both sired by Copenore Jason , resulting in resp ch Weatherhill Thor & brother W- Bellringer (ch Copenore Rab' grandsire) and the Kisumu ch's Batsheba , Balthasar & Bardolph ; ch Kisumu Fatima mated to Havengore Adam' son Beaucaris Marcus produced ch Kisumu Jasper .

Taken from both points of view (show - & breeding quality) ch Milf Manetta' son ch Weatherhill Thor aka 'HENRY' may have been outstanding  amongst all of the Hotspot' grandchildren but  , just like his grandsire , he only sired few litters , ie two Hollesley litters (out of ch Moonsfield Baron' daughter H- Leonora & out of ch H- Macushla) and finally a third but most important one , the Buckhall litter bred by  Major & Mrs Reardon out of   H- Leonora' niece Rillamil Cassandra which resulted in ch Buckhall Baron Spencer , B- Baron Wolsey , B- Baron Winston , B- Anthea , B- Esme & B- Fiona  - one for one Mastiffs who have contributed to the breeding of quality stock in quite an array of different kennels   .

Henry' greatest fan , his owner Mrs Greenwell aside , may have been Mrs Pamela Dulcie Day née Clark of Hollesley . In 1990 , being actively involved into Mastiffs from before WW II , she was asked to present her opinion in the Kennel Gazette about her all time greatest Mastiff and her choice was Henry ! In a letter written in the  mid-1980s  she  made clear that - quote - 'he  was of lovely temperament , a marvellous real Mastiff head , a little straight behind  , but it's so easy to criticize a good dog . I feel the act of the breeder should be in mateing a bitch that was beautiful in turn of stifle '  , &c .

Her remark in regard to critics is dead straight on . Without playing ostrich about his minors , this dog Weatherhill Thor may be still considered as a genuine blueprint for the breed  .

One only has to perceive his  formidable angularity  & squareness in the head piece  , that without foolish amounts of wrinkle & folds . Wonderful!

As already mentioned , Henry was a real show winner , that in an era of strong opponents . His 1st cc was received from judge Stanley  Dangerfield who put up ch Havengore Drake' son ch Blackroc Falcon for reserve cc ; Henry got his 2nd cc under judge Bill Siggers (reserve for ch Kisumu  Balthasar) and was made up  at the  end of    '64 , the following year he won all the available male cc's except for the one at the Scottish KC Edinburgh where , due to  long distance , he perhaps wasn't entered . In '66 he got BOB at Crufts for the 2nd time  ; some months later  Henry ' show career ended .

In my view , that after  almost thirty years of studying the breed and visiting shows & breeders ,  Mrs Day  may be considered as the pinnacle of post-war II breed connaissance transcending far away all of the other post-war II stalwarts who a/o judged the breed all over the world &/or brought their ideas  into print and , in that way , may have  gathered world-wide more (perhaps disputable) reputation than that unpretentious but genial lady at Pyleigh Manor .

A quite atmosferic impression regarding Pamela Day’ husband Mark Oliver King Day may be found in a report about a visit at Pyleigh Manor (see pic below)  in July 1985 by pupils from Bishop Fox School Taunton. The owner of the farm is Mr Mark Day, a polite well-spoken gentleman in his late 60s . He welcomed the school group and showed them around his farm . The first port of call was the milking parlour . Mr Day showed the children  how the cattle were milked every day and explained the function of each item in the parlour . Today cattle are milked more quickly and hygienically than at any time in the past.   

Mr Day took the school party up a slight incline, past some farm buildings and into a field . There were several horses in a paddock and some beautiful Jersey cattle grazing peacefully in an adjacent field . Mr   Day is very proud of his cattle . They are quite famous in this part of  Somerset . Around the neck of each cow was an electronic ‘bleeper’ which  worked out exactly how much feed each cow was permitted to have . The children found this idea most amusing .

One boy, David Woodford , asked Mr Day what happened to the cattle when they were too old to give milk .            ‘Well’, said the farmer , ‘not a single one of my cows goes to the slaughterhouse . You won't find any of these beautiful creatures on your table for Sunday lunch .’ ‘But where do they go ? persisted David .’Some of them go down to the local kennels for dog food’ was the answer .

Mr Day was good enough to let the two teachers accompanying the school party look around his house while the  childen went off to explore the rest of the farm . The farmhouse dates from the 15th century. It is a long , two storey building with stone floors , beautiful plaster ceilings and attractive wooden panelling . In one of the rooms , it is believed that the death warrant of King Charles I was drawn up . Many of the ancient timbers in the farmhouse were exposed when the building was redecorated about 20 years ago.

One interesting feature of the farm is an ‘ancient’ wall and gateway near the entrance to the farm . Mr Day showed the gateway to the teachers & children and asked them how old they thought it was . The gateway was covered in ivy and moss and looked at least 400 years old . The History teacher with the group looked at the stonework and said ‘This must date back to Tudor times’. Mr Day smiled . ‘Nearly right’, he said . ’That wall and gate were built in 1953 . Some farm workers who had just  been made redundant put it up to earn a bit of extra cash . Nevertheless it's been listed as an ancient building ’. 

‘What crops are grown on the farm ?’ Mr  Day growls : ‘Spring barley , Winter barley  , Winter oats  & Winter wheat’ . What problems face farmers in Somerset in the 1980s? ‘Mainly the weather . EEC subsidies , quotas & regulations are also a  nuisance . Sometimes farmers are paid to produce agricultural goods and sometimes they are paid not to produce them . It's all very complicated .   


Is this farm typical of a farm in this part of Somerset? If so, why?  ‘Yes , it is typical because it's a dairy farm with some arable crops. The round pillars supporting the roof of the cowesheds are typical of Somerset farms ‘. Other comments : We found out that the 70 cows take nearly 2 hours to milk . There are two bulls . We all enjoyed our visit to the farm apart from Dominic who fell over into some manure . Mr Day hosed him  down . Mr Mason wasn't very pleased .

Mark O K Day '15-98 became Director of  The Jersey Cattle Society of the UK in '91 and remained it until his death in '98.

Mrs Pamela Day  née Clark purchased her 1st ‘real’ foundation brood , ch Havengore Dawn  b Nov ’58 , from the old famous breeder Mrs Scheerboom née Clark . The fact that Mrs Day & Mrs Scheerboom had the same maiden name may be simple coincidence. Nevertheless it’s quite apparent both were born in London thereby comes that Lucy had a brother William who had children, perhaps one of them being Pamela Dulcie who married in ’38 Mark Day, the year she got her 1st Mastiff (of Tiddicar breeding) and she also was one of the few OEMC members who attended  in ’47 the 1st post-war Annual General Meeting in days the Mastiff fancy was a very tiny,  almost familiar affair...

Dawn was litter sis to Bill Hanson’ foundation brood Havengore Gipsy who got one cc & three reserve cc’s before the age of twenty months old while Dawn wasn’t campaigned but produced the 3rd Hollesley litter of notable historical interest , ie dd July ’61 sired by ch Moonsfield Baron  (b Nov ’54 – ch Mansatta Vilna’ brother M- Benedict x Moonsfield Duchess) owned by mrs Sarah Lloyd Jones & Mrs Phyllis Greenwell who also were breeders of Jersey cattle ; the litter contained a/o Leonora (the next H- brood) & Larena who became dam of Rillamil Cassandra bred by Mrs Dyke and owned by Buckhall breeder Major Reardon who bred from her a/o ch Buckhall Baron Spencer .

After her litter Dawn entered the show ring in ’62 getting a res cc under Joe Braddon beaten by ch Milf Manetta and two cc’s under Bill Siggers & Miss HM Loughrey , resp beating ch Kisumu Fatima & her own sis Havengore Gipsy ; the next year Dawn was made up at Blackpool beating ch Havengore Balint for BOB after which she ended up her show career .

The 4th H- litter - out of H- Leonora was sired by Mrs R M Fry’ Warren , a three years old upstanding fawn bred by Parcwood breeder Mrs Mary Hector out of ch Meps Angus’ daughter Edgemount Elvira sired by Copenore Jason ; Warren , at the age of merely one year , got at the OEMC ch show ’62 a reserve cc under Mrs Norah Dickin beaten by Havengore Adam’ son Weatherhill Guide .

Seemingly this Warren was no further campaigned for some reason I don’t know about but he definitely sired eleven litters , his best known son being ch Cornhaye Kenneth owned by Miss Joan Fidler b '15 of Whitehall Hotel Howard square Eastbourne. Here at left Warren.

This litter produced a/o Mr Nawarski’ H- Sirius who got a reserve cc as a yearling dog under Havengore breeder Mrs Lucy Scheerboom beaten by ch Weatherhill Thor and a 3rd open Class under Blackroc breeder Bill Hanson ; Sirius’ brother H- Sebastian sired Inniscorrig Arthur Crown owned by the Hicks family of Jilgrajon repute and mated to their foundation brood Lisken Rowena , it resulted in ch Jilgrajon Lady Victoria . Here below Arthur Crown at left & his younger brother Bede .


The 5th H- litter , the second out of ch Havengore Dawn was sired by Warren’ sire seven years old Copenore Jason , the penultimate time he produced a litter (two months later mated to Saxondale Cleopatra resulting in  a/o ch Copenore Friar) .

This litter produced a/o H- Macushla who became the first Hollesley champion , getting cc’s under a/o the Mrs Scheerboom , Dickin & Hector , Miss Blackstone , Bill Hanson (2x) , totalling thirteen cc’s , a then large number of whom three at Crufts - ’66 , ’69 & ’70 , the latter under the Am lady MA Moore of Mooreleigh ; Macushla’ brother H- Montmorency , of nice type , was seemingly not campaigned or used at stud but became a ‘specialty’ in newspapers which emphasised upon his huge size & weight . - Here below pics of Copenore Jason , his daughter  Macushla  & her brother Monty .

No 6 – second litter out of Dawn’ daughter H- Leonora this time sired by ch Weatherhill Thor litter (Leonora ex Thor) ; it contained a/o Mrs A R Winters’ H- Nefertiti who got three reserve cc’s beaten by ch Taddington Diamond Lil and ch Hollesley Macushla (2x) ; Nefertiti’ sis H- Niobe produced a Roussilon litter sired by ch (Kisumu) Bardolph , a/o R- Augusta ,  great-grandam to ch Caemes King Edward (ch Jilgrajon Sir Gladstone’ sire) ; Nefertiti’ brother H- Nelson was exported to the longstanding American breeder Mrs Frank Greco and he sired six Am ch’s , a/o Ramsgate Savanah to be seen here below at right next to her  sire .

The 7th Hollesley litter dd Nov ’66 was out of the first own bred H- champion , Macushla sired by ch Weatherhill Thor resulting in a/o Phaedra , who got a res cc under Miss Loughrey in ’68 beaten by her litter sis Petalouda   owned by Mr K Graham who made her up by winning two other cc’s the next year resp beating ch’s Cornhaye Whitsun Bee & Copenore Mary Ellen , the latter her cousin who preoduced ch Copenore Rab in ’71 . The 8th H- litter dd May ’67 was the second litter out of Macushla’ daughter H- Leonora sired by ch Weatherhill Thor’ halfbrother Warren producing a/o the 3rd Hollesley champion , the grandly headed H- Cleopatra owned by the breeder but unfortunately she never produced any litter ; Cleopatra (see below at left) was made up in a row , ie last three consecutive shows of 1970 , resp under Copenore breeder Mr Lindley beating Kisumu Joanna , Bardayle breeder Mrs Anderson beating ch Meps Portia & Miss Blackstone beating ch Copenore Mary Ellen .

The 9th H- litter dd June ’69 should become an important one , the second out of their ch Macushla , this time sired by ch Weatherhill Thor’ son ch Buckhal Baron Spencer who was also grandson of H- Leonora’ sis Larena ; it gave a/o H- Melody who should become the next H- brood , and two champions H- Macushla’ Dagda (see two rare pics of him above at right) owned by Mrs Liz Degerdon & H- Macushla’ Sheba  who should come in the ownership of Mrs Phil Greenwell & Mrs Lloyd Jones .



Mrs Degerdon showed Dagda a first time at Birmingham ’70 under Miss Blackstone but was beaten by ch Pynesfarm Gelert & Copenore Lysander the dogs of the actor Gordon S Edwards ; the next year he got only one cc within ch Gildasan Eminance taking the reserve but in ’72 Dagda gained not less than six cc’s of the then ten yearly cc’s and thereby three reserves ; his main opponents were Oxhaege Thorkel , the Buckhall ch brothers Lord Jim & Mr Micawber , their half-brother ch Buckhall Master Sirius and the Gildasan brothers ch Eminance & - Egmont .


Dagda’ sis Sheba was firstly owned by Miss Joan Hine b '22 of Chalcott Farm Stolford Stogursy Bridgwater Somerset and got in ’71 a/o a reserve cc under Mrs Greenwell beaten by ch Copenore Mary Ellen ; unfortunately Miss Hine passed away and the following year Sheba was owned by Mrs Greenwell  and got in ’72 , the golden year for Dagda , also not less than five cc’s ; her greatest challengers being ch Meps Portia , Copenore ch’s Mary Ellen & - Petronella and Mrs Baxter’ Shute Alice .


The result of the 9th Hollesley litter dd June ’69 (containing a/o Dagda & Sheba) seemed to have been quite satisfying for Mrs Day as she repeated this ch Weatherhill Thor ex ch H- Macushla breeding dd Nov ’70 but opposite the six pups born from the former mateing , this time H- Marina being the only offspring , and unfortunately without further outcome .

As  already mentiond ,  the factual Hollesley foundation brood ch Havengore  Dawn had a  sister called Havengore Gipsy who also turned out to be of remarkable breeding quality ,  purchased by William (Bill) Hanson . A Blackroc advert dd 1962 mentions Mr W Hanson’ address as being 95 Clifton Ave , South Benfleet (Essex) , ca seven miles away from Mrs L Scheerboom’ Havengore kennels at Southend-on-Sea and it seems he was very good friend with Lucy & Fred Scheerboom who , besides breeding Mastiffs , ran a chain of several laundries .

Bill Hanson owned also ch Havengore Drake , the only Mastiff male who could beat twice Hotspot for the cc award . Drake   sired three Blackroc UK champions   out of two H- Gipsy litters , 1) b Oct '60 , ch B- Rhinehart  , 2) b June '61 ch B-Falcon &   ch B- Stormy Petrel  ;  Rhinehart & Falcon were exported to Mooreleigh breeder MA Moore US ; sisters B- Raven & B- Kestrel to resp Willowledge breeder Stuart C Olsen US &    Dr M A Trago of Venezuela .   

Bill Hanson was also a really renowned championship show specialist judge and , given the circumstances , it’s quite of interest to check his winners - at Welks ’66 he gave cc’s to ch Weatherhill Thor (res ch Kisumu Balthasar) & ch Hollesley Macushla (res Warren’ daughter Overnoons Fricka) ; at Blackpool ’68 cc’s to ch Cornhaye Kenneth (res ch Kisumu Jasper) & ch Hollesley Macushla (res Balint’ daughter Frideswide Nicolette).

East of England ’73 cc’s to ch Buckhall Mr Micawber (res his ch brother Buckhall Lord Jim) , 3rd Open Class ch Copenore Rab) & ch Hollesley Macushla’ Sheba (res Rab’ sis ch Copenore Czarina) ; at Birmingham ’74 cc’s to ch Canonbury Autobiography (res ch Buckhall Master Sirius) &  Bulliff’ foundation brood Astelle Oven Ready  (res ch Meps Nydia) ; at Bath ’75 cc’s to Dr Ewart Williams’ ch Buckhall Master Sirius (res ch President’ Lad owned by Bulliff) & ch Buckhall Mr Micawber’ niece Buckhall Lady jane (res ch Astelle Oven Ready) ; at LKA ’76 cc’s to ch Wayside The Devil (res ch Buckhall Master Sirius) & MM’ dam ch Hollesley Devil Dancer (res ch Canonbury Autobiography’ aunt Oxhaege Sigrid) ; at the OEMC Show ’78 cc’s to Dare Devil’ brindle brother ch Hollesley Devil’ Advocate (res The Devil’ grandson ch Forefoot Prince Igor) & Lady Fermoy’ ch Eddington Saraband by Shute President ex ch Pynesfarm Gelert’ granddaughter Rhosnessey Melisia (res Bulliff Ipona by ch President’ Lad ex ch Astelle Oven Ready) . Bill Hanson' last judging appointment of note was at Crufts 1981 where he gave BOB to ch Hollesley Medicine Man & BOS to his sis ch Hollesley Rowella , reserves for ch Forefoot Prince Igor & ch Darkling Bridie  .

It may be inappropriate to leave the sixties without mentioning other strains of repute . Therefore also some words about Copenore , Kisumu , Buckhall, Cornhaye , Farnaby , &c .

The Copenores  were bred by Mr/Mrs Cyril H & Maisie - née Willows -  Lindley of Whytefarm boarding kennels Crofton lane Stubbington , closeby the English southcoast . Together with Mrs Creigh of Kisumu  , they were the most prolific Mastiff breeders in the sixties , ie ca twenty litters each . Their home  stud Copenore Jason  is already reviewed, so entering those sixties the 2nd Copenore brood  ,  Jason' half sis Saxondale Cleopatra , produced not less than five litters all sired by Jason ;  amongst their progeny were C- Libra exported to the States and becoming an ancestor of ch Wayside The Devil & ch Arciniega' Lion) , C- Aida (dam of ch Twinoaks Baroness bred by Mrs Phil Teversham) ,  C- Flourish (dam of ch C- Petronella owned by the Celerity breeder Mrs Norfolk) , and of course ch Copenore Friar owned by Buckhall breeder Major & Mrs Reardon . Here below some pics of the private collection of Mrs Maisie Lindley of Copenore  .

The 3rd Copenore brood Withybush Crispin' daughter Withybush Kassia mated to Jason produced C- Prima Donna (granddam to ch  Gildasan Eminance,  ch Pynesfarm Gelert & ch Meps Portia) & Copenore Berta (dam of ch Blackroc Tuppence -  by Balint - exported to Mr Gaar of Garstars US) .  Another Copenore brood of note is Taddington Pride , alias 'Happy' bred by Mrs Dickens out of Tiger Lily (Jason' brother C- Leo  ex ch Withybush Aethelred' granddaughter W- Neda) sired by Copenore Jason himself . This Pride aka Happy mated to the Copenore home stud Weatherhill Bellringer (ch Weatherhill Thor' brother) produced ch Copenore Mary Ellen (dam to  Copenore ch's Rab & Czarina - by ch Hollesley M Dagda , both purchased by the stud owner , ie Mrs Degerdon) . 

Ch Copenore Friar' litter sis C- Flourish mated to Bellringer' son C- Endeavour produced one of the favorites of the Glynpedr breeder Mr Boatwight , ie ch C- Petronella owned by the Celerity breeder Mrs Norfolk ; Petronella' sis C- Petite was purchased by the  Cemaes (so not Caemes) breeders Mr/Mrs DG Phillips of Pengaer Farm  Eglwyswrw -  Crymych nr Cardigan Wales and only  several mls away from the actor Gordon Edwards . Mr/Mrs DG Phillips bred two litters from C- Petite , both sired by studs owned by G Edwards  , 1) sired by  ch Pynesfarm Gelert which gave the grand Dawnwind Romulus  exported to the States where he became ancestor of several important strains  , 2) sired by Beaumaring Lion which produced ch Cemaes King Edward owned by the Hicks family who mated hom to their home bred ch Jilgrajon Lady Victoria , their son ch Jilgrajon became a celebrated show winner but unfortunately without any progeny .

The Misses Barbara & Phillida Mary Blackstone were daughters of Dr Willoughby Arthur Blackstone MCRS 1868-1939 ,  who worked as a private practioner  residing at Regents Park Road - London ; in the 1920s they came into contact with Miss Ianthe Bell  and the latter' connaissance ,  the Victorian breeder & OEMC Committee Member WK Taunton  .  The Club Handbook of 1980 contains an article of some ten pages written by Miss B Blackstone in which she meticiously described the history of the OEMC  , so well researched and in grand style . As Editor of the OEMC Newsletter  , that up to a very old age , she constantly provided the members with interesting tids & tads gathered from a/o her own collection of vintage books , doggy newspapers , kennel gazettes  , &c .  Here below at left an example from the 1970s .

The Kisumu kennels were owned by Mrs Irene Victoria L Creigh , LRAM ALAM (Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music & Associate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) ; her foundation brood was  ch Havengore Balint'  maternal aunt Bardayle  Bunty , mated to ch Havengore Hotspot , it gave ch Kisumu Fatima who on her turn  mated to Copenore Jason produced three Kisumu ch's Batsheba , Balthasar &  Bardolph  ;  Fatima mated to Havengore Adam' son Beaucaris Marcus gave a 4th K- champion , ie Jasper.  Another Kisumu brood was ch Pynesfarm Gelert'  brindle sis Kisumu Bracken  who , mated to  Beaucaris Marcus , gave  the brindle Kisumu Hannah who , mated to ch Copenore Friar , produced Kisumu Tiberias (exported to the US where he became ancestor of some prominent strains) & Kisumu Tania   .

Kisumu Tania became granddam to ch Caemes King Edward who sired ch Jilgrajon Sir Gladstone , perhaps the best known Mastiff bred by the  Hicks family of Andover  .

Below - a pic  from the private collection of  Graham Hicks of Jilgrajon  , taken at The Three Counties Show June 1969 ,  Miss I Bell' friend Miss Barbara Blackstone , being the judge of the day BOB the 6 1/2 y old ch Kisumu Balthasar owned by Mrs Joan Wadland BVSc MRCVS , The Cottage - Wardington  Banbury ; BOS ch Hollesley Petalouda (ch Weatherhill Thor ex ch Hollesley Macushla) owned by K Graham of Little Began , Old St Mellons  Cardiff . Miss  B Blackstone 1901- Dec 1998 was the  OEMC Secretary from 1964 to 1976, thereafter a long-standing Editor of the OEMC Newsletter  .

In  a  short article -  'Records for the Guinness Book of Records' , she mentions that Mrs Steede of Melksham (nr Bath) wrote her that her Mastiff Taddington Bouril died 28 Feb 1979 aged 15 years 4 months (note the KCBRS states a male 'Bovril in the Taddington litter b Oct 1963 containing also - Pride & - Diamond Lil) .  Mrs Jill Hicks wrote her that ch Jilgrajon Lady Victoria' famous 'Potato litter'  numbered 17 pups not 16 as stated in the last Newsletter ; the KC registered the litter as 17 , as Bertha (No 17) lived for three weeks .

In the 1930s the young actor befriended two old ladies who left him four houses in their will (a/o at Parsifal Road - London) ; after their death he stopped his career and lived on 'own means' . Private  Manson , a rescue radioman in Hell Squad dd 1958 , was the last role played by  Gordon Stewart Edwards 1913/4-'88 ; later in life he became a licensed radio ham  . Besides the Mastiffs mentioned in the epitaph by BB the Edwards owned a/o  also Withybush Crispin' son Withybush Joel , Weatherhill Bellringer' son Copenore Lysander ,  the Bournewood brothers Crispin &  - King (by ch Buckhall Mr Micawber) , Beaumaring Lion (who sired ch Cemaes King Edward) & Jilgrajon Sir Silas (ch Jilgrajon Lady Victoria' brother) . In his will he bequeathed the value from part of his estate to the OEMC , amongst others ,  'to finance a high quality club magazine ' .

Mrs Janet Roberts of Cornhaye kennels bred fifteen litters between 1957 and 1971 ; the first seven were sired by Copenore Jason’ son Warren  (see pic attached to Hollesley chapter) ;  Cornhaye Kennet & Cornhaye Whitsun Bee , both sired by Warren , became champions .

Kennet  b May '66 , owned by Miss J Fiddler of Whitehall Hotel - Eastbourne ,  was out of Withybush Superbus' daughter Avebury Lady Jhantha ; he got his 1st cc from Bill Hanson of Blackroc (reserve for ch Kisumu Japer) , his 2nd under F Warner Hill (reserve for ch Kisumu Bardolph) and was made up at Crufts '70 under the American Mrs MA Moore (reserve for ch Kisumu Bardolph) and repeated his Crufts win the next year under Stanley Dangerfield (reserve for ch Gildasan Eminance) .

Whitsun Bee b June '66 out of Copenore Jason' daughter C- Bonny Helen got her 1st & 2nd cc under all-rounder  Frank Warner Hill ,   journalist  , author of several canine books and acknowledged as being among the foremost 'gundog' experts in Great Britain (reserves resp for ch Taddington Diamond Lil & Kisumu Hedwig) , 3rd under Miss L Turner who gave the reserve to ch Hollesley Macushla , 4th under Joe Braddon (reserve for Buckhall Mistress Mary) and finally a last but important one, ie at Crufts '71 under Stanley Dangerfield (reserve ch Meps Portia) which means that  a Cornhaye bred male & female ended up for the final decision , ie BOB won by Kennet . Surely a great moment for their breeder Mrs Janet Roberts , so being  fortunate to own a small but utmost rare  treasure once belonging to her  (via Mrs Moore), namely The Mastiff – Aristocrat of Dogdom published by the MCOA .   


Her early broods were mainly of Copenore stock , later on she bred a/o also two litters (seemingly in co-ownership with Mrs  Baxter of Farnaby)  out of Bouncing Bess , a brood coming from a quite illustrious litter bred by Miss J Bulloch of Hubbastone - Northam nr Bideford , containing a/o two ch’s President’ Lad (Crufts '77 BOB) owned by Mr & Mrs Say of Bulliff   &    Pinewhispers Countess Carolina (Crufts '79 BOB under Mrs P Greenwell) owned by  Mr T Jeffery of Little Pines Stamford Hill, Stratton near Bude - Cornwall .  Bouncing Bess' son Cornhaye Michael Chairman (by Am bred Garstars Eric) sired her last two litters , one out of ch Cornhaye Smudge , sis of ch's Falmore Langton & Parcwood W Bear Esq ;  their daughter Cornhaye Katie was purchased by the Dutch Desaäl breeder Mr Nol Kraay who bred from her a litter by his home stud D- Big Ben which gave ch Desaäl Lady Britain , perhaps one of the ever best females in the Netherlands .

An important litter of the sixties was the one dd Oct ’63 bred by the Taddington breeder Mrs S Dickens of Pawmarks Greet road Winchcombe – Gloucestershire, that out of Copenore Leo’ daughter Kisumu Tiger Lily sired by the 6y old Copenore Jason  . It counted ten pups , a/o Mrs Steede’ T- Bovril (once claimed to be the oldest Mastiff in Britain) , Mr/Mrs Lindley T- Pride (Copenore) , Mr Richard Cogan’ T-Emma (Craigavon) & Mr Hugh Bensley’ T- Diamond Lil , later on transferred to his parents Mr/Mrs EJ Bensley (Farnaby) .

Taddington Diamond Lil’ 1st KC Stud Book entry was the LKA show end ’64 where she ,  a youngster , got a 2nd prize in Open Class under all-rounder Stanley Dangerfield  ; the cc & reserve cc were awarded to sisters of the final Havengore litter , also dd Oct ’63 (ch H- Dawn’ brother Caradoc ex H- Adam’ daughter Delia), ie H- Faith owned by her breeder &  sis H- Clare owned by Sylvadown breeder  Sylvia E B Barton of Hill Barn Farm , Mill Road - North Lancing , only a mile from England’ south coast nearby Worthing where the Misses Barbara & Phyllida Mary Blackstone resided at Ardale Close .

The ending up of the Havengore kennels – Southend on Sea - was sad news for the fancy but even more sad were the circumstances , ie - ‘her husband Frank Scheerboom died suddenly in 1959 . Shortly after Mr Scheerboom’ death the local council put a compulsory purchase on their house & grounds and Mrs Scheerboom had to move . She had little space for large kennels in the ‘new’ Havengore and had to run down her stock before moving ‘ -  dixit Miss B Blackstone . The former Havengore grounds , beautifully arranged by landscape artist Ian Walker as a reminder of the Devon countryside including waterfalls , &c , are presently called the Churchill Gardens …

Similar things went on with Sylvadown breeder Mrs Sylvia E B Barton . On the occasion of local highway plannning she was interviewed by The Lancing Herald press ; the article goes as following – ‘She and her late husband gave 40 acres of land that make up Lancing Clump to the people of Lancing in 1949 . Now she finds there are plans to build a road across the Clump as well as her own farm . Talking to a reporter from the Lancing Herald she said – ‘We gave that land to the people - not for some new road .  The deeds said it was being given for the enjoyment of the people of Lancing for ever.  We must protect the Downs for our children and children' children .’  Mrs Barton then went on to stress the shortage of open space in the area .  She has had no trouble finding support for her cause in Lancing .  Sompting villager Ted Luxford said 'Its wicked to think of going near the clump . It is in Worthing that most voices have been raised in protest .  Through Worthing the plan is to widen the existing road demolishing houses on both sides .

Back to Taddington Diamond Lil . At the last championship show of ’64 she got the cc under Mr S Young who awarded the reserve to her sis T- Emma, then owned by Mrs EV Jones ; in ’65 Lil got three reserve cc’s , respectively defeated by ch Kisumu Fatima , Copenora Aida & Copenore Columbine ; in ’66 two other reservecc’s , resp beaten by Copenore Columbine & ch Blackroc Tuppence ; in ’67 she finally was made up , ie 2nd cc (reserve for Copenore Bonny Helen) , 3rd cc (reserve for Hollesley Nefertiti) . Lil finished her show career with BOB at the Scottish KC ’68 (BOS ch Kisumu Jasper) .

Ch Taddington Diamond Lil , mated to ch Havengore Balint , produced Farnaby Merrick & Faro Jim , both used by Rhosnessey breeder Miss E L Mercer of  Cartrefle Boldventure Road St Austell - Cornwall (also breeder of Rhosnessey Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)Merrick sired Rhosnessey Fabian who on his turn grandsired ch Astelle Oven Ready , the Bulliff foundation brood of Mr/Mrs Say ; Faro Jim , mated to Weatherhill Bellringer’ daughter Rhosnessey Regalia , gave a litter dd Nov ’67 including Rhosnessey Casper owned by Mr Robin Lepold Goffe b '30 of Wayford Manor, Crewkerne - Somerset. Casper became BOB at the OEMC show ’71 under Miss Margaret Harrison (reserve cc for ch Buckhall Baron Spencer) ; about a decade later Miss Harrison awarded the Crufts' cc's to the Hollesley ch's Medicine Man & Rowella .

There's only one other KCSB record for Rhosnessey Casper , namely 3rd Open Class Paignton '72 preceded by ch Hollesley Macushla' Dagda & Gildasan Egmont  . Reason for this restricted show career may have been that Mr R L Goffe was a busy businessman once involved into several Companies , ie Chick Master UK Ltd , Paddock Green Ltd , SWC Health & Hygiene Ltd & West Country Eggs Ltd .

His Wayford Manor (see above at right)  is a Grade I listed building surrounded by thirty acres of Elizabethan landscape gardens of dazzling beauty and open to public .

Diamond Lil , mated back to her son F- Merrick , produced Farnaby Lucky Attempt , a prolific stud siring not less than 17 litters divided amongst six breeders a/o also Mr Alcock of Ragtime , Mr Elworthy of Coopell & Mr Smith of Artifax who mated him to his Buckhall Jennifer (a Friar’ daughter) which gave a/o ch Artifax Arabella owned by Mrs EJ Bensley (presently - Baxter) .

Goffe' Rhosnessey Casper' sis R- Hebe was purchased by Reverend Clifford Targett of Isle of  Wight 1932-'86 who already owned some Copenore Mastiffs and bred a litter . A massive heart attack  in the early 70s caused him to give up the  Mastiff fancy and after two other heart attacks he even had to retire but to keep himself occupied he wrote a book on Mastiffs which unfortunately never has been published . Now , this Rhosnessey Hebe was transferred to Lisken breeders Mrs K Brett & Cdr J S James of Burntwood kennels Ltd - Godalming ; they mated her to their homebred stud Lisken Kis Kenliss which gave Lisken Lancelot , the latter exported to Germany where he sired a/o the typey Broad Mein Bär who on his turn sired the huge quality male Meadow-Ground Bakir - reportedly 88cm/107kg - b 9th May '77 & bred/owned by Herr Axel Hake Trimborn  of Luisenstrasse 16 Duisburg (ca 80 mls).

Lisken Kis Kenliss was from the 4th litter of Lisken foundation brood  ch Buckhall Baron Spencer’ sis B- Esme , sired by their home stud Frideswide Kis Balint ; Kis Kenliss litter sis L- Rowena  became the foundation brood of Jilgrajon kennels owned by the Hicks family (part of the seventies’ article) . The Kis Balint/Esme litter is the 1st combination of historical note wherein both parents trace back , resp f2/f3 , to ch Havengore Hotspot.

Havengore Turk sired the factual Hollesley & Blackroc foundation broods ch H- Dawn & H- Gipsy as also H- Caradoc who sired the last Havengore litter including Faith & Clare ;  the pic shows also the outstanding head quality of Havengore Hotspot at puppy stage ; at right -  Hotspot at adult age.