Victorian studs

Beaufort 1st (not to confuse with ch Beaufort owned by WK Taunton) ~ Engraving published in Count Henri de Bylandt’ Les races de chiens , 1904  [ Joseph Evans owned a/o champion The Emperor & Moses] ; at right ~ The Mastiff from ‘ The Sportman’s Cabinet’ [ 1803 ] by Philip Reinagle [ 1749 -1833 ] , Royal Artist . ‘The head is remarkably fine, the dog has also the true Mastiff carriage , and there are few specimens superior to it in character at the present day ; the dog had the characteristic white on the face , neck , legs, and stern; there is a slight roughness about the end of the stern , not unfrequent in the Mastiff from 1750 to 1850 , due perhaps to an infusion of Alpine Mastiff blood’ . vide MB Wynn pp 157 .

Champion Rajah born 1870 ~ famous stud pillar of the early days  ~ was the result of a nephew/niece linebreeding  [ grandparents Prince & Phoebe were both out of Edgar Hanbury’ champion Duchess ex Governor ]  . Sire Griffin born 1868 & bred by Father J Rowe out of champion King’ sis Nell [ ex Prince ] ~ Miss Mary Hales of Canterbury owned besides champion Lion a/o  also Griffin’ fawn sis Bellona .  Dam Phillis born 1868 & bred by Henry Balls out of Phoebe ex  Malcolm Bush Wynn’ Wolf [ born 1859 & bred by Loftus Leigh Pemberton [1831-1907] , a relative to Lord Kingsdown of Torry Hill ~ Sittingbourne , baron Thomas Leigh Pemberton [1793-1867] ,  who owned  Rufus born 1861 & bred by LL Pemberton out of Why Not  ex  Bill George’ Tiger.

Above at right - According to the Assay Office hallmark the sterling silver ashtray dates from 1913 [anchor~ lion~o lower case] displaying the winner of the National Dog show Birmingham of 1913 , in particular Caractacus’ grandson Brompton Duke b July ‘10 , bred by George Cook of Cleveland kennels  Middlesbrough . Duke won 14 challenge certificates ; judge reports about this Duke mention a/o moderate size , too short in body , straight hocks and bad tail , a short muzzle & square stop but lacking true breed character being plain in face .

Nevertheless those  minor points ch Brompton Duke is behind breed-wise very important key Mastiffs of the 1910s , having sired champions Scarlet Pimpernel & Young Mary Bull and double-grandsired ch King Baldur , all specimens of historical breeding interest .

At right ~ A striking resemblance in regard to the ‘ashtray headstudy’ !  Brompton Duke was owned respectively by his breeder until end 1911 , A Arthur [who also owned his sis Brompton Duchess], Mrs  Berry & finally the  flamboyant Horatio Bottomley - British financier , swindler, journalist , newspaper proprietor, populist politician and Member of Parliament (MP) .

In 1906 he established the patriotic journal John Bull .