Zaccheus Walker

Zaccheus Walker’ first brood bitch was Queen Dido b Aug 1883 [Goth x Abbot Belle] bred by Edwin Nichols of Kensington . Queen Dido’ sister Princess Ida [see head study below at left] got 1st placings at Warwick , Darlington & Barn Elms . In 1888 he bred a litter out of Queen Dido sired by Edwin Nichols’ stud ch Victor Hugo resulting in Stentor , Sabina & Desdemona .

Stentor got four 1st prizes [Liverpool~Darlington~  ~Bristol~Manchester] and is behind all Z Walker'  future stock .  Some judge reports about Stentor ~ Liverpool ‘ won easily, a very fine young dog , good coat , splendid head , small ears , dark eyes , and pleasing expression , which last seems unfortunately to be getting rare . He was by far the best mover in the class , and is particularly powerful in his hindquarters . He is much larger than he appears , his perfect symmetry preventing him from filling the eye with size . His only fault is a slight weakness under the eyes '.

Stentor won also the two extra prizes for the best Mastiff in the Open Classes and in the Show ~ Darlington under Walter K Taunton ‘well-made dog , standing on good legs .          I should like him better with more depth of muzzle ‘ ~ Crystal Palace under Richard Cook -  ‘beautiful dog , famous in body , legs , and feet , but a different type to my first four  [Plutarch , Sir Stafford , Ayrshire & Lord Clive].

In 1889 he mated Stentor’ sis Desdemona to WK Taunton’ brindle champion Constable resulting in Cinderella who was awarded some minor prizes [ 3rd at Bristol & 2nd limit Birmingham ] shown by J. Walker  junior , probably his son .

Zaccheus Walker’ next brood bitch was ch. Ogilvie’ daughter Coronet II , bred by Arthur Green of Sunderland . He mated her to Baron Hatton [unr]  resulting in Coronation . He bred a litter from Coronation sired by Stentor’ son Dauntless , bred by Thomas Birch of Bow nr Leyton - London . Their progeny was a/o Royal Princess & Waiting Maid . Royal Princess became the dam of Invicta’ Wrangler who sired Dowager Duchess , the dam of  Z Walker’ champions Britain’ Belle , British Queen & Charming Duchess . Waiting Maid on her turn was mated to WK Taunton’ brindle Moston Black . Their son With The Times sired Z Walker’ very famous champion Lord of the Manor [ 15 cc’s ] . Zaccheus Walker may be considered as one of the few great breeders who 'bridged' successfully their breeding program into the twentieth century .

There seems to have been some ‘good fellowship’ between the actor Charles Aubrey Smith & Zaccheus Walker as they awarded cc’s to each others Mastiffs . Aubrey Smith’ champion Colonel Cromwell ‘ sis Lady Claypole was the dam of Marcus Superba who sired Z Walker’ champion Countess Invicta & Lady Superba , their dam being AW Lucas’ Paula (see above at right next to a postcard depicting ch Colonel Cromwell) , linebred to Peter Piper’ sire Tom Bowling & Peter Piper’ uncle Iron Duke . Lady Superba became the dam of ch. Lord of the Manor . Lt Col. Z Walker  was President of the Old English Mastiff Club from 1922 until his death .

Fox Hollies Hall - An Italianate rebuild of 1870 was the home of the Walker family . Zaccheus Walker III was a successful merchant and his son  Lt Col Zaccheus IV  who lived at the Hall until his death in 1930, was virtually seen by many as the squire of Acocks Green breeding Shire horses & big dogs and he  certainly was a big landowner  buying land around the Hall  as late as 1912 , ie ca 260 acres to the local government for £34.001 .  He and his sister Mary were able to stay there . Local youths trespassing and climbing over the fences to steal fruit  were were in for a nasty surprise , being chased off by the dogs  !

Zaccheus IV was born at Soho Hill in Handsworth ca 1848 . He wanted to be a soldier but his father wanted he should go to Glasgow University . He became an engineer but in 1880 his father became ill and Zaccheus came back  to manage the estate & adjacent farm at Fox Hollies . He had a great interest in breeding Shire horses and dogs with the assistance of his kennelmaster Joseph Smith . His stud farm was Fox Hollies Park at Sandpits Farm . In the mean time Zaccheus Walker  pursued his military activity  in the Volunteer Reserve and obtained the rank of Lt Colonel , being also active  in  local sporting clubs , chairman of Yardley Sanitary Authority &d of Yardley Public Works Committee . In 1896 he and his sis hosted a day out in the country for 700 poor children from All Saints' Ward  organised by the Fresh Air Fund . Food was provided , there were sports & games and it became a huge success . Zaccheus Walker IV died on 5th December 1930 at the age of 82. His coffin on a gun carriage was draped with a Union Jack over it .

At left –A costly silver enamel cig case , hallmarked [1899] , made by the Rolason Brothers , Vyse Street , Birmingham ; there’s a small chance that it was commissioned by Lt-Col Walker , the then only Mastiff breeder of repute within the Birmingham area and maybe depicting one of his early Mastiffs , a/o ch Victor Hugo’ son Stentor  , April 1888 out of Queen Dido [ch Beau’ Goth x Princess Ida’ sis Queen Dido] ; he won eight 1st prizes and described a/o as – ‘by far the best mover and particularly powerful in his hind quarters , pleasing expression which seems to be getting rare , his only fault is a slight weakness under the eyes .’ At right  ~ A quality male adult , perhaps ch Lord of The Manor  bred & owned by Lt Col Z Walker .

A real patriot & breeder for only own purpose

According to the census 1891 Zaccheus Walker was recorded as a ‘gentleman farmer’ while his younger brother Joseph was a ‘barrister’, the only who owned a KCSB registered Mastiff bred by Zaccheus Walker , namely Sabina , sis to Stentor & Desdemona . The census 1901 mentions Zaccheus as a ‘Captain of the 1st Warwickshire Artillery : Magistrate , living on own means’ while also two servants were recorded at Fox Hollies Hall , Beatrice George , domestic housekeeper & Jane Painter , domestic housemaid .

Lt Col Zaccheus Walker’ foundation stock is strongly based on Edwin Nichols’ strain which was cleverly build upon Richard Ansdell’ Leo [going back to the famous Lyme Hall stock] , Cautley Quaker bred by the excellent Yorkshire breeder JW Thompson & his grandson ch King , supplemented by a/o Edgar Hanbury’ line along ch Wolsey’ brother Prince , sire to ch Beau .

This ancestry is almost built on the same lines as that of ch Beaufort ; later on it became obvious that Lt Col Zaccheus Walker much aimed at the late Captain Piddocke’ strain based on ch Ogilvie’ progeny , especially through his son Tom Bowling , who sired a/o ch Peter Piper [out of Selina ~ Sir Stafford x ch Ilford Chancellor’ daughter Chocolate Girl] and  Jonathan & Joan [both out of Selina’ sis Maggie May] .

The ‘Tom Bowling blood’ was brought in a/o along a ch Peter Piper’ grandson , James Greenwood’ Sir Kenneth  who sired his champion bitches Britain’ Queen & Britain’ Belle (see above) out of Dowager Duchess , great-grandaughter to Tom Bowling’ & Joan’ grandaughter Paula ; a Jonathan’ grandson , Luke Crabtree Moston Black who mated to Tom Bowling’ grandaughter Waiting Maid produced With The Times , who sired ch Lord of the Manor who got not less than ten challenge certificates , his 1st being only 12 months old , beating a/o ch Felix , and according to the KCSB records never beaten .

Ch Charming Duchess’ brother Grand Duke was out of ch Dowager Duchess [Tom Bowling’ grandson Wrangler x ch Ogilvie’ great-randaughter Royal Princess] sired by ch Lord of the Manor [see above] which means that Grand Duke is going back to Tom Bowling along three grandparents , the remaing one goes back to Tom Bowling’ sire . He got reserve cc’s at 19 months old under AJ Thorpe & AW Lucas, both times beaten by ch ch Brompton Duke ; further on also reserve cc’s under Mark Beaufoy , beaten by  ch Lidgett Viscount & under WH Reeves at Richmond ‘14 , again beaten by ch Brompton Duke .

Note - Brompton Duke was sired by Cleveland Leopold whose pedigree was denied as being not sired by ch Hotspur’ grandson Caractacus but by a Saint-Bernard [? owned by William Price of South Stockton , a Mastiff & Saint-Bernard breeder living nearby the Cleveland breeder George Cook ,  Marton nr Middlesbrough] whereby 'so-called proof ' was inspired by the given that Leopold & his brother Monarch were reds .

Grand Duke’ cousin Polly Gwynne , born 26 June 1911 , out of Madame Gwynne [With The Times’ brother Sandy Boy x Nell Gwynne ~ Young Heimdal x Quenie] sired by ch Lord of the Manor’ brother Lord of the British Isles ; the Kennel Club Stud Books mention only two prizes for Polly Gwynne , a 3rd prize under AJ Thorpe , beaten by her cousin Z Walker’ ch Charming Duchess & ch Brompton Duchess an a reserve cc under AW Lucas , again beaten by Lt Col Z Walker’ ch Charming Duchess.

All the 28 different KCSB entries bred by Lt Col Z Walker were also owned by himself except for one owned by his brother Joseph , also residing at Fox Hollies Hall and based upon the KCSB records all his own bred studs were only used by him except for his 1st stud Stentor who sired Dauntless, bred by T Birch.